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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • All we have … 3/5

    By JazHunt
    IMDB is the “ultimate” movie, TV even some adult films’ information hub, because there is nothing else since Rotten Tomatoes became rotten. But, I found how IMDB lists the cast in very strange order, not intuitive at all. Why can’t it have a choice of listing my character name? And you cannot copy any text. The worst part: it never lists if a movie or show is on NetFlix. Why? Amazon’s owns IMDB!!!
  • My Go to 5/5

    By Ivory22202
    My Go To for movie reviews, recommendations, “who was that actor? ”, so many questions about the movies answered in a flash. I check My Go To at least once a day. I don’t need to look anywhere else.
  • Comfy in KC. 5/5

    By drbradmoss
    We’re hunkered down, staying safe and watching the ol’ 80inch screen in the Master Bedroom 😊. IMDB is our best friend 🎥🍿🎞🎬
  • Super buggy app 1/5

    By alvisecarpin
    There are so many bugs, fix them!
  • My Go To Site for everything Film 5/5

    By Dum Sim
    I visit this site several times exaggeration. I worked in the film business for much of my life so have many memories and contacts as well as my own IMDb page. IMDb covers every aspect. I couldn't be without it!
  • My daily go-to 4/5

    By Oreocat :3
    I’ve used IMDB for years to look up familiar faces on screen or to get a review of a potential movie. It’s a daily go-to in my viewing hobby. My only complaints are that Disney plus isn’t listed in your “where to watch” area and the new organization of some actors’ film list. I want to be able to sort by acting or directing or writing and then films in order by year. This new organization by genre and doesn’t allow you to sort the basic way is frustrating.
  • Bug report: incorrect tech specs 1/5

    By crumpled666
    The app itself is not a 1 star. I just know this bug report will be seen when I give it this review. Overall 4/5, glad the actor’s icons are NOT circular. That would be too small. Perhaps you should update your app preview. Anyway, bug report: I’m on the latest version of the app from December 21, 2021. The bug is when I tap Tech Specs to see multiple runtimes (like if there’s a 96 minute theatrical cut and a 106 minute directors cut), upon entering the Tech Specs page the runtimes don’t appear! This is really unfortunate when there are numerous runtimes of a movie, like It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. I can’t get to the details because they don’t exist when I click on them! Please fix. Thank you.
  • Review 5/5

    By avalianinino88
    My favorite app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kooldoods1
    I can never get the app to work.
  • Our go to site for many years 5/5

    By nntoday
    Great basic info. Ratings seem realistic almost always ie 6 or higher is usually watchable an 7 or higher is usually a great viewing experience
  • Rating Problem 3/5

    By Riyadh34
    Many Unknown User Who Rated Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 -1- Solve It
  • Best for Reviews 5/5

    By Kaye1775
    Best place to go to look up film, actors, writers, directors, etc.
  • Shows ending to soon 4/5

    By Danalp
    I love the programs you offer. I am a fan of court tv. I am trying to watch Judge Faith and the end of the show is constantly being cut off or the show just ends and go to another show. It is very frustrating. I am only in season 1 right now. I don’t know if the other seasons are the same.

    By Golight Girl
    WHAT’S THE POINT IF IT CAN’T READ REVIEWS EASILY Reading reviews is almost impossible. The reviews refresh while I’m reading them making them shuffle so i can’t find the one i was reading. Seems to happen when I’m reading the preview of the review rather than when i click ‘more’ to expand it. Very frustrating bc i need to read the preview to see if it’s one i want to read more of and to get a sense of there’s spoilers not indicated.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By thedarkhoursgrey
    Videos start playing above an actor’s profile, you wanna know what movie the video’s for so you click it. Then you are forced to watch an ad for the very app you are in RIGHT NOW (an IMDb advertisement) when all you wanna know is what the video is for. It’s maddening
  • Great App 5/5

    By bfahmy
    I’ve been using the IMDB app for years on iPhone and iPad and it has always been a mainstay for me. I can keep track of everything I’ve watched and rated. The app works really well and the U.I. Is great too. Highly recommend this app to anyone, cinephile or not.
  • Sator 5/5

    By Jordie727
    After seeing more than 60 years of scarey movies, I really was surprised to see something original and able to raise the hair-on-the-back-of-my neck! I especially liked the directors use of ambiguous shots to raise the “what’s that?!!” Factor.
  • Must need 5/5

    By nfndjdjjbegwishdgdskie
    Must need
  • Every update adds more ads! Yay. 2/5

    By X Pert
    I’ve been an Imdb user since mid 1996… I loved it then, and the website is still useful all these years later. However, this app seems to get more useless with each and every update. It’s getting to the point where I regret opening it immediately after I do. I don’t mind a few ads here and there, but having to actively hunt through them to get to what I’m looking for is ridiculous.
  • I used to like IMDb 1/5

    By ls1951
    I used to like IMDb. But sometimes I don’t want to open the app, just quickly look something up, and now IMDb takes up half the screen with an ADVERTISEMENT for their app, and no way to get rid of it. No way I will use the app in the future. Other sites have most of the same information, so I’ll gladly look at their info and not IMDB.
  • Reliable 5/5

    By Eloise1950
    Always spot on w/ episode guides. Such a great source of info. Thank you! Cathie Wallace
  • Offers every movie for free 5/5

    By screamfukm
    DL this
  • Find everything MOVIE 5/5

    By Cassjojo
    Looking for obscure tidbits from your fav film or star? Find it here!! Seems I use it several times in an evening!!! I count on it if I’ve forgotten the name of the lead in a movie etc!!
  • Recommendation 3/5

    By PiratePT09
    It would be great if all films could have a picture of the actor’s character in the movie. Many times we will watch a movie (live action, cartoon or animation) and think we recognize the actor, but can’t confirm because we don’t know the character’s name.
  • Tomorrow War 5/5

    By Billy 223344
    Great Stuff
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By ohmickie
    This would be my favorite app if it ever worked! My WiFi is great and definitely connected. Yet, pages sometimes never load and it’s always crashing on me. Same if I use my cellular data. I might as well delete the app and just use google. It’s crazy to think that I begged my family for my first iPhone over 10 years ago just because I wanted the IMDB app in my pocket. It was my favorite app, but it has gone downhill. Do better.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ricci a Bilotta
    I love this app. It’s my go to when I want to look up credits on actors/actresses. I’ve discovered so many movies and tv shows on YouTube with the help of IMDB. But now, sometimes it freezes. I will always use this app. It’s extremely helpful to me.
  • Guy Bernier 5/5

    Pleased my search engine results instantly brought up IMDB w/ the exact episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm that I needed.
  • 😊 5/5

    By Ryan 😃
    I mostly use this app for rating shows/movies I like and to read other ratings or read about shows/movies.
  • Luv this app. 5/5

    By Sandrita52
    Want to look up a movie,tv show,actor? This is the app. All u need to know is on IMDB. Will never let u down. All the intel is on this app.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Acksel206
    There is a horrible glitch in your app that occurs constantly while scrolling and trying to read through the reviews. The app just decides to “refresh” and completely changes the reviews that were previously available, really makes trying to browse reviews unbearable.
  • Great time with grandkids 5/5

    By webbtim
    When I saw this movie in the 80s it was grand fun but I’m not sure I would let my granddaughter watch this this is scary for kids movie great fun but a little scary flawless movie
  • Better than Rotten Tomatos 4/5

    By TrikYodz
    On par with Metacritic. If you want movie critics takes on a movie, RT’s good for that. IMDB is the first best movie site. Watchlists and interviews are all highlights of the Site. Had my profile since 2007, and I don’t regret it. The only drawback is when they altered the app and it became more difficult to find showtimes. It used to be on the Dropdown menu. Now it’s elsewhere wedged in between unrelated sections.
  • Best movie/ actor and actress info app available 5/5

    By Djcueballspins1
    Amazingly this site is filled with a plethora of information regarding any movie that’s been made . Filled with tidbits of everything from trivia , to filming locations to biographies of the actors. Great app , never down , always something interesting. I use it in conjunction with “ the JUST WATCH” app and the combination is without a doubt the most powerful combination
  • App not working since 6/13/19. Updated, Fixed 1/5

    By Phantmbear
    12/31/21: Update. 1 Star. App has started to freeze with the < back arrow. App totally crashes. No updates of late. Will attempt to delete and reinstall. 6/18/19: update. Release 9.11.1 fixed this. Now how about linking other streaming capabilities for movies and series other than just Amazon Prime? How can I know if a series is available on Netflix, Hulu, Britbox, etc.? 6/13/19: Can do a generic search within app but when you click on any results you get the wheel of death.... Fix this!!!!
  • *From Actor Duncan Bravo* 5/5

    By DuncanBravo-SuperREAgent
    As a professional Actor for multiple decades now, I am hugely grateful for what IMDB does for the Entertainment industry, and all of our individual careers. What a monumental task, that they keep track of absolutely every piece of work we do, from starting production to finishing, and then organize ALL of the people that earned their coveted credit, whether on screen or off, to make any project, big or small, a completed reality. They are globally, the absolute #1 source, that confirms our professional legitimacy. Priceless.🙏
  • The best app at what it does… 5/5

    By Da Dolph
    Often my companion when watching TV or a movie.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Saif bashar
    I wish it has a share to social apps stories feature to share our reviews
  • The best 5/5

    By walaa karbala
    The best
  • Lousy 1/5

    By Ageing sock
    The old version was much better. Do not like the new version at all. Is there a way to get the old one back.
  • Commercials Really?... 1/5

    By Wibbles or not
    I can’t believe they make you watch commercials before watching a movie trailer. Deleted!!!
  • Creepy as f 1/5

    By fishpond8711
    I use to love this app but I would go to look up an actor on a movie I was watching and it would ask how I’m enjoying the movie. Note: I have all permissions off. No thank you!!
  • My go to app for all entertainment questions 5/5

    By my6thdecade
    I’ve had this app as long as it’s been around and I use it almost daily. When I see an actor I know I’ve seen before, but can’t place what movie or tv show I’ve seen them in, I turn to IMDB! My favorite app!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Megafilipo
    I appreciate because you give information about where to watch and you rate it! I been following you for Many many years and thank you for continue been so helpful And thank you for rating the movies so we can watch good movies!!!
  • One Source of Information 5/5

    By Craigslist Browser 5
    I use IMDB all the time. It is my one and only source of all things on screen. To find out actors in a movie, which often leads to their other work and then sometimes leads down paths of other actors. I look at ratings and reviews. I also love to read about interesting facts and mistakes.
  • They just don’t care. 1/5

    By Not Ok Computer
    they don’t care that you’re on a merry-go-round trying to sign into your account. They don’t care that they’re wasting your time and/or your money. Apparently now it’s owned by Amazon. Last I heard it was owned by Saudi Arabia. So pick your evil, because you ain’t getting anything good from any of these people. If they gave a good GDThey might design a user-friendly app but they just don’t care! They don’t care. Get that straight and I’m not just talking about this app. I am no conspiracy theorist but it doesn’t take a whole Lotta brains to figure this out. Thanks again for nothing.
  • IMDb is my all-time go to 5/5

    By love2play2day
    I don’t watch a movie, series, show or short without first checking IMDb to see if it’s worth my time or not. Thank you for such an important service you are providing.
  • Buffering issue 3/5

    By GreatGeekeroni
    On iPhone 13 pro max this app just seems to buffer for a while and not load pages
  • Love IMdb 5/5

    By charlie3100
    My go to! Use it all the time to figure out who was in what!!! Very interesting!