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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Acting Skot
    If I click on a title then I want to see all the information. Stop it with the half-profiles where I have to search for how to bring up all the info. What a USELESS step!
  • Great App but… 5/5

    By Micksr
    I think IMDB & the IMDB App are EXCELLENT but just wish it wasn’t OWNED BY Jeff Bezos, who acquired it in 1996, same year he started & the various affiliates. Unfortunately since IMBD has cornered the market it’s hard to drop, and stop using it. I’d just like to see Jeff be a bit more Socially Conscious when it comes to his Companies & Employees. Food for thought I hope.
  • Awesome selection 5/5

    By bunnichil
    Thanks you for the shows I grew up with.
  • Search not working on iPad! 2/5

    By Beckaroo52
    For several months, through many updates, i have not been able to use the search option. The progress wheel just spins and spins, and no results come up. So I have to go to the website and search from there. Very annoying! I have posted my problem with App Support, but so far have not gotten a solution. Please fix this!
  • It’s pretty… 5/5

    By Bfuggs19
    Addicting. I watch way too many movies and am obsessed with cinema in general, this app is perfect for keeping track of all the things you watch aside from containing the knowledge of every movie/series/vid game…ever!
  • Huh? 1/5

    By didnt ask my guy 🤡🤡
    Ok so literally, I couldn’t figure out how to watch a movie. I tried looking it up but all it gave me were add to my watch list, and I did and i still couldn’t watch the movie :(( idk how to do it, so if someone could maybe like help me or something, that would be great
  • Olden days 2/5

    By jsum2020
    The app was much better a few years ago. Now it’s over loaded with to much stuff, in the olden days it’s was easy to find what was in theaters and what was coming soon. Good luck finding that now.
  • What happened to Apple TV compatability?! 3/5

    By g33kboi
    I've enjoyed IMDB for many years. It's the perfect resource for looking up info about a performer or show quickly and easily. That said, I'm deeply disappointed to see that comparability with Apple TV has been removed. Please restore this functionality!
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By Jack dodged
    I use the IMDb app all the time. I enjoy scrolling to the trivia section for movies and actors and reading the entertaining facts.
  • Great, but anti Netflix 4/5

    By Aaron in Berlin
    I really like this app but it’s always clear that it’s owned by Amazon as it never refers you directly to tv/movies even if they are exclusive to Netflix. That means you just can’t trust the “watch options” because it often tries to get you to pay to rent content that might be included within netflix already, etc
  • Enjoyment 5/5

    By Raheem Akil
    Great Do you have a channel like this that we can access and see all of us older shows that we loved thank you and please keep this going
  • Best laughs around! 5/5

    By defender of light
    This is the only show that has a cast of characters, where every person watching can somehow relate. We have all known these characters at some point in life. No matter what you do in life who hasn’t experienced a Glenn (bless his heart) or a power hungry Dina? And, every time I see a rerun I am amazed at the quiet little jokes mixed in that I may have missed the first time. I thought the raccoon bit was a hoot! This hits my top 10 faves for life!
  • Robby g 1/5

    By robby 69
    Why can’t I access a search Feature on my tv ? Trying to find the movie The Ice man have it no problem on my phone
  • True history 5/5

    By yusuf. sabur
    This is history in its true state!!!!
  • Great app but calendar crashes now. 4/5

    By Corallynn
    Please fix the calendar integration. This is a super awesome feature that is now ruined. The new update makes it crash any time you click the date. When it used to allow you to add to your calendar. Please fix!
  • Unusable 2/5

    By john doe 13847473939
    Great app but rarely opens. Frustrating and sad, like when your favorite character gets killed off 1/3 of the way into the movie.
  • IMDB 5/5

    By Bobbobblog
    Fantastic, one stop shop.
  • The return of Leverage 5/5

    By Tat2Airick
    What a great show to bring back! 8 terrific episodes only leave us , the fans of the original, overjoyed! Thank you Dean Devlin!
  • So informative! 5/5

    By SaraLaurina
    I began using this app 7 years ago to look up random facts about movies and TV. Since then, it has become almost a daily go to for everything. I can even watch films and tv right from the app now. Internet Movie Data Base has lived up to it’s name.
  • IMDB 5/5

    By 1Goodjohn
    A very helpful application to look up information about a movie, tv show or actors to find out more about someone or show. I use this app to see a preview of a show or details about actors and what else they were in. I use it several times in a week.
  • App is awesome but... 4/5

    By Jchiang88
    I've been using IMDB app every since it was released! It's basically a films and actors Wikipedia! The app covers in handy when you want to know about a gold release some more info on certain actors such as their filmography. The app also had an amazing function in which you could click the date of a movie or show's release and could add it to your calendar with a click! A recent update has ruined this feature and now the app crashes when ever I try this function. Please fix this issue since it was my favorite function of the app and super handy. I would like to know what happened??
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Pete under a bush
    It lets me keep track of shows and movies I'd like to check out across multiple platforms. Also use it often to look up actors.
  • My love 5/5

    By pulsatingphatty
    I have a crush on you baby
  • Great app. 5/5

    By djskaraoke99
    I love the selection of shows & movies. I love that I can watch all episodes of the original Leverage & now the first 8 episodes of Leverage Redemption. I like the minimal add interruptions & I like that I can read the bio’s on my favorite actors. You are doing a great job. Thank you!!
  • woo hoo 3/5

    nothing better than downloading an app
  • French Exit 5/5

    By impeach now
    I borrowed the movie from the Library.I enjoyed the movie more for free.
  • Love 5/5

    By kimbers147
    Such a fresh take on a dizi love the cast
  • Seriously 1/5

    By ccins11
    I don’t understand how this app has such high ratings. It’s the slowest, buggiest, app I’ve ever encountered.
  • good but not 2/5

    By serenityshyanne
    it’s a good app but I would love it if you would add more new movies that are free to watch for an example I wanted to watch “Truth or Dare” the newest one but I could only watch the trailer and not the movie so I downloaded it for nothing
  • Who was that…? 5/5

    By Gamma F.
    I’m constantly looking up an actor/actress or a show/movie because I can’t remember where I know someone from or who was in a certain movie…love that the answers are at my fingertips! Also great to see the ratings of shows or movies I’m considering watching. One of my favorite Go-To Apps!
  • I love Horror 5/5

    By loelahmonroe
    I loved every single saw movie period.
  • Version crashes 4/5

    By A. Non Ymus
    In general I live the app but the current version keeps crashing. If I tap an air date the app closes.
  • My all 5/5

    By cielo-y-mar
    My all… my yellow and my white pages, my all… about movies and actors… 🥰
  • Ads between stills are sticky and launch at the slightest touch 2/5

    By Ideawire
    I do not understand the logic behind this coding. You have to press and swipe harder on the ads to move past the screen than the stills. And if you don’t deliberately swipe, the ad launches. If this is what it has come down to for advertisers to get us to view the ads they are stupid to think we will be drawn into their products. But I imagine it’s IMDb (Amazon of course) trying to manipulate users and make advertisers happy. Insane.
  • Must see to understand why US still needs universal healthcare 5/5

    By Wndavis2
    Compares US and Canadian systems and reveals some history about the opposition to care reform in both countries. This is OUR movement for healthcare justice. Find&Join state/local group listed @ &
  • garbage 1/5

    By Wyoming Goldprospector
    App is worse than the website
  • Movie 2/5

    By anna kohn
    I’m looking for the ambassadors daughter Sefirin Kizi and can’t find it.
  • Download? 1/5

    By MarkinTucson
    Can’t download episodes of the new Leverage? No need for this app!
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Killer Price
    Last update ruined the app. It keeps crashing whenever I want to add a upcoming movie/tv show into my calendar. Please fix this because this is how I keep track of everything coming out.
  • IMDB Used To Be Great 1/5

    By Jimt29
    Now it’s all about ads. You have to watch an add to watch an ad.
  • Please add “Picture in Picture” mode 4/5

    By user207538
    I use Picture in Picture frequently in other apps. Would be great if you added it to your app.
  • IMDb review 5/5

    By robroy45
    I am new to IMDb. You have lots of information about movies, actors, directors, etc. I love your options for preparing lists, selecting movies for future showings, etc. Love your site. Keep your excellent work, for us movie fans. Thanks.
  • Loving it 🥰 5/5

    By sober D76
    New to the app. My to go when I have time to savor a good movie .
  • Great site Great service 5/5

    By InsaneInfantryman
    I’ve used IMDB for years now and love everything about it. And now they add movies and TV, FOR FREE!! Yes they have ads, but it’s better than other sites that offer similar services. Hey where do I know that actor from? Oh right here he/she was in… Love this app and this site!
  • App crashing when trying to add to my calendar 1/5

    By Padrechuck
    Since the latest update a week ago, whenever I go to a movie or production that is opening soon and click on the production status to get a date of when it is opening the app instantly crashes. Every single time. Please look into this. I depend on this app to add movie titles to my calendar so I know what is opening on what date at the theater. Please do something to fix the app ASAP.
  • Everything I watch... 5/5

    By Shelly.hill
    I pull up everything I watch on IMDb to find out about the actors and find other movies. Love it.
  • Download this app now! 5/5

    By Doozle.
    Simply the very best free app available. It just gives so much in terms of entertainment and value plus it’s always a great read. You can readily research something to your heart’s content with this app. Oh and you can settle those pesky disagreements with your friends over who stared in this movie or that TV show. So what are you waiting for just do it. You can thank me later. Enjoy!
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Sunday <333
    Everything about this show from the first episode until the very last was so thoroughly acted out and so intriguing! The sequence of the main relationships in the show was written in the script perfectlyyyyyyy. There wasn’t a moment when I sat back and thought, “they’re moving way too fast” or “this all feels so rushed.” I automatically knew the person who wrote this script was a woman because of how the characters were portrayed and how the intimate and vulnerable shots were filmed. Also, everything feels authentic and natural in the most beautiful way possible. Mostly everything was kinda out in the open and raw, which is what i loveedddddd about it. it’s so rare to find a show or film that has characters that are actually normal in a relatable way. Obviously not everyone is a prince that has to transfer to a different school but the emotions Wille showed us were all perfectly performed & understandable & relatable. I can’t even say everything that i’d like to say because i’d write an essay BUT I NEED A SEASON TWO!
  • Unstable and Unreliable 2/5

    By NastyNate501
    This is one of the most unstable and unreliable apps I’ve used in a long time. It rarely ever loads properly, it’s slow and it crashes constantly. I’m not exactly sure what the the problem is but hopefully it’s addressed at some-point because this used to be a go to app for information and now using it is just a chore.