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IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity information. Watch trailers, get showtimes, and buy tickets for upcoming films. Rate and review shows you've seen and track what you want to watch using your Watchlist. IMDb takes you behind the scenes with exclusive IMDb Originals, celebrity interviews, and more. Stay up to date with entertainment news, awards, and events. Discover what to watch - and where to watch it: • Browse popular favorites and personalized top picks • Compare watch options to find the best place to watch any title • Read user and critic reviews • Watch the latest trailers, IMDb Originals, and clips Sign in to: • Get personalized recommendations for shows and movies • Track what you want to watch with your Watchlist • Rate and review what you've watched • Save your favorite theaters • Create and share lists of movies, shows, and celebrities Explore: • Search for more than 6 million shows, movies, and entertainment programs - and more than 10 million cast and crew members • Read breaking entertainment news • Browse quotes, trivia, and goofs • Get complete event coverage from the Academy Awards (Oscars), Golden Globes, Emmys, San Diego Comic-Con, film festivals, and more • Check out Best Picture winners, top rated movies, popular shows, celebrity birthdays, and more • Receive notifications for the latest trailers, movie showtimes, and breaking news Check showtimes and buy local movie tickets: • Use your current location to get nearby showtimes • Sort movie showtimes by start time, end time, genre, rating, and more • Buy tickets directly from your phone or tablet IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Do you think we're doing something well? Is there something we've overlooked? Please post your feedback at By using this app, you agree to IMDb's Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • New update doesn't make sense 4/5

    By FrenchBorn345
    I love this app & especially the reviews but I really don't like that there's a new character minimum for writing a review. It needs to be at least 600 characters which feels like a lot, especially if you're not tryna give spoilers. I think this is a bad move & discourages people from leaving reviews.
  • Bad UI 1/5

    By Shiva135
    Not easy-to-use
  • They messed it up 1/5

    By Ddobson6
    It sad because this has been my go to app and website since I was a boy. They made it almost impossible for the average person to leave a review with a new 600 character or more limit. I’m willing to bet most average people don’t have the time to do this so it just leaves the critics who as time has shown aren’t reliable. It’s funny the reason why most of us used this was for a normal persons thoughts good or bad. For the first time in my adult life IMDB has been deleted off my phone.
  • Happy 5/5

    By ug4gyfff
    So happy with this ap I’m able to get a heads-up on all movies making my choices easier.
  • Very Talented Performer! 5/5

    By Christopher Crooks
    Her character performances are great, flawless and very memorable. She takes the writers work and elevates it to a level that is natural as well as entertaining.
  • Why did they add another step? 1/5

    By Shylock78
    Prior to the update, when you tapped on a person, it would show you their credits. Great right? Now, they’ve added another page where you have to select what type of credit you want to see (e.g., “actor,” “director,” “writer,” etc.). Classic example of something no one asked for and no one wants—especially when the person only has one type of credit! Seems like the only rationale could be a cash grab for more ad revenue.
  • Ten Years 5/5

    By WaterLender
    With You
  • Great site 5/5

    By smorris267
    Go here whenever I need an answer to find out who’s on the show always comes through
  • Actors Career histories are extremely outdated 3/5

    By Notatallimpressed
    Many actors career histories are extremely outdated.
  • Notification spam 1/5

    By shareef777
    I have ALL notifications turned off but continue to get “trending” spam notifications.
  • Watchlist 1/5

    By HateGasCylinders
    Where is the TV option on my watchlist???!!! I used that EVERY DAY! Dang it…. BRING IT BACK!

    By Ken Weil
    Completely Fd the whole app up. MORONS
  • wow 1/5

    By Jessesaint
    why is it so slow?
  • HORRIBLE update 2/5

    By Dave914
    Unfortunately this beloved app has for some reason taken the fluidity of searching away so they can shove more ads in your face and to tap past. Change. It. Back.
  • Streamline 1/5

    By jmerner2
    The app is too time consuming and cumbersome. Keep it simple.
  • Almost a perfect app! 4/5

    By KCamp23456883237773
    I use this app almost everyday! I love using to to save movies/shows I want to see but don’t want to forget about. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is that they took away the option to see when shows/movies that are on my watchlist is coming on tv. They used to have it in the filter section under where to watch, but it’s no longer there. :(
  • IMDB 5/5

    By ShePersists!
    It’s There when you want it! It’s There when you need it!
  • Fellow Movie Nerds 5/5

    By #ChristopherNolanNumber1
    This app is for you. If you love movies the way I do then you need IMDb. You can search for all the movies you’re interested in and find a lot of new ones on the way. The latter of which occurs a lot, almost enough that it’s turned into a bad thing. But don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll be able to remember all the shows and movies you’re interested in, because IMDb has a watchlist. This watchlist was the worst and best thing that’s happened to me, because I have probably 60 and counting shows and movies on there. This watchlist keeps all the shows or movies you want to watch on hold, so you won’t forget about them, and will be able to watch them later (a lot later for me). The only bad thing about IMDb is that there are too many movies and tv shows thrown at me that I have to put on my watchlist, and that it’s average compared to other apps when talking about lagging, glitches, etc. Fellow movie nerds, get IMDb. P.S. I like the thing about Interstellar IMDb put on new notes, that movie is incredibly good and is my number two movie out of the 250+ I have watched (only behind Inception). P.S.S: #ChristopherNolanNumber1.
  • Every update adds more ads! Yay. 2/5

    By X Pert
    I’ve been an Imdb user since mid 1996… I loved it then, and the website is still useful all these years later. However, this app seems to get more useless with each and every update. It’s getting to the point where I regret opening it immediately after I do. I don’t mind a few ads here and there, but having to actively hunt through them to get to what I’m looking for is ridiculous. Edit: I came here to post this only to find that I’d already done it in the past. It’s even worse now. The pages are a mess. They’ve “improved” their app so much that it’s frustrating to use.
  • Informative 5/5

    By kec5362
    Very helpful in sorting through the items to view that might interest me.
  • Episode Tracker 4/5

    By demi.morgan
    Just app would be perfect if there was an episode/season/movie tracker! I go overseas a lot and need something to show me where I’m at.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dhairman
    I love all the information I get from this app. It never let's me down. I don’t know how I lived without international movie database.
  • Amazon Being Shifty 1/5

    By Clownshoez
    I have used IMDB for as long as I can remember. Always trusted it and found it more reliable with the rating system than Rotten Tomatoes. But Amazon has been caught deleting negative reviews and suspending the ability to review their own shows that aren’t doing well to falsely inflate the rating so it would look better. Shame on them! This is the problem when a company, that is almost a monopoly, has control over reviews of the shows that they create. They have proven that they cannot be trusted and therefore I can’t trust the rating system here.
  • My favorite who is that? 5/5

    By Katiea87
    I like to use this app to find info on the shows I watch!!
  • I never watch a film or TV series without checking on IMDB first 5/5

    By BillyDC
    There’s only so much time, and who wants to waste it watching something mediocre.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Kdhood
    App constantly crashes or goes back to a landing page so you have to search for the title you were looking at again.
  • Censors reviews 1/5

    By Tippoff2
    IMDB is censoring reviews to cook the books on different shows ratings. I have reviews constantly declined and have been given no reason. I’m fallowing the guide lines and still being declined. I’m assuming it’s because it is an unfavorable review. IMDB is being manipulative and dishonest in their business practices and by doing so have damaged any credibility they might of had.
  • Watchlist 1/5

    By Lord Raahhh
    Watchlist no longer filters by “on TV”. Please bring this feature back.
  • Truly obnoxious ads 2/5

    By Miz Luv
    New thing. So f’d up. Just use the website. Poorly placed and intrusive ads make it hard to read the already overly busy and cluttered content pages. They are also placed so close to the search bar and search results that they constantly get tapped in error. This is a brand new problem with the most recent app update. Amazon seems determined to find new ways of making everyone hate them more and more. Until they get rid of this new ad format, I’ll be using the website. At least there, I can use my ad blocker.
  • My favorite! 5/5

    By kk43209
    IMDB is my favorite website. Because I am a huge movie fan I probably spend more time at as I do any other website, even my email. I love IMDb so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Uses crazy stupid amount of data 1/5

    By PeterWall
    This app uses some insane amount of data. I got a notification that I was going to exceed my data limit and checked which apps were using the most data. This one topped the list having used nearly half a gigabyte in a day and a half for little more than a few searches. Ridiculous. I turned off cellular data until they get that fixed.
  • Total junk 1/5

    By TheRealLadyShine
    Hard to navigate and pages are so full of junk - deleted!
  • Interactive encyclopedia of film and TV. 4/5

    By MacDelta
    IMDb is a great reference for all things motion picture and television related. Great for determining whether a movie or TV series is worth investing your time watching on streaming media via Internet, cable, satellite, network broadcast and in theaters if it’s a recent release. Every film and TV series ever made has a viewer based score between 1 and 10 stars; the latter and often overused number signifying utter perfection. The best feature has to be the reviewers who take their time to express what they loved, what they didn’t, and their opinion as why you should watch a film or television production, or find something else to watch (or do). IMDb is go to app for finding information on everything associated with a searched fir film or TV serues (including summaries of every season and episode). There are also basic summaries, as well as associated production information, e.g., producers, directors, writers, soundtrack info, cast and crew members (including linkable mini-bios for each); color coded and defined parental advisories (volunteered by reviewers) pertaining to sex, drinking/smoking/drug use, violence, emotionally intense situations, designed to prevent you having to explain why two people are dressed up as Smurfs and doing the nasty during an acid trip. For true film/TV aficionados, you can discover where a movie or series was/is filmed, and if you’re really into it, you can often discover which cameras were used and other cinematic technology specifications. If the film is available currently on any streaming service or movie theater, it’s in there! If it’s currently available on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, HBOMax, Showtime or any other streaming service you subscribe to, click the link, and start watching! Finally, after watching the film you might feel the need to see something similar, there’s a list of films that are either prequels, sequels; that share the same stars or the same director or are simply similar in style. You’re covered. IMDb’s search capabilities make it simple to find a film or TV show. You can enter the name of any actor, director, crew member, partial film title, and more. Every film and television show commercially made has an entry in IMDb no matter how obscure. IMDb is truly the Internet-based Movie Database available at, or presented in a much easier snd more interactive format in the iOS app. Remember that once-forgotten low-budget film or television show you loved as a kid? Type what you can recall about the production, e.g., a character’s name, a partial title — if it was made, it’s in there! IIMDb is the ultimate resource to find out everything you need to know about and more about a commercially released film, a streaming media film or broadcast or streaming media television program. IMDb has it all, and then some. The “then some,” is why it loses a star. Roughly one third of a page that is supposed to be dedicated to all the the particulars of a given film or RV series, is cluttered with irrelevant advertisements and self-promotions. These extras are blended in with the legitimate material, making it somewhat difficult to find the meat iin the midst of the fat. Is a cluttered interface a minor beef? Is my carnivorous metaphor overkill? Both are there for you to decide.
  • WOW 5/5

    By Lweezy36
    Yes wow this movie app takes you above & beyond with information & with the pasts history & future updates like know other app or news apps nor social media app will ever come close or even in the same category or conversation 💯🙌🏿💯
  • From Trust to Treason 1/5

    By Willard The Grey
    IMDB was the one place I could go for an accurate rating, but this no longer appears to be the case. Once the Rings of Power fiasco started, I have noticed other movies having critical ratings removed. Troll rating has been a thing for a long time, and long since has there been an equilibrium for overconfident and absurdly negative postures, but who are you to take away someone’s voice to line your own pockets? What about they great films before this? Do you actually think they were Immune to the public rating system’s aggression? The fact is that many movies have shown themselves throughout time, and just because Amazon failed to pull off something magical with Lord of the Rings, all pre existing movie ratings get tainted, and greatness is marginalized among the new swath of mediocrity. Goodbye IMDB, you were great there for a while. <\3
  • Fix it 1/5

    By bluemeanieface
    No matter how long my reviews are IMDB app keeps saying must be 600 characters. Trust me, I am verbose. Super lame fix it guys you only have millions of dollars lying around to pay your devs to do their jobs
  • MonSter High 5/5

    By noah davey
    I Hope it’s A Great Movies OF Monster High Also When is it Comes Out ONTO Store’s By The Way Guy’s From NoahDavey?
  • Mx 4/5

    By MLemsHou
    Zz n v
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SpicyMcHaggis13
    This used to be a great app now they hide real reviews and only show fake 10 star reviews. They make you use 600 characters now and nobody is gonna read or write that much except bots so they’re chasing away any real reviewers. They literally sold out to amazon and hbo. App is totally useless now.
  • In-app Video Player 1/5

    By Steel Drums
    Worst ever user experience (on iOS) with this video new(er) reimagined player! Please make this iOS worthy!!
  • Good for trivia bad for reviews 3/5

    By The_RyGuyKC
    If you’re a fan of film trivia this app is useful. If you’re looking for legit reviews then you’re in the wrong place. (Blame Amazon and all the bots)
  • terrible app. manipulates ratings 1/5

    By Ponch211
    terrible app. manipulates ratings by suppressing views contrary to the mainstream
  • IMDb is the best 5/5

    By ckellymi
    I use this app regularly and it always seems to help me Thanks IMDb
  • To developer 5/5

    By GR Gabriel Ray / YOUTUBER
    Hi my name Gabriel ray I was wondering I’m trying play some the videos that free they take me to other websites I don’t understand why that is if you can watch them on your app do I pay or what is the reason
  • Reviews 2/5

    By Srhona
    I try to write a review. Most of the time, they are too short according to you. Some shows done deserve 600 characters. It’s really shameful on your part, to ask for more. I have seen others that are certainly shorter. Fix it!
  • The best. 5/5

    By Tarkingtons
    I’ve been using IMDB since it first went live, was that the 90’s? Anyway, my whole family uses it all the time to find movies and shows, movie showtimes, stupid trivia and very important information.
  • Manipulating reviews is NOT acceptable 1/5

    By Cooldude589
    I always considered the audience reviews on this site to be more reliable than “professional” critics. Alas, that’s no longer the case as multiple news sources called you out on blocking scores below 6 out of 10. I stopped using Rotten Tomatoes years ago when they were exposed for manipulating Rise of Skywalker scores and I’ll be doing the same here. How about trying to anticipate issues that viewers might have with your show and addressing them in a way that doesn’t make you engage in shady business like this. Rings of Power is for sure not a show worth damaging your credibility for. It’s pretty but otherwise boring. After 2 hours, I cared for none of the characters, and I would be fine never watching more as I don’t really care what happens next. 1 out of 10 show.
  • Doesn’t tell me where I. An watch the shows/movies 1/5

    By Angelgirls3211''
    I was really excited about this app, as my brother has recently gotten into acting and has had a few small parts on a tv series and a movie. When I giggled both the show Class of ‘09 and the movie You’ll never leave me, that my brother has a part in, I was give. The information for the IMBD app. I downloaded the app, expecting to be able to find which channel or streaming app the show and movie would be on. However that is not the case. The app allows me to add the show and movie to my watch list, but doesn’t tell me where to watch or the best place to watch like the app description says. I would really like to find out how I can watch my brother in the show Class of ‘09 and the Movie You’ll never leave me. Please fix ASAP
  • Hiding Reviews 1/5

    By Smallish
    Some reviews that are 5 and below seem to be hidden or completely removed for certain shows & movies.