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  • Novo Mundo 5/5

    By hankj52
    Brazilian novellas are an art form of their own and are exported to dozens of countries. NOVO MUNDO is one of the best and is brilliant in its use of the very particular history of Brazil. Novo Mundo covers the period from early 1800s when the King of Portugal was forced to flee and transferred the seat of the Empire to Rio de Janeiro to the reign of his son who declares independence and becomes the first Emperor of Brazil At 160 episodes it is best to watch 3 or 4 at a time. The story uses the colorful history as a spine embellished by sub plots which are a combination of Les Miserable and Candide.
  • Not working 1/5

    By worthit87
    Did recent update and now the app will not open. A bit bummed right now!

    By EclipseSnake
    Nice until it non-stop sends you emails. I EVEN DELETED IT! How can I fix this and make it stop?!

    By Control45
    You developers still need to solve the problem with emails. No matter what I do I can’t turn them off. I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I even signed out and signed back in using a different email address BUT your application keeps finding all my email addresses and filling my inbox with USELESS email. FIX THIS!!!! Please don’t tell me to change my preferences because I have already done that and even with them all turned OFF it continues to stuff all my email inboxes with email. I enjoy your application but this problem is a major frustration. Why can’t you just fix this? This is NOT the first time I have tried to get a reasonable response. DO SOMETHING!!!! Several months have passed and this problem hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t believe the developers want to fix this. THIS STINKS!!!
  • Doesn’t load 2/5

    By imthinkingimback
    Wouldn’t be a bad app if it worked half the time.
  • You are the best about muvies 5/5

    By Freddiewar
    IMDB ARE THE BEST, I have search for many native old artist and movies information and alway find for what I was looking for! Thanks!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jsidebo
    Tjis is a great app for reference. Checking episodes or actors in a series or movie. Also to look up an actor to see what he or she appeared in.
  • Clancy movies 4/5

    By noone52
    Truly enjoy the theme of these movies, but get your under it repaired. Noone
  • Aladdin 5/5

    By Jiujitsu Dan
    I had some reservations about watching this one but glad I watched it. Very entertaining and well done. Must see for the whole family 👏🏼
  • Wikipedia,, theonion,, and IMDB 4/5

    This website is five stars. It has proven pivotal to my life, almost as much as dpreviewtv. It deserves five starts it is five stars it will always be Top five websites to invest in and let your children have @ccess to for free because these websites have all been nationalised (go Nationals!) I believe our children are the feature, teach them welland let them lead the way. Men and women had their time. It is now time to revive Ophelia she is dead, she rests but she is awake through her team and staff. IMDB WILL NEVER GET FIVE STARS UNTIL THEY BLEED BEZOS FOR 7 billion dolla dolla bills. Bezos you got to know when to fold them.
  • We want the old search back!!! 2/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    They have royally screwed up search. It takes multiple clicks to search and feature disappears after you use it! It takes multiple clicks to get it back. Do not update to the 12/2019 update or later you will be angry and disappointed! ....and the IMDBTV commercials are too frickin’ loud! And there is no way to report a problem with content on the app/site. The cursor is INVISIBLE when editing with the app. DEVS are dumb! Won’t acknowledge or fix search issues!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By park5243
    Once you’re looking at a show or movie it’s hard to tell what’s going on because of all the ads.
  • Like looking at rotisserie chickens 1/5

    By sludge
    Why is everything so big? The movie placards are gigantic. It’s like trying to sort through a bunch of differently labeled turkeys in a too small freezer. And there’s so much dead space. Tighten it back up please.
  • No resume feature 2/5

    By LetTheDroidWin
    It would be nice if movies wouldn’t time out and go away if you hit pause. Then after coming back from doing your business, you cannot pick up where you left off. You have to start from the beginning and waste time on commercials.
  • Everwood saved my sanity 5/5

    By Greens131
    Thanks for making this available during our solitary confinement
  • Period 5/5

    By Blue cyclone 88
    The best website on the internet. Period.
  • 1/5 1/5

    By Littlefigz
    The reason why it is a 1/5 because you have to pay before you watch the movie!!
  • Imdb 5/5

    By SkunkDillon
    Great app. lots of fun. good reviews and high quality
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Frances2004
    I love being able to do a playlist just wish they had it for Apple TV.
  • imdb 5/5

    By erikicebearz
    my source for movie data and what to watch and NOT to watch
  • Great app, but add casting 4/5

    By Timetogetill7
    Nice app and love the variety but would be even better if I could cast the videos to chrome cast or another option on tv. That way I can watch and do other things on the phone.
  • Take THAT Leonard Maltin movie guide! 5/5

    By DigitalHustler
    Hey all! I actually STILL love the Leonard Maltin Locke guide but IMDB is such a tremendous resource for learning about movies from top to bottom.
  • Search 3/5

    By classicfilmlover
    Why is it that afterI do a search for something, when I try to do a CLEAR ALL to keep it clean, I can’t clear it. The CLEAR ALL button is gone.
  • Answers to EVERY question 5/5

    By debopeep
    I love being able to find answers. Today was a little different in that I heard a story on the radio about the COVID-19 situation and they referenced an Orson Wells movie, The Third Man. Immediate went to my IMDB app to learn more I LOVE this app.
  • Does the job 4/5

    By BrentonBrown96
    I get the info I’m looking for but IMDb underrates the value it added to the film community through the forums and the ease of sharing lists and recommendations from the people these movies are actually made for. It just turned more into a members club for insider information and that’s because it either got bought or sold but at the end of the day movies are art and the user apps made around the medium should promote it as such. But the mortal fear of losing out or not getting what’s available motivated decisions from big wigs who don’t genuinely care about the millions of users of the database, because it is essentially the Wikipedia of entertainment and they should’ve kept the focus on the community like any forward thinking businessperson actually would’ve.
  • Can’t sign in through any method 1/5

    By _tinydancer_
    Used to love this app when I was able to use my account but one day, probably a couple months ago, I opened it and I was signed out. Now I can’t sign in through any method. Doesn’t matter if I try to sign on through my IMDb, Amazon, or google account. All produce a unique error message. I can login through a web browser but you can’t use IMDb tv in a browser, only though the app. Tried talking to support but they haven’t been able to fix it. Tried deleting and updating the app. Nothing works. To use their support page you have to make an account through a third party website. Absolute joke. Come on. It’s clear looking through the App Store and online support that a TON of people have this problem. Not sure why they’re not addressing it. Is anyone ever going to try and fix this???
  • Prime 1/5

    By Koendit
    So annoying - why do you indicate that movies are included with Prime, when they actually aren’t.
  • Great for IDing actors! 5/5

    By Baghdaddi
    I turn to Imdb when I’m watching something and want to ID an actor or actress
  • Sesame Street the muppets and handay manny 5/5

    By cwr 2276
    I wish you could add all season of sesam street and and muppet capper and the muppet show
  • Movies etc etc , 5/5

    By Pietje Puck.
    Love this for sure lots of good movies and Documentaries.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Luma0217
    I think it doesn’t have enough movies for kids.
  • Best entertainment info App to have 5/5

    By John&Carla
    Easy to use to get all your info about the movies, tv and entertainers you want to research
  • Like the old style better 1/5

    By @$.,
    The new layout is more confusing and less straight forward in my opinion
  • Um cool 4/5

    By As a a wfa
    I like that it shows u games
  • iTMS App Store is broken YET AGAIN 1/5

    By MaxAgHammer
    Well, it’s that time again, folks! Apple has fouled up something on their iTunes App Store servers, and so those of us who are still using iTunes 12.6.5 for Enterprise iOS device support and management are unable to (1) download new purchases from the store, and (2) update existing apps. When you clock the “download” button in the App Store, you see a message “Downloading …” but nothing happens and no error message appears. Similarly, if you click the “update” button on an app update, or the “Update All Apps” button, you will see the same “Downloading …” messages, but nothing will actually download and you’ll see no error message to explain why. This happens for every single app in the app store and every single update shown in the iTMS app updates interface. Maybe the Big Brains at Apple have chosen this particular moment to finally, silently cut off all iOS app download/update methods except those done via the iDevice’s individual App Store interfaces, making it impossible for IT managers to control app purchase/update rollouts across all of their devices in anything other than an anarchic, catch-as-catch-can fashion. Or maybe they’ve just bungled their backend app update servers, like they seem to do with increasing frequency throughout these last few years of continuing decay and cr*pification of Apple’s feeble Web Services offerings. As usual, Apple support aren’t listening to end-users who submit error reports for this issue, so the only recourse for us is to pass the buck by giving one-star reviews to every app update that’s affected, in the hopes that developers with money on the line and access to actual iTunes Technical Support (as opposed to the teenage babysitters assigned to deal with lowly end-users) can get the problem fixed sometime before the next ice age arrives. As of 17:51 PDT on Friday, 20 March 2020, this is the list of app updates I’ve found that exhibit this problem: AT&T Call Protect BestParking Blue Shield of California DocuSign DuckDuckGo Cornell University’s eBird Epocrates Eventbrite Fandango Google’s Gmail IMDB Medium Microsoft OneDrive MyTSA Nextdoor O’Reilly Publishers ParkWhiz Priceline Progressive Insurance Reddit Route: Package & Order Tracker Snapchat Songkick StubHub Sync - Secure cloud storage Ticketmaster Travelocity Yahoo Sports Zomato
  • Best App 5/5

    By Pamalot00
    Yes this is a fabulous app. I use it daily for all things Hollywood and celebrity related. I have to agree with Anon.111 though. Why oh why did you Chang the opening page. Now I open the app and am ready to search but I now have to remember to look to the bottom for the search icon and then hit the search bar for my keyboard to appear and then start typing. What a hassle. Please consider changing back. 🤔🤞🏻
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By mishya.aa
    Its a great app. I love it. Helps me find movies of my taste :)
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By KBradford
    It’s my go to for anything tv or movie related
  • Can no longer login 2/5

    By Ball player592
    Been using this app for years. Latest update for iPad just gives me an error when log in. At least my android app still works. Been a month in a half and still can't login. Be great if you'd fix. I see a lot of users have the same problem.
  • Gold standard 5/5

    By bootEeatr
    Most complete movie resource out there. I like rotten tomatoes reviews so I usually check out ratings on both RT & IMDb; it’s impressive how often IMDb has movies that RT doesn’t.
  • Essential for movie lovers!! 5/5

    By LocoJoshieJr
    This website is the digital Bible for movie-lovers of all varieties!! Classic to recent...foreign to’s the best!!!
  • As good as it gets. 5/5

    By Ryan_fson
    With out a doubt a big argument winner!!!! Keep up the good work or what ever Ps stay safe
  • New changes are annoying 4/5

    By ibtitoff
    Please bring back the default preselected search field! 99% of the time (and I’m sure I’m not alone here), the first thing I do is search for a film on your app. With the new layout, I have to click twice (!) just to get to the search option. Not cool.
  • There’s no way to pause or stop a video once you start it! 2/5

    By Steadinan
    This is so horribly irritating! Why did you take all the transport controls, especially the pause button, away from videos (trailers, etc.)? I had to quit the app, and I was ready to delete it from my iPad after this. This is not the only time it happened, either. Also, as everyone else is complaining about, changing the search button to the bottom of the page but making us go back up to the top and tapping on the search bar, when it’s obvious that’s what we want to do when we tap on the search button at the bottom of the screen, is horrible! Another terrible thing that other people are also complaining about is the fact that there is no more back button and there never was a forward button. Please add those.
  • Every time we watch TV 5/5

    By lee naa kaa
    We use this site just about daily whenever we watch the TV. Great resource! Love the trivia and goofs and especially the casts Thank you
  • I love IMDb so much. 5/5

    By noag123
    Hey IMDB I just had a question will you guys add any news to the five nights at Freddy’s movie? because there’s barely any news on the Five Nights at Freddy’s page so yeah I was just wondering if you guys are keeping up-to-date with the news but I love IMDB I use it every day.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By SofZarf
    I can’t log in, and before that kicked me out, I couldn’t add to favourites. Terrible update.
  • Can’t sign in. Can’t crest new account 1/5

    By Viiv
    Suddenly the apps no longer allows me to sign in. Without my watchlist and all the personalized functions, this app has lost its value. I deleted and reinstalled the app. No luck.
  • I become less and less willing to use 2/5

    By Tried it 567564257
    Update: even more heavy-handed pressure on me to create a merchandizable identity, give you access to my life, livelihood, and friends, and also even more extraneous junk inserted between me and what i came to do. Not cool. Not OK. Every new version seems to take yet another step away from a useful database of information towards something pretending to be a social platform/online game/reality show/shopping mall. More clutter, more distractions, more BS. And I WILL NOT sign up, or create a user id/password, nor a personal profile for this thing. If you keep pushing that, your review goes all the way down to 1 star and app gets deleted forever.

IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app comments

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