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IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • IMDB A Mess 2/5

    By Yuck64
    Since you changed the site it's difficult to find anything. Change isn't always better.
  • I think new update is good 5/5

    By Suwntha.D
  • Freezes up when sharing a movie on Facebook 2/5

    By AxiosMale
    Freezes up every time I try to share a movie on Facebook. You literally have to close the app.
  • I love movies 5/5

    By apb🤓
    My father Dexter loved to watch movies, football, and baseball.
  • LOVE THIS APP, but… 5/5

    By Signforu
    The app no longer allows us to seamlessly share our ratings on Facebook using an iPhone. Please fix this!!!
  • Great reference service 5/5

    By Brook0506
    Frequently use this app to search actors. Directors and film series. Occasional wrong sequences by dates but overall wonderful resource.
  • Review No. 1 5/5

    By Mike&Helen
    My first site to revisit coming movies before buying or renting.👍😀
  • hello 3/5

    By Jessesaint
    search haptics doesn't work anymore. search screen with streaming showings when the keyboard isn't opened should have options for originals only and view movies or tv shows only. stop making us copy the tv movie and date stuff in the title. trailer landscape mode auto full screen so we don't have to play orientation lock game anymore. relaunch imdb tv as the new video tab with better trailer layout and originals, news spotlights, etc. more kevin smith. give us some edward furlong. wayne knight. clint howard. do an a&e biography style show. colab with reelz. community section like forums but now more like google+. for the real movie fans. stop making us rely on the blu-ray site or letterboxd. become the ticket norm and shun fandango and flixsters forever. no more rt.
  • My kids always pick a 5.5 5/5

    By samzafa
    Never watch a movie without checking its rating.
  • “IMDB is the go-to platform.” 5/5

    By ChrisMentillo
    “IMDB your #1 professional choice for all your entertainment needs.”
  • Absolutely the Go To for what to watch ! 5/5

    By jackie313
    We all know that in modern times there are truly a never ending amount of shows or movies to watch. As a college professor I often ask my students for recommendations! “So what’s everyone watching?” I’ve received some great recommendations. But the absolute best place to check on them is my Idmb app! Ratings, reviews, and trailers as well as what’s popular right at your fingertips! Love it !
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By …. ur app
    Need every subscription to watch anything this app is trash
  • Love it 5/5

    By HouBman
    Love it! Thanks for all you do IMDB staff
  • My #1 Go-To! 5/5

    By Smurphy121483
    IMDB is My #1 Go-To for all things TV or Streamed, old or New. Including productions before My own lifetime. Fantastic App.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By sludge
    And removing movies from the watchlist by clicking the check button doesn’t work. The button blinks and just stays on checked.
  • Absolutely Essential 5/5

    By 24/7 crap
    The BEST tool to wade through hundreds of mediocre offerings on a daily basis! Dont know how I lived without it before!
  • Cannot sort by provider 1/5

    By DustinMarc
    Proof that Amazon ruins everything they touch
  • Movies 5/5

    By James J 1984
    Good place to watch movies
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Tamsharley
    Been using the app online (pc version first) then iOS for 15 years! Used to be able to type in the name of a show and the episode of in in google. Then click the link leading to IMDB app n it would bring it up right away so you could see who’s in that particular episode of the show! Now that won’t work anymore! You have to scroll all the way to the bottom, to find, more at IMDB? Plus, I hate that the search bar is at the now very bottom of the home screen! I’ve been using this app for years. Now, I have to hunt for the search bar and retype my show title and episode in that? Then I still have to scroll down to view it on IMDB ? Isn’t that what I was doing? It’s just a weird messed up update that isn’t for me! Plus now I hate that they have these huge images of the actors in the program I was looking into. Then you can scroll down, yet some more for the info you actually want? This app just keeps getting worse and worse! Plus every so often it keeps wanting me to sign in, which I don’t want to do. I understand that it’s gone towards streaming, but for those of us who don’t want to do so? Sadly, since they eliminated my favorite part, message boards, they’ve been going downhill! I also forgot to mention, there's no app support to email the developers your problems!? 🙄 Then why do people complain about apps, but give them four stars? Makes no sense! 1-21-2023. Another terrible update! When you search for an actor. Then a show they were in. It doesn't show the season or episodes they were in, in that show anymore!😳😳😡 Not happy with the way the app is going. I'm using google more than the app!

    By stori marii
    Was looking to buy some new equipment on Amazon and saw an movie advertisement “Remember Me” and “House Party” and haven’t been able to find it the show, untill i this APP. Now I can catch up on some of the Latest movies. Binge…Time… ❤️
  • BAD UPDATE 3/5

    By ffhjjuiih
    The latest update has sent me to ROTTEN TOMATOES App. Go back to previous then quit improving my experience!

    By mattconch
    sometimes sci-fi, movies, or a little “B”: But this is where you find the gems. Slightly dated special effects; but oh you youth.….., this is some of the best stuff… because great sci-fi comes from the idea not the production, not the special effects, but good writing and good (if sometimes a little over-the-top) acting. If you watch it, remember: we give rats tests just so we can learn about their behavior: what if humans are subjected to the same treatment?
  • What did you do to the User Interface? 1/5

    By PurpleGem84
    I am so sorry I updated the app. Hate it. Wish I could go back. Where is my history? I had things set up just the way I liked. You didn’t even bother to port my data? Bad design. Bad implementation of bad design. Might as well just use Wikipedia now cuz whatever version of IMDB I downloaded today is bad. I’m sure your robust database is in tact. But the UI is so bad, so complicated, so unnecessary that it’s not worth using the app to get to the data. Like someone else in these “Ratings & Reviews” said … “If it ain’t broke.”
  • It’s the best 5/5

    By linda7311
    I love being able to look up actors, movies and get all the details. where and who carries it. also be able to see all the actor has done!
  • Extremely Biased Company 1/5

    By DMacLean15
    I’ve had reviews deleted and refused to be published for simply expressing my opinions on certain films. I could see if I used offensive language or violated some sort of rule but I didn’t. This leads me to believe that IMDB (owned by Amazon) is nothing but a cog within the left wing propaganda machine. Not recommended!!!
  • Great App!!! 4/5

    By JimStone20
    Love this app as provide info on movies, tv and other media projects! The huge amount trivia info provide by this app also an excellent feature that serves as bonus to it's user! This is the place where I go to find out the behind scene stuff that adds to my own entertainment enjoyment!
  • IMDb has it all 5/5

    By Tim of Newport News
    IMDb has all the information I need to help me enjoy TV and movies.
  • 13.5 is a disaster 1/5

    By Gregger0
    If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The new update made this app useless. Can’t get past the homescreen, wheel just spins, constantly trying to load. Thought 13.5.1 would’ve remedied it but it did nothing. It’s too aggravating to keep opening the app with no function whatsoever so I will delete. Maybe I’ll try it out again a while down the road but… maybe not.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By TheEarlMartin
    I love that they finally added where you can view the movies or shows. Makes life easier.
  • Right on 5/5

    By brendon79
    You can almost search for any movie/actor and it pulls up so much
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Ethangirard
    I definitely prefer using the app versus the mobile web browser version. I would definitely give it 5 stars if there was a function that showed what on which streaming service(s) the content is currently available.
  • What’s playin 5/5

    By Benc2c
    Before ever going to the movies, I always check out the reviews on IMBD and I check out all the info on the celebrities; more interesting facts than what’s written in the magazines. Love IMBD I check out the IMBD rating , as well. My face is either intensely playing a game or checking out when and where a celebrities is born or how tall they are.
  • Horrendous Layout 1/5

    By Brutalion
    The layout is horrendous. The actors are shown on a column on the right hand side and so small you can’t recognize them. Whoever approved this layout needs another job doing something else.
  • Love it so much 5/5

    By Domreboo
    I can look up any show and people and always get the information I want. It’s the best thing ever!!
  • Goes into a loop since last update 3/5

    By Goudaray
    Previously it was great and I would have rated it five stars.
  • Watchlist 1/5

    By Lord Raahhh
    Watchlist no longer filters by “on TV”. Please bring the on TV feature back.
  • IMDB narrows my choices to THE BEST 5/5

    By nanzpeace is where I go to winnow down my current streaming options to only the overall classiest, most watchable, most interesting productions to consider.
  • horrible 1/5

    By hhy hi jchf
    Hated this app deleted immediately!! 0/10 wouldn’t recommend has so many bugs it’s horrible
  • Father NICHOLAS 4/5

    By father Niko
    This movie is predictive of a world in turmoil. The actors are excellent and truly live their roles...Ava Gardner...true to form, brings her role to real-life ‘sitzen-leben’, as does Astaire...what Brilliant human beings with Talent to Make us believe who they are ...are!!! And f course Gregory Peck... Nothing can be said less than ‘superb’! He made me think...God Help Us!!! Let us Pray God Protects us from our own ‘selfless’ ‘insecurities’!!! May God lend His Blessings to Our wonderful USA ... Russia ... China ... the three most powerful Nations on the face of the Earth...Protect us from Ourselves!!! Father NICHOLAS
  • Awesome App!!!!! 5/5

    By Sucram Yesmar
    I love the app. I’ve been using it dfor years and years!! It’s great to look up information and it’s quick and easy!!! Simply the best!!!! It’s a must have app!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!
  • Gas -s-s-s-s? 5/5

    By Truth Missle
    Bring bask the movie above.
  • Amazon 2/5

    By DomaniNoel
    You need to STOP! This app use to be great. Now it’s barely “just okay”
  • Completely useless. This is for rating movies not watching!! 1/5

    By Pleaseread277266372627272
    Don’t get this
  • Been Using It For Years 5/5

    By TinaRose711
    Love this app! Super useful and user friendly. There have been less than a handful of times when the app was slow or lagging but that’s to be expected for any app really.
  • Broken search widget 1/5

    By Sai PKG
    This is a very well made app, but I do have one issue. On both my phones and iPad Pro, the imdb search widget used put me directly in the search page of the app with opening the keyboard ready to type. But after today’s update, it takes to the search page but doesn’t bring up the keyboard.
  • Great !!! 5/5

    By Darinno

    By Movie Doc N.
    Best movie, TV, video, “now-playing day-planner” in current existence. Period.
  • I use it every single day of my life 5/5

    By popphoto33
    I use it to look up everything from what movie Johnny Depp is going to be in next to what other TV show I've seen Dana Delaney in before to Daniel Radcliffe's height. Like the microwave oven, I can't recall what life was like before IMDB and the iPad app has made it even easier to access and use. Simply marvelous.
  • Addict 5/5

    By 87871687
    I spend way too much time on this thing, love it. But please remove the character requirements from the ratings! I don’t need 600 letters to note that something is amazing - or awful.