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IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. Explore popular movies and TV shows, entertainment news, and the latest awards and events. Track what you want to watch using your Watchlist, and rate movies and shows you’ve seen. Watch video – including exclusive IMDb Originals, trailers, behind-the-scenes clips, and more. Get showtimes near you, buy tickets, and read critic and user reviews. Please note - IMDb is not a video streaming service. Full-length movies and TV shows are not available within the app. Sign in to: • Add movies and TV shows to your Watchlist • Rate what you’ve seen • Get personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows • Save your favorite theaters • Create lists to share your movie, TV, and celebrity picks, or make it just for you Explore: • Search our database of more than 5 million movies, TV shows, and entertainment programs, and more than 8 million cast and crew members, including celebrities, actors, actresses, and directors • Read breaking entertainment news • Browse quotes, trivia, and goofs • Get complete event coverage from the Academy Awards (Oscars), Golden Globes, Emmys, San Diego Comic-Con, film festivals, and more • Check out Best Picture winners, the top-rated and most popular movies and TV shows, and celebrity birthdays • Receive notifications for the latest trailers, movie showtimes, and breaking news Decide what to watch and where to watch it: • Watch the latest trailers, IMDb Originals, and clips from movies and TV shows • Check movie and TV ratings • Read user and critic reviews • Discover titles available to watch on Prime Video Check showtimes and buy local movie tickets: • Use your current location to get nearby showtimes • Sort movie showtimes by start time, end time, genre, rating, and more • Buy tickets direct from your phone or tablet IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Do you think we're doing something well? Is there something we've overlooked? Please post your feedback at

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IMDb Movies & TV app reviews

  • IMBD 5/5

    By Koony2
    Even without an account(which I finally made after a few years)I still get prove myself and friends wrong about a bunch of random actors I saw some place. Never thought I would use it as much as I do
  • Yaaassss 5/5

    By lavender...••••
    I love this app caauuussse I wanted a free movie app that I don’t have to pay and it has MADDEEEAAAA I tried looking for one that did have madea but nooo it does not and it made me maddd... but I’m happy now this is my favorite movie app ever
  • Great! 5/5

    By XTurMoiLX
  • IMDb 5/5

    By Trisss10
    I don’t usually do reviews however I’ve realized how often I use this app. It is awesome for when you’re wondering who a certain actor was in a movie or just want to look at what new movies are coming out. I’ve used this app for a while now and it comes in handy more than often!
  • Best App 5/5

    By Daddy_Homeslice
    I use this app everyday for some great info. The best resources for movies and tv shows. Greatest App ever!!!
  • App constantly stalls 3/5

    By galapogosian
    Randomly stops loading records until you reboot the app.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By sheildla
    So many movies to read and see trailers on!
  • Like everything else, it could be better 2/5

    By 1992priscilla
    Some of the changes we want to make either on a profile or a title can’t be made through the app. We need a computer for those. It’s ok but it can be annoying if we want to change something ASAP. Also, I wish we could do the same changes without having to pay for IMDb Pro... which I also get once it’s a business, but at least on our on profiles this should be a free option.
  • IMDB 5/5

    By Memdave
    All you need to know.
  • Around the horn 1/5

    By hate around the horn!!!!!!
    The dumbest show , when people r graded in their opinion & Secondly they r just trying to please Rialto or whatever his name is. The show is so far inferior to pti , even highly questionable is more informative & entertaining. What kind of idiot Columnist would stand to be graded in their opinion for anything other than $
  • I'd give five if a paid Ad-free version were available 2/5

    By Phil Astro
    IMDb would definitely be worth a few dollars/month subscription fee for a premium version similar to YouTube Red, and would then be a perfect five star app. Maybe in future?
  • GAY 5/5

    By Cpt. Anon
    They had another gay movie here OMG
  • Still My Fav Movie & TV App 5/5

    By Gammon8tor
    IMDB has been around for a long time. I've watched it become more helpful, useful & improved through the decades. Keep up the good work IMDB! 1-15-19. Ditto above! Wish I would have dated 1st review. My best guess is 15 yrs ago. Will fact check. When was IMDB launched? 👍🌈🎬
  • Cant play it 1/5

    By hhbjhh
    I cant watch series, Why??
  • Love IMDB 5/5

    By Sir Cooks A Lot
    I use IMDB all the time. I just can’t do without it.
  • One problem 3/5

    By DaRealOzome
    i wish i could sign in with my google account
  • Keep Up To Date 5/5

    By Mickiesstory
    Know it all...who starred in it & when that star was born & everything else done by that star, & whether it won awards, & who filmed it & who wrote the music, and I can’t even include it all in one review. If you love tv & movies, GET THIS APP!!!
  • Movies 5/5

    By Angelheart21
    Totally awesome. Thank you for having such a great app
  • Difficult 1/5

    By Jackyl5
    Landing page is a watch list. It is difficult to navigate to the info I want. Don’t like the app. Web page has better navigation.
  • Love this app/website! 5/5

    By kaymcdaniels
    I’ve been using IMDb for as long as I can remember for all of my movie and tv show information
  • No way to search for “Checkins” 3/5

    By KBauermann
    Rating 3 stars for now as there should be a way to search for titles already in the check in list and filter titles by name, both on the app and desktop version. I use IMDB mostly to keep a tracking of what I want to watch and have already watched. Because the Check-In list unfortunately allows duplicates (not sure if a bug or on purpose in case you rewatch something), there really should be a way of checking among a huge list whether you have already watched a title or not. Yes, my brain doesn’t keep title names very well and that is one of the reasons I became an IMDB user :)
  • Awesome IMDB 5/5

    By Rican Dad
    Super reliable with the info that you provide on the classic movies as well as the modern ones. Also I would like to add that you guys have an excellent display in theater information love the website
  • Update must have killed it... nothing loads 3/5

    By Werdrath
    90 percent of the time the app opens and no pages load... Then when it does i get 2 page in before it stops loading.
  • Great app... missing only one thing 5/5

    By SubmanDan
    Great for researching movies (while watching them as well), but it would be even better if it was linked with Wikipedia for more detailed actor biographies.
  • If they would be making this app for Samsung smart TVs. 5/5

    By Mysubscription
    If they would be making this app for Samsung smart TVs. They must make.
  • Comprehensive and easy 5/5

    By Ptalk65
    I have long enjoyed the ease of use and depth of content and functionality of IMDB. Keep it up!!
  • Butylbby 4/5

    By Littlepixxie
    High u Bu
  • Where is Freedive on iOS 1/5

    By gespensen
    Read about freedive in an article on my iPad. iPad Safari would play any movies. Logged into IMDB IOS app could not find freedive link.
  • Helps me so often 5/5

    By noodlenose8
    IMDB is simply the best resource for movie and tv questions. i always find more info than I was anticipating. thank you!!
  • Ballad of Lefty Brown 1/5

    By Shantilly0091
    Shame that the review I seen mentioned the Duke
  • Depend on parental reviews 5/5

    By Pchad93
    And like the trailers, etc.
  • Patriot 5/5

    By Topcatdiney
    Top notch humor. Well cast. The music is a pleasure. Pure genius in writing and directing. Duffey Albright
  • Mr Scott 5/5

    By Douglas54
    Great devise tool for information on your favorite show or a quick movie review. I could go on but in short a great app. Ditto on that. And it works.
  • Imdb is amazing 5/5

    By jules4je7
    Imdb is an amazing source to go to after you watch a film. It makes it really easy to find actors without having to go to google
  • Way too much now 1/5

    By Oilcan523
    Used to be a great tool for looking up movie previews before heading out to the theater. Now you have to scroll through 15 useless IMDb previews of nothing just to find a single movie preview.
  • Review 5/5

    By perinial
  • Just a suggestion 2/5

    By Smudge Mom
    I love your website for the movie/entertainment content but LOATHE your political bias. Please just give us the movie/television/entertainment information and leave the political bias out. Thank you.
  • IMDB is my 1st Choice 5/5

    By 5p1ral0uT
    Every time I get a new device, there are 3 apps that I immediately install: IMDB, Wikipanion and the Moon app. No Social Networking apps necessary! Just my love for movies and knowledge.
  • Review 3/5

    By colson175
    Best complete source of information! Easy to use
  • Poorly designed/UX 1/5

    By bahdkkrnshxofnje
    Looking for a list of award winners, that’s it, but don’t expect to find it without sifting through 3 layers of “behind the scenes”
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By bupthegog
    IMDB is my favorite app ever! I’m a huge movie buff, so I am always seeing if the character is being played by who I think it is. Couldn’t function without you!
  • One of the best movies I’ve seen 5/5

    By Essex
    Powerful, engaging, great acting. But above all, one of the most artistic creation of a story I’ve seen. Timing, music and scene transitions. A true gift. Few movies hold you the whole time. Even in some places where the language changes. A movie that moves the focus off the original subject yet keeps you in the same level of intensity requires true brilliance. Hidden gem. If you walk away from this movie without having been moved, you have no soul.
  • Link my watchlist with Netflix... 4/5

    By Another dl upsell
    Pretty expansive info tho so tally-ho.
  • OMG 5/5

    By Punkin' in GA
    IMDB is manna from heaven for untold millions. My appreciation is unbounded. If you can’t find whatever you are looking for here, you don’t know how to look. Keep up this AMAZING good work. Thank you for everything!
  • Excellent Resource App 4/5

    By 59CCCOLO
    I often look up information and this app almost always has it available and correct.
  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By gerri's gems
    Seems legit and totally non toxic.
  • Won’t let me log in 1/5

    By Uytdbhgescbjutf2884828
    The app isn’t letting me login when I can get in online and have confirmed my account through email. I have been typing in the codes many times but it keeps saying that there was a problem.
  • Bad loading 1/5

    By Baratian
    I had this issue only with IMDb app that loads nothing, it’s like the hosting is bad or something. No other app has that problem or websites for that matter only IMDb app
  • Fun! 5/5

    By ricebeck10
    Very fun, I loved this movie.

IMDb Movies & TV app comments

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