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***NEW: Watch select full-length movies and TV shows free in the app.*** IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity information. Watch trailers, get showtimes, and buy tickets for upcoming films. Rate and review shows you’ve seen and track what you want to watch using your Watchlist. IMDb takes you behind the scenes with exclusive IMDb Originals, celebrity interviews, and more. Stay up to date with entertainment news, awards, and events. Download the app now. Sign in to: • Watch select Hollywood hits and TV favorites, free with IMDb TV • Add movies and TV shows to your Watchlist • Rate what you’ve seen • Get personalized recommendations for movies and TV shows • Save your favorite theaters • Create lists to share your movie, TV, and celebrity picks, or make it just for you Explore: • Search our database of more than 5 million movies, TV shows, and entertainment programs, and more than 8 million cast and crew members, including celebrities, actors, actresses, and directors • Read breaking entertainment news • Browse quotes, trivia, and goofs • Get complete event coverage from the Academy Awards (Oscars), Golden Globes, Emmys, San Diego Comic-Con, film festivals, and more • Check out Best Picture winners, the top-rated and most popular movies and TV shows, and celebrity birthdays • Receive notifications for the latest trailers, movie showtimes, and breaking news Decide what to watch and where to watch it: • Watch the latest trailers, IMDb Originals, and clips from movies and TV shows • Check movie and TV ratings • Read user and critic reviews • Discover titles available to watch on Prime Video Check showtimes and buy local movie tickets: • Use your current location to get nearby showtimes • Sort movie showtimes by start time, end time, genre, rating, and more • Buy tickets direct from your phone or tablet IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Do you think we're doing something well? Is there something we've overlooked? Please post your feedback at

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  • Y IMDb? 5/5

    By DroobieScoobie
    Because, it is a one stop shop for all things cinematic. It is my favorite source (BEYOND Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, ect.) for professional and non professional reviews, overviews, random facts, technical specs, movie news, upcoming films, and an over all sense of community amongst cinephiles. It accepts contributions from professional and non professional reviewers as well as trivia facts which is then checked and approved by people hired to review the individual submissions. I enjoy how the program makes it possible to not only express individual opinions of all films and television shows, but also provides a place to increase their knowledge of film and get suggestions of other films they may not have found on their own. I trust the IMDb score over other media reporting because it is a collective intake of people who are fascinated and appreciative of the craft of film making and are interested enough to take the time and express their opinions. It’s worth having for anyone intrigued by the art of film.
  • Question 5/5

    Hey creators um is every movie free or is there a thing where you have to pay
  • Currently crashing on iOS 7 3/5

    By Troy W
    It’s time to go ahead and flip the switch. I’ve understood for years that the “Where To Watch” tools were only for Amazon-owned streaming services. I get it. But it’s time for Amazon to humbly allow IMDb to provide streaming filters for other popular streaming services. I personally believe IMDb is, hands down, the best movie/TV reference tool in existence. However, I find myself frustrated because my reliance on a supplemental app (to find out where titles are streaming) is becoming more and more. Simply put, I’m happily waiting for IMDb to be the perfect reference tool, which today should include an unrestricted “Where To Stream” filter.
  • Website? Great. App? Meh. 2/5

    By kbw13
    I much prefer the website. If I look up a film title, for example, I can quickly scroll down the cast list on the site; on the app I have to swipe across a long row of photos with truncated text under each. Since I have to use the app on IOS, I look up what I want then immediately swipe to the bottom to choose "More on" to get to the web version. I wish there were an easier way to get there!
  • New layout is bad 2/5

    By Bgiese
    Why is the search box gone from the home screen? Why when I hit the search icon on the very bottom of the screen is the input box at the top of the screen ? Your new layout and UI is awful.
  • New UI Finger Travel Issue 3/5

    By haloV
    Some elements of the new user interface requires more finger travel compared to the previous version. For example, if you click the search icon at the bottom you have to tap the text box at the top to give it focus and start typing what you are looking for. For the + versions of the iPhone this is very cumbersome.
  • Hate the new app & website design 2/5

    By I've Got The Touch
    Used to love the app and website. But the new redesign (with huge images everywhere) is terrible. Makes it much harder to find the info I'm looking for. And that used to be the whole point of the site. Now it tries to push "content" in front of your face. Why is information density getting so low?
  • Aaron Hernandez, recent research of his brain. 5/5

    By peaches/creme
    Heard the movie/documentary was excellent. I want to watch it but don’t know how to access it.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Amir450
    Best source for updates on movies and tv.
  • Search bar 5/5

    By Delight38
    I love this’s my most used app ever. However you recently changed the search bar configuration and I really wish you’d go back to the way it was!
  • Mike 1/5

    By Las3rmike
    Watched 6 seasons of Chicago Fire WITH ads. NOW they want me to pay for season 7 and 8. This is a scam.
  • Great for checking!!! 5/5

    By StillBallin24
    Great for checking to see the filmography of all actors!!!
  • Excellent Information 5/5

    By HatesSnow
    Excellent site to find out information regarding movies, television, cast, reviews etc. This site is necessary for anyone who has a question about all forms of visual entertainment.
  • Just another opinion 4/5

    By DBTRuthie3
    I’m finally understanding how to get around in browsing all of my options. I have TBI, so it just might be my issue and not developer
  • I Have Huge Hands 1/5

    By TotalDisarray
    But it doesn't matter. Why on Earth would you put the search icon at the bottom of the app, and then once you select it, the text field appears at the furthest possible location from the action you just selected. Whoever designed this would likely put a deadbolt keyway at the top right corner of your front door, and then the doorknob at the bottom left corner. Don't let engineers test their own work, let wives and teenagers test it. They'll find flaws in .5 seconds that a UIX engineer couldn't find with 14 hands.
  • Massive usability loss 1/5

    By Daryl Zero
    The new interface that removes the persistent search field is an unbelievably massive regression in the usability of the app. Not only does it break a decade of expectations, it forces the user to go to both extremes of the screen as you tap a button at the BOTTOM of the screen to get the search field, and then you have to tap on the field at the TOP of the screen to place the cursor and bring up the keyboard. Did I not hit a button to perform a search? Why do I have to perform another action to actually do the search? This is something that users do ALL THE TIME in this app! I can’t understand how this went out the door. Now it has ginormous auto-playing video ads. So when I try to resume my podcasts, I end up listening to random music. Let’s just say I’ll never bet that amazon can’t find a way to make IMDb even worse.
  • We want the old search back!!! 1/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    They have royally screwed up search. It takes multiple clicks to search and feature disappears after you use it do it takes multiple clicks to get it back. Do not update to the 12/2019 update or uou will be angry and disappointed! ....and the IMDBTV commercials are too frickin’ loud! And there is no way to report a problem with content on the app/site.
  • New design isn’t great 2/5

    By darren0609
    I used to know where to go to get the latest news, updates and information about upcoming projects, etc. With the updates over the past few months - I feel like all I am being forced to do is watch opinionated news delivered for IMDb and themselves. I preferred the old layout and easier way to find what I needed. Rather than me being forced into something I don’t like, want - or care for. Sorry - you’re likely to have lost me as a regular user, and I will find other ways to get information I want to find.
  • Ways to watch 1/5

    By Lord Raahhh
    Can’t view watchlist by what’s on TV any more. Bring it back.
  • Unable to sign in 1/5

    By @bowtiez
    I have been unable to sign in for weeks. Continue to get ‘sorry we couldn’t process your sign in right now. Please try again later. Authentication in progress’. Please fix this!
  • Obligatory review 3/5

    By LiamDoggo
    Writing review so app will stop asking me to rate & review. It’s IMDb, how o you need to read reviews for the thing you just want to look up an actor
  • Baby want power 1/5

    By dididianacs
    I felt that this morning I was attacked. A man climbed on top of me for the purpose of me not having access to this app. Did the developers nothing thank than I felt that this morning I was attacked. A man climbed on top of me for the purpose of me not having access to this app. Did the developers not think about the snoopy people who just want to look at other peoples phones without feeling judged. Maybe I just want to look up the hot actor from the movie I remember and I don’t know his name. The world may never know why the developers did not have this in mind. Would give zero stars if I could. Delete
  • Unable to sign in 1/5

    By TooEastCoast
    Cannot sign in on iPad
  • Got this years ago when it was good. I finally had to delete it. 1/5

    By BonaparteIowa
    Back in the day.. this was my go to when I wanted to see a quick breakdown of movie, television series, actor or actress. And it had a really nice system for reviewing just released trailers. I’m not sure what happened.. commercialization,.. new leadership,.. but with all the changes, it just became difficult to use. Difficult to find what I used to see on the home screen, difficult to watch a trailer without enduring the same commercial over and over. I found that it was just easier to google and Wiki the lookups and YouTube the recent trailers. It’s too bad because it was good.
  • What a treat 5/5

    Wow. Get to watch shows not on other networks.
  • Curious and love it! 5/5

    By dadtimes 3
    Ever wondered who a person was in a movie you just saw ? What about the other films they were in? or who is in a movie that you saw in front of a camera or behind the scenes? This is the app for you!
  • The Best 5/5

    By textbombarded
    Finding everything in films here
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jeninpa76
    I just tried to look up The Little Mermaid Live Action movie because an actor looked familiar and it showed only 9 cast and only 2 had pics. I clicked on the one with no pic I was trying to find info on and there was only 1 show under filmography. I went online and it worked perfectly fine and showed me everything. Very disappointed in the app.
  • Accessing lists 5/5

    By Jake Simmmms
    Great app except I can’t find out how to search for movie lists
  • Which is it 1/5

    By gshdjdkdjbdhxndkkdbva
    I dont understand why IMDb tv has other listing that aren’t available to watch. I understand linking titles, actors and what not. And I understand what IMDb is and it beginnings. But isn’t this to be IMDb tv, why muck it up with IMDb, prime, and all the other stuff it doesn’t offer. It’s too congested you don’t even know what you’re looking at, I now just assume you have to have other services and would rather go back to using IMDb as a source of reference , not tv.
  • Fantastic website 5/5

    By June Hintwistle
    I refer to it often. Many thanks for your hard work. Hap Roberts
  • Last update ruined reviews section 5/5

    By AbinizJohnny
    The animation when expanding the rest of the review looks horrible now as the text does a weird flip movement. Please revert it back.
  • What happened to my favorite app??? 1/5

    By J.P. Kravitz
    There was a point where I would show the IMDB app to engineers as a shining example of clean, intuitive user interface design and functionality. I don’t know what happened but the app has been turned into a movie info dumping ground. I regularly have to re-enter my login details even though I’m using an app and not a website. Why? It’s almost impossible to find anything as they developers have decided to focus on showing what the parent company thinks is important instead of providing clear navigation to what I value. And I’ve all but abandoned my lists because it’s so awkward getting to them now. It’s just... awful.
  • One of my favorite websites. Great source of information. 5/5

    By Peace Activist
    Great Source of information
  • Great info 5/5

    By Hayes14lmac
    IMDB provides an excellent collection of info on old, new, and upcoming tv shows, movies, etc. It is also really cool that you are able to access - view- shows through the IMDB mobile app now.
  • Review 3/5

    By Ipad292
    Too many pop ups. I preferred the old layout, easier to find search and episode guides. Info is very good, up to date and useful! Thank you.
  • Much better than rotten tomatoes 5/5

    By SchromBOMB
    But I miss the message boards
  • Doesn’t save place - have to rewatch ads 3/5

    By Bad app:-(
    Great app with free shows and movies However if u close your phone it does not save your place in the episode and you have to rewatch all 90 seconds of ads to get back where you think you were
  • Using all the time, cool platform 5/5

    By Stanleynovel
    Well I have nothing to add, useful app. Don’t know any analogues to this one
  • Re logging in 1/5

    By c-yut98
    Must re log in like once a week. Annoying. And not required in web. Why. Veto.
  • Won’t let me sign in 2/5

    By Picklehead007
    This app had been working great until a recent update, after which I am no longer able to log in. Whenever I try any of the login options, an Error message pops up that says, “Sorry, we couldn’t process your sign in right now. Please try again later. Authentication in progress.” It’s been like this for weeks :-(
  • Very fortunate 15 years 5/5

    By Julia Perry
    I was one of the first IMDB users, right after it migrated onto the Web. Before Jeff Bezos struck a deal. I just love it. Since this is a review to encourage others to download & use it, I’m going to tell about the feature which could be the greatest value to you: BEFORE YOU CHOOSE TO SPEND TIME WATCHING SOMETHING THAT MIGHT NOT BE WORTHY OF YOUR ENERGY, come over here, search for it, even if it’s an episode of a TV series, and check its viewer ratings. You’ll love this app.
  • IMDb is a great app. My “go to” source for movie, TV shows and people in show business! 5/5

    By DocLeMule
    industry. eat app. It is my “go to” source for info on movies, TV shows and info on members of the entertainment industry.
  • Constantly logged out 1/5

    By essiedub
    CAN YOU STOP LOGGING ME OUT RANDOMLY??!? PLEASE? Previous review: Fix the search function - the update is bad. The search should be restored to its previous setup. There are several disadvantages to the new system. One, I can’t search from any page, especially the main home page. Two, I lose my place if I want to search something new. For example, if I’m looking at the cast or trivia of one film, I used to be able to search for a second query and then return to where I left off in the original query (in the cast or trivia section, per my example). I often find myself in this situation, it’s not a minor issue. It impacts the entire purpose of using this app. A more minor complaint is that the search function used to pull up recommended shows or films directly, based on the text of my search query, instead of having to load a second search page. I can’t imagine why the new system is an improvement. Additionally, my personal “lists” are now more obscure to access - what could be the purpose of this? Again, in this manner this update is a downgrade.
  • Review 5/5

    By Soon-er
  • Best Entertainment Index and Encyclopedia 5/5

    By Mr. Gible
    Hands down, great for looking up what you need informatively about actors, films, and favorites!
  • Mobile 2/5

    By The _wolf
    Always getting logged out why?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By @masonprice98
    I love this app. Come here to get all the knowledge from your favorite tv shows and movies to your favorite actors :)
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By Bany 2020
    Hate the new format. Loved version 9.16 or later. This app was my go to for everything movies and shows, it was fantastic! I now use it for the sole purpose to look up movies if I see something about it somewhere else. And even that isn’t as easy as it was before. My issues: - Searching. Used to just click into the top bar, type and go. Now it’s at the very bottom to get to the search window, then you have to click into the bar at the very top to type. Just annoying with short fingers or large phones. - Movie trailers are not the top videos featured, and you can no longer specifically go to “movies” or “TV” to filter out all the stuff you’re not interested in. - Picture galleries are mixed in with videos, and there are no? latest stills and posters. - I guess ads are must nowadays on trailers, but every time I watch a trailer there is a long pause or it freezes before the ad even starts, I go straight to YouTube.

IMDb: Movies & TV Shows app comments

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