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  • Compatibility: Android
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IMDb TV is a free streaming video service with thousands of Hollywood movies and TV shows available anytime. You can watch the biggest blockbuster movies. Binge popular TV shows like Mad Men, Chicago Fire and Lost. Stream exciting IMDb TV Originals like Alex Rider. Plus, IMDb TV updates its library constantly, so come back to discover new hit movies and shows each month. There’s content for everyone including comedy, family, romance, thriller, science fiction, documentaries, horror and more. We’re redefining free entertainment by offering thousands of premium video titles at no cost to you. No paid subscription necessary. Install the free App on your device and enjoy the entertainment. IMDb TV: Always entertaining. Always Free. For our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, please see Amazon, the Amazon logo, Prime Video and IMDb TV are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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IMDb TV app reviews

  • Search in IMDb, play in IMDb TV 4/5

    By ade531001
    Search in IMDb app will provide the link which plays in the IMDb TV app This quirk should be highlighted in the IMDb TV app and users may be encouraged to get the other app in order to perform a search in one app and play content in the other.
  • No way to search, really ? 1/5

    By Silearth
    This app is designed very bad no organization, and no way to search for anything.
  • Plays Sound but no Picture 1/5

    By Shelbzzz223
    Was in the middle of a movie when it suddenly stopped showing the picture. Just a blank screen while it played the movie’s audio. Tried multiple different ways to fix issue, nothing worked. Super annoying.
  • I love IMDB, but this app is AWFUL 1/5

    By amorinth
    There is no search bar, or at least I haven’t found it yet. If you find a show to watch on the IMDB app, you can tap to watch it on IMDB TV and then it takes you to this app. Which is okay-ish, but why should I have to use two apps?
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By LXnavarro23
    After reading a few negative reviews I had to see it for myself. But I get it now. It’s true there is no search bar but it connects to your Amazon account. So Amazon, in a way, is how you search. But it’s great if you just want to watch a random movie. Not so much if you looking for a specific movie. Worst part is you can’t mirror image it to your tv so enjoy a movie on your phone.
  • No search feature 1/5

    By Leah1230347
    You can’t simply just search for the movie you want, you have to look through categories and genres to find the movie, it’s super frustrating and I just ended up deleting it. I MUCH preferred when you could just watch the movie directly on the imdb app. Even if I did end up keeping it would just be taking up unnecessary storage.
  • No search feature? A waste of time. 2/5

    By Mamajay1957
    What the heck? It is ridiculous that there is no search feature with this app! A glaring error by the developers. I would actually use this app as a primary source for viewing if I didn’t waste my time scrolling through nonsense to find what I want.
  • Not for TV 1/5

    By SilverStar-Burst
    TV, they keep using that term; I don’t think it means what they think it means. Look, not everyone wants to stare at a tiny phone screen and not everyone can go out and get a fancy TV like the Apple TV or the Fire TV. Some people actually do have families and want to watch together. Deleted as soon as I tried it and realized it doesn’t work for conventional TV streaming. Stop writing “TV” on apps that aren’t usable for TV…
  • What garbage is this?! 1/5

    By MeByAnyOtherNameIsRidiculous
    What was wrong with watching IMDb TV on the IMDb app?! The app worked fine and I used it multiple times with no problem. This is garbage. And the worst part? Now I can’t plug my device into the tv to watch with OTHERS!!! I guess the selfish people behind this app don’t have any friend or family that they want to watch stuff with. They must be bitter and lonely... shame on all of them.
  • Can’t search or stream to tv? 2/5

    By Sonofabanchie
    Not an easy app to navigate. Needs work!
  • No Search Function 1/5

    By JamesLee
    Without a search function. this app is practically useless. It is like sorting thru one of those dvd bins at stores times 100. It also doesn't have a saved function. Hopefully it "catches up" real soon
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Skyler magee
    I’m trying to watch a series and everything is jumbled on the screen. Descriptions overlap, words are cut off, when you click on “continue watching” it dosent play that episode, it takes you to a list of every episode then you have to scroll down to find the right episode. You can’t just move the bar forward at all to jump to a time. Only option is the 10 seconds forward which dosent work half the time. If your going to force people to use the app make sure it works on a phone.
  • This app is dumb 1/5

    By trashbagshhh
    Why isn’t there a search bar?
  • Where is the Search Function? 1/5

    By ArtisanJewelrybyDawn.Etsy
    So not only did I have to download this separate app to be able to watch streaming content on IMDb, there's also no search function?? Titles aren't alphabetized when scrolling? Not even an drop-down option to alphabetize? Is hoping for app improvements worthwhile, or futile? Considering the parent developer is a certain A-to-Z conglomerate, I'm leaning toward futile. There are other streaming-free-with-ads apps which have a search function. I'll be spending more time with them.
  • No search 1/5

    By searchlessap567
    Long time user before the app. App is useless without a search.
  • No ability to search… WTH 1/5

    By ploinks
    How could you leave out a search feature. What a steaming pile of an app.
  • 😡 1/5

    By DJDKat
    I can’t choose what season I want to watch. Since Amazon took over the original IMDb it has gone down. I don’t like the way it has set up. 😡😡
  • Just wowwww 1/5

    By ElDuderino90
    How pathetic of a design this app is. Can’t look under genres. Can’t even search.
  • Needs a search feature. 2/5

    By ozoneghost
    The iPhone app AND the app version for Roku both don’t have a search feature. Come on guys get it together.
  • 2 improvements making IMDBtv 2nd to none! 4/5

    By chris 9876543
    1) Add a “Search” feature (I believe other users have also requested this). For some people, especially parents with young children for example, the time saved from having a search bar/feature is a HUGE deal. Sometimes they NEED to start something as soon as possible and this would help tremendously. This also helps the average user navigate; finding what they need expeditiously and not stuck searching through other titles for a long time, which for some would move a user to “not even bother” looking for something on IMDBtv because it will “take too long” and they “can just find it somewhere else much quicker”. I know for some companies is the point, they want the customer to spend more time on their service, no matter what they are actually doing on the service during this time, because they think that will lead to them watching titles that the found while searching for something else. This may be true a very small amount of users, but for most the titles that they “have” to search through are usually ignored. It is my strong opinion that if a user truly wants to “just look around” and look through many options, they will do that on their own and it’s much more productive and rewarding for the service because those users are more likely to go back and watch a title they found “on their own”, while choosing to search, as opposed to going back and watch a title they found while being “forced” to stumble up while doing a large “forced” search. Not having a “search option” a user could decide to “not even bother” looking for something on IMDBtv because it will “take too long” and they “can just find it somewhere else much quicker”. 2) IMDBtv must add a feature used for saving titles. Much like YouTube has a “watch later” feature, and others have a “add to my list “ feature. This is a very important feature to many and helps create “returning customers”. Also, if there is a title that is going to become available soon, IMDVtv could have an option for a “reminder” of sorts. There are many different ways to chose how to “remind” customers a title has been released, but the best part of this is IMDBtv has a clear opportunity to email its customers to remind them about the title they have been waiting on, this could also be used to show their customers new offers, promo’s, options for different types of subscriptions, etc. Everyone hates receiving random emails, but when they are sent under the guise of a “reminder”, it is a great time to talk about, warn, and advertise their customers about really anything IMDBtv would want. Sorry for the long message. I have a background inMarketing and also enjoy the entire concept of market research. So while I have those two backgrounds and also the “experience” of using/subscribing to almost every streaming service currently available (I have used nearly all of them, whether or not they are free or if they cost) and so I feel this give me a unique perspective of the subject and wanted to help. I have been a fan of IMDb for a long time now and I am hoping for and looking forward to its continued success with IMDBtv.
  • No search! 1/5

    By Wllinden
    Unbelievably, there is no way to search a specific title, or “bookmark” it on a watchlist as in other services. It depends entirely on the random array presented to you. What were they thinking of?
  • No Landscape 1/5

    By JT-Reviews
    Come on Amazon! No landscape support on the iPad???
  • One star until search is added 1/5

    By Cwtech
    I don’t want you showcasing what you want me to watch. Add a search option. Your content is great and I’ll watch the commercials just make an app that isn’t infuriating to use please…….
  • Search button 2/5

    There is no search option so I won’t be using this app to much.
  • I have loved IMDB TV… 4/5

    By musicphan27
    I’ve love that this hah become an app separate from the original. However, it NEEDS a search feature.
  • I've got a big question... 2/5

    By UNOwenNYC
    As someone who's subscribed to Amazon Prime since it started, I'd really like to know why this 'channel' (or as they like to put it, 'streaming platform' 🙄) - which is owned by Amazon - asks for your credentials. Here's the thing; it's posted EVERYWHERE that IMdB T TV is 'free' - no argument about that - but oe of the things about PAYING to SUBSCRIBE (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Sundance Discovery+, and let's not forget Apple 😁) is that we DON'T have adverts, or, sometimes, we're given the option of paying less to be shown the adverts. If his isn't getting through the brains of whoever (Amazonian tech/business) who reads this, there's NO...N-O - reason for anyone (who's an Amazon Prime subscriber, that is) to sign in with their Amazon account, because I'm subjected to those same (goods-awful repeating ad nauseun) spots as if I DIDN'T sign in with my Amazon account!!! If Amazon wants to make this a 'pay a few lucres more' for your Prime account to NOT be subjected to ads on IMDb TV, THEN - and ONLY then does it make sense. I have a massive -many Terrabyte-sized media library which has everything I want (and I DO mean that), but, tonight was only the first time I ever tried watching IMdB TV (and, yes, it was something I have). Sometimes, like anyone,I'm just lazy, and instead of watching it off my library (yes, in very high quality - better in fact, that what I saw on IMDb TV), I clicked to watch this on IMDb TV. after the first 10-minutes, came the first of what I'm sure would be ever-shortening breaks between advert breaks, and I just said, 'f it', and switched over to my media library. In this day and age where people can pay to avoid those annoyances, there HAS to be an OPTION given to those who don't want them. Unlike Pluto (which I DO like, and, I did watch when they first started, not so often anymore), the fact that there was a trade-off of watching 'free' TV with adverts (and I know I'm not the only one who found the advert breaks really irritating, because it seemed that no matter what I watched, there were only so few spots which could be offered, so, the result was, every hour of a show saw the SAME few ads repeated EVERY SINGLE TIME). But, this IMDb TV's different simply because they make their connection with Amazon VERY clear. Would I be willing to have a (small!) surcharge added to my Amazon Prime bill? Yes, I would. But, right now, there's nothing which either I don't personally have, or which is so... intriguing that I'd be willing to watch ïn spite of the adverts (the ONLY thing which IMDb TV holds a promise for me I'd the upcoming judge Judy show, but that's not 'til next year, so Amazon had some time to work out the kinks.
  • Very Underdeveloped 1/5

    By The Red Lotus
    This app disappointingly needs a lot of work. Combination of a clunky UI and the fact that 80-90% of the time I open the app there is an error message that blocks me from accessing content deserves the 0 stars. Seems like they went with a cheap developer. I would recommend pulling from app store until fixed.
  • Needs search 3/5

    By _looney_
    The app is good, like the design, layout, content. The only issue is there is no search feature. Will update review once search is added.
  • iOS15 app does not load 1/5

    By appleRocks!!!
    iOS15 app is not loading the movies or showed in featured or any tab. Crap app.
  • No search feature! 1/5

    By Wrinkle1
    There is no search function. Good luck. This app is so dumb!
  • Search Feature 1/5

    By Beetlejuice520
    How in 2021 is search not built into a streaming app?
  • Good Job Ryan!! 5/5

    By juju2025
    Love it🙌
  • Functionality is Terrible 1/5

    By ArkhamInmate716
    There is no search function in this streaming service - how is that built and given to the public? They advertise it endlessly on the IMDB app, but you can’t use your IMDB sign in, you have to use your Amazon login. If you find something in IMDB there is no way to find it in the IMDBtv app other than scrolling through their offerings. There is no Favorites or Watch List, so if you do stumble across something you like and don’t want to watch it immediately, you need to write it down (I guess)? When I contacted their help to make sure I didn’t miss any of these functions, I received an auto reply that didn’t address any of them, but did assure me that IMDBtv is indeed a fantastic new streaming service brought to you by Amazon.
  • Why can’t I search 3/5

    By sk8r4l1f3
    3 stars until Ryan drops that search feature
  • Won’t use u til airplay available 1/5

    By mom of 6y/o
    Won’t use u til airplay available
  • Awful 1/5

    By Moonshade
    There's no search function. None. How the heck are we supposed to find the one movie ed want to see? I'm uninstalling and not bothering with it.
  • Landscape mode? 1/5

    By asimmon
    When I first opened the app it would not go to landscape mode. Only when I started watching a show would it go to landscape mode. But when I stopped watching the show it went back to portrait mode. I use my iPad to stream shows and I like to not only watch the shows in landscape mode but also make selections in landscape mode. What I don't like is to continuously rotate my iPad while I use an app. Who was stupid enough to make this app portrait mode only until you start a selected show?!? Fix this and I’ll give you more stars!
  • Search is not intuitive 2/5

    By cannae216
    I just downloaded this but cannot find the search function. With other apps it takes about four seconds to find it, so this app is already frustrating me. I am linking to my previously watched shows from my account linked in fire TV. Otherwise I can’t seem to search anything in this app. User unfriendly.
  • Add search ability 3/5

    By ShanFox123
    Love that imbd tv is free. I don’t even mind the commercials because the variety of movies and TV shows is worth it to me. The app is a step up from the experience in the imbd app but PLEASE ADD A SEARCH FEATURE!! the desktop is the most user friendly option.
  • No AppleTV app? 2/5

    By DJ Stinky
    Why no Apple TV app? Why, since you won’t have an Apple TV app, won’t you at least AirPlay to my Apple TV? With all the data you scrape from me to make money off of, you would think this is the least you could do. Is offer some dignity. Might as well delete the app. I don’t need the Amazon/IMDB TV app to watch Saved by the Bell.
  • What idiot left out a search feature? 1/5

    By MattNYC1
    How are you supposed to find the specific movie you want to watch. I at least thought that clicking on "watch on imdb tv" from imdb would open it in the app. Instead, it just opens a help page for imdb. Spend less on stupid space fantasies, Jeff, and more on your customers experiences...
  • Queue 3/5

    By hvnterslayer
    Love the selection but there needs to be an option of adding shows and movies to a watchlist.
  • Search Bar Where are You???? 1/5

    By filthievictorian
    But there’s no search????
  • Audio description 5/5

    By clashzork
    Thanks for adding the audio description. Now I can watch my favorite TV shows and I will know what’s going on.
  • Totally not user friendly 3/5

    By lt1234
    The number, frequency, intrusiveness and repetitiveness of the ads is unbelievable. Really insulting. Also, no search capability -- really? you have to scroll through all their offerings?
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By JourneyDL
    Too many commercials and commercials pause and freeze making the program interruptions 3-4 times as long. Even with download speed in excess of 150mbs you can’t seem to serve continuous programming. Don’t waste your time.
  • Decent App, but the Ad System Is Ridiculous 3/5

    By sweetbrown89
    The fast forwarding is horrific: there’s no previewing what scene you’re jumping to and the ad checkpoints are abused to the point where you can’t even rewind without getting more ads in your face
  • Is this a joke? 2/5

    By Joninportland
    How is AMZN releasing an app with no search function or “I would like to watch this in future”? Totally brainless.
  • Great app 3/5

    This app has a bunch of movies you can’t find anywhere else. But it’s not organized. There should be an option to get add free movies and shows.