Imgur - Funny Meme & GIF Maker

Imgur - Funny Meme & GIF Maker

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2021.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Imgur, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Imgur - Funny Meme & GIF Maker App

Imgur is the easiest way to discover spicy memes, pets in sweaters, awe-inspiring science facts, video game Easter eggs, and all the rest of the Internet’s most entertaining stuff. Your phone is about to get a whole lot funnier. • We're proud to have a community where anyone can post a picture of a corgi butt and be Internet-famous the very same day. Cast your vote to decide what goes viral. • Every minute there’s a fresh batch of posts that will make you smile and restore your faith in humanity. • Explore your passions. Movies, comics, puns, cosplay, art, fail GIFs, board games, First World problems, Pokemon. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find more of it on Imgur. • Did you know a cat has 32 muscles in each ear? You will now.

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Imgur - Funny Meme & GIF Maker app reviews

  • Keeps getting worse and worse 1/5

    By DangerTim81
    The racism that Imgur allows is astounding. As long as white people aren’t mentioned.
  • Tends to lean heavily to progressive politics. 1/5

    By ChemAgnt
    I.E all conservatives are bad/Evil . All progressives are always right and we allways should support them.
  • Requiring you to follow tags is stupid. 1/5

    By ideoch
    I just want to browse either the front page or user sub, not follow tags.
  • Too political 1/5

    By jmbp13
    I’ve been browsing/using since 2012 and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to say something. I’ve had this app on my phone since 2013 and I just realized I haven’t opened it regularly in several months or even a year. The politics have just taken over and that was never my initial desire from this community. I downloaded and browsed to see cool posts about gaming, interesting pictures, funny stories, animals, etc. basically anything but politics.. but I have felt so unwelcome by Imgur for a couple of years now because of how the community has become and how it propagates the “us vs. them” mentality. I dont care about people’s political ideologies; I respect everyone’s right to their opinion. But when every other post is a headline demonizing half the population, it gets to be a bit much. I hate that it’s come to this, I miss what it used to be but nothing good lasts forever.
  • Forced to sign up? 1/5

    By Worst Trivia App
    What a joke...
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By squishy_bugs
    Is there a way to comment on an individual image on an image dump post? Also, on Android I was able to click on one image in a post then swipe through all of the images in full screen. This app doesn’t give users any options when an image is in full screen. Can you make the iOS app as useable as the Android app??
  • How the mighty have fallen 1/5

    By holycrapitsjake
    Once a great community of dumb posts to make you chuckle and help get you through the day. Now a depressingly loud echo chamber of political ideologies to scroll through. Nothing stays gold forever, I guess.
  • Ads play sound 1/5

    By Anonymous38362830
    Ads automatically start playing sound even when your phone is on silent mode. This doesn’t happen with video posts, which are silent until you tap them to turn the sound on, but ads start playing sound as you’re swiping. If you are expecting to browse in silence, you now have to turn your volume off first. This recent development is going to force me to stop using Imgur. They are really trying to force you to play to get rid of ads. So scummy
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Oddiun
    Pointless app. They completed neutered the mobile website to push this app nonsense. And now It’s basically a glorified ad service now, with ‘new’ accounts suddenly posting ‘new’ services/art/games/whatever
  • A Sideshow for a Horror 5/5

    By Vile Purple
    Imgur remains an escape from the grind of life: a nearly apocalyptic status quo. I need to laugh so my soul can sigh relief from the sufferable reality of consciousness. This app is a salve for hernia making movements when all the refuse of necessity swims away. Imgur is to the bathroom as a scripture is to a temple. The prayer- laughter.
  • not suitable for kids; read whole review; backbone of this app & former community is in fact slime 1/5

    By bmo__
    over the years, Imgur has degraded in quality, and that includes quality leadership too. more and more i keep seeing content which breaks their own rules appearing on the FP (the Front Page, aka the most viral, what’s typically first and foremost for users that access the site without an account, i.e. likely a majority being children); a couple or so days ago, i made an account to report one of these posts that crossed my way; i typically hope the community takes care of it, but i guess i wanted to help, since you can only report a post if you have an account (wild, right?). the post was a four panel comic of a perverse joke, with the punchline blatantly depicting three people nude, screwing. i repeat, the post was a four panel comic of a perverse joke, with the punchline blatantly depicting three people nude, screwing. *this breaks their first rule* regarding explicit content; literally spelled out in one of its specifications, it states as not allowing “any depiction of sexual activity, explicit or implied (drawings, print, animated, human, or otherwise)”. you would think that it wouldn’t even need to be spelled out, the idea that a depiction of three people, completely nude, screwing, is explicit.. i thought so too, but after sending in report after report, the post stayed; even after commenting how it is rule breaking, even with other users agreeing and posting similar comments, moderators kept the post up, and inadequately “addressed” the issue by tagging it as a mature post long after it had gone viral and made the FP. i have to note how *immensely* inadequate, too, because in their own explanation of what a mature tag means, it states again verbatim, “Sexually explicit content is never allowed on Imgur, even if it's marked as mature”. It was mind blowing. but, given my hope for communication being able to solve rational, truthful, problems, i opened a separate support ticket, to have it be removed, for the user who posted it to be warned/handled/etc., and to also address how at least one of their moderators are at direct fault. But, about five hours later, a “Senior Support Specialist” named Martyn, replied; and began by diverting/gaslighting from the issue at hand, immediately going into a paragraph of saying (this is a paraphrase for the sake of brevity but sincerely accurate) “oh I’m so sorry, we try to make sure people aren’t affected badly by ‘mature’ posts; I’ll mark it as so, and you won’t see it in your account anymore because of the ‘mature tag’ since you can opt out of it with an account, don’t worry”, and then went on with the same corporate cheap cologne scent style of communication and attempting to change the topic by asking more personal questions as if it was resolved. It was disrespectful, see-through, and patronizing. I literally had to ask in a responding email if they even read my opened support ticket or saw the post, but I quickly realized the truth and cut off contact, saying don’t even bother in replying. right then and there it became clear to me that Imgur isn’t worried about integrity, even when it comes to their own platform’s rules and distinctions. And I’m confident in saying Imgur, because to quote them, all the hired moderators “have constant contact throughout the day in a private Slack channel” and must have spent some good deal of time in those five hours discussing the foolish mental gymnastics to respond with to express their willful sickening hypocrisy and ignorance. Basically, anyone who cares about their children, about logic and common empathy and has self respect, look elsewhere for content. The only thing “senior” or “support” related about this experience was in regards to them being delusional and needing professional help; leashed edgy corporate losers, nor their company, who don’t have the decency to keep the platform’s own stated words, deserve no place in the minds of anyone and should be checked into a facility. myself, I cut the cord on Imgur, after the near decade of frequenting, after this experience. i had more and more of a feeling over the years of its direction. and Because I care about honesty and clarity, I hope nothing but misfortune on those hypocrites and posers, and would be glad to add my thoroughly saved documentation of this illuminating experience to the class action lawsuit that I hope one day blows up in their face. Stay safe in this digital age of information and remember that people are still evil even behind the facade of a screen, and whether it’s for the sake of ego or stupidity or profit or all the above, it really doesn’t matter, they proved they don’t care whether you or your loved ones are scarred or will be scarred, so feel no shame in turning your backs on filth like that. Peace.
  • Get your memes etc elsewhere 1/5

    By sarasarasarAAA
    Latest review: If I thought the ads were bad before… now they are on another level. This app used to be good years ago but now it’s not. I unfortunately have to delete it because you shouldn’t have to pay to get rid of intrusive ads. Imgur went downhill and it’s not coming back up. I’m sad, but it’s how it is. Updated review: I read the latest update will have ads, and although I understand the reasoning behind such an action it's still disappointing and it alienates people. I won't be surprised if many delete the app after this. It's a shame. Old review: So I like imgur. I tried to delete the app because it can be distracting, but as they say, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. You don't need an imgur account to enjoy the features (it gets you really sucked in if you do have one though). People tend to fave/forget, recycle similar jokes and photos over and over, repost, have pity posts, mature posts (good thing there's the settings menu), and there's not a lot of originality. However, it's great for getting short bursts of info, (like news, opinions, stuff going on in the world/other places), it has a generally good community, lots of photos/gifs and video recommendations as well, funny posts, personal posts and it is a whole medium of itself. It's kind of connected to Reddit, its origin, but it has gone its own (mostly) separate path. Imgur makes you laugh, angry, informs you and much more. It's not perfect, but has constant updates and it's better than using the regular version on Safari on your phone. Warning: can be addictive.
  • Latest update is meant to kill the free version 1/5

    By Spainyc
    Clearly. This latest update is full of seemingly minor features that have been designed to destroy the browsing experience. "Hiding seen posts". Why? Who told you I'm not going to go looking for them again PRECISELY because I enjoyed them??? Swiping from the left of the screen no longer takes you back to the main page, it just scrolls to the previous post. Combine that with the previously mentioned "feature", and you end up having a terrible user experience... I'm not sure if the paid version gets rid of these stupidities, but I sure am not going to pay for it. I'm ending my account.
  • Crappy design and it barely works 1/5

    By kirailove
    Doesn’t let me post to the gallery, keeps removing gifs and images, never fully explains why, let’s me retry to post them but also said that you can’t, had a mature filter but won’t post mature content. And to top it all off it’s designed to look like the early 2000’s vomited out a crappy app, I wish this thing never existed.
  • Forces you to download app to use site 1/5

    By camcsmcsmmsmsms
    Forces you to download the bad app to use the site, literally why did you make this beyond simple process so easy, sure do love having 50 apps plastered across my screen when I could, you know, use the bookmark feature that browsers have perfected already, get bent dev team
  • Latest update killed the app 1/5

    By ChrisPineTree
    Latest update (included the pointless refresh animation) has killed the app. Whenever that stupid animation occurs there's a 50/50 chance you are going to have to reboot your phone in order to use the app again because even force closing the app won't get it to work again. Another imgur update that does nothing but kill functionality.
  • Imgur I think that’s how you spell it 5/5

    By Alyssa_plays
    I love this app :)
  • Honestly didn’t think it could have gotten worse, well done. The devs outdid themselves. 1/5

    By wildwestpb
    So, the past versions were bad, glitches here and there, losing your place if browsing and leaving the app, etc.. It was beginning to get somewhat better, and then this update came out undoing all the strides forward. Now it takes longer to update, there’s absolutely no way to turn off the post hiding, and the ads used to be at least closable, now they’re a part of the background images. Well done, didn’t think you could make a worse app, but wow, you have proven me absolutely wrong.
  • Hide if you’ve seen it 1/5

    By Tropicana Jones
    I think some might like it. But you can’t disable it. I don’t even know why it bothers me so much. But seeing these grayed out boxes is stupid. Fix it.
  • Ads everywhere 1/5

    By F. Bandersnatch
    Imgur had found a pretty good balance for including ads among their posts. They got rid of ads that showed in posts with lots of images, and they had little banner ads that could X out of. I did the most recent update, and now the ads are EVERYWHERE. There’s even an ad for buying an ad-free version of imgur. I’m kind of furious about this.
  • With every update… 2/5

    By -sharky-
    It just gets worse. Please rollback updates made in the past two years
  • My go-to source of memes 5/5

    By AngryCaleb
    That I can post to Facebook and make all my friends think I’m funny.
  • BUGGY 1/5

    By Dumbnicknamesystem12356787543
    This app is super buggy. It hangs on to access tokens but doesn’t give you an opportunity to authenticate (just keeps saying “try again”) It also keeps saying “invalid recaptcha” but doesn’t give you an opportunity to look at a captcha or do anything.
  • Spam Galore 1/5

    By Aces3756
    This site is rotten with political spam. Every second there are dozens literally dozens of political spam post. There is a nonstop wave of vitriol and toxic angry mobs. I miss the old imgur
  • I enjoy using Imgur 5/5

    By Madalawn
    I really enjoy this platform. I didn’t know what to write, but I wanted to include a review that wasn’t just five stars without a statement.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Dojoartist
    This is more a review of the content, the app itself is fine. I used to love this app and all the funny memes and images that USED to be on here. Now it’s nothing but political this, political that... absolutely zero fun. There is nothing funny on Imgur anymore. It’s such a joy killer.
  • Five stars because... 5/5

    By Jamis charls
    It’s a free to use app that’s literally it. And it’s very good so just get it
  • Can’t swipe to view next post. 2/5

    By TheTurbot
    There is no way (or no intuitive way) to swipe to view next post. Instead, you need to return to the main feed and scroll down to the next post.
  • Communist 1/5

    By 6536622589
    Straight communist platform.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By hello93736
    This app is garbage
  • POP UP ADS 1/5

    By Tahagu
    Premium Imgur? Ridiculous...This app is pretty now with all these pop up ads. Just switched to reddit mobile
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Mreeves336
    Every time I go to add my caption the app crashes Especially using voice text Very ablest to say the least
  • Utter trash 1/5

    By Matt S da 3rd
    Imgur was awesome 10 years ago. Now it won't even work on my iPad and expects me to use social media or my real name through Apple just to upload a pic. And the website won't let me block their trackers either. Yes users don't care about privacy or function. Smart call
  • Retired 5/5

    By Loo l00
    Great use of app.
  • Review 5/5

    By myhousemyave
    Watch out peoples iris gonna be sold off soon. Just like every thing else,
  • Way too Political .. 2/5

    By J-jack 41
    The GIFs, and photos are good, be prepared for some Very Left Leaning political posts. Orange Man Bad is the order of the day.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By jkqbsiosobhwijt
    Used to be funny, had good recipes. Now just absolute trash of political bullying and wining. Even selfies. Boo.
  • Rude and trashy 1/5

    By EatADickFull
    The users of this platform are the absolute worst. Self hating losers with nothing better to do than rip other users to shreds in the comments. This app has gone downhill. All politics and zero fun anymore.
  • Angry little people 1/5

    By FaceOfBeau
    This app has gone downhill. It isn’t even the app itself, it’s the users. Everyone is an angry little jerkface who can’t hardly say anything nice to anyone unless you’re spilling out a sob story. Thanks for being another platform for the facebookers to air out their issues and run off people who just want good vibes and funny memes. Deuces, it was fun while it lasted. The golden age of Imgur is over
  • To much political baiting 2/5

    By Toast_Master
    This app was what I went to for fun light hearted stuff. Now it’s all politics and anger. If I want that I’ll go on Reddit. At least give us a way to filter the politics out of the front like the NSFW you cowards banished. But I doubt it will happen
  • When it actually opens the app is terrible 2/5

    By ufydyuv
    I absolutely cannot open links to imgur in the app. Either from Reddit or Safari or Google, I’ve tried everything. I click ‘open in app’ and it takes me to the App Store when I already have the freaking app downloaded. Very frustrating when I’m trying to view an album with 2 00+ photos and I can’t do so via mobile site because it crashes every time I get halfway through clicking the ‘see 10 more’ button fifteen times. The app is also just too much shoving images at me that I am not interested in.
  • Rabbit hole. 5/5

    By shamanaz
    This is one of the most unbridled ridiculous waste of time and energy. I LOVE IT.
  • Crypto 1/5

    By Alexheathtrader
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  • Bad app 1/5

    By The Cowboy Spike
    Got suspended because I dared to voice different opinions. I stayed respectful (mostly) yet boom. Be warned, free speech is not accepted here
  • Can’t Pass Login Screen 1/5

    By Dude Its Rob
    I use this on the desktop, but after you sign in on the app it forces you to “follow” five tags. So I uninstalled it. Won’t download it unless this forceful nature stops.
  • Nope 1/5

    By headbanger2021
    Cannot do it
  • Grady Boss Dis9”-!: 5/5

    By Alaye Boss 9
    Sent to for enlightening the women through real sex
  • lol I’m not 5/5

    By caitlynhogan97
  • Requires a phone number 1/5

    By Oransaa
    Hope Imgur loses 90% of its traffic