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iMovie App

With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you create Hollywood-style trailers and beautiful movies like never before. Make Hollywood-style trailers • Choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers • Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits • Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones • Record video for your trailer right in iMovie Create beautiful movies • Choose from 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music • Give your movie the perfect look with 10 Apple-designed video filters • Enhance your movie with slow motion and fast forward* • Easily add picture in picture, green screen, and split screen effects • Create a soundtrack using built-in music that automatically adjusts to match the length of your movie • Add sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration • Connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly iMovie everywhere • Easily transfer projects between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using AirDrop or iCloud Drive • Send any project to your Mac via AirDrop or iCloud Drive to finish editing with iMovie or Final Cut Pro X • Connect an external display to your iPhone or iPad and choose to mirror the iMovie interface or display your video fullscreen while you edit** Share with friends and family • Send videos with Mail and Messages • Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p60*** • Save videos and iMovie project files to iCloud Drive • Share videos and iMovie project files with AirDrop**** • Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video to your HDTV with Apple TV***** * 2x speed-up is available on iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and later devices. ** Requires iPhone 7 or later, iPad (6th generation) or iPad Pro (2017) or later *** 4K support is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and later devices. **** AirDrop requires an iCloud account and is available on iPhone 6s, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPod touch (7th generation) and later devices. ***** AirPlay requires Apple TV (2nd generation) or later.

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iMovie app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By rat fat name krack
    Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it Love it
  • I Love it 5/5

    By kylie e e
    I love IMovie. I always make my videos on it and even birthday and Christmas lists and it turned out perfect!!
  • Plain amazing! 5/5

    By sarah 901
    This app is awesome because I can make movies out of just videos! And awesome trailers too!
  • Wow 1/5

    By Kim💓
    Deleted my whole project out of nowhere. Used to be really good, now its trash.
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By Eva Lederer
  • iMovie 4/5

    By Turkeysubs😆
    I absolutely love this app, but I have only one problem. This problem is that when you want to make a movie and you want to add a song you can’t add the song, at first it says “your movie has to be at least 2 minutes long “so after you fix that problem then you go back to the Audio part and it says” this song is not in use to you”. I just wish that you could add these song into the movie instead of the iMovie songs! My most favorite part of this app is the trailer making I have made more trailers than movies on this app!😆
  • It used to be great.... now it’s awful 1/5

    By Olivia Renee Smith
    I’ve been using iMovie for almost as long as I’ve used apple products. It has resulted in many awesome videos in the past but the last few times I’ve used it have been horrible. I use iMovie both on my iPhone 11 and MacBook Pro. Whenever I try to download a finished video onto my MacBook Pro it signifies me that there is an “error 10008” which after a lot of research done by me, says that there is corruption in my video. I go through over and over to find black glitches in all of my video frames for no reason whatsoever. So this results in me re editing all of my finished products from scratch. This is very frustrating and I don’t know why I can’t seem to fix this. I’m not using iMovie again for my films.
  • soo many bugs! 3/5

    By doYajOb
    There’s a lot if bug where the app crashes even when it’s updated and also where the audio you have over your video switches up FIX IT!!!
  • awesome 5/5

    By okkkkkkopu
    i love it
  • Iraq 4/5

    By Liria_0130
    I deleted it accidentally then I cannot download it again.. why?
  • It’s Great it made my fun summer school class a thing 5/5

    By ghjdksdd
  • yas 5/5

    By BlueFriend38
    omgg imovie my bestie PERIODT!
  • No portrait mode 1/5

    By MasPollo
    This isn’t rocket science, folks!
  • The app is bad. 1/5

    By Gwen3109
    When I downloaded iMovie a year ago, one day it said that I couldn’t use it anymore. I deleted it and then I downloaded it again a week ago. I made some projects but it said that some of my videos are being downloaded Into iCloud. After a day I checked in again and my videos worked. But now it has happened three times. I’m getting frustrated because I have to do a project. Don’t download this app. I would like them to fix it. Thank you.
  • 😭 1/5

    By yeehaw tess
    won’t DOWNLOAD
  • So bad!!! 1/5

    By bluffton123
    It was annoying and it had bugs pls fix
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By HedgchogGamerGirl101
    I use this app for editing my YouTube videos or just to have fun and I never had issues with this app and I love it!
  • Just a few suggestions 4/5

    By Addi_08
    I absolutely love this app. The thing I don’t like about it is the text and filters. One thing about the text is that I can’t change the color or, position the words where I want them. The filters are good but, I think there should be more options of filters. Otherwise this app is very nice.
  • Not fully functional- but good 4/5

    By Brisa ~ ✨
    iMovie is a great basic video editor. You can create solid videos from it. But one key functionality is missing- THE ABILITY TO EDIT VIDEOS in portrait mode. Considering the amount of videos created for social media platforms, creating videos in portrait mode instead of landscape is ESSENTIAL. Please add the ability to edit videos in portrait mode.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By JusRoyal
    iMovie is broken af. I was making a fortnite montage syncing my shots and the timeline was glitched and couldn’t be edited and I couldn’t undo and when I restarted the app, my progress was lost and I had to restart all over again and it is so annoying. It happens to my brother aswell.
  • I can’t select vids 2/5

    By offerupistheworst
    Half the time on this phone and my iPhone 11 I can’t select videos at all it’s annoyingly as hell
  • Really helpful 5/5

    By Mnm1485
    This app is super helpful when editing videos for youtube and it helps and helps when i make videos of roblox to post for little kids to see
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Anastasia941134
    This is exactly why I paid for Final Cut Pro. I wanted to edit a simple short video on my phone for Instagram. First of all it cuts the video and doesn’t give me the option to change aspect ratio. Then I tried to add a photo at the begging of the video but it crops that too and only allows me to adjust the ken burns but it won’t let me display the image full size. Completely useless
  • Great 5/5

    By 🦄🦄🦄🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂
    I soooo will download it. My cousin has it and it’s amazingly perfect ❤️❤️❤️😂😂🦄🦄🦄🥳
  • Good? Bu very very limited 2/5

    By anonomous53879
    This is great and easy to use, but it needs more, I would like to add audio to only one clip, not all, or add a filter only to one clip but not the rest. That’s all I need. Cool affects would be nice too or be able to add text. Am I using this wrong or something? This app needs more. 😐
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jimberly571
    There are like no in app purchases so you can do everything and not have to pay I’ve made a 1 hour movie and it is awesome I used a lot of sound effects and the movie turned out great and I actually almost posted it on YouTube but decided not to but the app is so good for any category I just LOVE this app.Plus,you can make trailers and movies! It is AWESOME!!!
  • Reload 1/5

    By hgk c jgjvvchc
    It’s always reloading and i can’t do anything about this. So get this together
  • Removes voice on screen record 4/5

    By SmolSmore
    I love this app, everything about it but for some reason when I put in a screen recorded video of my gameplay, it removes my voice from it. Is there some way to fix it? I would love to use it more but this happens all the time and it’s frustrating
  • iMovie 5/5

    By udkygdjlnfi
    It’s a great quality the age is for 12 and higher because it’s hard for other ages but I’m 8 years old and I play it soo it doesn’t matter it’s nothing bad about it I rate it a 5 out of 5!!!!!!!
  • Good, but not GREAT 3/5

    By Choppywitz
    This app is OKAY, though it glitches and crashes ALOT. It is super annoying, and NEEDS to be FIXED. And also this app has NO variety. It needs WAY more sound effects. If I want to make action movies on this app I really CAN’T. It has no punching or gun sound FX. Having those sounds are ESSENTIAL to having a good movie movie making app.
  • Neden! 1/5

    By chichp99
    Siz uygulamanın içine etiniz bu hiç hoş değil
  • love it but some issues 3/5

    By stopaskingforanickname1
    When i first tried to download it, it took about 30 minutes which is way to long for me. when i opened the app it was fun and really easy to use which i like. i split it and on one of the clips i tried to speed it up al the way but it was still at normal speed. is there a way to fix it?
  • Amazing 5/5

    I have recently made a YouTube channel ( R4NDOM MTB). I use iMovie for all my videos. There are a lot of threat features. And you have unlimited exports unlike other apps.
  • Good but music file would not move to clips 5/5

    By vncnchx
    So I am just starting YouTube and while doing this I could not move the music file on my video clip so it would have to be at the beginning. But all in all it a really good software for people who are just starting youtube
  • What to say! 1/5

    By lady tuber gamings
    Its a good app but why does less mb videos turn to gb without doing much Just trimming and deleting clips it’s should comsume less space but takes way way way more space ....and ya video quality degrades so much what to say good app inside out but not so satisfactory overall😔😔😔😔😔
  • Great app! But 1 thing... 3/5

    By Very angry person!!!🤬
    This is a great app, I’m sure! But I haven’t really used it... This problem is really bothering me and I can’t take it anymore! So you can click to disable ken burns by clicking 1 photo and clicking disable BUT I would have to do that for ALL my photos. If I had 20 photos or so, do you expect me to click every photo and disable ken burns? You should have a place to get rid of ken burns for ALL photos!! Some people don’t want ken burns such as myself... Please take my suggestion and put this in the app 😓
  • Audio issue 1/5

    By M3SpeedRacer
    I’ve been using iMovie on iPad to create movies for over 5 years. Starting couple months ago, audio started making cracking popping noise. Audio is fine when movie is played in iMovie. Once the iMovie movie is exported to Photos, the movie audio has cracking popping noise. Please fix this problem ASAP. Thanks.
  • iPhone S Max 2/5

    By Codacaino
    I enjoy using iMovie, but my few “Cons” are 1. Lack of effects 2. Editing needs to be user friendly 3. I’m not about this , but it needs a better quantizing video with sounds?
  • One thing 3/5

    By Abby rabadan
    One thing I don’t like is I can only download the old version which is sad the new version looks so cool 😔 but overall its good I use it to do my YouTube videos but it would be easier with the new version my dumb phone😔😔 where is my iPhone 5 squad at
  • Let us move the green screen. 4/5

    By Slappey126379647805
    This app is honestly underrated. It has a lot more features than meets the eye, especially the green screen feature. The ONLY problem with it is that the object that you are "green screening" is just plastered on the middle of the phone, covering everything behind it. Please please PLEASE allow us to move the object that we are green screening. If it's just in the middle of the phone, you can't do much with it, please fix this. Please.
  • Please fix this 1/5

    By hcnchfjgjbfnggjjg
    I like it but my friend can’t get it and we have the same thing so.... can you fix that ??
  • Ughhhhh 1/5

    By LCE mcelvey
    I wasn’t on it for a while and I deleted it and I was gonna get it again and see if that worked and then it said update and it wouldn’t work and so I did it like a million times and it doesn’t work
  • Update problem 4/5

    By Keep Downloading the app
    So it keeps updating so I keep having to download every time I use the app it pretty annoying and since this is made by Apple if Apple is seeing this please have a feature where you and just pick what apps you never want to update Thank You!
  • Good potential, but lots of glitches 2/5

    By Classible
    This app glitches and crashes WAY too much. I have been editing a video, and the app crashes every time I make a change to the video. It is absolutely unbelievable. If the crashing problem is fixed, this could be an incredible app.
  • AMAZING Editing! 5/5

    By Sillyliss
    I’ve tried so many editing apps, but not one compares to this one. It’s free with no advertisements and no trial or anything! It has AMAZING editing features, like filters, different types of text, split screens, speed, and so much more. I make videos all of the time!
  • bad job imovie 1/5

    By ilovemyself🥰🥰🥰🥰
    if i delete everything ob my phone to get i movie it never works and i get really frustratetand its just really Annoying just help me
  • Nope 1/5

    By nneevvaaeehh
    Seriously does not work. I can’t even edit a video without it glitching and moving all of my sounds around. Very frustrated with this
  • Best movie/ trailer making app 5/5

    By christmas girl12
    I have loved iMovie for years. You can make really cool trailers and movies. If you are reading this I Just wanna let you know that if you make a movie that is 13 min of more( around that number) it is hard to send to people so I recommend you make a short movie. Also if you are reading this I just wanna let you know if have nothing I wanted to be changed. If you get this app you will be on it every day having fun making movies and more. One last thing I wanna say is I have something to say if your using it. When you pick a trailer theme, it doesn’t matter what the theme is, you can edit anything you want. Please read my review and believe everything I said😀😀😀 - Georgia Schwartz
  • Great but...... 4/5

    By Aubri_La.Dodgers
    So I’m using iMovie to make sort of a slide show. And the app is switching how long I want my pictures to show to 0.5 seconds. It’s really annoying that I have to keep going back to change the times back to how I want them. And the app keeps switching it. Would be 5 stars if this was fixed

iMovie app comments

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