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iMovie App

With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app. Browse and share your videos • Enjoy all your videos in the full-screen Video browser • Quickly share a clip or a portion of a clip • Mark favorite moments to easily find them later Make Hollywood-style trailers • Choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers • Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits • Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones • Record video for your trailer right in iMovie Create beautiful movies • Choose from 8 unique themes with matching titles, transitions, and music • Give your movie the perfect look with 10 Apple-designed video filters • Enhance your movie with slow motion, fast forward, picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects* • Create a soundtrack using built-in music and sound effects, songs from your music library, and your own narration • Connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly iMovie everywhere • Use the iMovie extension to enhance video clips right in the Photos app • Easily transfer projects between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using AirDrop or iCloud Drive • Send any project to your Mac via AirDrop or iCloud Drive to finish editing with iMovie or Final Cut Pro X • Share your finished movies and trailers to iMovie Theater and watch them on all your devices with iCloud • Connect an external display to your iPhone or iPad and choose to mirror the iMovie interface or display your video fullscreen while you edit** Share with friends and family • Send videos with Mail and Messages • Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p60*** • Save videos and iMovie project files to iCloud Drive • Share videos and iMovie project files with AirDrop**** • Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video to your HDTV with Apple TV***** * 2x speed-up is available on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, and later devices. ** Requires iPhone 7 or later, iPad (6th generation) or iPad Pro (2017) or later *** 4K support is available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and later devices. **** AirDrop requires an iCloud account and is available on iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation), and later devices. ***** AirPlay requires Apple TV (2nd generation) or later.

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iMovie app reviews

  • WORST APP EVER MADE (please fix bugssssss) 1/5

    So,overall when i first got this app, i was pretty surprised. But as it interacted more and more with it i found some pretty disappointing bugs,one is you MUST make the picture so you can c the whole thing, sometimes when i put in. a picture, you can see half the picture.pls fix that bug,theres TONS of more problems, and if u get the app, you’ll know what i mean.
  • Add More Transitions Please! 5/5

    By LogicalReader
    I love this app, I use it almost every day, especially when it comes to editing my YouTube videos. This app definitely deserves 5 stars but I wish they can add just a few more transitions because there's only five of them.
  • I Love This 5/5

    By jizthewizz
    I use this to edit EVERYTHING and I mean Everything I always use it to edit my YouTube vids and it makes them look so professional.
  • Mostly good, needs things added 4/5

    By Someone 747
    This app is awesome but would be way better if you could A. Have the ability to be able to put a song anywhere in it, B. If you could move text wherever you want, And lastly C. (The one I think iMovie needs the most) if there was an option to have a portrait mode instead of just landscape

    By Kennedi Campbell
    This is the best for editing on an iPhone. Hands down! Never glitches and totally worth the price. I make YouTube videos and aesthetics with iMovie they are perfect, you can become a star with this app. I have the iPhone X and it’s perfection with the sizing. Try iMovie and you’ll won’t regret it :) -Loving Fan, Kennedi
  • Great 5/5

    By Sticky McBranch
    Great for amateurs who don’t know how to use editing programs for pros
  • >:/ 1/5

    By Kaylee Ann Bridges
    So whenever I try to download it it just won’t download so I delete it then I get it again and it still won’t download so I’m pretty mad
  • 👩🏼‍🎨 4/5

    By 🙂😋🐶
    I wish there was more you could do with the app like special effects or something.!But it’s still pretty cool. Just like I said it’s only putting videos together that you make with you’re regular camera. I wish it was cooler. Please consider giving it an update or something.
  • What the heck! 1/5

    By Orangepaw1
    Ok first, when I first got this app I was very happy now I’m not. Whenever I make it it does not work and when it says it needs six people I get my family in it I submit it and the movie is all blank. Please fix that thank you.😬👹
  • This app is the worst app on earth 5/5

    By kiki_gucci129
    Every time I try to add a voice it won’t won’t work,or if u try to split a part of a video of the part your trying to cut.So I stopped using it for a While and deleted it.AND IT STILL KEEPS CRASHING!and I loose my work. PLEASE FIX THiS!!!!
  • Review 2/5

    By Moe pipes
    Tbh the app is cool but it’s just too slow to download takes along time and there’s something that need to be done
  • It’s great 4/5

    By Vionna L.
    I like the app

    By LowBandz
    iMovie keeps crashing! Please fix it!
  • Good-O! 4/5

    By Sonicandtails1000
    This is great for everyone. I think some Youtubers should get this to make videos for their channel. I think it’s a good app and don’t listen to the mean people who think it’s the worst. Because it’s not. I use this to make videos on my YouTube channel, and it’s fun to make videos on IMovie. I think the people who think this app is the worst haven’t even downloaded it yet and want not a single person to get it...even though they haven’t experienced it yet!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Mr Nooooooob
    I been searching on YouTube for any good video editors than I found this and it worked AMAZING
  • good applecation thanks 5/5

    By jHahwhshay
    please add kurdish language🥰
  • Ok 2/5

    By marilopeezz
    It actually was good however it would crash and kick me out.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Dan Lansiquot
    Once you see the ad for iMovie you think to yourself, "oh well this is gonna be easy." But really it’s hard.
  • Doesn’t even work right anymore 1/5

    By Samantha Ritchie
    I’ve always used iMovie without trouble, until today. I made a video that is 4 minutes and 30 seconds long and no matter what I do it won’t save. It makes me wait forever for it to export and when it finally finishes the video doesn’t show up in my camera roll. I tried sending it through email, which didn’t work. I even tried uploading it to YouTube via iMovie. It took nearly 10 minutes, said it was finished and directed me to YouTube, only to find it didn’t post. I’ve spent at least an hour just trying to find a way to save it. What good is the app if you can’t save the finished product?
  • No reverse? 3/5

    I can’t find reverse on iPad or iPhone
  • Can’t delete photos made by iMovie on a movie trailer 4/5

    By don't have inappropriate ads
    I can’t delete photos made by iMovie on a movie trailer but everything is great but please please please make a update so you can delete photos made by iMovie on a movie trailer and You will be presented on my YouTube channel WilliamWinsItAll and give you 5 stars because everything is perfect except that you can’t delete photos made by iMovie on a movie trailer.
  • YouTube Uploading Fail 2/5

    By *" Galaxy "*
    I have 3 YouTube channels. When I try to upload any video it always goes to only one channel. This means I can’t upload to my second or third channel. Please fix this to be more convenient for content creators with multiple accounts.
  • Uploading problems 1/5

    By GldnDwn
    It takes so long to upload make it atleast 100%
  • I wish I could give a 0 star 1/5

    By Doritos_maniac
    Pl fix the glitch where it ops sayinging in un I already did like 100000000000000000000000000000000000 Tim.
  • I love it! 4/5

    By HaydenMae
    This app is great and I use it for all of my videos! I do wish there were more features thought, that is why I give it a 4 star. I think that the text option should have more options. Overall this app is great and very easy for beginners! 🌻
  • SO MUCH glitching, use something else!! 1/5

    By sleepy302
    I love the app and what it can do but it is OVERWHELMINGLY frustrating to have something you worked so hard on come out messed up due to iMovie glitching. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve had to start over a million times. Disappointed to say the least. Will be searching for a more reliable app to edit with.
  • Good and simple 5/5

    By Rewa's kitchen
    This is great app. Very simple and easy to use
  • Slideshow Problemo 3/5

    By uwu gorl
    I love using this app to edit. It’s worked wonderfully until about last week. I used to put up to 40 pictures for one video, re center them, change ken burns or whatever it’s called, shorten length of photo. But now I tap the photo and it makes the rest of my video BLACK. Quite sad really. I don’t know what I’m going to use to edit now 😤
  • Awesome 5/5

    By coolbats96o7
    For the first day of having this it is absolutely fun and awesome
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By unicorn girl hana
    I love this I use it to edit my YouTube videos it is awesome and I give it 5 stars don’t change anything i love it this way😃
  • Amazing! I love editing Gacha Life Videos with it! 5/5

    This app is amazing. It helps me edit, and add music. It showed me a lot too. It is very helpful and it helps me to do it. I also have some suggestions. Let’s just say, iMovie had a tutorial? On how to use it. If Gacha stuff is popular, maybe ankther tutorial on that? Overall, it’s just amazing!
  • Always a problem 1/5

    By Troublezlokkz
    I’ve been using this app for about 8 months and today I decided to drop the cash on the rush video editor and add my two cents on this frustrating app. This app has slight potential. But rush or splice blows iMovie out of the water by far. I recommend YouTubers and content creators to stay far away, take my word for it and get splice or rush. PROS: easy to use, a child could figure it out in a hour. CONS: the worst part about this app and is apple will never respond to you if you got a problem, and boy oh boy there are problems.. Drains your battery like crazy, always gotta have it on a charger while editing or attempting to export, and by attempting I mean exactly that.. 80% of the time it won’t export to my camera roll, I have to shorten my video, delete clips, remove slo-mo, remove pics, cross my fingers and hope it will magically export. Wanna upload to YouTube? Forget about that while your ahead, unless your uploading 15-30 second videos it will get halfway across the upload bar and either crash, freeze, or it just decides to freeze your whole phone up on occasion. Extremely limited text options, no color for the text. Can’t customize the theme of text for different clips. Zero control over music that you add besides a fade option at beginning and end, while it does have an option to sync music to video it never works the way you want it too, the volume will drop when someone starts talking but never comes back up to the original volume. You can’t fade to 50% and back up to 100%. You get to choose between music or no music. Forget about adding two clips on the screen at the same time, forget about stabilization for your shaky videos, it will freeze almost every time you try to stabilize a video, and when it does “stabilize” you still can’t tell a difference at all. No options to narrate videos either, terrible for video game streams or tutorial videos where you would need to insert multiple clips. I spent 4 hours editing a video last night just to have the upload bar freeze every time I try to export. I left my phone on the charger for 8 hours last night and the upload bar never moved. I’m beyond frustrated with this app. This is the second time I’ve put over 4 hours into a video just to have to delete the app and reinstall and lose my videos, there is an option to upload your project to iCloud but even with the reinstall I can’t get my movie to export. I put so much hard work into editing this and I’m throwing in the towel. The developers don’t put any time into this app. They hardly ever update if at all. I could’ve paid 20$ for rush and never would’ve had to worry about this stupid app again but I decided to use it one more time and this is the final straw for sure. FIX YOUR APPLICATION APPLE!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By auauqu
    The fading option had me speechless.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Please add more editing slides/mover thingy 4/5

    By plz tell meh
    Don’t get me wrong I love this app but its sliders I’m bored of them there really basic so please add more I would be glad
  • αѕтнєтι¢ 5/5

    By faithbrïm
    I use this for asthetic edits for tik tok and I think it is great
  • Multiple features cannot be used. 1/5

    By beautifulloudgirl
    I’m a Youtuber and have been editing with iMovie since i first started my channel. It’s extremely disappointing to open iMovie on my iPad pro and find MULTIPLE features extremely limited, faulty or completely unavailable. The app crashes OFTEN! I often use Ken Burns zoom, fit to screen, zoom, and audio/pitch adjusters and I found that they are completely gone within this iPad version. This app can’t be a halfa** version of what it’s capable of on my iPhone on my iPad Pro. That defeats the purpose of my investment in this product. Make iMovie OPERABLE again!!!!
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By clamonkey5
    I’ve been using iMovie and never had a problem but recently the app keeps crashing and has a bunch of problems. Please fix you app!!!!!!!
  • Why 1/5

    By mattshu
    Why does this app even exist? Especially when it’s made by apple. It’s so simple-to the point of being worthless. I can’t adjust exposure, but if I want to turn a video blue for some reason, Apple has me covered. 🤷‍♂️
  • Cannot download? 1/5

    By ZuzieBoo
    I have this downloaded on my school iPad so on my phone it has the little cloud — when I click it, the circle spins like it's going to start downloading but then it stops and goes back to the cloud.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By youtuber.comer
    It does not let me do anything at all

    By OfficialKing Reacts On Youtube
    This imovie app is stupid as hell, every time I get half way done editing it starts messing up. When you edit something you can’t see it so you have to hit done then re open it everytime
  • Fix? 4/5

    By slwdjd
    Ok. So when I screen record something, and have the mic option on, it will record my voice. I’ll got to photos to preview the footage, and then I’ll go to IMovie to edit it. But, my voice isn’t heard in IMovie... Other than that, it’s great. So Apple. Please fix it!!
  • Backwards 4/5

    By gamer studio
    You can put videos in reverse
  • Doesn’t pick up audio 1/5

    By boring khaled
    Legit the worse type of editing program ever it doesn’t even pick up the persons mic when u talk at some points
  • Best for people who want to create a simple share short movie. 5/5

    By gfgfggfhfg
    This is very good. I’ve been using i movie since 2016 and created over a thousand movies.

    By tessaboooo
    Well, now my iMovie isn’t force closing, since I had to delete it and reinstall the app LOSING WEEKS OF HARDWORK, because that was the only way it would work again. (I tried everything else I could think of) So I started from scratch TWICE (because it did this black screen thing with my first attempt half way in) edited for hours today trying to finish it before it crashed again and now my video and edits are popping up but the playback screen is black. when I press play the line doesn’t move, and there’s no sound. It basically just stopped working out of nowhere for no reason. I literally left my phone for 5 mins and came back to that. And it won’t go away. I’m so frustrated because I can’t catch a break with this stupid app the past couple days. I’ve been using it pretty well for months and out of nowhere it starts acting up and wasting my time. FIX THIS BUG, from your “apple support” page THIS HAS BEEN AN ISSUE FOR 10 YEARS!
  • Video 2/5

    By eira eden
    So whenever I finish making a video, I would go and deleted the clips used within my gallery so I can free up some storage to record and edit more videos. However, when I would go back and try to watch a video already made, it would say I couldn’t or not show anything at all because I have deleted the clips from my gallery. I suggest you can possibly change this since it made a lot of hard work go to waste simply due to clips being erased from gallery.
  • Yo mama 1/5

    By bean boi 69
    Booty cheeks
  • Um.... 2/5

    By hey_im_not_so_good_at_math
    I’ve used this app a lot before and have some mixed reviews. I wouldn’t call it the most reliable. One moment I can make amazing videos, and the next minute I can’t even split a clip? Idk it’s just kinda unpredictable. Will crash from time to time.

iMovie app comments

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