IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: v.4.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: IMVU
  • Compatibility: Android
10,589 Ratings
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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App

IMVU is the #1 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people. You can chat with friends, roleplay and join a virtual world with millions of others for free! Enter a virtual world simulator and social chat. IMVU is more than a life simulation, it’s a virtual life in a 3D world with your avatar. Choose your life as you want it to be. Customize a 3D avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and message friends! Your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU! AVATAR CREATION Choose your life and customize yourself. With our 3D avatar creator, you can design yourself from top to bottom. Shop without limits and change your avatar’s look to suit your style! EXPRESS YOURSELF, AS YOURSELF Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game with your friends, and role play your virtual life however you desire - get weird, get wild, it’s all you! YOUR VIRTUAL LIFE The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be! Want a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar’s love life. Want to explore? A whole virtual reality awaits. CHAT IN 3D Chat with friends from all over the world! In our chat lobby, you can meet new people near and far. The 3D Avatar chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages. GET SOCIAL AND SHARE YOUR #MOOD Show how you feel while you chat. Change your poses, add filters and post photos to get people talking. The virtual chat gives you a range of emotes, emoji and functions, bringing life to your 3D avatar. Role play and chat with friends to create an amazing story – it’s your world and your choices. Your virtual world, virtual reality and virtual life await in the IMVU free app! Join today and make your avatar! ----- For 3D avatar chat rooms on older devices, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal. • Tap the main navigator in the top left corner • Tap Graphics Options • Tap “Full 3D” Then enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!


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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app reviews

  • More Credits 1/5

    By HumanFromMarz
    We need more credits, 12,00 at least when you give only 2000 noobs get bullied :(
  • Why no more 10k!!!! 1/5

    By hahalokierays
    Give it back it helped me through the game also fix bugs
  • Awesome 5/5

    By treshyie
    So many different stuff to choose form you rock imvu
  • My followers 4/5

    By imvu queen
    The amount out my followers stay the same when people follow me and when i woke up this morning I lost a lot of follower so
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Nooberellayyy
    There Was. A glitch where u could get like 10,000 coins and Dumb you tubers make videos on it so imvu passed it and also 2,000 you can only get a few things and u look like a noob and ppl bully other ppl imvu if ur reading this when a person creates an account give us at least 10,000 12,000 credits
  • I love this app!! But.. 4/5

    By It's ok.............
    This app is an amazing way for me to find friends, however I do find it upsetting that not everyone stats off with the same amount of credits. My friend Annika and I wanted to play this together, so while I was at her house we both made matching accounts, but I started with 10,000 credits and she started with only 4,000. I wish it’d be consistent. Besides that, amazing app. I love the graphics, I love the set up, it’s wonderful.
  • I didn’t get my credits give me 100000 credits or I will sue you 1/5

    By mulu😑😑😑😑😑😑
    Give me my credits I was suppose to get 100000 or I will sue you

    By ••corissa••
    Ever time when you login in you get 10,000 credits that is AMAZING
  • Cool 5/5

    By 💵💵💍👅💍💍mimi
    It’s cool
  • Add my user skye22810! 5/5

    By Prettyonflekeey299
    I honestly love this app sooo much lol! There should be more games like this in the future. I made my friends get this app and now there even more obsessed then I am! But keep up the great work I love this game but they should increase the coins but other then that this app is awesome!! GET THIS APP!!!
  • Can’t make new account 3/5

    By 💯💢CurlyHeadLori💯💢
    I love IMVU but I want to make a new account and I can’t please fix what you did if it is only for computers now please make for apple users at least
  • 🤗 3/5

    By mvfluffy
    I like it but, when I create a new account it keeps saying server error and that makes me sad😢 but overall I do like it
  • Lacking compared to PC 2/5

    By LittleZombieGameReviews
    There’s quite a few major functions missing from the app in comparison to the PC version. Complaints: -Moderators unable to boot from mobile -High memory usage -No kbs display (this is especially true for anyone using mobile with high kbs but PC moderators are unable to see this due to mobile users displaying as 0 kbs) -No playlist function -No in-chat link support (links display as standard text) Changes or implements to these would be appreciated.
  • Ugggghhh 2/5

    By hxhdbbdjz
    It’s stupid that you have to buy things and you have to buy money
  • AWFUL. 1/5

    By iRose✨
    I been a member for some time now, always loved IMVU but, now I got a problem! I have completed 3 offers, I did every step, even did 7 day trials, COMPLETED ALL OF THEM. After I did, I didn’t get none of the credits, NONE. But, when I spent my hard working money, all the credits appear! I wasted so much money on IMVU, that sometimes I don’t want to anymore, sometimes I just want to complete offers but, once I do I get none of the credits AT ALL.
  • Why do people hate me band this people 4/5

    By Nanette20
    Hunter2666 and a girl that’s his girl they say that I’m five when I’m 24 and question can 8 years old play? Love you
  • Imvu 5/5

    By savagegaming752
    Lit asf 🎒🎒
  • Ads 😐 3/5

    By xoxo.daisha
    The app is a good app I just would like it if you remove the ads I do not want to see an ad when I’m scrolling down a friend stream
  • Wow-.- 1/5

    Imvu disabled my acc for no reason and I spent like $210 on tht I want my acc back
  • 👋🏼 3/5

    By yo⁉️
    love the app but never received the credits i’ve purchased
  • Problem.. 1/5

    By amIthebunny?
    I really love the game It’s really nice I enjoy it and Having fun it’s pretty entertaining but, The problem is the fact I buyed 10,000 And 2,000 credits but nothing came up.. I didn’t get anything In return
  • S.O.S 1/5

    By Goten48504
    I can't figure out how to delete this app I need someone to tell me how to delete it because it sucks💀💀💀🖕💩💩💩🖕🖕👿👿
  • Good but complex 3/5

    By good and complex
    So far I really like IMVU,But it gives me a hard time trying to find friends because it always pops up as “No Results”. There are certain chats that won’t ever let you in, and you can’t find friends even if you wanted to. I feel that if the company where to fix that,this game would be so much better because I know for a fact other people have this problem and are tired of it.
  • Good up until this 4/5

    By TakeAwayTheAds
    Everything’s cool until you start adding ads everywhere on mobile. It looks ugly in messages and i regret updating.
  • This is pretty much the ghetto version of sims 1/5

    By Weirdo 😉
    The features are so unrealistic. What if I want normal sized hips and not a body that looks like a peanut. It is disgusting. I think people that look like that need help. Because that is not attractive
  • Money 5/5

    By Susjjshshshshjsjs oh ye a
    We all want avatars to look nice but we don’t want to spend real life money please give us some money please or I will rate this low
  • This app used to be nice.. 1/5

    By Adriblahblahblah
    But now there are ads on it.. IMVU acts like they don’t already make a lot of money, when thousands of people put money into this game everyday. Get rid of the ads. And find out a way to stop hacking. You can easily get hacked on this game, so watch out for your card information.. oh and you might end up losing all that money when getting hacked. Quit trying to make imvu a social media. This is a game to communicate and socialize. Why do our made up lives need social media’s? It’s a bit much if you ask me.. because now, the only reason people message me is so that I can spam them with likes and comments. It’s ridiculous.
  • The best of the best 5/5

    By LeiaLovesMusic
    I live this game I am so addicted to this game , please make more things in the app also make more options in the game
  • Amazing ya dig fam 🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By kaylee the enthusiastic star
    I love all the selections of clothes they’ve got it awesome 😎 they’ve got gucci,vesache,balmains anything and everything you could ask for in clothing but the real point is that imvu has done in estonishing job
  • Ok 4/5

    By 😐👌🏽
    I'm new to it but it's an okay game
  • Not enough coins people start imvu!! 5/5

    By nena💖💪🏽💯
    I think that ever person who starts should get 100000000 ever time they start because people don’t have enough coins for the outfit they want because they start off with 2,000 coins or y’all should just lower y’all shopping prices 🤗😄thx
  • Sorry kinda boring 1/5

    By saralouise12
    I used to play this game ages ago and I recently came back to it because it was so fun and now it’s so boring!!! Every time I go into a chat, nobody talks and if they do they’re stuck up and lame. We need a world we can explore in, or games or something
  • Why? 1/5

    Sure IMVU is a great app but sometimes it’s just hard on me and doesn’t want to work I feel like IMVU hates me and dosent want me On the app :((((((((((((((((((((
  • I love the app but... 3/5

    By Kai Rose
    Every since the last two new updates the app has been terrible. I’ve lost followers and my following and followers count isn’t what it used to be. The graphics are worse, the navigation is weird now also. I enjoy using the app but this update and the one before it are horrible. Then on top of that I’m not getting my credits for offers that I complete. I have to open a case almost each time. Please go back to how it was before or fix these issues.
  • True 5/5

    By randell8829
    This junk not working
  • Why...? 4/5

    By MadMad🦄
    Why did you guys add on comercial banners? It’s not necessary and it’s very annoying. In my opinion, you’re just going to loose people to some other app without commercials. Think about removing them. I don’t like it as a new ‘feature’ on there and I don’t think anyone else does either.
  • One complaint 3/5

    By KxngSteve
    Ever since the update I’ve lost followers. Please fix
  • Paid for credits and never received them 1/5

    By shay0910
    I would pay for credits and never get them there is no way to contact customer service directly .. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS APP
  • I can’t make a new account!☹️ 2/5

    By 🔝🔙🔛
    I’ve been trying to make a second account but imvu won’t let me! Also, i recently bought 100,000 credits the day before yesterday , also prices are WAY to high! I feel the creators should make the clothes and accessories etc. the prices they would be in rl.
  • Eh 2/5

    By 💗🌷Leona_Lily🌷💗
    It’s ight but I think u should but more credits in Also the surveys don’t work for me idk why it just doesn’t Please fix this bug (I’m using a IPad if that helps at all)
  • I LOVE IT!! 5/5

    By marianna335
  • Imvu 3/5

    By clt.1215
    Imvu is started to get boring and keeps logging me out marking me make new account
  • Bad 1/5

    By betsy martinez b
    Well I have brought something and it didn’t even come and I wasted 1,000 dollars
  • Feedback 2/5

    By Qufefhgndb
    I think it’s fine but if you have like someone little it shouldn’t be that innapropiate
  • remove daily spin 4/5

    By thyt.kid.kil
    I love this app and how i got 10k credits when i first joined. But the daily spin gets on my nerves. Why not just give players 500 daily credits? This would make it so much better.
  • Imvu is great but also not . 3/5

    I love imvu but it does have lagging experiences like a few times a month. The daily spin is a nice thing but if you land on the clothing you don’t ever get nothing from your wishlist . The update is ok but I think the old follower count is way better . Overall Imvu is a great game but some changes should be considered . Maybe let us sell the items we no longer use for the same price we got it for & give us our credits back . All these suggestions people leave should come to consideration thank you .
  • Please get rid of the ads for the iphones 5/5

    By izahki
    I’ve updated imvu today and I have ads and I don’t like ads they pop up wayyy to much and when I got to my messages I see ads
  • Love buttt 4/5

    By Latoilissa
    Okay I love it but I play it on my iPad and I can only go into chat rooms like can’t go places to just kick it and dance I don’t know if it’s because I’m not on a computer or what can someone help please

    By Mya😍😛
    I Hate Daily Spin!!!! We Barely Get Crap We Only Get 15 Credits You Guys Need To Fix It Asap! Makes No Sense!✌🏾💯
  • Need Search in Inventory 4/5

    By LilMissyJess
    I think the app is great but they need a search option in inventory. It’s so annoying scrolling through everything while android users can just search the product in their inventory and put it on.

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app comments


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