IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App

Enter IMVU, the world’s largest avatar-based social network where shared experiences build deeper friendships. Customize your 3D avatar to reflect your sense of style. Explore our chat rooms where you can meet and voice chat with friends from around the world. Roleplay, dress up, party, go on a virtual date, host an event, and join a virtual world with millions of others. And, it’s totally free! Your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU, a metaverse where real life comes to play. YOUR VIRTUAL LIFE The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be! Want a love story? Go on a virtual date. Looking for friendship? You can meet new friends from all over the world. Want to explore? A whole virtual reality awaits in IMVU’s metaverse. Want to make a lot of new friends? Host an event and earn tips! CREATE YOUR AVATAR – DOLLIFY YOUR NEW SELF If you’re into fashion, this is your chance to dollify yourself over and over again. Create a character that will help you make new friends. Shop without limits and dress up your avatar to suit your style! 3D CHATS – VIRTUAL CONVERSATIONS Chat with friends from all over the world! Meet new people near and far. The 3D chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages. GET SOCIAL AND SHARE YOUR MOOD Change your poses, add filters and post photos that will give people something to talk about. The virtual chat gives you a range of emotes, emoji and functions, bringing life to your 3D avatar. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH ANIMATED WITHMOJI Take your friendships to a whole new level. Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game with your friends, and role play your virtual life however you desire! BECOME A VIP AND RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS* Live the VIP life and unlock exclusive status, bonus monthly Credits and features like Voice, Hosting, and Whisper. Voice chat with friends in Live Rooms, now available for VIPs! Host your own public room and throw a party that stands out for millions of users to collect tips! *VIP Terms and Conditions: • The payment will be charged on your App Store account when confirming the purchase. • Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month, 24 hours before the end of the current period. • Your credit card will be charged through the App Store account, unless the automatic renewal is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • You can deactivate the automatic renewal anytime on your App Store account settings. • Any share not used in the free trial period, if offered, will be lost when the user buys a subscription to the respective post. VIP Subscription Prices: • VIP Gold monthly subscription: Gold VIP + Host Badges, 1,000 Credits/mo, 1 Live or Public Room, Prioritized Support and Exclusive Gifts for US $4.99 • VIP Platinum monthly subscription: Platinum VIP + Host Badges, 2,000 - 4,400 Credits/mo, 5 Chat Rooms (up to 2 Live), Whisper, no third-party ads, VIP only avatar actions, 5% Catalog Discount, Prioritized Support and Exclusive Gifts for US $9.99 • VIP Diamond monthly subscription: Diamond VIP + Host Badges, 3,000 - 5,400 Credits/mo, 10 Chat Rooms (up to 3 Live), Whisper, no third-party ads, VIP only avatar actions, 5% Catalog Discount, Prioritized Support, Exclusive Gifts and Enhanced Daily Spins for US $19.99

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  • Don’t play this 1/5

    By 33kksomeone
    So I was texting my friend and I said I was bored and he was going to invite me somewhere but his wasn’t loading and mine wasn’t and it logged me out my account and it deleted my account and I had so much on that account and spent money on it and I can’t refund 😐
  • Does not work on ipad 1/5

    By KickMaster1995
    Every couple minutes, it lags and screws up everything. It takes forever to load simple things, restarts other apps that are running at the same time, and disconnects bluetooth devices.
  • Put my account back in Yall app 4/5

    By tsbc bd
    Y’all got 3 weeks to put my account back in y’all app or I’m deleting this app ok y’all better answer me
  • Constant Freeze up’s 2/5

    By W.C.S.JR
    Freezes and Lags badly and plus to top it all off it overheats my phone severely
  • Changing the rules on decorating rooms and battery problems 4/5

    By greeneyes0519
    I love the game but its not fair that we have to have a pc to decorate rooms, i feel as if we should be able to use lap tops, iphones,ipads and androids. Everyone doesn’t own a pc. We have lap tops. Also when playing the game it drains my battery and makes my phone really hot to the point where my phone starts to freeze and then logs me out of the app completely. I know many people who have said the same thing. So please fix these problems and change the rules on decorating rooms please!!!!!!!!! Also another thing being able yo gift with promo credits and not just with credits you buy or with the ones someone gives you thats goes for tipping or sending credits. I really feel like we should be able to do whatever we want with our credits
  • G 1/5

    By fmxnxndj
    This is horrible
  • Fix vu 5/5

    By tha qween
    It’s not loading whatever going y’all need to fix fast
  • Imvu took my account 1/5

    By baddie35
    They took my account on here and i spent so much money on this app i can’t believe they said they couldn’t give it back they banned me cs apparently i was lying about my age when its 11-12 and under playing this and they not banning them but have the nerve to band me 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Ridiculous. 1/5

    By jahfhrieosnfbroepqpang
    It’s absolutely ridiculous that you can’t decorate rooms on mobile anymore. Just spent 800 credits on a room for absolutely nothing. Yay I get a blank grey background! So fun and definitely makes me want to keep playing this.
  • Ok so not for kids don’t let them play 1/5

    By hdhhuise
    OK So there’s online daters
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Ajisbi0001
    Now the ads in game make imvu not even worth the play anymore
  • Banned for being AFK? 2/5

    By Sawuh
    I made an avatar cosplaying Shiro from Deadman Wonderland and I loved taking virtual photoshoots. But I also left my game open afk frequently. And then one day my account got banned? I barely even talk on this game, since I mainly use it for dress up. I’ve literally never been banned from any other MMO since I don’t cheat or even chat much.
  • Logs you out of your account 2/5

    By Melainia Trump
    This app used to be good until it started to log you out of your account if you haven’t been on the app for a certain period of time. The app stays being super laggy, slow and it still likes to log you out of your account.
  • Trash 1/5

    By blissm_
    Quality went down after mic was added. Fix these bugs and glitches please.
  • im done with this game 2/5

    By dotsote
    atp im done i made a account i spent 83.13! on this game is one day then some how i get logged out when i wake up so i basically wasted my money on a worthless game even avakin life can possibly do better i want my account back
  • The worst game 1/5

    By tansgayb
    It lodged me out for no reason glitchy a lot
  • Bad 1/5

    By y hbovu
    They said I have a banned account But I haven’t been on in a long time, and another thing said my account was disabled but I wanted to get on but can’t
  • Cyberbullying 1/5

    By Crazydemonbri
    They allow cyber bullying on they app and they allow people to steal ur identity and pictures to where u have to submit a case tht they can’t even deal with
  • I hate IMVU 1/5

    By donttrymeimvu
    I hate IMVU because they don’t let you change your password if you forgot it and when you click on it they ask what your current password is like I don’t Know that why I’m trying to change it do I hate IMVU and that final.
  • 🤦🏽‍♂️ 2/5

    By V6roken
  • Failed to load chat room 3/5

    By magickonch
    I’ve been playing imvu since it’s prime. Started playing it since 2014 so I’ve seen the highs and lows of this game, including the beginning of them integrating to mobile. I took a long hiatus from the game and just recently decided to get back into it, mainly mobile since it’s the most convenient but I’ve been having problems. My main issue is just joining chat rooms. Every time I try to join a chat room I get met with a “failed to load chat room. Please try again later.” Pop up and it removes me from the room. At first I wasn’t really that bothered and tried disconnecting my wifi to see if that would fix it but when that didn’t work i was a little surprised. I’ve tried changing Wi-Fi’s, connecting on hotspots and even turning off my cellular data and nothing seems to work. Other than that issue, everything works fine and I hope this can be resolved quickly because I’m dying to hop back in the game
  • no way to earn credits 2/5

    By Libby 🙄🖕
    The in game currency, credits is near in possible to earn and it’s so annoying. And if you try and take surveys for these credits it doesn’t reward you, it’s a complete scam.
  • I keep losing my account 1/5

    By samsabbath
    Lost my account 3 times already. First I got hacked pretty easily and now I moved out of country and they disabled/deleted my account for suspicious activity. I've tried contacting them many times but the costumer service is horrible, they're almost unreachable and they don't care about helping you. I've spent a significant amount of money and now I only have regrets. Their server is dead anyway so I don't recommend you downloading it.
  • Decorating rooms on mobile. 5/5

    By mkthinker
    I have been using IMVU for year and have always used the client to decorate my rooms. Now that mobile is out I find myself using mobile a lot more especially because I am without my laptop right now. If I can buy furniture and rooms on mobile how come I can’t decorate them on mobile? I am heavily involved in the IMVU community and not being able to decorate my rooms is costing me opportunities.
  • Clothing store 5/5

    By ᴊᴅᴊᴅᴊsᴊ
    Y’all should make a price range for the clothing store
  • good but lags 4/5

    By Lily 221
    been playing this game on mobile for 2 years going on 3. i’m not sure what it is but recently after the recent update, it’s super laggy . i can’t enjoy the game.
  • Chile.. 3/5

    By acid damage
    The lag is ridiculous, you can’t join a room without the rooms lagging. It’s a fun game to meet new users, but I’d recommend Everskies, they at least try and fix bugs as new comers join. Imvu doesn’t seem to be taking effort in this situation.
  • Its not that bad just don’t trust anyone on it 2/5

    By joe the bean
    IMVU is a fun game but there is some nasty people on it, and if they ask you for your snap or something just block them. Its a fun game and you can make a character on it and give it details. But its not a bad game just the people who play it are.
  • My acc has be loading very slow I can’t even change without it saying 3d failure or sum. 1/5

    By kkgfyy st
    So pls fix it
  • check y’all’s clothes pls. 1/5

    By CHOLe JonES
    yo y’all needa do a clothing check cs what in the heck r transparent denim shorts..🤔🤔🤔 also there is see through pants?!?!?! 🤨🤨🤨
  • waste of time 1/5

    By V heneb
    Removed my account for no reason after years of hard work
  • I’m 9 5/5

    By 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐲𝐥
    I’m 9 years old and play this
  • GREAT!! 5/5

    By Dr. hhsjshdbshhdhs
    I love IMVU, but there are a couple of things you can fix. So, if you exit out of the game by accident, it loses all of your items in the shop ( except from your cart ) and you have to start all over. But other than that, awesome game!
  • I love imvu and love supporting. But 4 bugs Needs to be killed 3/5

    By maxithewitch
    I’ve been on since January 2020, now everything is changing I’m helping and caring for my followers and rp families. I’ve met and chatted with them in real life and it was so amazing. Now there’s problems, one it’s the connection and my connection is fine, two my outfits wasn’t loading, three there was no updates, four is very important; my 2FA Code wasn’t coming so wassup it’s making me angry. So I love y’all but 1001 Marshall St, Redwood City, CA 94063 IMVU Corporate Office. Please do every one a big favor and fixes and stop sitting on your butts like a bump on a log.
  • On imvu 4/5

    By kinsley belah
    This game is bomb but sometimes i get bullied
  • I like it but 5/5

    By knownlege
    I just feel like we need to work on here too get what we want instead of buy credits You know . Let’s have a job that pays us money to get what we want .
  • HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By MadPlayer2021
    Y’all Need to fix the bugs because it won’t let me see my avatar or load any of my rooms has been happening since Monday!!
  • please don’t download this if you’re under 18. 1/5

    By LOVE THIS <33
    i was 10 when i first download this and i was manipulated by a 26 year old.
  • Serious issue 1/5

    By shon1244
    I really like this game but I know I’m not the only one that has this issue. but please fix the lagging and freezing I try to play, even try to change a outfit it keeps on lagging and freezing! Y’all need to update this game and make sure it run smoothly because it’s Really getting out of hand atp.. please update this game and improve the performance and the ads make it worst it just kicks you out of the whole app it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Fix this app !! 2/5

    By stopthisbro
    So, I have been experiencing these errors when loading items in the shop, it says “failed to load” on some of the items in the shop pls fix this it’s really annoying and kills my mood for playing vu tbh .
  • Great game but some things need to be fixed!! 4/5

    By fgjhdtu
    So lately I haven’t been able to load into rooms it says 3D room failed to load please fix this IMVU!!!
  • I was banned here recently for someone that lied 2/5

    By Jaliyah91150
    Y’all banned me for nothing
  • Events 4/5

    By double ole 7
    When I make events my dude don’t be in the room
  • Items don’t load 1/5

    By jadecrow_
    Decent game overall but as of recently, the items never load. It’s never an internet issue because I’ll have full bars. There is a bug that makes certain things load and others not. Interfering with the gameplay. Very annoyed!
  • 1 1/5

    By hebe jebes
    It’s pissing me off because it’s sends me verification codes and then says it’s incorrect.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By dissapointed27262727
    Idk what’s going on but I can’t try on clothes without it saying “reload” at first I thought it was my phone but all my friends are saying it’s happening to them too. Please fix .been like this for a couple days
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By cslsodhzzjxo
    I like the game but it scammed me a lot of times shake my head
  • great game but a lot of glitches 5/5

    By tacticaltoad5410
    i love playing this game, it allows fun activities and new people to make friends with!!! however, lately when i have been on it’s been glitching a lot. i can’t look at certain items without it “losing connection” but i know my internet is in great shape! i tried redownloading it, signing in and out, and i even went to play it on my ipad and it still glitches! i hope there is a bug fix update soon!
  • Imvu 2/5

    By dree4lyfe
    I can’t see my avatar I love this game pls fix it ❤️
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