IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App

Enter IMVU, the world’s largest avatar-based social network where shared experiences build deeper friendships. Customize your 3D avatar to reflect your sense of style. Explore our chat rooms where you can meet and voice chat with friends from around the world. Roleplay, dress up, party, go on a virtual date, host an event, and join a virtual world with millions of others. And, it’s totally free! Your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU, a metaverse where real life comes to play. YOUR VIRTUAL LIFE The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be! Want a love story? Go on a virtual date. Looking for friendship? You can meet new friends from all over the world. Want to explore? A whole virtual reality awaits in IMVU’s metaverse. Want to make a lot of new friends? Host an event and earn tips! CREATE YOUR AVATAR – DOLLIFY YOUR NEW SELF If you’re into fashion, this is your chance to dollify yourself over and over again. Create a character that will help you make new friends. Shop without limits and dress up your avatar to suit your style! 3D CHATS – VIRTUAL CONVERSATIONS Chat with friends from all over the world! Meet new people near and far. The 3D chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages. GET SOCIAL AND SHARE YOUR MOOD Change your poses, add filters and post photos that will give people something to talk about. The virtual chat gives you a range of emotes, emoji and functions, bringing life to your 3D avatar. EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH ANIMATED WITHMOJI Take your friendships to a whole new level. Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game with your friends, and role play your virtual life however you desire! BECOME A VIP AND RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS* Live the VIP life and unlock exclusive status, bonus monthly Credits and features like Voice, Hosting, and Whisper. Voice chat with friends in Live Rooms, now available for VIPs! Host your own public room and throw a party that stands out for millions of users to collect tips! *VIP Terms and Conditions: • The payment will be charged on your App Store account when confirming the purchase. • Your subscription will be automatically renewed every month, 24 hours before the end of the current period. • Your credit card will be charged through the App Store account, unless the automatic renewal is deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • You can deactivate the automatic renewal anytime on your App Store account settings. • Any share not used in the free trial period, if offered, will be lost when the user buys a subscription to the respective post. VIP Subscription Prices: • VIP Gold monthly subscription: Gold VIP + Host Badges, 1,000 Credits/mo, 1 Live or Public Room, Prioritized Support and Exclusive Gifts for US $4.99 • VIP Platinum monthly subscription: Platinum VIP + Host Badges, 2,000 - 4,400 Credits/mo, 5 Chat Rooms (up to 2 Live), Whisper, no third-party ads, VIP only avatar actions, 5% Catalog Discount, Prioritized Support and Exclusive Gifts for US $9.99 • VIP Diamond monthly subscription: Diamond VIP + Host Badges, 3,000 - 5,400 Credits/mo, 10 Chat Rooms (up to 3 Live), Whisper, no third-party ads, VIP only avatar actions, 5% Catalog Discount, Prioritized Support, Exclusive Gifts and Enhanced Daily Spins for US $19.99

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  • Virus 1/5

    By kiwidessu
    Gave me a literal virus, i haven't opened it for a while went into a chat room, kicked out to my home screen, i have a 13 pro max, deleted the app and it was fine. Btw this would happen in other games, my phone became really hot while it was on and laggy.
  • Advice 5/5

    By TikTok is litttttt
    One thing about IMVU.. Even though it’s a game, people take it so serious. So, my advice to everyone who’s just getting started… Just play the game, don’t let it play you.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By uy=ghvyu
    It is fun but not fun if your 9 or 10 u will get bulled but yeah it’s fun
  • No uh 2/5

    By its reeeeeeeal
    This app has so many bad words and porn stars and porn porn porn all day this is not a good app it should be like 30+ bc this not good 😊 I hope u understand what can happen bc one they cuss two they do slooooooooot of porn three there rude four they wannadate u even when they don’t know u and there be kids on there and they fake being big adults and then when they get caught they say it’s a prank ……so pls listen to this and don’t get it unless ur 17+
  • Why ? 1/5

    By 2brasi
    Iz this App Trash updates won’t kelp get a new app
  • disabled for nothing when i don’t even play and decided to play for once 1/5

    By byecauseyalldtm
    i got disabled for no reason. prettygirlmarii2
  • Cool idea 3/5

    By gidoen bowles
    Cool idea for a game, it’s easy to maneuver once you play a lot, my only problem is that my girlfriend cheated on me with the game, but hey I mean she was able to develop some amazing friendships and relationships through the game and it’s features so I guess it has to be good.
  • My friend lost her acc 5/5

    By bakugos left ashy toe
    So my friend Emma lost her shigaraki acc some how can you please give it back to her some how it’s tomura13 she wants it back she is upset over it
  • Kids. 1/5

    By miajazzlyn
    Kids are playing this game, why are their body suits and thongs. in the avatar shop it has big butts and big boobs and I will not allow that for my future child to play this game.
  • Cant see anything 3/5

    By Gun seven
    Lately the game has been very buggy and takes forever to load, almost to the point of being completely unplayable. They also are very strange about where they draw the line with stuff and you will sometimes have things pulled from your inventory and given the reason that is is too explicit. Which is an odd flex to make in a game that has a whole adults section and is very blatant about lots of sexual things, but randomly decides certain things aren’t acceptable while being perfectly fine with everything else. Which makes you sort of regret paying for an adult pass where the adult stuff is fairly randomly regulated and makes no real sense. If I pay for an adult pass, then I should get a full adult experience. But the game tries to straddle this weird middle ground and ends up looking rather stupid in the process.
  • Freezing AND ADS!? 1/5

    By Sleepymeimei
    This is getting so ridiculous. I have never had a problem with freezing and lagging on mobile. Never. Now all of a sudden I get annoying ads (that constantly freeze my app) and my screen freezes even in the most basic rooms with no other avatars. This is trash. I’m mad. Screw imvu
  • Trouble download 1/5

    By angel vance
    I can’t download because it’s keep charging me but the app is free
  • your 5/5

    By knitah_90
    Can y’all do a thing where u can tell if a person read your message that would be phenomenal👌but other than that it’s great
  • age 4/5

    By Yamamadickk
    It’s a good app until it comes down to age then they dont wanna be on your side anymore , do better imvu.
  • Not opening 1/5

    By @branideiscrush
    For some reason the game will not download for me . I was having trouble with the app earlier this morning at 2 am so I went to uninstall and reinstall now I the app will not reload or open. Please help
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By DragonsAsylum
    I’m honestly getting really tired with all these bugs and glitches..
  • Destini 4/5

    By destini mcbride
    Imvu is fine,it just need to stop taking my followers away and that need to be fix:)
  • Pls get my acc off hold 1/5

    By jsnd dy
    I want to buy more clothes and poses and dances!!!
  • Imvu 5/5

    By quawyii
    I like this game so much and i have a lot of stuff but i got logged out and i made a new account but why yall give 4,000 credits per person people need more then 4,000 thousand so if u could just give the person more than 4,000 credits please and thx
  • Ban for no reason 2/5

    By ✨qiana✨
    I was trying to log on to my account but I was banned for no valid reason I didn’t do anything I would like my account back and if I can’t get it back pls give me a reason on why I was banned!
  • Laggy need update 5/5

    By marcusohv
    Hey im on a iPhone and the apps starts to lag even when just on the app like when strolling and even typing or liking pics it laggs alot please update an fix but other then that I give a 5 star

    By Kaylaykau
    I got log out my account and they don’t all they want me to do is make a new account and more money all they care about is the money I spent 40 dollars on that account they don’t care
  • Aaron h 5/5

    By Critictv
    How do I get my IMVU account back
  • It’s but there just one thing 3/5

    By _prettyface._baby
    Every time I buy vip it never glitches or kick me out the server but when I don’t have vip it always glitches and kicks me out the server and I’m tired of that and I don’t wanna keep spending my money on this all the time I wish it was the like the old days with no ads cause that be mostly the main reason it glitches
  • I hate your game 1/5

    By bineyd
    The worst game ever created
  • Love ya 5/5

    By Gu Xixi
    I’m Jackie
  • From: Amya 1/5

    By Amyahoes
    Bro y’all needa unban me cs I ain’t do nun y’all dtm atp
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hdjsbaksjsjehebdb
    I love it sooooo much that’s all I have to say
  • Following 1/5

    By Tommytheniceone
    Not letting me see who’s being followed , it’s glitched.. FIX YOUR GAME.

    By Prettii_Meii
    everything is fine with the game but i feel like more things should be added to the mobile app as far as us being able to shop together, i see that it has an option to shop together but when you go to it there are no clothes to try on like the real thing. You can’t even invite people to it. Another thing that should be fixed is I’m not able to see who i blocked on the mobile app nobody is popping up
  • Good god 2/5

    By desolate.moon
    This app needs to be put back to 18+, too many kids lying about ages and a lot of adult content. (Also why is there AP if there’s minors on here)
  • Some bugs need to be fix 5/5

    First ima start off by saying imvu is a great fun game to play but there are some bugs like lately people been saying the game is laggy and that they get lagged out it also happens to me to alot the game will get laggy and you can’t type or move the screen for a few minutes also when i try to do offers on peanut lab it says my account is suspended for some reason also when i edit a picture and post it on imvu the quality is not how it was in my photos also y’all should fix when you take a picture and post it people can’t see the items you are wearing alot of people been stealing my avatar but everything but that the game is great . 🫶🏾

    my acc got disabled for no reason…give it back before i tweak out mane.
  • Issues 5/5

    By aaaasdddddfccvvg
    I love the app and put a lot of money into it but since the update there has been a lot of issues and I have talked to alot of people who are having the same ones lagging out of rooms not loading at all and can’t see people sometimes just wanting to let y’all know
  • fun but laggy 4/5

    By percyzzzz
    i like the game a lot but y'all need to fix the lags and stuff.. it's really annoying.
  • I don’t know How to feel 3/5

    By nia318876
    I’ve been playing since 2019. Recently they added ads. It lags me out of the game a freezes . I never remember imvu for having ads but they downgraded the app when they added this
  • It’s so laggy. 4/5

    By Jalaya❤️💋
    I was just playing with my friends , n we were taking pics then all of a sudden it just starts lagging and it lagged me out the whole app- please fix your stuff
  • Love it 5/5

    By kash1000010101
    This is the best game in the world
  • How do I buy items 2/5

    By nay_sad123
    Imvu is a cool game but the game won’t let me buy anything :(
  • it’s alright 3/5

  • Adds 3/5

    By lamareionya
    Why every time I join a chat a add come up it’s annoying
  • Please change the in cart max to be 900 instead of 90. 4/5

    By iejendnrkwowirnnfifis
    It would be better if you guys didn’t max out the “In cart” at 90. Can you guys please max it out at like 900 please. It would be more fun for the people who don’t have enough to buy credits and better to see your dream avatar. So please change that please and thank you.
  • Imvu 5/5

    By holanndhshs
    its pretty fun and cool nice app to meet people
  • Imvu 1/5

    By Yamacha To Good
    I can’t even play without low memory poppin up every second fix this problem for mobile
  • Needs a update 1/5

    By ram.eo
    The games lagging my whole phone out when y’all gonna fix that
  • It’s fun 4/5

    By jvfrmTn
    The game is fun and all but I wish there was a way to refund stuff because I have 2 rooms that ik I most likely won’t even use
  • Omg 2/5

    By Tiktok is pressed lol
    I don’t remember my pass or email to the account and my username is alayaslifee and i need to get back i logged out and I can’t get back in I really need my account back
  • ⚠️ 5/5

    By Rinajsurreal
    We need identity check and verification on social apps like imvu.
  • Love this app but one problem…. 4/5

    By Ah'layia
    I love imvu it’s fun and me and my friends play this game all the time to chat and stuff the avatars are amazing graphics amazing!!! One problem tho there are big predators in the game I was invited to a chat room and a guy asked me for my number then he asked for my friends please remove them!!!
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