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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App

IMVU is the world’s largest avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog that lets you create your avatar and customize your look. It’s the ultimate 3D game and social media experience. It’s also a great place to meet new friends. You can chat with friends, roleplay, dress up, party, go on a virtual date, host an event, and join a virtual world with millions of others. It’s totally free! Enter a virtual world and social chat room. IMVU is more than a life simulation - it’s a virtual life in a 3D world with an avatar that you make, to reflect your sense of style. Choose your own life. And go make new friends that you can talk to about shared experiences! Customize a 3D avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and message friends in super fun chat rooms! Does life have you down? Create a fun character! Your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU, a metaverse that’s like no other! YOUR VIRTUAL LIFE The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be! Want a love story? Go on a virtual date. Looking for friendship? You can meet new friends from all over the world. Want to explore? A whole virtual reality awaits in IMVU’s metaverse. Want to make a lot of new friends? Host an event and earn tips! CREATE YOUR AVATAR – DOLLIFY YOUR NEW SELF If you’re into fashion, this is your chance to dollify yourself over and over again. Create a character that will help you make new friends. Shop without limits and dress up your avatar to suit your style! EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH ANIMATED WITHMOJI Take your friendships to a whole new level. Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game with your friends, and role play your virtual life however you desire! 3D CHATS – VIRTUAL CONVERSATIONS Chat with friends from all over the world! Meet new people near and far. The 3D chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages. GET SOCIAL AND SHARE YOUR MOOD Change your poses, add filters and post photos that will give people something to talk about. The virtual chat gives you a range of emotes, emoji and functions, bringing life to your 3D avatar. Your virtual world, virtual reality and virtual life await in the IMVU free app - join today and start enjoying this wonderful 3D game! HOST LIVE EVENTS You will need a Host Subscription to become a Host of a Live Room. As a host, you have access to brand new perks! Have your own public room that gets featured to millions of users. If you want to have a larger party and share the fun, you can turn on Audience Mode and host thousands of users in your room at the same time. You will also get the Host badge and free Credits every month with your subscription. Terms and Conditions can be found here: • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Your subscription will automatically renew each month 24 hours before the end of the current period. • Your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication Renewal prices are as follows: • Monthly Subscription of 1 Live Room Token, Host Badge, and 2,000 Credits for $4.99 • Monthly Subscription of 2 Live Room Tokens, Host Badge, and 2,600 Credits for $7.99 • Monthly Subscription of 3 Live Room Tokens, Host Badge, and 3,600 Credits for $9.99 For 3D avatar chat rooms on older devices, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal. • Tap the main navigator in the top left corner • Tap Graphics Options • Tap “Full 3D” Then enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app reviews

  • It’s good but make out 1/5

    By Sexymama123
    I love the game but people do nasty stuff
  • Regalo y compra de créditos no recibidos 1/5

    By mineukyod
    Mi cuenta personal no me deja comprar créditos y ya envié un reporte pero todavía no me han respondido tienen un servicio de support pésimo. cree unas cuentas secundarias para poder regalarme créditos desde otras cuentas y sin embargo tampoco me dejo regalarlos y mucho menos recargar las mismas y el dinero fue descontado de mi tarjeta de crédito. Tengo evidencia sobre todo. Estoy muy indignada con este juego. En pocas palabras me robaron.
  • Money 2/5

    By loveleeq_mahoga
    I paid 199 for credits I did not get my credits I paid that money for nun I want my credits.
  • Great game but 5/5

    By ayana santos
    OK so I love this game so much like it’s the best game in the world to me and so I’ve had this game for like a long time and I have a lot of friends and stuff and then this girl hacked me she wouldn’t leave me alone she wouldn’t stop inviting me and she said she’d give me 40,000 credits if I gave her my password and I said no and so then she said she would hack so then I blocked her and then next thing you know five minutes later he logged me out the game and I’ll keep on trying to log back in and it would not let me so then I deleted the game and I cried because I had so much stuff on there and then before I deleted the gameI keep on getting text messages from the game when I was logged out of her telling people to give their password to her so she could give them credits so then I got really mad and people keep on saying that they were going to report me on the game so then I cried more and I tried everything that I could to get back on the game and everything but nothing worked so then I went to the IMVU page and tried to report her but they didn’t have anything like that so I could report her so then I was just screwed and so yeah I lost everything on IMVU. The end. Plzz help me I want my stuff back hope y’all can help me thxxx so 😩😭💖
  • Credit system is terrible 1/5

    By SarahHatesGoogleClassroom
    I encourage imvu to step it up in their credit system. It is terrible and frustrating. Yes, every new player receives 4000 free promo credits but do you guys really think that’s truly enough? On top of that, the daily wheel doesn’t really help considering it gives 100 credits a day. What can that do for us?? Everything in the shop is at least 600 credits so what can 100 buy for anyone? No wonder people heavily rely on gifting on this app. But even you limit the number of times we gift! So really the credit system on this app should be overturned and reestablished. I think it isn’t fair and in a way it sorta cheating everyone.
  • Leak 4/5

    By just stop i have a dog boby
    Imvu is awesome but one BIG thing is…. That a date leak happened and I don’t want it change my password, and they made it sound really bad and now I’m scared 😪 but it’s great to meet new people from around the world, have different clothes and more! But that was my only problem.
  • Frustrated 5/5

    By missy mdk
    I love the game my boyfriend is on it too. But I don’t log off when I’m done and I shouldn’t have to. I can’t get into the app it’s on the white screen with imvu need help getting it fixed I’m a ap vip user my boyfriend gave me money for it please fix this problem cuz I don’t want it to be a waste of his money
  • I love this game 1/5

    By Naliya liya
  • Amazing but needs some adjustments 4/5

    By inigmdv
    It’s a good game but they say u can meet friends it’s the opposite today someone just called me a noob do you thing that’s nice? I also feel like it’s stalking me it’s creepy But the good things is that the clothes and accs r pretty good but it should be 21+ cuz I saw a girl naked while playing it’s pretty tempting to delete the game U should give us more credits when we start and to the ppls who make the clothes quit making them so expensive usally it’s a good game but if u compare it to Avakin like they give way much more coins and they have more ways to get coins when we spin the wheel we get from 10-100 coins and they only give us 10 coins from watching adds they should give us 50-100 It’s pretty good but needs adjustments
  • Inappropriate 4/5

    By biulaykutf
    It’s little kids over here pretending they’re grown all over here having sex its appropriate in a yall lil chat room booty butt naked you need to do something about this it’s not OK and I know cause I seen it wit my own eyes.
  • Great , But one suggestion 4/5

    By Jordyngirl101😘
    Love the app, have one suggestion. If you get a gift you could re gift it to, a user.
  • Good but.. 5/5

    By kbaddies<
    This is a awesome game and everything but I hate when it tells your state it makes me feel uncomfortable and stuff maybe fix it but I won’t play it bc I am just uncomfortable but good game 😋
  • tired of these surveys not working 2/5

    By ConfusedBuggy
    Look Imvu’s prices in the shop are just all around expensive. So instead of spending money on a game I’ll do surveys to earn credits. I love the surveys don’t get me wrong but half the time the “peanut labs” surveys never work fully OR when I’m 1-2 questions away from earning a LARGE amount of credits it ENDS!! And I don’t even get my credits for the time I spent doing it. Half are 20-30 mins long. Just do better. Tired of it
  • Imvu hosting and live rooms 1/5

    By babykissssss
    I bought the host package thinking i would be able to host on mobile but you cant anymore so i dont know why they have it where u can buy it if u on mobile

    By bsgfgfbf
    It’s not working for me it keeps saying something about my network when my network is good so I don’t know what is going on with the app but someone better figure it out for me cause I’m trying to playin the app and it is not working so yeah help me please🙏🙏
  • Really fun and a good communication tool, but has bugs 5/5

    By a singing reviewer
    I enjoy using this app to chat with other people, but I’ve been having problems with bugs. My game has been crashing a lot lately and it bothers me bc I just want to play the game and hang out with people without having to worry about constant crashes. Sometimes a room that I favorited will disappear. I also wish that I could get a credit refund for things that I buy with credits but end up not liking. Other than these issues it’s a great platform
  • There is one problem that has really frustrated me.. 3/5

    By hayplayz97
    I was minding my own business, and I decided I wanted to text my friend. I sent out the normal hey, but for some reason it didn’t go through. I tried with saying other things, but it wouldn’t let me say a single word. I thought that maybe I had been blocked, but I was still able to join in a room with the person. We talk, which means I wasn’t blocked, but after I left, I couldn’t even find the person when searching.. It’s like the app blocked the person on it’s own, but the person is not even on my blocked users list. This is something that needs to be fixed A.S.A.P. and I know it can be done, thank you for your time, and please let this be heard by the people who work on the game.
  • why the outfits so much money? 4/5

    By funny numk
    So this is a really great app I use it a lot i make videos and stuff of it but however the outfits are so expensive!! Me and my friends get so mad cause who wants to keep watching adds forever! Just pls make the outfits and faces more cheap!
  • k one suggestion 5/5

    By pallypolly
    please make there be no acc needed
  • That’s the worstest app 1/5

    By 24rackzzz
    I never play a game like that it’s the worst
  • Just one very big problem 1/5

    By yom12938
  • Rating 4/5

    By IpsnV
    The app's great honestly! Saving up credits, not so much..Ads are helping a bit but when trying to earn credits by survey it works a lot, but when there's big numbers of credits. All in end I don't really earn any credits, it's all confusing and there's too many ads when doing the survey so I miss-click by times. And wasting money on credits would be a shame. All in that I'm grateful for having a starter 4,000 credits! Clothings designs are amazing, snd facial expressions, skins, etc. Saving up for credits daily is also an option. Not trying to ask for more credits but it would be nice if the survey was a lot easier to get through and save up more than just wasting time on doing it just to get nothing. All in that, the app's really great to meet people, to be friends or start a bound. Some might get into fights as in smack texting or something like that. But yeah.
  • Please lower the prices. 3/5

    By GoDHanD1980
    Now, I think IMVU is a good game all in such but.. these prices on clothes me and my friend play’s this game and we hate the prices and we were thinking if the game would have a update to where you didn’t have to waste time to watch a add just to get 10 Credit’s and I would like to have a update to where you would get 100 credit’s a day that would be nice or 500 or 400 any just any thing just not anything under 50 credit’s that is a update me and my friend want. -sighed by another IMVU person.
  • I really wanna play it again 😔 5/5

    By I_Love_Sofia_The_First
    Okay so I downloaded this to see what it was because it looked fun but then I saw it was 17 or older I still downloaded it and it was fun but I had to delete the game because I am not old enough I am 8 and I really wanna play it again but I wanna ask my mom and I play it because I don’t know if I can play games that is 17 or older games but it’s a great game 🤗
  • Fix y’all stuff 1/5

    By dhisxuy
    I did many surveys and I still don’t got my money 🧍🏾‍♀️ y’all should be giving it to me cause obviously y’all game was probably getting 1 star cause that shop y’all got 😭 if y’all don’t give the money gate keeping and advertising these fake stuff for what??
  • More improvements 4/5

    By yonnie_2002
    I like this app a lot I been here since 2015 and It’s cool ig the chats be very laggy and be taking me out the rooms and out of the entire app. Hopefully y’all can fix the bugs on the app because it’s happening to everyone.
  • Bro wow 1/5

    By polpms
    Why is this game trash and plus when I do surveys it cuts me out..they need to fix that ASAP!!
  • Bad game 5/5

    By cdchbcghigv
    Kids are making very bad games on here and lil kids are on it pls no more and a girl had a bikini on and rubbing there butt on a boy and they where kissing unit bad game!
  • Waste of time doing surveys and offers 3/5

    By Offcial_.nyia
    Hate how they dont give me my creds when i do a survey and offers they waste my time doing that
  • this app used to be good now its dying 1/5

    By lalala3311
    imvu has gotten so sensitive now everybody is almost banned or temporarily disabled all they gain from that is just making people stop playing imvu
  • What the f 4/5

    By unknowensoul
    I bought 2,000 credits and got none
  • At this point. 3/5

    By Aymonimariii
    Imvu we got a problem it’s a fun app but I’ve gotten my account hacked 2 times and can’t get into my account now I have to make a new one And I’ve emailed and tried calling and you still don’t answer to help me get my account back. I have credits I bought on that account I still don’t HAVE MY ACCOUNT BACK
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By c bff shgdghbcfv
    Please don’t delete the game because it’s for teenagers to have fun let them communicate to their friends or best friends or sisters or brothers are like that stuff please do not delete the game because if you delete the game it’s coronavirus so they can’t come to each other if they have a house and it’s fun because you’re good to go to places together and styleSleep eat drink coffee go in Starbucks to get coffee all that kind of stuff so please do not delete the game
  • Glitch or bug 5/5

    By Jaydyn Breaux
    I love this but for some strange reason it won’t let me sit it just shows on my screen that I’m standing up
  • Hm 1/5

    By yesirrrrrrrr😂😂😂😂😂
    Overall this app is good, but i had but some credits and then had accidentally deleted the app and when i try to redownload it wont let me.
  • Market research 5/5

    By gshrgshd
    Imvu I rock with you heavy but bro these surveys not fair they surveys be mad long for the credits you get like come on bro add double credits for a week or some cause this ain’t right then if you buy credits y’all be scamming sometimes then I get disabled for fraud so y’all gotta do some with these surveys on market research cause this getting out of pocket
  • Boring 1/5

    By Zsenine
    Lots of clothes, lots of makeup, lots of room for cosplay, very affordable wings. But... that’s it. There are no events, like on Avakin. You can’t walk around And explore places, just jump from one spot to another. This is at heart really JUST a chatting app, cuz that’s all you can do. And it’s also a bit of a popularity contest where the most popular people get on the Discover feed which is also boring since all of the looks are so similar. I get on to change my outfit once a week, but there’s nothing here to get me on everyday.
  • Imvu 5/5

    By LULU the witch
    It’s not letting me back in 😭 I want to see my Kia please 😭
  • Imvu is scamming 1/5

    By racism give me my account back
    I bought 100,000 credits and 300,000 credits and when I bought it I only got 45,400 and I have supposed to have more than that I supposed to have 400,000 and I got scammed if I don’t have my money in 24 hours or 2 days I will report and call apple because this is scamming so I will report and contact apple if I don’t have my money back 400,000 !
  • I don’t like this app 4/5

    By Sanaig77
    I thought it was a dress up game for girl but I don’t like this game
  • Imvu Improvements 2/5

    By Joy1235888
    Hi! imvu is great! But now in the store when searching, I think their needs to be a bug fix. When I search, it puts old clothes that no one wears. Like the okd IMVU years ago. And I bet that people want trending and new clothes to purchase. Keep up the good work!
  • Is the update A new description?🙄 2/5

    By sksksksksk1010101
    So annoying that when I get the gold spin I thought I would get 1,000 credits BUT NU I got 200 and I would get so mad 😡 Also Can we start with 9,100 bc I always run out of credits I’m at the accessories or the outfit so please 🙏 Wait is the update a new description?
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By niggatosstt
    I’ve got to say this game doesn’t fail to disappoint but it has it’s moments when you start you have 4,000 credits that’s all and when I joined. Learning and figuring out the game was very hard for me. But I managed. By other players or actual people , I was called a noob. Which. Now that I’ve been on this app for almost half of a year. I have outfits now. And I recently just bought my first set of actual credits not the standard credits they give you. 1 thing that’s really disappointing is. Credits are very expensive I’m no exactly sure how many I bought but the bundle was. 19.99$ which is 20 dollars and, I had just spare change and I decided today’s a good day to buy credits. That’s where I was. The look categories they should make promotion credits available so everybody can buy these looks and all things. I have no concerns about the game. Love this app so much. I’ve been able to grow relationships and destroy some relationships and become friends with people that I never knew I could be friends with. Thank you developers one thing I wanna talk about is. The loading screen sometimes it doesn’t load up all the way and you have to rejoin another room just to see your avatar wish it was a little faster over all this game is a 10/10
  • Critiques on this game 1/5

    By murrell baby
    The shop is horrible and I would like it to go back the way it was and this game is boring the people are disgusting and the creators don’t know how to create cute outfits or hair
  • The clothes 1/5

    By lamayaniyashee
  • Featured clothing 1/5

    By yanno18
    Y’all need to fix y’all loading problem the inventory deleted my clothes on my avi and I clicked off the app and clicked back on it popped up again and then the featured clothing shows outfits that’s not supposed to be there at all it’s not the ones where I usually see the ones with taste and I signed in and out and installed and uninstalled the app today and logged in and out for it to do the same stuff .
  • Shop 3/5

    By yasminehollis
    Sooo..I had just bought some credits and all the clothes turned into old clothes into vu. Every person I normally shop their clothes changed and everything. And now I’m sad because I can’t make outfits w my boyfriend now ☹️ will this soon be fixed or?
  • Thatgirl.myaa 4/5

    By ashunti ckark
    The app is fun but this lil glitch with the old clothes making me mad<3
  • Mobile shop 3/5

    By ShaSi12143
    Why is the mobile shop now only showing horrible items. Things that have no quality and just stuff no one would want to purchase. Can you give an option to see new or at least the best products again????
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