IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: v4.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: IMVU
  • Compatibility: Android
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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App

IMVU is the #1 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people. You can chat with friends, roleplay and join a virtual world with millions of others. The best part? It’s totally free! Enter a virtual world simulator and social chat. IMVU is more than a life simulation - it’s a virtual life in a 3D world with an avatar that you make. Choose your life as you want it to be. Customize a 3D avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and message friends! Does life have you down? Then your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU! YOUR VIRTUAL LIFE The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be! Want a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar’s love life. Want to explore? A whole virtual reality awaits. AVATAR CREATION – MAKE YOUR NEW SELF Choose your life and customize yourself. With our 3D avatar creator, you can design yourself from top to bottom. Shop without limits and dress up you avatar to suit your style! EXPRESS YOURSELF AS YOURSELF – ANIMATED WITHMOJI Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji. Enjoy the online social game with your friends, and role play your virtual life however you desire - get weird, get wild, it’s all you! CHAT IN 3D – VIRTUAL CONVERSATIONS Chat with friends from all over the world! In our chat lobby, you can meet new people near and far. The 3D Avatar chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages. GET SOCIAL AND SHARE YOUR #MOOD Show how you feel while you chat. Change your poses, add filters and post photos to get people talking. The virtual chat gives you a range of emotes, emoji and functions, bringing life to your 3D avatar. Role play and chat with friends to create an amazing story – it’s your world and your choices. Your virtual world, virtual reality and virtual life await in the IMVU free app - join today and make your avatar! ----- For 3D avatar chat rooms on older devices, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal. • Tap the main navigator in the top left corner • Tap Graphics Options • Tap “Full 3D” Then enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app reviews

  • Why do we have to have little credit 2/5

    By Cainasia
    Plz fix this problem and when u make a new update put about at least 30,000 thousand credits and fix the promo credits problem because that made me and my friends really mad and the gift problem so so today I tried to gift my friend and it says I can’t buy it with promo credits so what’s the point in having promo credits if you can’t gift people
  • Petty credits 2/5

    By Iiiamjadelyn
    Its not letting me buy credits and i bought 10,000 credits 3 times and I haven’t gotten my credits
  • Earning credits 3/5

    By lala3297
    I feel like there should be another way to earn credits instead of just surveys and credit cards. There should be game rewards like “if you complete 6 dungeons you get 4K credits”. Also y’all should make the daily spin wheel a little more better and more accurate.
  • Kelly 5/5

    By KyleBrown5
    How do I get a baby and how do I get a boyfriend?
  • Great! 5/5

    By Ava Talor
    I love this app SO SO Much, And you might not? But the app is good but How come the clothing cost so much?!? It’s okay that they do, I’m not quitting the app cause of it. but anyways, The app is good.

    By Ash1902393&
    do you think it would be possible for you to make an option where you can share videos or like short clips?? My friends and I really want to
  • Public rooms for mobile??? 2/5

    By chxpo.xo
    I’ve been trying to make a room public forever, when are you gonna make it possible??
  • Imvu 5/5

    By destroyer10913
    Great game but should make it like second life
  • App freezes 1/5

    By Bailey Kinser
    Lately I can’t use the app it lets me open it and use it for a second then it freezes been like this for a week .... need a bug fix update ASAP.
  • .. 3/5

    By a girrlllll
    So this app or whatever it is, is good. I like this app/game idk anymore, but once i was on it, i talked to this girl on it. She was nice and all, but I dont think she’s the right age to play. Like she didnt know what i was talking about or what something meant and all or whatever so also there are videos from people who are like 10 who play this. Ok so another thing is that there are spams. People keep saying “Like4Like. Follow4Follow. Comment4Comment.” on any random post. Like if you go to discover or anyone’s post, they’ll probably have a bunch of comments from people who keep saying “Like4Like. Follow4Follow. Comment4Comment.” and its really annoying I dont think these are really problems to you or anyone but its just...idk.
  • Credits not given :( 1/5

    By Thatsgross
    I’ve spent $10 on credits today and I haven’t got a single credit at all, I've tried uninstalling the app and re-downloading it but that hasn't worked either and I checked my balance and it IS taking my money from my account but not given me my credits. I would like a refund or my credits please 🙏
  • Inappropriate 1/5

    By Enter A NiiCCnnAmEeee
    This game has an inappropriate add for children, and it keeps popping up, nonstop. Great graphics, but maybe place a different add? Thank you.
  • Credits 3/5

    By Chowdah Guy
    Dear IMVU, As a player of your game, there are some features of the social network that I see fit to give you suggestions about. In this review, one of those features will be credits. The amount of credits received by watching videos, the scams that are put on the market, and others, seem to be annoying people. Here’s a scenario where that annoyance is true. I want to buy all these clothes, hair, and accessories but I need to earn 10,000 credits. I decide to watch videos. Each video that I watch gives me 8 credits. This is where the annoyance comes in. I need to watch 1,250 more videos to earn 10,000 credits. This unknown person doesn’t want to watch video after video after video. Some real players can also be impatient and find the videos boring. To reward them for getting through a boring video, boost the amount of credits given. I suggest giving them 500 credits. If you feel this is too much, lower it down to 250-100 credits. At least, with 100 credits, each video is 100 more credits. Though, some players may think that is too much or others think it’s not enough. For those for like lower amounts of credits, keep the amount of credits the same for playing to earn. With playing to earn, they will be getting the amount they want and having fun at the same time. For people who like more credits, boost up the amount of credits to 350 per video. This way, there are options for the variety of people playing your game. From Player#4916920
  • Purchase 4/5

    By Shop Problems
    Every time I try to purchase some clothes or accessories it won’t work but I have enough credits and coins so I don’t understand why it’s not working🙄😫
  • Frustration. 2/5

    By Alyla9808
    So this just atarted happening today, the app keeps on freezing everytime I go on it for about 2 minutes. I click out of the app and swipe it away, go back in again, it takes about a minute to go refresh and show the Imvu button then onto my home page. Idk what is up but it’s really getting on my nerves. Im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my phone but the app.
  • Money Problems 2/5

    By AuraQuora
    I clicked on a 15 minute survey, when I got done it felt like way more than that! And it was 800 I got ten for it. Nobody wants to buy credits blowing all their paychecks on games! Seriously, Like give us 400 a month or something!! We all know the “spin the wheel” game is useless, you’d only make 1,800 in 4 months! God this is outrageous! You know how moderators report and kick people from games for bullying, most of the reasons for that is that they don’t have enough money to buy clothes!
  • Ok 4/5

    By J.J100
    This game is ok but every time I spin the daily wheel I always get only 15 coins every time it’s very irritating 😁
  • Sad Player 2/5

    By LaniyahHart on Vu
    i recently had to un-install on my pc and so i went to go redownload it through the website like we should and listen hoe , your website stays down 25/8 so fix it.
  • Account 5/5

    By Kiryu2099
    This app is awesome! I finally created my Wolf Girl named Samantha from Gachaverse, Gacha Life and Gacha Studio to this making her come to "almost" life! But I do have one do you delete the account?
  • This game is so cool I get to meet people and make friends so ya I love this game 5/5

    By xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcmmmmmmnnnn
    I love this game
  • Imvu 1/5

    By tytthnb
    I’m on mobile and nothing won’t load omg it’s getting to me the shop won’t load my Avi won’t load
  • Slow loading 1/5

    By Nikkixoxo9
    In the shop the products would barely load and it’s not my connection, it’s happening to my friends too. Out of nowhere everything just took ages to load. I’m pretty annoyed too because I bought vip yesterday and well, it’s taking ages to load. 😤
  • Surveys 2/5

    By Taylor_223757
    The surveys aren’t working fix it!
  • Amazing But...... 5/5

    By D R I P P Y
    You guys should add the feature where you can post multiple pictures at once
  • :/ 1/5

    By Merinards ig
  • I love this game 5/5

    By robloxcactus
    In this amazing game you an make it as realistic as you would like you can dress up your avatar and buy new clothes and accessories, and more when you start you have a FREE 4000 credits to your account you can play games with real people and communicate using the chat you can make more friends and more. I hope you will like this game just as much as I do
  • Update 5/5

    By imvu all day
    I wish we can gift people our clothes instead of gifting it with my credits cuz I barely don’t wear nun of my clothes
  • Jazz 3/5

    By Giopioriobio
    I feel like you the clothes should be a little more realistic because we only have so much money & a shirt is 500-600 dollars which is ridiculous. This needs to change really soon. More people would enjoy the app, I bet
  • Nasty 1/5

    By Kellimgofr
    Right when you go on the page it says games to play and it pops up with “naughty playroom” some kids might come on here to chat and see this yuck.
  • I hate this game 1/5

    By wendypanda
    This game has people that are so inappropriate and are so rude this app should be deleted for ever. I got inappropriate text from people.😑😭
  • I love it 5/5

    By DanSipp
    I just love this game. The graphics are beautiful and the clothes are great. I just wish that when u buy something that’s like a poses, u can’t see what u actually paying for until u paid for it
  • Fix this 3/5

    By fixthisfr
    Yall need to make the prices more lower to buy things and yall Need to let us get some stuff for free for one day and then go back to regular just to get some of us on our feet who cant buy credits.
  • Getting Hacked 1/5

    By Getting Hacked
    I Honestly Hate Getting Hacked Why Don’t Make It As If U Didn’t Make The Account U Can’t Sign In I Hate Getting Hacked
  • Give me my account back!!!! 5/5

    By mRiha
    So I got hacked and I called imvu they said the couldn’t do nothing about it but I had go change my password I did so but then when I tried to log back in it didn’t work I spent over 100 dollars on that account if I don’t get my account back I will be so mad I will delete the game 😡
  • I want a refund 5/5

    By L0veViloet
    So it’s a nice app but the outfit I got isn’t loading anymore because when I got it anybody could now it’s a AP I want a refund
  • Love this game! 4/5

    By imfineasf
    This is a great game.i lost my account and got a new one. When I got the new one I got a “bf” and we talked for a while and went into chat rooms, it was a teenage chat room and there was a 22 yr old in there! But it was fine Bc he wasn’t flirting with any 13 yr olds or anything. And it might’ve been a glitch or something. But besides that it’s been a great game! Me and my “bf” dated for a year and got married! And the marriage chats are amazing too! They are so beautiful! I definitely recommend this game! So if you get a chance, download it and have fun!
  • This smells like a loser 1/5

    By Aubbbbbbbrayyy
    I search my FRIEND and they say No rEsAuLtS! Wth I thought this would be good but no

    By kittenloverkittens
  • Improvements 4/5

    By clari_08
    Since its a messaging app it would be cool if imvu would let people send picture through messages
  • I really love this game when I wake up on Saturday I just play this game all day 5/5

    By gang gang girl
  • This Why 1/5

    By Icy Jon
    I worked hard for money like for instance you download a game and do something like get something to a certain level then they give you the money well for me they never gave me the money. And If I answered some stupid survey it barely gave 7 points.
  • Where are my credits 3/5

    By UωU
    This is a good game and all but I brought 5,000 credits for 4.99$ and it’s not showing up…Care to explain?
  • Good but 3/5

    By 🤘🏽Tãÿ🍍💙🌸🖤
    Everything was going but until I realized my likes and comment had disappeared on my pics PLZZ fix ya bugsss and I’m not the only one wit this problem ...also lower your dang prices🤣get more chat rooms new real clothes and stuff 🧡still love u imvu network 🆔💛💛💛
  • this actually is dumb 1/5

    By hsndnddncncn
    why did it log me out of my account then i forgot which email address i put in so it won’t let me change my password even though i know it but everytime i put it in it says wrong password which is dumb because earlier i put my password in and it was right so idk if i was hacked but i’m mad but my @ is thickasfxck4538 also i spent a lot of money on it so i need my account back like now tf.
  • It’s taking OVER my other APPS 1/5

    By lisette1717
    I uninstalled this app & ads keep popping up for me download this game. As well the ad does not let me exit out of the ad & and I haven’t been able to nothing about it. I have the app audiomack for music and the ad IMVU just stays on my screen without letting me change the song or anything bc the ad of IMVU just takes over basically! Ugh! I should’ve never downloaded this game knowing it would take over my other apps that I am currently using with ads of IMVU without being able use the app.
  • Help 5/5

    By hdjfkkgjdjfjt
    I have a problem my phone when I try to go to the earn credits
  • Credits and Whiney parents 2/5

    By Balahsndksks
    1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO GAIN CREDITS!!!!!!! I’ve been trying to save up for 3 weeks now and I’m only at 400 when everything I want is like 600-1000 this is an incredible amount of time to be spending saving up. 2) this game has an age limit and it’s does say 17+ so if you wanna whine about “my kids are being exposed to bad stuff” then don’t let your underage kids play it. It’s that simple. It’s like going into a bar with your kids and your kid asking for beer and then yelling at the bar management that it’s not kid friendly.
  • Credits don’t work very good 3/5

    By slowassssswifi
    i feel like i do surveys for too long, they need to shorten them down
  • Can make it to where we can add videos on our feed!? 5/5

    By izahki
    I would be really cool if y’all could make a update to where we can make and post videos on here just saying

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app comments

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