IMVU - #1 3D Avatar Social App

IMVU - #1 3D Avatar Social App

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: IMVU
  • Compatibility: Android
8,690 Ratings
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IMVU - #1 3D Avatar Social App App

IMVU is the #1 avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D catalog to customize your look and meet others. Join millions of others free. Create your custom avatar, personalize your own animated emoji, and message friends in 3D!


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IMVU - #1 3D Avatar Social App app reviews

  • Lillyflower5 5/5

    By Jen4steve
    Can you guys add more Easier Surveys
  • My opinion 3/5

    By Mhaake7
    Everything i the app is super expensive
  • I Love It 5/5

    By Zaria134
    I love everything about it except for the fact that I do my offers and don’t get my coins I have to constantly report them and they seem to always say that they can’t give me my coins
  • WHERE DO I WALK??!? HELP! 4/5

    By pinkiepanda40
    Okay I really like this game but it’s the fact about gifting, and the controls. So first I’m gonna talk about gifting, people ask me in the past to gift them to get gifted back, I would listen and I would go on their wishlist and gift them. But then I get a message saying “oh sorry I don’t have enough coins or it won’t let me” I see their avatar and I see that they had VIP and they are scamming my money! They never gift me back and they say ohhh sorry I don’t get coins too much when they clearly have VIP!!!!! I’m mad about that and when I unfriend them, they are like “wth why did u unfriend me for” and I’m like “CUZ UR USING FOR MY MONEY, IM NOT A MONEY MAKER!!!” Next the controls, WHY CANT U WALK IN THIS GAME? is what I’m asking, I mean the camera angles are bad enough but why can’t u walk in the game? There has to be an explanation for that. But pleaseeeee add walking in the game and better camera angles!!!!!!
  • I GOT HACKED!!!!! 1/5

    By Jeffry1990
    Please increase security my account was hacked I don’t know when but my interest was changed even my status I don’t know what kind of other things they could’ve done to my account so I had to changed my password which I didn’t wanted to do but I did anyways cuz I don’t want them logging in again I never told anyone my password nor would I ever cuz it’s private so I never want this to ever happen again so please increase security as soon as possible
  • Bugs 4/5

    By ixmeliexi
    -I’m trying to search up friend but it’s not working - Attempting to log on but prohibits me - I’m a broke hobo in this game
  • AA 4/5

    By AA👅
    I love imvu soo much! The only problem is the game has alot of problems when it comes to earning credits like the options for the daily spin what are we going to do with 15 credits.and when i watch a video for credits I don’t even get them nor do i get them doing surveys or offers.
  • Improving 🙃 5/5

    By katie🤙
    •Rooms and clothes won't load (everything is blurry) •phone tends to overheat... •love how it doesn't lag out of rooms like it does on android... •think about putting a search bar in the inventory... •make it to wear I can message people and go into multiple rooms without leaving (tabs like pc) •better quality when clothes load in rooms...
  • Cant find my friend 3/5

    By ʝαу ʝαу
    I wanted to invite my friend to a server but it’s saying she’s not on my friend list😕
  • Camera 1/5

    By Jaycee___carter
    The camera is hard to use can y’all please fix it ASAP!?
  • I love it but 5/5

    By Hernias cookai
    Amazing game but there should be better hair like if u type in pink it brings up some nice pink hair but the rest is just crappy that's it lol
  • LOVE IT BUT.... 4/5

    By mobileGamelover_13
    I love this app so much!!!! But the daily spin doesn’t give you much. Most of us players don’t want to spend real money or spend time with surveys, and on the daily spin we get 100 credits at most which cannot buy us anything, plus all the things we can buy are really expensive, and the cheap stuff is not wanted, I think lower the buying prices and higher the daily spin. This app is amazing I 10000% recommend!!!
  • Updateeeee 2/5

    By Stephanie Janice
    Please we neeed an update, game doesn’t run properly
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Cr00ked SileNce
    I've played imvu for almost 6 years. It's absolutely addicting but... Isn't there supposed to be like a Pc view of the characters in chat rooms now? I'm not seeing it..
  • Update 4/5

    By Darden6
    I like the update but some things need to go. The viewing of the avatar on the left side needs to go, I liked it better when it wasn’t there. And another thing is that when you go to another persons profile and click on someone’s name it exits you out of that profile and goes to the new one. And when you exit out, you are no longer on the previous person’s profile. Please revert to the previous update when none of this was a issue.
  • New update doesn’t show online friends anymore 5/5

    By KatieMate90
    As aforementioned in the title... Great app, but being able to see who was online quickly was helpful. Put it back. Please. Edit: They put it back! :)!
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Wassabi66
    IMVU is such a great app! The only thing is that on the chats, there’s always a max amount and I feel like the max amount of users on a chat isn’t a lot. So maybe IMVU can make the max number a little higher. And maybe they could also add a report for those who are rude. Overall IMVU is such a wonderful app and I can’t wait for future updates on this app!
  • Just wow 5/5

    By akward potato
    Great game but to you realize no one only has one bf/gf
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By hijihkjd
    I love this app but I think on the daily spin you should be able to get more credits I also think you should be able to sell stuff you don’t want and be able to get a job because it’s pretty hard to eat credits

    By hahalokierays
    I would like to have more credits when we start out like 10k if possible no one will have to be sad about being broke we need this so hear us and do it I really like this app add more credits to it and if so videos
  • 😍❣️ 5/5

    By ❣️maira
    I love IMVU!! But one thing I don’t like is that we have to wait to get money sooo you can buy your things
  • Need help 1/5

    By Doris Ann Scott
    Ok so when I got on my account then I logged out I couldn’t get back in it said invalid email or password then when i wrote it in again it said too many attempts
  • Herbo 5/5

    By shehehehebeb
    I LOVE IT so much its cool I wish it was more kinda like sims tho
  • Imvu changes 5/5

    By anyonekitty19
    Could you change the whole set up make it more realistic and on the daily spin let it spin 2x and stead of 1 bring the prices down power I only have 532 credits I need 1,0000 yea
  • Needs to be kid friendly 1/5

    By i dont need to tell u
    Wish it was more kid friendly. I would LOVE it play this but I'm not a teen. Kids would like to play it. Maybe loose the sexual position and sexual games. Again I'm just trying to make this better for everyone. Thank you, have a good day. (I'm aware every teen would disagree with this, maybe some)
  • I’m really mad. 1/5

    By Official Queen
    Your game is good, but you need to fix this credit thing. There was this offer for $13,000 credits where you had to download this game and reach level 9. Okay, so I downloaded the game and played until I got to level 9. I was so excited and happy, but when I went back to the game, it has not came up yet! I have proof too, but I can’t add pictures to this review. This has also happened to the other offer where it offered me $1,000 credits. Fix this please.
  • Very good 5/5

    By Damien Gee.
    They let do anything I want I’m rich and I have AP
  • Best game 5/5

    By coolna01
    I’ve played this game for 2 years I’ve seen all the updates and stuff it’s pretty cool I’ve met some of my online friends irl it’s fun
  • Video Problem 4/5

    By Myahx
    Won't give credits for watching video, other than that's its okay
  • RIGGED 5/5

    By youtube says hi
    I love this game so much but the daily spin! I swear it’s rigged. I have really good luck, but when I spin it always go for the 15 coins. I have been playing this game for 1 year and it’s about to be 2, and I have never ever in my life got anything but 15. Plz comment down below if this has happened to other people or if it’s just been happening to me.
  • Hey 2/5

    By Kiing1246
    Can you please fix the problem with when people are standing up when people are actually sitting down
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Rcccdm
    This is a great game my wish list would be to be able to access my own chat room and furniture from the mobile apps .
  • Mobile Users Beware 1/5

    By jonashotep
    I’m mobile so this newest update has severely hindered me. Probably stop playing😭
  • Messaging 4/5

    By Rain37580
    I love using this app but I wish it had the feature to say read if someone read your message so you know if they read it or not
  • Comments on posts 3/5

    By •OLLIE•
    Since the new update I’ve been having issues with the comments on the posts people make, they are not in order and it’s bugging me can you please fix this issue Imvu.
  • Thanks for listening to our problems 5/5

    By 🤢🤢🤮😑
    I really appreciate how fast you react to our problems I never thought u guys would make the online frends appear this quick really appreciate it thanks ✌🏿
  • Great app 4/5

    By Bri+me=4e baby<3
    Please make an option to block random people from following you tho, gets kind of annoying.
  • My bff app 5/5

    By yassaline
    Dis is where I just chill

    By PashenceBeasley
    On the next up date can we build a house and design it. And have actions when we are do something in our house.Last, can we costumize a family example: child and thy u
  • I loved it until... 😞 1/5

    By Supr3meDoll
    So i loved the app before but when i updated it now when i join a chat room i cant move around. im just standing there and i cant do a pose in the chat room, i wont show up the ones that I purchased 😵 now my friends can move around and take pictures because they still have the old update. I hate the update just like the the snapchat update 😡
  • I love itttttttt 5/5

    By 19484368
    I love. This game
  • Stop with the horrible updates 1/5

    By livieliv😍💖😊
    Stop with the crappy updates please,unless this is a glitch why tf would y’all make the comments upside down it don’t belong like that,I use to love and enjoy the game a whole lot but with all these dumb and un useful updates just no,and why would y’all make the Chat rooms like that I can barely take pics and it’s hard to move around please fix it back to the old version these updates are sooo uncalled for especially upside down comments and the chatroom movability
  • Delete 2/5

    I need to delete this
  • PLZ READ 4/5

    By k3nna066
    Ok tell me why every time i download this app it always keeps my same profile. I always undownload it to see if it has changed. Nope. Please change this but otherwise this game is amazing
  • Just not good 1/5

    By Sol the cat
    Really confusing at the beginning and unlike Avakin life you have to double click on certain areas to go there. You can’t just walk . Seems like a place where everyone lies about age and posts disgusting pictures. Pretty weird if you ask me.
  • This is rediculouse😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By Amyahjb09😜
    I’m having problems i’m spending my money on imvu Credits Are you serious i cant get credits i’m getting 9.99 all the time and guess what??! IT Won’t work i’m getting angry with this game i’m deleting it this is not okay spending my money on something stupid.😡😡
  • A bit of work 4/5

    By grizliko
    Love this online game where you can meet new people and design yourself and a lot of choices to choose from. But where can we get more credits, we don't start out with enough free credits, please do something.
  • GBT 5/5

    By YEC GBT
    Great game
  • Arrows 2/5

    By Hazel monroe
    Y’all need to fix the arrows! They keep crashing! So when i click a yellow dot/arrow to move my avi there it places me somewhere else or even places me outside of the building when I’m clicking on the inside. This is annoying
  • Credits 4/5

    By FPSRules
    I have been doing a bunch of offers but I end up not getting any of my credits :((( . Super disappointed about that because that’s the only way I can receive a lot without having to buy anything

IMVU - #1 3D Avatar Social App app comments


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