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iNaturalist App

One of the world's most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helps you identify the plants and animals around you. Get connected with a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature! What's more, by recording and sharing your observations, you'll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society KEY FEATURES • Discover species new to you both near and far • Record your own observations and share them with the community • Receive suggestions and crowdsourced identifications of what you've seen • Discuss and help others identify what they've seen • Follow projects comprised of smaller communities and fellow citizen scientists passionate about a particular place and/or species

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iNaturalist app reviews

  • Love it! 5/5

    By FinnBride
    I use it for ID help but appreciate that it can also be used for documenting species for science. My work uses this to document species that we are looking to seed collect from so we can find the location again.
  • Coolest ever 5/5

    By magpray57
    Use iNaturalist and It’s companion App Seek for great nature hikes
  • The best app for nature lovers 5/5

    By hemlock shadows
    Thank you for making this app for our communities!!
  • This makes me so happy! 5/5

    By Rayllum8
    This is one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded! I love the idea of being able to know what plant or animal is around me! Thanks to the smart people who made and run it!
  • This is great! 5/5

    By B.B. sis
    I love how I can communicate with others and see what they have too!
  • Great app to explore outdoors! 5/5

    By Eva_11
    The app is very accurate and easy to use! I I’ve being able to find out what things are during my hikes.
  • Truly stellar app! 5/5

    By vince b
    I love this app — great way to log your findings and help scientists track occurrences. The interface is intuitive and fast, great work!!
  • The perfect App 5/5

    By jdshep1
    Interactive. Easy to use. Fun. Keeps your own record of what you discover.
  • Terrific for families 5/5

    By BerryBBenson
    We have been using this app for several years. It is a fun pastime for our family wherever we travel. Really interactive and great educational tool.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By KellyBP220
    We are natureschoolers and this app has been truly a wonderful enhancement to our nature outings. It’s my favorite nature ID app and I recommend it to anyone!
  • Thumbprints of suggested plants 3/5

    By Jungle
    I wish these came up a larger size. You have to click on each one to expand it so that you can make a comparison.
  • Image screenings? 4/5

    By heybill!
    I’ve really been enjoying the app but while exploring tags I’ve noticed more than once a photo of a dead animal has been uploaded and tagged. It’s truly upsetting to see these images—especially with no given warning. Developers I wonder if there is some screening or sensitivity notification that could be put in place?
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Jenikanikkat
    Love being able to upload pics and get ID confirmation!
  • Not accurate at all 3/5

    By Receecup11
    It though a flower I took a picture of was a ”Water Mite”. Please release an update to fix this bug.
  • This app is eerie 5/5

    By Zirtavia
    I dreamed of having technology like this as a kid but never thought it could actually exist. This app is free and will ID ANYTHING. Like it’s gotten every plant I’ve thrown at it. I finished a painting of a bug last week and it IDed my painting correctly. This is some real machine learning wizardry.
  • What I’ve been looking for. 5/5

    By Turtlebabe
    It’s awesome. Great at identifying my photos.
  • It’s Addictive 5/5

    By MBKircus
    A Master Naturalist suggested I use this. I can get a general if as to family almost immediately and then later an I D down to Genus/species. And I love helping scientists determine the current distribution of our plants and animals.
  • good wholesome fun in nature !! 5/5

    By qdov07
    so much fun ! this app helped me to get out into my backyard and find all the cool stuff out there ! before this i hadn’t been outside in weeks !!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By unicamo
    I love this app I also know that I am helping poeple
  • Like Pokémon go but helping science! 5/5

    By Moominsforever
    I absolutely love this app! It has made my walks and runs more fun, and I now get excited whenever I see a new bug, plant, or mushroom. I’m learning all the names of plants and bugs that I used to not notice. Can’t wait to go frog-spotting this summer!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By BlazeeB23
    I love using this app to identify plants and wildflowers in my area! I hope it becomes more widespread! I would love to participate in more studies and help more people with IDs. The only things I would suggest would be to make other people’s profiles clickable (so we can see what they are IDing or help them more) and to add a commenting option without needing to identify first (in case more information is necessary!)
  • This is a great educational tool! 5/5

    By Humuspottamus
    I’m learning so much about the plants in my neighborhood. The community is great and do a great job of suggesting the right species.
  • A community of naturalists. 5/5

    By kurt_s
    Great app! I’ve learned a lot from my own observations and trying to identify what others have seen. Would like: ability to track suggested IDs, and better filtering options.
  • INaturalist 5/5

    By Jasonk03
    Great app that really helps narrow down the options when identifying different organisms! I’ve learned so much from this app and definitely recommend it for the casual or expert naturalist.
  • Amazing app; updates for social and viewing favs wanted! 5/5

    By Adam of the forest
    Overall one of my favorite apps. First app I click on when I get on my phone! Adam Nicke’s June 3 review is right on. Would love the ability to click on the user and see their observations; ask them questions; @ them, etc. Maybe the social element is not what you’re after but it would make the app more fun and more useful...we could more easily compare notes and work together to ID before adding to the site (or could edit lists and false IDs). Also, if there was a social element here I think I would find myself very definitely tipping the balance away from IG towards here...I mean, who doesn’t want to talk to fellow bird, fungus, plant lovers?! Also, if we favorite something, where do we see it on the app? I would love to have a place for different albums or at least filters (for plants, fungi, mammals, etc...). There’s more to suggest but these are the big ones. Overall though, the usefulness and quality of this app already implores me to give it 5 stars. Great work. Thanks!!
  • Data assisting in Conservation 5/5

    By Use info 4 good
    I began using iNaturalist recently and I was amazed. As I observed, curated and collaborated with strangers I couldn’t help but think that conservation was occurring while thousands of people were having fun. All this information was being stored about the prevalence of species in different geographic areas. What a treasure trove of information to recall when necessary. I hope people will continue to use this free app to help in efforts to preserve our natural heritage. Enjoy!
  • AI has come a long way! 5/5

    By TWH x2
    This is an amazing resource. This app does a fanstastic job on identifying plant and animals and giving you the most likely matches with an excerpt to read and multiple pictures to help you choose the correct match. Can’t wait to explore all the biodiversity in my yard now!
  • Great citizen science app 5/5

    By amphibnerd
    This app is a helpful tool for anyone and everyone. Helps you identify plants, animals, and fungi via high quality photos you take. Even if the algorithm can’t narrow down ID suggestions to a species, sharing real-time flora and fauna occurrence data means that other users on iNaturalist can also make suggestions and comments. Useful for educational purposes, general curiosity, and even scientific research. A modern way to collect data on wildlife distributions using citizen science. Note- you can save pictures for later if your current location doesn’t have cell service needed for ID suggestions. Just go back to your post and edit it with the suggestion tool and enter location of finding. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone, no scientific background required.
  • Explore your everyday world 5/5

    By Maralina Here
    I love to learn the names and entomology of what is around me. It is amazing! The photo recognition is well done. I like to think I am helping in some way whole I learn about all the life around me.
  • Best nature identifying app! 5/5

    By CuriousCook
    Wonderful app that gives you suggestions on what you have found. Other members offer suggestions on what you have found. Participate in a local Bio-Blitz. Opens your eyes to the natural world around you!
  • I recommend you all the time 5/5

    By LemonBee123
    I have had iNaturalist app for about two years now and I love it!!! I have used other nature apps before, one for plants and one for bird identification, this one is definitely the fastest easiest way to ID all the critters I find. I work at Home Depot in the garden and constantly have customers coming in with bugs and plants wanting to know what it is. I take pictures of their stuff and post it. They are always surprised how fast I get an answer. Then I suggest they get iNaturalist also 😀 So glad I found you guys.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Larjorgen
    There’s no history/record of the photos I’ve submitted. When you click on “Contact Support” you get a pop up that says “Can not send email”. Also, it doesn’t let you copy/paste. I can’t comment on its accuracy as I am not knowledgeable about plants/animals etc.
  • A neature walker’s dream 5/5

    By Neature Ange
    It’s so wonderful to ID plants as I wander thru the woods. Absolutely love this app.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By sootyfish
    Great app that can help educate people about the world surrounding them! Love being able to log and see other logs in different areas. However I wish there was a way to see your the people you follow and their logs rather than having to go to the full site. Hopefully they will update that soon.
  • Such a great resource! 5/5

    By ditnit
    INaturalist is a Nature lovers best friend. I learn so much just by finding things I don’t know much about, uploading to this app and now I can go a bit deeper. EcoClaire
  • Best App ever! So much fun! 5/5

    By KTZ, New England
    This app and the accompanying website are great! I have had so much fun exploring!
  • Awesome App!!! 5/5

    By AbbySprack
    I love this app! This app makes it so easy to share and identify all different kinds of wildlife!
  • Watching you 1/5

    By josiemydog
    I don’t mind giving a general found location, but address with google maps to my home, no thanks!!
  • Pure Joy 5/5

    By i<3sam!!
    INaturalist has become my greatest companion. It is the perfect fit for my lifestyle and interests.
  • Not sure 3/5

    By Sweet est
    I love the help identifying but I don’t think I am using this right. Maybe it could be easier for low-tech old ladies. 😁 thank you 👵🏻
  • Amazing 5/5

    By TheresaCoatesEllis
    Finally I was introduced to this app for nature. Thank you!
  • Very cool. 5/5

    By undereefbay
    Home spun biologists. Makes hikes like a treasure hunt.
  • Aquatic ecologist 5/5

    By ichthyonaturalist
    I love iNaturalist, both to share flora and fauna, and also to have specialists help identify the organisms I’m unsure of. I like being able to load a picture and get back an instant list of possible identifications, both of things that are visually similar, as well those known to occur nearby. I appreciate being to load data points into a database, and I love to see the dots on a map of known occurrences. I hope iNaturalist leads to range extensions, and helps further our understanding of biodiversity. It’s pretty cool that “citizen science” data & pics can be used to further this endeavor.
  • Woohoo! 5/5

    By RussianJudge
    Awesome!! And easy!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    As a wildlife photographer, iNaturalist has been extremely helpful with id’ing birds and other wildlife that I have been unsure about. It’s also nice that you can join “projects” from your community to see what other observers are finding. I use this app daily and would definitely recommend it!
  • Uses to much data with observations. Otherwise good. 4/5

    By StrangeOrchod
    Great app! Good for ID’ing animals plants and other wildlife. My only issue so far is how much data it uses to store observations on my phone. I wish there was a way to limit the observations stored on my phone.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By bird baddie
    If you love birds/nature, this is a place where you can find people who genuinely care about it as well. <3
  • Love it 5/5

    By Fullcupmama
    Quickly identify all manner of life forms with frequent input from other members. I’m learning so much from this app.
  • Awesome app. 5/5

    By Farmgerl
    I’ve taken so many wildflower photos in the woods over the years and always meant to try to identify them. At last I have an easy fascinating method for doing so! I would happily pay for this app but I cannot because it’s free!

iNaturalist app comments

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