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Inbox by Gmail

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  • Current Version: 1.3.180729
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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Inbox by Gmail App

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters. • HIGHLIGHTS - Get the most important information without even opening the message. Check-in for flights, see shipping information for purchases, and view photos from friends right up front. • BUNDLES - Similar messages are bundled together so you can deal with them all at once. And get rid of them with one swipe. • REMINDERS - More than mail, you can add Reminders so your inbox contains all the things you need to get back to. • SNOOZE - Snooze emails and Reminders to come back when you are ready to deal with them: next week, when you get home, or whenever you choose. • SEARCH - Inbox helps you find exactly what you’re looking for— from your upcoming flight to a friend's address— without having to dig through messages. • WORKS WITH GMAIL - Inbox is built by the Gmail team, so all your messages from Gmail are here, along with the reliability and spam protection of Gmail. All of your messages are still in Gmail and always will be.


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  • Push notifications broken 1/5

    By Hungercraft
    My push notifications keep breaking and the only support for then is to reinstall the app. Really??
  • 1 notification badge 3/5

    By Cruz Repeta
    I love inbox, but there has been a 1 notification badge showing that I have an unread email but I’ve read them all! Please fix this
  • So Sad! 3/5

    By rauke57
    This app had so much promise when it was released. Dozens of updates later you still cannot Mark as Unread - like you can in any email program all the back to Word Perfect. Nor can you easily filter for unread messages. Yes I know how you can search for them, but why can’t they just add a filter? I gave it a quite generous three stars but it’s really a one star app without these two key features. Uninstalling, will stick with the older GMAIL app.
  • Finally 5/5

    By don_arthur
    A fullscreen version for the iPhone X.
  • Love the app but bring back gestures! 4/5

    By Wesj97
    I really miss the swipe up or down to close an email or category! It was a really unique design!
  • Finally iPhone X Support 5/5

    By tuttlescup
    Better late than never.
  • Plugin support please! 5/5

    By shimodah
    LOVE this app! It’s very well thought out and a great experience of the inbox app on mobile. What I miss the most is support for plugins, especially Mimax with its agile boards features. Any plans to include capability for this?
  • Can’t access files for email attachment 1/5

    By Britt793
    There is so much that is good about this app. But it has one super frustrating and deal-breaking feature. It can’t access all your files for email attachments. It can only access photos and documents in google drive. This is inconvenient and makes a computer necessary for sending emails with more than one attachment. If they could fix this, I’d give it five stars.
  • Only GMail support! 1/5

    By Tom McElvy
    I was excited to try this product, but there is an epic failure - I cannot add my email address! If I could use my outlook email then I would have this installed on all my devices,
  • great that there’s support for iPhone X, but where did my emails go? 3/5

    By aZooRe
    After updating, the emails I had kept in my inbox are no longer there. It seems they’ve been deleted so now I have to retrieve the information again... Update: my emails in my inbox have deleted AGAIN. What the heck is going on?
  • Stop asking about Chrome 3/5

    This app, like many made by Google, pesters you about using Chrome whenever you tap a link in an email. And it includes a misleading “always ask me” option to try to disable this. It should be “never” .. presumably saying you don’t want to be always bothered with this option just makes it slightly less frequent. I haven’t noticed a difference. Knock it off Google.
  • Lingering notifications 3/5

    By NB08
    I’m an inbox zero kinda gal and multiple times there has been a lingering notification of unread mail when there is nothing unread in my inbox. I’ve restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, nothing. Very frustrating.
  • Don’t remove pull down to close email 1/5

    By Kanchisathvikreddy
    The app is now completely handicapped. I have to literally press the back arrow button on the top left to go back from the current email. I hate it. Yes I am still using iPhone 6s Plus, so don’t think iPhone X users are the only users of this app. Will give you 5 stars when you brick back that functionality. Also try to add the more attachments at once.
  • No thanks I don’t want to use chrome on my phone 3/5

    By skuimsc
    Every time I click a link, the app force me to choose between safari and chrome even if I told it so many times I want to stick with my safari and stop bother me again. Stop doing evils Google. 3 star here you go.
  • Please make red 2 go away.... 1/5

    By No nickname^
    I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I have not activated my account and the 2 is still there.
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By iqh6192
    Updated for iPhone X. No swipe down to go back
  • Was 5 stars - offline 3/5

    By grossadamm
    App goes “offline” and won’t send or receive email even when all other apps (including native gmail) are working fine.
  • Thanks for the iPhone X support!! 5/5

    By jag1001
    Now that we have support for iPhone X I have to give my favorite email client the 5 star rating it deserves. Thank you!!
  • Different experience 3/5

    By spac92
    2nd update So they've finally updated the app to include iPhone X Support but still lacking some other features. 1. I want to select more than 1 photo for attachments. 2. Integrate support for apple's files app Update : yet another update but still no iPhone X support This email app is completely different from anything I've used before-- and that's a good thing. It allows you organize your inbox and other emails like you've never been able to be before. It's been great so far. On to the cons of which there are several: 1. I'd like to be able to access google drive to attach files rather than only photos. 2. When attaching photos I'd like to be able to attach more than one at a time. This is especially time consuming when you're attaching more than 3 photos. 3. The email sound alert is super annoying. I haven't been able to find a way to change it. Please enable this feature.
  • Red notification won’t go away! 1/5

    By Can't Switch To Metric
    I love this app but for the past month I have a red notification that says I have 99 unread emails- which isn’t true! It won’t go away and the app hasn’t been updated to fix this issue and I’m going insane! Please fix this because I Love Inbox but my OCD can’t handle the red notification for no reason!
  • Doesn’t Attach Photos 3/5

    By Bella.Lana
    I use this app to send in receipts and settlements for work P&L. Since early this month (July 2018), the app “prepares” the photo attachments (max of five) then exits. I attach from photo gallery on iPhone X by selecting the photos to attach, them tapping the Inbox App icon. To work around this issue, I open the Inbox app, then hunt for the photos one by one to send. The workaround is time consuming. Please troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Otherwise, this is a solid app I recommend.
  • Game Changer 3/5

    By bknox01
    Would be a game changer for me and send me back to google apps if this had one thing that I use regularly on the stock Apple email client. The ability to easily put lots of photos in the body of the email and have four choices on the size of the group of photos with the tap of the screen. Until then Apple it is. Almost there inbox.
  • Doesn't show existing message labels 1/5

    By Kp311420
    Recent update still doesn't fix this problem.
  • took a long while 5/5

    By 9600baud
    Finally iphoneX support!
  • Uses too much data for an email app 2/5

    By Thor-oh
    Either because of mistaps or because of how emails load, the app uses way too much data compared to Mail.
  • Great App 3/5

    By 20376909
    Great Email app. Like the option of snoozing emails for follow up and not just flagging. Wish it had the ability to ungroup conversations. Was looking for this in Gmail, which is why I was looking for another mail app. Wish it also had the ability to see more than one inbox in the same window without switching back and forth between accounts.
  • Yay. So glad it has iPhone X support now 5/5

    By Graigs
    So glad I can use this on iPhone X now. I had actually deleted all the apps and started using the regular mail app. Even though I like the filtering of googles inbox app the best.
  • Extremely promising app, now in decline 3/5

    By Blandsberg
    The intro video shows the ability to snooze reminders and emails to a “place” in addition to the usual date/time. I previously used this functionality a lot, but it has been stripped from the app. This feels representative of the app as a whole - really useful, unique features have stopped being added and have been in some cases removed. It’s really a shame and neither Apple’s mail app nor Googles Gmail app have picked up the slack.
  • YES!!!!! 5/5

    By marshall3good
    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here. If you have an iPhone X you know what I’m talking about. I’m proud to present my yet-again go-to email application. Google listened, and delivered. I couldn’t be prouder.
  • Great email app 4/5

    By monoaloe
    I love this app! It has greatly streamlined my email usage. I can actually go through each of my emails, even when I get a ton of adds. Organizing is very easy. One of my issues is that even though I get rid of my unread emails i still have a ton on notifications from the app saying I have a lot of unread emails, but I don’t have any. Besides this I love the app!
  • Unread notifications 3/5

    By Kfrmo
    Most of the time, I love this app. However it is so annoying that it shows 25 unread emails when I know all of my emails are read. This has been going on for quite some time. Please fix!!
  • Wrong unread notification 1/5

    By Corneliocmc
    Hi, I have sent you a couple of emails asking for help. My inbox is 100% clear but my app shows 1 to 2 on the notifications for the app signaling that I have unread messages, but I don’t. Please help. Thanks.
  • Treating E-Mail Like the Task List it Really Is 5/5

    By Disasterpeace
    Google Inbox eschews the starring, archiving and various deck-chair shuffling we’ve come to adopt in our e-mail apps - all of which turned out to be unnecessary! I can say with certainty that since adopting Inbox a few years ago I spend a lot less time in my e-mail app and more time doing other stuff. All while being more organized and efficient. The powerful combination of snooze and search functionality makes organizing your e-mail into categories nearly pointless. Will take an adjustment period but it’s worth it!
  • Finally optimized 4/5

    By calm_tiger
    Good to have inbox back. However, the amount of time it took to get it optimized for iPhones “flagship” is inexcusable.
  • Notification count but nothing unread 4/5

    By Vzw1234567890
    I am having issues with one of the recent updates where I have an unread message count on the app icon but nothing unread. I've noticed on my Android Gmail shows a reminder for some messages now in Orange text that maybe inbox is seeing as unread?
  • Notifications stuck on 99 1/5

    By ihavethestore
    Even though I mark all my emails (even from the very start) as done I still have “99 unread emails.” .-.
  • Best Gmail client for iPhone 5/5

    By RyanD84
    Great app and the best way to use gmail on the iPhone. It took a long time to be updated to support the iPhone X, but does now.
  • Cannot clear notification from lock screen. 2/5

    By Samsachdev
    Might be a bug, but very annoying. Gmail clear notification works, but not for Inbox. Sad that this made through from Google without proper testing.
  • Decent app but support lacks for iOS paradigm 4/5

    By karan.shah
    It took almost a year but hey we finally have iPhone X support. Because of that I already moved to other email client. The placements of the buttons while reading the email to archive, pin, schedule, etc are hard to reach. Would be better if it’s at the bottom instead of top. Stop following android designs when implementing it for iOS 🙄
  • Add to calendar 4/5

    By Domer7
    C’mon, Google - we should be able to add an appointment embedded in an email to the calendar with one touch. Why can’t we?
  • No good on iPad 2/5

    By Sarati
    Poor interface, uses a lot of memory, I ended up creating a shortcut for Gmail on Safari and it works great; tiny file size and all the features of Gmail
  • Latest update Broke 1/5

    By bclay88
    No longer allows access to my account from this and the gmail apps. Try to log in and get “something went wrong, try again later”. This is unacceptable. If this gets fixed I’ll update this review.
  • Like Inbox but miss location feature 3/5

    By pgd987
    Any chance of getting the location feature back. I found it very useful. Really made this app much more useful than other email tools. Would allow me to set reminders/emails for when I get to work or get home or have a bunch of reminders that just pop up when I reach the store.
  • Haha finally updated 5/5

    By Velocialume
    Fun fact: November 3rd to July10th is 249 days Happy to finally use the whole screen.
  • Decent App. Slow Upgrades. 3/5

    By losershot
    Took these folks 8 months to upgrade the UI to support a new iPhone form factor.
  • Updated: No iPhone X support 5/5

    By mp40x
    Please, for the love of God, update this awesome email app with iPhone X support. Update: Thanks for updating the app, works great. Only wish you could have done it 10-months ago.
  • Quirky. 1/5

    By redolent1
    Can’t write long emails. Aren’t emails supposed to be long? Obviously I’m dissatisfied.
  • Thanks for adding iPhone X support 5/5

    By cusquinho
    Thanks for updating to iPhone X. Took a long time eh? Anyway, changing my rate. This is way better than the gmail app. :-) I do miss the some day snooze option..
  • Best email app 5/5

    By DeanoZar!
    Thanks for a great update.
  • It keeps freezing 2/5

    By Lolikittyy
    Every time I open inbox, it freezes and I can’t do anything. Please fix. Thank you.

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