Influenster: Reviews & Deals

Influenster: Reviews & Deals

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Influenster: Reviews & Deals App

Influenster is the premier product discovery and review platform. With 50 million honest reviews written by people just like you, the Influenster community helps you discover new products through member content, Q&A, articles, contests, discounts, and opportunities to sample free products. Share Your Honest Opinions and Expertise • Share reviews, photos, and videos to help others choose the right products • Join the discussion in our friendly, welcoming community and share your expertise • Stay up to date on new products, trends, and the people behind your favorite brands Shop Smarter • Know before you buy. Use our scanner in-store and instantly access honest reviews, questions and answers from the Influenster community • Discover and learn about products across thousands of different categories such as food and beverage, pets, beauty, hair, tech, and more • Ask the Influenster community your burning questions to find the right product for you Get Exclusive Rewards as an Influenster Member • Unlock eligibility to try free products from top brands ranging from beauty and skincare to pet food and candy • Get deals and discounts from your favorite brands and retailers • Win prizes and earn badges through mini-challenges and contests

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Influenster: Reviews & Deals app reviews

  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By odddollface
    I love the concept but this app is so glitchy and bad. The few times i actually do get my product reviews loaded and try to do more snaps it takes over 30 minutes to load and because it takes over 30minutes alone of course i blip through to other apps very quickly because i’ve been waiting so long. I really do like this app but it’s just not efficient enough at the moment. even the web site is very slow things take forever to load just wish it was more convenient
  • They hook you 3/5

    By LreneJ
    They get you interested by sending you a lot of surveys for vox boxes, and maybe even a box or two... but it gets old fast if you keep reviewing products and never get sent anything. Some people seem to get them all the time, so I guess if you’re one of the lucky ones it’s probably awesome! I’ve gotten to sample more products Using Facebook vs Influenster.
  • Search could be better 3/5

    By Nolacrazygrl
    I like this app and website because I feel it has honest reviews that aren’t filtered and chosen by the companies like the brand websites and Amazon. The problem I have is the search functionality. I will put a specific product and sometimes nothing remotely close comes up. Then if you apply the filter to sort by highest rating, only a few choice items come up instead of the full list of items sorted by rating. I don’t really understand the logic in some of the functionality because I don’t sit on this site all day. I would give it a 5 star rating if the search function & filter was improved. I just get frustrated really quickly when I’m looking for something specific. I could care less about receiving free products, vox box, etc. since I have allergies to common ingredients in modern day products and I can’t really test a bunch of stuff. Please improve just a bit to cater to those not trying to be an online influencer.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By myahr5
    I’ve been using Influenster for a couple years now. I’ve gotten many good boxes/products from them. Last December (2020 before Christmas, during the pandemic), I did my first Cashback challenge. You have to purchase the items and provide screenshots of your receipt, so I did exactly that. I purchased three pet products, submitted my receipts, and was told to wait two weeks for my money to be returned. After that two weeks, I received my money back for one item. I contacted them to see why I hadn’t gotten the rest of the money, and they told me I’d just have to wait again. That was fine. I had to email them nonstop to finally receive my second payout TWO MONTHS LATER. Again, whatever, at least I got that money. I’ve been fighting with them for six months now (they simply ignored me for two out of six months) because I haven’t received the third payout. I spent over $100 on this product because they GUARANTEED I’d be given the money back. To this day, they continue to tell me to wait two weeks. I wait, I do not receive the money, and I email them again. It’s been this never ending cycle for six whole months. I’m just disappointed because I thought they were an amazing company. I don’t enjoy being the annoying person emailing every other day, but it’s just awful that they’re not trustworthy anymore. I will never do another Cashback challenge from them.
  • Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb 5/5

    By phillybocagirl
    Great scent! A little pricey but if you are looking for something unique and a different spicy scent for a man this is for you.
  • ❤️ it 5/5

    By lcarson815
    It’s for real and it’s amazing!!
  • Love influenster, new app update is hot garbage 1/5

    By Becca Skittles
    App updated today. During surveys I have to click "next" or "reload" no less than 30-40 times to get to the next page. Not an exaggeration on number of times. Each update is worst than the last.
  • Idea is Good, App is Slow 3/5

    By c453y1w999
    I want to like this but I downloaded today & the app lags so much… not sure if it’s just me but I’ll open the Snaps section, 5+ seconds to load. Click on a category, 15+ seconds to load. Each question, review, etc. in the process is taking forever. I hope it’s fixed soon because it’s painful.
  • Super slow:( 5/5

    By Illiana🖤
    I would love to get to use this app more but every time I try log into my account it says wrong password or email when I’ve already gotten in once:(
  • Love it, just one problem 3/5

    By Job disclosure nsncjdhahxhd
    I love this app, but I don’t know how to receive my VoxBox, the app is also VERY slow. It isn’t my phone, it is the app.
  • SO SLOW 1/5

    By hello my name is gwyn
    this app is so slow that I am not even able to access my profile. Sad because I was trying to write reviews and it was too slow to even do that. Disappointing
  • Issue taking surveys 3/5

    By Hebeljen
    I have an issue every time I take a survey. The “next” button never proceeds to the next page correctly. It either takes multiple clicks or it won’t even work at all. The last survey I took I had to open the browser and do it that way because it stopped working halfway through. I love Influenster though!!! I’ve been chosen for a few campaigns now since signing up a few months ago and it’s really easy and hassle free.
  • I cannot log in to the app.. i was so excited to try it out 1/5

    By krishmi nimesha
    Unfortunately i tried loggin in multiple times but i cant log in anymore.. i was so excited to use the app
  • terrible 1/5

    By laxaddison
    I was so excited about this app but I can’t even make an account because it loads for one second and then stops loading. FIX IT PLEASE!!
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By mynameusshan0909
    I have been trying to make an account for the past 20 minutes but it will not let me!
  • App Wont Let me Sign In 1/5

    By AmberJade3
    Trying all the methods to sign in but none of them work
  • Trash 1/5

    By omgworeekkkkkk
    Would not let me make an count tried multiple try’s and different ways never worked.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By Tumamacita101
    It literally crashed.
  • frustrating 1/5

    By dawgwassuo
    It wouldn’t let me even sign up and make an account
  • doesn’t let me sign up 1/5

    By ashlyn💘
    it doesn’t let me sign up if just says there’s already an account made but when i go to log in with the same email it says wrong combination and i ask for them to send me an email so i can reset the password maybe and i get no email.
  • ? 3/5

    By Baka baby<3
    i wanted to start using this app but each time i would try to sign up it would not let me. I would click sign up now and there would be a ; that would start to appear but then it would go away. does anyone know a way to help me?
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By S4brlna
    The apps keep telling me my email is registered, and when I go to reset my pass it won’t send the email
  • Frustrating Log In 1/5

    By gibsonkatie
    Not sure if it’s a problem in my phone, but I tried several times to log in, in several different ways. It would load for about 5 seconds and then nothing would change. It was very frustrating and I ended up deleting g the app all together.
  • Doesn’t even open 1/5

    By secret anonymous person
    I tried logging in with apple when I first opened the app, it looked like it was working but never opened no matter how many times I tried. I continued to use different emails and even log in with Facebook but nothing would work!!!
  • doesn’t 3/5

    By Tjm012
    app doesn’t open
  • wont let me make an acc 1/5

    i tried multiple different emails and it said email already in use i tried to log in with them it said incorrect password tried to reset password and the reset link it sent me to didnt even open
  • Good but… 3/5

    By sgdub
    The intentions of Influenster are great. I’ve been selected for voxboxes multiple times. But the surveys through the app are EXCRUCIATING. the pages don’t load or take forever to document your info. Keep getting ads to “take this survey in the app!” but I’m already IN the app to do it! It needs to be improved.
  • Needs a serious fix 1/5

    By Geejay dub
    This app is so horribly glitchy. It asks me to fill out surveys to see if I’m a good fit but none ever load and the few that do take an eternity to load each page. Took me an hour to fill out a survey one day. Needs major improvements
  • Love the app but 2/5

    By Misscolbi
    The most recent version is being so laggy! I can’t complete my campaign surveys and it’s getting very frustrating. It stops loading after awhile and gives me an error code.
  • this app has allowed me to be creative and to be my self with the things I love 5/5

    By Beatbyeve
    to share the things I either cook or clean with and gadgets That work.
  • App doesn’t load 1/5

    By EmilyRoseAngelic
    Just updated hoping to see a fix in the app not loading anything. Still won’t load.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By TroublesomeTraci
    This is really a must have app! You get the opportunity to receive complimentary products to review as well as being part of an all around amazing community where you can read honest reviews, check product Q & A, read articles about new products and so much more! What’s not to love?
  • Submitting receipt 4/5

    By nannnatr
    I like this app but am still new at using it. I can’t find how to submit a receipt. However the influenster app is wonderful when I have questions about a product the influenster app is my go to for valuable reviews.
  • This app is awesome 5/5

    By casara1507
    In love influenster. I have received numerous things to review from skincare to make up to perfume to cleaning products. This app has helped me so much when searching for a new product I want to try but am not sure yet it helps make the decision. Reviewing is fun and earning badges and gaining a following is awesome. I’m so glad I found this app definitely should try it out it totally worth it. It’s also great to get others opinions on things not just reviewing but interacting with everyone and asking questions and comments on photos and reviews it’s just a wonderful positive atmosphere.
  • App doesn’t load profile 1/5

    By Girlygalqt
    The app doesn’t load my profile yet I have campaigns I need to respond to that I can’t do on the website. Ridiculous!
  • Reviews you can trust 5/5

    By Rhonda's reviews
    I buy what works for me & being able to try products before purchasing is a plus because there’s no waste. I follow the reviews written by other Influensters on products I’m interested in as well as on products I’m already familiar with, it just makes life so much easier knowing I can trust the reviews.
  • Influyentes 5/5

    By belengbbg
    Me encanta la app por que me permite conocer marcas que no conozco. Me informa más sobre los productos de cual quier tipo y me gusta mucho ser tomada en cuenta en las Voxbox creo que es muy buena plataforma para conocer realmente los productos basados en comentarios y reeseñas o estas y claras
  • I wish you could connect a Tik Tok account 4/5

    By Han71797
    I love the idea of this app however most of my influence is from my Tik Tok account which you unfortunately can’t link. Hopefully they update this!
  • after updating this application does not work 1/5

    By Ekaterinka215
    after updating this application does not work, when I write a review it closes automatically.
  • Love Influenster but the app is slow 4/5

    By bgd1221
    I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Influenster club for many many years now. They’ve sent me a lot of Vox boxes with great things that I have loved! I’m giving 4 stars because every time I complete a survey in the app it is super slow and annoying. I literally left a survey to leave this review because I was so annoyed with the slowness. Next time I’ll try it on my computer though. Other than that Influenster is great if you love leaving reviews!
  • Me encanta b 5/5

    By belensita86
    Pero me gustaría mucho más si agregaran el español como 4 idioma
  • I love Influenster but.. 2/5

    By MessyJessy79
    I really love Influenster and have been apart of the community for quite a few years now ( I think I joined in 2017 maybe 2016 ) and I would’ve gave this a 5 star rating since I signed up until about 2019. I love that you can read 1, 000 & 1, 000 of reviews on many different products ranging from makeup, skincare, lifestyle, fitness etc. I loved receiving products and giving honest reviews. Lately tho I feel like a bunch of Influencers that already have huge platforms and get a bunch of PR get VoxBoxes, plus I used to get quite a bit of VoxBoxes and always got my reviews in on time and gave honest reviews , plus followed all of the directions for the campaign. I don’t think I received a VoxBox since 2019. I get a lot of digital campaigns, and yes you get money back but it’s been mostly food that I can’t eat because of my illness. I wish they would let you opt out of getting some of these digital campaigns. Don’t get me wrong I love getting cash back and free skincare and makeup products but I just feel the VoxBoxes are not going out to the everyday consumer. Please Influenster change the digital campaigns so we can opt out if it’s something we can’t use. I’ve been getting a lot of free products to review from another company & I have been recommending them over Influenster because I can’t show them the free products I received in exchange for an honest review in a long time so I just don’t talk about Influenster like I once did. I really hope I can come back and give you 5 stars because I honestly did love everything about Influenster until the last few years.
  • Muy buena plataforma 4/5

    By darihane
  • Good luck setting up a account! 1/5

    By NikkiLynneB
    I gave up. Tried to set up a password and no matter what it kept saying “invalid password” I did upper& lowercase/ numbers and had 12 characters...all invalid. Tried resetting, still useless.
  • Free stuff 5/5

    By Keandry
  • I love This App! 5/5

    By Beautifully_Broken420
    I love this by far the best App I have found for influencers! You get to write reviews on products you have used and you get to try products!!! This is amazing, I have never been one to write reviews. So I figured I would write this one so people know his isn’t a scam! I love using this App! You and your family can join. You have many chances on getting a Box called VoxBoxs! I have gotten 2 so far and I love the Products that I have tested and reviewed! This is by far the best App for influencers right now! I recommend this App to anyone that wants to get the right product for you and your family! n
  • Slow 3/5

    By KimberlyCSM
    Takes me almost an hour to complete a survey. When I hit that I don’t have any pets, it’s asks me questions about pets. Over it.
  • Update is glitchy 3/5

    By Fogfffhgcfg
    I love this app and have received several free things just by doing reviews and filling out the survey. The recent update “allows” me to fill out the survey in app instead of the web browser but it’s too glitchy and now I cannot get through the survey in either location because it keeps crashing. Ugh.
  • Influenster 5/5

    By Beauty by Valdez
    I thoroughly enjoy this! I love reading peoples reviews before purchasing and I enjoy providing feedback on products I have used! Love love love the vox boxes!