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Informed Delivery®

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  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: United States Postal Service
  • Compatibility: Android
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Informed Delivery® App

The Informed Delivery® application allows you to interact with your incoming mail and packages in one convenient location. Digitally preview your household’s letter-sized mailpieces and receive USPS Tracking® updates for incoming packages directly in the app: • Verify your identity to ensure you have access to your secure dashboard • Digitally preview grayscale images of the exterior, address side of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces scheduled to arrive soon. • Report missing mailpieces, and in some cases, interact with mailer-provided digital content associated with mailpiece images (e.g., special offers, related links). • Schedule emails and/or text-based alerts to track the delivery status of your incoming packages. • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with a mobile device’s camera to store the label number and track its status. • Leave delivery instructions for incoming packages and schedule a redelivery.

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Informed Delivery® app reviews

  • So much better! I love knowing what’s in the mailbox before I get there 5/5

    By Haley Dennis
    It’s 2019. This app upgrades the mail system by 50 years. Love it The loading could be faster, but if you just watch the loading bar up top, it’s good
  • Easy Peasy 4/5

    By jdcpo
    First, I signed up via the internet prior to downloading the app. Sign up was quick and easy. I’ve seen a few reviews stating none of the security questions apply to them. It’s very rare that any site verifying your identity asks you 5 questions and the answer to everyone of them is none of the above. Keep in mind they read “Have you EVER lived in ....”. I had no problem with the text message; I replied YES and immediately the code was sent, entered and my app was up and running. I work in a small USPS postal intake only facility. Meaning we don’t deliver mail. People call all day wanting to know where their packages are. Here are some helpful tips. The post office does not give you an exact time of when your package will arrive. If you see your package has arrived at the main processing center in your city the package then needs to arrive at the post office that delivers your mail. If the tracking didn’t update to say the package arrived at your local post office it’s most likely not coming that day. Even if the tracking says it will be there by 8pm today, most likely, it won’t! If you see your package is stuck in the same location for more than 3 days and there’s not a major weather event, you may want to call the location it’s stuck at. Phone #’s can be found on If you live in an apartment complex and your package shows it was delivered but it’s not in your mailbox you should check with the management office before calling the post office. I will update this review once I’ve used the app for a while and can give you an honest opinion of how it performs.
  • Need active phone not WiFi 1/5

    By littlerockbob1
    After sending 15-20 mins creating account then it asked for my phone number. I use a prepaid one and live it in the sticks my phone hardly works at home. However I have a fast internet connection. You should offer verification via email.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Ali bella
    Very informative app to see and track mail as well as know what to expect and view if mail is lost or not delivered.
  • Literally can’t even log in. Worst service ever 1/5

    By xKOLIEx
    Signed up via the link provided by email after my change of address. I created an account online and was able to log in and create an account using that email as my username. I views packaged for delivery today. Then I go back and check a few hours later and it doesn’t let me log in and says my username is invalid when I try to request a new password, so it prompted me to make a new account, but then that username is taken (obviously because I MADE AN ACCOUNT WITH IT). Doesn’t work on the app either. This whole service is a joke
  • Won’t even let me login 1/5

    By Caylin Taylor
    I can’t even login into the app to use it. I have downloaded the regular USPS app and can log into everything perfectly fine but I continue to get an error message when logging in on this app.
  • Can't Be Turned-Off Easily 1/5

    By JuanChocoPlasta
    I hit unsubscribed and deleted this app yet i continue to receive the emails. I guess im gonna have to go in person to put a stop to this.
  • UPDATE 2/5

    By DJAlaska96
    Been 3 months since you’ve updated the app. If you can’t take the time to keep it updated, then why abandon it & leave it in the App Store?
  • App doesn’t work correctly 1/5

    By Raragldnboy
    I can not consistently get this app to work. sometimes it lets me log in and authenticate my account, then I will get a message that I do not have the right username and password. Please fix this issue.
  • Ugh :( 1/5

    By wondermarkgpd
    This app is as frustrating to deal with as the post office is to visit :(
  • I like it 5/5

    By pkinhtp1095
    I don’t know why this app would have bad reviews. I think it’s great. Now I know what I should be getting and I’d know if somebody’s been in my mailbox. It relieves my worries a bit. If there’s a bad review I’d think it would be the persons phone and not the app itself.
  • Poor 2/5

    By JoeJ40
    System seems to never be available.
  • Won’t recognize user name 1/5

    By mo5m
    Signed up in iPad with little effort. Downloaded app on iphone and it won’t accept the user name or password that worked just fine on iPad. Now can’t log in to either. Don’t want to set up another account.
  • Needs more to be truly useful 3/5

    By JustAnakin
    I like that you can see what mail to expect. However, when you report that you didn’t get a particular piece of mail, nothing happens. What’s the point of reporting something if they don’t address it?
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Yousuck12346
    Doesnt work
  • Poorly Executed 1/5

    By HyenDine
    I originally only downloaded the application to use the informed delivery feature. I signed up, entered the verification code, and now I’m being told I’m using an invalid username. I originally thought I must’ve mistyped something so I follow the link provided in my email to sign in and it’s showing that o don’t have an account at all (despite the fact that I just signed up for an account) Huge waste of time. Would give zero stars if I could.
  • Can’t get past initial verification 1/5

    By Fartmonkey🐵
    This app is completely worthless. I cannot get past initial identity verification. It’s telling me the answers to my questions are wrong.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ZeeKway
    Registered and then said account not found
  • Lacks UI expertise, TouchID support 2/5

    By szalkerous
    Whenever designed this app needs to take a course in UI design. It’s horrendously laid out, there is no intuitive way to find the meager settings the app provides, and there’s a lack of Touch ID support so you better remember that password! Password reset for when the app conveniently forgets your account information occurs on a web page that isn’t friendly to the iPhone’s screen dimensions, and is another example of poor design. The mail and package information is on-par with industry standards but the usability of the app tanks its rating. Needs work!
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Mstab65763
    This app tells you that you have no mail or packages expected, yet if you go to the actual USPS app and add your tracking number, you get the correct information on the page that you are expecting.
  • Performed as expected 1/5

    By Curt9988
    Cumbersome. Confusing. Hinky. Borderline useless. Just like the USPS. I had low expectations for this app, and they were fulfilled.
  • Works as advertised 5/5

    By Ncgameguy
    Using this app on iphone. A few steps to verify address and identity but app works great! Not sure why all the negative reviews and low rating. Follow instructions and app works!
  • NEEDS WORK !!! 1/5

    By Kitty's mom
    Can’t get the app to work because it can’t verify me. Tech line has an hour wait every time I call. Good concept but right now it’s a waste of time.
  • App didn’t send me verification texts. 1/5

    By ClassicAir
    App didn’t send me verification text no matter how many times I’ve tried. It worked great on android. Are you going to fix it?
  • Uninstalling 1/5

    By Krt65613
    This app isn’t worth downloading. It’s not accurate at all. I wouldn’t waste your time with it
  • No good!! 1/5

    By Ginger's Music
    Good concept, but doesn’t work at all. When you put in your info to get in the next time it says it all wrong. Someone doesn’t know how to set this up properly.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Saalpaal
    Went through the whole signing up process then when I went to sign in it said my sign in info was wrong. Had to make three different usernames and it did the same thing each time.
  • Works like the site 4/5

    By kindones
    It did take a long time to get my verification pin. By then I had to reenter my info and wait again. The third time it came quick. About a hr after I first tried. I don’t know what the “scan” option is for as it doesn’t say.
  • No good 1/5

    By Homayra Elsayed
    Sign up process was crap.
  • Not working with iPhone XR 1/5

    By Lovesthecity
    The furthest I get with this app is to get a verification sent to my phone. However every time I put my phone number in it and never text me a verification code, so I can’t never complete signing in on the new iPhone XR.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Eaglesfan69
    Great app to have especially if your mail magically disappears and you want to track it before it arrives so it doesn’t get stolen
  • Good start. Now... 5/5

    By Cleatus Spunkmier
    Good start with app. Now take it to the next level and think like a business and not a govt agency. No offense. Make my life easier and I’ll pay a fee. 90% of the snail mail everyone gets is trash. Scan it, email the scan to me, let me mark the ones that I want trashed, you destroy the trash and only deliver what I want to see. And do so two days per week, not daily. You’ll save a ton on delivery costs, I’ll only get what I want to see, and you can monetize the service and charge me a monthly fee for sorting my mail for me. Win-win for both of us.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Tabbie37
    Please fix your App!! I can’t even get past the Verification part!! It asks you to either verify online or request code, been waiting 3 days and still nothing!! Please fix or I’m deleting the app!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By tapemeasuringgrl
    You go thr the whole process then it tells you your sign in info is wrong !!!
  • Why is my area still not eligible??? 1/5

    By Hariford
    I live in Irvington NJ, close to the post office and am still not eligible, am most times not home so will be glad if my area is added. Every week I try and all I get is try next week. Please do something about it. Thanks
  • Works great most of the time 4/5

    By cshah123
    Also in the next update can we see a option to get a notification when your mail is ready to view in the app. Thanks!
  • Deleting old stuff 3/5

    By estab1981
    There needs to be an easier way to delete the old packages from the list. Maybe just a swipe then delete or something.
  • Mrs 1/5

    By Cinder65
    Installed the app with the verification code I was sent via text. The name and password were still filled in with what I typed to create the account but somehow it wasn’t correct.
  • Nice, but... 3/5

    By Lappt
    I do appreciate having this app, I really do! It just could definitely be improved upon. I like having the option to click “I didn’t receive...” but It also needs to have some way of feedback to indicate when you receive a stack of your neighbor’s mail... ie:”I got all this that wasn’t mine!” Meanwhile I keep encouraging all of my neighbors to get the app too, so they can report all the mistakes that happen in our neighborhood!
  • Why all of the hate? 5/5

    By Querist
    I can’t understand why there are so many negative reviews. This app is easy to use and does exactly what they say it will do. Having a curb-side mail box, it is nice to know what should be in my mail box so if something is missing, I can report it. This is a great app.
  • Does exactly what is says 5/5

    By Steve4788
    The negative ratings are about the post office in general. But the app is great.
  • Not so good. 2/5

    By TPBu
    It’s helpful when you can get it to load, but that’s seldom. They really need to work on this app so it works properly. And as far as accuracy it’s about 50 percent of the time. I don’t rely on it anymore because it’s far too inaccurate.
  • 4 Stars 4/5

    By CET0406
    This is a great app for tracking mail and packages. However, if you don’t like being bombarded with constant text messages (and I do not.) I would suggest having “all” alerts to come via email. After installing the app, I set my notifications preferences. The borage of text that followed, led me to go in and change where I wanted to be notified. Even then, the notifications I requested to be sent to my email were still coming text messages on my phone. Just this morning I went into the app (yet again) and changed notifications settings for ALL to be sent via email. 10 minutes ago...I get a friggin TEXT notification! Ugh
  • Does what it says 5/5

    By onkitt
    This the app I was looking. Now I don’t to log on website to check incoming mails.
  • Why Were the Previous Reviews Deleted 1/5

    By 357 MAG
    It’s the Tuesday before thanksgiving and the app is constantly timing out. If it can’t handle today’s traffic, I can’t imagine how this app, in its current configuration, can be expected to survive the thanksgiving to New Years window when mail traffic gets real heavy. I didn’t think this app could be any more useless, but your crackerjack team of developers have proved me wrong once again. Extremely flaky app. Once or twice a week, the app pops up a network lost message and forces a login. My network is monitored 24/7 and there are no network issues. Any network stability issues/problems are on your end.
  • Really annoying setup process 2/5

    By Fiddlefoot
    I understand the need for security and 2 factor authentication but this is ridiculous. After I go through all the setup steps, including receiving a code for the phone, there is still one more step... and now I’m waiting for a letter with my magic access code. Seriously??? ...the online verification didn’t work.
  • Bad, bad, bad 1/5

    By Niceladu
    Downloaded the app twice. Never did get a verification code to finalize the set up. Tried repeatedly. Would be nice if it worked. It’s now deleted from my phone.
  • Essential if you are far from your mailbox 4/5

    By Bill0416
    Security of mailboxes is such a severe problem that I used a PO Box for years. I have managed down paper mail as much as possible but there are still a few firms (WellCare, are you listening) that insist upon sending statements and even medical data through the USPS. While most of what is in my mailbox is junk, It is great to be able to use this app to see whether there are first class mail or packages in my box. Security and accuracy are the concerns of the registration process. As a security professional, I think that it is a little over designed; the first few times I tried to enroll I failed, with no remedy. However, there have been reports of fraudulent enrollments. I had given up until I got a security code from the USPS in the mail, a remedy that could have been available earlier. The USPS trusts the mail even if I do not. Even with this code, enrollment was still difficult but it is one-time and now it is over. Once enrolled, use of the app is very easy. When the app shows me an image of the envelope or label, it is there. Some users have complained that they were not notified of mail that was there; I have not used the app long enough to know about that. I will let you know about my experience.
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By RockiB88
    I reliable app. Needs work and shut down.

Informed Delivery® app comments

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