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Informed Delivery®

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  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: United States Postal Service
  • Compatibility: Android
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Informed Delivery® App

The Informed Delivery® application allows you to interact with your incoming mail and packages in one convenient location. Digitally preview your household’s letter-sized mailpieces and receive USPS Tracking® updates for incoming packages directly in the app: • Verify your identity to ensure you have access to your secure dashboard • Digitally preview grayscale images of the exterior, address side of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces scheduled to arrive soon. • Report missing mailpieces, and in some cases, interact with mailer-provided digital content associated with mailpiece images (e.g., special offers, related links). • Schedule emails and/or text-based alerts to track the delivery status of your incoming packages. • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with a mobile device’s camera to store the label number and track its status. • Leave delivery instructions for incoming packages and schedule a redelivery.

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Informed Delivery® app reviews

  • Informed delivery 1/5

    By Mr.Burns009
    It’s not a good app! Headache to use
  • Definitely not an informed delivery 1/5

    By megan carr
    The LAST thing they should have named this app was informed delivery. It doesn’t even tell you what’s getting delivered, maybe once in a great while but almost every time it just says “a package will be delivered today” which says literally nothing for somebody who orders a lot of packages. I thought this was going to be like knowing what was in my mail box with out having to wait til I got home from work at 5 pm but apparently not. Save yourself the hassle of making an account and having to go all the way to the post office to verify your account, it was not even a little bit worth it. Pointless app.
  • Literally changed my username AND password 1/5

    By Fergo22
    Trying to log into this app was an absolute NIGHTMARE. And when I FINALLY verified it, it kept tell me my login information was now wrong! Went to the website and tried to recover my password using the username I had already used to log in before. No username found. Upon getting a username recovery email, I find it is now missing the email address, and has been capitalized where it wasn’t before. Tried to use this new username to get in, but my password was wrong! I had to reset it to what it ALREADY WAS. When I FINALLY was able to log into this app, I find that my address “isn’t eligible” for informed delivery. What a waste of time! 0/5
  • Too many images not scanned 4/5

    By WishIHadMyTimeBack
    Overall a great app. Knocked it back a star because easily half of the mail is not scanned and the app reads ‘which we do not currently have an image for.’ I understand that this might be due to a third party not providing images for junk mail or advertising- but I would still like to know ALL of what’s coming. For that reason, I don’t think this is a 5 star yet.
  • Horrible app! 1/5

    By go cvs
    Not a user friendly application! Very confusing. AWFUL!!
  • Worse app 1/5

    By danghn
    This is the worse app that they could come up. Not user friendly. Long process of crating an account. Confusing as heck. MOVING ON

    By Fuhh Quu
    No option to manage redelivery options or reschedule a delivery. Poorly made app, wouldn’t recommend wasting your time.
  • Verification code never received. 2/5

    By TheyCallMeYou
    Feel it is unfair to rate this app at this time. Two days now I’ve attempted a few times throughout the day to submit my phone number after logging in with my email address and never received a verification code. Please assist.
  • Not working correctly 1/5

    By BamaQT
    I am not getting any emails for the past 4 days letting me know if I have mail and I have had mail in my box. Please fix.
  • Won’t let me rename a package 1/5

    By Duuuude1484256
    It’s close to being good except for a few huge bugs
  • Works great! 5/5

    By RTMN
    I love knowing what’s coming and estimated deliveries. Now I can unclog my email with notifications and just check the app when I need to. I don’t understand the low ratings for the app/service. Works for me?
  • Better to be informed and completely clueless 5/5

    By Willijopro2687
    I really enjoy the app but I also like the emails as well because if the app is having a bad connection it will not refresh when it supposed to I suggest the creator go in and fix this bug. I really do enjoy helping people know about this app. I recommend that you check your email at least once a day to make sure you don’t have Mail sometimes the Apple glitch the 5G that is being released is causing malfunctions to other phones who don’t have a 5G phone. One thought I would like to convey keep an eye on your emails and to always make sure you get all your mail and packages for people will steal them if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Working great 4/5

    By Gracie2018#
    But differently needs to be updated I think. To here you can actually go and buy stamps and everything rite from the app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By zaideleon96
    Person who was delivering my package was lazy and just left a slip in my mailbox which told me to download this app to schedule a redelivery. It took me like 20 minutes to make and verify an account with the app and then it doesn’t even work. When I scanned the code on the slip it took me out of the app and said it couldn’t find a package attached to the code and then when I tried putting the number in manually it said it had an error and that systems were down. Buggy and doesn’t work at all
  • Packages 3/5

    By Car~nut
    Great app always love finding out what’s coming in the mail But with the packages it would be nice to at least know who the person is that’s getting a package A name at least We have a house with many people If you could find away to at least give a name for recipient of packages that would be awesome
  • Doesn’t work anymore! 2/5

    By Vdl106
    This app used to work. I know I have packages coming my way and it doesn’t show them on the app. It’s kinda useless now. Also needs the copy paste option to be allowed to copy the tracking number.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 123232322
    Half the time it doesn’t work. Actually it’s a joke. Waste of time
  • Why Were the Previous Reviews Deleted 1/5

    By 357 MAG
    What part of keep Logged In don’t you understand? I didn’t think this app could be any more useless, but your crackerjack team of developers have proved me wrong once again. Extremely flaky app. Once or twice a week, the app pops up a network lost message and forces a login. My network is monitored 24/7 and there are no network issues. Any network stability issues/problems are on your end.
  • So bad it mimics a scam 1/5

    By avimia
    FAIL. Yep, like many others here, the app won’t even get past the text message verification page. How convenient it says, “Error.....”. I’ve used apps developed by kids and even they can send a verification code correctly. What I will say is, this is yet *another* example of apps and web sites, finding ways to do nothing more than snag your information. “Oh look! Sign up for our new free service! You’ll love it. Just type your email and phone number to get started”. Ok, did it. Nothing worked. But ohhhh, wait a minute. How convenient. YOU got my email and phone number, but you provided nothing in return. Isn’t that kind of fraudulent to advertise something and not deliver on it? This all bears the question, is this a form of trickery used to capture people’s information for your own use such as marketing materials, and/or to share/sell with other companies for their use? Now that they have my email and phone, I’ll be watching to see how long it takes before I start getting unsolicited phone calls as well as emails, even though I expressly have my preference to NOT send me anything. We’ll see. Tick tock. Tick tock.
  • Waste 1/5

    By art#?
    Terrible app. Waste of time
  • Have to keep signing in 2/5

    By The Crenz
    Even though I have checked the option to keep signed in, I have to re-sign in every day or so.
  • Can’t even send verification code 1/5

    By hvj ncvmcjvkjfjdgfgjfyjdd
    This is a terrible app. Don’t bother.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Dale2014
    It said I had 7 pcs of mail.. nothing was scanned .. there was 2 news papers. It dosent even scan any more??? What’s the purpose of having this app when they aren’t doing their job at the post office where did my 7 pieces of mail go????? I didn’t want to even give this one star.. but in order to send it I had to.
  • HA! 1/5

    By loridaleb
    Never works. Never did. I’m at the post office looking at my package while the screen says NONE! Just like the post office says no packages. I ask them to go in back and get my package and bring it to me. The Postmaster at my branch is great. Not the others
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Bob Pulgino
    I have never in my entire life had a more frustrating and fruitless experience with a piece of software.
  • Will not grant access 1/5

    By ReadyorKnot
    Locked me out of account. Told me to crest new one. Attempted new one and it told me to sign into old one - which I can not, because it is locked.
  • Rarely get images of mail 1/5

    By Kelly1977
    I get a daily email saying that I have x amount of mail pieces arriving today. However, about 80% of the time, I open it and it says “we currently do not have images” I don’t know if this is an app issue or post office issue but either way it makes the app useless for what I wanted it for. I don’t need to be informed that I have mail coming. I wanted to SEE what’s coming.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app! 5/5

    By AppleMartini5
    I downloaded this app, in order to have a certified letter redelivered, little did I know, how awesome it turned out to be. My mailbox is down the street from my house, to where I can not even see the mailboxes! This app informs me, via pictures even, of the mail I will be receiving, that day, or had earlier that week and or any packages that might be delivered, later in the week!! It gives me an option to immediately notify the USPS, if said items were NOT actually delivered,...,or are now missing?! My mail carrier, Brenda, is awesome and is always on top of any issues myself and or fellow neighbors may encounter. I’m telling everyone I know, to download this app, both my daughters have done so already, one lives in NYC and her experiences w the USPS has not been joyful, lots of “stolen?” items, from her apartment complex. This app will allow her to see if items are due to arrive and or were “actually” delivered!
  • App needs major support and improvements 1/5

    By DATY
    The app works some of the time and then sometimes it’s just blank for no apparent reason. Now it won’t activate as it says it can’t send me text messages but my texts are working just fine. App is junk.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By Larry Heinz
    The verification code became an error and didn’t become useable until 30mins later
  • Horrible app. So hard to use. Text verification never came 1/5

    By Aakj1233
    Horrible app.
  • Scanning 1/5

    By Grey Eagle 1890
    All I get most of the time is how many pieces of mail and then it says that many pieces not scanned so I have no clue what I’m getting in the mail
  • Great idea 2/5

    By mrsbunnence
    I like the idea but when the mail doesn’t get scanned it’s useless
  • It’s a 50/50 1/5

    By Jhang you
    It’s not the app it’s your post office there lazy as always it always says that you have a item arriving on that day but it usually doesn’t come until the next day
  • Never worked 1/5

    By sab2279
    I downloaded the app despite reviews saying it was spotty, hoping for the best. I’ve had the app around a week, and it hasn’t shown a single piece of mail I’ve received (there’s been quite a few). It shows that, historically, I’ve received 0 items and that’s definitely untrue. I wouldn’t recommend a download unless you want a letdown.
  • Password problems 2/5

    By One Savior who reigns
    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems logging in. Had the correct password, tried to log in yet it says password incorrect. This is after getting verification number on the phone to confirm. Everything also works well however and I do get daily emails about deliveries. Fix the log in process it’s too much of a hassle.
  • Works 5/5

    By Goodappreviews
    Works works works. That's all i can ask for ...
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By DojoNinjaMasta
    This thing constantly logs you out and doesn’t remember your login credentials. I create complex passwords to make my accounts harder to break, and because of this I never remember my passwords off the top of my head. I rely on Face ID or that little “remember me” checkbox. The fact that they support neither of these options is very frustrating. And insult to injury is the fact that they automatically log you out several times a day.
  • Won’t stay logged in, app not working at all 1/5

    By Clb62892
    This app could be very cool and very useful if it worked half the time. It’s always logging me out after I’ve told it not to. I haven’t been able to log back in. Tried to do a forgot my password and it says system services failed.
  • Not even worth one star 1/5

    By Abfab52
    I don’t know how people are giving this 5 stars?? Shows I have had zero mail past couple days and no mail in the next few days? Even though my mailbox has had something every single day?? Disappointed as I really wanted this to work
  • Postal Manager Confirmed it does not work! 1/5

    By Unacceptable19
    I downloaded this App so I could have a “Sorry We Missed You” certified letter ReDelivered. This function does not work at all. Wasted too much time & energy on this and the letter was sent back. Extremely frustrating & quite frankly, completely unacceptable. Would give a zero star if I could.
  • Have ID FOR > one year. LOVE IT! 5/5

    By yorkydee
    I’ve had Informed Delivery for over a year now and love it. The email delivery works great so now I’m getting the app. Don’t believe all the negative reviews. I truly believe the writers expect to much. I never had a glitch until yesterday. I did not get an ID email yesterday or today. Figure the USPS computers are having a problem and it will be fixed quickly. People get so unnecessarily upset when anything goes a little haywire in their life and jump quickly to post angry reviews. I’ve had NO PROBLEMS in the last full year that I’ve had the service. I even caught a temporary mailman lying about package delivery to my home. Said I was not home so he left note on my door. That was a lie. We were both home all day and the front door was open. My four dogs would fave gone crazy if the mail truck pulled up. Turned out that he was a new employee and didn’t deliver to our whole street that day. THIS WAS NOT THE FAULT OF THE INFORMED DELIVERY SERVICE. But the service is responsible for catching the guy in a lie. Lolol. I love this service!
  • App Sign In Impossible 1/5

    By Hybristophile
    I can’t sign in because the text verification. I’ll text “yes” and it won’t send me a verification number.
  • 10 mile run 5/5

    By Benbit1
    Love this app when you live 10 miles from the your PO Box being able to see what you don’t need today,,it’s great
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Jessica102027
    I have tried 3 times to set up an account and all 3 times it has told me that all of the info I just entered is invalid. This is just sad but from what I can tell it’s tied to the USPS so that explains a lot. Total waste of time and space!
  • Bad 1/5

    By ksjshdjxjc
    Worst working website I have ever seen!!!
  • Worthless P0s 1/5

    By CycadMan
    Worthless app. Asked to log in to multiple accounts then in the end did nothing. Asked to register via a snail mail process??? What year is this? Typical from the post office I guess.
  • Security code message never arrived 1/5

    By sbadrh
    Every time I try to log on ask me to provide my cell phone number for security passcode message The messaged never arrived Terrible
  • Redelivery Options doesn’t work 1/5

    By Yash_jw
    The redelivery options to verify your identity doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time.

Informed Delivery® app comments

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