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INRIX Traffic

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  • Current Version: 6.8.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: INRIX, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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INRIX Traffic App

INRIX Traffic is a traffic, navigation and parking app that uses one of the world’s largest driver and vehicle communities to simplify your commute and to get you to important places, as quickly and safely as possible. Plus, NO ADS! Share incidents along your route, including accidents, police activity and road hazards. Check traffic cameras to see traffic in real-time. Share your ETA with family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date on your progress. Use smart alerts that tell you when to leave and keep you on-time during your drive. Find the cheapest and most convenient parking garages near your destinations. Save time, money and stress! Key Features: - Live traffic routing to avoid congestion and other delays - Incident reports from the INRIX community, including accidents, hazards, police activity and more - Turn-by-turn navigation with voice assist to guide you quickly and safely to your destination - Automatic re-routing as conditions change during your commute - Share your ETA with family, friends and co-workers - Smart alerts notify when you need to leave and of incidents along your drive - Use traffic forecasts and Best Time to Leave features to better plan your drives - Calendar integration means automatic driving directions to your important events and appointments - Find parking spaces near your favorite places with turn-by-turn directions - Get pricing and availability for on-street parking spaces, park and rides, lots, and garages in an ever growing list of major US cities - All of these features and no advertisements! Follow Us! Facebook: Twitter: Web: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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INRIX Traffic app reviews

  • Terrible UI - Data Good 1/5

    By Matthew Peterman
    I like the concept of InRIX, but their UI is absolutely one of the worst out there. Not only does it not display road names, but it is not intuitive in the least. Took me 5 minutes to figure out how to see future traffic. Get some real UI and UX testers and then you’ll be in good shape. Thankfully I don’t have to use the app much longer since auto manufacturers are building InRIX data into in-car navigation systems.
  • Used to work great 1/5

    By Steven Estrada
    now all it does is spin around in circles. other map apps are ok
  • Love it!!!!!! 5/5

    By Lions Football
    Best App in the world saves me tons of time Would not be without it Fantastic
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By SiouxHockeyFaninTX
    Slow to load traffic, and is inaccurate In representing slow traffic zones when there is no traffic slow down

    By TruckerAngie
    This used to be the best traffic app ever!!! SOOOOOO sad to say it is now useless. After a recent update, there are NO INTERSTATE OR HIGHWAY NUMBERS shown on the map. INRIX, you’ve dropped the ball. I’ve tried and tried to contact INRIX through email and phone, but to no avail. Huge bummer
  • No route numbers 1/5

    By pmcklc
    Was a great app until the route numbers were removed several updates ago. Now it’s essentially worthless.
  • Rarely shows accurate traffic 2/5

    By Rtbp
    I’ve been an Inrix user for years but the accuracy of showing traffic issues, even after submitting repeated update reports has steadily declined.
  • Axmen 5/5

    By Boboboy01
    Thank you for your information that you guys give us every day doing a great job.
  • I knowingjij 5/5

    By iijniki n
    I I just Iijniiijiinikjkjimijniim i koi j

    By cvcfsdghhjjknb
    We are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS App. We live near Atlanta and on the updates you have taken off the highway numbers in the daytime. The old version was MUCH BETTER!!!! I was generous giving you one star because of the difficulty of not having highway markers!
  • Extremely Useful and Intuitive App 5/5

    By NoeLongoria
    The app is well thought out. I appreciate that it saves regular routes and provides alternate routes. But I especially enjoy the predictive hour by hour traffic condition report. Pretty much letting you know when you have to hit the road if you expect to make it on time.
  • Super slow on iPhone 7+ and 8 2/5

    By Notapaidreviewer
    With ultra fast Internet connection. App is ridiculously slow to populate and events or traffic news have now been removed. Data is very erroneous. It's very frustrating to use now. Not recommended. Don't pay any attention to the fake positive comments. Uninstalled. PS. My guess is this app may eventually become a paid app promising to fix all the issues and complaints users are having it. My advice is uninstall and forget about this app. Let this company disappear like Beat the Traffic app.
  • No road names 3/5

    By road fisher
    Loved the app when the map had the road names on it. Suddenly gone. Hard to tell roads apart in high congestion areas.
  • Like it but...... 3/5

    By Jeduca
    This app was amazing before the last two updates. Now it is sooo slow to Download Please fix the issue
  • No road numbers 1/5

    By sisybch
    Don’t know what happened to the app??? Map doesn’t show any interstate numbers or exit numbers etc...
  • Can't login with Facebook! 1/5

    By Jayjayjay12341234
    Please fix
  • FPooh 2/5

    By fpooh55
    Hate the change! What happened to highway/Interstate names on maps?
  • Highway numbers 2/5

    By Rbporell
    There are no numbers for the highways. There used to be but now there aren't. It is very hard to see traffic when there are no numbers.
  • Can Be Good, Hopefully Gets Better. 4/5

    By Hypnotoad9641
    This app works very well in my home city, and has taken me through some creative routes I never would have thought of finding. I grew up here and never would have guessed the ways it finds. But, when travelling, I almost always have to ditch it for Google Maps. Of course driving in Los Angeles can’t be easy for any app, but this one is absolutely ridiculous. It will constantly have me taking the wrong exit, and telling me to turn onto a street that can’t possibly be turned on. It will insist that I turn left, but there’s a giant median blocking any potential turn.... I don’t know if some apps regularly get thrown off when a person goes outside of their usual area, but this one sure does. Be wary of it if you’re a frequent flier and rental car user. For your hometown though, this app is great!
  • Was good til the last update 2/5

    By TheMissMel
    Always check this before going on the interstate and it works great but Since the last update it doesn’t show any of the route and interstate numbers, which makes it very confusing. And now it usually opens without the traffic colors so I have to close and reopen it.
  • INRIX Review 4/5

    By The Old Parakeet
    I’ve been using this app for years and have recommended it to many friends. It works wherever you are. Until recently I was very happy with it however a recent update took away the freeway number designated numbers. When you are in an unfamiliar location these numbers are very important. Please bring back the freeway numeric designations.
  • Don’t know what road is what 1/5

    By driven hard
    Can’t tell what road is what. No highway numbers or names on major highways.
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Martini&barb
    Except doesn’t work very well first he can never find locations I’m going and it just doesn’t show anything valuable mainly just can’t find the address and give me a route
  • Use to work 1/5

    By jewjewbees78
    Not sure what’s going on with this app but it was fine for over a year and just recently says from my work to home is unroutable and when I’m at home now it says all my locations are unroutable. And I shouldn’t have to disconnect from my home WiFi to get the app to work. Looks like I’m going to have to find a new app considering uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work either. So disappointing.
  • Poor and no support 1/5

    By groaa
    Had improved with traffic cameras. Now they aren't there any longer. I was using it every day. Not now. Trying to send an inquiry ticket is difficult because you can't see what you are typing. However it does send one. But it makes no difference because they don't answer it.
  • Fastest vs Shortest 4/5

    By stxpxnpaws
    For the previous reviewer: fastest means the quickest amount of time based on current trafffic conditions. Shortest is the shortest mileage, which is helpful if you’re renting a vehicle and are getting charged by the mile. This app’s routes are reliable, and the time estimates are based on current traffic flow according to past and current drivers on the same route. In two years of use, there have been some times that it hasn’t shown a new accident or construction (which depend on user input) and the time estimates are generally quicker than I drive since many people go 15-20 mph over the speed limit in my area, so don’t count on catching a few green lights and arriving earlier than predicted. I do wish that it had a view that lists the turns, instead of only the map mode, but the graphica are clean and overall I’m happy with this app.

    By JnashJr
    The app has been good for me for years but in the past few months, it doesn’t load properly. That leads to avoidable traffic jams, like the one I’m in now FIX IT and I’ll write a better review
  • A Must use before hitting the road 5/5

    By Bjgill17
    I love this app. In my area, there often can be a crash or at least heavy traffic due to road construction. I use this app before going almost anywhere that has to use the highway to get there
  • Made a great app terrible 1/5

    By Scotty too hotty 1
    As a truck driver I use this app all the time. Before the update app was great. Now it's to cluttered showing all the streets when zoomed out. Before you had to zoom in to see minor streets. Why do companies seem to feel the need to update working apps to the point where they are useless. Change it back please!!!
  • Bloated app still loads way too slow 3/5

    By DonAB
    The developer's response months ago & several 'updates' hasn't altered the fundamental issues: Too long to get from app loading to the congestion map & splash page sits way too long. App always centers my location on screen & it won't remember a revised/offset map from my location. There's no info on data retention in Privacy policy & our ability to have it purged. Unclear if a warrant would be demanded by INRIX to release our data. App continues to bloat - it's a whopping 240MB now! So it only takes 1 update download to eat a BIG hole in your data plan, making it omoractical to update unless on WiFi. I've used this app for years to quickly show congested freeways. Recent versions now have far too long splash screen, load route colors very slowly (a full minute!), show surface streets' congestion at too far out zoom levels, & don't remember my last map area so every time I load app I have to readjust map area (which adds even more loading time). These changes have radically reduced the easy quick usefulness of the app. Take me back to earlier functionality!!!! I don't need yet another app to tell me how to get anywhere!!! What is security behind app remembering where I go?! How do I turn tracking OFF?! I don't want another Big Brother gathering data on my movements!!! How long is my driving data retained, how can I force it's erasure, what else does INRIX do with it, what are INRIX's policies for releasing that data? This is one BIG quagmire the app should not have. Also this app has become very bloated - >100MB now! Bandwidth & memory are not free!!! I don't need or want an endless set of bloated updates as more & more 'features' are added. Bloat!!!! As apps in a genre add 'features' on their way to becoming Swiss Army knives, their original strong core function gets buried & they all are doing the same things. They lose their identity & simplicity, their dominate strong suit. & more bloated w/features = higher dev & maintenance costs passed onto us + more updates to fix bugs in bloated code. This is NOT a good business model!
  • Quit working 1/5

    By Pinkietoes
    Used to be a great app. My whole family used it. Now it doesn’t show the traffic. So what’s the point?!
  • Nope 1/5

    By alex62182
    Not very good app
  • Worst GPS ever 1/5

    By Rodrick, NYC
    This is the most difficult GPS I have ever used. It’s not intuitive at all, and it’s very sluggish.
  • Wonderful ! 5/5

    By Open Road Biker
    Really great app. I use it daily to and from the city. Thank you !
  • Love it! Great! 5/5

    By Hunter240s
    Saves my rear end all the time.
  • Once great now mediocre 1/5

    By domitean
    The traffic data is not current most of the time. I check colors against google map and DOT and when google shows red this app shows green or yellow. The other issue the app keeps turning off my location on the road. So I have figure how to turn it back on.
  • Great App. & Very Reliable 5/5

    By Fireman2292
    Great App, Very Reliable!!!!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By one2bet
    Clean interface and accurate predictions
  • Driving Informed 5/5

    By deens69
    I enjoy this app because it allows me, from home, to help my family to avoid problems and just enjoy their drive.
  • This app is always late on info 1/5

    By 1969GPM
    This app is never on time with its information. I can’t count the times I keep getting stuck in traffic after using this app.
  • Awesome App. 5/5

    By 29#1
    Always accurate!

    By Cueuptheline
    Your system should have an Alert that says freeway closed. Happened last night. Highway 80 CLOSED. all you’re a little site said was hazard.
  • Used to be great! Used to be 1/5

    By akkruse
    I am growing tired of ending up in traffic seconds after a road was classified as green. It is now a usual occurrence.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Jfjskwbrjdkwndgdkwnebdj
    Can't create a login, won't give directions to a dropped pin. Deleted don't bother.
  • Deleted app 1/5

    By TTsGurl
    App keeps asking me to turn on location settings but it’s already on. App is not showing traffic conditions. Can’t see if the highway is green, yellow, red etc. I’ve tried all the supposed troubleshooting suggestion without success. So, it’s deleted
  • Does not display traffic conditions 1/5

    By Yurii99
    Cannot get it to display traffic conditions. Are use iOS 11. Tried three different occasions. Never works. Have deleted the app then reloaded the app and still doesn’t work. I use to use the app all the time four years ago. They made an update it stopped working. Could never get to work so I gave up. Just got a new phone and thought I’d try again. Still does not display any traffic conditions.
  • Support tickets not answered 1/5

    By Wheelsrich
    I submitted a support ticket on 2/14/2018 about Cosumnes River Blvd traffic in Sacramento not showing on the map. To date, 3/6/2018, I have not heard or seen anything from the Inrix support staff and the problem has not been fixed.
  • Ytigg 5/5

    By M88
    Call you guys tomorrow afternoon DDS
  • Sweet 5/5

    By Seaskiff1961
    Best app ever, when I see traffic back up it’s my immediate go to so I can see what is going on to delay me. Sometimes when the people understand just how important I am I they just get out of my way
  • No longer works. No traffic density on my iPhone and my iPad. 1/5

    By Marcoherman
    And lists zero users in my area.

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