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inRoute Route Planner

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inRoute Route Planner App

Plan optimal routes or chart your own course using weather, elevation, curves and more. Then navigate safely with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions that automatically check your route for severe weather. Test all features free for 7 days. ***As seen on the TODAY show in the Traveling This Summer segment*** “adding to both the safety of the ride and the pleasure of knowing beforehand what to expect” - Florin Tibu, “autoevolution” “I used InRoute for planning six world record attempts. No weather app gives you more information, period.” - Carl Reese, Multiple World Record Holder Key Features (some require in-app purchase--see below): • Voice guided navigation of up to 150 locations with automatic severe weather alerts (alerts are currently available in the US, Canada, and EU) • Optimize waypoint order for fastest time, or manually reorder • Import from XLSX, GPX and KML files • Create custom routes based on weather, elevation and curviness, or build your own route from available alternates on each leg of a route • Interactive charts showing route elevation, curviness, weather (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed/direction, severe weather alerts), and sunrise/sunset times • Search along a route—the whole route, every x miles/hours, or the next x miles/hours from a place—find gas, hotels, campgrounds or places to eat close to a route • Set Departure and Layover Times—weather forecasts, road conditions (e.g. congestion), and travel times accurately reflect conditions throughout the trip • Save your favorite routes and places, sync between devices, organize into folders, print via Airprint, and share with family and friends • Easily add places to the map using a Dropped pin, Search, or Contacts • Export routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon, and Waze. Some apps use inRoute's "Agenda Nav" feature. See the in-app FAQ for more info • Export to GPS devices and apps compatible with GPX files • Routes are stored on your device so you can access them even if you lose connection The following are available after in-app purchase. - Add more than 5 places per route, weather and elevation charts/custom routes, voice navigation, iCloud sync, export, layovers, advanced route search - For additional details, see the in-app Upgrades screen Two purchase levels. Test 7 days for free. 1) inRoute Pro: $3.99 monthly, or $29.99 annually. Create routes with up to 150 locations and access all services. 2) inRoute Premium: $14.99 one-time purchase. Create routes with up to 25 locations and access all services. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. Note: Since continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, inRoute will automatically shut down if you haven't used it in a while.

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inRoute Route Planner app reviews

  • My Go-To Travel planning App! 5/5

    By A Fine Art
    One of the few apps that I rely on from year to year. Allows me to mark all my points of interest from friends to family and in a moment know the quickest route and time it will take to drive there. Incredible planning and logistics tool that I’d hate to live without. Worth every penny!
  • Cruising 5/5

    By Sweck22
    Awesome mapping for bike rides...
  • Getting your ride on 3/5

    By Top Dog 1974
    Loving this app for planning great routes to ride with our motorcycling friends. The ease of creating an ideal route is crazy easy. Love that I can do it on my phone, not just on a Desktop computer. The option to skip way points should w decide to detour off the main route is super useful. Wish that I could limit the voice instructions selectively... like I don’t need to hear that I am about to arrive/have arrived at my way points. They are only a means to a destination. Also wish there was access to, or a way to publicly share routes like with other apps I have used. In unison with the last point, I also wish there was a way to makes notes to myself or to other riders with whom I share my routes, again, like other Route Planning apps I use. But, I still love this app. Only hope it continues to improve.
  • Absolutely fantastic app, one key feature missing 5/5

    By DemoMonkey
    [Update]Timezone support added and now the app is pretty much perfect for my uses. 5 star app now! I do a lot of overseas motorcycle trips and I plan all my routes via inRoute. I spend weeks planning the perfect routes. I’m looking for scenic curvy routes all over the mountains and the app allows me to see elevation changes and curviness of the route while I’m planning. I also take photos during my rides and I want to be at specific locations on my ride during sunrise/sunset and the app shows me sun up/down along my route and where I’ll be when it happens. While I’m on my ride, I check this app all the time to determine weather conditions along my ride. Incredible! This app rocks!!! The one essential feature that I need that has caused me issues during route planning is the inability to set the time zone for start-times of my routes. I always have to do mental Olympics while planning my route to determine what time local is the desired time at my route start point halfway across the world. To complicate things further I travel every week and so my local time zone changes during my route planning sessions and it screws up my start-time offsets for my route location start. Having the ability to set timezone, or even better, automatically determining timezone based off the location of the route start point would be fantastic. I really really want to give this app 5 stars but can’t without this critical timezone feature.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Pixelwizard
    All I could say to make it better is integrate Siri so I that I can ask Siri “find me a subway restaurant along the route and add it to the route as a way point” and traffic conditions to route the most accurate path taking traffic into consideration....
  • Chazz1945 5/5

    By cmart8298
    This may be the best app for self-setting alternate routes from point a to point b.
  • The best route planning tool for iOS! 5/5

    By Rambler358
    A slight learning curve but all nav apps I tried have some learning curve. I tried MyRoute-App, but this is much more flexible IMO. If you need a route planning app - this is the one to get! A couple enhancement wishes for the developer: - add a desktop or Mac app version. - add Apple CarPlay support. There's 2 additions would make inRoute unbeatable - thanks for a great app!
  • Great Route Planning Tool 5/5

    By R-Duke
    I started using inRoute a year ago when I routed and rode a motorcycle on a 17 day, 6,000 mile ride. At the time I purchased the lower pin drop app (25), which was enough. Now, I upgraded my purchase to give me 150 pin drops, because I’m planning two rides. I’ve got both loaded and ready to go, complete with gas, lunch and hotel stops. The first trip is a 5,200 mile ride and later this year a 6,200 mile ride. There was a glitch in finding gas stations and hotels along the route two weeks ago. Rob with customer service (via email) was very prompt to reply and discovered it was an Apple issue with Apple Maps, which I guess is the base of what inRoute is built on. Rob stayed with it, stayed in communication and offered suggestions while we were waiting for Apple to fix their problem, which they finally did. Thanks Rob for staying with it and for your very prompt attention and replies, even late at night. Bottomline, I highly recommend the inRoute app.
  • Wanted to Like the App 1/5

    By JoJoP40
    I was very excited, purchased the upgrades and started planning routes for great surface roads that add various amounts of time to dinner trip drives. The fun curvy roads are well worth the 10 min to 1/2 hour longer trip time rather than sitting on the expressways. However, the app locks up and tells me to go X number of feet to the starting point. The screen locks and the only way to correct it is to double tap the home button and swiping the app closed. I tried reopening and restarting but it keeps locking. After 3 tries I quit and just hit the pointer icon to center the map on me. I followed my plot manually but the app really isn’t working. It too difficult for use to make good use of curvy roads in a fun vehicle. Sharing with Waze worked great for the 1st segment, but then it stoped and wanted to reroute me BACK to waypoint 1. I think it needed an ok somehow to load the second waypoint. Something flashed on the screen but it was gone too quickly to know what it said. On curvy fun roads I don’t have time to babysit the app. It needs to keep up. Maybe there’s a way to have it advance without a user prompt ? That should be the default if there is... It looks good, planning is good, I can move routes between devices easily. But once in the car, on twisty roads, it crashes... Too bad... I wanted to really like this app. Edit: Thanks for the reply. I started the app both before I was on the route and while driving along the start of the route. So both before the start point and then before waypoint 1... sometimes it starts. It has locked up several times. Most importantly it locks when I was in the fun car were I don’t have time or room to keep looking away from the road long enough to figure out what’s happening. It says go X feet to start... and I am already past that point and on the exact route planned. The screen locks. Only swiping it closed allows any access. I have no idea what flashed when I shared the route with Waze. But after waypoint 1 Waze kept trying to take me back to that waypoint. I want to like this. But it needs to be invisible other than giving me route instructions. Seems it works for others. I’d like to use it.
  • Saved my job 5/5

    By Duoh Tlas
    I started working a paper route, but i have a naturally TERRIBLE sense of direction - especially in the pitch black of early mornings. This app is incredible. It has better accuracy than google maps, and barely takes up any data. It gives clear and concise directions, and the voice repeats exactly what you name the waypoints which is vital for me especially. This app has saved me incredible amounts of stress and pretty much saved my job. I don’t know what i’d do without it.
  • Cannot customize route 1/5

    By nonickmanesavailable
    App won’t let you customize the route
  • A great app for my work 5/5

    By spraytech72
    Having the ability to plot so many stops and have them routed efficiently is a tremendous help and time saver. Make sure you turn off the optimization because it will change things up as you go.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Impressed0418
    Unable to drop pins
  • Family Sharing, not quite 1/5

    By Josh_KY
    App says it supports family sharing but it does not. You are forced to purchase for every family member. False advertising. To add additional comments in response to the developer comments (which are appreciated): 1. Without going into detail, if you wanted to allow for sharing of the paid version, there are many technical solutions to be able to do this. 2. If you never had intention to allow sharing of paid benefits, might I suggest you remove the “Family Sharing” compatibility from your “free” app, unless the goal is to cause confusion amongst consumers.
  • Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. 5/5

    By MikeNick33
    I have tried a two different routing apps in the past and I have to say this one has all of the features I was looking for. I was specifically looking for an app with the ability to move onto the next waypoint without any user interaction and this does just that. Working for a large parcel company, this app really comes in handy and maximizes efficiency on the road. It lets you know the distance to your next stop, as well as total distance to your ending stop-which is really great for planning your day. The price you pay for the features you get is beyond worth it.
  • Extremely confusing interface 2/5

    By iphonereviewer#2
    I can add waypoints and plan my route in advance, but the app is horrendous when it comes to implementing the route on a trip. The UI is terrible, it's not easy to use. I really want to find something better.
  • Worth every cent 5/5

    By JulesSueAndersonCampbell
    I have RVed for a decade and use this app more than any other app for planning my trips. It is completely useful, the learning curve is not that difficult, and if you pay for it, your can use it as your map while traveling. You can’t go wrong with this app, trust me, as it has really given me confidence to plan longer and more complicated trips. I know before hand, elevation ascents, curviness of roads, and the projected weather. Do yourself a favor and get it, use it, and enjoy the open road.
  • Help 2/5

    By not enoughhelp
    Need to be able to back up after you accidentally skip up to much Should have a forward and backup button the response you gave takes too Long when you’re in a hurry to move forward
  • Excellent for RV’ers 5/5

    By TracieFromPahrump
    This app is excellent for RV’ers! Being able to see the elevation changes and the amount of “curviness” along the route is a game changer in route planning!
  • Wonderful App but.... 4/5

    By KB3POA
    I love this app. My husband loves that you can pick a curvy route for when he is on his motorcycle. My only but is I want an RV (recreational vehicle) option. We spend a lot of time traveling with our RV and to be able to put the night of our rig in a trip planner and have it route avoiding low bridges and roads RV are band on would be great.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Taylorncbelews
    I was having a terrible time trying to find a mapping app that would allow me to request routes avoiding highways and this was exactly what I wanted! Very pleased!
  • Love it and it drives me crazy! 4/5

    By hominid
    This app is so awesome once you figure it out. Clutzy & confusing interface, but super powerful when you get past it. Haven’t used it for maybe a year, but when I needed it this week, omg, it was even more confusing! Yo folks who build this, great job with the underside, but the UI is a hot mess. So for buyers out there - it does everything it says it does. Would never do a road trip without it. Excellent functionality. But .... the user experience is often baffling, menus and hidden options can drive you to agony trying to repeat something you had done a few moments earlier. Deserves 10 out of 5 stars ⭐️. Only mark it down because of the frequent aggravation. Once you’re a pro @ it, everyone else seems like an idiot ....
  • A Few Suggestions 5/5

    By Zeppo57
    I love the app, it’s amazing! But could you add a speed limit indicator on screen? Also, could you add a way for me to put in my car’s current mileage and then show what it will be at the end of my trip? Thank you!
  • Imports GPX files 5/5

    By wulfzburg
    Only app that I found that can import GPX files.
  • InRoute 3/5

    By gpberg
    Can’t add multiple routes. Layover timing only in 5 minute increments. Otherwise a great app. Stores route info on device so you don’t get lost when out of cell data range. Editable waypoint names. Saves your map in a bookmark folder
  • Enables YOU to force the route YOU want to drive 5/5

    By MidwestUSA Indy
    I have used the Pro version now for three years. Like everything, it takes some getting used to in order to learn how to use it efficiently. I use it to drop pins along a particular route of my choosing as opposed to using other apps which automatically generate routes for you based on travel time or whatever considerations those other apps use. Once the route is planned by you, the app will give you audio directions (as well as a visual map). So, you can enjoy your drive while getting verbal directions to keep you on the route you planned and wanted to take in order to see whatever you want to see or drive whatever roads you chose. I find it is helpful to drop pins directly onto the map side of the road which you are planning to drive along as if you are “running over“ those pins along the route as you drive the route. I have also learned it can be helpful to place “extra“ pins around road intersections if you want to be sure you take an exact route because this takes away the app’s ability to choose particular routes/turns between any 2 pins you have dropped. The app works fine with iTunes playing and Waze running simultaneously. Happy motoring!
  • Awesome, needs a few tweaks! 4/5

    By jpstez
    Once you get the hang of how the routing works, you can build custom, turn by turn routes. Five stars if it were CarPlay Compatable!!
  • Can’t use app on multiple iOS devices 1/5

    By Ravio hat
    Warning to potential buyers: iCloud shared purchases DO NOT work for in-app purchases, like the premium version of this app. That means in order to use it on other devices, you have to pay for it ($15 btw) for EACH device individually. This is a rigged set up designed to screw you out of your Apple family plan.
  • App is too difficult to learn to use 1/5

    By Flynoy69k
    App is too difficult to learn to use, and the draw feature malfunctioned, refusing to disengage. Once that happened, the app was useless. Could not manipulate waypoints, pins or any other functions. Plus the help menu was totally inadequate and virtually useless.
  • BEWARE... Horrible App, No response from the developer 1/5

    By DMSK7777
    This app did not do what the premium version stated. I bought the premium service with a 7 day trial. On day 3 they charged me, even though I asked them to cancel before doing so. Working with Apple support to take care of this issue. BEWARE!
  • Awesome app!!!! 5/5

    By God's letter to us!
    I’m an oversized truck driver and this is great for permit routes. Only thing I would ask them to add is exit numbers to help with permits.
  • Plow driver 5/5

    By JCR Property Services
    I am a private plow driver and I run between 80 and 100 properties every year. I could not keep the route organized if it was not for this app.
  • Thiefs 1/5

    By Cajunalstar
    Had to create account and signed up for free trial and selected to cancel after free trial. Been charging me for months, I have called to cancel and nothing! Definitely going to report this app!
  • No exit numbers on maps 1/5

    By Don'tusezoosk3783
    This app would be great if it showed bridge height and exit numbers .... other than that it’s not any better than google maps
  • Great app 5/5

    By Milannapple
    Love the app. So much fun trip planning as we full Time RV.
  • FREE?!?! 1/5

    By Love 2 B N London
    Can’t access ANY functions unless you pay an outrageous user fee.
  • Just about perfect 5/5

    By PaMotorcycle Tours
    This App is perfect for motorcycle touring enthusiasts who want to easily plan routes, ride them and share them. It would be 100% perfect if you could build routes on a desktop using InRoute.
  • Almost perfect. 3/5

    By anonpilotdriver
    I'm a pilot car driver, and I love that it let's me pinpoint custom routes, but the one flaw that makes it a pain is there isn't exit numbers. So I end up going back and forth from this app to Google maps. If there is anyway to add in the exit numbers on this app, it would make things so much easier. 😓
  • Love it 5/5

    By freeflyfrankie
    Very good app
  • My favorite route planning app 5/5

    By Kathryn Moran
    I love this this app very much. Please include option to download maps when no cellular data is available.
  • Free download only 1/5

    By mambass
    Then you need to pay to use it
  • Great app 4/5

    By Patrick1966
    Great app for planning your day, still has some bugs creating multiple pins when you use Contacts as waypoints.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By graeagle
    This app is very hard to get to do any routing. I tried to get a short route and the app kept wanting to change over to Apple Map. I gave it one star because there wasn’t a 0 star rating.
  • BS 1/5

    By Poohuda
    When you the address in it goes in the order you put them in not what’s closest to you had me go out the way then back where I was closest to
  • Best trip planning app. I have spent $60 testing others. 5/5

    By Dave & Demi
    Best route planning app ever. Every new release blows me away with features. I'm a road captain for a motorcycle group. I plan multi stop trips all the time. We like to take back roads. I used to use streets and trips before it was discontinued. I'd been looking for something for my iPhone. tried every navigation app. Spent over $60 on them. This is simple and easy to use In minutes I create routes for group rides. These are not straightforward. They are confusing back road routes. The fact that they list gas stations places of interest and restaurants is tremendous help in planning our rides. Support responded to a question I had in less than five minutes. The gps feature is responsive and accurate. The more I use this the better it gets Freaking amazing
  • Looks useful but a subscription for a map app is pushing it 2/5

    By Turbotj
    I am more than happy to pay for apps and support the developers. However, a monthly subscription (that’s half as much as my streaming service) is a little ridiculous. I would love to pay a one time fee though. From what I can tell without buying anything, the app looks very professionally developed.
  • Best Trip Planner 5/5

    By MRYuser
    We use this App everyday we are on the road with our RV. Love it. !!!
  • I don’t think it is helpful 1/5

    By T5Szc
    The app should remove locations or move them up as you leave the destination. Also you should leave space for a picture of the location
  • Great app 4/5

    By NVergel
    A+ for support. Minor bug with speech. But route planning is very useful for motorcycle rides.

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