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Insomniac Events

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  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Insomniac
  • Compatibility: Android
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Insomniac Events App

Your mobile portal to all things Insomniac! The newly redesigned Insomniac Events app brings you not just individual festival content, but now multiple festivals at a time, plus event listings, photos, and more to be unveiled! Please contact [email protected] for any feedback, ideas, or questions.

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Insomniac Events app reviews

  • Please make the stage names larger in the schedule view 4/5

    By R3I00
    Pretty much not readable while partying at the event 😅
  • Pasquale For President 5/5

    By JonRegister
    That is all. Insomniac for life 🎉
  • App loads forever 1/5

    By MFKallDay
    Doesn’t matter if I have wifi or not doesn’t matter if I uninstall and reinstall. It does not load anything. Broken application.
  • Set Times 1/5

    By I watch Novelas
    Had to download this to view set times. This is ridiculous
  • Great updates 5/5

    By SleestakDontCrack
    Insomniac has listened to a lot of the feedback in the negative reviews and improved the app a ton. Grid view is back, the dark mode is not way better than white, the app works great when offline if you’ve saved a schedule for a festival, and it’s much easier to use than the old app.
  • I want my EDCLV schedule back! 1/5

    By lolsmiley192
    Leave information from past insomniac events available please‼️‼️
  • App isn’t as great 2/5

    By Codester3388
    The individual apps for the events had more features to them than this app. I’m sure they are harder to maintain but they removed many of the great features to them.
  • Let us download the info 3/5

    By Ashkir
    Cell reception is terrible in LV. We should be able to download.
  • Redfoil 5/5

    By Redfoil
    This update is great and a lot easier to figure out where and when to go to where I want to be. Well done.
  • Loading screen kills music, freezes 1/5

    By Theremiah
    The video load every time you open the app that kills the music and freezes 70% of the time ruins any benefit the rest of the app might have for me. Can’t ever access while phone is streaming music... which is often.
  • Can’t even see lineup 1/5

    By SpicyUdon
    I did a quick run through of the lineup and favorited a bunch of artists. But now I can’t see the full lineup and only the ones I’ve favorited....
  • Bring back old grids!! 1/5

    By mical15
    The new features are great, but why remove the most useful thing? Being able to have/see your schedule with no reception was AMAZING. And if I remember correctly you were able to see your friends as well! Say goodbye to crappy timestamps when u can just see where your friends where and meet them! Bring all of that back!
  • Bring back old grid 1/5

    By ariesfunes
    Where are the time slots? Better concept but the schedule is a mess.
  • Schedule grid view not working 1/5

    By JM47
    The update says it added schedule grid view, but it’s not working. No change as far as I can tell. They need to bring back the ability to see a grid of your artists BY STAGE each night so you know the exact times each fav artist is doing their set on each stage. Please bring this back!
  • Grid View disappeared? 3/5

    By MegamiYuka
    I saw grid view when I updated it, but then it disappeared. What?
  • Could be a great app, with features added 3/5

    By Miss Christy Chaos
    I really wish this app included a grid view for the different stages and set times (once times are released). It would make planning for each day a lot easier. It would also be great to be able to view the lineup by stage, even before set times come out.
  • Grid view schedule 2/5

    By carinaloo
    EDCLV is one month away — not sure how I’m supposed to easily plan and figure out which stages I’ll be going to without a grid view of the schedule. Please bring it back!
  • Useless in Reception/Internet Dead Zones 2/5

    By Quantum Space Cat
    The number one thing that bothers me is that a lot of the insomniac raves take place in areas where there is little to no reception/internet (ex: EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland SoCal). And it is so frustrating when you want to see who is playing next or where certain things are like food or water but literally can’t use the app at all since it requires at least 3G and if you don’t have that then well you’re screwed. Like what is the point of having an app where you can star your favorite artists and see when and where they are playing if the app doesn’t work.
  • Bring back the grid view 1/5

    By Ncturnal
    The new additions are nice, but not at the expense of the grid view. If I had to pick, I’d rather have the grid view. The app is useless at an event now.
  • Bring back the timeline view for the lineup 2/5

    By Nossmosis
    As much as I like the app the only thing it is missing is the timeline grid all previous versions had. Now it is way harder to plan out your schedule since you can’t see the larger time grid with all the DJ’s. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK BEFORE EDCLV😭
  • Bring Back the Grid View!!! 1/5

    By derk y.
    App load times for viewing lineup and schedule is absolutely abysmal. I like the direction they’re going in with multiple events all housed in one app; however I’m doing so, Insomniac has cut most of the features on the app that were most useful. With slower load times and no grid view to look at your scheduled sets in relation to other sets, it’s now even harder and takes longer to find your way through the festival.
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By KeekerOne
    The festival apps were awesome. They made the experience so much easier. This new update, however, is garbage. Devs, please don’t be mad at me for this, as I don’t know if you have been to the events, but THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE IN A CROWD OF 50,000+ PEOPLE. Maybe there is, but definitely not at any of the venues that Insomniac throws events at. The app needs to have the ability to download the map/lineup/set-times/whatever so that it is available offline. The app previously did this. This new version does not, and is therefore trash. Please make it better. Thank you.
  • Grid view 1/5

    By jbulldog12
    Bring back grid view!
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it 1/5

    By Jinnozuke
    The old app was perfectly fine as it showed set times in a chronological grid.
  • Fire whoever got rid of grid view 1/5

    By Stevamos
    Grid view made it easy for everyone to view all the artists and stages at one time. Even the red line made it easy to understand how long different artists would be on stage for. Now that it is gone it’s more difficult to plan out the night. People may think it’s not that much more work but during these events when some people don’t have the best brain power, simplicity is the greatest thing ever.
  • Bring back the lineup grid/chart!!! 3/5

    By gromec0
    I love insomniac events and have had the app for a while. Previous versions seemed just plain so this one is awesome, comparatively super user friendly. But you now can see the lineup only as a list. Bring back the chart/grid format!!! This format is the easiest to follow when you just wanna take a look at who’s performing at the time.
  • Please bring back grid view 3/5

    By mysticalkoala
    Although I like the new update that you can keep on your phone so you can see other events I really liked the excel grid for the schedule so you can easily see time and place of where your next artist is playing or know how and went to spilt a set so you can see everyone you would like. It was easier planning before and especially during an event. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. It was very helpful.
  • It was better before the update 2/5

    By selena_sesma
    The version before this new update was more organized in my opinion. My main complaint is how you can’t organize the set times into a grid. That way was much easier to see whether or not your scheduled conflicted with different artist. That’s all I would like back
  • Bring back grid view, app seems to lag now 3/5

    By Jojobob
    I like the insomniac app and have been going to their events for years. I get the direction they’re going in with the update- allowing you to buy tickets for other events and access more content (though I did kinda like seeing the app change- made it fun to see it finally change to the event I was going to like “IT’S TIME!!”) But they also changed it so that you don’t have a grid view of your lineup anymore which made your timeline much easier to follow. I might get used to the new flow/UX (meaning I might just be averse to change) but the setup didn’t seem quite as intuitive as before. The app now also seems to load super slowly (I checked, it’s not my WiFi/signal). Hoping they update that before beyond!!!
  • Bring back the grid line up 1/5

    By jordygordy13
    This seems like a good idea at first but insomniac has to remember that there’s never decent cell service at their events and there’s no free WiFi either, so how are we going to check to the app for set times? Also the grid lineup was way easier on the eyes and meant less time looking down at your phone and more time enjoying the show
  • Bring back grid view 3/5

    By BryanIlan
    I’ve been going to insomniac events every since EDCLV’12, and i’ve been using this app for each event. I think the recent update has some good ideas, because previous versions were kind of just so that youd download the app for the weekend of the event and then you’d delete it on your way back home. This version makes it easy to see buy tickets for upcoming festivals or even see other upcoming events, so now it’s something you can just keep on your phone. My problem is just the way that you view the lineup or your own “schedule.” You can still favorite artists and see what time they start playing and at what stage, but it doesn’t seem to be user friendly anymore while youre at the actual event. It doesn’t tell you what time an artist’s set ends unless you click on the name (taking like a second or 2 to load) which is very annoying when you have multiple artists you want to see around the same time. Previous versions allowed you to see your schedule in a grid format, like a chart, which is extremely helpful while youre at the festival, with just one click you can look at all the artists and see where each artist is playing and what times without having to click and go back, very simple and very helpful. I hope this feature is brought back because without it it basically makes the app useless when you’re inside the festival and kinda no point in having it imo.
  • Nocturnal update? 1/5

    By Brinicus Maximus
    When is it gonna update for Nocturnal? It’s less than a week away..
  • Sharing 4/5

    By bassheadk
    This app is awesome and so helpful, but there should be a way to find friends and share your schedule with them so that it’s easier to coordinate.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By s. Ewinf
    I have downloaded this app about 5 times and still can’t get the set yikes to load. Very frustrating especially considering how much money I paid for this event and they can’t even bother to have an app that works
  • EDC 18 lineup not showing 4/5

    By Roxeas
    Not sure if it’s just the IOS but 18 edc line up. Up has always been great for every other event love the map and how I can stack my artist
  • Edc app not working?? 2/5

    By noah910000
    My friends seem to be accessing okay but myself and a few others are struggling to get any data on the edc 2018 app?
  • Edc app won’t update for iPhones. 1/5

    By Kopyratz
    Have updated, restarted, deleted, and redownloaded several times to try to see set times to no avail. Please fix this bug.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By amyfjdjwkrjnsjkkndjd
    No information available
  • There’s nothing on the app 1/5

    By Daija Lopez
    No information or anything !
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Ladylice
    App did works for hours
  • Not working with iPhone 1/5

    By JayLynnJJ133
    Can’t see any of the line up or set times on my iPhone.
  • HAAALP 2/5

    By trapsoullll
    i can’t see any of the artists. i deleted it & redownloaded it but it still won’t show me anything.
  • Current release not working 1/5

    By justkate2
    Set times are not available, despite insistence that everything is working fine on social media. Everyone else I’ve talked to with iPhones is in the same situation, so it’s clearly an issue that they’re refusing to actually fix.
  • Lineup/schedule problem 1/5

    By Vincemyster0129
    The line up and schedule is not loading on iPhone 7s Plus... please fix.
  • Edc 3/5

    By Djken312
    Only less than 2weeks to go, can’t wait for the EDC updates :)
  • Update for edc please 2/5

    By Empee1234
    We’re anxiously waiting
  • Edc 3/5

    By Not a photo guy
    Can you update it for edc
  • Beautiful app!!! 5/5

    By gillian128
    Well put together and easy to navigate. The only thing I’d like to suggest is making it an active app, to show busy times for entrance and maybe send notice if there are any traffic areas surrounding the venue🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏽
  • Line up organization 5/5

    By Evieusa
    Once the line ups for each festival are released (usually released the week of the event) this app is fab for making your own little itinerary and sure sets are going to overlap but just to have a basic itinerary here in the app that you can refer to plus access the map is really helpful and a cool experience

Insomniac Events app comments

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