Instacart: Grocery deliveries

Instacart: Grocery deliveries

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  • Current Version: 7.58.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Maplebear Inc
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Instacart: Grocery deliveries App

Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. And your first delivery is free. Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code. Prefer to pick up? Order online and pick up at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Ordering made easy 1. Enter your zip code 2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more 3. Add your items to your cart and place your order 4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order 5. Relax as you wait for your delivery to arrive 6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money Contactless delivery Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same-day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe. Find your favorite products Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, prescriptions, other household items! Relax as your shopper handles even your most fragile items like eggs and glass bottles with care. With Instacart, you can also: • Find exclusive deals & coupons • Creating shopping lists • Reorder your favorite products • View nutritional information & filter by diet • Use Group Carts to easily shop with friends, family & neighbors Where to shop Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America. Download to see what stores are available in your zip code. Free delivery offer valid on first $35+ order with one retailer. Alcohol products excluded. Fees, taxes, and/or tips may apply. Delivery subject to availability; not available in all zip/post codes. See additional terms:

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Instacart: Grocery deliveries app reviews

  • It's been almost 2 hours and the order hasn't arrived. 1/5

    By Jociii4
    I've been waiting for almost two hours and the order hasn't arrived. I cannot go out- I have covid and I'm so hungry. Deleting this app ASAP!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By ltjifhtksjbdkdaobfkdosh
    I’ve had my groceries stolen by one shopper and my entire order was delivered to the wrong house TWICE by another. I don’t recommend this app unless you want to have to call customer service every time to get your money back for groceries that you never received
  • Save yourself Get shipt instead 2/5

    By alyahseiple
    I have had nothing but bad experiences with this app. You can’t request shoppers and have gotten groceries delivered by smokers that have smoked with my food in the car I’ve watched them stomp out a cigarette as they opened the door. I’ve also gotten hot boxed groceries that even after sitting out in the cold for 15 min have still reeked of weed. As if all this wasn’t bad enough the app gives shoppers permission to just substitute your items without approval. I’ve used this app for the last 6 ish months so I’ve definitely given it a fair shot. Only a few times have I gotten the items I ordered. One shopper openly admitted they didn’t know the difference between organic/ non organic produce and just grabbed. I’ve gotten moldy produce etc it’s been an absolute nightmare. This last straw was my order kept getting pushed back 24+ hrs on a 2 hr delivery. Then the shopper I finally get kept trying to replace my items so I was messaging telling them where they were located in the store. After half my order was found he hurried up and selected all the rest and checked out left the chat so I couldn’t request a change or comment. So if you want the groceries you select especially for food allergies not wanting unapproved replacements I would use a different service like ship t. Giving it a couple stars only because customer service for complaints is ok they will at least refund mess ups but apparently have no plans to help keep them from happening in the future. Grrrrrrr
  • Would rather go back to shopping in person 1/5

    By Jayna Parker
    If I could give the app 0 stars, I would. When I first used the app it was great. Affordable, fast, convenient, good service. I only used Instacart for groceries delivery because it was so great and efficient. Now, since the last 4 times I’ve used the app there are fees that have been added in and an increase in fees too, there has been an increase on all products depending on the store and it’s takes forever for me to get my groceries. I’ll order first thing in the morning and won’t get my products until late afternoon. I will never refer this app again and I regret using the app. It’s starting to become a big headache when I use instacart. Just do yourself a favor and order for pickup at your local store or go and shop for your groceries yourself.
  • Items Not There - But Displayed on app for purchase ? 1/5

    By T. Slater
    Umm... so for a first - timer.... my driver did great . But what is the point of paying ahead 2-3 hours for items that aren’t even in stock . Basically my whole order wasn’t even there . But , Instacart still took my money ? I was still granted a refund but it’s discouraging going through that whole process but nothing is there . I suppose the items have to had been there earlier because I paid for them online . This is a flaw Instacart needs to fix asap.
  • Wrapped beautifully 5/5

    By Sandland1256
    Everything was so fresh and beautiful. A great job of shopping with care!!!
  • Ordered Pick up to wait 1 hour and a half and not receive anything 1/5

    By AnaChase98$$$
    DO NOT USE THIS APP! You’re better off using the actual store’s pick up option. I ordered groceries at 10:30 AM to be picked up at the store between 12-1PM. I get an alert my groceries are ready, so I go to the store and let them know I am outside. I message the shopper 3 times, and I am ignored. After waiting 30 minutes, I call customer support and I’m given a fake number to call the store myself (200-555-5104 to be exact) and so I call again and they say my shopper has been alerted that I am in the parking lot. After waiting another 20 minutes, still no groceries. I call a third time, and I am put on hold for 15 minutes while my case was “escalated”. At this point I will be late to an appointment I have at 2, so I told them to not worry about it and to give me a refund. They said there was no way to refund me any sooner than 3-5 business days, even thought they took the funds out of my account already. So I need to order MORE groceries, and so I have to pay twice and not see my money until we’ll into next week. These are hard times for everybody, and none of the reps were very helpful or even tried to rectify the situation. Did I mention NEVER USE THIS APP? Just wanted to make sure I save at least 1 person from wasting time, money, and gas.
  • Totally the worst experience ever 1/5

    By Unolennenenene
    This company is so messed up. They are inconsistent with their shoppers....don’t let you know when they can’t find an item and half time they will not communicate if they don’t get or replace an item. My advice is don’t ever use this service it is horrible and customer service is just as mismanaged. Horrible experience!
  • They scammed me. 1/5

    By Madison L Stewart
    I started the free trial and TRIPLE CHECKED to make sure it was cancelled. A couple of days later i get a charge of $99, there’s no proof of me canceling the free trail because they never sent me an email to confirm it , I’m extremely disappointed and upset. will NEVER be using instacart again and I will warn people about this.
  • I don’t think the shoppers care around here. 1/5

    By Leni67
    1/17/2021 Absolutely the last straw today. My shopper abandoned the order in the middle of shopping. I have been f-ed around by Instacart SO MANY times. None of my orders were ever problem free. I’ve had my meat disappear on the way to my house, I’ve had stores that mysteriously had no meat in stock?? These people will never get another dime from me. Every sing time I use it I have problems. Yesterday the first shopper picked all the items in my order and only then realized she was shopping in the wrong store. The second shopper stole all the meat in my order, because I certainly never received it. They are quick to refund when you submit a request, but here I am with no meat for the week.
  • Do NOT download this app! 1/5

    By 1BreannaNichole
    This will only be the second time I’ve ordered from Instacart. Not only has my order been adjusted without me consent, the staff is unprofessional and very RUDE! I have been waiting since 11am for my Oder it is now 3pm. The chat responders told me to go pick it up and then told me (after I got to the store, which “pick-up was not my selected option) to go home that it’s been changed to delivery! They won’t let me speak with a manager and told me and my little children to wait longer! Then told me all they could ro is credit $5. Please don’t do it to yourself. I’m a kind person work in a pharmacy and also parents who owns restaurants. I used this app so I wouldn’t have to take my children in the cold with Covid-19 being the highest In our state!!
  • Horrible service. 1/5

    By Lolz alot
    Order was significantly later that I was promised. Shopper was shopping multiple orders and they delayed mine.
  • Wegman’s Instacart fabulous 5/5

    By Suzy Kordenbrock
    So fast, easy and friendly!!
  • Items always missing after they’re purchased 1/5

    By teeterharris
    I NEVER get all of the items I pay for. This has a lot less to do with the app and more with the service. USE ANOTHER SERVICE, FOLKS!
  • Great in theory, but misleading 2/5

    By Alexandrovichhans
    When I first signed up and started using Instacart, I thought what a great service. But while order at 11:30 on a Saturday I was given Fast and Flexible or times for the following day. I selected Fast and Flexible thinking, “If theres a chance it can come today, I’ll take it.” It didn’t come, but it told me by 11 Sunday I would get it. Then I was notified it was pushed back until 11:45. Then I WASN’T notified the next 3 times the time changed. I have been waiting over 24 hours for food, in the middle of a pandemic, while living with an immunocompromised senior. I can’t just cancel my order and go to the store, I rely on services like this at this time. Instead of offering me any help on their part, I was informed I could pick a time frame for the extra money. Sure $2 isn’t much, but that time frame was now 6-8 Sunday. Calling a delivery timing option Fast and Flexible is misleading if you’re going to make a customer wait over 24 hours for their food, then tell them it’s their fault for picking an option with the word Fast. Truly it is only flexible, not fast. I’m very upset that this is how the company addresses these issues, telling people to spend more money on a specific time frame, which is way later than they were originally informed, and forcing them to wait over 24 hours for their groceries. This isn’t Amazon, this isn’t a yoga mat, or a gaming console, or a hairbrush that I’m ordering. This is food, this is a necessity of life. The mindset of the company does not treat it that way, and those in charge clearly don’t give a rat’s behind if their options are misleading and cause people to go hungry while waiting for “Fast” delivery. Shameful company that would address/brush off its customers concerns this way. So order at your own risk, and make sure you spend the extra money to make sure you get it when you need it, just keep in mind they still might delay you even if you pay extra.
  • Really Annoyed 1/5

    By Joshesc
    EDIT: It’s just one annoyance after another. There’s a notification in my cart that reads: “You’ve got FREE delivery. Check out now!”. Well I’m on the checkout page & it’s showing delivery fees - nowhere is there any mention of free delivery. I will not be placing my order & won’t be back. This company is just nonstop annoyances. My shopper wasn’t wearing a face mask when dropping my order off. Also, there’s an option to add items to your favorites... well WHERE ARE MY FAVORITES??? I’ve been looking all over the app. This is ridiculous. Shipt is so much easier than Instacart.. 🤦‍♂️

    By taylook
    whatever you do, shop with another company!! Shipt is a million times better.. there is absolutely NO customer service AT ALL. I saw that my groceries were delivered, but never got them? I try to contact Customer Service, and the phone # has been disconnected. An absolute mess, Instacart is clearly based in another country with customer service reps who don’t care how much you spend, as long as they are not affected.
  • delivery service 1/5

    By Mank 2
    I ordered $250.00 worth of groceries. I received 10 bags of food. I ordered 55 items over half of the food was missing. the delivery person dropped the food and ran to the car. No accountabilty, no receipt. i ordered the food for my Sister who is ill and quarantined. she cannot gobout and get more food. I want to know what happened to the rest of my order or please refund some of my money. Janice Beard 773-256-7777
  • What a pleasant surprise! 5/5

    By Grangran Greyhound
    My first order - from Publix - Excellent communications with my shopper!! Yes, she made 3 substitutions but asked about each one and even sent pictures of possible alternatives. Delivery was actually 45 minutes EARLY! Highly recommend.
  • Abysmal Service all around 1/5

    By Lee Timmons
    Drivers/shoppers have NEVER gotten one order completely right. There is always a need to call customer service. When they do finally get the order right you will be DOUBLE CHARGED. This issue has occurred 3 times now. Officially done with instacart.
  • Bad interface 1/5

    By @&K0LA
    I’ve been using Instacart for a few years and more since the pandemic. For a tech company the user interface is hard to use. They make it hard to switch between stores. You can’t move your cart items easily from one store to another, and adding items to an order that’s already been submitted is not easy/clear. It’s very disappointing given a few design tweak could make the overall experience much better. Support isn’t great either.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By lrlay
    Ordered 2 hour delivery today at 2pm. Was notified it would be delivered late, at 5:15. My driver contacted me to say that she was rear ended, called her And she is fine. Sent and email to customer service to have the issue resolved, had to call them 45 minutes later. Had to convince the person that no, my order was not delivered. Finally had her resend delivery, was told it would be here in 2 hours, now it been delayed another 90 minutes. I would assume a redelivery would take priority, but apparently not. Use anyone but this service.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By lrlay
    Ordered 2 hour delivery today at 2pm. Was notified it would be delivered late, at 5:15. My driver contacted me to say that she was rear ended, called her And she is fine. Sent and email to customer service to have the issue resolved, had to call them 45 minutes later. Had to convince the person that no, my order was not delivered. Finally had her resend delivery, was told it would be here in 2 hours, now it been delayed another 90 minutes. I would assume a redelivery would take priority, but apparently not. Use anyone but this service.
  • Not great 1/5

    By sidney semenza
    I was super excited to use this service because of the fast delivery times, but upon registering for an account, my payment was “blocked” for security reasons and now I am unable to order anything. The help center offered no actual help than to tell me to wait and see if it figures itself out
  • Extra security for no reason 1/5

    By Sharonnat
    I have used Instacart once, it was ok. However once my mom tried using her account, somehow she was required to upload all her credit cards, identification card, and told to take a selfie with her ID. I don’t understand why I wasn’t asked to do except for ID and credit card. It makes my mom feel like a criminal before she can buy anything. I guess we’ll continue to buy in-person throughout COVID.
  • 1st time user 5/5

    By Tunga2
    My 1st time using Insta cart for Staples order. Abigail was very efficient n making sure I got the correct product. Thank you.
  • Was great in the beginning 1/5

    By Autie1822
    When I first started using this it was great but the last two times have been awful. People either haven’t delivered groceries and I’ve had to contact support just for them to make me wait to more hours for my groceries to arrive or something comes up where all of a sudden I still have to wait to more hours then the agreed upon time when checking out. Not to mention they charge extra for the items then if you go to the store yourself so I am definitely done using this app it is not worth it for me.
  • Big waste of time 1/5

    By MaddieMae#1
    I just moved to downtown Boston. I used instant cart to order groceries from Aldi. They were supposed to come between one and three. At 3 o’clock they told me that my groceries were running late and will be here by five. Then just before 5 o’clock they sent me a message saying my groceries would be here before 6:30pm. I called them to see what the holdup was. They said that there were no drivers in the area who could take my groceries to me today. He said that my time would get pushed to tomorrow when somebody should be able to get it. He also made sure to tell me that there is no guarantee somebody can do it tomorrow either. So now I wasted a day waiting for my food to come and instead of eating the groceries that I ordered yesterday and were scheduled to come today I’m left with DoorDash... I am extremely disappointed. 👎
  • Costco order 5/5

    By Lynnie M.
    Leonardo did a great job. Very speedy. He was most accommodating by bring my order in my garage and putting it where I could reach everything as I am a senior and physically challenged. I am most grateful.
  • Love Instacart 5/5

    By Celia & Autumn
    Safe and Fast accurate way to get supplies and food
  • Shopper delivered wrong order 2/5

    By fumingmama
    I ordered almost $70 worth of groceries and the shopper delivered me a pack of zest soap and tide laundry detergent. I didn’t even order any soap! You need to develop a way to communicate with the shopper after delivery if there was a mixup. I’ve been using Instacart for over a year almost weekly and there’s always some sort of issue like a missing item in the bag after checkout or in this case wrong delivery. And...Vet your shoppers!!!
  • Always an issues 1/5

    By VBP2004EP3
    There’s always some sort of issue with my order being incorrect, only thing support likes to do is credit your account instead of applying a refund to your card like every other company I’ve used.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By 50Wsdl
    First time user and very pleased!

    By Mimi7772
    I’m starting to hate Instacart!! 😡 For the 4th time now, they have waited a week after I placed, paid for, and received my then charge me AGAIN for the same order.. yesterday was the 4th time in a month! When I call they say “I don’t know why this is happening” .. It’s caused my bank account to be overdrawn twice! Resulting in overdraft fees and me not having access to my money that’s been placed on hold!! Then I have to talk to rep after rep that can’t say anything but, “I’ll put in an escalated ticket and someone will get back to you”....3 tickets in, NO CALL.. there is a pandemic going on, you can’t take money from people you have no right too! Still waiting on a call from escalated ticket number 4! 😡😡😡 #78098354
  • Instacart shopper 5/5

    By carrieAZ101
    Brittany did a great job. Substitutions were perfect
  • Nobody is ever around 1/5

    By MrrF93
    Every time I place a delivery order it always gets delayed because no one picked up the order... I have had to cancel it a few times because it never comes at the scheduled time for even days ahead. It’s really annoying. It’s a shame because it’s a very convenient app but no one is ever available to shop.
  • Constant Mistakes 2/5

    By stella50007
    So I loved this app when I first got it at the start of the pandemic, but now they just keep messing up my order to the point where it would just be easier to go shopping myself. Today was the last straw when I received my order smelling like CIGARETTES. Disgusting. I 100% will not renew my membership. Now there are so many pickup options anyways. Do not recommend.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By salta jade
    I had to use this app while home with COVID-19, I must say - stay away. 1- you don’t get any sale price , forget about that 2- 17 out 28 items shopper ask to substitute for a more expensive ones. Coincidence? 3- prices shown on the store site are higher than what you see in the store. I understand I have to pay for a service, shopper time and delivery but that’s I am paying separately plus I added extra tip, this is a ripoff
  • Charges u extra after u pay. 1/5

    By amityg47
    I used this once and at the end when I put all my items in the cart it told me the total was $15 but then when I got my food the next day I was charged $25 without any warning. You cannot say that your total is a certain number but then when u get your food you’re charged $10 more without being told that will happen. I will never use this app again.
  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By mommakov
    1st world problems right? More of commentary for the app developers than anything: 1 - i know there is more at the store that the app doesn’t let you search (i.e. beer, etc.) 2 - chat with shopper doesn’t live update. You have to leave the chat and come back 3 - in chat, you can’t just hit return, you have to hit the send button with your finger on the touchscreen. Weird. 4 - this is the biggie: we are right between two different Krogers. And are slightly further away (.1 mi) from our go to than the other one. The “other one” doesn’t have the stock that our main store has and we consistently don’t get what ordered. We talked to customer service and there’s no way to request a store. I’m sure it isn’t an easy task but it’s REALLY annoying. 5 - it would be nice to enter loyalty card numbers in the order and get points. 6 - why don’t we get consistently get receipts? 7 - one time we ordered 4 plums and got 4 heads of red cabbage. We told Instacart about it and nothing ever happened. Weird.
  • Appreciate Great Deliveries 4/5

    By rvn6869
    Been using your service for a few years through Costco. You offer outstanding service and are very precise as to delivery times. We will certainly continue using your service-Great Job Well Done! RW Wake Forest,NC
  • Best ever!!! 5/5

    By Ktwillows
    Where have I been using any other site?!!!! Quick, friendly delivery, and more inventory!
  • Great service. Thank you! 5/5

    By Peace-Keeper
    Thank you.
  • was great 4/5

    By pikncotton
    this service was great for months ago i’m not sure what happen i use to brag on them, now i don’t say anything
  • Absolutely Awful! 1/5

    By Aunty Amethyst
    I placed 2 orders through the Costco app, not realizing they were redirected to this company. Couldn’t find my order info because I had an item I swore I ordered that was missing but wanted to be sure. Couldn’t find my orders. Downloaded the app, no order history. Had a very confusing chat conversation with one of their reps who finally told me I could view them through the website, which shows no orders. Called, could not understand the rep at all. I will not be ordering through them again.
  • IMHO Insta-cart buyers & home delivery staff are Angels on the front-line 5/5

    By Gin sue
    I wouldn’t still be Covid-free (knock on wood) without this service for me and my family. Thank you.
  • Difficult to troubleshoot problems 3/5

    By Ijdogood
    In general Instacart has been great, but in the event something goes wrong, there is little you can do in the way of correcting it in real time. Customer support thus far has been the equivalent of “have you tried turning it off and on again?”.
  • Refund and slow 1/5

    By djndshstsybssuwau2&38282
    They found my baby milk but they say can’t look for the key for milk it a bad app so DO NOT get this app and it slow
  • Walmart 5/5

    By AlyJesse
    Jenna B did a great job and delivered all the items ordered! Thank you Jenna for delivering in such a timely manner🤗