Instacart: Grocery delivery

Instacart: Grocery delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 7.102.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Maplebear Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Instacart: Grocery delivery App

Shop online & get your groceries delivered directly to your door in as fast as 2 hours. Plus, your first grocery delivery is free! And it's safe—contactless delivery is available. Instacart delivers fresh food, alcohol, and household items the same day all across the US. Download the app to see what stores are available in your zip code. Prefer to pickup? Order online and pickup at your local store, where it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Ordering made easy 1. Enter your zip code 2. Shop stores for groceries, household items, electronics, and more 3. Add your items to your cart and place your order 4. Chat with your shopper in real time to make any changes to your order 5. Relax while you you wait for your delivery to arrive 6. Enjoy your items while you save time & money Contactless delivery Order safely from your home and get your groceries delivered to you same day. Our 100% contactless delivery helps to ensure you and your shopper stay safe. Find your favorite products Get fresh produce, late-night snacks, and even alcohol delivered to your door. Don’t forget essentials like toilet paper, prescriptions, other household items! And your shopper will ensure that fragile items like eggs and glass bottles are always handled with care. With Instacart, you can: • Find exclusive deals & coupons • Creating shopping lists • Reorder your favorite products • View nutritional information & filter by diet Where to shop with Instacart Shop from your favorite stores - Aldi, Publix, Costco, Safeway, Wegmans - and nearly 40,000 other retail locations across North America. Download to see what stores are available in your zip code. Terms and conditions apply. See details:

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Instacart: Grocery delivery app reviews

  • Worst service I’ve ever used 1/5

    By 
    I have tried to order through Instacart several times and not one single experience has been good. They do not update in stock items so I have had to cancel orders because half of the items stores don’t have. Shoppers have completely disregarded my requests and questions and checked out when I specifically asked them not to just yet. This is the worst service I have ever used and will be my last time giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    By madii g
    I woke up knowing I had a very busy and stressful day ahead of me and thought I’d make it easier on myself and try out instacart. AWFUL DECISION!! It made my day even MORE stressful. The app crashed, said it couldn’t process my order and then proceeded to charge my card the full amount!!!!!!!!!! Total waste of time. Awful experience. Will not be a returning customer. If you’re thinking about trying it, don’t.
  • Love the app, but glitchy now! 4/5

    By Lopo413
    I absolutely LOVE the Instacart app! But unfortunately your latest software update screwed a lot of things up and has caused the app to become super glitchy… Logging me off, unable to log in, multiple error messages, requests for login codes emailed to me never get emailed, text codes arrive later than the time limit provided, etc. PLEASE fix??!!!
  • App is not working 1/5

    By Vnna.aa
    I couldn’t message back my shopper while he was sopping my order because the app went down. This has happened too many times and is very frustrating.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By 👎🏾😤😒
    Update yall servers please this app is horrible
  • They raised prices 2/5

    By Subreezy
    So many fees and every item cost more than the actual price.
  • The app is great. 4/5

    By Wildflower237
    I think the app is great. I want the developers to add a feature. I think it would help customers if they get to choose the individual orders that can be initiated even when the app has other carts from different stores in the progress of being filled. Not only will this improve the shopping experience, but it will also enhance the functional appeal of the design of the app. Often when I putting an order together, I’m filling the cart for at least three shops. Occasionally, I only want to put one shop's order through individually. Only the app makes all orders go through at the same time making it impossible to get to customize. Instead, I will have to delete the second and third carts just to put the one order through. Developers, please help make this app even more awesome! Update: the recent updates have the carts are completely separate now, and I can no longer view the subtotal for the entire order as a whole. I need to be able to view all the orders together at once so that I see if My order is on budget. Developers need the option to see the original combined format, as well as, need updated version.
  • Covid 5/5

    By Kalena C
    Just diagnosed with Covid and I needed items from the pharmacy. My daughter turned me onto this site and I’m highly impressed!!
  • Instacart needs to ensure greater consistency 4/5

    By ToolGuyKarl
    The app is pretty good. My chief complaints are 1) Instacart allows you to select a delivery time, but then they don’t honor it. Say you know you’re going to be at work till 5.30 so you schedule your delivery for 5.30. As soon as a shopper is available, they will shop and deliver your order ignoring your requested time slot. That’s just not helpful. 2) If you order an item carried only by one local grocery store and you start a cart for another grocery store later - Instacart will present that unique item to be added to your cart even though store number two doesn’t carry the item. That is big miss in the infrastructure of the app and just sets the shopper and the app user up for disappointment. 3) The data input for various items is greatly inconsistent and not all items have pictures or nutritional value, etc. Instacart should insure all stores are inputting the ingredients, nutritional info, etc. before allow them to be offered for sale.
  • Latest update makes shopping harder 2/5

    By NatureShlee
    I’ve used this app as my primary grocery shopping method for almost two years and have loved it. I always shop at three stores simultaneously. It was easy to compare prices and make adjustments along the way. The latest update separates the carts, tripling my shopping time and making it awfully time-consuming to compare prices. The carts do not refresh when I switch between them, and it has caused the app to crash multiple times in a single shopping trip. Please give me the option to see all of my carts simultaneously again!
  • My shopper today 5/5

    By love my shopper
    She was fabulous. Got everything right courteous snd friendly
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ty0:&//8
    App will just randomly shut down, couldnt add my debt card kept saying error but wasnt helpful at all needs to fix their system
  • Worst Delivery Service I’ve Ever Used 1/5

    By never use this ever
    I have ordered through Instacart a few times and had major problems with every order. Just today I ordered and I was charged twice for the order and it was delivered to the wrong address even when I provided photos and detailed notes on where to drop it off. I had to go on a hunt around the block to find out where my groceries were. I also was hacked and charged for groceries I did not order, and I have submitted multiple requests and reports and have heard nothing back. After this last experience I will not be using this service again.
  • Missing items 1/5

    By my stuff is wrong
    I used Instacart because it was quicker for me. But they sent me two sticks of butter instead of a pound of butter. Also I didn’t get the two cartons of 18 eggs I ordered! And I was charged for these missing items! Be careful with this company.
  • App has started to freeze 2/5

    By Ilse8989
    Love the service but lately the app has been freezing forcing you to close it and reopen it multiple times when trying to order. And Deleting it and reinstalling it does not fix the issue.
  • Delivery Fees Too High 1/5

    The delivery fees associated with each delivery are too much

    By Mimi7772
    I’m starting to hate Instacart!! 😡 For the 4th time now, they have waited a week after I placed, paid for, and received my then charge me AGAIN for the same order.. yesterday was the 4th time in a month! When I call they say “I don’t know why this is happening” .. It’s caused my bank account to be overdrawn twice! Resulting in overdraft fees and me not having access to my money that’s been placed on hold!! Then I have to talk to rep after rep that can’t say anything but, “I’ll put in an escalated ticket and someone will get back to you”....3 tickets in, NO CALL.. there is a pandemic going on, you can’t take money from people you have no right too! Still waiting on a call from escalated ticket number 4! 😡😡😡 #78098354….Edit: it’s happened again 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is now 5 times
  • Delivery Times NOT accurate 1/5

    By myappleyourapple
    The app will say delivery by “this time” then when you checkout, no matter how fast, it will say “Tomorrow”. This happens constantly. Makes ordering a waste of time.
  • Creative Accounting That Exploits The Customer. 1/5

    By El Gato Moreno.
    If you're thinking about downloading this app. Consider downloading Amazon instead. Not only for the accumulated value that you get from multiple services. But, there won't be any creative, hidden fees, attached to your purchases by Instacart. None of which they place towards compensating the deliver drivers. Recently, I placed an order for a couple of items, including some water that totaled about $35.00 (the minimum required for an order). The app tacked an additional $3.02 charge for a "heavy delivery fee". In addition to having to pay a $99.00 membership to gain access to free delivery. There is still a $1.00 "service fee" made each time that you place an order. Least I forget, the tip for my driver because Instacart will pocket all of the aforementioned fees and not share any of them with their contractors (delivery drivers are legally not official employees; a means to avoid accountability for the safety and compensation of drivers). If the service is going to charge you fees on top of the membership price. Then, what is the point of the membership in the first place? Amazon isn't that much better at treating their employees. And, they've recently began charging for delivery. But, all you pay is a flat fee for all deliveries. And, you still get access to sales exclusive to Prime members. Aswell as the perks of their video streaming service and two day delivery on other items. Don't make Instacart's investors any richer by letting them tack you with a bill for imaginary costs.
  • Garbage app 2/5

    By Daffy123456
    This app never fails to disappoint. The worst part of it is the chat function, which in theory allows you to communicate with your shopper but delays the messages back and forth and often the shopper doesn’t get your changes or updates before checking out. Also the function that allows you to add items to an existing order is confusing, half the time it just starts a new order. The shoppers, on the other hand, are great and really do their best, and it’s a shame they’re hamstrung by this garbage app.
  • Instacart 5/5

    By kuli632
    Rodney was great. Thanks
  • “It’s a Piece of Cake!” 5/5

    By MKTGem
    Instacart is a wiz to use and very affordable in time and associated costs. While never leaving my arm chair, I get all the comforts of getting what I need, just like being there in person … most of the time.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By 1763946
    I’ve been using Instacart for over a year and there always seems to be something wrong. Either my order is incomplete, wrong items, or really late delays. This last time I placed an order at 1pm saying it would arrive at 5pm, yet here I am at 8pm waiting for my order to even being start. It’s just an overall disappointment, especially to those of us who heavily rely on the service.
  • Charnel was wonderful 5/5

    By jeanne451
    Very clear about substitutions. Best we ever have had. Thanks to him
  • Always an issue 3/5

    By Me1053
    Okay so I started Instacart before the Pandemic started and was over joyed with the amount of money I was making in a short amount of time. I liked it more than DoorDash. That was within the first few weeks of being a shopper. After I would have a whole bunch of issues and glitches making my orders take longer and more difficult to do. The year 2020 I had an order that was roughly $500 the app glitched and erased my profile just as I was on the way to deliver the items and it took the Customer service hours to even do anything that could help. There was an order before that where the app glitched and I was sitting at the customers house for hours waiting for a resolve. Fast forward 2021 I use the app under my moms information and didn’t have a single problem with the app except for bad connection here or there. I try to reapply (because the app glitched and deleted my account) under my own information again and was already having issues like it wouldn’t let me update my phone information. I tried to get a rep and they seemed helpful but then I couldn’t get to the chat to answer any questions. I finally get to the chat and had to start a whole new chat with different people who weren’t even able to help. It’s all been a headache and very disappointing. It seems they’re doing all these updates but not fixing anything that actually matters.
  • Slow 2/5

    By adrxanna16
    It makes shopping easier when you have a busy day, however the service is slow when getting your order assigned to someone. Once it’s assigned, it’s super fast. It really depends how many people are available in your area for shopping. I did priority order and my order was still delayed by 2 hours.
  • Great service especially for Seniors!! 5/5

    By PTyra
    I received my 1st delivery today. It was perfect! I am in a wheelchair and so is my husband. This is a wonderful way to buy what we need since we have a very hard time getting any shopping done.
  • Beware they charge extra for 2 hour delivery 1/5

    By Canan1
    When I first started using Instacart it was great. I paid a monthly membership fee and my orders would be delivered within 2 hours. Last couple months they started charging an extra fee on top of the monthly membership fee to deliver the groceries within 2 hours of placing the order. I just placed an order at 14:30 and was given a 17:30 delivery time if I chose the free option. If I was willing to pay extra it would get delivered quicker within 2 hours. Now that Walmart is delivering groceries and quoting the same free delivery time of 17:30 I don’t see a point of using Instacart anymore. I can pay the monthly fee to Walmart. Oh and Walmart doesn’t charge extra for “heavy items” when you buy a 12 pack of soda like Instacart does.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Nathan736
    A recent update has changed the way carts work. Instead of having a single cart with different sections, the app now splits them into multiple carts. I cannot check items in different carts without switching to it and I have to check them out separately. Yes, I am aware of the group cart feature, and I don’t like that in order to get the previous experience I have to set it up first. This is an obvious downgrade in user experience and at the very least the group cart mode should have been made default. This change shows a pretty clear lack of understanding of how I want to use the app, and I imagine others who shop from multiple stores find this change a thorn in their side. New features shouldn’t increase the amount of friction I experience trying to order groceries. It may also be in my head, but the app feels slower and clunkier now. It takes 5+ seconds to load a store and the store loads every single time I switch between stores.
  • So much easier 5/5

    By medusa914
    Made my busy life so much easier !!!
  • Love it!!! But needs a shopping list 5/5

    By Ma2130
    Live the app. Works great I would ask if in the next update. You could add a shopping to-do list!!!
  • App doesn’t work on data 3/5

    By anonymousScrabblePlayer
    Instacart is amazing but after multiple updates and redownloads, it still will only work on wifi. When on data it says please check connection and try again. So I have to use the website version whenever I’m not home
  • Wonderful delivery guy 5/5

    By TanyaOooh
    Preston was right on time with all of my groceries. I will definitely be back!
  • Delivery guy 1/5

    By Diamond tt
    I ordered groceries tonight November 27, 2021.I don't think that the delivery person took his time to find everything. Just kept saying things were out of stock. And also when he got to my house I said please make sure to send me a receipt. I got a ratingReview sent to me and as soon as I give the guy one star that's all it would let me do. Could not see my receipt could not adjust my tip. I gave him a 20% tip and I would've lowered it if they would've let me but it was another option and I was just cut off. I believe I was missing a few items but I'm not sure because I didn't get a receipt. Delivery guy could obviously see that I was ill and on oxygen. All of our delivery people have set the groceries inside for me he just left them sitting outside on the sidewalk. Don't know if this can be looked into who he is but I do not ever want him delivering groceries to my home is not that he did not want to come in to the house because there was no light outside and he had to come in to scan my drivers license and then just walked away.If anybody in Instacart or Aldi's or whatever reads as I would like has a chip adjust it to 10% and he really doesn't deserve that

    By Divaizwhoiam
    I hate this app the people who brought my order messed it up so I went to Kroger to exchange some items that was a mess then you charge me one thing and the app says another NEVER AGAIN!! Use at your own risk!!
  • . 1/5

    By swagbucksuserrrr
    When I choose within two hours why does instacart keep delaying my order? I order every single week and they keep delaying my order by two hours EVERY TIME.
  • Account locked with no reason 1/5

    By zhoujli
    This morning I tried to make an order but when submitting it said there’s something wrong and logged me out. When I tried logging in again I was told that they lock my account because of some ‘suspicious/fraudulent’ activity, which I have no idea why they made the call - I shopped the same items in the same store to the same address using the same payment method I used before. Then I received an email to upload photos of my driver license and credit card (and yes I have to hide all my DOB etc confidential information by myself; not sure if it’s privacy compliant) to get it unlocked. It took hours to address and I had to reorder again. Then I receiver an email that there was a ‘glitch’ of their fraud detection system which caused this. I’m not satisfied with it and I’m going to cancel my subscription.
  • Great but left it at my neighbors door 4/5

    By Melissa2727
    My shopper did a good job up until it was left next door. Other than that, it was a huge help as I was traveling and needed groceries for thanksgiving!
  • Thankful for my Instacart live spider 1/5

    By AT&T customer 2020
    So for Thanksgiving Instacart delivered a live spider the size of my hand with the groceries. Along with never once being on time at the initially scheduled time. Fun fact: this app doesn’t allow you to pick the delivery window. It asked you to select a delivery time, and then after the order is placed then they assign you a 2 hour “delivery window” so the order can be delivered 2 hours sooner than when you schedule it. If you have a busy schedule, and since you are considering grocery delivery you probably do, then this after the fact delivery time will never work for your timing. Competing apps let you select the 1 hour delivery window at the time you place the order, not automatically choosing for you like Instacart does. The customer service number also has never delivered quality service. Every time you call it is so loud you can’t even hear your conversation, and then the delivery window excluse is always thr scape goat. It’s a nonsense app that could be way way better.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By LaPejs
    Promises express delivery and ends up pushing out an hour. Shopper had the worst attitude and wanted to replace 5 out of 9 items in the order!
  • Unhappy! 2/5

    By Forgotten Shopper
    Ulisha was great. She did the best She could. But the wait time was ridiculous! I ordered at least 6 hours earlier than I received My order! So I got very little of what I needed! I had People waiting for Dinner. I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know if I’m going to order anything again! I should be getting a refund! I didn’t get My order until almost 11:00 PM! 😡
  • The most unreliable app there is 1/5

    By darosas04
    Every time I want to order something either for pick up or delivery it’s only going to be for tomorrow or the day after that. Even Whole Foods with Amazon prime offer same day delivery.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By jema313
    Excellent Communication skills informing me of my options. How do we tip?
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Trinipapi
    Won’t let me even attempt to order with out “eligible chase card” and don’t make it obvious how to choose any other option.
  • Location issues 4/5

    By sunshineeee111111111
    I love the app. But I live in a rural area where my address doesn’t even register in the app. However my home is 10-20 minutes away from several stores that I cannot access for pick up orders unless I enter a different address. Also some stores that I know participate in Instacart are listed as unavailable in my area unless I enter an address directly next to the store. Other than that everything works great on the app
  • Used this one time 1/5

    By Tee134
    I used this service 1 time a couple weeks ago and was very pleased . Very fast got my order with in a hour . I received numerous emails since then about same service for Thanksgiving saying if I ran out of something I could still get service . I have been trying to get a delivery since Sunday today is Wednesday that’s 3 days . I have the membership . I can’t get a delivery. You’re advertising false expectations for people ! Totally understand it’s Thanksgiving . But don’t advertise something you can’t provide .
  • Love it 5/5

    By Michael gil
    So easy
  • BB 5/5

    By betebee
    Great alternative to shopping. On time and everything ordered was delivered. I will be using again.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By mcq02
    Instacart is next level! I love that I can select what my items will be replaced with if something is out of stock. I also really like that if something is out of stock they message to confirm that you’ll be refunded for whatever was not available. Delivery is generally quick and bagged well too.