Instacart Shopper: Earn Money

Instacart Shopper: Earn Money

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  • Current Version: 4.169.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Maplebear Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Instacart Shopper: Earn Money App

Become an Instacart shopper. Make money shopping groceries in your spare time. BE A HOUSEHOLD HERO From families to seniors, make someone's day, every day by delivering groceries and everyday essentials when they need them the most. FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Earn with Instacart while balancing work and life. Shop and/or deliver on your own schedule. CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL PATH Be your own boss or develop a career path as an employee — it’s up to you. Get started as a full-service shopper and shop and deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doors, or sign up as an in-store shopper and shop for groceries in-store, working with a great team and growing your career with Instacart. GET PAID FAST Get paid weekly. Full service shoppers cash out every day with Instant Cashout.

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Instacart Shopper: Earn Money app reviews

  • Full time service driver 5/5

    By tony nica
    Thank you very much for th
  • Please help me 5/5

    By Brigith92
    I like the app but right now I need help because I have problems with the card and I pay some order with my personal card please help me
  • Useless customer service. 1/5

    By Blasted monkey
    They read off of a script and removed the customer service chat session from their app.
  • Customer support can’t keep up. 1/5

    By Jewels1201
    If The app get stuck they want you to pay for the orders. You will get your money back after two weeks, but you won’t get paid for the order.
  • Wish there was chat support 3/5

    By Kaytee Lauren
    I signed up to be a shopper and it’s honestly a lot of fun, but I wish there was more in the app to help me get started. It would be helpful to have: -more tips on how to really provide the best service - more in depth not just an app walk through -support chat to contact when need help -walk through on how to use Apple Pay with the app -it would be really helpful to organize multiple batch orders in a way that had names and items for each customer vs A and B. It’s hard to remember who had what items. We ultimately want to make the customer happy by delivering the correct items. It would be great to see their list so we can be sure to give the correct bags -it would be REALLY awesome if customers couldn’t change their tip. It seems as if some customers might put a high tip to get it selected quickly and then change it once delivered. If they didn’t have a great experience, that is what reviews are for. I don’t think someone should think they are getting paid X amount and then suddenly have it potentially decreased at whim. Overall I like the service as a shopper. The items above are changes I would love to see implemented into the app to make our experience better overall and enhance the customer experience which reflects on the company as a whole.
  • Make money 5/5

    By Luisalfonzo14
    Nice app! Good money thx instacart!
  • Great, but Needs Approvement 3/5

    By brodyz13
    The app is in a great position. But I would love to see what time and day a customer wants their order before I accept the order. Many customers place an order around 5pm and I accept it but the time to be delivered says by 2pm-meaning the next day. I don’t want to accept that. I want to accept orders to deliver immediately. Also, these triple batches are getting out of hand as it is grouping homes nowhere near each other in one batch. We should also have the ability to message a customer before we begin shopping. And I think earnings should be itemized by each order.
  • Works pretty well. 4/5

    By vordejo
    The function that puts priority items at the top makes it unhelpful when shopping aisle by aisle. It would be better if priority items are highlighted, but remain organized by aisle.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ddave90
    I get push notifications but the batches just spins and spins. I’ve contacted my data provider , updated app, force stopped everything on my phone ....... nada. Been like this before COVID rush.
  • Help pls 1/5

    By ian710frm760
    Would love to enjoy this service but it already doesn’t work. I was sent my card and a copy of my background report. I even checked the website of the company who did the background check and they said it was cleared. However instacart still says to wait up to 4 days until my check goes through. Also spent around 15 minutes trying to figure out how to contact customer service and found it to be impossible at the moment.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Gwyrth
    Having issues right out of the gate and, since it’s seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to contact Instacart through the app (and since the number that’s listed is now inactive) I very likely will be delivering for another service. Thanks for making it extremely difficult to work with you.
  • Chat 1/5

    By godly man 13
    The chat with agent not working
  • Can’t get to start my paperwork 1/5

    By Jdrew1981
    I signed up and Logged into the app. Every tome I open the app it takes me to sending prepaid card and I confirm all the info. After that a start paperwork button shows and as soon as I touch it the screen goes back to the send prepaid card. I can’t contact support through the app because I keep getting an error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to only run into the same issues! I wish someone could help me out
  • New update on IOS eliminates the chat feature 3/5

    By MRL28
    Unfortunately the app no longer has the chat feature with the new IOS update. Please fix this bug ASAP.
  • No support available 1/5

    By instafrustrating
    Need support for debit card. Following all steps, I touch the rep icon for support. It sends me to a web page that says ‘download the app.’ I touch the download button and it takes me to the Apple store, where the app shows as installed. It just goes in circles like that. Feels like shoppers don’t matter to Instacart.
  • NO ITEMS available at participating stores 1/5

    By Office word
    Let’s just say the app has NO CLUE that COVID-19 panic has wiped off all shelves clean nation wide and still allows shoppers to add TOILET PAPER, WIPES, FLOUR, and etc to their list without ANY WARNING making YOU spend hours to convince your shoppers to eat something else and then finally cancelling the whole thing on you OVER and OVER and OVER. $0.00 made on my run...forget this app.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Liz9696
    I was looking for a job during this work shortage and there isn’t a better time to do a job like this. Best pay to make some money while being able to create your own schedule!
  • Nothing option for support 3/5

    By moni.vicu
    I need help. Can't I get the icon in the app to be able to contact support, chat or calls or anything, nothing happens to me? how do I contact you ?
  • Ripped me off 1/5

    By joseph1679
    I had $30 in my earnings, finished 2 runs one was $11 and the other was $25 how do I end up with $40?!?!?
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By ultimately irritated
    I have tried to get this apps to work for two days now and it is stuck on ordering the payment card . I have been stuck on this screen for more then 24 hrs , I have read every troubleshooting suggest they have on there apps , I have restarted my phone twice. I have try call support and it come up with a error message ( 3-5 times ) in 24 hrs I made it the dash board once. Went to my bank apps to look up my bank account info , then when I went back to Instacart enter in to my Instacart account ,it got stuck on ordering more Instacart payment card . My daughter signed up yesterday and has had no troubles with the apps ( I wondering if it is a Android / Apple thing ). I wouldn’t even give it 1⭐️ , but it won’t let me . I know it shouldn’t be this difficult, as Uber, Lyft, are very similar and I never had half the trouble this app is caused!!
  • Great start but...major issue here 3/5

    By SarahMeeranje
    Love it but still has issues... I did a batch order today and I got to the point of cash out out and could not complete it bc the card kept declining and there was no way for me to contact anyone in instacart to resolve this issue. And I chose to no longer complete the order bc I couldn’t get ahold of instacart to quit the batch order and I told the customers this problem and I completed their orders personally but I can’t seem the exit their orders on the app nor get a solution from instacart
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By antheajane
    I love this app
  • Nice! 5/5

    By itsme816
    App is easy to use, and you can make good money when you get the hang of it.
  • Not good for shoppers in South Cal 2/5

    By @Lexito23
    Drivers / shoppers in South California waiting hours for a singular batch , is not worth it.
  • Easy 5/5

    By perezdaniel
    Easy app to use!

    By I💜shopping
    I’m giving this review a 5 star in hopes that I’m the filters don’t block it snd it will actually be seen by potential shoppers and customers of IC. This company recalculates shopper tips with bad math and refuses to address the issue, they deceive shoppers in an effort to get the batches accepted only to stick it to us after the order(s) are complete, assign 2 sometimes 3 customer orders in one batch only paying shoppers $10 for all 3, they refuse to answer calls, chats, and have blocked all email access for any reason, they are prejudice about batch assignments, and the topper . . . Would rather pay a $2500 per new shopper referral bonus then they would pay the shopper currently signed up to work (for 3 years in my case) a decent wage when we jeopardize our health out in the community. Just remember instacart, you get what you pay for.
  • Middle Eastern Scammers 1/5

    By JyveEmployee
    I work for instacart and was hacked by the support agent. My bank account instacart uses to pay me with. Stay far away because they have the power to steal your information and sell it. I am proof of this happening.
  • Awesome that’s all I can say 5/5

    By Johnandbean
    This appthis app is this app this Avenue
  • Wages and tips no accurate 1/5

    By kamirelax
    The wages and tips are not accurate. Its not easy to shopping your everyday need, and carrying heavy staff. And pay you too small amount. Instacart making lot of money, shoppers get too small amount.
  • If there is a problem, you are on your own 1/5

    By Timwaters
    Support for Shopper app is a joke. They don’t respond and are disrespectful. I am quitting because I choose to not associate with the corrupt organization Instacart
  • App is working for some, not for others 2/5

    By cturtle517
    Today was my first day as a shopper and I could not get a hold of any of the Instacart Care team all day. I tried both of their phone numbers, both of which have been either disconnected or not in service any longer. Couldn’t start any chats in the app for help, especially with one of my orders where none of the items requested were in the store. Some shoppers are able to use the chat, but with hours long waits, and the other half can’t even access it. Please fix soon!!
  • Processing Info 1/5

    By D_phil
    I’ve been trying to sign up as a shopper for almost two weeks, but the screen keeps saying “processing info”. I’ve deleted the app and data several times but nothing is working. I’ve tried to reach out for help but the phone doesn’t work and the app keeps saying technical difficulty when I try to contact help through the app. Please advise!
  • No Cashout 3/5

    I’m having trouble using the Cashout feature, although I’ve had already completed 5 batches.

    By hertv1223
    I cannot reach out to customer service and they deposit a check to a bank that’s not mines I’m trying to switch my banks out i need to speak with someone
  • Becoming a shopper 2/5

    By cptcwake
    I’ve been trying to become a shopper and get to the point where an insta card is being mailed to me. When I get to the next step to do paperwork, I click the button for the paperwork and I keep getting brought back to the insta card mailing. I’m not sure if I have to wait for the card to arrive before I can do the paperwork or how to get around it so I can use the app.
  • 100% Activa 5/5

    Excellent application, grateful in this moment. Very dynamic.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By amira5921
    This app is garbage. If you are sent to a store with no wifi and no internet it is impossible to complete an order. There is no offline use of this app. There is no one to contact to cancel your shopping trip. The app still thinks I am shopping because there is no way for me to cancel it or contact support. The chat option continually tells me that there is an error so I can’t even chat with an agent.

    By Lplplplp737829173
    I tried to get in contact with someone about my account 2 weeks ago. It took them 10 hours to reply to me and when I didn’t reply for 5 minutes because I didn’t see the notification, they ended the chat...then I tried to get in contact with them about an active order yesterday...I got all the way to check out and the store did not take Apple Pay and Instacart told me 2 weeks ago they were sending a card in the mail to me, but I still haven’t received it. So after shopping the entire order and not being able to pay it would not let me cancel until I talked to someone from support. This time it took 7 hours to get a response. They didn’t contact me until 1AM. So the customer never got their order and I never got compensated for the time and gas I wasted. And wasn’t able to accept anymore orders bc of their ridiculous wait time. Then the same thing happened today! Every time I contact them, the app closes out of the chat and there is no other way to get a chat open. They closed it down and they cut off their phones so nobody can call them either!! During this time of crisis, we are still willing to go out and shop for other people, but just end up wasting or time, energy and gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then I get to reading other reviews of people who have been working for them for over a year and they get treated like complete crap! What kind of company is this?! To be taking people’s money for them to not receive their orders bc u guys can’t answer the dang phone!! And to waste our time while u just sit back and relax and collect money that isn’t deserved ONE BIT! RIDICULOUS!
  • Muy bueno!! 5/5

    By ... maikar
    Es una buena aplicación para generar buenos ingresos
  • Excelent 5/5

    By Villasan75
    It's an excellent experience knowing a lot of people and taking home what S needed. I feel like I'm helping people out
  • Great $ Maker, Terrible Customer Service 4/5

    By Cake momma
    I’ve made great money through this app, but their customer service is just terrible. I’ve been trying to get help with an issue for awhile now and every method I try to contact them through either gives me an error message or am told it’s not longer in service.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Dayna .v
    This app straight trash , no customer service and move , I can’t get any help 2 days still have t been contacted back trash
  • Horrible Support!!!!! 1/5

    By WhoIsAdam64
    Support is non existent. It took at least 10 hours to cancel an order. I lost out on other orders. Never got any response or compensation for their own stupidity. Not worth the little pay already. I posted a negative response before and it was taken down.wont be able to on other platforms
  • COVID-19 5/5

    By Danger Aaron467775444
    I’m an ISS for over a year now, and I generally love my job. However, given the current state of affairs, we take a huge risk (being an “essential” employee on the front lines) every minute that we’re in the store. So...where’s the appreciation? Our workforce has dropped dramatically, yet there’s been no talk of a bonus, of a higher pay rate, nothing! Even though other “essentials”, including the grocery store where I work, are getting one or the other...or both! Step-up Instacart! The precious few of us that still shop deserve better!
  • No shopper support 1/5

    By jekeodijekeidmene
    Shopper support doesn’t even exist no more smh. They got rid of the contact support option. Just horrible. If you are new and you have issues with an order.... I am deeply sorry for you.
  • Driver License Photo 1/5

    By Reese1286
    This app does NOT allow you to take a back photo of the drivers license. I’ve deleted the app twice tried multiple times.
  • Fix your shopper support 2/5

    By sofitg
    It’s impossible to communicate with their support. The app is not easy to navigate either and I still haven’t figure out how to cancel an order. That’s just for starters
  • Wow 5/5

    By lywon
    This is the best app paying job ever I kid you not
  • Better than Postmates, Doordash and Lyft 5/5

    By BlickyBlick
    The is great

Instacart Shopper: Earn Money app comments

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