Instacart Shopper: Earn money

Instacart Shopper: Earn money

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  • Current Version: 4.250.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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Instacart Shopper: Earn money App

Make money by grocery shopping in your spare time and help those who need it most by becoming an Instacart Shopper. This is the simple way to earn extra money just by shopping for others! As a shopper, you go to the grocery store like normal, except you’re getting paid to shop for others in your local community. How Instacart Shopper makes it easy for you to shop and earn money: • BE A HOUSEHOLD HERO - From families to seniors, make someone's day, every day by delivering groceries and essentials when they need them the most. • FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS - Earn with Instacart Shopper while balancing work and life. Shop and/or deliver on your own schedule. • CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL PATH - Be your own boss or develop a career path as an employee — it’s up to you. Get started as a full-service shopper and shop and deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doors, or sign up as an in-store shopper and shop for groceries in-store, working with a great team and growing your career with Instacart. • GET PAID FAST - Get paid weekly. Full service shoppers cash out every day with Instant Cashout. Work whenever it works for you with no set hours or days, you can shop as much or as little as you want. Download the Instacart Shopper app to start earning a little extra money today!

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Instacart Shopper: Earn money app reviews

  • fye 5/5

    everything I had hoped it would be
  • Best app 5/5

    By subzero806
    Instacart is my favorite app
  • Missing funds 5/5

    By ~Lilly~
    Can I please get in contact with shopper help?! I’ve been on the phone all day and they keep telling me to call the same number! I’m missing around $300 dollars and no one seems to care!
  • Mileage. 4/5

    By Treetrunks808
    Need to increase pay for mileage since gas price ave almost doubled in my area
  • Se tendria que poder cambiar de idioma 5/5

    By DembowUsa
  • Z 5/5

    By dodeski
    Easy way to make money and meet good people
  • My location won’t update so I can’t make money outside where I signed up 1/5

    By fablove723
    I keep contacting instacart support for help and they keep making me seem crazy . I’ve traveled to different states and different cities and I’ve only ever been able to make money around my house . I’m not sure how to feel because other shoppers are experiencing this for over a year with no fixing .
  • Contact 5/5

    By Jennifer Schadler
    Ik I ll love this when I get going but my first experience wasn’t so hot and I don’t know how to contact INSTACART directly. I went to store, (5 miles away) had 3/4 of order filled and got a pop up message: Order cancelled by BOTH clients. No way to contact them or INSTACART. No compensation for travel and work. Canceled afternoon obligations to complete the order and get started. How should this be handled and is this to be expected? Fellow INSTACART workers say it’s never happened to them? Any thoughts or information?
  • Too many shoppers 2/5

    By MeganNoble24
    There are too many shoppers for the amount of batches available in my area. I get a notification for a new batch, I tap on it immediately, and before the app even loads, the batch is gone. I barely get any work in my town anymore. Also, most people in my town don’t even know Instacart exists. Put up some billboards or something because Northern Michigan is clueless.
  • Garbage 2/5

    By the brama bull
    overall its bad, i didnt like this app, it lags, unfair rating system, and just not worth it. Uber is much better than this crap. plz dont waste your time on this. only if your at 100% u can earn good and once someone gives you a thumbs down its back to earning 75$ a day for almost 10hours
  • Cool app 4/5

    By nayydott
    I’ve been using it about 2 weeks now it’s pretty cool
  • They don’t give me anymore batches 2/5

    When I first got the app I was getting batches all the time now two months in and I barely get any batches anymore and I waste time just waiting. I’m considering deleting the app and doing jobs elsewhere.
  • Frustration but overall at ease most of the time 4/5

    By sexiriri
    Hello. I am new to this delivery service and enjoy it up to the point where I try to confirm my delivery and it freezes and trust stops me from starting another batch especially if I got more than one delivery in a batch. Having to contact online chat to force delivery is a pain since I have to pull over and chat or stay at the person resident before confirming with representatives. That is annoying to me since the customer get frightened that I’m still at their resident. Overall the app is great! If this can be resolved I am please to continue services.
  • I like making money but 3/5

    By Flyingfish12334
    This app is a great way to make cash on the side. I recommend it to friends and other people I meet who are trying to make some extra cash. However if I could add/change three things, there should be options while shopping to let customers know something is out of stock. I had the issue this week that most of the stores in the area I was in had received half shipments and weren’t able to keep many things stocked. As I am not a corporate overlord nor do I have connections to any I can’t fix this problem. Next if I try and try and try and try to reach a customer to replace items and they don’t respond, it shouldn’t count against me when they don’t like their order. I have yet to develop mind reading powers so until those come in, I believe a certain level of communication should be required before it starts affecting my score as shopper. Lastly, customers should be required to give at least a short (even single sentence description) of where we’re dropping of their groceries at, especially if they live in dorms or apartment complexes. My directions usually end well before I get to them and then I have to run about looking for them.
  • Fix the Reviews 1/5

    By LP061021
    I know this is an ongoing problem with Instacart but how are people allowed to leave bad reviews without saying why or for reasons that are out of our control. Although it doesn’t tell you exactly who left a review, the other day I shopped for a person that on my side it only showed 4 items. When I delivered she said she ordered more then that. I showed her on my phone that it only showed these 4 items. She got upset and I told her to call Instacart and check it out. I’m pretty sure this led to her giving me a 1 star review leading to lowering my rating. There should really be a better system for this for better constructive criticism from a person or where the instacart shopper can fight it if it’s not fair.
  • very good 5/5

    By 🇩🇴fuerte
    the best app to work with, it has helped me a lot in the last year but they should give us a gift to older buyers who do the job well the best app to work with, it has helped me a lot in the last year but they should give us a gift to older buyers who do the job well
  • BOTS 1/5

    By shopnettt
    The platform is wonderful but the BOTS are taking away our jobs! Please get rid of them!
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Tinkerbell 53
    I have enjoyed every section on how to be a good shopper. I’m getting all my bags cleaned up and I have refrigerator bags for the cold or frozen items. I will be caring wipes to sanitizer after each shopping trip. This last film on alcohol delivery is one I will have to think about. My dad was an alcoholic and a don’t deal well with confrontation or alcoholism. Maybe I should skip this portion of deliveries. Thanks
  • Instacart Is for Customers only 3/5

    By hunnicugg
    Before I dive into this review I’d like to say that I do really well with Instacart. I live in the city of Atlanta and simply put, there is no way you can’t earn money with this app. The shopper app is complete trash!! Customers can report damaged or missing items and while that doesn’t really affect your rating, it will make you start to question yourself. I believe Instacart is simply for the pleasure of the customers and not the shoppers. We spend hours and hours in multiple stores attempting to earn a buck while helping the customer by doing their grocery shopping. First customers should be forced to have at least one replacement for each item that they are looking to get through the app. Second as shoppers we should have a customer service NUMBER to be able to talk to someone about potential problems. The chat is terrible and super time consuming. Third is seeing batches that are 30-40 MILES AWAY. As if I’m going to drive all the way there and all the way back just to make some money. The location services should be centralized to your current location for shoppers. The company screws shoppers over when it comes to mileage but I do keep track of my own mileage. It’s a bit frustrating but it is what it is. There should be no reason as to why you can shop for someone who lives 10-20 miles away from the store that they chose to get groceries from and the “batch” is worth $8. When you break down the mileage portion of the Instacart pay and it leaves 2-3 dollars left out of $8, it makes you realize that Instacart isn’t actually paying us for the shopping and time spent doing the order. Lastly how can you offer someone $12-$15 to shop 3 full service orders and think that it’s okay. Instacart as a private company is terrible and will not be better until the company goes public. Until then shoppers will continue to suffer while trying to earn honest money. A few tips for people who aren’t getting batches or feel as if they don’t make enough. Find a busy part of where u live. I have 5-6 actual grocery stores within 15 mins of my house. Wholesale stores offer heavier batches but the tips are better. Understand that most batches are released 10-15 mins before whichever store you like to shop actually opens. For me Publix is my go to. Publix opens as early as 7am. Batches will be available by 6:50am for Publix. INSTACART IS AN EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE MARKET FOR SHOPPERS. Get up earlier and make sure you’re where you want to be before a store actually opens. Other shoppers are sitting in those cars before stores open and getting batches. You can’t be mad at it. Just got to get with the program. If you don’t believe me, I promise I average 1k a week being a full time shopper. Hope this helps. Godspeed to you all!
  • Refund 5/5

    By LaGata67
    I don’t understand why I am being declined a reimbursement when I left the receipt with the customer and had to pay with my own credit card!
  • so you’ll see this awful experience 1/5

    By BandLover0752
    Edit: they are now threatening us that if we contact instacart for help one too many times that they will deactivate your account. Beware. I’ve been working for Instacart since December of 2020. My first few batches began in the Tampa area and honestly I fell in love with the work. As a former Uber driver, I found this app new work extremely useful and considered the pay decent and comparable. Ten months later and I have an entirely different view on the app… I moved to GA in May. I have contacted support several times to bring it to their attention that I am zoned for the Tampa Bay Area still. I was reassured that this wasn’t the case. The next time I reached out I was assured that it would be brought to techs attention and resolved. I am still currently zoned for the Tampa Bay Area. My referral code only works for people working in Tampa, I get promos that are going on in Tampa for that day, and I firmly believe I’m not given equal opportunity for batches here in my new area. Again, I have contacted support on several, spaced out occasions to let them know my dilemma. Unfortunately, this has yet to be resolved and honestly I’ve given up. After working two years with Uber (an amazing company to work for and I would definitely recommend it), I became very discouraged with how little money I was beginning to make with Instacart. I had already proven to be able to survive with working for myself with Uber. I originally chose this work in order to protect myself during this pandemic, but unfortunately I am back at a standard 9-5 ( that I LOVE ) in order to support myself and my family. The pay with Instacart is unpredictable and untrustworthy, customers often tip low or not at all, and Instacart doesn’t offer true support for those with issues similar to mine. I am very disappointed as I did absolutely enjoy Instacart. I would continue to use this tool for a full time job if they simply fixed my personal concerns.
  • They don’t care about shoppers 1/5

    By Toriorange
    I stopped shopping full time about 6 weeks ago. Batches are nothing but a joke. I have a slew of screenshots of orders that I cannot believe people still took. One had only 8 items on it but it stayed on ALL day because it was an 18 mile drive with NO tip. Instacart started the order at $7 and by the end of the day had “peak boosted” it until it was $20 with NO tip. Y’all are making it more than okay for customers to not tip. I get it, you don’t have to do this job if you don’t like it. The thing is, I do like this job but I don’t like being treated as garbage because it’s a service people take advantage of. Instacart makes it insanely easy for customers to NOT tip and get away with it. A few days after the 18 mile drive with no tip happened…THEY ORDERED AGAIN and guess what?? NO TIP. And guess what else?? INSTACART HAD TO PEAK BOOST THE CRAP OUT OF IT AGAIN. With gas being over $3 a gallon now, Yalls lazy customers can drive to the store for their own crap order. Not worth my time, gas or wear & tear on my car. Previous review: While I absolutely appreciate instacart giving me an opportunity to earn money on my own schedule, it does get frustrating due to customers lack of communication or removing the tip once you’ve delivered. Timely customer communication is extremely important on multiple orders because you could be finished with all of your orders except for one item and still waiting for that customer to let you know what their answer is.I do believe we should be able to rate customers like they can read us. It’s pretty disappointing when you drive to the middle of nowhere and climb a bunch of steps to drop off delivery for a two dollar tip just to get in your car and see if they remove the tip completely. At minimum, customers should be required to tip at least two dollars.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Dommm_
    Amazing app but it can need some improvements with the Costco orders the Wi-Fi in Costco slows down the app and I am waiting in line forever. There should Be a way where we have access to costcos Wi-Fi so we can have a smoother transaction with the orders. Also, the receipt scanning feature after purchasing, sometimes scanning the receipt barcode doesn’t work and typing it in manually can be annoying at times. Other than that this delivery app is amazing.
  • Unfair Ratings 1/5

    By Fredo_ytp
    Instacart won’t look at this rating because it’s 1-Star on the App Store. They really need to. I’ve done over 200 batches throughout this pandemic JUST to survive while my full-time job closed. I was making enough money to pay bills pay for car maintenance. Now, customers have been rating low for ridiculous reasons( claiming to be missing items, wrong items, order not delivered). I have been working extra careful especially because my rating dropped to a 4.79 in 2 weeks! I’ve contacted the customers and customer service about everything just to a conclusion of wasting my time in the grocery store parking lot. Customer service is very rude and hung up on me twice. Instacart takes “Customers are always right” to the extreme but punishes shoppers even for being perfect. I have done Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc in the past and Instacart is the only app that has the worst customer service and system( the number they have doesn’t even work) Hopefully Instacart will change soon and start rewarding the shoppers who actually make the app going !
  • Cheated me out of money!!!!! 1/5

    By Carlos6594
    I was supposed to receive a $32 promotion for completing 6 batches and instacart refuses to pay me for my work. I am almost about to sue them for cheating shoppers for pure profit. Instacart cannot be dangling money only to never fulfill their promise!!!!!
  • Shopper 5/5

    By elloboshopper
    excellent application I love working with this platform, very attentive when we have any problem .. 💯 percent recommend .. grateful to be able to belong to this great family
  • Instacart 5/5

    By ming266
    I love this app. It’s the best way to make money, while not working a 9-5 desk job 5 days a week.
  • Terrible support 1/5

    By cinnamongirl11
    I had three deliveries to shop for. The cashier muxed up order and instacart blamed me for stealing after I was on phone hours with support. Then fired me. Utterly ridiculous.
  • Freedom 5/5

    By OsLeSo
    Enjoy working at your on time and make money fast!
  • Good app 5/5

    By JH91103
    The app works great! I’m still loving the idea of seeing my daily earnings up front. I really like the idea of seeing how I have done at the end of the day. Keep up the good work.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By thechameleoncafe
    The company screws Shoppers on mileage by straightening out curves etc. on their maps. If you have an issue CARE their resource for problem-solving is far less than helpful. I have issues with the app crashing a lot well I’m trying to shop, making it take a lot longer than it should to complete my shopping and delivery reducing how much money I could make. I’ve completed over 1000 Instacart batches over the last 10 months and despite the fact that I am one of the only shoppers who is done that many batches for that long in this area the company still screws me every chance they get
  • Convenient but they will black ball you. 3/5

    By Qamariah R
    Okay first off I want to start by saying that I do love Instacart. Especially being able to cash out Immediately.. I mean you cannot beat that. BUT I warn everyone one who reads this a shopper or not. If you get a low ratings/ review and your stars fall below a perfect 5.0 be prepared to find a new way of earning. As we know in customer service we cannot control how the customer feels or their opinion. A lot of people have bad days and take it out on the delivery driver. But it’s a huge huge problem when the company you work for black balls you and won’t let you receive batches over $10 because those are the batches that are left to you when you don’t have a perfect 5.0 rating! This happen to me and it’s killing me. There are multiple forms on the shopper app and google about Instacart doing this to their shoppers. Let me explain my situation: I had a customer who lived in a duplex I guess you can say and the townhouses were grouped together and had a sign with the townhouse group number almost like an apartment building number. The customer I shopped for at Costco did not leave the building number just her door number. The door numbers were obviously not in sequence at all. Due to this I called and texted her.. you know did the steps in the app.. I had another batch to deliver and good lord I did not want to drive off with her things but I waited 20mins!! 20mins!! While having another batch to deliver. She would not answer my phone calls or customer care. So when she finally called me back she was very confused about the phone calls and basically talked to me like I was dumb for not knowing where her townhouse was. She only left the door number.. not the building number. So my response was simple I briefly explain to her and she was very arrogant about it and sounding confused so I said okay and delivered her items. This was two weeks ago and when the system updated she gave me a 2 star review. My feelings are not hurt . I did MORE than what I was suppose to but yet Instacart does not care what so ever. I put in multiple.. countless escalations and nothing has been done. “ so your getting batches.. just not the ones your used to?” Do not play me. It’s a spit in my face. I know my value as a shopper and I’m sorry Instacart but shopping 63 items for $10 is beneath me. I will not do it. Especially not over a customer who was clearly having a bad day. So I wrote this to say. Don’t get comfortable. Because to them the customer is always right apparently. They could care less and act like they have no control over this. So yup. That’s my review. And hopefully my account gets the attention it deserves. ALL future and current shoppers should know this info.. it’s not a trouble shooting problem it’s a Instacart problem.
  • Scanning receipt has a glitch & app freezes 3/5

    By shoogal82
    When scanning Smart & Final receipt it never works. You have to manually enter the receipt (scan #) which takes too much time. Also when in an area with poor WiFi signal, app freezes up.
  • No available batches 1/5

    By nanymbrooklyn
    That's it
  • Instacart 5/5

    By Snyper 12 626
    This app works pretty good. So far, so good
  • Great new career for those that want a new field and a very modern growing field. 5/5

    By Dylan S K ❤️
    This is such a fun job. I didn’t think I’d like it but wow was I wrong. It’s been great to give back and do shopping for people that cannot or just the everyday busy single or busy parent. And also all the pet mammas and daddies. So blessed to have a friend tell me about this. And it’s a great job for a retired shopaholic but avid foodie lol. App is pretty easy to use! More training would be nice, but not necessary. Great training video for the alcohol delivery! over all I understand it and appreciate cares help today with a cancel order. Also aisle numbers for Hyvee needs to be added. I loved at Lunds it told me exactly what isles. The app makes this a great new career for anyone tech savvy or knows how to use instacart as a consumer. Would love to grow with instacart and find out more development or customer care personal positions!! :) I have 5 years in hospitality management and this new developing industry I love! thank you so much this really help me get out of a toxic abusive controlling relationship and become as Kelly clarkson would say MISS INDEPENDENT ! Love having safe access to all my earnings. blessing and everyone stay safe and continue this amazing career that’s more than a delivery. It’s an experience blessing and convince for all involved.
  • not worth it 1/5

    By Vianee Carrera
    They change tips whenever they want, Getting batches is always hard they send you Non-tip batches 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By merylovalles
    Instacar is the best! BUT has something not so good, based on my experience I can say that there are some costumers who are abusive. They put a tips and then the tips take it away. The company doesn't really assure you anything and if you claim they don't do anything either. there really are costumer who are abusers and that cannot continue to happen.
  • Customers development 5/5

    By Nurse Joni side hustle
    Awesome- would love to know the name of the customers development it would be so helpful :) as how to enter especially if it’s a gated community ❤️
  • Really really bad right now 1/5

    By markymaforlife
    Don’t get me wrong I love Instacart every update they been doing really really bad
  • Make extra money 4/5

    By matt92840
    Sometimes it’s hard to get batches , its a good way to make extra money
  • Best shopping app 5/5

    By saw-it
    Best app but I have been getting orders $20 or less most of the day with 5 star rating…I really need help instacart. Why are people with really bad ratings and less stars than me seeing and getting orders over $80 and I do not? I am left out while big orders are sent to others..what did instacart do to me?

    By DaniBear84
  • App is slow 3/5

    By OcalaDelores
    I’m a shopper and I don’t always see available batches on my app, I’ll get the alert that the batch is available but when I go to my app Home Screen to select the batch, it’s not there. It’s very frustrating. I understand that batches go quickly but this is ridiculous, I’m very frustrated with my Instacart experience. I feel like the area that I shop for has just been saturated with Instacart shoppers and it’s hard to make any money. I was doing really well when I first started working for Instacart but now I’m lucky if I make 40-50 dollars a day. It makes me sad since I really enjoyed the job in the beginning. I don’t know if this is just my experience or if others feel the way I do also. Thank You, Delores

    By kzhaneee
    Hello instacart, in my experience customers have falsely reported missing items and instacart is not doing thorough investigation to make sure the customers are telling the truth. I reached out to care regarding my last batch some how it was removed because the customer said she did not receive the items. Even though I showed them the receipt time and date of purchases as well as photos of the items at her door and a photo of her house. Customers should not be able to get away with reporting fraud. The batch was taken out of my daily report and I wasn’t even paid for the batch until contacting care twice and going through the hassle of submitting all those photos and proof. We communicate with the customers through the shopper app and send photos for replacement. Instacart should review all batch details before putting the shopper at fault. There is no protection for your shoppers against customers like this. Also we should be able to review customers as well!!
  • Shop for hours for $7 1/5

    By littletonbrowns
    This app is the worst gig app with pay, its design, and is not worth it. Shoppers have to stare at the phone and have no time to review a batch before it is gone and end up working for hours for $7 less fuel and maintenance. A corrupt company.
  • 👍🏼🍀🦾 5/5

    By flowdecalle
  • Fix the rating system please 2/5

    By Sc00b1
    The rating system is very frustrating. I can get left a bad a review That hurts my money Income for a month or more without the customer leaving an explanation. If the store is out of the product and they want a refund I can’t control the stores stock. Especially in the middle of a pandemic
  • Awful system 1/5

    By Fran_Visconti
    Why is rating just for the shopper and not for the customer? Endless customers report missing items when I have evidence in the shopping receipt as well as photo of delivery and they go ahead and poorly review you without them being able to be reviewed either for poor communication or poor behavior. Absolutely unfair and biased system.