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Get groceries delivered on demand from your favorite supermarkets in as little as an hour. Shop for all your groceries online with the Instacart app and get fresh local produce, organics, meat, dairy, eggs, drinks, snacks, bulk items, baby products, fresh flowers and much more. Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in the country. We make deliveries in hundreds of cities like the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more. Download the app and enter your zip code to see if we're in your city. We shop and deliver millions of items from 150+ of your favorite stores including top retailers like Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS + many more local stores. Busy moms like Kristina F. love Instacart: "Using this app has taken the most stressful errand I have each week as a working mom of four busy children and significantly decreased my stress. The process is simple and I can easily find the sales and coupons and item choices I'm looking for without wasting money by impulse shopping. I highly recommend." Instacart makes shopping a breeze with features like: • Get your delivery in as fast as 1 hour • Exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love • Quickly find products at your favorite local stores • Save shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases • View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets • Chat directly with your personal shopper • Tag favorite items for easier shopping • Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers


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  • Service fee mandatory?!!! 1/5

    By svetamamma
    The service fee could not be waived for some reason. We have to pay that on top of our monthly fees? Plus we are asked to tip the driver/shopper? I think we will stop using this service. Getting too expensive.
  • Old produce; wrong items 1/5

    By VeganFamily
    Often get old produce, wrong items and shoppers don’t bother to check your instructions. They need to better train shoppers.
  • Very convenient - just a bit pricy 4/5

    By justAgirlReader
    It’s definitely worth it if you’re busy with company, kids or are feeling lazy. Not something I could afford to do on the regular. I really wish the app would default to at least a 15% tip. I forgot to adjust, and I tipped someone 5% (the default). Yikes! The updates are great. The option to change substitutions is nice. I’d rate higher if it weren’t for the markup, which I get. It is a business where you pay for convenience.
  • Wonderful Service and Aid 5/5

    By BeaWinder
    I am homebound fighting cancer and this service is a blessing. I can shop for groceries and participate in changes and advised on specials. Today is the fourth time i used the service and the app and have become much better with it’s chat features. Just wonderful. Cannot say enough good about this. The app is well designed.
  • Today’s order 3/5

    By just send the email
    I ordered a pecan ring and it is too stale to eat. The bread is rarely fresh on several orders and I am beginning to get a little disappointed since I am homebound I really depend on this service and grateful for it. The shoppers are always nice and friendly.The other products seem to be fine
  • Service Fee 1/5

    By EmilyF93
    So Instacart just decided to change a 10% fee that could be waived into a 5% fee that cannot. Are you crazy? I will notify the store at once. Now on top of the delivery price I have to pay 7.10$ of service fee? The pricing department should be fired ASAP.
  • ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Love weather.
  • Wrong item and missing credit 2/5

    By BOBBYK132
    Not too happy
  • What a time saver! 5/5

    By BusyMomKC
    Other stores offer their own delivery, but this has been better. With Instacart I can edit my order right up to shopping time, I can chat with my shopper, they can make substitutions with my approval, I know when they are headed to my house and who to expect and I can get it all done with just a couple hours notice if needed. Love it!!
  • Dishonest Untrustworthy Company 1/5

    By y2kpy
    Let me start by saying if I can give less than one star I would. Instacart was just outright horrible, dishonest, and will steal your money. First off I decided to use this app because as a college student studying for finals it was easier to get some groceries delivered, however after placing my order and waiting the hour or two for delivery the app suddenly says delivered. I didn’t see the person nor did I ever receive my groceries. I called up support and they offered me a refund, but I didn’t get the full refund. Apparently you still get charged the $2 service fee even if you never got your stuff. Secondly, after not being able to get my groceries and deciding to delete my instacart they decided to charge me $150 for instacart express? College student just trying to get by and now I’m sitting here trying to call their so called 24/7 customer service to see what’s up with this insane charge. Lastly, their customer service can say it’s 24/7 or what not but when you call you will either be given a call back in who knows how long or be on hold for eternity. The electronic response told me someone would come take my call within a minute and it’s been over 20min and I still haven’t gotten ahold of a customer service representative. AVOID THIS APP! DO NOT BE SCAMMED! YOU WERE WARNED.
  • Over priced for every item 1/5

    By sumon1990
    It’s too much for shopping everything over price in store & apps it’s showing near buy all big stores but price its kind ripoff
  • One hour delivery is a flat out lie 1/5

    By Bhgtyyys
    I downloaded the app. First 2 orders were great. Decided to buy their free delivery for a year since it seemed so convenient. WOW, after that I have place a few orders. All of them were for one hour delivery... a couple of those orders were about 2 and a half hours delivery, instead of 1 hour delivery. Then one person didn’t even card me and I bought alcohol. Not to mention they shopped at a store three cities over from where I live! The most recent disappointment? I had one person shopping for 2 items, for an HOUR, then it RESET ON ME and a new person took over the order. this was an hour and 20 minutes later. I received an email it wouldn’t be in an hour, AFTER the person “started” shopping, that person was “shopping” for an hour. Waste of money, and waste of time. DONT BUY THIS APP! DONT EVEN DOWNLOAD IT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By PRGirl63
    I enjoy your service and have had a positive experience each time I’ve ordered. This includes the people who deliver the groceries too.
  • App is decent, customer service not so much. 2/5

    By alexa331
    I’ve been shopping through the app for several months when I don’t mind overpaying in a pinch. Whenever I have had a quality issue the customer service representatives have been more than helpful. However, I was lied to today by customer service associates and would think twice about ordering again. Apple Pay has partnered up with Instacart several times to run a days/week long promo for free delivery with Apple Pay. AP customers received an email May 17th stating free delivery on $35+ orders if you select Apple Pay in checkout through 11:59 PDT May 23. On May 20th I ordered and received the free delivery. I just ordered this morning (5/23) and the discount was not applied. When I contacted customer service I was asked to provide screen shots of the deal (really? Your app created the deal...). I provided screen shots of my order w/ free delivery showing no promo code needed and was asked to provide the promo code (again, really?). I was then responded to by another CS rep who stated that the promo was valid on May 20th only. Nice try! I went to check out on May 17th and the promo was there... every website on google has it running from 5/17-5/23. In fine print it says that they can terminate the promo at any time, but, why not just be up front and say they chose to end it early? It’s way better than dishonest business practices.
  • Maybe be up front about your fees 1/5

    By BittenHand19
    This is ridiculous. 9.99 delivery fee, $2.00 “service” fee then the promo code I entered didn’t work! I can’t cancel the order and they charged my card 50 bucks when the order was only 41! Who do you think you are a cable company!!! Unacceptable business practice because there was nothing to indicate this would happen. Never using this again. Don’t get shady with people. If you were up front with the fees I would have still used the service knowing what I was getting into. I’ll be contacting the BBB next.
  • All the stores 4/5

    By priyanka H
    App doesn’t have facility to check same product in all the store .. that will give us options to pick ! Rest is amazing .. hope there is no inter hidden fee!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By ninagracee
  • Pricing not upfront 1/5

    By Treesawrn
    I agree! - Ditto for Kevinellen62
  • So far, so good! 5/5

    By xMysterygirlx
    I’ve used instacart several times now and am very pleased with the service. The delivery was on time and the shoppers were friendly and helpful. The app is great overall. You need to read the fine print to avoid any confusion on their policies on replacements, price adjustments and service fees. You can give instructions on replacements or any other details when placing your order and this is very helpful as well as chat with shopper as long as they are still shopping for your list. Communication is key and the app provides notifications via text messaging of the progress of your order and delivery. I really enjoy the convenience of instacart and highly recommend it.
  • Worse every time 1/5

    By Beeeeee222222
    I use Instacart weekly. My last delivery the girl stopped at Taco Bell on her way to my house (fine. She needed to eat. I support that). Then she was almost to my house and drove 15 minutes away. Contacted Instacart they didn’t do anything about it. My last scheduled delivery was scheduled between 8-9 PM and they didn’t have anyone to do the delivery? So I had to reschedule for 2 days later after I waited until 9:30 for the delivery. The only reason I gave any stars was because the woman on the phone gave me a $15 credit and she was sweet and very apologetic. Instacart, c’mon!!
  • Total rip off 1/5

    By OceanSoulJulie72
    The prices Instacart charges are marked up substantially higher that the actual in store prices. On top of that the service fee is now mandatory and the tip is added automatically on top of the delivery fee. I have a disability which prevents me from driving but I’ve made arrangements to go in person now because I was astonished when I realized how much more I was being charged. They also are absolutely horrible at bagging the groceries. I don’t think they receive much training. Broken eggs, bread on the bottom, fruit thrown loose into the bags & bruised. The app is a mess. There’s a terrible lag & lots of glitches that make it difficult to communicate with your shopper. All around a major disappointment. If you’re in the New England area, Stop & Shop’s delivery service (Peapod) is WAY cheaper for delivery & the prices are the same as in the store.
  • Charged extras 1/5

    By pann18
    First time experience with Instacart! I was offered free delivery because it was the first order and $5 coupon for using Apple Pay. My order was total $44.03 including the tips $4.17 for the driver and the service charge $3.13. So, I paid with my Apply Pay and they charged me $55 instead of $44.03. I called the customer service regarding the charges discrepancy. They can’t do anything about it rather than saying that extra charges $10.97 was for authorization fee. They did not mentioned anything that the customers will be charged authorization fee every time place an order. So I ended canceling the whole order and requested refund. I mean, being charged for almost 25% - 30% of the whole order is a little too much!!!! Hope they will solve this issue in future.
  • My order 5/5

    By Miss Judd
    I just loved Holly so friendly and did a great job shopping for me.... I would like her to shop for me again!
  • Overpriced failure to deliver 1/5

    By 22dog
    Terrible customer service. Over and over refuse to leave items in breezeway. Not listen to requests
  • Couldn’t survive without Instacart! 5/5

    By Sharleevoy
    I’m a busy single mom. I can’t always get to the store when I need something. The other part of ordering groceries is sticking to your budget is much easier, no more surprises at the checkout lane.
  • Service Fee 1/5

    By cvngv
    I already canceled my membership. After this month, I will not be using Instacart any longer. My groceries are way too expensive. I used to have the option to waive the service fee. Now I have to pay for a membership, tip the driver, and pay a mandatory service fee. This is not worth using Instacart anymore. It also takes away from the employees tips. I will start doing my own groceries once this month ends. This is becoming way too expensive. Groceries are expensive enough as it is.
  • Hidden fees beware of bait and switch. 1/5

    By Bait and Switch victim
    I upgraded to the Instacart Express service. I could not find any language where service fees were openly disclosed. You have to go to the website to find the disclosure. Plus I learned that the listed prices are not the actual prices you might pay in the store. What a disappointing Bait and Switch scram. I subscribed to the service as a gift for my elderly disabled aunt. I’m presuming a lot of elderly and disabled individuals, especially those who live in rural cities like we do, are subscribing to the app. Shame on you for preying on that population. They customer service representative was not helpful and played ignorant about not being able to refund the fee or access a supervisor. Why upgrade to Express service to be charged a service fee that is basically a delivery fee in sheeps clothing.
  • Dishonest business: Hidden service fee 1/5

    By AnnoyedLJD
    On checkout you’re shown an order total that includes the items and tip. It’s not until after the order that you’re shown a 5% service fee.
  • Awesome service!!! 4/5

    By eeally???
    Service is excellent, shoppers bring you the correct products and deliveries are timely. I wish adding to the order once it is being place would be easier, that more products would be available and Walmart included!
  • Not true price transparency 1/5

    By Smsmnycmia
    Instacart doesn’t charge you the same price as items are priced in the store. The fact that they already charge service fees and the delivery fee, it feels like they’re cheating me of my money by not charging me what the items in the store cost. Sometimes as high as 20% more, which is egregious. I emailed them with screenshots and pictures of the items in the store , and they failed to address it or respond.
  • Nadene 5/5

    By Deanbean27
    It’s great so far. This is my first time using it.
  • Terrible service...keep hoping for better 1/5

    By MP40BK
    This is a much needed service for Whole Foods and I’ve never had an order that went smoothly. Unusual replacements for food items that aren’t remotely the same, quantities of items have differed and in some instances, the shopper would not respond to any communication while shopping an order. I keep trying...hoping the service will improve on the next order but Mo such luck. I wonder what the additional service fee is actually for considering the quality of service is so poor. This time the shopper replaced chicken salad with vegan chicken salad which seems odd to me but not as odd as replacing salmon with roast beef!
  • Good only if you get pre-packaged foods 3/5

    By vawnte
    Ok so I love this app, but it’s a hit or miss with service in terms of convenience. I found that out today. The great advantage of using this service is not having to leave the comfort of your home and spend hours in the store, but if they get the wrong thing which usually only happens with meats: chicken, steak (in my case) or fish it makes you have to go to the store and purchase the correct item. Which kind of defeats the purpose in using the service if I end up having to go to the store. It saves time if the shopper gets it right. Honestly probably is only a good services if you get pre-packaged items and not things that require a butcher counter
  • First experience 5/5

    By Zo🙊
    Still new, but seems to be a solid service.
  • Great idea 4/5

    By PinkTransformer
    This app has the perfect idea, but there’s a few things to fix. When something needs to be adjusted we get a notification, but there’s no approve option or other options option as the help menu says. I received a call from Instacart who was talking to the person shopping my order, but they weren’t talking to me. That should be fixed if the call isn’t meant for the customer.
  • They have become overpriced to use 2/5

    By amamar85
    I recently got a message that Instacart was no longer going to have the option waive the “service fee” that they charge. Keep in mind this is on top of the monthly subscription, higher grocery prices, and tip for the driver. When all is said and done, paying this fee in addition adds an additional $70 to my grocery cost. That is not enough to justify the “convenience”. It’s not as convenient as one would think- if you schedule a delivery time they could still come earlier. (Twice I had to leave work early when I requested the groceries be delivered after 5 and I got messages at 3 that they were on their way).
  • M.A 1/5

    By Javon transom
    Very disappointed with the service and for the hidden service fee. We pay the 149.99 for the membership, service and are expected to tip.
  • Error code 502 1/5

    By Gia3183
    Got error several times today
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By Lanerdanger03
    Very prompt and courteous
  • Thanks a million 5/5

    By TwerkLife
    For a first time consumer I am pleased. With everything there are human errors. It helps if the shoppers look at expiration dates. My packaged apples are brown and expiring soon. Other that I am happy will continue to use the app!
  • Helpful useful... 5/5

    By PaulInChantilly
    Helpful useful app.
  • Helping hands 5/5

    By Dody0924
    As a person who is aging and near retirement, this service is coming in quite handy. It is like having extra helping hands. So far, my orders have been precise, fresh, and cost effective. I wish I knew about InstaCart sooner. I will certainly continue to use it. InstaCart frees up Time I cam spend taking care of my health and family. Not standing in line is great. Coupons are available for savings and if something is unavailable the shopper lets you know.
  • Fees 2/5

    By teacha!
    We get charged 149 dollars for the service. And then it says free delivery. However we always get charged service fees so at the end of the day we never truly get free delivery, it’s a scam. Thank you to all the driver tho!
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By soldierswan
    I am a busy Soldier, wife, and mother. I used to have to spend my lunch breaks going to the store and running errands, which left me with little to no free time. Now I can order what I need from my phone before I leave work and it arrives at my house, saving me tons of precious time! I also used the app on Mother’s Day, to have cake and flowers delivered to my mom in a different state, and had a cake and flowers delivered to my sister on her birthday where she lives. It has been the single most time-freeing addition to my life since on-line-shopping!
  • Out of stock - Don’t receive most items 2/5

    By TeamTwiistz
    Almost half the time I order, Publix is out of store on their deli items. Sometimes I’ll end up only getting half my grocery list. And this is a huge problem since reordering at a later date is NOT POSSIBLE due to the fact there is a $35 minimum spending limit. Otherwise my premium account gets charged the same as free users. This is ridiculous. I’ve I’m paying monthly, there should be no minimum limit! At least drop it to $10.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By mschmick
    The “coupons” they offer do not work in the app. They bombard me with “free delivery” offers yet the discount is never reflected on my purchase. Will not be using this service anymore.

    By Newtonswdc
    PLEASE. STOP. MESSING. WITH. LISTS!!!! The lists are the best part of this app! It’s worth the increase in prices, it’s worth all the ways you try to trick us into paying extra money, it’s worth all the other problems, it’s worth all the weirdness with the shoppers and you keep messing with it!!! STOP! It used to be very quick to place and order! My profile, “recipes & lists”, my lists and my individual items in there. I had spent a lot of time placing the items that my dad is likely to eat or can even have on his diet. Then when I had about 5 minutes of my busy schedule to place order, I just went to the category I wanted, boom boom boom, added the items, placed the order, said “no I didn’t want to pay 10% for this”, “no I don’t want to pay 10% for that”, sent the order and it was done! Now my list have been come categories and I can’t add a new category and populate it with items!! and I really need to because my dad’s on a special diet!!! PLEASE. STOP. MESSING. WITH. LISTS!!!! Don’t fix what isn’t broken. 😡😡😡😡
  • Great service 5/5

    By SuperNovaHD112
    Latoya was prompt and courteous!! Thank you for the excellent services
  • Customer service let down 1/5

    By EkCarlson
    We had our groceries delivered to someone else. The driver tried to bring them to us, but we refused (not interested in worrying about what someone else did to our food). Went to Instacart for resolution, they refunded me for the groceries, but had to fight to get the $13.99 worth of service fees refunded...ya know for an order we didn’t get. They are good, until you have a problem.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By heath920
    Got my items on 45 mins from Wegmans! Great job!

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