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Instacart App

Get groceries delivered on demand from your favorite supermarkets in as little as an hour. Shop for all your groceries online with the Instacart app and get fresh local produce, organics, meat, dairy, eggs, drinks, snacks, bulk items, baby products, fresh flowers and much more. Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in the country. We make deliveries in hundreds of cities like the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more. Download the app and enter your zip code to see if we're in your city. We shop and deliver millions of items from 150+ of your favorite stores including top retailers like Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS + many more local stores. Busy moms like Kristina F. love Instacart: "Using this app has taken the most stressful errand I have each week as a working mom of four busy children and significantly decreased my stress. The process is simple and I can easily find the sales and coupons and item choices I'm looking for without wasting money by impulse shopping. I highly recommend." Instacart makes shopping a breeze with features like: • Get your delivery in as fast as 1 hour • Exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love • Quickly find products at your favorite local stores • Save shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases • View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets • Chat directly with your personal shopper • Tag favorite items for easier shopping • Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers

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  • Prepare to be ripped off! 1/5

    By workingmom520
    I am a busy, working mom and grad school student. I have used Instacart many times and was extremely pleased until recently. A few weeks ago I noticed that the price I was charged for an item was $2.00 per pound more than was paid for it. Every order since this has been the case of per pound items, sometimes resulting in me paying up to 4 times more than the actual price sticker says. For example, last week I bought a roast that was $13, but I was charged $28. I also bought chicken drumsticks that were on sale and only $1.50. I was charged almost $5. On that order alone and only from what I noticed, I paid at least an extra $19. The shoppers have assured me they paid the lower price, meaning either Instacart or the shopper gets to pocket the rest. I have contacted them several times explaining that this is upsetting since I already pay for the service and was never informed that I would be paying a premium on groceries as well. With the member annual subscription cost, tipping, and now realizing I’m being tremendously overcharged, it’s just not worth it anymore. I would not recommend this service to anyone who is not willing to pay through the roof for their groceries for the sake of convenience.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By smubound9
    The concept is a good idea and the delivery of the actual concept is done decently as well, my issue is with payment. I was aware that I would get placed a temporary charge that’s more than my actual total and I was completely cool with that (I was under the impression that it would be done like a tab is done at a bar...they charge you x amount of dollars and then change it when you tab out). The issue is that they don’t tell you that you’re going to be charged twice, once for the temp charge and then once for the total of the delivery. When you call in about it some condescending jerk will tell you to read the terms and conditions. If this was done like a bar tab or even Favor it would be spectacular but with the misleading payments and the customer service that you receive, it’s a one star and a deleted application.
  • My shopper 5/5

    By carmeliciouscandy47!!!!
    Tomeka s was awesome she shopped for me saved me more monies and had all my bags tied and meats and vegetables wrapped neatly. Yes I highly recommend this service. Thanks Elizabeth dragón my Facebook angel
  • Hmmmmmm yes and no 3/5

    By Wide world
    I love the concept, but have ran into issues...... So several times when I start ordering it states order will arrive in an hour, but after ordering items the time for delivery will change to 2-3 hours or when placing order later in the day it will even be the next day, but it doesn’t state that when placing order! And The convenience isn’t there when items aren’t available..... spent hours ordering, then some items aren’t available yet no option to change entire order, several items will go to waste without all items required for recipe!! Found it to cost me way more time and money than saved!!! Can really ruin ones day! I’ve had mixed experiences with it. Just be aware all items won’t be available and the delivery time will change once order is ready to “send”........nor do I recommend for fresh food items.....shoppers may not know what okra is or know the difference in a ripe avocado or green one.......... I will continue to use but be mindful of all things mentioned......
  • Nice idea, poor execution 1/5

    By Anna R. H.
    I’ve used this app quite a bit. I love the thought of ordering my groceries through my phone and having them delivered to my door, but using this app isn’t worth the hassle. Deliveries regularly go hours past their initially promised time. Yesterday mine took about 5 hours. A few of my items weren’t available so the driver “replaced” them with more items that I did not receive. Bringing my total from $45 to $61. The receipt in the bag was a total of $26. After multiple emails I believe some of the difference may be returned to me. Today I checked my account to see I was charged for an additional $19. I have no idea why. I spent $80 for $26 worth of groceries. I feel like a fool.
  • 5 hours late 1/5

    By Joey the Mango
    Rude unhelpful staff who have no idea how treat people They were rude and unhelpful They didn’t ever get the food to my house and they kept arguing with me telling me that the food was here The man actually never delivered my food and that was the first order too

    By little gino
    Groceries being bought on an app and delivered to your door is amazing! There are over 5 stores for my area to choose to shop from. I can chat with my shopper and track their progress from start to finish! Love it!!
  • Needs significant improvement 2/5

    By Connor Thompson
    Terrible employees that can’t speak correctly or listen. Always end up paying more than I should. Terrible replacement issues. Employees tend to never follow instructions from the app and often add unwanted items costing more. The app lacks a selection of food items from what the stores actually offer. Needs a significant amount of improvement with staffing, purchasing items/replacing and food selection from stores.
  • Great Concept, Poor Execution 1/5

    By Dislike Trip Advisor App 1973
    Ordered online, got an email stating order on its way. Got an email that order was canceled. Then received an alert the driver was having difficulty finding us. The email said call the driver, but did not have a call back number. Could not find one online. Looked outside and saw the driver. I walked towards the driver and she did not acknowledge I was there. When I got her attention she stated the order was cancelled. Item was non perishable, and did not leave it at the door even though fully paid for. After a review of our video system she was at the door 59 seconds before canceling our order. Only help available is via email, they stated we should have left specific details on what to do with the order. First time using a delivery service. No clue this would be an issue.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By DaisyFromFlowerHill
    I absolutely love this service and I don’t have to deal with cashiers with condescending attitudes unfortunately I have too deal with these kind of people no matter where you go nowadays but least with instacart I don’t have too deal with those types of people now .
  • Best app ever (almost) 4/5

    By _justice
    When it works it’s the best app ever. You can NOT depend on it 100%. When you become all the way dependable. I’ll update to 5 star.
  • Favorites? 1/5

    By fastmoneykk
    I can’t seem to find my favorites? The food I’ve labeled as favorite won’t appear in the app .... why is that?
  • Beth was exceptional! 5/5

    By Christie Massey
    Beth was courteous professional and friendly!
  • Would give 0 stars 1/5

    By Pepper Dee
    I placed an order at 1:10 pm on a Sunday, with a Wegmans store about 5 miles from my home. Estimated delivery was 1 - 2 hours. After a little while, I received one message from Instacart that there would be a half hour delay. An hour after that delayed time passed, I still did not have my groceries. I called Instacart support; the woman spoke very fast and there was a lot of noise in the background (talking and laughter). She said the driver was just leaving the store now and I should have my groceries soon. 15 minutes later, I got an Instacart alert that my groceries were on the way and would arrive ~5:15 pm. The driver arrived with my order at 5:12 pm. The cheese was about 1/2 the size I’d paid for (deli Brie where you pay by the lb); and half the organic strawberries were rotten. I don’t know if this is Wegmans’ fault or the shopper’s. My bags came labeled with my name and “# of 7” on each one, leading me to believe she did not do the actual shopping, but just picked up and delivered groceries someone at Wegmans had shopped. Either way, I will not be using the service again, and will also file a complaint with the store directly.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By General.T
    Great concept terrible follow through! There is no order verification for the drivers who deliver your groceries. Who ever received my $100.00 order from Publix loves this service more than I ever will. After 25 mins. with their customer service line and arguing that the driver obviously delivered to the wrong address, which he said he did, I was able to get a refund which I asked for three different times.
  • Absolute crap - wasted my time 1/5

    By Lumbster_83
    Just spent an hour trying to order my bank blocked the transaction. Got it cleared then Insta cart black listed my card the woman said try another browsers I did still wouldn’t accept my card. Wasted an hour online with the sh*t app never trying this again ever!! Would have given 0 stars if I could.
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By Yesmash88d
    Sometimes there’s som sort of lag and you can access to see if the shopper has needed to replace anything. It’s extremely frustrating. You guys need to update this app. I
  • Harry Potter and the Volatile cart 1/5

    By Unhappy Brisket boy
    So I had a good experience the first time I ordered from the app. The second however was awful, the first mistake was that the driver thought that whole wheat is a good substitute for a dark rye bread. A whole wheat bread is not a good substitute for a rye bread, in fact any rye bread would have sufficed, instead I get whole wheat? No communication, no messages asking if a whole wheat was a good sub, and the biggest mess up is not getting my main course. A couple corned beef brisket roasts, nothing. Didn’t get them, I was refunded afterwards but no messages or calls that my briskets weren’t coming home. I called the stores and they had both items in stock, the driver did not look and was rushing to get the order done without any regard for accuracy. The driver literally handed the grocery bags to me and ran off in his car. No idea what he was thinking, in the age of communication technology at your fingertips in the service industry. This was abysmal service, now I have to spend an hour walking to the grocery store to get what this service couldn’t. Instadeleted the app and will never use again, can’t trust an app this volatile.
  • Courtney 5/5

    By Superawesome10
    I’m so impressed with instacart! I love this service! Courtney was the best! 5 stars thru and thru!!!
  • Groceries 5/5

    By Mwainc
    I have been sick all weekend. It’s nice to know that I can still get groceries without having to leave my house.
  • Never Ever 1/5

    By sick of instacart
    Terrible delivery service. App not user friendly. They make tons of mistakes and when you report them they say too bad. Have cost me over a hundred dollars in mess ups.
  • Instacart will double charge you 1/5

    By PrincessPilar
    I ordered $370 worth of groceries. They put a hold of $420 on my checking account which is standard. The actual total purchased was $372. So they should be refunding me $48. Nope. Instead they charged me twice - the $372 AND the $420. Two debits totaling $792 out of my account which caused me to go into negative status. They double charge all the time —- so if you order groceries make sure to have four times the cost of the groceries in your bank account.
  • Excellent Service 5/5

    By Karen and Frank
    I have the flu and didn’t want to expose everyone. This is my first time using the service and I am very excited. Deana picked the freshest foods and had them delivered to my house in about an hour and a half. Thank you for such a great idea and for having Deana be such a great shopper!
  • Not convenient at all 2/5

    By Jemisho
    Took 2 hours for someone to even accept my order, very disappointed in how long it took. They need to have a better way to get the order acceptance time down to a shorter time period.
  • This was not good! 1/5

    By lhxfp
    For the first time after many good deliveries, the delivery person left my groceries in the sun by the front gate. They did not leave it next to the door in the shade. They also did not ring the bell to notify me that it was there. I’m so disappointed.
  • Change in the app 3/5

    By Serendipity2012
    I’ve used your service for over a year now. Up until today I would’ve given you a 4 star rating. It’s been a learning experience figuring out how to place orders because not all shoppers are the same. All in all it’s a valuable service and I’m pleased. Between this week and last you made a change to the app and eliminated the “weekly sales” section for my local store. This was a very undesirable change and I hope you consider bringing it back. Perhaps survey your consistent users before making changes that make your app less user-friendly. A focus group of actual long-time shoppers might lead to improved services. Thank you. Your shoppers are great people who provide an invaluable service and I appreciate all that you do.
  • Great service and driver 5/5

    By Rocky3636
    This is the first time I used this service and it was wonderful. Driver Trisha was efficient and kind.
  • Great Concept - Needs Some Work 3/5

    By fearsnot
    This is a really great concept! So beneficial to those that either can’t get out or are just too busy. However, due to a lack of shoppers my order came a day late. Adora was fantastic! Company needs to get behind their shoppers and take care of them. They are the backbone of the company and without them you won’t have one!
  • Automatically enrolled in express? 1/5

    By Neeneeeeeeee1245
    I ordered via instacart ONCE because I was stuck at home with the flu and wanted Gatorade and soup. The service itself was okay, but I just received an email thanking me for enrolling in Instacart Express for $99/year. I had deleted the app after my ONE order and never signed up for this service. I am very frustrated that I was not given explicit instructions that this was the policy and that my credit card was automatically billed without my consent.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By adgevidirnejgockwbr
    Twice the driver just did not show up with my order. They hike up prices at most of the local grocery stores. The produce they pick is terrible. Found mold multiple times. I had to call back two weeks in a row to get a refund on an order that was never delivered and was on hold for 25 minutes. It’s convenient but be wary.
  • Angry 1/5

    By rather not shop
    I started out super excited about this service but now I’m really upset with the lack of customer support. Rather than giving you your actual receipt you are emailed a digital one which is not from the store. I found this out when I asked the delivery person got my receipt because I like to have the actual one for business deductions. They were hesitant to give it to me but I was told by another delivery person they just throw them away so I explained why I needed it. I had a large order from Costco so I had to separate the business and personal items on my receipt. I was confused because there was a queen so blanket on my receipt which I did not receive or order. Everything else on the receipt was correct. I knew that the paper receipt didn’t include delivery fees, service fees or the tip but even after adding those in my receipt didn’t balance. It also didn’t balance with the amount I was charged on my debit card. I found all of this out when I was trying to see if I was charged for the blanket. According to the receipt I was. I immediately sent an email explaining my concerns. It took over 2 weeks and 3 emails later before anyone responded. Their first response was a form letter explaining their policy on receipt. It was clear they had looked into my concerns. 2 emails later they claimed the receipt was wrong and there was no such charge. I was given the receipt from their delivery person which includes every single item that I ordered plus a queen sized blanket. I’m bummed because I loved the idea of not having to go to the grocery store or Costco but I’d rather do that than risk my account information with a company I don’t trust.
  • Fantastic Service! 5/5

    By Melfree15
    My baby is currently immunocompromised. Normally, this isn’t a problem. My husband is typically able to do shopping when we need something while I stay home and care for her and my older child. However. Today, we ran out of formula, and had some other things we needed as well. My husband wasn’t available, I was going to have a very hungry baby very soon, and needed some help. Instacart to the rescue. I live in a place where you cannot even get pizza delivered, but Instacart does deliver. And quickly! They had the formula at my door soon after I ordered. 5/5. This will be a lifesaver while my daughter is still immunocompromised!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By EMW1990
    I have been using Instacart since 2017. I have LOVED it so far. I’ve had the yearly membership since 2017 and have enjoyed the perks and sales. However, as easy as it used to be instacart has turned into a much bigger hassle then it should be. Going into my 3rd year I have had so many issues that it has made me cancel my membership (I have already made 30 orders since January if that tells you how much I use this). They are making it harder to use and you are basically gambling with the end price because sometimes the actual store goes up on the priced item or the sale is no longer in effect even though instacart still has that sale price on the item that is delivered to you in the 2 hours. The last 4 orders I have paid the amount shown the day of delivery and the next day more money has been taken out because the store changed their prices...this has been the first time this has happened since I started using instacart. If the item is no longer on sale I would expect a notification from the shopper to let me know so I can plan accordingly- may not want it! I was told by a representative to call the store to make sure those items are still on that point I could go to the store myself... for each order I place I am supposed to call the store for all my sale items?? I know of other grocery delivery services who DO NOT have this problem. It is now too expensive to use for my family because of this reason. When I plan on paying $200 on groceries I do not want to be charged the next day an extra $30 or $50.
  • Weather tracking 1/5

    By المجربي
    As a speed is a major affect to the shoppers there should be weather conditions taken before rating the speed.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Sandijjjjj
    They took my order and could not deliver and then charged ME a $15 cancellation fee. They couldn’t get on the base so they expected me to drive to the gate (a 13 minute drive each way because she went to the farthest gate from my house). It was clear that I lived on the base. The delivery person should not have accepted the order if she could not get on the base.
  • Fabulous service that has gone off the rails 1/5

    By BradNeuberg
    I used to love instacart. Incredibly convenient and the app is great. I’ve been an Express Member for years but things are really going downhill lately. First, I’ve discovered that instacart has a very large number of hidden markups on items above and beyond what the store charges, even for Express Members, that instacart pockets and keeps secret. This leads to a large markup in prices. Second, I discovered that instacart was pocketing some of the tips they gave drivers; I’ve heard they recently reversed this after an uproar but it’s still unethical. Finally, I’ve had an increasingly large number of deliveries that show up outside the scheduled time or have large numbers of missing items. I used to recommend instacart to families and friends without prompting often. For analytics folks let’s just say my Net Promoter Score (NPS) has gone from a 10 to a 1. That’s a pretty terrible drop. Also, I’m on customer support with instacart as I type this review on hold now for 18 minutes waiting for a manager to deal with another issue.
  • More expensive than actual store 1/5

    By SM914
    I was trying to order my groceries to get delivered and my husband pointed out how the actual grocery were more expensive than the actual grocery store's price
  • Nice concept, bad execution 2/5

    By Joeb4820
    Their customer service is a joke for the most part, they rotate agents so when the first responds you have to start over with a new clueless agent when you reply, doesn’t matter i suppose when for the most part their responses are almost all automatic and ungenuine to actually understanding your problems. Also about 90% of the time i shop my items have to be substituted because they never have the items i select. It’s always sold out so it gets substituted for something of a lesser quantity that usually costs more than if i bought it in a bigger pack to save money which is the whole point. and lastly, don’t believe the prices you see.. for example I tried to buy a case of energy drinks for 20 bucks, they didn’t have it so they offered me a smaller pack for 8 bucks per, i chose it as my sub, when the items were picked and i was charged i noticed they charged me 11 per pack, when i contacted customer service about the false prices that were advertised they told me that because i accepted it as a substitution that i was responsible for paying for it. regardless of the price fluctuation from that of what i saw. that is HORRIBLE customer service. had i known the price would’ve gone up i would’ve just cancelled the order in the first place. doesn’t deserve 5 stars but i will give it two just to be nice
  • False Advertising—And Overall Poor App & Customer Service 1/5

    By gust0392
    I live in MN & have used Instacart to purchase groceries from CUB Foods. Instacart displays CUB’s sale price on their app, but in order to receive that sale price, one would need to use a “CUB Card,” and Instacart shoppers do NOT. I feel like this is a serious problem—how can they advertise the sale price but charge the normal? I have written emails about this but nothing changes. I don’t know if this problem is exclusive to MN and/or CUB Foods but I imagine it’s not. I would guess most people don’t notice they’re being ripped off since the receipt you see when making your “review” of the transaction only lists whether the item was “found,” “not found” or “replaced.” You have to click through a lot of BS to get a receipt that shows the final price you paid. And you can’t go back and see the price you were promised unless you took a screen capture—which I have done for every purchase. Additionally, your card will get charged about $15-30 more than the total amount purchase is supposed to cost, so most people probably don’t think twice if those numbers are close after the purchase. I have calculated the difference between the price at checkout & after the purchase and lose anywhere between $10-50 per transaction, depending on what I’ve purchased. (When you think 12-packs of pop are in sale for $4/12 and order a bunch, it adds up really quickly.) I really hope someday they fix this or have to pay customers back (ideally both.) It isn’t right. And I’m sure they know exactly what they’re doing.
  • Going down hill 1/5

    By consumer65
    I used to love this apt for its convenience. The delivery people are fine but management doesn’t seem to care much. I called with a problem of my product not being included in the order. Waited a long time on the phone to have it resolved. They later delivered the other six items but never the spinach that they charged me more for because it was a replacement for something the store was out of. So I paid more, for nothing!!! Both halves of my order were suppose to include it. I’m sure management never follow up. Also the apt is difficult to navigate through once you place your order. I no longer find Instacart a time saver and will be dropping this apt.

    By Kiy W.
    This is best for me, seeing that I work a 12-16 day. Who wants to make one stop other than home? Sooooo, I have the store come to me! GENIUS
  • Love Instacart! 5/5

    By Happy in Franklin TN
    Rachel did a great job and I had my groceries in under 2 hours! Happy in Franklin
  • Support non existent 2/5

    By Dansa321
    I have three times submitted a question to their support email, been promised a two hour response time and have NEVER received a reply.
  • Product Ratings & Loyalty Cards 4/5

    By jadern
    I love this service; I’ve been using it for about a year now. Even though I have three huge supermarkets within five minutes of me, I have not been able to drive since October due to illness. This app has been a life saver for me!! With four kids and a husband, it’s not like I can just run out for milk if we need it. And even though it does cost a little bit more, there aren’t impulsive products added like we tend to do. A few improvements I would like to see are a little more customization with the app. I would like to be able to give a product I’ve ordered a rating so when it comes up again I know what my family liked and didn’t like. Along that same vein, if I have ordered a product it will show up in “Your Items”. If I ordered something we will never order again, it is still there and cannot be removed. The other thing is pricing and loyalty cards. It seems like the app isn’t updated a lot in regards to pricing. For example, I love snow crab legs. On the app they are $15/lb while in store it can be as low as $7/lb. I wouldn’t mind paying $8/lb but $15/lb is insane. Regarding loyalty cards, I wish there was a way to shop through the app but still receive loyalty points. After all, it’s still my money being spent. It has been super annoying to see when a shopper uses their personal card and receives the points, etc.
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By bbridges01
    Scheduled a delivery for 6:30-7:30pm, Instacart quickly informed me it would be between 8:15-8:45pm before I got my order. No big deal. It is now 9:05pm and “David” is JUST NOW starting to shop. 🤦🏼‍♀️ would have really liked to eat before 10:30pm considering I’m 8 months pregnant but I guess you get what you get. Most likely will not be using this service again.
  • Super Helpful! 5/5

    By Needy Teenie
    Thank you for being so available and speedy! I was making a recipe and didn’t have one correct ingredient... you saved the day!! Really appreciate this service! And I have special delivery needs and this delivery guy did it absolutely right! Thank you so much.
  • Great service 5/5

    By 1hpb
    Was under doctor orders to stay home for a week. Used Instacart to shop at Publix. Fantastic service and selection. Only ordered package goods, so can’t comment on produce freshness or quality ( but Publix is always great). Will definitely use again.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Dc ranch
    I was very satisfied with this order. Originally I was told by the store that my item was out of stock but the shopper had found what I wanted and it was delivered in amazing time. Really surprised by how well it went
  • Great concept, horrible execution 1/5

    By Marti moose 23
    They continue to get worse on timing of deliveries. The shoppers can’t make proper decisions, such as replacing organic with organic replacements. If the shopper can’t find something, they simply mark it as out of stock. Use Shipt, you’ll be much happier.

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