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Instacart App

Tap a button, get your groceries. With Instacart, you can shop online and get groceries delivered from stores in your neighborhood in as fast as 1 hour. Or you can choose to pick up your order at the store, where it’ll be waiting for you. Just enter your zip code, choose a store, and add items to your cart—then relax as someone handpicks your groceries and household items with care. And you have complete control with Instacart. If something’s out of stock, or you need to make an update, you can chat with your Shopper right in the app. Instacart delivers in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta, and many more throughout the U.S. Instacart offers the groceries, produce, beer, wine, spirits, and other household items you want from more than 20,000 retailers in North America, including Aldi, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Lucky, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS—and we’re always adding more. With Instacart, you can also: • Enjoy exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love • Create shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases • View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets • Tag favorite items for easier shopping • Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers

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Instacart app reviews

  • Satisfaction depends on your assigned shopper 3/5

    By Chick Nana 6
    My first order was placed for Aldi, which was great. The items I ordered was what I received. My next order was placed for Sam’s Club, which was a disappointment. I ordered 3 bunches of bananas and received one. When I asked my shopper about it he replied that he thought I wanted just 3 bananas. I told him Sam’s Club sells their bananas in bunches and I expected an adjustment on my bill, which I never received, even after sending a written request to instacart. They never responded. What was even worse was when the Sam’s Club shopper delivered my order he placed all my items loose on my front step, including produce and a 12 pound bag of flour which comes in paper. At least the Aldi shopper delivered my items in boxes. My second Aldi order was delivered in bags. I just placed another order for Sam’s Club and Aldi today. I’m crossing my fingers I get the items I ordered and they come in boxes or bags. This will determine if I continue to use this service.
  • Wonderful Service 5/5

    By BobYourBuilder;)
    Instacart has provided an invaluable service during this otherwise difficult time.
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Big Onuon 2
    Thank you so much for having this service available during these uncertain times!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By honest review895
    This is the only bad review I’ve ever written about an app. I was sick ordered for the first time using Instacart because obviously I didn’t feel well enough to go get cold medicine. Notified that substitutions had to be made which I understand things are sometimes out of stock. Well after it took hours for my delivery to finally arrive half my order was wrong. Instead of any type of cold medicine I received sliced cheese and butter spread. Like come on. I reported it to the driver and to insta cart and still have yet to hear back three weeks later. I attempted contacting customer service twice but after waiting on hold for 4 hours, that’s not an exaggeration, and still no answer I gave up. It gets better though I look at my bank account and they have now charged me a $100 subscription fee! Try customer service again 4 hours later on chat still no response after they estimated wait is 19 min. This is a terrible app I understand things happen mistakes are made but this is absolutely ridiculous I’ve never had an issue like this with any app I’ve downloaded. I wish I could give less than 1 star.
  • Bad delivery 1/5

    By shasta 22!
    Waited 3 days for order and the day I was suppose to receive it they kept pushing back the time. By 9pm they emailed me saying it was delayed for another week! I could have gone to the store and got it faster than that. Was very disappointing.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By Swann m j
    I have ordered using this worst service and they accepted with 1 week of delivery time. And on the seventh day they cancelled my order by themselves. This is not at all the right way.
  • Excellent option, but app needs improvement 3/5

    By TOIReader1
    Excellent options Shows the menu Easy to search and select But when I place order in two stores, I cannot choose only one to start delivery. Should have option to select delivery of only one store at a time
  • Missing Groceries 1/5

    By KMR88
    I ordered a delivery yesterday only to receive it and find I have missing groceries and some of my produce is molded. I’ve reached out to Instacart and have had no response over 24 hours later! I called their phone number which is no longer working and tried their chat feature which said I had an estimated wait time of 30 minutes and that was 3 hours ago! Horrible customer service, I do not recommend!
  • Insacart Delivery 5/5

    By Traktee
    They delivered my food on time and I want to thank them. Thanks Abel! This is trying times for everyone and businesses like instacart need to be thanked by everyone. We rely on businesses such as instacart to delivery our groceries. A big shout out to them. Thank you again!
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By zat malcom
    This is an unreliable source that has no customer service. No phone no chat no response. I am missing items from my order and I can’t get my money or call anyone or do anything. They will rip you off!! They can’t even answer the phone!!!!!!
  • TOTAL SCAM!!! 1/5

    By raveltherapy
    Needed delivery at a specific time. Placed my order and 20 min later I get a notice that it’s been pushed later. Ok, I get it. Too many people requesting delivery and they are behind. No Problem I’ll cancel the order and go get what I need myself. NOPE!!! No way to cancel order. The website says once they start shopping cancellation is not possible. The delivery time is now about 3 hours away! It’s going to take these morons 3 hours to shop for my 4 items!!!!!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!! UPDATE.... I’m SOOOOOO happy that during this time when Covid 19 is creating a DESPERATE need for delivery Instacart is being revealed for the scam that it is as I formerly pointed out in my initial review. Hopefully soon a competitor will overtake them and provide the service we so need.
  • Terrible customer service in a time of crisis. Groceries never arrived! 1/5

    By JourdanShea2018
    To say that I received terrible customer service in a time of crisis doesn’t do this review justice. I consider myself a very patient person in times where many people get flustered easily, which is why I was so disappointed with my first experience with Instacart. I write this review not because of the experience I had, but because there is something wrong with this the Instacart software—my experience just speaks to my frustration. My groceries never arrived. After half the day went by and I didn’t get a notification through the app, I logged in online. After 4 hours of my shopper being marked as “shopping” on their website, I messaged to see how much longer it would take to be delivered. I thought 4 hours was a bit excessive to shop for groceries, even right now in a crisis. The shopper said that she had never received an order under my name or address, so I tried to contact customer service but the wait time was over 2 hours. I decided to go grocery shopping instead of trying to make this work. The next morning I emailed customer service and got a response hours later saying, I understand how important it is to get the items you ordered during the delivery window you selected, and I’m so sorry we didn’t meet your expectations this time. If this delivery time doesn’t work for your schedule, you can easily reschedule from or the app by following these steps.” My complaint wasn’t with the delivery window or the fact that I didn’t know how to cancel, but that the app never had an update, the order was “being shopped” for half the day with no updates, and that the shopper never received my order. I never even had the opportunity to cancel or reschedule since my order was being shopped for hours. I was livid from this response. They didn’t even take responsibility for the driver never receiving my order, and they didn’t even look into the issue before they responded. I had to contact my bank and let Instacart know that they’d be starting a dispute with the company if they tried to complete the order after contacting a customer service that my order was still being “shopped” after 24 hours and I already went to the grocery store myself. They finally cancel my $100 order and send me a $10 coupon for my next order. Just wow! I will never use this company again.
  • The best 5/5

    By EEH2913
    Instacart is the best
  • Grocery delivery 5/5

    By 157373736638273
    Excellent service and quick response. Received a text showing arrival time and received a picture where items were left.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By sgfddyuhj
    I have used Instacart once before and it went very well. I realize that things are in a state of disarray right now however I placed an order last Sunday with the earliest delivery time being this evening -4 days. Just 2 hours before scheduled delivery time I receive an email saying that Instacart is very busy and has changed my delivery time until Monday evening- 4 days from now! I was careful to stretch my groceries to last until today now I am supposed to go 4 more days without groceries. I am 62 years old on many drugs that suppress my immune system due to Crohn’s disease. I have been waiting to chat with customer service, a “Care Representative” for over 2 hours when they estimated the wait time to be 30 minutes. Horrible, horrible customer service.
  • Horrible experience. 1/5

    By palella87
    They laying about delivery day, don’t trust. Not good for this moment.
  • Customer 4/5

    By Carmlibazi
    I’m sure you’re trying extremely hard to get enough shoppers but it’s impossible to get into Costco or smart and final 4 deliveries. Horrible. So Ralph’s seems better.
  • Feature idea and feedback 4/5

    By Bankole (Sam)
    Hi Instacart, I have been using this app for a long time and I wanted to pitch a feature Idea to your team as well some feedback. My idea is: to allow people to scan or search an item and show all the store that have that item they searched for. My feedback: I don’t like the new UI design for app I liked the old one better because it was easier to navigate. But I do like the addition of list and sales tho those are good additions to the app. Overall, don’t like the new UI design but like those new additions. Keep it up 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿. Best, Bankole.
  • First time delivery using Instacart 4/5

    By TMBuchanan
    Great concept. Not all my options were available, but more expensive items were - hmmmm corona virus related or just a way to make more money? We shall see how delivery goes.
  • Website 2/5

    By Does Instacart care?
    I found the Instacart website confusing. I placed my first order with Save Mart. I placed my second order with Vons. The website kept popping up with my old Save Mart order. It got more confusing from there. Instacart could grow it’s business by making its website easier to use.
  • Disappointed 😖with hidden fees 1/5

    By iMandali
    Service Charges are not as expected even after having Instacart Express Membership.I did shopping from Costco & Sprouts worth 75$ and still it is adding delivery fee for Sprouts. No sure of benefits having membership. Disappointed.
  • My first order 1/5

    By V.shopper
    Hi, I have placed my first order a week ago with instacart. They gave me delivery after one week. I didn’t buy any grocery for a week because I was expecting my order today that had so many stuff. And suddenly I got a massage that my order had been cancelled. Now I don’t have any options to get groceries. I wanted to avoid a trip to the grocery store but I will have to . Also I took express membership to get my order, and I still dint get my order. Very disappointing. instacart make sure before taking too many orders that you deliver them.
  • Cancelled on me 2x 1/5

    By Bksbruin
    Have been waiting for 3 weeks for a delivery. Every single time they cancel 5 mins before it’s supposed to be delivered and push it out over a week. BS.
  • Gelson’s shopping 4/5

    By shopping interface
    Only problem was groceries delivered to car without gloves or mask on 😟
  • Muhammud 5/5

    By Somali Nomad
    Instacart is a winner and I like winners ☺️
  • Fabulous service 5/5

    By vocmut grove
    My first experience - i may become lazy with service like this - bravo!
  • Bad Shoppers And Overcharging 1/5

    By _Unhappy_Customer__
    If you ask for something specific, there’s a good chance that you’ll get another brand or another product that’s not exactly what you’re looking for. Another thing is that if you ask for multiple of one item, there’s a chance that they won’t get as many as you requested. I asked for about 7 quantities of a specific item and I ONLY GOT 1! It was very frustrating, and I NEVER got A REFUND of any sort! I know everyone is rushing to get this app because of the virus outbreak but honestly you’re better off buying them yourself in store or buying them online.
  • Great except for... 4/5

    By far&out
    Great service and the Delivery guy was great. I am Ok with the many replacements including the questionable ones but the sausage pizza for the veggie pizza when one doesn’t eat pork is a tough one.
  • 😄 4/5

    By BRS bassist
    Best thing since sliced bread.
  • Love Instacart 5/5

    By 041058
    Ordered from Marianos and came right on time. A few items were replaced & very happy with the results. Thank you Tealshawna in Bloomingdale!
  • First Time! 5/5

    By nimrodnitram
    Richard did a fine job. We appreciate that Wegmans is doing this. Thank you! ❤️
  • Total ripoff 1/5

    By Fred Q Public
    My order was not only completely wrong, but driver gave me wrong receipt twice and after the second wrong receipt before I could catch her to ask again she speed off! Then called instacart to ask for complete refund had to wait on hold to speak with customer rep for 2 hours before someone picked up. There were missing items, wrong sizes (even though I had marked NO SUBSTITUTES) and damaged items. I would been better off to take Uber to the grocery and back, put on a mask for CoVid-19 protection and shopped for myself even though I am disabled veteran without a car! I will NEVER use this service again. Incompetent drivers and ripoff is an understatement. If instacart does not give me a 100% refund, I will fight the charges thru my credit union who has always been there for things like this and back charges a company like instacart to protect their clients and removes the charge from my card. But what a pain in the butt for something that is suppose to make our lives easier and safer! NOT!!! Beware! BTW WAY INSTACART'S phone number is 1 (888) 246-7822. Just know you will be on hold for over an hour before a rep picks up to help.
  • Satisfied Customer 5/5

    By bettplz
    My first Instacart delivery was easy and driver was very nice. Thanks John T.
  • Wow. Use them. Great 5/5

    By Awnicol25
    What a life saver during these days. Was here in less than one hour both times. Thanks
  • Edward 5/5

    By Mr Soule
    This app was a little difficult and the computer could not comprehend a bulb of fresh garlic also Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup was not listed
  • Started blocking all delivery 1/5

    By Akak71
    After my honest 3 star review, they started blocking all my orders.
  • Stop Tip Baiting 1/5

    By Simguy05
    It’s unconscionable that anyone would add a tip and take it away after the job is done. Instacart must find a thoughtful way to stop this practice from victimizing their workers. When they do, I will revise my rating and consider using the service again.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By sampulling
    Prompt and accurate service! Love it! Will be using it again. 😁
  • Absolutely disgusted 1/5

    By k9 momx2
    I paid for the Instacart Express. This was my 4th order in as many weeks and I cannot believe how bad it was. #1 I asked for paper not plastic- came in several plastic bags that due to static stuck to my latex gloves which by the way I wore for protection as I have Interstitial Lung Disease! #2. I ordered dark chocolate salt candy, he replaced with peanut butter cups ??? So I sent a text saying my granddaughter is allergic to peanuts..... #3. He replaced the plain chocolate order with the same freakin peanut butter cups that I had explained why they wouldn’t work in # 2 ????????? #4 Ordered a yellow pepper which cost $2 each, not cheap but even more expensive when he picks one that is not only growing white mold on the bottom but has a hole in the top!!!!! # 5 The basic vanilla ice cream I ordered for Easter did not even get a second thought, ignored completely. This was the worst experience ever . I didn’t get some of my order and what I did get was terrible. I can’t go and shop myself as I’m considered high risk and am not allowed out by my pulmonologist and to beat it all I increased the tip by 20%!!! Talk about being taken for a ride, my last weekly orders have been over $200 each so I guess I’m not spending enough to get good service. Try getting Instacart to contact you when you have a problem .... good luck with that!!!!!!!
  • Terzian 5/5

    By tammyterz
    Amazing experience with a great delivery man. Great choice of picking our food. Highly recommend it.
  • This company is trash. 1/5

    By Eturner627
    One of Instacart’s shoppers ran off with my groceries and Instacart STILL has not addressed my complaint 4 days (and counting!) after the issue. Their customer service matches the quality of the trashy personal shoppers. I can’t imagine having this happen to someone on a fixed income or who has medical issue binding them to their home. 10/10 would NOT recommend.
  • Publix Instacart delivery 5/5

    By Wicket1521
    This has been a Godsend for me during this dangerous time. Thank you.
  • Delivery 5/5

    By carolwicklund
    Right on time. Friendly guy! I will try this again soon.
  • Food delivers 3/5

    By carol fresno
    I don’t understand why my address is not in the area for deliver. I’m less than 5mins from the store.
  • D. Happy customer!!! 3/5

    By D. Happy Customer
    Thank you so much for my delivery!! The Lady was very friendly and kind! I will be ordering from u again ! A very satisfied customer!!! I ordered yesterday and I got it today! Fast delivery! Great Job! Stay well and healthy!
  • Instacart review 5/5

    By Glendora Cat
    We just received our first Stater Bros Instacart order. Roberto was awesome- he was able to substitute accordingly and he was very nice.
  • Never got my groceries! No customer Svc 1/5

    By leorangel
    Terrible experience! Never got my groceries delivered and got charged. They are not taking phone calls at their customer service phone number, nor their chat online. I sent them an email and no response. I had to dispute charges with my credit card! AWFUL, will never use this again!
  • Fabulous !!! 2/5

    By needaniknme
    I just downloaded the app today. Placed my order with Aldi and it arrived less than an hour later! Couldn’t be more pleased with the convenience and quick service. All of my order arrived as I requested except for the vegetable replacement. I would like the option to decline substitutions, but overall, Joe did a fantastic job. He even chose some ripe bananas for me to eat now while the green ones ripen! Can’t wait to place my next order!!!!!! Update 4-9-20. Well, Shop n Save delivered my order on 4-8-20 at 9:00 pm to who knows where. I’m out nearly $50.00. Not using this again.
  • First time customer very happy 5/5

    By Good day for us
    I found this online and decided to try it since we are housebound due to Covid-19. I am so pleased and what a great service for us senior citizens!!

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