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Get groceries delivered on demand from your favorite supermarkets in as little as an hour. Shop for all your groceries online with the Instacart app and get fresh local produce, organics, meat, dairy, eggs, drinks, snacks, bulk items, baby products, fresh flowers and much more. Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in the country. We make deliveries in hundreds of cities like the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C, Houston, Atlanta and many more. Download the app and enter your zip code to see if we're in your city. We shop and deliver millions of items from 150+ of your favorite stores including top retailers like Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS + many more local stores. Busy moms like Kristina F. love Instacart: "Using this app has taken the most stressful errand I have each week as a working mom of four busy children and significantly decreased my stress. The process is simple and I can easily find the sales and coupons and item choices I'm looking for without wasting money by impulse shopping. I highly recommend." Instacart makes shopping a breeze with features like: • Get your delivery in as fast as 1 hour • Exclusive coupons and deals on the products you love • Quickly find products at your favorite local stores • Save shopping lists and reorder items from previous purchases • View nutrition info and filter by gluten-free, organic or vegan diets • Chat directly with your personal shopper • Tag favorite items for easier shopping • Use Group Carts to easily shop together with friends, family & co-workers

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  • Terrible service not worth the membership 1/5

    By Caitlin.vega
    This service is horrible. I’m glad I’m under a free trial because I don’t know why anyone would pay for this. First order, late. Second order didn’t even get delivered. Tried to order at 3:30pm today from Stater Bros and it said the earliest delivery was 8-9pm when the home page says delivery within two hours. I’ve also had incorrect/missing items in two of my orders.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By New balance
    Not consistent with products at store and prices are inflated.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By morc96
    I don’t have a car so I made my order on this app. They pushed it back 2 days. TWO DAYS. I have other responsibilities than to wait by the door for 2 days and not have anything delivered. I don’t know how much longer this will go on but this is unacceptable.
  • First order cancelled 1/5

    By John Reimold
    Ordered Sunday for Monday night delivery... Rushed home from work to be on time for my delivery, they called 40 minutes before $100 in groceries were supposed to arrive and told me they couldn’t deliver it until the next day (who knows), when I wouldn’t be home. A nightmare; infuriating. I’m not using them again, that’s for sure. I’d starve.
  • Lifesaver on a cold rainy day with kids! 5/5

    By boymom55
    Susan did a fantastic job! I am the grandaughter of a retired Meat Cutter from Safeway. My Papa taught me early on how to pick a good steak. I was worried when I ordered that I’d be disappointed but Susan picked a beautiful Tri tip for me! I felt she shopped with personal knowledge when filling my order. Everything was correct and delivered in a timely manner. Excellent customer service. :)
  • First experience was great 5/5

    By Drlj520
    This was my first time using Instacart. I ordered products that I was familiar with from Costco. The ordering process was seamless. I received updates through out the process and the order was delivered on time and the correct items were delivered. Will definitely use again. I’m curious to see if the quality of service differs with the store.
  • Lifesaver!!!! 5/5

    By Tonya O
    Quick and on time! Professional delivery guys:gals!
  • Not the best 1/5

    By a little disappinted
    I ordered this many times and every time I spend a long time on my order and than it gets ruined and no one gets it!!! I have 3 children and a dog and now I have pretty much no food in the house because of it! It was helpful at one point but now I have to go shopping, oh and also I have to take them to there sports.
  • Don’t get this app, it’s a rip off 1/5

    By Swirlymaroon
    Hi everyone, I used this app a few times. At first, it was great! The last three times.. it got worse. Okay, the store receipt and digital receipt don’t match. It’s ok though, we have to pay service charges, fees, delivery, tips, no biggie right? I look at it carefully, I’m overcharged on items and when I got items in person, the price doesn’t match. For instance, I got a frozen cauliflower bag (store receipt said 2.63) and the digital receipt says 6.29. A big difference, right? So I called and contacted instacart to make changes. Nothing. Last time, I got a 8 oz cheddar cheese bag (I asked for 16 oz) and the lady charged me 8 oz cheddar cheese for the same price as 16 oz cheddar cheese. I got the refund for that. I thought it was a one time mistake. The most recent shopping, the receipt has a huge bonus saving (i saved 28 dollars) but I don’t get that money back because it doesn’t show on the digital receipt. I have noticed it happened often that the price does not match to the item we requested online so it’s not worth using the service. I reported the problem and showed the screenshots (the customer service didn’t look at it twice and said digital receipt is right) I heard some recommendations other grocery delivery is better so I’ll check it out! Too bad, this app has potential. Don’t use it until they fix this.
  • siri 2/5

    By dougrustle
    the constant prompts to setup siri are incredibly annoying
  • Shopper 1/5

    By yocokkel
    Most of the time the shoppers are good and get what I requested. But sometimes, like tonight, they are lazy and just grab something close and there are way too many replacements
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By losidnfn
    I will never use this app ever again, first order tonight and it was such a rip off, a few items were refunded that I find hard to believe we’re not in the store, and also had a few wrong items delivered, the total on my paper receipt was $50 less than I was actually charged, not impressed at all, better off using pea pod!
  • Super communicative and friendly 5/5

    By Tbertini
    Max was super communicative, friendly and fast!
  • My Instacart experience 5/5

    By LuceroVqz
    I ordered my groceries items for the first time using this app and it was great. The shopper wrote me about my replacement and It was a great substitution! I get to spend more time at home! Thanks!
  • Terrible for hours! 1/5

    By Bachelor Benjamin Boone
    How is one able to work within their hometown with Instacart if they can’t get hours? Awful!
  • Almost Perfect-🧟‍♀️♿️ 4/5

    By CAQueen
    I had another grocery delivery service 4 about 2yrs b4 I chose InstaCart. I chose InstaCart 4 ONE reason only; Aldi’s. Yep. My all time favorite grocery store! I am deaf/blind♿️ & so cannot drive 2 the store so this luxury time saving service is a necessity 4 me & other ♿️ people. The only thing I do not like is that the communic8ing with the shopper is more complic8ed than it needs 2 b. The other delivery service I had u could txt or call them directly. & it was pretty simple. With InstaCart ya have 2 go 2 a www.something & the print is 2 tiny. So please PLEASE simplify that. & 2 the shopper who reviewed here, about the tip not being included, yes, TIP IS INCLUDED. It’s a flat $3.19. I suppose if we want 2 tip the shopper xtra, we can. But some of us r ON A FIXED INCOME. Thank u.
  • Love 5/5

    By IndieSafe
    I love this app, since I have an eye condition and can not drive.. it saves me a lot of time going to the store and walking around for at least an hour. Although last time they forgot a couple items, I think they’re doing a good job.
  • Shopper 1/5

    By shoppin4
    Some shoppers rush through and do not even actually go look for replacement items or respond back to buyer.
  • Unreliable and unapologetic 1/5

    By delusional app
    After paying for service fees, delivery fees and tips, I would expect to get more than half of the items on my list...and yet, I don't. Consistently. It seems my shoppers go through the store and quickly grab general items, substituting half of what I ordered, even though what I ordered is in the store. Other items, they say are not available when they are. I know because I got in the car and immediately drove to the store and found all of them. No accommodation from instacart after repeated requests for support. I will use Amazon prime now and others until this improves in my area.
  • Snow delivery 5/5

    By snowbound2
    I was very please with my interaction concerning my selection of food and timely delivery. I would certainly use this service again.
  • Where has the service been my whole life? 5/5

    By Untietcrew
    I SO PLEASED with the ease of use of the app, the efficiency, friendliness and clarity of communication from the shoppers. While some items are a tad over what I’d pay in store, the time and stress I save are worth the money ten-fold! It’s so exciting to see our shopper pull up and makes putting items away a short task instead of a half day shopping event. I am so glad to have the use of this service in my small community.
  • First time Instacart user 5/5

    By 2krazykids
    Our shopper Holly did an excellent job sorting and separating our items in different bags. Everything was in soft coolers and delivered within the delivery window. Great service!
  • Wound up paying for items I didn’t want 1/5

    By Original Skin
    We got this app for the first time to buy groceries at Wegmans. More than a dozen items were not available, which I presume is not the fault of the program. We didn’t like most of the replacement items, which I also presume has nothing to do with the app. However, despite many efforts to change their selections, it wouldn’t work. In some cases, the replacement product was notably more expensive. An item we thought I successfully deleted remained in the order. There was a contact name to whom you could send messages, which I did. Either he ignored them or he simply wasn’t receiving them. Out of desperation, I called Wegmans to explain the problems I was having using the app. I asked if I could simply return the products I didn’t want when I went to pick up the order. Their response was “unfortunately, no” because they aren’t involved in the processing. So, as a result, we paid for grocery items we paid for, but didn’t want.
  • Still buggy and poor ux! 2/5

    By Anonymous980
    Pushy pop ups to sign up for whatever service they are offering — what part of NO is it you don’t understand? Why do I have to click this more than once!?! Sneaky changing fees and “tips” — if it’s not voluntary, it’s NOT a tip. Pay your people, dammit! Pick replacements don’t register in the add item to existing order interface. And no way to leave note. Terrible ux design: why does this have different interface from normal product chooser!?!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By pissedconsumerwth
    I have been trying to place an order with my daughters account as I have some disability and can’t roll my groceries and live with my daughter , and I have been bombarded with emails questioning my transaction payment methods they have asked for ID and all credit cards to be forwarded and I have forwarded everything they asked for , meanwhile our Instacart account got shut down my transaction got cancelled and I got nothing but twenty emails questioning my payment methods !!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By YaniPeralta
    Today was my first trying this and it was amazing! Took about two hours for my groceries to get home. Chantal was super friendly and arrived at my home with a big smile. Will definitely use this going forward as I have a very busy lifestyle and dread going to the supermarket.
  • Customer Review and Notifications 3/5

    By AlbBrian
    App needs to allow shoppers the ability to review customers that have ordered items via the app for potential shopper safety. Additionally, if the app is not open the customer cannot know if changes are needed based on what the shopper identifies as an issue, i.e., out of stock replacement. A notification needs to be sent to open the app or notify the customer via text that the shopper has started on the order.
  • I like it. 5/5

    By Jsk1936
    This my second purchase. So far, so good.
  • Order 5/5

    By bear57a
    Order went fine today, with one exception. Delivery driver was great, helpful, friendly and had a beautiful smile. She put the groceries right where we wanted. Problem: I ordered 2 one inch thick slices of brick cheese from the deli (that’s how I phrased it in the order). But the frozen pizza I also ordered had brick cheese included on the pizza. Confusion- I didn’t get my separate brick cheese. Otherwise, pleased with this ordering system.
  • Soooo Easy!! 5/5

    By 911tammy
    It’s so easy to use!! Save me a trip to the store!! I love it!!
  • Wow! Awesome! 5/5

    By Kitjazmerryskye
    This is the coolest service. I tried it for the second time today. Ordered from aldis in my break and it came to the kids at home in about an hour. I love it. I have invited many friends and they received a ten dollar coupon and free delivery for first order.
  • Exceptional service 5/5

    By PS & happy
    Have used Instacart for orders & have been exceptionally pleased especially time of delivery was on time and mostly delivery was minutes earlier than was quoted.
  • Not available 2/5

    By Longtime Overdrive user
    I used to use Instacart all the time but it’s not so instant anymore. It’s 11 am and the next available delivery is tomorrow. Time for a new app.
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By DMAF22
    So far my two experiences have been wonderful. Hoping that 3 times is a charm!!!
  • Don’t use this! 1/5

    By FTLAK
    They give you a quote and tell you it will be around this much. Then I got my Costco receipt and saw it was $20 less they kept the amount quoted as it was more. They then still charged me all the normal fees, driver, tip, etc. This is outrageous. I asked them about it and they said I shouldn’t have gotten the Costco receipt. So they knowingly will charge you more if it’s the going rate on the site. I asked to be refunded the overcharge and they said I wasn’t but was able to show on paper I was. Still no. Then they stopped responding to my emails.
  • Fast service 5/5

    By LisaJeanG
    Delivery driver was very nice. Picked good produce and fast service.
  • One happy girl 5/5

    By Kymmie301
    This is the most convenient service for me. The driver was right on time and friendly, he had to replace 3 of my items but they were exactly what I would have substituted if I had been the one shipping.
  • Shopper and delivery 5/5

    By Gregadams48
    Great personable service
  • App is amazing 5/5

    By bribeskartel
    I’m sitting on my couch, watching YouTube, watching some wonderful young lady do my grocery shopping. Man, life doesn’t get much better than this
  • I'm loving my INSTACART! 5/5

    By ShanB64
    I've been hearing about you guys but never gave it a try until this year! It was by far one of the best decision I've could've made! I take care of my 86 year old mother therefore I do not have a lot of time for grocery shopping. I've used another shopping app that has cost me A LOT of money bc they charge a large fee just to use the app, paying the driver among other fees was a lot. You guys are way more affordable for my budget I might be switching over once my tail is over of you guys continue to provide such OUTSTANDING SERVICES!!
  • Top shopper! 5/5

    By Lilo's Mommy
    My shopper was very attentive. She texted to cleared substitutions and apprised me of other in store options to consider. I appreciate her thoroughness. I’m very fussy about fresh produce, sell by dates... I had someone at my home to accept delivery and heard all looked good! Yeah! Thanks for saving me the shopping time in my busy schedule.
  • Missing item and bruised bananas 1/5

    By Mom384857393
    Today my bananas were thrown in with other hard items and are bruised. To top it off I’m also missing an item. I won’t be using this ever again.
  • Best service ever! 5/5

    By mcribbs4
    I love this service!!! It’s absolutely the best thing ever for a mom to not have to go to the store with kids!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By BusyMom_1
    I love this app! As a busy mom, this app lets me spend my time doing more work or spending time with my family. It was a life saver when my baby was teething and I wasn’t able to run to the store!
  • Instacart has changed my life 5/5

    By Bossy Rosser
    Seriously. My goal is to never walk inside the grocery store again!
  • Great service 5/5

    By KK1982
    Wonderful service and great workers to deliver the orders! Definitely recommended!!
  • Great job! 5/5

    By Runningfor3
    Thankful for Marlee. She did a great job shopping while I ran the kids to practice. She was prompt, touched base with me on substitutions, polite and kind. She shops just like me and didn’t waste money on Aldi bags and used boxes from the store. I hope I get Marlee every time!
  • Mixed bag 3/5

    By Bubbbeth
    I have had mixed service. One person refused to give me time to check my order. My biggest objection is that I have too many reusable bags that I can not use. The shoppers should be instructed to reuse bags if the customer offers them.
  • Good shopping ap 5/5

    By Autumn1954
    I am housebound ... have approved my VA drs and sold my car. The best thing that I have appreciated is that most shoppers for Heinan’s grocery store is the care that they use in picking out my shopping list. However, just so you won’t get a big head I also have found the ap confusing when it comes to “special items” requests — I had wanted to place my item on my current cart but it didn’t go there , so I had to delay it to my second trip. Between the cost of groceries and the tip I have saved mucho money over the cost of my car pmt and insurance pmt. So good-o, kiddo. You have made my day!!!

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