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Instagram App

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 1 billion people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day — the highlights and everything in between, too. Use Instagram to: * Post photos and videos you want to keep on your profile grid. Edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video. * Browse photos and videos from people you follow in your feed. Interact with posts you care about with likes and comments. * Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to your story. Bring them to life with text, drawing tools and other creative effects. . They disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed. * Go live to connect with your friends in the moment. Try going live with a friend and sharing a replay to your story when you’re done. * Message your friends privately in Direct. Send them photos and videos that disappear and share content you see on Instagram. * Watch stories and live videos from the people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed. * Discover photos, videos and stories you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.

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Instagram app reviews

  • My Page Was Summarily Removed With No Warning 1/5

    By Phoenixxx215
    I use social media strictly for business/mentoring/teaching purposes ONLY. No negative posts or spam. My account of five or six years of work was just removed. I do believe it was to takeover a hashtag I started that became very popular and My posts dominated, as I created it. #GoddessSeries Buyer BEWARE. Instagram is going the openly discretionary nazi tactics of Facebook. If you’re a person with melanin your account is forfeit for less than nothing. 🤬🤬🤬
  • Likes 5/5

    By polliene
    I really like not seeing any Likes. Keep that!
  • No more like count 5/5

    By bradleysoup
    Absolutely love this!!!
  • Love it. There’s just one thing... 5/5

    By Library Lover1
    Very recently I’ve noticed that on my account it says I have one more post than I actually do (3 when I really have 2). I have other friends who are on the same boat as me and we all agree it’s very annoying. We all noticed that this happened after we deleted/archived a bunch of posts. I’d really appreciate it if you could fix this!
  • app crashes 2/5

    By Nayiveee
    whenever I want to open my drafts I can only access the first for that show up on the previous screen. If I try looking at the rest of them, the app crashes.
  • Unhappy 3/5

    By Murdersx
    Why the heck, do you end up putting a number for changing a username.
  • I want to add music to my story 2/5

    By Gabi886
    I wish my IG’s story can add music;(
  • Likes 2/5

    By Amber36874
    Removing likes is the dumbest thing you could do. It is one of the main platforms for teenagers. Yes it is dumb but it truly is related to status. There is not much of a point to instagram without it. You will lose tons of business if you do this.
  • I love Instagram so much I use Instagram all days love you you instagram soooooooooooooooo MUCH 5/5

    By Rabin merozi
    I love you instagram so much I use Instagram all days and all day long love instagram ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • It’s Instagram. 4/5

    By SunsetSylveon
    It’s Instagram you probably know exactly what you’re getting into. I’d actually rate this more like 4.5 stars. It’s not a perfect app by any means. It’s really annoying that the video limit is 1min and the settings are kinda confusing and out of the way. But it’s a pretty good app overall.
  • No Arreglan naaahh 1/5

    By tu madre🤫
    Llevo como 50 actualizaciones y sigo sin poder poner las lyric en mis estados🤬🤬
  • To Many Problems 1/5

    By Janaediamond
    WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON?? all this glitches, being logged out, pages not refreshing and stuff ... we have to do better
  • Ugh 4/5

    By jjjjjjkkkkooo
    I can’t find my music sticker and sum of my stickers are gone on story.pls help
  • Wack 1/5

    By yuhyuhu
  • Deleting likes... and suggestions 4/5

    By Conch Co
    I heard that you’re thinking about getting rid of likes. I think you should let the Instagram user decide if they want to keep likes on their post or not. And I think if they don’t, they should be able to see who liked it (like the username) but not how many people liked it (the total). And the people who choose to keep the likes, can see who liked it and how many likes they got. I personally like seeing how many likes I get and comparing it to my similar pictures :) Also I have an idea for Instagram, you should be able to move your saved stories in the order that you want them in (so you could organize it in the order that you want them in instead of having the most recent ones in the front). An made up example: Let’s say I saved a photo in the album California, but I wanted the album Hawaii to be in front of it, solution: you should be able to drag the album Hawaii in front of California. I hope that you see this review and hopefully consider my suggestions :)
  • Needs too be fixed 5/5

    By jaydenisaballer
    The music option is not working for me and it doesn’t show up anymore
  • help this problem please 5/5

    By espinoza.m
    so my account got blocked for no reason and i can't login to instagram so if u can please fix this and unblock my account i would appreciate it.
  • Fantastic 5/5

  • Can’t log in!! 1/5

    By Cool chick 😎
    Cannot log into my accounts. I literally have to login in my pressing “forgot password?” & yes I’ve deleted the app, restarted my phone etc. it just doesn’t work. Please fix I’ve been dealing with this for months. On all 3 of my phones.
  • I love ig but. 5/5

    By Berto254
    I love ig but I wish it showed more love back to its users too. I am a dedicated follower and user and will be without choice (lol) but we also need a means of Peru zing da internat az whell. All content creators alike. I wish there was a way to pour more into ig and get more out.
  • Top social media app for everything! 5/5

    By freeqhjd
    Igram is my first go to choice social media app for almost everything!
  • No one really cares 3/5

    By ClayMan47
    Instagram is a great platform, but the whole removing likes things is just flat out stupid. The claim that “it removes pressure” is just some half-assed attempt to cover up the bullying that sometimes happens on your app. Removing the likes from posts won’t stop people who aren’t confident about their looks or bodies from feeling anxious about posting because that’s going to happen with or without the amount of likes displayed. Get over yourselves and address the real problem already geez.
  • Assessment 5/5

    By bizzleeeeeeeee
    Great app love it
  • Having trouble logging in 3/5

    By jalenmichael2021
    I tried logging in and it said error I had important stuff on there
  • Double-tap issue 4/5

    By aajayt
    I love instagram and I use it everyday to stay in touch with my friends and family. Every now and then I'll have the occasional bugs where when I double-tap to like something it "undoes" to put it simply. Recently it's been happening every time I use the app and it mostly happens when I'm on the explore page. I tried refreshing the app, closing it out, and even re-downloading it, but the bug is still there. I know this problem isn't a big issue, but it's still annoying to deal with on a day to day basis and this has been going on for a few weeks now. Hopefully this gets fixed soon
  • Good job 5/5

    By gcfhhj
    I love IG
  • . 3/5

    By heigheheodhdbfivuhr
    They updated Instagram so it only shows certain posts, this is so pointless and annoying, show all the posts.
  • 2019 2/5

    By Asiasaval
    More open photo policy and conditions
  • No iPad app 1/5

    By Ian donovan(:
    I hate these non supported apps for iPad users like it’s annoying stretching the app screen and making it fuzzy -5 stars ⭐️
  • bruv 😓🤦🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By bruvbruh
    i can’t even log in. this app is trash asf
  • love it 4/5

    By theyluvmimi
    can you make it to where people can’t see how many likes you or they get on a post.
  • Amazing 3/5

    By Gage Ferret
    I can’t Log in at All. Instagram developers HELP!
  • Great 5/5

    By joshua balshen
  • Fix it pleas 3/5

    By dancerzzzz⭐️☃️💦
    It has a glitch and it always ends my voice messages early
  • Second Complaint 3/5

    By ohthatsjay
    Im perplexed as to why my instagram still isn’t fully updated. When I make a post with music, it isn’t giving me the suggestion lyrics to go along with the song.
  • Stop blocking actions for no reason 1/5

    By AD12018
    Got comments blocked for posting comments... on my own post...
  • Keep how it is! 4/5

    By Tony Mott x
    I see some people want to change how Instagram is viewed. They want to stop showing other people likes and just the poster can see how much they have. This is horrific for influencer. This will not help the problem. The next thing people will look at is just how many followers they have. Then likes won’t matter and just the amount of followers will. Companies look at how many likes and followers you have and earned. Then they decide if they want to work with you based on that information. Instead of them looking at the real numbers all they’ll see is the follower count and nothing else which could really hurt small influencer trying to grow. Believe it or not people can still buy followers and likes. Everyone will be worried about just that. We need to let everyone see our likes to show how hard we work. Instagram will be as pointless as Facebook. Which you don’t care because Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same people. I think it’s a horrible idea in general. You guys have competition with Twitter which has more active users to begin with. Most instagrammers will just go to twitter if changes are actually made. I don’t think any changes should be made. We will never know who’s actually real or not. Some people work hard for their active followers. No one cares to see to see their own amount of likes. They want to show off what they’ve achieved to others to prove they earned it. If people don’t care about likes they can keep ignoring it like they’ve been doing. We need to see likes and followers like it’s always been. This is going to be like the algorithm with seeing posts which again had a negative impact on Instagram.
  • Bruh 1/5

    By bruh moment x8
    Dont remove likes please
  • Upset 1/5

    By questionable87
    I’m mad that my music for my insta stories will not work i deleted an even signed out my app is updated an still nothing.
  • Instagram doesn't care 1/5

    By Sassyandfifi
    So many people including myself are reporting offensive memes and pictures of Bianca's death. HOW IS THAT NOT GRAPHIC VIOLENCE? You should be ashamed of yourselves to think this is okay to do to a murdered 17 year old girl. DELETE the accounts and posts of her gorey demise as well as the memes!!!!
  • Privacy 1/5

    By tyrellllk
    I don’t like that people can see what I like on Instagram you guys should please fix that
  • why!? 1/5

    By htx.rossy
    I’ve been using Instagram for YEARS, I had a spam but I only posted funny videos and pictures of me, and all of a sudden I can’t go on it anymore Instagram literally blocked me from it and it doesn’t let me log any other account on my phone, I’ve lost touch with my account:(
  • music what? 5/5

    By katieecutiee
    i have done everything to get the music sticker on my instagram story but nothing show up, any reason why someone please help.
  • Needs more control 3/5

    By Notazergman
    App seriously needs a way to turn off autoplaying videos, especially of things you don’t like seeing. Also needs ways of controlling your home feed.
  • G 5/5

    By diego n casey
    Great app
  • Atlanta 5/5

    By Jen Padron
  • frustrating 2/5

    By nicknu620
    Why am I not able to look at the comments on posts, even though the accounts that posted don’t have comments disabled?
  • Video Chat 1/5

    They need to do more work on the video chat it stays hanging up and glitching !!! It gets annoying 😒
  • my DMs aren’t working properly 1/5

    By Guy That Doesnt Like The World
    for some reason, my DMs are a blank white page and I can’t seem to see my msgs. I have to click on the top right to msg them EVERY single time I exit out the app. This has been happening since yesterday morning and it’s getting quite annoying. Please fix this

Instagram app comments

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