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Instagram App

Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Meta Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends * Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and connect over what you see on Feed and Stories. * Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests * Watch videos from your favorite Creators and discover new content through Instagram Video and Reels. * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style. Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region. Terms of Service -

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Instagram app reviews

  • Equipo Carols 5/5

    By carolsgym
    Este es parte de nuestro equipo de trabajo Instructores y personal que semanalmente nos hace ser el mejor gimnasio de los altos morándinos !
  • Worst update ever! 1/5

    By It's jay not taea
    I updated my app now half of the features don’t work! I can’t review deleted posts. I can’t even modify my sharing to other apps because it says my app is outdated and needs to be updated!!! It is updated!! Just trash! Fix it!
  • Gaining followers but number not increasing on instagram 1/5

    By Cash6figures
    This is so stupid! Please fix this glitch! I’ve gained almost 800-1000 followers daily & my number amount will not increase but the new follower notifications are consistent! Think I’m going back to Facebook. Seriously!
  • Irrelevant content 1/5

    By rouserbug
    This platform has become commercial to the point where the vast majority of what is seen no longer comes from people in my circle. The alga rhythm is pushing content and controlling more than originally set preferences and understanding for this app are. Instagram is hurting its users with fast moving unrelated and unsolicited clips of video
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Catherine231998
    It’s frustrating so have all the glitches and not have someone to connect with to fix in a more timely manner. My follower count is broken. I keep having people follow me and the followers stays the same.
  • Follower Glitch 4/5

    By KGrec
    Please help! My follower count is glitching and keeps snapping back to a specific # even though the true number is almost 2k higher! This happened yesterday, but resolved within an hour. It’s been almost 10 hours this time. I keep gaining followers, but it’s stuck at the same number. And IG makes it difficult to reach out to anyone for help, so I’m leaving a review here in hopes someone can please help resolve this glitch!
  • Instagram journaling 5/5

    By Mathguy1094
    It is taking me time to use something other than Facebook, which I have used since 2009. I am a text kind of person, expressing through writing, but pictures can talk much quicker during scrolling. I am still very new to this medium and I am excited to learn. Meta is a capable company in creating tools to transcend boundaries. Being 69 years old I have seen communication revolutions, and as a history student, I get giddy about social change. From Stone tools to iPhone, humans have come a long way but yet, we are in prehistory of things not seen. Enough said.
  • Sponsor, ad’s, you may also like 3/5

    By I can't tell what's going on
    It’s all got a little to much stray away from what we actually follow to just way to many suggestions
  • follower count 2/5

    By dcffufsatf
    new update messed up my instagram. my follower count won’t go up or down even when i gain or remove followers instagram fix this now ……
  • Pls fix this 2/5

    By biggymallow
    I’ve been using IG since 2016. Never had any issues. I’ve had a remarkable growth of followers between these two days but all I get is notification I’m stuck to my old amount of followers. This isn’t funny at all
  • Can’t even process video 1/5

    By Captain Tae
    This app is an amateur attempt to keep up with tiktok. It’s going to track everything you do but can’t do what it’s supposed to. It’s algorithm only benefits rich and famous people. Don’t bother with this app. It hates you.
  • مدينزل 1/5

    By الباتردذ
  • Hello124 1/5

    By hellogurl12
    Y’all need to change it back to how it was I can’t change my pw unless I get in my old email and I don’t know it please change it back
  • Support 5/5

    By Emila12
    Best social network, for professional , friend and family
  • Full of irrelevant ads 1/5

    By annieingamells
    Instagram now has just as many ads as Facebook, if not more, and a HORRIBLE algorithm that prevents me from seeing posts I want to see and bombards my feed with ads for stuff I have no interest in and often find offensive. This is what happens when one company owns all the social media.
  • They have ruined this app! 1/5

    By mel muse
    I would first like to say that if this review ends up with five stars Instagram changed it themselves. I’m seeing a lot of reports complaining about negativity with the app but for some reason they still have five stars I’m going to go ahead and assume that people complaining aren’t giving five stars. I don’t honestly understand what the point of this app is anymore. We can’t see our friends posts there is no growth on Instagram you don’t get any likes or engagement from the followers that you’ve already gained. Even if you request no ads you’re still going to get ads…you get reported for bullying constantly but if you report somebody that’s actually bullying it doesn’t matter if you request a review they will still find nothing wrong with it. I reposted Justin Bieber’s announcement that he had some kind of illness that was affecting his face I reposted it in my story and typed “my God🙏🏽”… with praying hands and Instagram flagged it for a dangerous organization. I requested a review and they still found that it was a dangerous organization. I was flagged for a photo and I was wearing full bikini bottoms and a long sleeve shirt and I was painting… I requested a review and they still said it was wrong. I made a sort of lingerie commercial with full bottom bikini briefs and a full covering bra on and they reported it and took my page and I had to pay a hacker to get it back. It’s crazy to me that they would make the app harder and harder to use since the beginning of the pandemic when it could’ve been a great tool for small businesses to stay afloat. But with the struggling economy Instagram instead has limited the amount of people that can see our profiles even if we are not getting any reports. And you might as well not post photos on this photo sharing app because they’re going to block everyone that follows you from seeing it. Oh but don’t worry if you post a video mowing the lawn or washing windows or opening a plastic bag filled with plastic bags from Amazon then cool… you will probably get somewhere from 15,000 likes to 1 million likes. Like I said I’m not really sure what the point of this app is anymore and I’ve been a member for 11 years now. It honestly feels like Instagram is trying to force people to stop using it at this point.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mega-ham99
    Instagram wrongfully deleted my account for sharing my password to gain likes or followers. I don’t remember the password and can no longer access an account I’ve been using for almost 10 years. So many photos I’ll never be able to get back:(
  • It’s the best 4/5

    By merialw
    I love it a lot
  • инст помойка 1/5

    By ненавижу инст
    фуу, удалите инст из жизнм, из еппстора, такая помойка
  • A criticism. 5/5

    By جواد خدادادی کسانق
    My main page is @cake__khodadadı. I asked for confirmation and blue tick hundreds of times, but you rejected it every time. I feel that I have the conditions to get this approval mark on the main page. Maybe you don't do this because I am Iranian. I'm sorry👎
  • Instagram is every moment of life 5/5

    By @sanaa_laa
    I love Instagram because we can get new ideas about lifestyle of each others
  • Idk what’s wrong 3/5

    By mich2050
    I can’t use the Add Yours sticker on stories I just don’t understand why, I used to be able to use it before updating. Now I can’t and there’s no explanation it’s weird.
  • W for its feed 5/5

    By man wit a dream
    Been wanting a t*ty pic from my girl and my feed it’s me wit a “this letter owes u a soapy t*ty pic” and got my gfs letter.
  • Bruh 1/5

    By bobbytoniscool
    I love this app but me and my friends made a school account and we didn't post anything yet, just getting it ready. And we got banned. >:( big L
  • Pic clarity 1/5

    By Devvrat!
    I’m using iphone 13 pro max and whatever pic i have been uploading on Instagram, clarity is getting worst. If someone add my story, even my name looks like a tore one. Can you fix it?
  • error de bug 2/5

    By jajajikuk
    mi celular no me deja agregar a mi historia encuestas y me aparecen congeladas
  • My instagram followers are stuck 1/5

    By nmjisns
    My instagram followers are stuck , even after getting new followers the total number of followers are not changing. this is so very weird !!! can anyone help me to fix this problem ? my account is 4 years old .. and it’s my creator account .. i don’t wanna lose my account
  • Following & saved post 1/5

    By jayyy210
    I haven’t been able to see my saved post album in 5 years & suddenly my following/ followers list won’t go open or down even after I gain followers & unfollowed over 200 accounts , what’s going on . I had Instagram since it came out 😪😤
  • Screwed over again 1/5

    By thisisdumb2500
    I had 59.3 followers. You axed 75 of them for whatever reason. Now I am seeing new follows in my activity feed while my follower count stays the same. For hours. GET IT TOGETHER INSTAGRAM! Since this last update you are a total joke 🤬
  • You can’t take a break 1/5

    By CoonRN
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT “deactivate” your account if you’re needing a social media mental health break. You will lose the account forever. I deactivated my account less than four months ago for a short break, and they completely deleted my account and are now claiming they just can’t identify me from pictures in said account. They won’t give me the opportunity to send in an ID or anything, they just keep asking me to submit “selfie videos” to confirm my identity, saying they’ll get back to me in three to four days, which has yet to happen. Considering how many of my friends have had their Instagram accounts hacked, this is pretty rich while also being insanely frustrating and upsetting. I have the correct password to the account and am attempting to login from a device I was logged into this account from previously, but according to them it doesn’t matter and I was never logged into this account from this device. Great. Guess I’ll stick to TikTok? Really going to miss Insta though.
  • Repeating 1/5

    By Mickey8242
    Location stories repeating smh
  • Features slow / broken 1/5

    By SpencerMorganPhoto
    Still don’t know why I cant add captions (the ones yo can edit) on my posts. Also, after moving to basically a video platform, you’d think the video features would work well. Takes forever to load thumbnails on videos. Videos take long to upload. Really miss the old platform and performance.
  • Context 3/5

    By brandmwill
    Think some words need to be looked at in context vs just flagging words. Not every offensive word is being used in an offensive way.
  • Marissa 5/5

    By marisssa🍩
  • Privacy Concerns & Generally Lame 1/5

    By H21Davis
    I’ve had the same instagram account since 2011 and they froze my account because they think I’m under 14. They wanted a picture of my drivers license. Also the app was getting lame. TikTok is way better than reals and they never showed me my friends content. I won’t be reactivating my account.
  • Reply option missing 4/5

    By pubg is the best game
    Everything is ok but the thing is there is no reply option. I tried many options to find it but there isn’t any reply option . Please fix this problem as soon as possible
  • Muy bien 5/5

    By princesa de corazon
    Muy bien
  • I dislike that Instagram takes away things whenever there is an update 2/5

    By Puppyishy
    Please bring back the option to save or archive a post to share for later back. It was so handy to save captions with pictures and just have it ready for later posting :(
  • Problemas 3/5

    By ninitabace
    No sé qué está pasando pero tiene más de un mes presentando fallas la aplicación se suben reels con descripción y tipos de letras y al publicar se hace sin nada, además no están mostrando la cantidad de seguidores que sube cada hora se ha quedado en el mismo número.
  • Basically a knock off Version of tik tok 1/5

    By Soy_dandi
    App used to be good but now it just endless reals everything is just copied from tik tok any way
  • 😭 5/5

    By adamfelixxx
    I love you
  • Recently Deleted 2/5

    By cow cowie
    Where did the recently deleted go
  • It’s as if Meta doesn’t want reels to work properly 2/5

    By Thank you Krissy!
    Absurd amount of bugs all throughout the app. Editing a reel is neigh impossible sometimes. Maybe they should consider making their existing features work correctly instead of building a Metaverse nobody wants 😒
  • Yes 5/5

    By dxmdnc
    It good
  • Removed my product tagging 1/5

    By D.C. Allen
    Instagram removed my product tagging after I just paid them for running an ad. I work hard for my business and do everything myself. It is a slap in the face to hurt and hinder my business after I just gave you some money. Instagram has turned me completely off. Thanks for hurting my business.
  • Locked out of account 5/5

    By Gingascreener
    I have been locked out of my account and Instagram won’t even tell me why and I can’t get back in because my account is under my old number and I can’t get a verification code and when I delete the app I can’t even make a new account the account is mikey_evitts_20 please help Instagram
  • Messy 2/5

    By Kogbhnhbhvfdd
    Functionality is good but the support blows. Recently my account got hacked and the 6 digit pass code isnt working so even though iwas able to reset my password i cant get my account back. This would probably be a much easier process if instagrams support wasnt garbage and or had people to talk to on support.
  • I don’t have the reply option 3/5

    By 414riy
    I don’t have the reply option
  • Reel icon is gone please bring it back 1/5

    By Jo'quell
    I am not at all a fan of the reels icon not being on instagram anymore. It messes up the creative flow of just clicking the icon to actually make a reel. I'm not understanding why photos and reels are in one place when it's just confusing to use. Please for the life of me bring back the reels icon.