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Instagram App

Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. — Instagram from Facebook Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. Express Yourself and Connect With Friends * Add photos and videos to your story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and connect over what you see on Feed and Stories. * Create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. Learn More About Your Interests * Watch videos from your favorite Creators and discover new content through Instagram Video and Reels. * Get inspired by photos and videos from new accounts in Explore. * Discover brands and small businesses, and shop products that are relevant to your personal style. Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region. Terms of Service -

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Instagram app reviews

  • Tee 5/5

    By soot2
    I Have 2 Issue’s With IG The First 1 Is Whenever I Try To Hit The Follow Button It Doesn’t Work & The 2ND Issue Is Whenever I Do Follow Someone’s IG Account The Notification’s Bell Doesn’t Appear Like It Use To Do I’ve Been Noticing These Problem’s For Quit Some Time Now I Wanna Know What’s Going On With This Situation & Can U Guy’s PLZ Take Care Of This Problem It’s Very Annoying As Heck
  • Reels Cover Photos 3/5

    By nyasijaa
    My cover photos keep changing and it’s taking up space in my phone Bc I have to keep the thumbnails I make just in case they change back to the original again. I’m tired of putting the cover photos BACK on there everytime Instagram decided to remove them. Then I have to make copies if the cover photo in order for it to even work. Fix this please.
  • Fake profile of me 1/5

    By Cait😘😍
    Instagram does nothing to help with scammers. There is multiple fake profiles of me and many others that get mass reported and nothing is done about it. They are inappropriate profiles including p0rn and nudity and nothing is done! Why are these profiles still up?! Do you really care about your users or not?! They are taking peoples credit card numbers and scamming them. This is ridiculous! DO SOMETHING INSTAGRAM!!
  • problem 1/5

    By ramadanly
    There have been many problems in the recent period, including in notifications and opening the story video in messages
  • Customer service availability 5/5

    By Yaya413
    Is not satisfactory regarding questions. Need a call in (like Amazon) to clarify. But, overall the content process is good for posting.
  • Top! 5/5

    By ___miss__sunshine___
    Un réseau vraiment plaisant. mon kiff!
  • IG 1/5

    By Annie sadler
    IG and Facebook are a platform for the leftist. Come on the fat checkers!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • صباحكم جوي……..$$$ 5/5

    By khalid smareee
    صباحكم انا ☺️
  • My instagram videos 1/5

    By desjay89
    Half of my videos have gone black and I have contacted instagram about it I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and still half my videos are blacked out and I have no idea why other than using instagram filters. So because I can’t get my content out there I rate this app a 1 star.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AhmadAli32
    This apps impossible to use, following back ur friends and family apparently makes the algorithm believe you’re a bot and prevents you from gaining access to those people, this is the 10th it’s happened this week and I keep having to dm people explaining why I can’t follow them back.
  • Fix the username bugs please 2/5

    By ffytrhvg
    My username I’m trying to change and it’s been pasted 14 days fix the bugs please
  • Blocked account 1/5

    By stunna510
    You delete my account and I didn’t violate any rule this is my 3rd account 😭😫 I would never refer to anybody that it’s a good application!! Goodluck
  • Comments 2/5

    By mkakdnd
    Why don’t you guys fix the comment section, hate reading the last couple of comments instead of the first.
  • Bad 1/5

    By 19rp90
    My Instagram is updated and still missing all types of features
  • Excelente aplicación. 5/5

    By Dominicanitaely
    Me encanta!
  • I hate ig 1/5

    By DreamBoy30303
    Terrible app
  • Love it! It just needs book marks! 4/5

    By emilymmmoss
    Instagram really needs a sort of bookmark function where you can start where you left off the last time you were on it!
  • Don’t like app anymore 1/5

    By kenyasB
    I used to be able to save a highlight into one big video. But now I can’t. There is not option anymore. I want to cry because there is so much memories that I want to save but I rather save the highlight as one big video rather saving each piece in my highlights separate. I know it’s just Instagram but it’d mean A lot if Instagram brought this feature back so I can save my highlights
  • Blocking Hastags 1/5

    By TJ Gutierrez
    I have a problem with Instagram not integrating this already into their software: not being able to block hashtags. Do you know how many tiktoks I’ve ran into on IG? This isn’t tiktok, it’s INSTAGRAM. I’m honestly tired of it. For the next update, Instagram, PLEASE find a way to block hashtags so that content tagged with any hashtag (i.e. #tiktok or #tiktokdances) can be restricted or removed from my explore page. And don’t tell me “just don’t look at it”. That’s not the point. The point is, there’s no option to block hashtags but only accounts. What if I want to block CONTENT not just accounts? I hope the team you guys have can integrate this somehow. Also, there’s no need to have a “market” button in your app where people can do shopping. If people wanted to shop they would actually search the brand/company up and do the research themselves so they don’t get played by these fake sellers on YOUR app. Sincerely, Have a great day!
  • Always Room For Improvement 5/5

    By shay4564
    I love this app so much and I’m on it everyday. Something I want to see is being able to re-order pictures in threads and the ability to add pictures to threads as well. I know y’all are working on an algorithm that allows user to re-order posts as a whole, so I thought I’d share my idea about photo threads to have that idea ventured upon.
  • My review 4/5

    By VIOLETT2prettyyy
    HII SO I LOVE INSTA SO SO MUCH BUT… it won’t let’s me make another account and I only have 3 accounts .. which really isn’t a lot so I just want to know why I can and how to fix it .👍
  • Lit. Awesome. Hot! 5/5

    By Leeanne33
    Proud of the updates. Been a member of this divine application since high school.
  • Serious Glitch with the Birthday Request 1/5

    By SAHWalks
    So I went on the app and at first I did not want to add my birthday. When I finally thought ok I will do it, I put in my bday, it asked me to confirm my age. I did. Got an error and it put right on the Birthday page. So 24 hours of the Birthday page and no access tp anything else.
  • God is my father and my baby is my soul 5/5

    By baby3bitch
    Yes Tina
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Mercy (Kobra)
    So cool
  • The new instagram 2/5

    By Nej_h
    I’m having difficulty enjoying instagram because it’s become a lot like Facebook. So many unnecessary advertisements and unsolicited “because you follow this page we think you need to look at all these other pages.” I would like to go back to the days where I was only able to see who or what I followed and that was all. Then I can give it 5 stars again.
  • Mid like young boy 1/5

    This app is so trash, that Indian scammer jahmír can have a warm pillow, Instagram=mid=yb and carti better
  • Needs a little work 5/5

    By from Roland
    Please stop restricting posts and show our posts to all of our followers
  • Add birthday issue 4/5

    By hjdhdjjfjrhff
    My Instagram won’t let me add my birthday to get into my account all it says when I add it is there was a problem please try again

    By isisangelb
    I don’t even recognize my timeline anymore. Every other post is a recommendation and it’s completely pointless. Recommendations should remain on the EXPLORE tab. I fell like I have no control over what I see on my timeline. Fix this next update because it’s dumb.
  • give users the option to not see reels 1/5

    By Trash Can Talk
    i deleted tiktok because i found the endless scrolling through short repetitive videos really really REALLY annoying. for the first time ever i am considering deleting instagram entirely. give users the option to disable this aspect of the app, it is so so SO irritating and terrible. can there be one social media app that doesn’t turn into a snapchat/tiktok hybrid? apparently not
  • The truth 2/5

    By cool_girl21
    Not everyone gets the updates they should which is aggravating but by far it’s a good app.
  • It’s a trap. 1/5

    By 420Karen
    Once you get tired of burning your brain cells on this stupid app it will not let you delete your account. So now there is a private account of me that has over 2,000 followers and my photos that I have no access to forever on the internet. Fun stuff.
  • something i notice about this app 5/5

    By kaidelua
    it’s addicting becsuse it’s social media (duh, that’s the point) but not in a regretful way like tik tok - if that makes sense
  • My new friend 5/5

    By visionafterlife
    Instagram has become a place I go to get away from the hustle and bustle of my life. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything. Instagram gives me the ability to snap a picture or video and turn it into a memory to share with the world. I finally understand how “All the world is a stage” It can be for that for everyone because it’s that easy using instagram.
  • Visually appealing 5/5

    By jessiepsych
    Thank you for the simplicity of instagram.
  • 创建账号 5/5

    By ufshjolvcdviikliugc
  • . 5/5

    By beyehehdhbshdhfhudnw
    good app but when i post a instagram story with music on it the music gets stuck and wont play.
  • I used to love it but ... 1/5

    By e milanooo
    My account literally got disabled for no reason. I literally never use it unless I’m posting life updates (so there’s sooo much memoriez on there), ‘& it literally juss logged me out when I was scrolling through the app after not being on it for a while.
  • Don't hacked my account please 5/5

    By omilonlo
    Is mommy I'm new or ig account
  • Love 5/5

    By laricharbe
    Love it
  • Tablet version 3/5

    By H_playerathome
    The app was good but if they can adjust it to also adapt better with all tablets regardless if it’s iOS or android, it would be nice
  • Review 5/5

    By betos media
    Best social media platform!
  • Why oh why 1/5

    By @_cracka_jack_
    Instagram used to be so inspirational, but now days I think about deleting it every day. Now it’s a popularity contest. Diminishing and demeaning, I regret to scroll as it takes a toll on my soul, why art thou comments troll? I used to brush the dust and dive into the mirth of the gram, but hark, now barren lays the waste land, of scavengers, biters, crooks and thieves, who’s feeds dost I scroll are theese?
  • No one sees posts anymore 2/5

    By bggjbft
    We have close to 250k followers and no one sees our posts anymore even if we pay. It’s so frustrating.
  • Great 5/5

    By Michael generoso.

    By diwiwuvishu
    Worst app evah. Ruined my marridge. Wifey left our bedroom n my attention 4evwr. :((
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Coach Gause
    This app is very user friendly.
  • ❤️Rubia 5/5

    By rubiadiaz