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  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Instant Pot Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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The place for nutritious, healthy and tasty Instant Pot® recipes contributed from our partners, as well as, our authorized and recommended cookbooks, product information, getting started, and helpful tips. Additionally, be the first to learn what’s new at Instant Pot!

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  • Way to complicated to connect 1/5

    By msdsrs
    Very complicated to connect. I stopped. I need a password and a secret code and a pot name and then still have multiple steps to connect. Basically. Just keep it simple.
  • Not worth the time it takes to download 1/5

    By rhsmkh
    Agree with everyone else who says this app is trash! It conflicts with the operation manual and that’s just for starters!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By agadog
    You have to be kidding me! I love my Instant Pot but this app is painful to use. The content is there but every time I try to scroll I open up a recipe. It’s almost unusable. This is an easy fix for the developers. The fact that it doesn’t seem to be a priority is disappointing. I’ll use Google until I see an update.
  • Favorites not working 3/5

    By Lindalebailey
    I have spent hours looking at recipes and saving the ones I want to try in Favorites. Today every time I click on favorites it goes back to the home menu. Please fix this.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Ugh97
    Another review said you can't scroll without opening a recipe inadvertantly. This is correct. Also, the search results are terrible. I searched for "round roast" and the first result that appeared was for quinoa. Inwill revise this review if I find some good points, or if I can even find a recipe I want to use.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Lindas2ndstar
    I love my instant pot, this app however is horrible. It’s glitchy and I don’t think some of the recipes have actually been tried. It’s disappointing.
  • Very flawed app 2/5

    By Toyzruskid1976
    The recipe section is nice (but should be monitored as it appears anyone can half hazardly have a recipe posted) The support & onboarding side is awful. Most of the links don’t work including the one to register the product or the ones for customer support. Hopefully the company that works on the app isn’t the same one that works on the product (specifically the QA aspect).
  • Great device, horrible app 1/5

    By Instant Pothead
    Scrolling through recipes is a chore. Too often I accidentally “select” a recipe when I’m actually searching. When you go “back” from the selection you start at the beginning of the recipe list. Recipe selection seems extremely limited. All too often I find a recipe on FB or online for the IP. When I search the same recipe in the app, it’s not even an entry.
  • Cannot get to items on menu (ie FAVORITES) 1/5

    By jktpho
    I have had this app for a few weeks but can never get to the recipes in MY FAVORITES” list. It just continues to go to main screen. After closing/opening app or clicking on My Favorites 20 or so times, I may get to my list. This app needs some serious bug fixes.
  • Looking forward to improvements 2/5

    By GreenRibbonWarrior
    • Reduce sensitivity so that when we try to swipe up, down, left, or right it doesn’t open whatever recipe we happened to be near. • Improve search features. If I’m searching for pot roast, I don’t need a recipe for quinoa.
  • Don’t download this app! Fix the issues 1/5

    By ace5391
    I literally can’t scroll through the recipe lists or anything without clicking on something that I didn’t click on. Y’all really need to fix these issues. Granite the app is convenient for notifications, and notifications only, when your stuff is done, but it’s not really needed. I also see that a lot of other people agree as well, so the fact that the issues haven’t been fix is disappointing.
  • Cannot see all recipes 1/5

    By 12199wcr
    Downloaded the app on my iPad. When a category is selected (I.e., chicken), I can only see about 40 recipes when I scroll down. If in alphabetical order, can’t get to any past those that start with the letter C. Disappointing.
  • shockingly inaccessible 1/5

    By MelodicK96
    I am genuinely shocked and upset by this app. I specifically purchased my instant pot because I have had friends talk about not only how amazing it is, but how accessible it is through the application. I have seen one of my friends use the Bluetooth one with his phone, and he loves it! This app however, is a completely different story. I can’t even click on one single thing with voiceover, and when I specifically bought the Instant pot Wi-Fi version because of the accessibility features, it’s incredibly upsetting to see that they weren’t even a consideration when they have been in the past. I even went through the set up process before ordering the product itself so that I could make sure this would work fine. And it did, until after I ordered my instant pot and completed the set up process, at which point this became unusable. Please, please, please, please, please, fix your app!!! I would hate to have to return my purchase, but I can’t justify keeping it at this point. I would have NEVER bought the instant pot if I had known the app was going to be like this.
  • Horrible WiFi setup 1/5

    By uhe6hf
    Spent 30 mins trying to set this up. Even after multiple reset, WiFi resets. Horrible out of the box user experience. Very disappointed on a simple app. Still does not recognize/ pair with the app. Reinstalling for one more try before it goes back
  • Awful-they share your info! 1/5

    By A-cooker
    I naively signed up for this app with out thinking about their 3rd party information sharing. It took me a while, but I’m hindsight I now realize that all the spam emails I have been getting came from downloading this and approving the privacy policy. I am deleting this ASAP. Data mining stinks.
  • Horribly disappointing 1/5

    By Alfpv
    The worst app I’ve seen in years! Totally user-unfriendly, most recipes are not shown. Clearly the developers never tested it!
  • Hybrid apps are recipe for destruction 1/5

    By jaramillodeveloper
    This app is not a native iOS app, which is why it’s extremely difficult to navigate. The interface is super sensitive to any touches, making it impossible to navigate.
  • Voice over frustration 1/5

    By Ravenbeautyplus
    I Purchased this pot thinking I would be able to use it just like the advertisement says. however, to my great frustration this pot has been nothing but a headache! The app is totally not accessible to voiceover users no matter which version of iOS your phone or device is running! Please fix this so that we as the blind community can enjoy our Insta pot also
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By lifted_1
    Worst cooking I’ve ever seen. It’s just pictures of food no instructions. Better of doing an internet search for instant pot recipes. Chef Z
  • Only good for some recipes, connectivity is unreliable 2/5

    By SavvyAvyGuy
    Good luck getting this to actually connect to your phone. IPhone X sees the WiFi network from the Instapot but every time I try to connect app crashes. Happy with the Instapot, but this app is pretty useless considering I can google recipes
  • Lots of great recipes 5/5

    By johnstorm
    I’m not sure why this app is getting low ratings. The recipes are professionally presented and well-organized by ingredients, instructions, and comments. Searching is straight forward and works well. Each recipe has a comments area, which is full of useful info from others who have made the dish. No complaints here and you certainly can’t beat the price!
  • Can’t scroll without selecting something! 2/5

    By AxlCox
    Lots of recipes to browse. Unfortunately wherever you touch to scroll through a list you will select that item. Horrible development.
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By A.Scout
    App is infuriating. To add insult to injury I bought the more expensive pot hoping to take advantage of the wireless app. While I love the pot, I’m considering returning it and buying a regular model.
  • Bad app 2/5

    By Azballroomchampions
    I love the instant pot and I want to love the app. But I can’t get past the first few recipes without it glitching. It is extremely frustrating
  • Love grocery list feature 5/5

    By toothpix87
    I don't know why there is so much hate for this app on the reviews. This app is great. Find great recipes in the car on the way to the grocery store, put your ingredients in a list, what more do you want? Love the instant pot. Love the app.
  • Okay App 3/5

    By ColleenA9
    It says 750+ recipes, but I can only see a few in each category. For example in “Soups/Stews” it only shows a few at the beginning of the alphabet. I would like to be able to scroll through all recipes for ideas. What am I missing?
  • Hire a professional developer 1/5

    By DaveR1969
    The other reviews are spot on about the main usability issue with this app is that there is virtually no way to scroll around without opening other pages. This app looks and feels as though it was built by someone who had read “IOS Apps for Dummies” and, even at that, had skipped multiple chapters. Basic touch response on an application is really easy stuff. As it it is this is a uselss piece of junk that only serves to frustrate people. Additionally (I did manage to suffer through trying to use this app for a little while) the search functionality could be greatly improved by allowing the user to exclude items. That way I could filter out all the BS fad diets in there.

    By Aly777
    All this is is a way to get your email address so they can sell it to other companies and your email box gets chocked. I want recipes without a new account somewhere.
  • Great recipe app! 5/5

    By hollyb28
    Nice app with a lot of great recipes. I haven’t noticed any glitches. There are icons on the bottom of each recipe to toggle between the ingredients, instructions, and reviews. No need to scroll endlessly to read reviews or to find the cooking steps. Plus you can search by diet (Keto, vegetarian, etc.). Also, there is no required sign-up. There is an option to skip that step and to continue as a guest.
  • Instant pot 1/5

    By Sherosa
    I just got the app so may be unfair to review already but so frustrated. It requires you to make an account and sign in each time I have tried to open it to see a recipe and now not accept my password. Not sure why I have to sign in so often!
  • WiFi keeps disconnecting 1/5

    By JPW314
    This app is a huge disappointment to the instant pot brand. Mine connected the first time and now is always offline. Needs an update.
  • Not flexible 2/5

    By bitsytiger
    I wish this app had more basic information like settings for certain types of foods, instead of only recipes. Like I want to cook dried beans or cook a chuck roast and then make my own recipe. I wanted an app to help me use this new appliance, not an app with recipes.
  • Doesn’t work well with voiceover at all! 1/5

    By jdenning
    Just got an Insta pot. The Wi-Fi model. I was looking forward to being up to use it with voiceover as I’m blind. The app is horrible. Very very poorly written app. The developer should be ashamed. It locks up it doesn’t speak everything the interface is cluttered. Please totally redo this app and make it VoiceOver compatible. Apple accessibility I’m sure I can give you some guidelines.
  • Won’t dual connect 3/5

    By Lauraloo234
    I am not able to connect to my Instapot AND my internet at the same time. If I connect to my instapot it kicks me off the internet. I still love it because it is an instapot but am disappointed in the app:/
  • App poorly designed 1/5

    By WeedRunner
    After asking me which of about a dozen models I had, the app immediately offered up recipes that require a blender. NOT my answer. Bad taste in my mouth (pun intended) after that.
  • Great product, great app 5/5

    By Michael Freakin' Jackson
    Easy to set up, easy to use. No bugs/glitches. I expected problems when I was away and running it...not a problem. The only negative is that my wife can’t take over and control since it can connect to only one iOS device at a time. SHE DOES NOT LIKE LOSING
  • Scrolling issues 1/5

    By Txlonghrn4life
    Every time I try to scroll, a recipe is selected
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By missmsgirl
    App is bulky, does not respond well to taps and swipes, and does not have many recipes
  • Pretty Disappointing App 1/5

    By RadarX
    Repeatedly unable to sync with my Smart Wifi pot making this app pretty unusable. Device connnects but it wouldn’t complete once I switched back to my WiFi.
  • Does not connect. 1/5

    By Anynameisfine
    Received the smart WiFi model for Christmas and the app won’t connect to it. Have tried 4 different WiFi networks and get the technical difficulties msg on each one.
  • No recipes 1/5

    By LA grl in Japan
    Don’t bother with the app. There are no recipes. Just titles of dishes, a photo, and very brief list of what’s in it and that’s it. No ingredient lists for a recipe, no prep instructions and no instant pot instructions. Just a sales funnel to by cookbooks, but no actual recipes. Useless.
  • App extremely difficult to use with VoiceOver 1/5

    By PaisleypoppinsA superb app
    As a VoiceOver user: I open the menu a sighted person can see that it is open, but VO loses focus and reads the previous screen, giving a blind user the impression that it did not open. On 1/5 I contacted Apple; the tech support rep sent an explanation of the problem to you via the Help section of the app. I look forward to an update that has fixed these problems, as it is difficult for a blind person to use the app without sighted assistance. Once repaired, I will be happy to rate the app with five stars. Sandy Finley
  • Pure frustration 1/5

    By newtoinstantpot
    This is probably the worst experience I’ve had with an app. When you try to scroll down the page, it always clicks into a recipe instead of scrolling down. This has never happened to me before on another app.
  • Says cannot connect due to “technical issues” 1/5

    By Ser2783
    Other reviews say same thing happened. Gives no options to troubleshoot.
  • Great for quick access to recipes in one place 5/5

    By BibleNerdGirl22
    I am really not sure why this app has so many negative reviews. I like it! It is simple. As suggested by one of the previous reviews, you can skip signing in by pressing “skip.” I found the app easy to navigate and like the way the recipes are set up on different tabs since the recipes seem more concise that way.
  • Is it me? 1/5

    By D L H
    Is it just me but it seems this app is too sensitive meaning as I’m navigating through it whatever I hit pops up. This is really annoying 😡
  • Difficult GUI 3/5

    By michanne
    You can barely scroll without clicking on a recipe which then has to load before you can go back. I’ll check back when there is an update.
  • Not synch with app 1/5

    By Veerakvs
    Keep getting the synch screen and failing in iPhone Xs
  • Garbage 1/5

    By AshevilleNCuser
    All the negative reviews are correct. This app is unusable. Scrolling through recipe selections (especially left-right scrolling) always results in unwanted recipes opening up. Also, tons of recipes are for the Ace Blender instead of the Instant Pot (?!?!) Kept this app about 10 minutes, then deleted it. What a joke.

Instant Pot app comments

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