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  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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The place for nutritious, healthy and tasty Instant Pot® recipes contributed from our partners, as well as, our authorized and recommended cookbooks, product information, getting started, and helpful tips. Additionally, be the first to learn what’s new at Instant Pot!

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  • Given times don’t add up 2/5

    By Crap App 15289432
    Seems like a lot of the cooking times on the summary page don’t add up to the times given in the detailed cooking page. Like the summary may say it takes 30 minutes to cook but the instructions say do xyz and cook for 10 minutes and then add abc and cook for 10 more minutes then remove. But that’s only 20 minutes so what happened to the extra 10 minutes? So it doesn’t give me a good feeling like I can trust the recipe.

    By ##drysnail
    This app has so much potential if only you would fix the issues already mentioned. READ YOUR REVIEWS AND FIX.
  • Really I like it but... 3/5

    By Baioytczdtgsrgcxchgcdh
    Honestly I do like this app it’s helpful. Yet it’d be better if there were more recipes and the sensitivity toned down a tad bit. Otherwise it’s wonderful.
  • Recipe issue...still 1/5

    By MistyLK
    Trying to access recipes and it stops after a few letters. Sent info to the customer service and was told to delete and reinstall. Did that and still the same problem. Not sure why they can’t fix this but it is super disappointing that you can only access a few recipes. Customer service acted like it was a new issue, but there are a bunch of reviews with this issue. Could be a great app... if only it worked. 🙁
  • Good Collection of Recipes, but Links in App Don’t Work 3/5

    By Nony068
    The only link in the app’s Help menu that works is “About”, and even there the link to doesn’t work! App Version 2.1.2 iPhone 6s iOS version 12.2
  • Unable to see any recipe passed page 1 2/5

    By Emilyc12218671
    I really want this app to work, there’s huge potential and I don’t want to miss a recipe that might be super tasty just because I can’t see passed page one. I tried to bookmark, hoping that would help but I still have the same issue. I hope the app gets updated, I really want to try it all. Just doesn’t help when there’s more after letter C and I can’t access it.

    By kgradstu
    I like the recipes but the scrolling needs to be fixed! I am always accidentally clicking a recipe when trying to scroll.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Anthony-Br
    Almost unusable. Recipe list doesn’t scroll without inadvertently selecting a recipe. The help section won’t open a single menu.
  • Wow, loving Instant Pot and the app so far! 5/5

    By senordb
    Love the app, especially the grocery list ability and how it splits things up by recipe! Made chili last night and it was GREAT! Yogurt didn’t turn out, but I’m sure I did something wrong. Ha. Trying Scotch Eggs and Crete Brûlée tonight!! BUG IN iOS APP: In the HELP screen, the only menu option that works is the “About” link. All other options do nothing at all. I’m on iPad Pro 12.9” with latest OS.
  • All recipes stop at letter c 1/5

    By Freckles333
    Please fix
  • App hard to use 2/5

    By Gwynn Williams
    It is impossible to scroll through the recipes without one of them popping open!!
  • Not usable with voiceover 1/5

    By brh2
    Unlike it’s Bluetooth predecessor, this version does not work with voiceover and is unusable by the blind or visually impaired. Please fix! This could be a very useful product if the effort was made to fix this problem.
  • Something is wrong with this ap!! 1/5

    By Suzbee2
    I loaded this ap on my ipad and found the same problem that others have mentioned re: scrolling the recipes. It stops at “C”. Why haven’t you responded to this issue? Is there something we all need to know, ...are you fixing it? It could be an awesome ap!
  • YouTube Recipes NOT on App 2/5

    By 4WordGirl
    I just bought my Instant Pot this weekend. My daughter is home sick. She wanted to snuggle up & spend time with me. One of the things we like to do is plan our menu for the week. Since we got an Instant Pot we decided to watch the company’s YouTube channel to get recipes & get an idea of how to use it. We made a LONG list of recipes to try. At the end of every video there is a message: For complete recipe download, the Instant Pot App. I downloaded the app. Opened it up. Typed in the recipe I was looking for in the search bar. The recipe WAS NOT FOUND. Tried to find the recipe by main ingredient (egg, ramen, carrot)- NOT ON THE LIST. I tried scanning the code... TOOK ME TO THE APP! If I had known that the company’s YouTube channel WAS NOT IN SYNC WITH THE APP I would not have watched videos! Such a waste of my time Ironically Instant Pot’s BIGGEST marketing point is that it saves time. NOT IF YOU USE THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! If you use YouTube DO NOT USE THE APP! HUGE WASTE of time!
  • Using it both iPad and Mac Book 5/5

    By Lady of Nokomis
    I am actually crossing over to both iPad and Mac Book. I am very pleased with it. This is the first time rating a meal I have made. Very simple to use. iPad allows me to rate and make notes (very cool).
  • Needs updated 1/5

    By Star8504
    Just downloaded the app and it will not let me add my device, only lets you select the smart version. The help screen will not let you select anything on that screen. Please fix!!
  • Can’t Read Others Reviews??? 3/5

    By peaceoflight
    I’d really like to read reviews on recipes, but regardless of whether I touch the stars or the number of reviews, it takes me to a place to write my own review instead of showing others!
  • Doesn’t fit XR 3/5

    By Boris112
    The icons on the bottom of the screen don’t fit on the XR screen. However app is decent receipe wise.
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By CES2934
    Too hard to scroll without opening everything you touch
  • Potential! 3/5

    By TheleonenConnoisseur
    The app work perfectly fine for me. I have no bugs or glitches. My only issue is the lack of recipes but I love the fact that there are multiple cuisine categories to cover almost every culture. Ad more recipes and this app will be great!
  • Flawed 1/5

    By JJJohnn
    This app is impossible to scroll through without accidentally selecting a recipe. Horrible. Also, why can’t I make recipe adjustments or add my own recipe. Considering this is coming from the leading brand of pressure cookers, I’m disappointed.
  • Useable App but does need updates 3/5

    By KelleyO70
    I really like the app! I searched for keto and got a bunch of recipes. Some with picture and nutritional info (which is important to me). I don’t like the sensitivity like other folks are saying. Does cause me to grit my teeth! But I learned if I lightly press my finger to the screen and keep it there while swiping up, recipes won’t erroneously open. Wish the grocery list would populate from the items I check in the recipes. Love the ability to print. Wish there was the ability to set the servings size. I have the mini pot (3 qt) and I have to change the serving size for every recipe I want to make. Would be nice to be able to have a profile picture. Full breakfast recipe list still not available. Stops at “H”; poultry dishes stop at “C”, etc. this app boasted over 1,000 recipes and me thinks that’s false advertising. Maybe there are 500 recipes online? I’ll have to check. I like it. Has kinks, but served my purpose.
  • Fix the scroll 2/5

    By Helo80
    When using the recipe categories, the scroll only goes so far and there is no button or way to see further. For example- breakfast. When using search by title- scroll only goes to H. Desserts- it only goes to C. Looks like it could be a great app, but that is a major problem. Disappointed.
  • Amazing App!! 5/5

    By The Trapp's
    I have the basic 6 quart IP. With two kids under two and only a short amount of time to make dinner, my IP has brought me so much joy lol. Now I don’t have to stress about dinner ever again. Okay, on to the app. I LOVE THIS APP! It has tons of recipes all in one place AND it has recipes that I will actually make! Most IP cook books are too fancy for us. Thank you Instant Pot for your amazing pressure cooker and app! My family and I love you ♥️
  • Please fix the scroll! 1/5

    By InstantJim
    When trying to scroll with even the lightest touch you will invariably click and open recipes that you didn’t intend too. Way too frustrating. Won’t use again until this issue is fixed.
  • Good looking and doesn’t work 1/5

    By ilikechocolate123
    When scrolling through the recipes in a category it ends early. For example for stews and broths it ends at the letter “C”. This bug limits the app’s usefulness. It is present in at least the last two versions.
  • Still crap 1/5

    By kdlsll
    For any recipe category, the app only shows about 40 recipes. Clearly there are recipes in the breakfast category that start with a letter beyond “h” in the alphabet.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Meebee116918272
    Don’t even bother downloading ...
  • Terrible recipes 1/5

    By ttallp
    Highly disappointed in the recipes. I really do not see any one pot recipes. I would like to take everything and throw it in one pot like a crockpot. A lot of these recipes call for cooking something on the stove or waiting to put something else in a half an hour later.
  • Instant Pot 3/5

    By D. Hill
    The Instant Pot companion application seems a solid guide to get users started in using the Pot with directions to match your model to the various manufactured, then testing its competency, then taking you to the main interface where you can create an account and manage your information regarding recipes, favorites, etc.
  • Limited functionality 2/5

    By Kalamityb
    We love the Instant Pot product. We spent the extra $$ for the WiFi feature. The app provides very little value. There is no opportunity to control the Instant Pot. Might as well just look at the display on the unit.
  • Way to complicated to connect 1/5

    By msdsrs
    Very complicated to connect. I stopped. I need a password and a secret code and a pot name and then still have multiple steps to connect. Basically. Just keep it simple.
  • Not worth the time it takes to download 1/5

    By rhsmkh
    Agree with everyone else who says this app is trash! It conflicts with the operation manual and that’s just for starters!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By agadog
    You have to be kidding me! I love my Instant Pot but this app is painful to use. The content is there but every time I try to scroll I open up a recipe. It’s almost unusable. This is an easy fix for the developers. The fact that it doesn’t seem to be a priority is disappointing. I’ll use Google until I see an update.
  • Favorites not working 3/5

    By Lindalebailey
    I have spent hours looking at recipes and saving the ones I want to try in Favorites. Today every time I click on favorites it goes back to the home menu. Please fix this.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Lindas2ndstar
    I love my instant pot, this app however is horrible. It’s glitchy and I don’t think some of the recipes have actually been tried. It’s disappointing.
  • Very flawed app 2/5

    By Toyzruskid1976
    The recipe section is nice (but should be monitored as it appears anyone can half hazardly have a recipe posted) The support & onboarding side is awful. Most of the links don’t work including the one to register the product or the ones for customer support. Hopefully the company that works on the app isn’t the same one that works on the product (specifically the QA aspect).
  • Great device, horrible app 1/5

    By Instant Pothead
    Scrolling through recipes is a chore. Too often I accidentally “select” a recipe when I’m actually searching. When you go “back” from the selection you start at the beginning of the recipe list. Recipe selection seems extremely limited. All too often I find a recipe on FB or online for the IP. When I search the same recipe in the app, it’s not even an entry.
  • Cannot get to items on menu (ie FAVORITES) 1/5

    By jktpho
    I have had this app for a few weeks but can never get to the recipes in MY FAVORITES” list. It just continues to go to main screen. After closing/opening app or clicking on My Favorites 20 or so times, I may get to my list. This app needs some serious bug fixes.
  • Looking forward to improvements 2/5

    By GreenRibbonWarrior
    • Reduce sensitivity so that when we try to swipe up, down, left, or right it doesn’t open whatever recipe we happened to be near. • Improve search features. If I’m searching for pot roast, I don’t need a recipe for quinoa.
  • Don’t download this app! Fix the issues 1/5

    By ace5391
    I literally can’t scroll through the recipe lists or anything without clicking on something that I didn’t click on. Y’all really need to fix these issues. Granite the app is convenient for notifications, and notifications only, when your stuff is done, but it’s not really needed. I also see that a lot of other people agree as well, so the fact that the issues haven’t been fix is disappointing.
  • Cannot see all recipes 1/5

    By 12199wcr
    Downloaded the app on my iPad. When a category is selected (I.e., chicken), I can only see about 40 recipes when I scroll down. If in alphabetical order, can’t get to any past those that start with the letter C. Disappointing.
  • shockingly inaccessible 1/5

    By MelodicK96
    I am genuinely shocked and upset by this app. I specifically purchased my instant pot because I have had friends talk about not only how amazing it is, but how accessible it is through the application. I have seen one of my friends use the Bluetooth one with his phone, and he loves it! This app however, is a completely different story. I can’t even click on one single thing with voiceover, and when I specifically bought the Instant pot Wi-Fi version because of the accessibility features, it’s incredibly upsetting to see that they weren’t even a consideration when they have been in the past. I even went through the set up process before ordering the product itself so that I could make sure this would work fine. And it did, until after I ordered my instant pot and completed the set up process, at which point this became unusable. Please, please, please, please, please, fix your app!!! I would hate to have to return my purchase, but I can’t justify keeping it at this point. I would have NEVER bought the instant pot if I had known the app was going to be like this.
  • Horrible WiFi setup 1/5

    By uhe6hf
    Spent 30 mins trying to set this up. Even after multiple reset, WiFi resets. Horrible out of the box user experience. Very disappointed on a simple app. Still does not recognize/ pair with the app. Reinstalling for one more try before it goes back
  • Awful-they share your info! 1/5

    By A-cooker
    I naively signed up for this app with out thinking about their 3rd party information sharing. It took me a while, but I’m hindsight I now realize that all the spam emails I have been getting came from downloading this and approving the privacy policy. I am deleting this ASAP. Data mining stinks.
  • Horribly disappointing 1/5

    By Alfpv
    The worst app I’ve seen in years! Totally user-unfriendly, most recipes are not shown. Clearly the developers never tested it!
  • Hybrid apps are recipe for destruction 1/5

    By jaramillodeveloper
    This app is not a native iOS app, which is why it’s extremely difficult to navigate. The interface is super sensitive to any touches, making it impossible to navigate.
  • Voice over frustration 1/5

    By Ravenbeautyplus
    I Purchased this pot thinking I would be able to use it just like the advertisement says. however, to my great frustration this pot has been nothing but a headache! The app is totally not accessible to voiceover users no matter which version of iOS your phone or device is running! Please fix this so that we as the blind community can enjoy our Insta pot also
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By lifted_1
    Worst cooking I’ve ever seen. It’s just pictures of food no instructions. Better of doing an internet search for instant pot recipes. Chef Z

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