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Instant Pot App

Welcome to the official Instant Pot® app – your home for fast, delicious and easy recipes for the growing Instant Family of appliances from Pressure Cookers to Air Fryers and Blenders. * If you're looking for connectivity features for your Instant Pot Smart WiFi device, search the App Store for "Remote Control for Smart WiFi". This app does not provide any connectivity features, including Alexa or Google Assistant. The Instant Pot recipe app makes it easy to search recipes, save favorites, make notes and even create grocery lists so you can get to the fun part - cooking tasty meals! Features: - Instantly access our ever-growing database of nearly 1,000 recipes for the Instant Pot, Instant Vortex Air Fryers, Instant Omni Toaster Ovens, and Instant Ace Blenders - Learn useful tips and tricks – whether you’re an Instant Pot newbie who’s just getting started, or an Instant Pot pro, looking to test your skills in the kitchen. - Discover how to make the most of your Instant Pot. When should I use preset functions? When should I use natural or quick pressure release? What is sous vide? Find answers to those questions and many more. - Get inspired! Try new cuisines like Mediterranean, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Latin and more. - Find easy recipes that fit your diet and lifestyle. We’ve got plenty of ideas, for our paleo, keto, diabetic, vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free friends! - Learn new ways to cook popular foods like eggs, rice, and chicken or try your hand at something a little sweeter - like baking cheesecakes, brownies and cobblers. Cook faster, easier, healthier and tastier meals with the Instant Pot and the Instant family of appliances!

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Instant Pot app reviews

  • Not enough recipes 3/5

    By AO_art
    Very limited amount of receipts. Doesn't even include all the recipes off the website... what’s the logic in that? No point in having this app.
  • Great product, awful explanations 2/5

    By evanseesred
    Let’s get this out of the way. The product is great. But the learning curve is steep, and the entire process of learning it will drive you nuts. Let’s start with what they called simple rice. First off, the product comes with a handy cheat sheet with different foods and their associated cook times. Cool! Next time white rice? 2 minutes. Open the app and go to rice. The cook time is 22 minutes. Weird huh? Okay let’s move past that. After you’ve rinsed the rice as instructed, it tells you to put the water in the pot (never does it say to put the rice in but let’s forgive that). Next, the app has a helpful timer to start cooking right in the app. Nice! So you start that. Despite the instructions saying the rice function on the physical IP will detect the amount and auto select the cooking time. So you start the 12 minute timer in the app... 10 minutes later, you realize, the IP has just started it’s OWN timer. But it needed 10 minutes to heat up or something? Nowhere is this explained. But now, you have the app timer nearly finished and the IP one is just getting started. I’m sure these discrepancies are something a more experienced chef would have no problem deciphering, but if you are new to IP, you will surely find this confusing. Good luck!
  • My new OMNI Plus 26 1/5

    By JLCIUDisney
    I was looking for recipes and how to do for my Instant Pot OMNI Plus 26 unit.
  • Love the pot don’t like the app 1/5

    By dashoh1
    I love my instapot but not impressed with this app. Limited recipes and hard to navigate. Seems like keep getting shown same recipes no matter what search word(s) I use. Not worth the space
  • Not happy 1/5

    By FffFfUGH
    I am that Pearson who likes to go thru a recipe book. I do not like having to go on my phone to look up a recipe I will not recommend this brand to anyone I received this item as a gift. This insta fryer will sit on my shelf in the garage. Wish I had a recipe book 😡😡😡😡
  • Just a few 3/5

    By Tlbuddner
    Not a lot of recipes.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Nana 1997
    Tastes great, fork tender!
  • Don’t want comment notifications. 2/5

    By Bryan Cee
    The app seems decent. I’d like to turn notifications on for the timer, but there needs to be a way to turn off notifications for comments. I don’t need to see comments on every recipe in my “favorites.”
  • What about support for Duo Crisp air fryer? 4/5

    By Mom2Mel
    This app doesn’t seem to include recipes that use the duo crisp - it would be great to see recipes that use the pressure cooker plus the air fryer.
  • Where’s the Aura Pro in app??!!! 2/5

    By Hatescommercials
    This would be a better product if there were more options to teach you how to use the Aura Pro. Wasted money!
  • Lots of recipes to choose from 4/5

    By bstuderrn
    I’ve only made three different recipes: hard-boiled eggs, minestrone soup, and Irish soda bread. The only recipe that didn’t work as written was the hard-boiled eggs! Weird... I’ve enjoyed the results with the other recipes. Looking forward to trying some others out.
  • Would be perfect with a sort function 4/5

    By buBbaSkeeNs1974
    The ability to sort/go to a random recipe would make this app perfect!
  • Butternut squash bisque 5/5

    By Mrcalancraig
    Delicious! Best butternut recipe on the planet.
  • Does not support Instant Omni Plus 1/5

    By Coltopian
    Neither their website or app support their Instant Omni Plus.
  • Edit feature does not work, poor search capability 1/5

    By NYwannabe
    After installing, reinstalling, signing up, logging in...all the things. The recipes continue to be unscaleable and uneditable! Also when searching for ‘chicken’ I get results for ‘shrimp’. Fix the bugs and I’ll reinstall the app.
  • Nice App but needs improvement. 4/5

    By Donnak407
    I really like this app but there is a problem for us who use VoiceOver screenreader on the iPhone. In order to search for recipes, we must hold our finger on the search field and turn voiceover off and tap to get the search field to work before turning voiceover back on so that we can do searches.
  • Easy cooking 5/5

    By Alytn
    I love the time saved by using my instant pot. The recipes on the app are also great.
  • Don’t Listen to the cook times. It’s now 75% of the time way overcooked and ruined a couple meals! 1/5

    By hbodoesntwork
    Don’t listen to recipe cook times!! Overcooks everything...
  • Love the simplicity 5/5

    By tara prana
    Super easy and the recipes also have a timer! How cool is that!?
  • Marybeth smiles 5/5

    By Marybeth smiles
    Very, very good and so easy
  • Instant pot 1/5

    By you are cowards
    This used to be a really great app. Then you “ updated” ruined it.Go back to the first version.
  • All American Pot Roast 5/5

    By Donna Doobie
    Excellent amd easy
  • Need an app for the latest models 1/5

    By V1c$ter
    Vague recipes with ZERO instructions for the newer models that have more options. One would think the app would be updated when the new product was available. Not so. You’ll have to spend $40 for a cookbook or watch the YouTube videos. Great appliance HORRIBLE app.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Sriley231
    Just started using the Instant Pot. Two great results using the recipe app. Easy to follow instructions. Love the timer feature.
  • Great cooking vessel 5/5

    By FOOD FX
    Easy to master. Just follow the recipe directions.
  • Pot roast with potatoes and carrots 5/5

    By j Jennifer
    My first time ever to use any instant pot. The recipe was easy to follow. I really enjoyed using this and do plan on using it more. Making supper a meal after work is going to be a lot easier now that I have this.
  • Excellent discovery 5/5

    By onethatisntaken
    I’m so glad, happy, to have discovered Instant Pot It’s app reinforced that feeling! From product use support to recipes, I found a true quality ... investment.
  • It is a good app 4/5

    By 384951
    This app really kicks off the information needed , to help with recipes for the beginner and mid-advanced cook ! Really straightforward step-by-step information through recipes provided .
  • Love my new Instantpot 5/5

    By Aka Doe
    This cuts down my cook time by more than half, and the free app has all kinds of yummy recipes. I think I’m going to enjoy cooking a lot more 😊♥️
  • Rice 5/5

    By Bellasmomdebbe
    Great information
  • Chocolate Yogurt 5/5

    By lhorsegirlrn
    Great yogurt, full fat very healthful. I added 1/2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin to give a quark consistency, not runny, no need to freeze the yogurt. After 8 hours in refrigerator, Ready to enjoy!
  • Split pea soup 5/5

    By Sal51Gal
    I used some good ham and increased the veggies. I will post my recipe ! The timing on this is perfect!
  • Pork Ranch chops in Insta pot 5/5

    By Sharp Tack
    Quick and Easy
  • Instant pot 5/5

    By Savings4me
    Amazing invention
  • Very useful 5/5

    By CrestieK10
    The instant pot is not Intuitive. This app is a lifesaver.
  • IP Bar B Q Ribs 5/5

    By JarazHem
    Very very good. Didn’t have Bone broth so I used Beef broth. 50 min. High pressure. Meat fell of the bone. For 2 1/2 # rack I used the recipe for serving of 4.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By MimiOB5
    Love this app! So easy to follow as they give you step by step instructions - with a TIMER!! 😬
  • Nice to have an app but... 2/5

    By VirtualAwrenCe
    It’s good to have an app to teach us how to use our instant pot better, but this doesn’t cut it. My model, the duo crisp isn’t accounted for in the recipes and there is no section for tips and tricks on using it well. The Busiest feature is the debate about the efficacy of the hard boiled eggs recipe which is incredibly noisy and I can’t seem to figure out how to unsubscribe from it (or how I even got subscribed to it in the first place).
  • Oh my goodness! 5/5

    By KatMilli
    This is everything it’s cracked up to be. I love this appliance.
  • Poorly organized and predatory 1/5

    By taggalog
    You need to make an account why? How do you tell real recipes from random user ones? Why is the list of top recipes so limited? Why can’t you search by ingredients? The main reason to enable notifications is so I can be alerted about conversations taking place on user recipes??? What a mess.
  • Hard boiled eggs 5/5

    By YuriLauren
    There was never an easier fool proof method to making perfect hard boiled eggs that peel effortlessly than by using the 5-5-5 method in your Instant Pot! I will NEVER use any other method except this one! I peeled a dozen eggs in about 2-3 minutes! The yolks are so yellow and no longer are over-cooked which produces that green ring around egg yolks.
  • Love how the ingredients adjust for the number of people 5/5

    By ColeenC
    I’m really impressed with this app. The recipes can be adjusted for the number of people and the ingredients automatically adjust for you. There is a built-in timer to use to make things easier. Recipes are clear and easy to follow. Nice job!
  • Works every time 5/5

    By Iphone6cam
    Works great
  • Could-be better 3/5

    By Sassyspanks
    More recipes and recipe instructions needed.
  • Would like to add notes 5/5

    By KC Idaho
    I typically add green beans, and your stew recipe does not include green beans. If there were a way to add notes once I designate to be a recipe a favorite, I would make a note to myself to include green beans.
  • Spicy & Sweet Acorn Squash 5/5

    By Sandy Oak
    It is the yin & yang of flavors and delicious with the almond flakes on top. Super easy to make!!!
  • Arroz blanco 5/5

    By Harm Fant
    Rápido y fácil de preparar
  • How did I live without this?? 5/5

    By Hpelftey
    My cooking time has been cut on half.... or less.... because the amount of dishes required is reduced! Simple. Efficient. Tasty. How did I ever love without this???
  • Split pea soup 5/5

    By Macnjune
    I’ve been cooking split pea soup as a family favorite for years. Normally an all day project. I followed the Insta pot recipe in my brand new cooker. In about an hour or so, according to my harshest critics (wife and kids) it was every bit as good as the memory could recall. Love it.