Instasize Photo Editor + Video

Instasize Photo Editor + Video

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.0.100
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Instasize Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Instasize Photo Editor + Video App

Instasize is the photo editor and video editing toolkit for creatives. Easily edit photos and videos with premium photo filters, picture borders, collage maker, retouch tools, format photo resizer and so much more. Share your photos and videos with #Instasize for a chance to be featured. FREE PHOTO EDITOR Instantly make your photos look better with our free photo filters. Enhance your image with editing tools including contrast, exposure, saturation, and clarity. Resize the photo to fit any social network like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat with our photo crop tool. FREE VIDEO EDITOR Quickly make shareable videos with our premium video filters and effects. Crop and export video for any format size including Instagram Stories, TikTok, and Snapchat. PHOTO BORDERS With over 100+ picture borders to frame a photo or video perfectly into any format. As the creators of borders and frames for Instagram we have everything you need, from the original white border to trending design patterns. ADD TEXT TO PHOTO Over 20+ unique fonts to add the perfect message on your photos and videos. Choose any font, color, alignment, and border to put the perfect text on photo. COLLAGE MAKER Easily combine multiple photos with our easy to use free photo collage maker. Choose from hundreds of photo layouts, add backgrounds, and text - your creative potential is endless. PREMIUM Join Instasize Premium to unlock your creative potential. Access our complete photo filters library with over 130+ filters. From a retro vintage aesthetic to a natural look, get all the filters for photos you need to create. Use precise editing tools including whiten, tan, acne remover, and more to touch up and enhance your images. New premium tools added every month. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS Instasize Premium will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: Privacy Policy:

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Instasize Photo Editor + Video app reviews

  • Great app turned bad 1/5

    By stupidashyshid
    I’ve used this app for years now to resize pictures and it’s supposedly still free yet I can’t even get started without getting a subscription for premium. No I’m definitely not gonna pay $30 because I’m not an influencer and I don’t post twelve times a day! So ridiculous 🙄
  • Trickster app 1/5

    By Lostsurvivor815
    This app makes you think it’s going to be free, but once you download it, you have to pay 30 dollars for premium or else you can’t open the app. That’s shady as heck.
  • Subscription only? 1/5

    By EncryptedKitty101
    There’s no way to bypass the premium 3 day free trial when you first download the app. Talk about a scummy way to screw people, knowing they won’t unsubscribe before the trial ends.
  • Now charging for free trials/subscription not worth it 1/5

    By shhenenskananskwkq
    Wow it’s crazy how now they want to charge to use the app. No thank you, I’ve been using it for free, now I’ll just find another app
  • Won't let me on free version 3/5

    By keiraealecca
    I love this app! But I recently accidentally deleted and when I installed it, it is making me pay the 29.99 and won't let me just use the free version. Can you guys help?
  • issues with crashing 4/5

    By Jlynn925
    my favorite editing app won’t let me complete my edits without crashing ):
  • unable to use 1/5

    By all fac
    cant get past surbscription ad
  • Shoving their premium in my face. 1/5

    By allison paige<3
    About to delete this app after years of use for constantly shoving their premium features in my face. I can CROP a photo without being redirected and trapped on their ad page. So disappointed. It’s become so frustrating to use don’t bother
  • Made me pay for premium! 1/5

    By Yeidjfyr
    App gives you no choice to pick the free version! Tell you to tap on the free trial and then makes you pay! I WANT MY MONEY BACK
  • Update 1/5

    By chico zold
    The last update very bad
  • SCAM APP! 1/5

    By caseyybabyy98
    This app tricks you into purchasing things. BE CAREFUL.
  • Can’t even use it. 1/5

    By jaredtorman
    I downloaded because the aesthetic and design looked great, but I when I open the app there’s no option to proceed without subscribing to premium. Dumb.
  • You’re forced to pay $30 a month 1/5

    By redneckokiebarbie
    What a waste of one of my most beloved apps but there’s no way in gods green earth am I paying $30/month for this 🤣 goodbye
  • Help? 1/5

    By <👹-hey man
    I just install the app and I can’t get past the page that asks me if I want to buy premium.
  • How is this a free app and now I have to subscribe without even using free features 1/5

    By Megggcee
    I wish I could give this zero stars
  • Using for 4 years now 5/5

    By LeeLee730
    My fave app :)
  • Worst. 1/5

    By 171717171771
    How was I supposed to have a 3 day trial and then charge me the full amount. I can’t even request a refund!!! I’ve been using this app on and off for years, and never had a problem.
  • Uiuu 5/5

    By carol marie otero
  • Disappointed 5/5

    By Katalina Negra
    I was so happy with this app being able to fit my pictures all free but now I have to have a subscription ? How wack !!! I wish we had a NO STAR RATE cause that’s what I’ll be giving . SMH.
  • No free version? 1/5

    By kcbgolightly
    When I download the app and go to open, I can’t get to any of the functionality without first signing up for a free trial of the premium version. Super annoying.

    Great for slight editing ig posts. Love the tools available. My issue is THE APP CONSTANTLY CRASHES. I have to edit the same photo multiple times because it will crash within minutes of choosing a photo, or I have to get just a little bit done, save it before it crashes, and open it back to continue editing. It’s frustrating and I’m leaving this review after trying to edit the same picture for the third time.
  • Getting greedy! 1/5

    By Wwydcwitnow
    Been using Instasize for 7 years now. Now I see they’re watermarking them images and I have to pay to remove it! Ridiculous!
  • Unsubscribe 1/5

    By winnieunsubscribe
    They don’t let you unsubscribe. Continue to take your money even when you don’t use the app and they do nothing to help
  • Uh... what happened to the free version? 1/5

    By laurenposhmark
    What happened to the regular free version? I updated my app and now I only have the option to either start a 3 day trial or pay $30 for the subscription. No thanks.
  • WHAT A SCAM 1/5

    By Swam98
    Literally doesn’t work. You have to pay now. They said they fixed it but they lying
  • Can’t even use 1/5

    By Nicolemariiees
    Won’t even let me edit a photo. Automatically wants me to start a free trial. No thanks.
  • Just Annoying 1/5

    By smileforever6
    I used to use instasize all the time but I haven’t had it downloaded for a while. So I re-downloaded it. They have a new premium paid subscription that they “claim” is optional. Only as soon as you open the app you’re brick-walled by a screen asking if you’d like to start your free trial of the premium version with absolutely no option to say no, skip, or get into the actual app at all. Stuff like this is such a waste of my time.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By jess f kron
    I’ve used this app for years to resize my photos. The new feature that forces you to add a watermark (unless you pay up) is frankly lame. A watermark should denote some kind of ownership of the creative work. Resizing a photo is not unique or challenging and the watermark honestly ruins the app. I’ll be deleting this app and moving to a competitor until the watermark is removed.
  • Has been 1/5

    By Jxucudjhdhxc
    Loved this app until it started made me pay monthly without my consent lol
  • Less ads! 1/5

    By Spyderfli
    I loved this app until it started soliciting for upgrades every time I use it! I PAID FOR THIS APP! I’m not using the free version. LEAVE IT ALONE! UPDATE: I shouldn’t have to restore purchases every time I use this app to escape game ads & predatory prompts to go to a subscription. I paid! Fix it! UPDATE AGAIN: Now I can’t even use the app anymore! The functionality I PAID for is being compromised by constant solicitation to join the subscription plan. This is AWFUL!
  • Trick you into paying 3/5

    By allthingsappleandcarolina
    Used to love this app for simply resizing my photos so they would fit in the Poshmark app so I could sell used clothing. Now every time I use it it randomly throws an add up for its premium service which takes up my whole phone screen. If I click anywhere, the App Store asks me to confirm my purchase of the premium subscription. I can’t navigate back to using the free version of my app because I can’t click anywhere. I have to swipe up and completely close out of the app and start all over. Don’t offer a “free version” if that just means you’ll try to trick users into accidentally clicking too fast and committing to an expensive subscription.
  • Not liking the app much 1/5

    By mermaidsam32
    Used to like this app but now it’s nothing but ads and half the filters you have to pay for bring back the filters being free
  • Predatory Ads for Premium 1/5

    By annacarden
    This app is disappointing. When you try to save your pictures you’ve edited, a screen pops up trying to confirm payment for a premium subscription for this app. There are so many other apps that offer these same features for free without these predatory ad placements— don’t waste your time or money on this one. Edit: I got a developer response about the “X” button bug… that’s fine, but this problem was happening way before that bug. You still get a pop-up ad designed to make you accidentally click the payment button.
  • Stopped downloading photos? 3/5

    By Jessieisarobot
    I have loved this app for years but it has started dying every time I go to download a photo to use. The app just closes and doesn’t save any work I have done when I push the “save to my photos” button.
  • Used to be good. Just crashes now. 1/5

    By stormeyx
    Disappointing when an app doesn’t work and just continues to crash every time it’s opened. Will be uninstalling.
  • No longer free 1/5

    By Lopmiuyh
    I try to save photos with stuff but it asks me to subscribe. Not even an exit button. These greedy aholes!
  • Deleting 1/5

    By mrdemirov
    Now you can’t even exit the trial/ subscription prompt when saving.
  • Can’t even use since the update 1/5

    By Aba5814
    I use to LOVE this app. Perfect 10 when it came to sizing my pictures for all social media platforms. Since the update I can’t even use the free version without the “free” 3 day trial. Absolutely not doing it. I’ll figure something else out. Bring the old style back, PLEASE!!
  • App bricks itself 1/5

    By xGiBsOnRiSiNx
    the free version is made useless by the brazen and relentless pop ups trying to sell a $30 subscription that you can’t close. it works once in a blue moon. two stars because it is a good app, but only lets you use it when it likes (not often) edit: one star after rethinking how absurd the idea of paying a subscription for this sort of service is and how invasive the pop ups are. monetization strat needs to be rethought. i’d gladly pay a one time premium fee, as it’s well made. seems this app was once good, but is now coasting on popularity it once upon a time apparently earned.
  • Subscription model fail 1/5

    By Dajo McGee
    After years of using this app to crop photos the subscribe or die screen has blocked all use of this app. Adobe Lightroom and photoshop are only $9.99/mo. Together. And Instasize is $5/mo. Get real!
  • Pushes u to premium no way out 1/5

    By Ndnsksjdisiusjssu
  • Premium??? 1/5

    By Broookkkee ;)
    I don’t know why Instasize is trying to make me buy premium to use the app. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, there’s no reason to charge $30 a year for a picture editing app. I literally only use it to make my pictures full for instagram. Stupid and greedy.
  • Extremely disappointed 1/5

    By Vinnie nickname
    I used instasize for YEARS now… all of a sudden they make it required to have a watermark… this is extremely disappointing that they had to come to this. I am never going to be using this garbage again
  • Sad 1/5

    By Kit-Kat:goesthecat.
    man… now you HAVE to get a subscription to be able to use this app 😑😑😑 the whole reason why i liked this app so much was because it was free and it’s the best app to use for instagram.. but now i have to find another app.. call me cheap but i’m not trying to add another bill to the rest of mine 😬😬😬
  • I feel Scammed 1/5

    By BeanBog98
    When you first download the app, you get a “Free Trial” screen that has no easily accessible exit, it seems like it’s mandatory. I did this before and canceled before I was charged because I just needed the free version of the app. I downloaded this app again, again just needing the free version and again I couldn’t get past the free trial screen. I figured since they still advertised it to me, maybe I do get a free trial? Nope. Instead I was charged $40 with no other option given, despite there being a $5.99 weekly subscription option in the app store subscription settings.(The charge is advertised as $29.99 but those extra fees add you up to $39.98 with no other option) Make the free trial easy to get out of, give us a choice to skip it. I promise I waited to see an X pop up or just some way to skip it, it never came. I emailed asking for a refund, and I hope I get it.
  • Problem with free version 5/5

    By -/hf
    again, the free version forces you to purchase the pro trial version, preventing you from canceling this request when saving the images
  • Over priced 1/5

    By hair weave killa
    Used to be free now you can’t skip the premium payment section. Huge disappointment
  • Download a different app 1/5

    By laaaaauuurreeen
    Now they try to force their premium app on you so bad it made me delete the app altogether. I can’t even save an image without an in-exitable pop-up that tried to force you to get the premium version. The free version we all loved once is no more. Pro tip: download a different app.
  • Used to love it 4/5

    By fl4v5
    It was the best app and id totally be willing to watch ads to continue using the free version, or not having any filters or something since i only need the crop feature. However the last update put a huge ugly watermark on it… which is ok, you do what you gotta do, but watermarks are a big no no for the aesthetics of my pics. Thanks for the years of service though.