Instawork: Find Flexible Jobs

Instawork: Find Flexible Jobs

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Instawork: Find Flexible Jobs App

From catering and hospitality positions to warehouse associates and delivery drivers, you can easily browse and apply to hourly shifts that fit your schedule. Book your shifts, track time, and get paid quickly all through the app. The Instawork app helps you: - Increase your take-home pay with hourly shifts that fit your schedule. - Get paid quickly on a weekly basis - Have a flexible schedule and easily choose where you work and when - Connect with new businesses and other professionals - Learn and expand your skillset with each new gig - Increase your chances to get hired permanently by working with businesses in the area What you can get hired to do through Instawork: Warehouse / General Labor - Picking / Packing - Material handling - Lumping - Forklift Operation - Sanitation Culinary & Hospitality - Attendant - Bartender - Busser - Cashier - Concessions - Dishwasher - Event server - Line / prep cook - Runner - Event setup & teardown Instawork is currently in over 25 cities in the United States. Here’s what pros say about Instawork: “Instawork is an amazing opportunity. Make sure you are ready to work and gain skills to be a better employee in the world. Saved My Life.” - Myka Taylor (April 2021) “I absolutely love & appreciate this app & company. They are 100% legit & consistent. They have now become a part of my lively hood.” - Briana Beasley (April 2021) “It's a great so to find work with decent pay where you can start immediately and are guaranteed a job with no interview makes finding work easier than ever before.” - Ryan Stacey (April 2021) Got any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected] Connect with Instawork: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Blog - Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions -

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Instawork: Find Flexible Jobs app reviews

  • It’s Great! Be your own Boss! 2/5

    By Movie Addict 24/7 365
    First and foremost I love the fact that I can work on my time and not be chain and balled to only one company. As someone who has worked as an employee and tried the whole work my way up the corporate ladder Instawork has allowed me to make my money in my time and my way for my business I am running. The only downside to this is cancellations you make before a shift starts way before the 24hour deadline. If you cancel a shift well before the 24 hours you should not be punished or have all the rest of your shifts removed. It’s a little contradicting that if you cancel responsibly and they say a shift can be covered if posted 24 hours before a job is starting or requested then why can’t Instawork not punish or take the remainder of the shifts. There should be an option to cancel with no consequences if you cancel let’s say 24-48 hours before a shift starts, and the reason I say that is because I sometimes see a shift later on down the road that is either closer to me or even pays more but because I get punished I can’t cancel and book that gig cause it will hurt my rating. Other than that it works great and if they decide to update that policy I would greatly give 5 stars! Update 10/29/2021 it’s gotten worse : (would not recommend to a friend , as a matter of fact I’ve recommended two family members and never received my referral money) The customer service response is delayed and some of the representatives are rude, using words such as “refrain” from messaging us so many times when I never did all at once. I had gold for two weeks and immediately saw a decline in jobs after my gold profile was revoked for no reason at all. There payment system is out of date for example once your payment is processed it scares you by telling you it won’t be processed for another pay period or so. When asking to speak to a manager or someone live all I ever get is an automated response or a template that they use which is obvious and does not answer my questions.
  • Bad business 1/5

    By hebsvacafaujrhd
    Instawork failed to compensate for the shifts I’ve worked. They claimed I was paid for my time but I have proof that they did not due so. They will rather terminate your account than handle their business. I do not suggest you to depend on this app for an opportunity. They will take it away and act like nothing happen. Will be suing the company.
  • Great Jobs 5/5

    By MeAVLaraRam
    I have gotten some great jobs with incredible people. Of course, sometimes you get occasional workers/managers that aren’t very welcoming! However, you get different gigs and get to pick your own schedule & that outweighs the bad! You don’t have to go back to places you don’t like and you can even find a permanent, full time job if you they like you! Love this app!
  • Instawork GOLD 5/5

    By kwillzzz
    Instawork is seriously gold! One of the best gig platforms to have.
  • Utterly worthless app 1/5

    By Yobniser
    I did not find one second of work through this app. Everything has a waitlist. Any half decent jobs are already booked. Don’t waste your time with this app is utterly worthless. 🤕
  • Great app for work! Great customer service and employers! 5/5

    By sagalina mohamed
    I have heard so many good things and read so many great reviews about it as well and finally started using it! It’s pretty much a self explanatory, you work on you’re profile and make sure to build it up and add things like work experience, education and other skills that will help you get more gigs! It is overall a great way to make more money on you’re spare time and be able to gain more experience as well!
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By DaddyQuanB
    Doesn’t work well in regards to location services. They force you to select always on then cancel your shift saying it’s not on.

    By stopsaying its taking
    Nobody can help if you have an issue this app is just a huge scam to make you work for free DO NOT DOWNLOAD and definitely don’t not give your private info
  • Hmm 2/5

    By rivan 320
    Looking forward to workin with this company they seem reliable we’ll see be back for part 2! Definitely excited to work neigh your guys !
  • Great app 5/5

    By faycal chorfi
    If you’re looking to make some extra money, Instawork is definitely one of the best options out there, flexibility and the various gigs it offers helps you make you own schedule at your own pace.
  • Flexible job 5/5

    By BriannaLaraay
    Very flexible, you can work it around your job or do Instawork full time. Positive is if you don’t like the pay don’t work the shift. Insta work gives a detailed payout for your day with how much you make, hours you work and what you’ll receive. The app has help with extra spare money when needed.
  • Instawork app 5/5

    By C_M-G
    User-friendly with some good opportunities for gigs.
  • Instawork really works !! 5/5

    By Krenem91
    I love this app! Never have I been able to download an app and within that day to the next have a job that pays me! With this app I am my own boss and can use this app for part time work the community is just awesome too! Also tech/customer support is pretty fast and are good at communicating when you need help.
  • Love Instawork!! 5/5

    By tw2414
    Instawork is a great platform to work as much or as little as you like whenever you want. As a single mom I have really enjoyed being able to have the flexibility with my kids!
  • Fun app for jobs 5/5

    By robtalley22
    Instawork is a dope app if u are looking to work hard and fun job and make good and fast money. You are your own manager when it comes down to your schedule and showing up on time.
  • No support for workers 2/5

    By Supernatural6969
    As an instaworker I love what I do! The only problem is the support staff. If there is an issue they take days and days to reply… if they do. They used to have an actual number to call but now everything is on the app and no one relies: EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!
  • Wow 5/5

    By Bass Musa
    This is a amazing app! After one day of applying I seen results within 48hrs… I HIGHLY recommend!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Piel2
    They really good an we’ll task I love this app
  • Great 5/5

    By trippy.42
    I'm give this app 5 stars because it's really easy to figure out they don't have jobs in my area as of now but I really do like the layout of this app🙂🙂🙂
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By BarikaM25
    I love this app, I’m a college student so I wanted something flexible while still having my side hustles. I’m recommending everybody this app!
  • Great 5/5

    By caprislatsr
  • Quick work 3/5

    By Lady_Bk_Da_HxgG
    It’s a good app when you needing quick work especially with the pandemic. I would give them 4 ⭐️ but I’ve had a few issues when dealing with customer service as far as response times etc. Where I had to go a whole MONTH without being able to book. But overall the fact that it provides steady income is definitely a bonus.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tjclay
    Great app that lines up eager gig workers with employers. It’s a great way to make some extra income without all of the interviews and extra steps!
  • Very interesting 5/5

    By dhehisnagaha
    It’s a great resource for extra money
  • Good job 5/5

    By PreeA192004
    3 gigs in and I'm earning and meeting good people working hard for good pay.
  • Thanks for the opportunity 5/5

    By charito_gram
    As a mother we are always looking for the perfect job . A job that allow you to earn good money and freedom . Instawork has been a blessing for me and my family . I get to choose my schedule every week and take care of my son .! Thank you for creating this amazing app .!
  • Instawork is awesome! 5/5

    By 17kjacobs
    This is one of my main hustles and ways to make money. Work when you want, where you want, for as long as you want! Couldn’t ask for a better alternative to a full time job. Gigs go quick but that’s part of it. You will get more money than the actual employees of these companies that hire through Instawork. IT’S AWESOME!!!:)
  • Amazing and understanding company ! 5/5

    By @BookooFit
    Amazing flexibility and understanding company ! Definitely will spread the word that this is the best company to be working for if you needa adjustable schedule or super busy depending on whatever you need!
  • Instawork Private Contractor 5/5

    By BMW330iCa
    I’ve been working with Instawork as a professional private contractor. It’s a privileged and honor to represent the brand of the company who has provided exceptional work for me. Second to none, in any agency’s I’ve worked for. The pay is second to none unmatched in any other industries. If you want to live the America dreams like myself. You have to put in the work and hours to get to where you want in life. Nothing is giving to you in life. You must work hard for it and earn it yourself. C.Martine October 17,2021
  • Instawork is great 4/5

    I really have been enjoying Instawork hours at my job has been getting cut and Instawork is helping me stay on my feet
  • Awesome 5/5

    By hhhggfss
    I just recently started using this app but so far it is an amazing experience. It has great gigs and very easy to navigate.
  • Instawork User 5/5

    By penelopeturtle
    Great functions and easy to use. My
  • Works well could be more responsive 4/5

    By kayonher
    This app is very convenient! The only thing I'd say is they could be a bit more responsive. When you have an issue it isn't seen for sometimes over a week and it really leaves you in the unknown because there isn't anyone else that could help you. Otherwise it's a good app
  • Good Instawork 5/5

    By wully nkahako
    it is a simple and easy application that allows any quality worker to find a gigs in the week and earn a lot of money
  • App 5/5

    By razadhamir
    I am excited to use this app. It’s seems as though that I will be able to easily and quickly find employment.

    By Trudy789
  • No customer support 1/5

    By roolyf
    Good luck getting help with, well anything.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Dhdhshshanahua
    Good app for a side hustle and straight forward
  • Instawork 5/5

    By stpchik29
    I like that I can grab a shift and just do it when I can and what places I want to do it.
  • Instant Work 5/5

    By Sky198169
    Get paid after working your shift. It’s very convenient and there are always plenty of jobs near me no matter where I am at. It’s an excellent source if you need to make quick cash.
  • GET THIS APP!!!! 5/5

    By Steffayyyy
    This app is absolutely amazing. I thought I was hopeless because I lost my job a few months ago and had to pay bills & came across this app & honestly was speechless. Everyone was helpful, easy work and amazing pay. You get what you deserve!
  • Easy gateway for work 5/5

    By chaihater
    The whole platform is easy to use and makes finding work easy!
  • Great App/ Company 5/5

    By Harrison Garces
    Instawork has been great! I’ve had opportunities to work at high volume arenas, hotels, and venues that have been worth my time. Very grateful for the opportunity to work for and with Instawork!
  • Nice 5/5

    By jordyboz
    This is a great app for people that want to work on their own schedule.
  • Instawork 5/5

    By DanmanBaker
    What a great idea for gig work! This has been my first gig but I recommend to everyone!
  • Great App Highly recommended 5/5

    By C.T.H.1277
    I Love Instawork. I have made a lot of money with this app. I have accumulated more experience in different positions.
  • Very flexible, and rewarding gigs. 5 stars 🎉 5/5

    By AuraEvents
    This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for ANYTHING on Apple. And I have apps for literally everything. This one really was a game changer. I was down to about $20, couldn’t even afford a State ID & Instawork allowed me to work and get paid within ONE WEEK. It’s not a scam, it’s just a really new company that needs more workers to expand. Everything starts small and I’m so glad I downloaded InstaWork when I did. I learned so much about Event Planning and hope to have my own company one day.
  • An🤑Employment💰Dream Come True 5/5

    By lilcbigthings
    This app has been truly helpful financially for me. With my schedule, having a 4yr old, & being a single mom… it’s given me the opportunity to work when I can… pick my schedule, rate of pay and location of work! It’s a perfect fit for my life! Thank you Instawork for being a financial help to my life.
  • Opportunity 5/5

    By HoesiaMcFly
    Looking forward to working with businesses wherever they need. This app would definitely help you find new work opportunity.