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Into the Dim

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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Happymagenta UAB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Into the Dim App

Into the Dim is a mysterious RPG adventure of a boy and his dog. Explore tricky dungeons, think steps ahead and evolve traps. Solve puzzles, outwit and defeat enemies and uncover the town mystery! ○○○ "A clever little dungeon crawler, that plays a lot differently from other games in its class, has solid Game Boy visuals, and will really test you" - TouchArcade "I’m in love with the eccentric chiptune soundtrack, the visuals take me back to my childhood, and the game itself is rather challenging" - App Advice "It looks perfect, with its simple sprites and background all matched brilliantly to its retro-monochrome style" - Softonic "With a complete, classic audio and visual theme in check, Into The Dim’s gameplay is what I found to be most engaging" - Indie Game Magazine "It’s hard not to be impressed with the game’s monochrome visuals, especially if you grew up in the Game Boy video game era" - MobileSyrup "Charming roguelike RPG" - Pocket Gamer "Although it looks pretty cute, it's no walk in the park. Death is lurking around every corner down in the dim." - 148Apps "Has a nostalgic feel" - GameMob "A very interesting graphical style and solid gameplay experience" - TouchTapPlay ○○○ FEATURES - dungeons with secrets - tricky puzzles - various enemies - collectable treasures - universal (play on all your devices) ○○○ PLEASE NOTE: Into the Dim is completely free to play. All ads are opt-in only, no popups. In-app purchases are soft and not required, there is no paywall. However, Into the Dim is a hardcore game that challenges you to plan wisely and think strategically. You can purchase some items for real money or choose to watch ads to play it easier. ○○○ More from Happymagenta: · Spyglass - outdoor GPS with augmented reality · Scany - WiFi scanner and network utility

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Into the Dim app reviews

  • The game’s great 4/5

    By BradenSIsaac
    The gam is great but you have to buy more bullets with coins which cost a lot.
  • Fun, Challenging Game 5/5

    By Doge da doge
    I love this game and it is really fun. It is one of the most fun games I have played in a while. I really like how it almost has a gameboy retro feel and it feels like it is somewhat related to Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap. I definitely recommend this.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By kr3g
    Random crashes, and not fitting to the screen size of the XS Max make trying to find out how many hearts you have left a guessing game. Also, the dots are never explained. (...and I only knew I was not seeing health/hearts by seeing a screenshot on the store page.)
  • Decent 3/5

    By uber gamer 10
    Fun game, a little hard and is slightly pay to win. I’m glad you don’t have to pay for lives. What I mean is if you die, you can keep trying over and over again without “running out of lives” like some games. Love the art style.
  • Super strategic 5/5

    By 5iveyy
    Really fun
  • Great little game 5/5

    By rew for lads
    Really a fantastic game. Lots of love and respect to the devs <3. The art, animation, music, and gameplay all come together to make a really satisfying experience. I love the boy and his dog duo as well. This is a strategy and puzzle game with the spirit of an adventure rpg. The difficulty is spot on. I loved the enemy variety and the animations (esp the enemies disintegrating and the barrels exploding). The level progression and player character leveling system are also really well implemented. And the way each dungeon is segmented makes it easy to play in short bursts. I really think this is a great dev team and look forward to any future games these folks create.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Yare Yare Kachow
    Good game, a little confusing at first but enjoyable.
  • Fun and challenging grind 5/5

    By ndm2008
    Thanks for giving me something to do during my wait!
  • Yup 4/5

    By JiiZuz
    It’s cute and just a little challenging, fun little puzzle of a game. No brute force here, like the kid said, chess.
  • Best. Game. Ever. 5/5

    By Anchy01
    This is the most challanging and entertaining game I played in a while. Couldn’t put my phone away until I finished it (which took me 6 hours). Really hoping for another level or whole new game pt.2
  • Good design terrible gameplay 5/5

    By Meow$$$$$&
    This game has potential. At the moment it is terrible. If you lose your hearts you have to start again with 1. Your sight range is too small to “think ahead”. To refill your hearts you have to pay with coins. You find coins in dungeons but you get killed so fast because you have 1 heart and can’t get more coins to heal. You can also heal with med kits, which are guarded by enemies. You can’t sneak past them because your sight is small. Everything blends together to make it impossible to progress. If the developer is reading this, you spent all your time on design but not the gameplay. If you want people to actually enjoy this game, fix it. I get you want to make it hard, but giving people no chance to progress is artificial difficulty. Just make it to where your hearts reset back to 3 when you go back in. Then the game would be possible, and enjoyable. Good day
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Jojocolumber
    I just love this game a 8- Bit strategy game in black and white with good enemies and endless fun and the game is charming really great game 👍
  • The best phone game ever 5/5

    By vidkiddo
    Great graphics,gameplay, and music!Reminds me of my gameboy!
  • Great short game 5/5

    By SorWiz9
    Simple but fun sliding-block and pressure plate dungeon puzzles. Fun figuring out tactical combat when you need to learn how to sense and anticipate enemies beyond your limited light range. Very challenging and cool lock-picking mini-games. Tips: Action point upgrades are costly but very powerful. Figure out how to restore health and ammo without spending coins so you can save up. Learning how to sense targets you can't see will save you a lot of health, and is essential for beating the end boss.
  • Great Game, Frequent Crashes 3/5

    By Mitchumzzz
    The more I play, the more often the game crashes. I'm stuck on Nightmare 14, not because it's difficult, but because it crashes too often (at least once a game now), making it nearly unplayable. Please look for whatever exception isn't being handled so I can finish this wonderful game.

    By uuummmmmmmmmumum
    I love this game and it needs a sequel or more levels.
  • You have to think 5/5

    By Some random catering cook
    One of the best games I have played in a while when it comes to a turn-based dungeon-crawling rpg. It’s refreshing to find a game like this after the saturation of mindless rpg idle or clicker games on the market. My favorite part so far is the puzzles incorporated into this game and how they change. I enjoy being challenged the way this game presents it. When I make a mistake it motivates me to keep playing instead of being annoying. I realize that I’m able to pass the level I’m stuck on if I think more carefully instead of having to grind for days or months like other idle rpg games. Let’s not forget to mention the art style and awesome sounds plus music! Thank you for making this.
  • Cool concept, cool art. Dumb game 1/5

    By Matty121
    The dog levels are dumb there are times where you end up in a situation where you lose no matter what you do and that is not fun. That ruins the rest of the game
  • Screen issue 4/5

    By Gaso11
    Idk if anyone else is having this problem, but the screen seems shifted to the right about 10-20% and the top is cut off so I can’t see whatever is up there. I’m playing on the XS Max. Seems like a good game though, wish I could see all of it. Edit: I realize this game hasn’t been updated in a year, so obviously it wouldn’t fit my phone. Changed to 4 stars because it seems like a fun game.
  • Please 4/5

    By Rooster the Magician
    Do yourselves and us a favor... Make a sequel.
  • Love the challenge 5/5

    By ajm0819
    This game is challenging, but it’s not unbeatable! It’s more of the so hard it’s fun type of thing. Despite what others say, i don’t think the coin-to-power up ratio is unfair. If you take the time to unlock the chests you’ll have enough coins to steadily upgrade. I do not like the having to wait x-amount of time for the upgrade to apply, but that’s splitting hairs. Great game!
  • It’s hard 4/5

    By imkendelkat
    It’s really hard :( but it’s super nice looking,,, I just wish there was an easy mode
  • Screen Error 3/5

    By AdamColeJones
    Please adjust screen dimensions for iPhoneXS Max, I cant read the top menu :(
  • Simple yet charming 5/5

    By thatoneguyfrombefore
    This game originally had a rough look to me but once I had started playing it’s pixelated art style and strategic gameplay changed my mind
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By VAsFynest1
    Too bad I’ll never really know how good or bad this game is because the app keeps crashing within 5 minutes of playing every time.
  • Good 5/5

    By Andrewsloomis
  • I want more! 5/5

    By TallTomlinson
    Very cool concept and we'll designed. Actually took me a while to grasp the turn based concept. Challenging without being frustrating. Highly recommend.
  • TotM 5/5

    By Mahyar_S
    Why did you sell tomb of the mask to another company?? Why do you want strangers to interfere your company and your ideas? I understand you make money with this reaction but do not allow to any one to interfere your company.
  • lots of fun! 5/5

    By Potatobender
    It’s a great strategy game and has a wonderful retro vibe. It doesn’t demand constant attention or bombard you with notifications. I mostly like that it’s really simple yet still requires some creative thinking. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Opinionated Artist
    Very disappointed that in order to be able to handle later dungeons you have to either pay real money for upgrades or wait days doing nothing but collecting the free coins or watching ads until you have enough to purchase anything useful. What a waste of time.
  • Only Rated 3 Stars to Maybe be Noticed 3/5

    By Klarifie
    So I want to start off by saying this was a pretty fun game. It requires skill and planning ahead, which I thoroughly enjoyed! The coin system seemed unfair to me at first, until I discovered a puzzle room. The chests they give you in them are very generous and enough to cover you for most of what you need. THE ONLY REASON I GAVE THIS GAME 3 STARS AND NOT 5 is because of **(spoiler incoming)** the final boss. He takes all the skill out of the game and turns it into a complete guessing game with his invisibility factor. He also cannot be outran (I have max movement) and is extremely tanky. I was lucky enough to hit him 6 times once and still didn’t win so I have no clue what his insane health pool is in addition to his already scummy mechanics! The only other complaint about the game which is really maybe hitting the devs more is that watching continue ads aren’t worth it 99% of the time because it restores a whole 1 heart.
  • Cool game 4/5

    By Baxter1775
    Good game for when your bored. No micro transactions witch is nice. Can be hard but I can't get enough.
  • Pretty cool for a free game 4/5

    By Jacob 2013
    Pretty cool for a free game I guess
  • Amazing 5/5

    By GeneralPar
    I love the retro design and music that this app offers. It has unique gameplay that requires you to think out every move carefully. The dungeon designs are great and I love how you only show ads if the player wishes to get a second chance. That's how ads should work (I hate banner ads)! This app is definitely worth trying if you like pixel style games. Definitely make a sequel for iOS 8!
  • I love the game 5/5

    By TyGuy1106
    I like the style and how everything plays, the music adds a special touch to it, the dungeons and everything are perfect, I just wish there were more games like this in the AppStore.
  • Good game, but... 4/5

    By Bri Bri Potato
    I do love this game! I do love the style of the game, and I like the objective. The only thing that I wish there was, was a regeneration system. You lose hearts a lot and I think that it would be great if we could have those hearts back after 10 seconds or so. Also maybe if you watched the advertisement then you get more hearts. Also, an easier way to get coins, sorta like a reward after each level. Anyway, pretty snazzy game!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Little Tea Witch
    I think the game is pretty good overall and I enjoy the storyline and retro game boy feel but I never really liked the controls where you had to switch to a gun and then back to walking mode (which made gameplay difficult). Good game though.
  • Great game. 4/5

    By DarreDeck
    I want to be able to mute the sound entirely. But the “mute” buttons need some help.
  • Too hard 1/5

    By da beast25158
    You should really make it easier I can't get through the first level😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • An ios 8-bit game thats good. 5/5

    By A guy who likes cut the rope
    I really like how this is kind of a puzzle and its a fair game, the enemies are good and not too strong, the puzzles are very interesting, and the gameplay is very good. Please make updates and continue the story because I just ended it :( . There should be more stages or a second game(I prefer more stages)so it would be a long game.
  • Stuck at one health 1/5

    By Obseletefame
    Makes the game next to unplayable, ruins the game
  • Just amazing 5/5

    By PigLord360
    This is an awesome game with very little ads. Gameplay is phenomenal.
  • Think ahead? 2/5

    By Minecerfter
    The game demands that you think ahead, plan your moves, and yet your viewing arch is WAY too small to do this. How are you supposed to think ahead to avoid monsters when you can't even see them?! Round starts with one heart, and one turn in something runs up and one taps you like a John Wick skin with a blue pump! There may be upgrades to fix this, but they would cost way too much. So much as refilling your health costs 80 coins. And when you're lucky to even get two coins from a round, before a skeleton pops in like FNAF and kills you, how could you even begin to purchase this without in-app purchases. I'm okay with in-app purchases such as these, they're why we even have these games for free, but not to so much as pass level 7!
  • Excellent game 5/5

    By joeyjojojnrshabadoo
    Nothing bad to say about it. Wonderful music and visuals. Clever game mechanics. Just a very polished game. Would love to see more like this.
  • This game is literally the definition of awesome! 5/5

    By rgames25880
    Every time I pick up this game I get into grove every time and can never put this game down! It’s not a perfect game, there are some things that are flawed, but Nothing can ruin the game (even itself!) the game only has 16 dungeons at first and get more as you go, but it felt like nothing was put into most levels, just a few monsters and or puzzles. I think the game would be awesome if you could get way bigger dungeons or different weapons with more power or storage for bullets. Or even a infinite dungeon that continues pumping monsters and levels! I am only like 39% through the game, but I love everything this game offers, even the colorless design and amazing art that’s in this game! I really hope you continue with this game, or some more games in the future! (And just between us, I would pay at least 1.99 extra for it personally)
  • It's amazing 5/5

    By NekoRawr
    I have been playing this game for over a year off and on and I never beat it until now and I love it! However I wish there were more levels. Also a progress tracker would be helpful so I can 100% each level.
  • Gave it a second chance 5/5

    By Walmart_Chicken
    Initially I believed this was a game that was held back by microtransactions but after coming back to it I can honestly say there is a lot of game here that you don't have to pay for. The upgrade system seems like overkill until you realize how many coins you get from exploring and finding chests, and the game forces you to strategize and really plan out how to do each dungeon. No single strategy works for every encounter- and that's fantastic. Great experience, need a sequel.
  • Chess RPG 5/5

    By chriservo
    A lot of fun neat different concept.
  • Super Epic!👿 5/5

    By Keanan Cartee
    I love it so much!

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