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Download iQIYI to enjoy the most popular Asian entertainment. Stream Chinese dramas, Korean dramas, Thai dramas, anime, variety shows and movies, including iQIYI originals! [Features] · Watch for free: Download to watch select high quality shows for free. · Subscribe for more: Sign up for our VIP membership to enjoy exclusive content, skip ads, watch videos in 1080p, 4K & Dolby Audio, and catch new episodes before everyone else. · Multilingual support: User interface, subtitles & searching tool in your prefered language. · User-friendly interface: Simple and clean interface helps you easily find everything you want. · Multiple devices: Enjoy your favourite shows on your phone, tablet and TV with playback progress synched. [Now Streaming] [Hot Dramas] KinnPorsche The Series, Day Breaker, Ordinary Greatness, The Wind Blows From Longxi, My Sassy Princess, Be My Princess, Miss Buyer, The Fight, Hello My Girl, Love in a Loop, I Am A Super Star, Left Right, One and Only, Forever and Ever, My Heroic Husband, Ultimate Note, My Best Friend's Story, Love is Sweet, Moonlight, My Dear Guardian, My Roommate is a Gumiho, etc. [Awesome Anime] One Piece, JUJUTSU KAISEN, SPY×FAMILY, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Attack on Titan, Digimon Adventure, Slam Dunk, Haikyu!! TO THE TOP, etc. [Popular Variety Shows] The Detectives' Adventures 2, Camping Life, Working Mom 2, l'm So Into You 3, Youth With You 3, FOURTRY 2, HAHAHAHAHA, I CAN I BB 7, The Big Band 2, Mr. Housework, New Generation Hip-hop Project, Stage Boom, The Secret X, etc. [Exclusive Movies] The Treasure Code, Longling Insect Valley, Qinling Mountains, Swords Drawn, The Fate of Reunion, etc. New titles coming every week. Download to stream all of these and more! Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: VIP Service Agreement: Auto-renewal Subscription Rules: Feel free to leave your feedback and comments via [email protected] For more content updates, follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Web:

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iQIYI - Dramas, Anime, Shows app reviews

  • What happened? 3/5

    By missypoo811
    It’s a really good app, I love it but after this new update it’s now not letting into the app at all. It will go to the loading screen when you first open the app but then it just exits the app. No matter how many times I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app, and restarted my phone it’s still not letting me into the app. :/
  • Updated App isn’t working 5/5

    By ett li
    The updated app crashes on my ipad.
  • 会员开了又显示非会员 1/5

    By Ls冰糖葫芦五加皮
  • Poor quality app 1/5

    By jings
    This app does not work well with Apple TV. Always quite unexpectedly, and will lost track of history, it is not fully compatible with Apple TV remote, make forward / backward difficult during playing. Anyway it is a very poor quality app. User interface was not well designed.
  • Where is it 5/5

    By Xxzioa
    Downloaded and paid for VIP. Had it about a month and I went to look at a movie and when I click on it nothing comes up? Now I need to contact someone. Also how can I just read what the movie is about without it being added to my viewing list. I like being able to see movies that I might have not been able to. Thanks for sharing. If you know who to contact..... help!
  • Good series 5/5

    By Cardy 69
    Good series, only need better translation in Spanish language. I hope better transition for future.
  • 在中国的VIP会员到这上面能用吗 5/5

    By rrrrrsr
  • I’m depressed 5/5

    By cynthia aung
    I love this app But I can’t open it It’s been two days Please do something
  • Just no. 1/5

    By Thisawizard
    I hate it. I thought it was gunna be good but no. I have to get VIP to watch the full episodes. This app is useless.
  • English subtitles are messed up 1/5

    By Ipaidmoneyforthisgrr
    The english subtitles are hard to understand; it’s distracting to the point that it’s hard to focus on the show. The grammar and sentences are all messed up; it doesn’t make sense in english.
  • Love the changes 5/5

    By deviantislander
    I’m super happy you added the forward 10 sec and backward 10 sec in the middle of the screen and that you can now skip the beginning intro. I would love if you could make the screen for iPad users able to change from vertical to horizontal besides having to do it manually once the video starts playing by hitting the square in the bottom right corner into full screen mode.
  • Crashing after update 3/5

    By EmeraldStorm
    I just updated the app on both my iPads and now it keeps crashing when I try to open it. It was fine before the update. And I just renewed my subscription. Please fix it.
  • I hate this app it won’t open 1/5

    By rfghujddd
    I hate this app it won’t open
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Nickname FA
    5 ads really! Update your movies and series, nobody wants to pay high price monthly for the same old movies. You’ll get more customers with lower rates!
  • meh 3/5

    By taaytoee
    the streaming quality is really good, and the app has a good layout… but the ads. they are SO repetitive, that i have to take breaks between episodes because they become so frustrating. also, they have a really bad issue with freezing up every once in a while even though my internet is fine. it gets frustrating, and it won’t fix unless i go on my cellular data and cross out of the app. I also don’t think there’s enough “free” show options. i understand why there’s a VIP section, but the free one hardly has a variety.
  • It's alright 4/5

    By LittleKdramakpopgirl
    It would be nice if they had some better free options and it would also be nice IF U DIDN'T HAVE TO WATCH 6 ADDS other than those little issues I'd say it's great
  • App 5/5

    By Siempre me
    I love this App. It’s my new way to watch many movies on the go.
  • Ummm 3/5

    By joke ummm
    This app is not iPad friendly. Like Viki. Every time am trying to find a show is like searching from iPhone it doesn’t support wide screen… confusing app. Is it so hard to make this iPad compatible in this day and age.. I have 12.9 inch iPad and every time am searching something I have to hold it vertical like an iPhone I hope y’all do something about this…..
  • Subtitles! 5/5

    By Ande L
    Your subtitles have the best timing I’ve ever seen; I can always tell who’s speaking. Also your sound is amazingly clear. Even though I don’t speak Mandarin, I appreciate good sound. I’m rewatching a favorite drama that I’ve seen on another platform and I’m noticing so many little details because of your sound quality. Thank you.
  • App is fine with one caveat 3/5

    By scorpio111991
    The app works well and I love the selection of series. For some reason though, the “Continue watching” section doesn’t update to the latest episode I’ve seen so I have to remember manually. It’s annoying.
  • never loads 1/5

    By AppleFaaahkU
    I regret paying for VIP. The iOS app NEVER loads episodes and I didn't pay so I’d be forced to watch on my phone because the Android app ACTUALLY works.
  • Bug fix causing more problems 3/5

    By KitKat_RD
    I’m a new VIP member. Love the content and app until the last update. Now videos will not load. I can see the synopsis page and available episodes, but they will not play. it just says “starting soon”. Also, why can’t I use the app in landscape on my iPad? I can watch the movie in landscape once playing, but not when searching for a movie or show I might want to watch. Please consider a fix for this. Thanks.
  • Loading 2/5

    By 20blackstars
    I don’t know if everyone has this problem but the loading takes forever and I just got the app
  • Ads after vip status 2/5

    By Bbgummie
    Why am i paying to see ads? App crashes constantly and doesn’t remember where i left off in my series.
  • Xem chán 1/5

    By bboycamo
  • Good app but 3/5

    By FanofApp220
    Love app and some shows content but you cannot separate or hide content you don’t want to see like the “horror category,” I rather hide that off my feed
  • Love this app, but is crashing every 2 episodes… waiting for the next update 5/5

    By sfecchio
    There is no way to not love iQIYI, their dramas are great with a huge amount of series and movies to watch… :) Their support is very good… I once report an issue and it was solved after their latest update…
  • Synopsis on Titles 3/5

    By Bunnielove89
    The App itself works fairly smoothly. A MAJOR improvement IMO would be able to to read show/movie synopsis before it “starts”. I hate having to click it and it start the episode in order to read what it’s about and decide if I want to watch it. Another improvement would be for it to quit telling me to join VIP when I *am* VIP membership.
  • khó chịu 4/5

    By Mụ Nòng Nọc:))
    quảng cáo nhiều vãi chó
  • Not free whatsoever 2/5

    By trustworthy reviewer trinity
    The app may be free but to watch any good series you need vip. Barley any of the series ever become free, it just feels unfair. I’m sure it’s nice to have vip and it makes them money but 90% of the shows on there only let u watch one episode so it ruins the app experience for those who are not able to pay money each month. I’m hoping they change some series to be free a couple months after release but it seems not. We’ll have to keep dreaming. I was looking for a series I was really interested in and found it on here only but was never able to enjoy it because of vip. I suggest finding a different app to be completely honest.
  • Welp… 4/5

    By mlh001
    Too many commercials I get that the app is free but it’s frustrating watching all those commercials. The same ones play over and over on every commercial break too.
  • Worsted 1/5

    By vnappi
    Your application is really worst and you don’t pity those that can’t afford your vip subscription,, how can you tell to use $59 to subscribe because of movies monthly you’re not worth it at all you may worth it in your china but not all over the world , those we that live outside the country also like to watch Chinese movie but for what you’re doing now you’re making us lose interest in it not everyone can afford $59 to watch movies monthly I hope you can review this and do something about it ,,,,, I come in peace
  • ok but.. 2/5

    By 5starsjhler
    i love the dramas and all but i dont like how i have to pay for episodes. i know its for making money and stuff but i only get to watch 2 minutes of almost every episode. this is the only place i can watch my favorite drama but 6 minutes + a recap thats like 4 minutes which takes up almost all of the time to watch the episode isnt enough in my opinion. i also dislike how when you exit out of the show you get an ad, i also get ads that say 1/6. 6 sounds like too much and almost all of the ads are like 30+ seconds. ty for reading my review and thats why i give it 2 stars.
  • BRO ISTG 1/5

    By I'm gay-
  • Its good, too may ads tho 4/5

    By 5277;!;!38:?!,
    It is a nice app but unless you buy VIP the ads are endless
  • good and all but 4/5

    By melodyxmochaa
    I love this app but there's one thing I hate, watching the ads, I'm pretty sure you can remove the ads if you got vip but it's so annoying, while I'm watching I get ADS. And at the start I had to watch 6? That's absolutely absurd
  • Very Good Content - App Need A Little Improvement 4/5

    By 3652
    The content iQIYI provides is quite good, whether it is a series or a movie. I find several things to watch each month, and I even enrolled in their VIP-level service because I was so pleased. I would give it a 5-star rating if they could make it easier to get to the info about a series without inadvertently starting the first episode. Other than that, it gets a thumbs up!
  • Quảng Cáo 1/5

    By iavbdijd dnd
    Xem 1 tập phim gần 20 cái Quảng Cáo cái nào cũng hơn 1 phút
  • need AirPlay support 3/5

    By derozispissed
    needs AirPlay support with older-gen AppleTVs so I can stream from my phone. every other video player app has this function - please add and then this app is 5 stars easy
  • Filter 3/5

    By Greatnewhome
    I’m a VIP member. I wish there’s a fine tuned way and more user-centric algorithm for the new shows that pop up on the landing page. I keep seeing shows that were introduced for months and genres I’m not interested in pop up. Thank you.
  • Mr. Bad 5/5

    I love the first episode. Shen yue is so versatile. Excellent actress.
  • Ads and interface 3/5

    By betteresting
    Despite the fact that I paid for the VIP service, I still received ads. This doesn’t respect the money that I used to paid for this service. In addition, the show selection seemed limited and often pushed gay content to me. Im not interested in that stuff and prefer to watch other things. The recommendations and interface need to improve
  • حرفياا احلا برنامج بي ڪݪ لمسلسلات ولكيدراما الكوريه ولصينيه تطبيق ربلحلو😂😂💗 5/5

    By ميماا💎🔥.
    انصحكم بي✨🔥
  • 搞分裂的垃圾app 1/5

    By 湾湾🐸
  • 辣雞 1/5

    By 128271
  • La traducción en español 3/5

    By jossiek20
    No me gusta mucho la traducción en español es como incoherente
  • 请君 5/5

    By Adriana Lin
  • Ads before vip content 3/5

    By hleeg
    My yearly vip subscription is good till January but McD ads are now showing up before vip content plays on Google play. Hope this is a temporary glitch because content and big screen 4k playback are excellent
  • Immortal samsara 5/5

    By Timothy Wah
    Please upload immortal samsara