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  • Current Version: 2.9.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Iris by Lowe's App

The Iris by Lowe’s app is designed to work seamlessly with the Iris Hub as the heart of the simple, customizable smart home security system. Iris streamlines home management and security by enabling the control and monitoring of Iris compatible smart devices through a single app. With Iris, you will receive all the benefits of a security system combined with smart home functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. With the Iris app, your phone now allows you to manage, monitor, and maintain your smart home from anywhere in the world.


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Iris by Lowe's app reviews

  • Good app but has some bugs 5/5

    By bdanley
    The equipment works great and is easy to pair, but the app has bugs. Looking forward to the next release, which will hopefully remedy the crashes when viewing cameras and creating scenes for door locks.
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By domo1974
    My app keeps crashing. This is like day one so it better get better or I’m taking it back to Lowe’s!!
  • No Apple Watch App 4/5

    By NateFX
    It’s got a few bugs like most technology. The new system is way more reliable than its predecessor. If you are a “do it yourself” this ones for you. Biggest complaint right now. NO APPLE WATCH APP. That would be a game changer for me. Must have.
  • Please stop logging me out 1/5

    By heylauren
    I was hoping that the latest update would fix the issue of being constantly logged out. It’s incredibly inconvenient to have to log in every morning before I leave the house and every evening when I return. Our keypad also stopped working (not a battery issue), so this adds to our frustration. I have enabled Touch ID, but that does not keep me logged in. I’m giving you guys one more update to fix this issue before I box all of my stuff up and return it. The only reason I haven’t yet is because my wife works at Lowe’s and wants this product to succeed. She is incredibly disheartened by its failures so far. UPDATE 4/3/18: A new update has been released and the login issue has not been fixed. This is a major headache. I do not want to talk to customer support, I want you to please fix your application. UPDATE 4/7/18: So far it looks like the latest update fixed the login issue. Thank you! UPDATE 4/9/18: Spoke too soon. Getting logged out again. :(
  • New app problems! 4/5

    By Funkybj
    Help, the new update will not work, keeps shutting down when you close the camera tab! Works fine any other time!
  • NOT Working 1/5

    By MrM1key
    App does not allow connection to my device any longer. Error message states network connection issue, and to check your internet connection. Went as far as deleting app and reinstalling, however that did NOT correct the issue. If I could give half a star or no star I would. Since I’m not able to do that, I’ve done better by just deleting APP and throwing device away.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By hbgteach
    App doesn’t work on iPhones anymore. Buy a different system. Iris doesn’t both testing their updates before releasing them. This is a big deal - many functions the website will tell you to use the app for, but then they put out an update that makes it so you can’t even log into the app. Terrible company.
  • Doesn’t work with latest iOS update 1/5

    By Angry dwarf696969696958
    A known bug prevents a app from loading with the latest iOS update. Makes my Iris system essentially useless...
  • Great app until.... 1/5

    By Photojour02
    Suddenly cannot connect to app. Error says check network connection. Support team has been no help. No solution.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By dalemo115
    The app was great, but now I haven’t been able to open it on iPhone for over a week.
  • Read the reviews and forums 1/5

    By Stro1477
    -Not all notifications work and it if it does work it’s for a couple of days. I have had Iris set up for less than a month and notifications work consistently for 4 days. After that it’s hit or miss. If you can roll with the headaches and bugs, this is your system. -Their are things on reviews that don’t exist anymore like free automation. You don’t have to pay to use specific devices. But all the other stuff remains. -The system has potential, but so do prototypes. 3/28/18 - Per developer response: You’re kidding, right? Tech support has given me the same answers for 4 1/2 weeks that I can almost tell them what they would tell me. I can tell you and others what tech support would tell them. Plus, I had responded via email with one tech support who I have been working with for 4 1/2 weeks and I responded again tonight with another issue. No response since last Friday. The issue with everything is that issues haven’t been resolved. There is one review that was a written article (one of many)about Iris that says, sensors work well at first but after a month they drop offline all the time. Low and behold I’m at the 4 1/2 week timeframe and these last 3 days have been terrible. Let’s just say the article was more than correct. My star has dropped from two star to one star. 4/3/18- my new rating went from 1 star to zero stars. Check irisbylowes forum. The app for iPhones doesn’t work for the last 24 hours. I’m telling you right now everyone for your own good. Stay away from Iris.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mike Brecht
    After an Iris app update the app won’t load. I have reset and tried everything customer support has suggested to no luck. They said they are working on a patch however this isn’t useful when you can only pair with the app and it won’t load. Thanks for releasing an update that broke your own app....
  • app not connecting to internet 1/5

    By bbarodia
    app doesnt start up. screen stuck in loading ui. says bad connection when on wifi/ network but other apps working fine
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Hotmoms14
    Spend elsewhere. I am throwing it away. 👎 😡. Complete frustration and discouragement. Not worth another moment of my time.
  • App not working with iphone 1/5

    By klsantillo
    This app no longer works with my iPhone! It used to work fine, but now it keeps telling me I have no internet connection, even though I do. I can't even monitor my system right now!! Works with my husband's android, and my iPad, but not my phone. Frustrated!!!!!!!
  • App will not connect 1/5

    By l1ght80x
    The app was working until the latest Iris update. The app gives the error ‘Failed to connect’ but it will connect through the web interface. I am using an iPhone 7s.
  • Won’t even load 1/5

    By honeysp
    The update is terrible. The app won’t load and tells me to check my internet connection. My internet is fine. This is super annoying.
  • Wont connect to internet 2/5

    By Iris user 111
    Since the update I am not able to access it. I have removed it and installed several times and it will not connect. I get a message saying delayed connection please check internet connection. I am working with an iphone 7 with the latest IOS 11.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone 1/5

    By northcentralcom
    All of a sudden it won’t load on my iPhone. Says to check internet, which is fine. Deleted and reinstalled, still nothing. Works on my iPad, just not on my iphone. Fix it please!!!
  • Overall, I’m pleased. 4/5

    By Dr. Ryan P. Ames
    I use Iris to control the door lock on a short term vacation rental. Set up was not too bad, but the instructions were not perfect. In order to get Iris to sync with the lock, they needed to be within 10 ft. No where in the instructions does it say that you needed to be that close, or that you can disconnect Iris from the internet hub and power supply and carry just the Iris unit over to the lock. After calling support, I finally learned this. Once I got it all set up, it took me a very long time to figure out how to add additional users and give them access to the lock. The user interface is not nearly as intuitive as I would expect. No that I learned how it works, no thanks to the instructions or FAQs, I’m pleased with it. A UI redo would make it great.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Oldkemist
    Generally good experiences with plug in switches, CO/smoke alarms, water monitors. The fact that the switches extend the reach of the network is a plus. Add landscape mode for iPad, clean up the interface a bit, and you get the 5th star.
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By Brydog887
    Wow this app is lousy on the iPhone...what a waste. It won’t ever connect.
  • App Issues. 2/5

    By Borr9245
    When creating a scene for all lights on, it will not alloys you to add a device.
  • Login to turn off lights 1/5

    -No Siri Support -No AppleHomekit support -You have to log in to use the devices, and no settings to disable the required log in. -No 16x9 Support -confusing setup i am reviewing this app(and product line) as an Apple user, this is an Apple platform we are on, right? i don’t want alexa, i don’t want ‘ok google’ i want siri. i always try to talk about the good before the bad, so what does Lowe’s Iris do well ? well they don’t require a subscription to use your smart products, the collection is Very well made and works pretty well. And most impressively if you were an Android user, the ENTIRE Network acts as its own HOMEKIT with MUUUUCH 3rd party support! Nest included! But because this is the apple platform and no bridge to Homekit, and no Siri support all of that is a mute point when every time you want to enable something you have to log in. The scenes are awesome - you can script multi-step events and sequence timed events, unlike any other smart home app. Unfortunately due to the compatibility issue it doesn't seem to automatically work on its own unlike other smart devices. lets take small steps, gimme an option to dissable log in i will give a star, add siri i will give two more, and add applehomekit it will be 5 stars for certain... until then us apple users are tirelessly searching for our homekit smarthome solutions.
  • Great way to get a security system 5/5

    By Olddog 0351
    I put a iris system in my home after a break in. I wish I had done it before. It was easy and quick. I saved a lot of money. I use the monitoring system for 9 bucks and it works great even in all our travels. If I need help I just call and talk to people who help me fix the problems. My neighbors wish they had it but have other systems and pay a lot more for there’s. Great System
  • Update still randomly logging me out 2/5

    By Bo toeitchy
    Keeps logging me out. Even with the addition of touch id, it still does not show up so i have to manually login in. Very frustrated with new update 😡. Also my fiancee has the same issue. We both are really frustrated having to login constantly.
  • Naive app and getting more integration 3/5

    By Divindave
    The app is a decent app with a fairly user interface. The integrations with alternate nine Iris hardware is expanding. However the app STILL does does not Support to a communication with the video camera systems. It really needs this option to be competitive with other products.
  • Needs authentication options! 2/5

    By Gorgor.p
    A recent update made it so you have to sign in every time you open the app. This one-size fits all approach makes it much less convenient to use. I can understand the need for this option if you have a security system running on the app, but I only use a single, non-risky device and I just want convenience. I wish I could set an option to not sign in every. single. time.
  • Great System 5/5

    By Gary H Ohio
    Had Guardian for 20+ years but moved to IRIS to eliminate the monthly fee and to have remote capabilities. Easy to install and use. Happy user after 6 months on IRIS
  • It’s getting better and better. 4/5

    By I throw 99
    UPDATE: So I’ve had the system for about a year now, and it’s certainly working much better than when I originally reviewed it. I bought more plugs to spread around the house, which improved my range. And I added more light switches, light bulbs, and a garage door indicator, and even started using scenes, which mostly work when they are supposed to. Sometimes the garage door fails to turn on/off the lights as planned. But I think that’s more of an issue with it being below freezing in the garage and draining the battery. My biggest complaints right now are having to repeatedly log in, even if I have it set up with Touch ID. This is an issue, since I turn on lights at home as I turn and drive down my street. Having to repeatedly log in kind of defeats the purpose. Aside from this, I am having a much, much better experience than I did in my original review below. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I am new to the Iris system (never had version 1 hub), and I bought two smart toggles to install in my wall to control my outside lights, so I can turn them on when I come home late at night. After finally getting them installed and working, I have to say, the performance is spotty at best. I have a hub near the front door (and the porch light) which controls the porch light perfectly. the back door light, however, rarely turns on or off when I try to control it through the app. My house is not very big at all, (1300 sq ft), and it should easily reach the upstairs light switch, but sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Like I stated earlier, when it works, it works great. But it doesn't always work, and that's a problem. I think I am going to buy one more device to place between my two current switches (like a plug-in wall switch) to work as a relay. If it doesn't solve the problem, I don't think I will continue with this brand of automation. I am glad I only have light switches installed. As of right now, I could NEVER recommend that someone use Iris to control their security system, garage door, or thermostat. It's just too flakey to depend on in it's current version.
  • App Is seriously lacking 2/5

    By uhdulhfewfjkkk
    it's pretty obvious the app was created by hardware engineers. Nearly every time I attempt to turn off my alarm I have to restart the app. Extremely slow is the norm. The mentality seems to be that by the time you use the app you've already paid the money. Come on guys the hardware works so should the app!
  • Missing functionality 3/5

    By Bustercg
    I received an answer to the question below. Will theses features be developed? Is iris dead at this point? Is there a third party app that can accomplish what I want to do with my iris system? Where are the abilities to set color preferences in scenes? Color cycling?
  • Requires login often 3/5

    By BoEppers
    This has worked well in the past, but I find myself having to log back in often here lately. This impacts the convenience of being able to use your phone to control lights and plugs.
  • Not intuitive at all 1/5

    By Rallen0194
    This is the one most clunkiest, poorly designed apps I have ever had the misfortune of using. I develop apps for a living and find the navigation horrible.
  • Nice app but not easy to navigate 4/5

    By Travels for work every week
    I love the functions and features but it is not always easy to navigate when setting up and changing security settings. Lowe’s has good tech support to help but I prefer an intuitive application.
  • Backwards progress 3/5

    By Rupertz
    Thanks for the updates, but now I have to put my username and password in every day despite having touch ID enabled. Everything else seems the same. Now it's just annoying to use the app.
  • Crashing loop, not retaining login info 3/5

    By Wraith127
    Have to delete the app and re-download to get rid of the loop and it works again.
  • Very Good Overall 5/5

    By Todd7257
    The Iris app has worked quite well for us. We haven’t had any problems pairing devices, and our Hue hub integrates really nicely. I really appreciate the tailored instructions for pairing different devices. One feature I would very much like to see is support for landscape mode.
  • Touch ID update is terrible 1/5

    By Sadhiker
    This app used to work fine but since the Touch ID update it’s now more of a frustration than anything. I’ve had the Touch ID pass then require me to log in anyway twice now. And now my device now longer responds to commands. Great.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Some Random Guy III
    After the most recent update I have to log in every time I open the app. Makes it very difficult to turn the alarm off in time to not have the police respond to me coming home with groceries.
  • Keeps logging me out 1/5

    By Anaheim2000
    With the the new Face ID login, it keeps logging me out
  • Bugs in app update 1/5

    By leog2
    Spent over an hour this morning dealing with failed login attempts after upgrading the app. Tech support did their best but no real solution or root cause was found. Had to log in through their website and request a password change that way. No understanding from company about the significant waste of customers' time and energy due to their bugs.
  • Current upgrade messed up thumb print 5/5

    By Gary RC
    New upgrade is now causing fingerprint log in to not work consistently!
  • Great but want more. 4/5

    By SGTpartyboy84
    Love how everything in your home can be used through the Iris system and app. So many products to choose from. Just wish I could do more with Alexa. For example arm my alarm. I also enjoy the home security you can build just what you need. It is easy to set up for the most part and if you do have issues the customer support can help you further.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mdhsbrvzjbsb
    What's up with the bad reviews? If you hook everything up properly, it'll work like a charm! App update is absolutely amazing!! Thanks you Iris for the continuous support for your customers!! I also love the new updates! Especially the alarm tab where you can view everything!
  • Still having trouble with Intranet 1/5

    By JosephAW
    Trying to set up my wifi switch on my intranet, not internet, fails after app connects to device, clicks and blue ring appears and then app says it failed with red dialog and no continue button and forces me to go backwards instead of accepting the device settings. Needs a manual ip setup too.
  • Should have paid attention 2/5

    By Jillybell
    I should have read the reviews before purchasing. The thing will NOT pair. Ridiculous. I can only imagine my folks trying to use this thing in their house. Save your money these guys aren’t there yet.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Abz is oisum!
    My thermostat constantly disconnects and is unable to be controlled by the app. This happens frequently and is tedious and annoying nevermind costly as far as fuel costs go.
  • Excited again with Iris 1/5

    By Oldham84
    Trash!!! Rep says DIY system, firmware and updates are pretty much something for new products not current or previous products. They keep tallys.
  • Torn with 3 stars 3/5

    By JJMaci
    The system is a challenge to re-establish after a power outage. When you contact Customer support, the want the hub to be within 10ft of each device. Walls and ceiling are obstacles. I am curious what kind if “House” they expect. Now I am getting status indications from my garage door, however it does not control it. They sent me to the store to get a Z Wave repeater, but the store nor on line is hill. My current one indicates OK, however after removing and attempting a re-pair is a no go. Iris is the only Z Wave booster on their devices list. Still waiting for Customer Service for a reasonable solution.

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