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IRL is the place for Social Messaging! Follow your friends, join groups you relate to, and chat! IRL super-charges your social life! IRL is one of the top Social Apps, and it’s accessible through all your devices. Friends - Follow all your friends on IRL! Chat with them and see the events they are interested in. Use it to discover what you might have missed and plan something to do! Groups - Create groups around your interests and discover people that have the same interests as you. Make new friends, or get closer with someone you know already. Groups can be public or private, you decide who joins. Events - Events you create and join get added to your IRL Calendar so you can manage your busy days. Create events and invite your groups, make it easy to plan for clubs and activities! Birthday parties on IRL are always more fun. Chat - Chat on groups and events, create polls, and send gifs! Chat with your clubs, friends, school groups, or family. Have a chat with 2, or be a part of a worldwide chat! Chat more together. Find out why Apple named us "Our Favorite" in Social and upgrade your life today ;)

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  • Better video 5/5

    By Lizzi Staint Hill
    Overall it's a GREAT app but recently it will randomly not show any notifications when I get a message. I've checked my settings and it's not on my end.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Dartanion Keiling
    Great app for talking with family, friends, and joining severs of other people. With different types of people this can help others have fun chat or even help with school work.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Khaliel Crinson
    This app is amazing! The little thing im complaining about is that there isnt any option where you can show your friends what your playing. If this feature can be added on the next update i will gradually appreciate it!
  • Definitely worth it 5/5

    By Tazio Fabbri
    It's a great app, simple to use. You can link it to your computer or smartphone. I use it only for video games and man it's been incredibly helpful when it comes to gaming and keeping up with events. The app is fine but sometimes you can't do much with the people.
  • Coolest app ever 5/5

    By Jeanmarco Peplowgjq
    Amazing! I personally use it for many things such as art trade, and commissions. I also use it for my twitch to inform others on updates, it's quite easy to use and very useful when communication is needed when gaming 😆
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lashiya Esmead
    I have used this app for at least a year! It is a great app. I have it on pc and it's even better. I have only had it crash on me once, but only bc of my fault. I very recomend this app for people who just want to talk and more with friends, ESPECIALLY gamers.
  • Definitely a five star rating 5/5

    By Darrias Newcomb
    If you want a way to meet new people, find communities, chat with friends and stream to others, this is the app for you. The servers are ready well maintained and, you have quite a bit of freedom compared to other platforms.
  • Great functionality 5/5

    By Chardanay Ingleton
    This is an amazing app to chat with people you have things in common with, it can help you promote your channel or organisation etc and is full of tons of cool features and really nice people.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Clint Pursernbg
    Great app! It is amazing, It let's you talk with millions of people, it let's you connect with friend, it let's you join specific server to talk about specific things, it let's you have voice calls and video calls, LIKE LEGIT ANYTHING YOU CAN THING OF, IT HAS IT!!! 10 out of 10
  • Ouuu luv this app 5/5

    By Jigme Shynn
    I use IRL for multiple youtube and twitch users servers on it and I love the people in them. I also play D&D with my friends and the voice chats, private chats, and screen sharing make playing it all the better during these "trying times."
  • So many features 5/5

    By Shermica Dallossonx
    The app is the best in almost every area except the livestreaming feature. I like this app very much bcuz I've met a lot of good friends, and it's an honor to be able to use this app. I have one problem tho.
  • Really amazed with how amazing this app is!! 5/5

    By Timohty Littlewood
    I use this app for staying in contact with my classmates for assignments, homework help, missed information from lectures, etc. Great way to stay in "the know" on what's going on if you're not present for class.
  • Woow 5/5

    By Dinesh Brittin
    Fantastic platform for chatting by text, video calls, sharing information and ideas, sending photo/video content, and gaming. Perfect for social time and business purposes. A great tool for companies with remote employees / employees working from home.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dashanique Rappporttd
    This app is really awesome! You can chat to people and make friends! Just be careful if your a young user. You get to call, be in different severs, and alot more!! I gave this app a 5 star because its a Great app! Download it! ?
  • This app is amazing!! 5/5

    By Lasharee Lindenfeldhd
    The app itself is great, ive been using it for months BUT since a few months ago the app stopped notifying me about messages on servers
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Lurlee Greedlz
    It a REALLY good chatting app, mostly easy setup. Only thing I really dislike is that it is different from desktop app I'm used to & have no way to view it that way. It great for texting & voice/video chat despite this though.
  • Crazyyy! So happy I found this app 5/5

    By Caya Knipeyxdkz
    Its amazing, so many features. Wonderful for long distance relationships and friendships. During covid-19 it helps you stay connected. It gives you so many options. I 100% recommend
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Elvern Tschierschiz
    I have so much fun. It is the best texting/calling app EVER. The only thing I don't like about it is that you need to be 13 or older, the last time I used IRL was when I was 9. I entered my real birthday and it deactivated my account.
  • Pretty amazing 5/5

    By Reeves Iuoriodv
    Great app, can make your way around the places you need to go very fluently. Only problems I've ever had with it were with the people on it, but that's not exactly the designers' fault.
  • Love this app! Thank you so much IRL 5/5

    By Eliyohu Hickeeth
    Overall great! UI and UX is exceptional. I would only recommend a thread to be created instead of independent posts for replies. Much like Facebook's style where you can open the thread and see more replies. It helps compress the entire feed.
  • Nice app, love this. 5/5

    By Fayla Reimsmx
    Great app! I personally like the desktop app more, but they did a good hop with implementing features here. I just hope that they add a feature where the screen sleeps when u put the phone next to ur ear like regular calls do.
  • Definitely recommend to anyone who loves video call 5/5

    By Lavonn Vizardnt
    Being able to play Magic in my home has been a great experience. I didn't know anything about how to navigate or use IRL before jumping in and it's all pretty straightforward and when I've had issues the community has been helpful and kind in answering my questions.
  • Way better than beats other apps 5/5

    By Santini Duckfieldtd
    Amazing app, rlly easy to use, and I love the layout, it is just perfect for chatting, a little minor bug tho, when me and my friends call, sometimes it's laggy on the other side, but its a great app!
  • Really cool app, definitely a must have 5/5

    By Neco Backhurstue
    I love IRL so much, you do so much with it. The bots work so well, you can meet new people etc. My favourite things to do on IRL are listen to video on groovy bot and talk on calls. They work flawlessly. Thank you for this wonderful app
  • Super useful and works great!! 5/5

    By Audreana Wadiefb
    Honestly it's kind of my favourite communication app to use. Lots of control over my notifications which is important in an online business world. I can see what's important quickly and efficiently, and the app has never given me issues that more than a quick restart could not solve.
  • This app is Insane 5/5

    By Eureeka Knillyg
    Great app, it's a free messager, you can make alot of channels invite alot of people and it's free. It's the best of it's kind. You can even have add ons that work directly with your games
  • Really cool and easy to use 5/5

    By Sabri Kasperqf
    One of the best apps for playing games,or for making a class online with friends or for sharing any kind of stuff,and can also listen to video while playing games or talking to friends at the same time. definitely 5 out of 5 Well done developers you guys have made a great app
  • Really cool app. Super satisfied with my purchase 5/5

    By Minhquan Ramiroqe
    IRL is an amazing app, service, and everything nice, however IRL mobile is so much different, hard to get used to from the web client, but because I love IRL as a service so much, I physically cannot give it less than 5 stars.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fattima Whitfelddcnra
    This app is really awesome! You can chat to people and make friends! Just be careful if your a young user. You get to call, be in different severs, and alot more!! I gave this app a 5 star because its a Great app! Download it!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Willisa Naultyme
    If you don't know what this is, it is just the best messaging system because you can have a server (free) which you can set up text, voice and camera chats. You can use IRL on any Web browser so it is available on most devices.
  • Take all my money! I love this app 5/5

    By Tonisia Fitzaalanau
    All I'm gonna say is the app is worth it because you can have your own server and so on,but you have to follow steps on learning disscord.i don't do video calling, or add near by friend or free calls i haven't tried it yet.
  • Mind blowing 5/5

    By Darnette Bromptonpv
    The app is intuitive, and flawless. It's made website development seamless and easy by allowing conversations to be easily itemised to avoid backlog and clutter. Highly recommend for any kind of business brainstorming.
  • Definitely worth the hype 5/5

    By Noelia Capstakesf
    What a wonderful little app to gather and be social with. The features are really neat. My friends can even stream their computer screen and I can watch on my phone. That's so cool
  • Download now, or you will regret 5/5

    By Rosanny Richmontjb
    Yes, I've been using it for a year! it's a great community, I love exploring and creating servers. There are lot of things I didn't know but I am studying IRL. I enjoy this very much! Thank you IRL ;) Keep up to good work! I'll wait for the updates.
  • Love IRL 5/5

    By Carol Schruyersfp
    Everything works amazing. I just wish they added a way to use your phone microphone to talk and use your headset to listen. The pc version has that option but the mobile version doesn't.
  • The best of the best 5/5

    By Auriana Roderec
    This is a very good app.It's really good for hanging out and texting your friends. My most favorite part of IRL is the IRL Developer Portal, where you can make your own bots. Keep up the good work IRL developers!
  • 10 STAR RATING 5/5

    By Laquila Bissetwi
    This is a great app. You can make severs and make new friends and to the help of this app I was able to make new friends thanks so much for making this amazing app. At first you might not understand but over time you will get it.
  • Super cool app 5/5

    By Jonikka Folomkinfu
    Easy to use with lots of useful functionalities. Allows for multiple automated options for newsfeed. And best of all, you can mute channels and stop push notifications to make your life nice and quiet if you prefer.
  • Coolest app ever! 5/5

    By Fina Minstermz
    Hello. I don't really use the app because my friends and I communicate via other means on a daily basis. But your app's emoji design are so frick frack pancake adorable! I just love how pleasing and adorable they look. Truly the superior design.
  • This is such a cool app, everyone needs this app in their life 5/5

    By Ronniya Armaltzrzi
    I enjoy to use this app to talk with my friends all over the world .. but the problem is sometimes it's laggy or the voice starts sounds like robot ...but I'm sure they will improve it , thank you IRL.. cause of IRL I met my beloved boyfriend ❤️ ?
  • Wow? 5/5

    By Gabriela Bradfordeu
    IRL has been a great way to connect me and my friends while doing anything be it playing games or just hanging out while quarentine is going on. if you dont already know what an amazing app this is try it, i havnt had any proiblems with it yet.
  • Worth my money 5/5

    By Emane Isetonhz
    This is the best!!! I love all of the things you can do, plus all of the people you can talk, interact, and play with!! I thought that google hangouts was the bomb, i was DEAD wrong!
  • This app is so cool... I love it!!! 5/5

    By Earthalee Wehnersszre
    It's very comfortable and affordable app I have ever seen......we could send and receive images, videos, PDF etc. through this app.
  • I am so amazed...this is so cool 5/5

    By Janivea Tamasea
    It's too fun! And you can talk chat everything! and WOW! You can share your screen! More fun!
  • Super useful 5/5

    By Zulene Muscroftgb
    I can talk to multiple people at once even if I am not friends with them on the app. I can add people no matter what the device is. I love IRL it is free has no adds and the call connection is extremely good.
  • Unbelievable 5/5

    By Ingram Scotfordotacc
    This is a really good app. Doesn't even need cell service. The group chat works really well, and it's the best gaming call app because it uses wifi instead. It's just great, even has video calling.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Margeree Goodycv
    Awesome app for talking with friends and people with the same interests. My suggestion is to add the ability to see folders for photos and not every single one in the same place when wanting to send something.
  • I love your app 5/5

    By Laderick Szymonwiczep
    Amazing. Opens up your gaming experience across all platforms. Servers and groups for all interests. However alot of the good ones are invite only. Still plenty to explore and subcultures and friends to be made/enjoyed.
  • This app is actually amazing!! 5/5

    By Kelecia Robardleybs
    I use IRL PC version usually, today I've downloaded this mobile version. It's pretty cool because you can use IRL at any place and it's handy. It has almost the same features as the pc version. I love it ?