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IRL‎ App

IRL is the place for Social Messaging! Follow your friends, join groups you relate to, and chat! IRL super-charges your social life! IRL is one of the top Social Apps, and it’s accessible through all your devices. Friends - Follow all your friends on IRL! Chat with them and see the events they are interested in. Use it to discover what you might have missed and plan something to do! Groups - Create groups around your interests and discover people that have the same interests as you. Make new friends, or get closer with someone you know already. Groups can be public or private, you decide who joins. Events - Events you create and join get added to your IRL Calendar so you can manage your busy days. Create events and invite your groups, make it easy to plan for clubs and activities! Birthday parties on IRL are always more fun. Chat - Chat on groups and events, create polls, and send gifs! Chat with your clubs, friends, school groups, or family. Have a chat with 2, or be a part of a worldwide chat! Chat more together. Find out why Apple named us "Our Favorite" in Social and upgrade your life today ;)

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IRL‎ app reviews

  • It’s spamming my contacts 1/5

    By Deesapointed
    I downloaded this once and hated it. So I deleted it in the same sitting. That was several months ago. Now it sent my husband a text message saying I was inviting him to join a group. I literally never used this and I don’t even know how log in anymore. How many of my contacts is this thing spamming?
  • Enter at your own discression ig 2/5

    By 3rrør
    Tried to make an account with my email and it said “Phone is not enabled for your country, please use…”. I can’t even click to read the rest, as far as I can see? Might wanna make that an option so people know what to do EDIT: Worked two days later, but the app is incredibly laggy and it takes forever to switch the page you’re on. Maybe it’s because I was in one of the bigger groups, but still annoying. The community is also. Something, for sure. The app also didn’t ask for permission to access my photos before i added a pfp as far as I can remember which is kinda sketching me out. Overall very strange experience, keeping my rating the same. Good luck to the devs
  • 😤 5/5

    By chelbeen
    It won’t Tex me the code to get in and sign up!!!!! I only have it five stars to get on here
  • Has potential 3/5

    By TaterTotSoup
    This app is an amazing idea but the individual groups need moderators or designated people to make sure people are following the chat rules. Most of the groups are filled with people misusing the groups when the groups are created for things like recipes or music sharing and there’s no one to maintain the rules to keep these groups for what they are advertised. It makes it so I want to delete the app.
  • Help ? 4/5

    By abbysupernatural
    i can’t make the gc unprivate i need to know how 😭
  • finding each other 5/5

    By Jassmyn Aldusghohm
    Any hobby you can think of, there will be an IRL group for you
  • Going out 5/5

    By Daniel Pingstonenwbof
    Hit the town , all kinds of events and parties, nothing too wild.
  • rabbit 5/5

    By Cristal Raysdaleiwopr
    Down a rabbit hole with these apps how do you people get anything done lol.
  • group session 5/5

    By Alai Covillvmjgb
    During pandemic we met up for group therapy sessions on IRL, and even now restrictions are lifted we are still on IRL!!
  • Out out 5/5

    By Jacole Brotherheedeqktv
    Going into the city later for a meetup with IRL gang in my neighbourhood, really good app.
  • On a flyer 5/5

    By Marynell Graundissonsquda
    The logo looks great on a flyer next to the usual Insta FB etc
  • togetherness 5/5

    By Mickale Rootezrcht
    Can you put a price on the warmth and welcoming feeling from people who see the world the same way as you.
  • Travel 5/5

    By Jaedon Gronwdzwxn
    Very impressed how cities are catered for.
  • Photographers 5/5

    By Stephens Corserra
    Share your work, get tips, get paid gigs, it's very legit if you find the right community.
  • snack 5/5

    By Arran Hiddersleyulcjz
    Is a hotdog a sandwich we were discussing this five stars from me!
  • Nerdy but okay 5/5

    By Danye Cooperxt
    Lots of gamer/geeky anime stuff which is great, and sports, diverse groups impressed.
  • collectively 5/5

    By Con Siddlersmpu
    We are stronger, even if we're just talking about pancakes
  • Dartmouth 5/5

    By Dixie Gernierjwdne
    My area has a group I was like wow this app is big lol
  • Not cringe 5/5

    By Dionne Phythienilrwj
    Managess to be both geeky and cool at the same time very good trick five stars.
  • Marketing tool 5/5

    By Landric Goadbyig
    If you're marketing a niche event this is the place, if the niche doesn't already exist then jsut create it friend!
  • Not it… 🤢 1/5

    By brettnichols
    This app is terrible. Waste of space on my 256g
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Bresha Crangiezci
    Perfect journey from beginning to end, chef's kiss
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Janey Birdwhistleml
    Really well designed and hooked up to a lot of people actually in my area.
  • Good layout 5/5

    By Lohoma Kobcm
    Looks brilliant how apps shoulfd look in 2022
  • Thoughtful 5/5

    By Derion Pynnuwasw
    Fills a niche very cleverly and unobtrusively.
  • Scammer 1/5

    By nanana12455(?;
    Bro it said y get vbucks omg so fake
  • Can you play fix this 4/5

    By liz_ 221345
    Someone sent a inappropriate pic to me I don’t even know who this person is And I deleted the app but I had a few freinds and it will not let me get it back on 😕
  • uplifting 5/5

    By Errold Eglaisefz
    Nice to connect with nice people!
  • Lady 5/5

    By Shatima Abbattohpts
    Nice group for my friends and me and can be made public, useful working features.
  • plus side 5/5

    By Senaya Brandenburggeywn
    heard about the privacy stuff, that's not real, good app for finding people and forging connections.
  • Step by step 5/5

    By Harue Ladontf
    Sign up, pick a profile, tell it what you're into and BOOM, you're connected baby.
  • Book club 5/5

    By Gemari Batsfordjlxtn
    Very good format for book club, not half a million distrctions like other forums or applications I've tested.
  • Level up 5/5

    By Trinise Tavinorvhmhp
    Move out of the doldrums and get with the kids on IRL, mainly teens but not necessarily.
  • Not a hoax 5/5

    By Kashmere Jouanetmi
    Privacy issues fine lots of bug fixes actually use the features numbskulls.
  • Union 5/5

    By Lorean Walsteriacyz
    My work area trying to form a union (kinda) and we're doing it on IRL will let you know how we go!
  • Made up 5/5

    By Marysia Covottidnxoa
    Chuffed to bits with it.
  • Linked with going out 5/5

    By Nahiem Whitelyhd
    It's an app that's designed to get you off the couch and in the real workd, bravo IRL you have my respect.
  • Winning formular 5/5

    By Shadya Mackernessth
    Meeting randoms, chatting with friends, what more do you want?
  • Gullible 5/5

    By Clevia Abrehartlpjfj
    People leaving one star reviews honestly get in the bin app workds great
  • Challenge 5/5

    By Talma Rositahhjrx
    Helped me find a wordle solution there's at least two wordle groups so you get my vote IRL
  • Nexessary 5/5

    By Shameeka Mivalqpgmu
    Fills a gap there's no other way of putting it, the other apps look like donkeys
  • Able to do it 5/5

    By Aleksei Dargiemljjm
    Definitely climbed into my top five apps, nothing amiss here.
  • Flexible. 5/5

    By Parick Delapygtvt
    Chat function is worth a download on its own in my book, easy to add groups or open them up to wider public.
  • Musical encounter 5/5

    By Edmound Steartochnj
    Found a chamber music group in my town literally who knew that was a thing, very impressed.
  • Sits nicely 5/5

    By Natarsha McSperrinqhsdm
    Never had a problem with it in 18 months, notifications can be annoying but just mute the ones you don't like.
  • Rate it 5/5

    By Kella Allenderoh
    I rate it five stars
  • No complaints 5/5

    By Katiuska Cluleehn
    Easy to sign up and powerful in the areas it needs to be powerful in
  • Flowers in the rain 5/5

    By Breindel Iacabucciyiamb
    Photography groups on here helped me out very nice people very good level of expertise.
  • MASH 5/5

    By Takhia Toughxo
    Get together over niche tv shows since dad died I thought nobody would watch MASH with me.

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