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  • Current Version: 4.40.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Live Awake Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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IRL‎ App

IRL is the place for Social Messaging! Follow your friends, join groups you relate to, and chat! IRL super-charges your social life! IRL is one of the top Social Apps, and it’s accessible through all your devices. Friends - Follow all your friends on IRL! Chat with them and see the events they are interested in. Use it to discover what you might have missed and plan something to do! Groups - Create groups around your interests and discover people that have the same interests as you. Make new friends, or get closer with someone you know already. Groups can be public or private, you decide who joins. Events - Events you create and join get added to your IRL Calendar so you can manage your busy days. Create events and invite your groups, make it easy to plan for clubs and activities! Birthday parties on IRL are always more fun. Chat - Chat on groups and events, create polls, and send gifs! Chat with your clubs, friends, school groups, or family. Have a chat with 2, or be a part of a worldwide chat! Chat more together. Find out why Apple named us "Our Favorite" in Social and upgrade your life today ;)

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IRL‎ app reviews

  • Not real 1/5

    By Öh yeaH
    **WARNING**They just want your # and email info that’s all DONT DOWNLOAD !!! Both Email and phone input don’t work
  • m.r3273 5/5

    By m.r3273
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Spring River
    For how much of a SCAM it is! It's top review has a link to a PORN SITE. Isn't that so great??
  • Hmmm 1/5

    By Bad rate cuz this👇
    Download if you want the app to text everyone in your contacts weird messages
  • great app 4/5

    By 🌹Sex video call👉🌹卬
    I really love this app for bringing in new ways to get people together. It has all these wonderful suggestions and challenges for activities to go out and do with friends and family. Once you’re connected through your contacts you are able to select an event such as go for a hike and invite as many people as you would like for whatever date to go hiking Please keep making more nominations and suggestions! Update: above is my original review, but after using the app more I am beginning to love it even more Has a wonderful array of choices ranging from date night with your significant other to a wonderful brunch with friends. It also has a great way to keep you connected by letting you anonymously nominate people for badges everyday such as chillest beach jam bringer or the Bear Grills of the group. My only critique is that when you search for people in your contacts, if you search with more than two or three letters it no longer lets you select the person. It must be some kind of bug that I hope will be fixed soon. But other than that I love the idea and action behind this app to get more people out there and connected face-to-face and socially interacting with fun activities instead of just staying home alone on the weekends.
  • 2525 3/5

    By 8282627
    we some i like Happy Army one love yourself speak yourself BTS And vary good before
  • Don’t get this app 5/5

    By childishkidsthisdays
    Don’t get this app the have mods that don’t even try to resolve the problem they take people Sides with even going back in looking at the comments they have favoritism and much more I got banned for just saying in the chat the (I want friends by username @Sully Van) and it was two other kids that was arguing with me over me just saying I want friend just childish and the mod/ @Sully Van didn’t even bother to look at what the people was and took the kids side and banned me. So if your truly looking to download this app dont. The people are rude and yes idk I pick five stars that because I need people to actually see this comment..
  • Required personal information 1/5

    By Travgalax
    I thought this app is pretty cool but why need use my text number or email? I decide use my secondary number (textPlus) because I’m not give out my personally number. However, this app doesn’t support textPlus number, it will NEED your personal number. No thank you, deleting app. I can’t trust put my phone number on this app because I know what they will do with my number for.
  • I never downloaded this? 1/5

    By KKB Awesome
    Why on earth is it on my phone… it appears I’m not the only one this has happened to. No idea what this app is and I don’t want it.
  • Llaves 🔐 5/5

    By El cuadros mega Epicenter
    Hola mi niño cómo están
  • lame 2/5

    By Razorbldewhpre
    this app is okay literally got made fun of tho for being emo 😭.
  • What 5/5

    By DMB37
    WW has got G 😊w W Wyy go w wwT Mzz Z zzzzz T Z I AAAASWw w Andw A
  • Very cool! 4/5

    By Holodoctor1
    Very cool app! I miss the search categories when creating a picture though. How you could select signs, etc. I wish they’d bring that back! Update 9/14: categories are back! Or they never left. I’m not sure how to make them appear, but they do sometimes! :-) Update 9/17: figured it out. It only loads in if you click the IRL icon in messages, then click off it, then click into it again. It’s like it doesn’t load the first time.
  • I was fooled in downloading this app by carbridgeapp 1/5

    By Wikiray
    I was fooled in downloading this app by carbridgeapp which all they do is steal personal information and then spam you on top of that. I feel like the people at carbridgeapp also own this app as well
  • Tell r 5/5

    By Rebecca.112
    Even t do e
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bandzzonx
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By bloodred_team
    The app is not sending me the code so I can’t sign up
  • Signing😤 in 1/5

    By arraq907
    I need to get files to be on gacha mods
  • Tiffany is hot 5/5

    By bluk123456789
    Met this girl Tiffany, super hot smile is amazing! Going to carb load on Saturday. Probably going to eat her face after dinner…
  • Concerned 3/5

    By Stephanie Corner
    I saw an ad and downloaded it .. work perfectly and was insanely fun to use with my family and friends. Which is why I gave it 3 stars- Have not used it for a few days come back and it is completely changed …it’s now a group chat all you can do is pick a group to chat or follow where they disabled the comments. There is no option to create your memes with your words like before. I deleted it and reinstall same issue and I am not able to get back to those options, only the group feature I did not sign up to use group chats. Not sure if it’s a flaw but don’t like being tricked or lied to.
  • Very fun to use 5/5

    By advertisementad
    I saw an ad for this on tiktok, actually clicked on it, and actually love this app. I didn’t know people actually fell for ads. I feel like a bot that is programmed by the society around me, I’ve never actually listened to an ad before. As far as the app 10/10 makes conversations funner and if you like to talk with your hands in person, this makes it feel like you’re actually being yourself on text.
  • SPAM 1/5

    By Goldenhair2
    I have never even heard of this app and do not have it on my phone, but I got a message from 23202 that someone started a DM with me. Is that how you get people to download your app, by sending them unsolicited messages also known as SPAM???
  • Does not let me put my 1/5

    By shut up u dont need my name
    Like the heck is ur prob
  • Not working 1/5

    By ali Almassoudi
    Every time I put the code I get in messages it says something went wrong
  • Slowest app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By jeremyreger
    It really makes me wonder what it’s doing in the background..
  • I was lied to 1/5

    By GrammaGamerGal
    I saw an add for this on Snapchat and it said that you could cover up text from people and it will show that on there screen I got the app and there is no way to do that it is just a meme app super disappointed
  • I’m so confused 🤔😤 2/5

    By anime kidos
    I like the memes and all but how do ya spilt the texts? I’m so confused and If I can’t figure it out Ima just delete it. 🤔
  • Wants access to all my contacts. 2/5

    By Cmajors74
    I’m sorry, but what you’re saying about giving only access to the contacts a choose is a lie. The only option to select is “contacts.” After reading all the comments about peoples contacts are being spammed with messages about your app and seeing that you can’t move on without selecting to give access to my contacts; was enough for me to say no! I’m sure the app is great and all, but I’m not ticking a bunch of people off just so you all can get more subscribers. Remove the option of having to give access to my contacts and I’ll consider trying again.
  • Too slow 2/5

    By TxCntryGrl80
    Only had it downloaded a couple of hours. I understand it needs time to take what you’ve typed and put it in the meme but, overall, it’s faster to type & go or send a gif. The app is just too slow to load the text, attach the file, and send.
  • Doesn’t have everything 1/5

    By willow6🏳️‍🌈
    This app says you can meet people with the same things in common as you well I looked up art nothing shows up I look up cats nothing shows up I look up nature nothing show up This app was a wast of my time I don’t recommend it
  • Fun app but don’t delete and re-download 4/5

    By ffiuffdjfsjxg
    Don’t give me wrong I love this app but it was super laggy so I deleted it and re-downloaded it and then it wouldn’t let me pick some thing like the Roblox school work gym that kind of stuff in that area it wouldn’t let me pick anything and also wouldn’t let me join any groups so if y’all could fix a lag I would very much appreciate it
  • 4/5 4/5

    By gioflores96
    Lots of fun but just wish there was a lot more gif’s to use. They’re starting to get old after a while now
  • Pretty good but I have one issue 3/5

    By Zombiedino184
    It’s a fun app but it would greatly benefit from a search feature and a more fleshed out tag feature. I find myself seeing a good gif in the menu and being unable to find it later
  • Setup process busted 3/5

    By Mastro2k
    On the birthday screen they attempt to guess your age before you are done selecting the date. The minute I adjusted the month and day it said I was 1 day old and locked me out. So dumb. Working from left to right the year is the last thing to update. After updating it, the app wouldn’t change. I guess it didn’t believe me. Fix that screen devs. Get a better UX person. I’ll update my rating if it gets fixed.
  • Viper_faze416 TikTok 1/5

    By viper_faze416 TikTok
    I bet there is a subscription
  • Great app 5/5

    By chomy1219
    Don’t listen to the negative reviews. Just use the app on messages. I never use the app to communicate. I only use the meme feature on messages. So far, it’s been working great. No issues whatsoever. If you don’t want to have issues (again can’t confirm that there’s issues since I’ve never used the actual app to communicate with people) just use the iMessage feature that comes along with the app. Just be sure to create an account first. Other than the (not even a negative really) minuscule con that you have to create an account, I highly recommend this app for iMessage.
  • Super slow and has issues 1/5

    By Makris0000
    This “app” has issues and runs ridiculously slow compared to other “meme” apps for iMessage.
  • Liars 1/5

    By The Dwayne Johnson
    In an ad i saw on tiktok it said you can write in memes but you can’t
  • No stars 1/5

    By nope i cant do this
    I don’t need this also this is for an app and I will never use this >:(
  • Great 5/5

    By Sunshine837
    Love how It lets us write and has memes
  • Sorry! 5/5

    By Brookiemena
    I’m changing my one-star review because I got help. I think what I would change is making it more obvious in the app how to use the GIF keyboard in your normal messages app

    By Dillisapickle
    I thought this app seemed pretty cool. But, everytime I get it downloaded and signed up, it crashes! I have to delete and redownload, but still no luck! I won’t give up on this app though, as it seems pretty cool!
  • I see an issue 3/5

    By SwimGirl2010
    I see an issue. It says you can join the community when you are 13, but the app rating is for 12+. So it would be easier if you bump the required age down one. Or you could bump the age rating up one. Just to save people from confusion. Thanks!
  • To much notifications 1/5

    By Max Tippetts
    You will get spammed by random numbers saying stuff about it and all of your contacts will to. I deleted this app because of it and I’m still getting the random notifications and almost all of them are the same, exactly the same! So I wouldn’t get this app I were you. Yes it’s cool but it’s hard for you to get rid of the contacts if all of your contacts are getting the random messages too.
  • What’s the point 2/5

    By PunnyPotato
    I got the app and enjoyed it for a bit until the bot started spamming me saying one of my friends messaged me when he didn’t. Then my friends started texting me annoyed that the bot is spamming them invited when i didn’t send them invites. Please fix the message bot.
  • Spams everyone in contacts 1/5

    By momma bear am
    SPAM! I received about 500 texts stating My son invited me to this app. Click on the message it sends me here. I downloaded the app it asks for contacts, and location it won’t let you move past it with out selecting it. This game has predictors written all over it
  • Sends messages without asking 1/5

    By Itsmeggamoo
    I thought this app was a really cool idea, but when I allowed it to my contacts, it decided to send invites to everyone on my contacts list. This includes people I haven’t talked to in years, and my managers which is so unprofessional. I don’t recommend.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Aiden salimi
    Do not download this app it is a virus
  • privacy issues 1/5

    By itsmolingbsnakns
    this app started texting some people in my contacts and i deleted the account but it’s still happening

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