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iRobot HOME App

Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robots + the iRobot HOME App – Connect to Clean From Anywhere With Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robots, the iRobot HOME App gives you more control than ever before for cleaner floors, every day, all at the push of a button. Use the iRobot HOME App to: • Start or pause cleaning cycles • Conveniently schedule for any day of the week • Select custom cleaning preferences • Monitor activity of your robot • Zoom and pan Clean Map™ reports to see where your robot cleaned [Roomba® 900 Series vacuuming robots only] • View statistics about coverage, cleaning time, and charging time [Roomba® 900 Series vacuuming robots only] • Turn on Push Notifications to receive real-time notifications • Review information for up to 30 cleaning jobs • Receive automatic software updates • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care Braava jet™ mopping robot + the iRobot HOME App – Helpful information and access to cleaning settings Access exclusive features, software updates and supporting information for your Braava jet™ mopping robot: • Start or stop a cleaning cycle • Start a SPOT Clean for a focused cleaning on a dirty area • Reduce the amount of water used in wet and damp modes, if needed • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care • Convenient access to online stores to purchase cleaning pads Requirements To fully enable the combined experience of your robot and the iRobot HOME App, you must have the following: • Roomba® Wi-Fi® connected vacuuming robot: Wi-Fi® with 2.4GHz band support. The Clean Map reports are only available for Roomba 900 series vacuuming robots with software version 2.2 or greater. • Braava jet™ mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices. The iRobot HOME App is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 690 and 890 Series vacuuming robot models, and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot models. Need help? Visit for answers to common questions or to contact our Customer Care team.


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iRobot HOME app reviews

  • Love love love 5/5

    By jchina09
    My wife and I love our roomba much more than we thought we would.
  • App review and customer response 1/5

    By Bomonkee
    The IRobot customer relations and/or development team do not understand how to write an accessible app. In this version, it is even worse, because I cannot even log in, due to the nonstandard elements in the login page! Before this problem, I have spoken and written in detailed emails to the customer relations people (Lauren) who has totally dismissed the idea of their developers include ADA compliant features in the app. For example, the text label on the Clean icon says: “aspen clean available 320”. This is not what someone who is visually looking at the screen would be able to see, but, it is in the code as a text label for VoiceOver to speak. Other icons simply are labeled as “m” or “o”, and the battery gauge is completely unusable, even though it is labeled as “battery gauge”. I can read the history, and settings, preferences, and use the daily scheduling feature. The problems could be easily resolved, by making small changes in the code, and using standard elements. Using a device, such as an Amazon Echo, does not solve these deficiens, as one can tell it what to do, but not receive feedback on status. Not being able to login is the last straw, for me. This is an attitude issue on the part of the company of not valuuing all customers, even those without sight. At the present time, my Roomba will give a single tone when I press the physical clean button, but will not start, and my Echo tells me to refer to the app, which I cannot access because of the broken and nonstandard form fields! I realize that these issues only affect a small segment of the market, but, the attitude of refusing to take them seriously by the company is distressing, at best! When I can use the machine, it works great, picks up lots of dog hair, and I would give the performance of the machine 5 stars.
  • Good App, Potential for improvement 4/5

    By WinterofGeorge
    Good app and product. Some room for improvement. The app is straightforward and runs as expected—controlling a good product. It seems ripe for more features. Basic things—like turning off or down sound affects. Also more complicated things—the ai learns the space and gets better each time, it would be nice if you could name spaces, ie kitchen, and instruct it to clean or not clean certain areas...
  • Long Haired Cat 5/5

    By Alice the Robot
    We have tried everything to stay on top of the fact that long haired cats shed so much it’s hard to keep up. The robot, Alice, makes the job much more manageable.
  • Love my roomba, but app doesn’t work perfectly with voiceover on iOS app 4/5

    By dstrauch02321980
    I have had my roomba now for almost a week, and I love it it works perfectly on all floors in my house and on my area rugs with no issues. As a visually impaired person I run mine completely with the iOS vapp. The only issues is that the app is not completely accessible with voiceover. Sometimes with voiceover on you cannot swipe to the right past the name of the device, and the app needs to be updated to win a person is using voiceover not only does it tell you that you’re on the battery status icon but needs to tell the visually impaired person what their percentage of battery is on the roomba.
  • Loving this!! 5/5

    By IsabelDarling
    Just invested in our Roomba 960. So far, so good! The app couldn't be any better!! Everything is at the touch of ur fingers! Definitely moneys worth!!
  • Map 4/5

    By Michael the Tower
    When you press the start button on the robot, the app doesn’t show that it did it. And It also doesn’t make a map when you press the button.
  • Map is not available now 3/5

    By Evan311design
    I have Roomba 980. After this update, there’s no map available for me to view. The map function was working well before this update.
  • Almost fun 5/5

    By Jayotter30
    Love being able to communicate with/direct my Roomba from anywhere. The map of where it cleaned is fascinating.
  • App needs work 3/5

    By carebearofdoom
    I love having a roomba. It is a great little vacuum & easy to clean. But the app could be better. It was fine until the last update or two. Now it constantly tells me the battery is low and that it can’t connect to wifi. So that essentially makes the app useless since I can only manually run my vacuum. I’ve reset the roomba and wifi like the help option suggests, but it still doesn’t matter.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Z9944zq
    The app works well, however would like to see a return to “Home” feature added. Also adding virtual walls such as available on the Neato would be a great plus.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By caitlin0808
    This app won’t even work. Can’t get it to go off of home screen.
  • Worth all of it 5/5

    By Jimbswim
    I use it every other day, or so, because I have two dogs that shed quite a bit. I’ve used it this way for almost a year and it has, in my mind, paid for itself.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    I can see what is going on, control, review the performance of my iRobot and now with the Beta version It can map out weak WiFi spots at my place.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Simpleflame
    I love it. Sure it may not be 100% accurate, but it’s very cool! You can schedule times for it to run, it build a map of where it cleaned and puts marks where it ran into “dirt.” My dirt was the charging cable for the WiiU remote, which it ate and dragged around until the sweeper wrapped the cables up and could no longer spin. Oops...the app is fine. :)
  • Lifesaver for sure 5/5

    By Lifesaver for sure
    It would be nice to be able to see where it has been while in progress
  • Small frustrations 4/5

    By di's way
    Convenient to have an app, but would be nice to be able estimate fullness of bin as it does battery charge—would help with leaving and returning home so as not to cancel a job 2 minutes before I could have planned for! Also...need to be able to find error messages faster—can’t you send me a message instead of making me open the app that doesn’t make it easy to find?
  • It’s okay but... 3/5

    By BexJackson
    It used to send me notifications if it was stuck somewhere or if the bin is full. I have it set up that I can receive notifications but I get none. I actually have to look for it to see if it’s full or stuck somewhere if I’m home.
  • Had it for 6 months 4/5

    By roombazoomba
    We’ve had our 960 Roomba for about 6 months now. I absolutely love it. My husband and I have 3 kids and a St. Bernard that had awful allergies and sheds in the summer to the point where he’s bald. The vet had to put him on steroids it’s so bad. I digress though. The app works great. You can set up a schedule so it runs every night. You can see a map of he floor it cleaned. If it had a problem you get a notification of what went wrong. For example, “bin is full” or “left wheel stuck”. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 simply because we have issues with it disconnecting from the WiFi. But in the 6 months we’ve had it it’s only happened like twice. Love the Roomba, love the app.
  • Unscheduled Starts 2/5

    By Cheffinglobberhcdgy
    We like our Rumba a lot, however it cleans at times not programmed on the schedule. In the middle of the night and some times during dinner. They are not on the schedule, in fact we cleared the schedule completly and deleted the irobot app. It still runs at weird random times. Cant stop it from happening. Very frustrating!
  • Spot clean 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    The built in spot clean feature is pointless. Spinning in a circle pushing the spilled items to the outside. Please enhance with an intelligent mapping feature that uses the scanned areas or the camera to choose a room (kitchen) or area (around the dining room table) to clean.
  • iCloud 1/5

    By CAB 1970
    Stupid thing won’t connect to the iCloud therefore not allowing me to set it up properly!
  • Roomba Scuba 450 5/5

    By mthobby
    I love my 980 robot but with a back injury last year I need the scuba 450 or a new version for mopping the floors . Please send me a notification or text if one comes available!!!! Thanks for a great product! Mary T Hobby
  • Great start 4/5

    By tscheuerell
    I love my Roomba so very very much that I’m thinking of getting a second one for my second floor. The app is great and works well. My one request would be to add a notification for when the bin gets to about 80-90% full. I don’t check the app every day and we don’t have a lot of dirt so it takes 1-2 weeks for the bin to get full. Reminders would be better than my roomba ending a cycle early because the bin is full.
  • Love my Roomba 5/5

    By Julie in Texas
    I love my Roomba! I had to vacuum dark hardwood daily due to one shedding dog. Now my floors are clean and I don’t worry about pop in guests! Roomba goes from room to room and from wood floors to Chinese rugs with ease. All areas look fantastic! Our dog has adjusted well to moving from her path. This is a wonderful machine and we are extremely pleased!
  • Love this 5/5

    By Heatherfeather2003
    I have been thinking about buying one for years and finally did it. I’m in love with this and keeps my floors looking great.
  • I- Robot Awsome 5/5

    By RCC2145
    Never would I have imagine to never vacuum dog hair again... Now its done ever morning while Im at work, all you do is program the device. Well worth every dime... !!!
  • Roomba 900 series 5/5

    By Record Temp
    Informative, accurate, can’t do without
  • Great app and product 4/5

    I’d rate this a 5 star if you could see the cleaning map live... other companies can do this, I’m hoping this is in the works with a firmware update?
  • Great app, could use some fixing... 4/5

    By britneyspearsss
    I love the irobot app for my roomba 690. The only problem I have with it is that the care section does not always update. Even after cleaning the bin and replacing the filter it still labels the bin as “due” and in the red zone. Maybe it’s user error but it would be nice if the app truly showed when the bin needs to be changed.
  • Absolutely Amazing 5/5

    By Phoenixha1735
    Rosie (my roomba) is one of the best things I have ever owned! Living in Hawaii, we get lots of dirt and dust throughout the day, but Rosie is always there to clean it up quickly. We have tile throughout the bottom floor and with two cats and a dog that shed and track dirt inside she is always ready to do a quick sweep and make the floors look great. The new WiFi bata for the roomba works well too. It has mapped my whole first floor and is pretty spot on with my coverage. Not something I expected to see with a roomba but a nice touch to see where you might have low spots for coverage.
  • Roomba980 1/5

    By rooomba980
    I’ve had this unit for roughly 3 days and I’m not impressed at this time because it seems though it is still trying to get a layout of the home. I have it set to run at 2am so that there are no interference from family but it just doesn’t seem to get settles.
  • Roomba da bomb 5/5

    By CaptElias
    This is probably the best investment I have ever made when it comes to electronics and cleaning devices. Very impressed with the amount of dirt, dust, dog hair etc the Roomba picks up on a daily basis. The Roomba is able to get under 80% of my furniture and for the rest I plan on raising so basically eliminating spring cleaning. So if there was one suggestion I would make to the folks at iRobot, make a device that can clean stairs.
  • Love it 5/5

    By #19445
    App works great. One feature I’d like is a way to change the default map orientation - always seems upside down for me because of where my bedroom is.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By LaurenEverettFinn
    Living with the incredible shedding dog makes it hard to keep the floor fur free. Hello Roomba! We love you.
  • Dust bunny extinction 5/5

    By Antonator1
    Our Roomba 960 is perfect. We named him Floyd. He goes from hard woods, to area rugs, to wall-to-wall carpet and to tile with ease. No kamikaze dives off the stairs or ledges. Dust bunnies are extinct, especially under our beds. Only trace of our chocolate lab is the actual lab and not her fur. Floyd is a great addition to our family. His clean-up maps of rooms are great too. WiFi lets him start when we are gone and he tells us when he is done. Don’t go for substitutes. Get your own Floyd, who will bravely go to the dark sides of your rooms.
  • Great product 4/5

    By Kirbydoug
    All it would take for five stars is Apple Home Kit compatibility. Thanks
  • How did I live without this 5/5

    By Ajstobbe
    Great app. Only wish would be that I could see a map of current cleaning progress.
  • Roomba love 5/5

    By roomba love
    One of the most amazing devices ever! Super thorough and love coming home to a clean floor!
  • Love it 5/5

    By THE BMH's
    I love the ability to know if is, or has finished cleaning. I guess I love the ability to grab my phone, tap 2 buttons, and I can vacuum my house. What’s there not to love?
  • It must hurt! 2/5

    By Iratherfly
    Does it hurt to write which iRobot models it works with in app description? And why does a model $125 more expensive than the 690 has no WiFi anyway? Delete app. Return robot.
  • Simple and functional app 4/5

    By Originator 88
    Good UI. I agree that the app is laid out nicely and I wouldn't change anything I would only add two features. If a Neato robotic vacuum can run on black carpet I don't see why a Roomba can't. They've had this feature for longer than Roomba had sold wifi connected vacuums. Please add this via a firmware update. Secondly, i really would like to tell me Roomba to clean a certain room only. Whether it's a one off or a schedule. My Roomba can map my house so it should be able to let me draw a room on that map and go there every time. I don't run my Roomba as often as I'd like because I only want to clean one or two rooms but it will take more than twice as long because it does the entire floor (which it navigates well with the added camera in the 960). I'm not fidgeting with a bunch of virtual walls either, turning them on and off different days of the week. The wifi map was a nice little gimmick but I'd really feel like I got my money's worth if I could use my Roomba on my 2nd floor where the hallway has black carpet (that means I need to physically place it in each room since it can't navigate from one to the other over the black carpet and if I could tell it a specific area or room to use without needing an expensive virtual wall. I already paid nearly double for the Roomba vs the next competition so at least give me the features they have and some added value.
  • Beginning to love it! 5/5

    By Scarlets Mom
    We just purchased our Roomba aka “Edna” last week & we are still in the learning stages. It’s not too difficult to figure out and there are several you-tube instructional videos. Our house is one level and open with porcelain floors, perfect for this product. The first time after charging it up- & that takes a awhile, 3 hours. I let it loose & was quickly annoyed by the noise & the path it selected to do the entire place. Midway I had to recharge- another couple of hours- and after 6 hours the house was only partially cleaned! The second time I used it I had a new strategy and only cleaned sections of the house, eg. Kitchen- tv room. That was much better! It didn’t take so long . It cleaned our bedroom carpeting which is pretty thick, beautifully. Everything it’s cleaned has been great! It does a much more thorough job than I do manually. I still have to use the dust buster in the corners etc but that’s not a big deal. And, you have to move stuff out of the way because it will get stuck on stuff, like stuff under the bed! If you go out and leave it running and it gets stuck, the battery runs down and the job isn’t completed. These are the issues one has to adapt to. Not insurmountable but annoyances non the less. Lastly the noise is no longer annoying and the dog isn’t bothered by it. The app is terrific! Love that! I can see what it has and hasn’t done. I can see how much charging it needs as well as controlling it remotely. So far so good! Ask us again in a month & see if we still love it.
  • It changed my life. 5/5

    I used to come home from work and the first thing I saw was a dirty floor. Now I come home to a clean floor and it sets the tone for the evening. Th only thing I would improve is the trash bin. It gets clogged with carpet fuzz or fur and when you pull it out it leaves debris on the floor. That said, I LOVE IT.
  • 960 and app 5/5

    By xoxojennanicole
    Really love my new 960. I’ve been using for 2weeks. Had my doubts but I’m convinced it’s a good product. I love to see the maps when it’s all done. Runs about 1.5 hrs for 900 Sqft of time and rug floors. How often do you want to physically vacuum your floors? Everyday? Not with a conventional vacuum. I’ve got a dog and I’ve never had such clean floors. The bin size is good if you run it every day even with a dog. It gets places you won’t. Go get one.
  • Satisfied Customer 3/5

    By FP, not fast pass
    I love being able to vacuum while I’m at work and come home to a clean floor. I wish the all would tell me where Roomba is in the house during its cleaning but everything else is great.
  • Good app, but needs... 3/5

    By Crazed_Bartender
    I like the app, and it works well with no major glitches. I would however like to see a pause feature for the Braava Jet incorporated so I can pause the cleaning job to fill the water tank when it is cleaning bigger rooms. Add that and I give it 5 stars!
  • App Needs Work 3/5

    By TomsFZ1
    Whenever I open the app, I’m INSTANTLY greeted with error messages and red icons saying the app can’t connect to the Roomba. Then, in a couple seconds, the connection is made. So there wasn’t really anything wrong after all. If it takes a couple of seconds the establish a connection that’s fine. So then build a couple second delay into the launch of the app so I’m not peppered with error messages that aren’t really errors every time I launch it. Also, the two sets of settings (cleaning prefs and settings) need to be put in one place. The leftmost icon should be a gear with ALL settings/prefs, and the rightmost should be a question mark with just care and help. I only have one network in my house, so I don’t understand why I keep getting errors that my phone and Roomba are not on the same network. The cleaning map is excellent, and so is the wi-fi map. And I love my 980.
  • Product Suggestion 5/5

    By Up4Fun
    The product is great and works as advertised and beyond my expectations. Thanks! We built a home for Roomba underneath our cabinets. It would be great if ROOMBA would come to me so I could clean the dust bin without having to retrieve it from it’s home.
  • Love 💕💕 5/5

    By Chas2360
    Franklin is a welcome addition to our family. Nice to have someone that will do his job without complaining! Very impressed

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