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iRobot HOME App

The iRobot HOME App gives you more control than ever before for cleaner floors, every day, all at the push of a button. New! Roomba® i Series robots even allow you to clean or schedule by room with Imprint™ Smart Mapping. The iRobot HOME is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® robot vacuums and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240. IMPRINT™ SMART MAPPING* • New Roomba® i Series robot knows your kitchen from your living room, and creates a Smart Map for you to view in the app • Smart Mapping enables you to clean or schedule to clean specific rooms or your whole home • Knows upstairs from downstairs--The robot can store multiple floorplans and always knows which map to use * Available with Roomba® i Series robots CLEAN MAP™ REPORTS* • Zoom and pan Clean Map™ reports in the History button to view cleaning coverage • View statistics about coverage, cleaning time, and charging time *Available with Roomba® 900 and i Series robots CLEAN FROM ANYWHERE • Start or pause cleaning cycles • Conveniently schedule for any day of the week • Customize your cleaning preferences* • Monitor activity of your robot • Turn on Push Notifications to receive real-time notifications *Available with Roomba® 900, i Series, and Braava® jet™ 240 robots CUSTOMIZED CLEANING PREFERENCES • With Roomba® 980, select from three cleaning power settings: Automatic, Performance Mode, or Eco-Mode • With Roomba® 900 and i Series robots, select from three types of cleaning passes: Automatic, One Cleaning Pass, or Two Cleaning Passes • With Braava® mops, start a SPOT Clean for a focused cleaning on a dirty area or reduce the amount of water used in wet and damp modes VOICE CONTROL • Just speak up! Connected Roomba® robots are compatible with select voice assistants! *Voice Assistant functionality available in select languages and markets EASY TROUBLESHOOTING • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES • Keep your robot up-to-date with new features Requirements • Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band • Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band • Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices Need help? Visit for answers to common questions or to contact our Customer Care team.

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iRobot HOME app reviews

  • Great idea NOT 1/5

    By whoose urdaddy
    It’s less stress on the mind ! Buy a mop
  • Maps stopped working 1/5

    By Jvzrhssrfahiuds
    Maps have stopped working with either 3.2 or 3.2.1. Last map was recorded on Dec 20, afterwards it only says "map not available".
  • No cloud 4/5

    By tomanytries
    I think the Rumba is great. The WiFi hook up is a joke. Mine keeps telling me that Fred can’t hook up to the cloud, so I have to start him up manually. Got rid of the app.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lucky Day = Lucky Gay
    This app needs to fix their problem with the fact that some roombas can’t connect to the WiFi because on the app it tells you to hold down spot and home for 2 seconds simultaneously and release, so I did and it told me that it would make a noise but it didn’t. I checked multiple times to make sure my room a was connected to home base and I was pressing the right buttons. If you fixed this problem I would have no problem to rating this to a 5 star.
  • App is very convenient 5/5

    By Gluca685
    Roomba is awesome, app works great
  • Good but needs some attention 4/5

    By LaMarEnFuego
    In short: no Siri shortcut. I want to start the vacuum with my voice and I have to rely on the google home integration, which is not the best. It would be much easier if I could record my own shortcuts.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By *Cedarvale*
    Got my new Roomba i7 to map half the house and also to keep track of its cleaning. After 2 weeks the app stopped connecting up with my vacuum. Roomba said it was my ISP and my ISP said it wasn’t them. I now own a $1000 albatross and Roomba won’t do anything about it! Worthless!!!
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Pretty1894
    There should be a “ home” or “dock” button on the same screen where the “clean” button is. I can’t get my Roomba 690 to dock without me picking up & placing it on the base myself or hitting the “clean” button on the roomba & the the “home” button. For a $300 vacuum, the app should have a dock button.
  • Few & Broken features 1/5

    By greg75443477896574577743
    The app has only a few features. The primary one, weekly schedule, does not even work. Roomba only cleans when I manually trigger it.
  • Stupid app 5/5

    By Bman😎
    I love you stupid app cause it looks like crap
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By csd081085
    I have tried multiple times to get this app to work. It is impossible to get the robot connected. If you do, it doesn’t stay connected. Sometimes it says the robot is connected, but the app has me going in an endless loop of trying to connect, back snd forth repeating the same thing over and over. The iRobot works great, am very happy with it, but I am going to wIt another month or two to try the app again.
  • Horrible app update 1/5

    By 72mc
    Horrible. Job finished over an hour ago and still won't display the map it cleaned. A HUGE error in this update is you now can no longer end the job and send the roomba back to its base. It will give you only two options now. Resume session or end session. When you select end session it does not return to the base. You have to pick it up and put it back on the base. Another thing that's messed up now is the locate roomba button. When I hit the button it tells me I must be connected to the same SSID the roomba is connected to. I am still connected to the same SSID as the roomba is. So much wrong in this latest update. Don't install it. You'll be as sorry about it as I am. Don't understand people rating five stars then proceed to praise how great their iRobot is. This forum is for the app, not the device it controls!!
  • Mediocre at best! 1/5

    By SCSpencer2010
    I received my Roomba as a gift and I was thrilled that I could connect to it wirelessly and schedule cleanings. For the first day everything was great, after that … not so much. Most of the time I get an error saying the iRobot account service is not available. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, thinking mine must’ve not installed correctly and now I can’t even connect. This app is decent when it works, key words being, when it works!
  • Map Doesn’t Work Anymore 1/5

    By WIPackFan
    Please fix as soon as possible!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Kloooo717
    Why don’t you have a bluetooth connection option like most technology with apps? I have no wifi so this app is worthless.
  • Is this a joke? 1/5

    By love ookie
    The app keeps looping me back to setup between the WiFi and the vacuum, starting the process over and over again. It is not possible to set this up. What a waste of money.
  • Needs HomeKit integration 2/5

    By mrgreen4242
    It’s too bad the app doesn’t tie the vacuum in to Home so you can use Siri to start it up.
  • Stopped working :( 1/5

    By mmmeeeerrrrrr
    The app has been working perfectly for a week since I just got my roomba for Christmas and it started messing up today then tonight stopped working completely. Won’t find my Roomba at all when I tried to reconnect it hoping that would fix the problem
  • Works well except 5/5

    By jakejenks3
    Everything has been a breeze to set up and it works very well, but on my app it never loads the “schedule tab”. I click on it and it is just blank with no options to toggle on and off days. I have tried departing and reinstalling with no luck. Can anyone help......update, the roomba began to start at strange times without any command, like at 1 and 7 in the morning while everyone is sleeping. Ended up doing a factory reset on the roomba through the app and when I repaired it the schedule tab started working and havnt had any more issues. Hope this helps someone
  • The i7+ is a BEAST 5/5

    By NewsInfoReader
    So, my first iRobot Roomba I got some time around 2011. It was basic but awesome. No apps. Old school filter. But it worked. I actually liked it a lot! But then moved to a small rental and hired an actual house cleaning service to clean every few weeks. $150/mo. Then I moved into my first owned home (yay!) and it’s mostly hardwood and tile, with carpeted bedrooms. Not a very big house, one floor. Decided instead of spending $1000 on house cleaning over the next 18-24 weeks, I’d use the money to buy the latest and greatest i7+ Roomba. HOLY MOLY IT IS AMAZING. What an upgrade from what I had back in 2011. Ha! It freaking empties itself. And this iRobot HOME app is absolutely brilliant, easy to use and really does make cleaning your home easier. It’s super easy to connect your Roomba to the app and to your Wi-Fi network at home, and it takes almost no time to pick your settings. It’s also way easy to clean your home (or even pick a room!) using this app, from anywhere as long as you cell coverage. And then when your Roomba finishes cleaning it send you a nice alert to let you know your house is clean. It’s amazing! What I don’t know is if it’ll send an alert if Roomba gets stuck or something goes wrong, because that hasn’t happened yet, but I can tell you this - iRobots app and vacuums/mops make my life easier, and clean, and I love it!!!!1
  • Nightmare App!!!!!!! 1/5

    By WTYWR
    Could never after repeated try’s get this App to connect to the IRobot via WiFi. It seems so confusing although instruction look great but do not work. Wish I’d read the reviews before purchase! Two things to consider. In manual mode this product works well. IT DOES NOT CONNECT TO 5 GIG ONLY 2.4GIG WIFI CONNECTIONS.
  • App is disappointing 1/5

    By Kathy922
    The app doesn’t work. I keep getting a message that the cloud can’t speak to the robot; so much for trying to start any cleaning from the app. I do like the robot and it’s convenience, but would certainly like it better if the app worked properly.
  • Can’t get it to connect to internet 1/5

    By Jbczmn
    Cannot get it to connect to internet. Read review Dated December 4 someone had the same exact experience with the 890. What’s the deal? Can’t find home bade without internet connection.
  • Unimpressed. Mapping does not work 2/5

    By yerrow grass
    No clue why but no map on the app. Even running beta wifi strength map, nothing shows.
  • App not working 1/5

    By courvhu
    Love my robot thats until the app stopped showing weekly cleaning schedule now nothing works
  • Love our Roomba 960 5/5

    By Kiersmomma
    So far so good with our Roomba 960 and and app. Just wish they made the app to work on the Apple Watch too. Would be nice to view status and start / stop the Roomba with out having to drag my phone out from my purse when I’m on the go. The app does push notifications of job completion to the watch but it would be cool to use my watch to control it.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By JayAdelDiaz
    The instructions on the app are very easy to follow however it’s not working. The app doesn’t complete the setup process. It has you repeating the same exact steps over and over again but it will not complete the set up. So we can not program our roomba.
  • So doesn’t work!!! 1/5

    By Tammysteahouse
    Just got a new Roomba 690I have spent all morning trying to get the app to work the Roomba itself says it’s connected to WiFi and I get a message on my phone says it’s working but the app says it’s not working and I can’t go any further to program it or do anything different!!
  • Doesn’t work with my iPad 1/5

    By CmosGuy
    iRobot needs to work on this app and make it compatible with iOS. Could not get it to add the divice to the program on my iPad or iPhone even though I could connect to the Roomba’s Wifi.
  • 5 Gz WiFi doesn’t work. 1/5

    By WatsonHurst
    Tried to use on my 690. Told me I couldn’t connect on 5 Gz WiFi which I guess I have. Offered no help on how to fix this. Worthless.
  • Good app but 4/5

    By PatrickStim002
    I wish I could send the vacuum home with the app during a cleaning session
  • Junk 1/5

    By Kadillacmac
    Your app or the Roomba 690 is junk. Will not connect to internet. One star is too much.
  • Smart Map Feature is a Joke 2/5

    By SniperNoMore
    Advertises that once your robot learns an area that you can customize and name rooms etc. works fine on small areas but large areas with over 5 rooms continuously gives an “Error please try again”. Tech support is clueless. Their resolution was to block areas off with chairs. SMH. Yeah $1000 vacuum and I need to block rooms off???? No thank you lol. Please fix this
  • Some bad interface design 3/5

    By agsmith11
    Why can’t I check history or settings while the device is charging in a cleaning session?
  • This app needs help 1/5

    By qcord
    This app turned me around in circles! It says to connect to WiFi then connect to Roomba network then to WiFi & still not working, please fix this app.
  • Great vacuum but a lousy connection interface between the app and the Roomba 1/5

    By jorgearce68
    You go through all the motions and apparently you successfully connect the Roomba to WiFi. But some how when you want o start, you get a message that the Cloud cannot talk to the iRobot and to try later. Later means never! The instructions to fix it do not work. It never worked. A great little gadget and this bug makes it unusable. Until they fix this, i would never again spend a thousand bucks in this. Get a Dyson vacuum and your Alexa to play music.
  • Love the App Because It Is the Speech of My Roomba 5/5

    By southern florida
    The app sends me messages about my Roomba’s progress in cleaning, its batteries, whether it needs to be emptied - anything that I would want to know. It lets me know if it is stuck, how long it vacuumed and where it vacuumed. No, it doesn’t respond to my texts, BUT it does return home when I ask it to return home through the app. I love the roomba and the app.
  • No WiFi 1/5

    By Brockln
    The roomba did fantastic for about a week. Now all of a sudden it won’t connect to WiFi so I can’t do anything from the app. It just tells me the iRobot system is offline try again later. Sure did spend an awful lot of money for something to not work properly a week later.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By chad1289
    When I’m scheduling the robot I would like to move the individual rows, this would help me build a logical flow for the week. Especially if you add ‘Friday’ before ‘Monday’ and then walk through the schedule with yourself to see if it makes sense. It would be backwards in this example. Again, I’d like the ability to change these rows around. Thanks.
  • Great app — i7 needs enhancements 5/5

    By Hivez
    Love the app, lots of flexibility — keep adding new beta features. Also if you could add a waste bin level status that’d be great... be nice to know it’s getting full and I should order more just like normal supplies
  • No push notifications 1/5

    By Danny_Bob
    Push notifications don’t seem to be working. Also, sad that iRobot hasn’t worked with Apple on integrating vacuums into HomeKit.
  • App freezes when I try to customize i7 map 2/5

    By DZeckhausen
    When I try to edit a map, the app crashes as soon as I tap a boundary.
  • This a great app! 5/5

    By Chrisreviewer8888
    I love seeing my roomba’s job status while I am am away. Please create a Siri short cut to start a cleaning job. That would be amazing!!!!! Or integration with HomeKit. Thank you!
  • will not connect to wifi 1/5

    By annakegel
    we’ve tried numerous amounts of times to connect it to the wifi, but it’s not working. we’ve looked up videos, but they’re useless. not what i was expecting
  • Stupid account 1/5

    By EL Foco
    Why do I have to create a stupid account just to vacuum my floor. I don’t want a frickin log in to use a stupid app. I’m taking this back to the store
  • There is no button for the cleaning certain rooms 1/5

    By nestikb
    Still can’t see a button for the cleaning certain rooms as to clean “living room” only, for example. Curious why it still doesn’t show this button even though I have up-to-date version of the app.
  • Will not connect to WiFi 1/5

    By Wiggles106
    Have has a series 690 less than three week. Have had it “loose” the WiFi connection a few times but able to get it reconnected. Now no matter how many times I try to reset up the vacuum it will not connect to my WiFi. Should not be that hard to build an ap that will connect and stay connected to WiFi.
  • My problems 1/5

    By My Problums
    I can't even hook it up to WiFi
  • Each one is worse 1/5

    By Wombatmatty
    Each of the past few updates have made WiFi glitchy. Now I can’t connect at all and the app keeps logging me out.

iRobot HOME app comments

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