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iRobot HOME App

The iRobot HOME App gives you more control than ever before for cleaner floors, every day, all at the push of a button. New! Roomba® i Series robots even allow you to clean or schedule by room with Imprint™ Smart Mapping. The iRobot HOME is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® robot vacuums and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240. IMPRINT™ SMART MAPPING* • New Roomba® i Series robot knows your kitchen from your living room, and creates a Smart Map for you to view in the app • Smart Mapping enables you to clean or schedule to clean specific rooms or your whole home • Knows upstairs from downstairs--The robot can store multiple floorplans and always knows which map to use * Available with Roomba® i, s, and m Series robots CLEAN MAP™ REPORTS* • Zoom and pan Clean Map™ reports in the History button to view cleaning coverage • View statistics about coverage, cleaning time, and charging time *Available with Roomba® 900, i, s, and m Series robots CLEAN FROM ANYWHERE • Start or pause cleaning cycles • Conveniently schedule for any day of the week • Customize your cleaning preferences* • Monitor activity of your robot • Turn on Push Notifications to receive real-time notifications *Available with Roomba® 900, i, s, and m Series, and Braava® jet™ 240 robots CUSTOMIZED CLEANING PREFERENCES • With Roomba® 980, select from three cleaning power settings: Automatic, Performance Mode, or Eco-Mode • With Roomba® 900 and i Series robots, select from three types of cleaning passes: Automatic, One Cleaning Pass, or Two Cleaning Passes • With Braava® mops, start a SPOT Clean for a focused cleaning on a dirty area or reduce the amount of water used in wet and damp modes VOICE CONTROL • Just speak up! Connected Roomba® robots are compatible with select voice assistants! *Voice Assistant functionality available in select languages and markets EASY TROUBLESHOOTING • Access detailed help content and contact Customer Care AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES • Keep your robot up-to-date with new features Requirements • Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 900, 600, 800 and e Series vacuuming robot models only support Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz band • Roomba® i Series robots support both Wi-Fi® networks with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band • Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart) built in to most common mobile devices Need help? Visit for answers to common questions or to contact our Customer Care team.

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iRobot HOME app reviews

  • Notifications 4/5

    By Melissa 739
    Should add option for notification when it’s charged so I can run it again. Schedule doesn’t work for me since mine gets stuck everywhere and my Roomba doesn’t move in a pattern.
  • I thought the roomba was great and then I downloaded the app 5/5

    By L Tangerine
    This wifi setup guide is the best setup guide I’ve ever experienced in my life 10/10 would setup again. In fact I may remove my Roomba just to do that!!!
  • Updated App is Poor at Best 1/5

    By Ms.suzzyq
    I have a 900 series purchased this year and have previously owned a roomba for years. The newest app update is the most unfriendly ever. I can no longer go in and reset when I clean the bin, sensors etc and can no longer enter the care and maintenance section due to an error. Being able to clean the roomba and reset was nothing. If I want to order parts I get the message “unable to load robot parts at this time” and get booted back out to the menu. Fix the app or revert back to the last version.
  • When it works it’s great. 2/5

    By birdtreeman
    Problem is it fails to recharge half the time these days even though it on the base and the contacts are all clean.
  • Fix SMARTMAPS 1/5

    By DuLu2012
    Every time you try to edit a room in smart maps; add a barrier or remove a barrier for the sSeries, the app freezes. It’s happened to me 10 times in the last 15 minutes while trying to adjust the rooms. Considering I paid over 1300 for this machine, I’m a little salty.
  • Siri Shortcuts? 1/5

    By Scorpion_Ricky
    Still no Siri Shortcuts support? Neato just announced they will be supporting Siri Shortcuts. Still waiting for iRobot to support Shortcuts
  • Your better than neato 5/5

    By noahtruitt3000
    I just got a roomba 690 and it’s a freakin beast I did a test and it sucked up everything thx iRobot
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brooklynzzz4568
    Attempted to connect the app to my network never happened.useless app waste of time. Huge headache if u ask me
  • Mapping unreliable; can’t use from multiple devices 1/5

    By F16jetjock
    We’ve spent 6 weeks trying to map our home. We’re on our third training session (9+ hours each). It would be nice if the user could use the map from the history section to update the main map. Not very well thought out. Tried have it work from both my iPad and iPhone. Won’t do that. Can you say buyer’s remorse?
  • Flimsy and not user friendly 2/5

    By Aaap qa
    Parts are very flimsy. Plastic retainer mesh is broken after a few uses. Gets stuck easily on uneven surface. Should recognize and turn back. Can not figure out when area is done, keeps roaming until battery is out even when restricted to one room. Ok fine, if it is dumb, let me have flexibility to program to only run for configured time. Scheduling is also dumb. Doesn't let you program properly. E.g. every other Wednesday for 30 minutes. Come on, really!
  • Kid lock 4/5

    By Totallrob
    It would be nice if the app could lock the roomba buttons on the top from working so our toddler doesn’t keep turning it on and off during jobs.
  • Stuck at Searching for robots 1/5

    By YR0000000000000000000000000001
    It does not go beyond “searching for robots”. TERRIBLE
  • Violating and frustrating 1/5

    By honor among us
    The fact that the product can’t be programmed without an app is garbage. The problem is amplified by the fact that the first step in using the app is agreeing to their terms which clearly violate our privacy and enables them to collect personal data and do with it what they please. Total failure of an otherwise good product. My original I robot vacuum has been fantastic and I would’ve been a lifetime customer but due to this I will look elsewhere in the future.
  • iOS 13 beta beware 1/5

    By Tawd phx
    After hours of trying (self and with support) it was finally said there’s a known issue with iOS 13. Initially it was communicated that a know issue with the app and iOS 13. Then the story changed to iOS itself. Basically the app will not connect. I took an old phone on iOS 12 and connected. Clearly iRobot support has not communicated this out. There is not a lot out in the bowels of the internet and support was not very much of help - especially tier 1. If I would have know I wouldn’t have gotten the Roomba or at lease WiFi.
  • Get this app 5/5

    By Silly93928373727
    Get it this app is lit I live in Lancaster and we were on vacation on California and I started to vacuum with my s9+ with three cats BEAT BEST APP AND VACUUMS EVER
  • Worthless App doesn’t work on IOS 1/5

    By Smithsailing
    Amazon will colonize the moon before roomba will connect to an iPhone. Returned this piece of garbage for a dirt devil 👿
  • Removed Care Tab 4/5

    By Fetsmilazzo
    Latest update removed the Care tab and I'm honestly not sure why. It was a good way to gauge when routine cleaning on the robot needed to be done.
  • Frustrating 4/5

    By ...joejoe
    It would be a big help if the iRobot would tell you on the app that it had lost its way and would not make it back to its base
  • Stuck on step one 1/5

    By unhappy with roomba
    I have a roomba 805 and I’m trying to connect it to my phone but I have to press the home and spot button, in which case, the home button isn’t on the roomba. Unhappy.
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By wontbuyanother
    My iRoomba never gets to three rooms in my house. It’s not that difficult. It just stays in the same three rooms every time I use it.
  • Meh... 3/5

    By Lennys26
    I have a 800 series unit. The app works, but thats about it. I can hit the clean button and the unit will start. I also (most if the time) get notifications when the unit is stuck. Other than this, the app serves no real value. - The help screens/guides are useless (although the website from the PC is no better) - Notifications sometimes dont work. No real point to the app outside of the notifications.
  • Keep Out zones do not work 1/5

    By Bezfilma
    With the new update iRobot introduces Keep Out zones that sound really cool if the actually worked. I used to ‘manually’ keep my roomba out from areas that I marked as rooms and simply did not check these areas to be cleaned. With new Keep Out zones I removed all my custom rooms but it was all for nothing because this new feature does not work. Shame.
  • App is great except for annoying weekly reminder 3/5

    By lordavery
    Love my Roomba and this app is fine. Only issue is every week the app gives me a reminder that I can set up “virtual walls”. There doesn’t appear to be any way to stop these useless reminders. And it forces me to open up the app every week to clear the reminder. iRobot, please fix this!
  • Bad Certificate = get a new iRobot 1/5

    By Holdfast, Indiana
    Not worth it. I had a “bad certificate” on my most recent of MANY times I had to reconnect it to the WiFi network. Tech support took about 2 minutes to concede it wouldn’t work right again but they COULD offer me a new unit at a 25% discount. It was never consistent and the maintenance is worse than just owning a vacuum, which I recommend.
  • Great product! Can’t live without it. 5/5

    By Sabstanford
    I love my roomba and how easy it makes life especially with two kids and a hairy dog. Please make a setting for it to NOT beep and tell me it’s stuck or the battery is low in the middle of the night. The automatic timer is great for when I forget to set it. And the machine itself seems like it can put up with a good amount of abuse. Well built, sturdy, and I’m amazed at how much it picks up every single day. Not sure how I lived without it before.
  • All Jobs Finish as “Canceled” 3/5

    By Ny151
    For my Roomba e5, regardless of how a job finishes, this app will always list it as “canceled”.
  • Robby 2 i7 5/5

    By RedCandy
    **Developers: App and my robot Robby works perfectly now. Leave the app alone for awhile. App hint: NEVER update the app if your Roomba and setup is doing fine! I’m not doing this update. Seems like it’s a bad one. (I never update anything, app or phone, until I read the reviews) I’ve never had any major problems getting my robot to connect to my WiFi. This one took a couple of tries to get it to connect, not a big deal. It seems like some people aren’t following the directions. It may help to connect the robot in a part of the house where your WiFi signal is strong. I love my 980 (Robby) it’s been doing a good job except for a couple of features I would like to have had. The i7 came out it had those features like empty its own bin and clean specific rooms. It was a no brainer. It was well worth the price. It does an excellent job cleaning. It’s also a lot quieter than the 980 which I didn’t think was loud to begin with. When I first got it I thought something was wrong with it until I sent it on a learning run to map my house where it ran without the vacuum on. So my Robby 1 is put away until we move into our new house that has 2 floors. To iRobot: leave the app alone! Have you ever heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Just leave it alone. The previous version is perfect. You just piss off your customers who spent $$$ on these vacs.
  • The only thing lacking is Siri support 5/5

    By RoombaLover
    When Siri can turn control Daisy, my robot roomba named after a maid in downton abbey, she will be the perfect cleaner. How about it? Every time I see that there are updates to apps in the App Store I hope that I will open the app picker to find an update to the Roomba I robot app which will allow me to use Siri Control. When is this going to happen? Come on iRobot come on get with the program! Update, 6/17/19...when are we going to get Siri compatibility?
  • Worthless 1/5

    By and bloop to you
    Thing rarely connects and the vacuum is worse
  • App makes cleaning a breeze! 5/5

    By Mum to Dogs
    I love this app! It makes scheduling so easy. It also shows where it cleaned. Setup was easy. I bought this Roomba, after buying two others, because it was suppose to empty itself and I would only have to change bags in the tower every 30 days. All true! The app maps out the rooms and you can tell your Roomba where to clean. Gets around the house easily. I had back surgery and bending wasn't an option. I had a caretaker for a few months and she cleaned the house and was awesome. I knew she would be leaving and I needed something to help. I don’t have to bend much to change bags - could sit on a chair. The app and Roomba are life changers! I have two dogs that shed like crazy. I wake up to a clean house every morning. I run it at night while I the dogs and I sleep. Do my bedroom and bath in the daytime. You do need to take out the rollers every few weeks and clean them...the ends especially. Also under the steering rubber wheel. Other than that it is easy and awesome!
  • Constant updates are annoying 2/5

    By Chris Reagan
    My Roomba is spectacular. I don’t understand why my software needs to be updated every time I open the app.
  • Can’t see the cleaning map anymore 3/5

    By momomom11111123
    Before update to this version, I was able to see the map of where the romba cleaned, but now it won’t show the map anymore
  • Love this IRobot Vacuum Cleaner! 5/5

    By Rosie is the best!
    We bought our Rosie, named after the Jetson’s robot, in December of 2018. Economy one to keep the dog hair from 2 very large dogs off from the hardwood floors. Best money we ever spent. You definitely have to learn the routine of keeping things picked up. She doesn’t like dog food or dog bones. She vacuums every day and it’s great having clean floors. Have to save for one that empties itself!
  • Recent update messed up Alexa skill 1/5

    By Zoso67
    As of the latest update the Alexa skill is more complicated when trying to clean a room. If I tell Alexa to clean the living room it now asks what day I want to schedule. If I just ask it to clean it then proceeds to ask me to say which room I want to clean and then say done when I’m finished listing rooms.......instead of just saying “Alexa tell Roomba to clean the living room” Nice job guys. Please fix it.
  • Love my Roomba - Subpar App 3/5

    By Davenukem
    Love my Roomba i7... that said, if you’re going to sell me a $1,000.00 robot vacuum under the pretense it’s a technological marvel please make the app better. When my Roomba gets stuck... it would be pretty nifty to just drive it out of the mess myself. Also, how hard is it for me to have the ability to manual control my robot for the occasional spot clean? If you want to make that extra tech, let me select that spot on the map. Overall, I really hope iRobot actually works on the app now that the Roomba has the tech.
  • No longer communicating with me 1/5

    By Madtosser
    Since the latest update, my Roomba doesn’t let me know that it has completed a job. It doesn’t even show up in my history. It is actually running bc I the bin is full every day. Not sure what is going on.
  • Now it’s perfect 5/5

    By Ican'tfindanamethey'llletmeuse
    I absolutely love the new update! ,you obviously listen to what the customers are saying. Now I can locate my Roomba without having to end the cleaning job first.
  • Wtb Siri and HomeKit Support 2/5

    By Meecho Weeso
    The app layout is needlessly spread out and feels unfinished. Basic options like spot clean are absent. There’s no dark theme, which would be easier on the eyes. There’s no Siri or HomeKit integration, even though HomeKit has the best automation and privacy. I do like seeing the report of what was cleaned, the map, but it doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just another way to confirm the Roomba did it’s job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Roomba but the app is a glorified firmware updater.
  • Meh! 2/5

    By Becky2259
    Love roomba but I bought $1000 robot vacuum that is capable of updating my robot, but instead you keep churning out new features only to new users. It can map my room but you won’t update it to clean certain rooms. Instead I have to spend another $1000 to get a whole new one. Not what I paid for. I have a 980. 3 yrs. not understanding the point of being connected to your servers if u aren’t going to update my robot. Would rather have a remote or program onboard like my older roomba.
  • Behind the times, weak engineering 2/5

    By Ed Brey
    • Can’t tell a stick Roomba to make a sound so I can find it. • Often shows out of date information. For example, shows times that were no longer relevant hours ago. Should use Background App Refresh so that up-to-date data is displayed as soon as the app is opened. • UI is unintuitive. It says "Cleaning in progress" yet underneath shows a giant "CLEAN" button. • Can't access device history or settings when charging during a job. • When renaming the Roobma, the cursor jumps to the end of line if you press space. The cross-platform UI controls in general lack the polish of the native iOS controls. • Elapsed time had no breakdown of cleaning, charging, and waiting for operator. • Can’t clear tip read indication when in weak cell area. • WiFi setup worked on the second try. • The general aesthetic of the app is nice.
  • Broken 1/5

    By zzzac123
    Hangs forever at account screen. Have to reboot iPad or uninstall app.
  • Wish there was an audible notification 4/5

    By linda p r
    Roomba and app work beautifully-except—it would be helpful if there was an audible (beep,etc) when Roomba is stuck or bin needs to be emptied. Too easy to miss the visual notification.
  • Love vacuum but app messed up 3/5

    By Suzzcarn
    Since the upgrade on the app, I can’t start the vacuum or cancel job or send it home. The app is only good now for seeing time and battery. Had to start manually. Please fix this! Also the find roomba has never worked. Says it has to be on same wifi, which it is
  • Please fix the bug in the latest App Store update 1/5

    By U-235
    The mobile App now states that iRobot cannot be reached at this time...!
  • Jobs won’t complete 3/5

    By AUGOLD325
    I’ve had my Roomba 675 for a few months, but didn’t actually get it setup until today (because I also have another vacuum). I ran it twice in the same room and both times it says “job canceled” as the status. One ran for 51 minutes, the second ran for 1 hr, 9 minutes.
  • Everything I update the app I have to re-sync my Roomba??! 3/5

    By jchristine000
    I enjoy using the app, but every time I install a new update and reopen the app, it requires me to reconnect my Roomba.. I already connected it when I purchased it, why do I continue to have to sync my Roomba? I would rather it came with a remote to use.
  • App needs more features 4/5

    By Alycja
    Please add volume control for the voice in roomba, such as a quiet mode. Also please add two functions to the main screen: spot clean (pick area on the map) and “return to home base”. I would also like to see the option to pick after the cleaning option is selected to choose then whether I want “one pass” or “two passes”. I would also like to send the robot to the rooms in a specific order sometimes. Please also let me choose when I can resume the job, often the resume time is too long or too short. Often roomba resumes the job earlier than the app states and it’s very frustrating with a sleeping baby.
  • Robot is pretty good, app is inconsistent at best 1/5

    By tje49
    This roomba pretty effectively cleans the house with 4 dogs and 4 cats. However, the clean base often fails to empty the robot’s bin, resulting in failure to start the next day. This would be resolved with a persistent “empty the bin” button on the app. Unfortunately, that button seems to be situational, but for the life of me I cannot determine the situations that cause it to show up. Functionally, this completely automatic vacuum is providing the same automation as the previous generation of roomba, and the $300 cleaning base is little more than an expensive charger.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Buskirk5
    I love this app and vacuum. There are a lot of great features. The only thing I would change is add additional users, so that the multiple people in the household can control the same vacuum.

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