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  • Developer: Internal Revenue Service
  • Compatibility: Android
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IRS2Go App

Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go. Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are. IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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IRS2Go app reviews

  • Pitiful app 1/5

    By Comic Sams
    Usual government worthless app.
  • The app is crap 1/5

    By sendmymoneyjoe
    This app is crap just like online this app makes nothing better if anything it works worst than the online one still can’t get my status report not even on the app or online it’s almost been a month since I haven’t t gotten my money and it’s my money and i need it now
  • As expected completely useless 1/5

    By great.scandinavian
    As expected completely useless. This app is the perfect reason we need to have absolutely minimum government. I wonder if they can they make anything useful?
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By frugalfran29
    Keeps telling me to update the app when I try to find my refund status. I have the latest version!
  • Where is my money? 1/5

    By kim ley
    I filed my taxes in March and I STILL have not received my state refund. This is unacceptable and ridiculous. You would think they would be getting people the money that they owe them before they start sending another round of stimulus payments.
  • Just what I thought 1/5

    By KingLycian
    The IRS is quick with taking money, but slow to give you your tax credit. Filed my taxes (because I finally got my 1099) here I am over a month later still no update and my emails have been ignored. The app had a status bar thats no longer there so I tried calling only to no avail. My emails have been gone with no response as well. the app provides no more information than the website not even to help figure out what’s going on.
  • Reguarding tax refund 1/5

    By no7son
    We mailed our fed tax May14, 2021 and STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED OUR REFUND!! Why???
  • CoVid Scam 3/5

    By KurtRichardson9
    Fraud from All Collins Nigerians named Jay-zzzzzz
  • Useless 1/5

    By Radwanovich
    after 12 weeks of submitting my return; app responds “error—-not matching). Very annoying application.
  • IRS is Corrupt 1/5

    Corrupt, corrupt, CORRUPT!!! The IRS is So Corrupt!!!!!!!!! Corrupt organization, Corrupt phone numbers, Corrupt App! If they didn’t have MY MONEY, I would NEVER have ANYTHING to do with them. Corrupt! The Most Corrupt CRIMINAL Organization in America! The IRS is destroying this country with their corruption. They should be taken off social media.
  • Capitalism 1/5

    By Millionaire in the making 2021
    so wheres my refund? do they have a twitter?
  • Where do I find my Key???? 1/5

    By Mercy2357
    I need a username and key to use the app. I have a username I think, but I don’t know where to get the key. Nothing online has been provided this information or been helpful in any way. Like everything in government, this has been a circular sh*tshow with no answers, a lot of frustration, and I’ve been on hold with the IRS phone line now for an hour. I can’t access my online account with the authentication through the app, and I can’t access the auth code in the app without the app key 🤷🏼‍♂️wtf
  • Pretty Useless 1/5

    By ssmackenzie
    I’ve had this app for a month. I check daily only to read that information is not available.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By G1592
    Waiting 5 months for a refund. Unacceptable and the tracking only says “still processing “
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Strong Grasshopper
    Tried to verify identify and instructions says to use app to view code. It doesn't even provide that information!!!
  • Worked perfectly for refund info 5/5

    By rokuUser99
    After finding that none of my browsers, neither Chrome nor Edge nor Firefox nor Brave, could get through to whatever server the IRS is using for this information, this app gave me what I needed on my first try. Update: Finally got my refund today, 8/4/2021. Efiled my taxes in March 2021. No news is good news with this app, as long as it says only that they're still working on your return.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Vxcnfty
    This app is worthless. The IRS is a bunch of idiots. If someone worked like the irs they would be fired already. The irs is doing a terrible horrible job. This is the worst I’ve seen.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Albillah
    I down loaded the app and put all my information and I received message that my information doesn’t match. This is a joke .
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nickname8864478916
    App works far worse than the actual website, which is quite a feat (not really). Tried to test it out by getting the refund status of something I definitely received. Just threw an error, couldn’t give me any info. Didn’t work on the app, but it does give me info on the website. Disappointing but not surprising.
  • Same information as the web version 3/5

    By justanotherusernm89p
    I have been using the irs- “where’s my refund” web browser/site and downloaded this app at their suggestion. It doesn’t offer any additional information that the site does. I have filed my 2020 taxes with TurboTax Max because it was the first year I didn’t use an accountant. I filed in May and my refund is still processing. What a sucky year to have refunds delayed so astronomically. And the fact there is no successful way to contact the irs regarding concerns on submissions is frustrating.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Anna the Scottish princess
    I have been checking my status daily for my tax return. It’s not much but I need it. Tonight instead of saying it’s still processing my return that I filed back in April…it says error and that the return doesn’t exist!! The IRS is a system that needs to be abolished.
  • 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 1/5

    By Holy Pandora.
    There is no good reason for me still not to be able to see my return status.
  • Not Much Help Really 1/5

    By smittygal
    This app doesn't help determine IF you have a refund coming, such as the unemployment refund currently being promised. You must already know that along with the exact amount. Very limited functionality, kind of a waste of space.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Last Week iPhone Newbie
    This app is useless and wasn’t worth creating.
  • My money 1/5

    By Horridgame1257
    Where is my money?
  • Doesn’t Work Anymore 1/5

    By rrrrrateee
    When I first downloaded the app a couple years ago, it tracked my tax refund just fine. Now it is telling me my information is incorrect every time I put it in, and they say there’s no use in calling them to track my refund. Well it’s been 5 months since I was supposed to receive my refund and they said single taxpayers who had unemploynent assistance would receive their returns first, I haven’t received anything yet besides a measly $12 that was originally sent before they amended my return. Garbage app, and a waste of time.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By michelledanielle1935
    I downloaded this after a week it started to say my information was incorrect which is a load of crap, then would crash. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling and same outcome. Save yourself some space and go to the web or call them.
  • IRS is disorganized 1/5

    By flippywantrice
    Why go through all the trouble in making an app for the consumers when it doesn’t even work. I added all the required info that was 100% accurate, and nothing can be found, as is the case with everyone else that used the app. The IRS is great at taking money, but they do a piss poor job in sending out refunds in a timely manner. They estimated that it would take 3 weeks, it’s been over a month for direct deposit. They’d be better off removing this app until they can afford a competent software team that can deliver; having this garbage app be their official return status app is a joke and makes them look like the fools that they are.
  • Junk 1/5

    By LesGip
    Asks ss#, filing status, amount of return. All information correct but it app says I do is wrong.
  • All but useless 1/5

    By Juan Moore Beer
    The app tells you nothing. Status provides no information of substance until your refund has already occurred. There should be status updates or at least some projection of turnaround currently being experienced.
  • I didn't get my taxes refund from my workv 5/5

    By trouble2021
    When I am getting my taxes refund from my work. Still wait since March
  • Doesn’t appear to work 1/5

    By 7formimi
    I enter my social, filing status, zip, and the refund amount on our return, mailed on 4/17/2021, and it tells me the information doesn’t match.
  • Just as inaccurate as the website 1/5

    By 70ChallengerRT
    App is just as worthless as the website. Was an estimated 21-28 days and have now been waiting almost 50 days. Information still says pending even though my accountant and the IRS initially said it had been accepted. Guess I shouldn’t have expected much to begin with. Just call the IRS and bother them since they can’t make a useful app either.
  • Didn’t Work Then, Doesn’t Work Now 1/5

    By JohnnyG66
    I’ve tried to use this several times with different members of my family. I’ve never received a status of a refund. I only get the “ERROR -Information does not match” message. You only enter your SS#, filing status and refund amount. You really can’t mess that up.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Andy1904
    Entering information directly from my federally accepted filing results in inconsistent returned information. This is our government at work. . . . I would fire them if this is product they produced for compensation
  • Convenient 5/5

    By UNSC Orac 117
    Only rating it for refund status, which is the only feature I’ve used. Makes it easy to check. PSA: I e-filed in early March and didn’t get approved until yesterday - almost 3 months later. Seems they’re further behind than ever in processing returns this year.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By random rdfugcdww
    Almost June 2021 & still waiting on refund for 2019 taxes edited 3/17/2020.. website stopped working for last year months ago.. this thing doesn’t even allow you to check for prior tax year.. utter and complete garbage.
  • It’s app 1/5

    By WorgriderIII
    This app is as useless as our government!!!!!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By truthitis
    Downloaded, put in my correct, exact info, says “error”. Deleted. Pointless.
  • Sigh 1/5

    By nakitried
    Too busy building an app to correctly process a return, or have correct or accurate stimulus payments. Yikes. :-(
  • Does not give status 1/5

    By Mm Sidhe
    It’s been a week since edifice. App gives error- cannot find return
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LiveDieRepeat00
    I filed with turbo tax and received an email from both them and the IRS saying my return had been filed and accepted along with the amounts from the stimulus I never received. I was told by the IRS, turbo tax, and credit karma (who sent me a net spend card where my return is supposed to be deposited) that I would receive my return within 21 days of my filing being accepted. It’s been almost 30 days which they said would only take that long for a mailed check. I checked the IRS tracker website and it said my return was en route and would arrive by the 17th then downloaded this app to check my return status and it says it is pending. That I will receive an estimated arrival time when it is accepted. I am very upset and don’t understand why this is happening.
  • Use to work now it’s not 1/5

    By Musiqswav
    I’ve seen the other reviews and just like that all of a sudden my information is not correct… this just started giving an error message a day ago… so now all is unclear…. Because before it would say it’s still being processed… go figure.
  • No help 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ 1/5

    By jhryklhtnjffjkk
    Still never got my refund money it’s been 2 months since I never got my refund been calling the irs and everything but they not giving me no information like wth
  • App is useless 1/5

    By S2kaplan
    “Refund Status” option asks for SSN, Filing Status and Refund Amount. When all data is entered correctly and you click “Get Status” it immediately returns a vague error message, “Information does not match”. Which information? Does not match what? Very frustrating.
  • Error 1/5

    By jannj8206
    Gives error message. It says my information does not match. I know my info is correct this app. is crap.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By IFeelLikeAndy
    Employees are as awful as the app
  • Works like it’s intended for 5/5

    By ployghbdkgiiuzbnxkal
    Great app works well lots of bad reviews from people who don’t know how to use the app or mad at the irs lol
  • Tax Fraud 1/5

    By ron jic
    Absolutely despicable that this country is told to download applications from people at the IRS. What is their job again? I filed my taxes over 3 months ago now, and where are my Federal Returns? This country is ran by a bunch of liberal clowns who don’t know a thing about economics or running a stable and orderly society. Do me a favour...
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