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Is Metra Late

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Is Metra Late App

Check Metra delays in seconds! Is Metra Late tracks the train delays that matter to you. Is Metra Late saves your home and work stations, then intelligently switches routes based on your location. See stats on upcoming and departed trains, historical performance, and view trains' real-time location. The app also displays Metra advisories and alerts. Get smart real-time notifications about your train's delays and add multiple routes with a one-time purchase. Check delays even faster with the included Apple Watch app and Today View widget! Supports all lines in Chicago's Metra railway system: • Union Pacific North (UP-N) • Milwaukee District North (MD-N) • North Central Service (NCS) • Union Pacific Northwest (UP-NW) • Milwaukee District West (MD-W) • Union Pacific West (UP-W) • BNSF Railway (BNSF) • Heritage Corridor (HC) • SouthWest Service (SWS) • Rock Island District (RI) • Metra Electric District


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  • Sometimes it hasn’t a clue! 4/5

    By Rocky5128
    Lately the app is missing a whole hour of the schedule. No way to know if your train is late or even cancelled. Also has not been giving accurate times on the NW line. It says the train was on time and has departed but it hasn’t even come into the station. Used to be a great app to use, but lately it seems like it’s not updated regularly or they do not know if the trains are late.
  • 0 stars for Metra, but 5 stars for this app! 5/5

    By Fihhjtcvdswqqfbjo344
    Great app. WAY more reliable than Metra!
  • First time I try to use it it doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Steve4031
    Get an error fetching trains message. What a fail!!!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ad Sub
    A must have for any commuter that uses Metra. I can quickly glance whether in he morning or sitting at work to see when the next train is. Then I just quickly text the train info to my ride, who also has the app, which makes for an easier commute. I have occasionally noticed errors, but for the 3 weeks I have been using it (since 1/9/18) it has been really great. A suggestion: I wish I was provided with track information (e.g. Track 9) for trains departing Union Station. I realize this information may not be available from Metra but my life would be so much easier. For some reason at Union, only departure time of the train is displayed by the tracks, not the train number (e.g. 2244). Therefore, train number is irrelevant when at Union because it’s not used. I still have to run to the board to check what the track number my train is on. Either that or run to every door.
  • Must-have for metra commuters 5/5

    By Jim B112
    Love this app. Probably the best transit tracking app I’ve seen in terms of UX and actual utility. If you commute with metra you need this.
  • Solid app. 5/5

    By CleverName
    Much cleaner and easier than other Metra apps. The red/green scheme is great for knowing in a glance.
  • Metra delays app 3/5

    By route 59
    Hi team This app doesn't show till the last 2minutes before train is delayed or not,whole idea is to plan ahead if trains are delayed but if doesn't reflect delays until the last minute what's the point Thank you
  • Great, basic app 5/5

    By Sombulex
    I use this app most days to gauge when I need to leave home or the office to make the next train. Nothing fancy, just the info to make an informed decision.
  • App is not accurate 1/5

    By 834 loco
    I wish the app was accurate and provided unscheduled updates.
  • A must have for metra riders 5/5

    By Xiaobao05
    Very handy tool to keep track of Metra train schedule. But don't push too hard. Give yourself 1 min buffer.
  • Periodic rider 5/5

    By SevenBizzos
    Just being a once in awhile commuter, this app is very useful letting me know what's going on. I don't have train numbers or times memorized, so I let the app find it all for me. I've probably used it 20 days now and it's been very accurate.
  • Often not correct 3/5

    By GoCubd
    I started using this app in early fall 17. Times were accurate- give or take a few mins. Lately the train would be like 5-7 mins late and the app says the train is not late and has already left. This app is turning more into a schedule app for me instead of a train tracker. Too bad. There is one app that accurately shows all metra trains and locations on a live map, but is not quite as fast to use when you are running out the door. Please fix timing issues for this app!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By crosstitchmom
    Isn’t consistently correct.
  • Ok now, wouldn’t have paid to upgrade if it started like this 3/5

    By GardenOfSimple
    I pulled the app up this morning and over an hour worth of trains is missing from the app for my origin/destination. :/ Also, I enjoyed the ability to add which train I was on and see the stats of how often it was late. That has now been removed. And if you want to use the app to tell others if your train looks to be running late, it is a bit annoying as it switches to be destination > origin when you get closer to that station. I understand this for using the app in the morning and taking the train again in the evening but when it is a shorter time, it would be nice if it could stay on the same route so I could keep tracking if Metra is late without having to tap to reverse the trip.
  • My go-to app for my commute 5/5

    By leemahinay
    Have used this app for over 2 years now and it has never let me down.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Wingman122
    Works great!
  • Most useful app for a commuter in Chicago 5/5

    By Deepa Kartha
    Great to see an app like this.. Very informative...
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By Fusion flare
    Almost always correct
  • Right now keeps crashing 1/5

    By Zzzpsp
    Switch directions and it keeps crashing.
  • Thank you very much 5/5

    By Bully Shane
    I works good 99% of the days stupid people on always other then that workers very good
  • App not updating fast enough 1/5

    By marsel2
    Notice said train was 13 minutes late. Showed up about 10 minutes before this app said train would arrive and nobody there- train had already left and app still said train delayed! Adding to this...waiting for5:58 and it is 6:01 but no notice train is late and it is not here. Great idea for app but wished it worked.
  • Ok, but Erratic & unreliable 3/5

    By Josey T Wales
    This app works great when there are no train accidents involving pedestrians getting it, but when such accidents happen, this app is almost next to useless!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Marcus615
    Use it everyday! Love.
  • Was great... 3/5

    By Joshua Ochs
    An indispensable app for commuters in Chicago, but this latest version is completely broken. Retrieves no data whatsoever (BNSF line). No departed trains; all trains for the day listed with zero minutes.
  • Doesn't update 1/5

    By Sideview50
    Not updating to reflect delays - no value
  • Would use this... 2/5

    By DJ Shell
    ...except the app crashes on opening. There's a bug somewhere on the load!
  • Not accurate. 1/5

    By Sgconer
    Said train was 20 minutes late. So we waited. Train gone. Horrible. Still says train is 20 minutes late no we are here but it left a while ago.
  • Way better than Metra site 5/5

    By Bagoogoo
    Agree w the guy who said its better than the Metra site for schedule. That site is always down or disabled. Great job Keep it up!
  • Great app better than official site 5/5

    By JonD.777
    Great app better than official site. Let's u see upcoming as well as past, in transit. Great interface- very clean.
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By Sophiakhan
    This is by far the best metra train tracking app. Which is easy and is user friendly. It also has iPhone widget which makes it easier to look at upcoming trains with just a right swipe.
  • Definitely one of my top ten used apps 5/5

    By Ginoletv
    This beats the other Metra tracking apps I've used so far. It's very simple and mostly intuitive. I would like it to be easier to tell the app to track me on the train. Right now you have to select "departed" if you don't act super fast.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Elpyess
    GPS showing where I am is a total fail. "I'm on this train" senses where i am and assumes i want to head opposite direction- ignores the fact that i am approaching my DESTINATION. Deleted.
  • Best of Chicago 5/5

    By kevinmmc
    Being new to the suburbs this past summer, getting a handle on the Metra schedule was essential. This app beats all the others in spades. I can't recommend it enough.
  • 5:60pm 5/5

    By Mafufa
    when share my ride: UP-N train #351 is running 1 min late. Estimated arrival: 5:60pm.
  • GREAT APP! Better than Metra's app 5/5

    By Jhanrahan82
    I recently moved to the burbs and I LOVE this app! Very well designed interface. Much better than Metra's app. Also love (and hate) the arrival delay stats :)
  • Very Helpful 4/5

    By Thinlizzy73
    So far so good. I paid for the upgrade and have been very pleased with the app. Keep up the good work!
  • I've been looking for this for a long time. Worth the wait! 5/5

    By DannyBonMetra
    Worth the wait! So far so good!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By mikeybooyah
    I find the updates to be extremely unreliable. If a train is late, it doesn't let you know until right around the time the train is supposed to arrive. This sort of renders the app useless in that you end up waiting at the station anyway.
  • Best by far 5/5

    By Chicagan1234
    I use this daily and it's the best metra app by far. Love how you can check the train in front of you to see if your train will be late.
  • Flawless 5/5

    By Pucely
    More information than you could ever want and works perfectly! Thank you developer!
  • Perfect, easy, and accurate 5/5

    By Astrobeen
    I ride Metra every day and walk to the station. This app lets me know whether I should walk, run, or just forget it and take the El. It's very fast, knows my commute, and gives me relevant information instantly.
  • One of the best apps of all time. Seriously 5/5

    By Lox69
    I'm about to hit up the tip jar for this app. It's amazing. So convenient. Clean. Incredibly reliable and just overall perfect. Would pay twice for this. Highly recommend if you ride the metra. (Obviously)
  • Excellent 5/5

    By mjmetts
    Love this app. Wonderfully designed a superbly functional.
  • Use everyday! 5/5

    By W9JFL
    Works wonderfully, is quick, accurate and very handy. Haven't experienced any issues with it for quite some time.
  • Magical 5/5

    By Josh Greco
    This is the Metra tracking app I've been looking for.
  • Use it daily! 5/5

    By TammyC*
    I use it everyday, and I find it very reliable for my train and also have multiple trains that I watch without problems.
  • Best app for Metra 5/5

    By deverter
    Great interface, easy to use, polished look.
  • I use it every day 5/5

    By fbara
    Excellent app. I use this every workday to make sure my often-late train is close to being on-time. I don't have any problems seeing all the different trains I take.
  • Don't purchase the upgrade! 3/5

    By ChiPeace
    I use this app everyday and recent purchased the upgrade only to find out that it doesn't work. No train information comes up for the second train that I added.
  • Awesome for the daily commute! 5/5

    By starfx6464
    This is the app I was looking for. Real time ETAs and notifications of delays. This is a great tool for any Metra commuter.

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