iScore Basketball Scorekeeper

iScore Basketball Scorekeeper

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  • Current Version: 3.05
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  • Compatibility: Android
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iScore Basketball Scorekeeper App

"it’s the most detailed sports tracking app I have ever seen outside of watching SportsCenter" --- iScore Basketball is the easiest, most intuitive way to track a basketball game. With the #1 Basketball Scoring app for mobile devices, you can score youth games, college games and even professional games just like the pros. Brought to you by the leaders in mobile score keeping applications, iScore provides unparalleled data collection, stats reporting and live game scorecasts. Scorekeepers of all levels will love the ease of use and flexibility while the statisticians will appreciate the comprehensive game and season stats that no other scoring app provides. Following the iScore tradition of "score what you see", you will be able to score live basketball games and immediately produce statistics that every coach, player, and team parent loves to see. Track as much or as little detail of the game as you would like. iScore Basketball is so easy to use, even a novice can produce complete and accurate stats. "I had tried the other scorekeeping apps and they assumed I knew things like a blocked three point shot that rolls out of bounds should be scored as a block for the blocker, a missed 3pt attempt for the shooter and a team offensive rebound for the shooter's team. iScore takes care of all that for me ... The coach is delighted now by the accuracy of the stats" -Karen B (Team Mom) Full Tutorials available at APP FEATURES: * Intuitive UI - easy to score even the most fast paced action * Track as much or as little as you would like * Full game and season cumulative stats for any number of teams and leagues - see how your team and players performed game to game, season to season, or tournament to tournament * Individual game stats and shot charts for every player. * Unique iScorecast functionality - let fans worldwide watch LIVE as the game is played. Great for out of town friends and family that want to keep up on the action. (additional charges may apply for iScorecast viewing) * Unmatched statistics tracking: Minutes played, complete shot tracking with made/miss + location of shots, % by 2pt vs 3pt vs Free Throws, Offensive + Defensive Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Deflections, Turnovers, Personal Fouls, Charges Taken, Total Points, Averages per game, +/- (PM) * Complete shot charts for every player and entire team * Foul history report - see all fouls for the game at a glance * Play by Play reports - coaches can review entire game to see where practice is required * Robust Timeout tracking - 30 second, Full and Media timeouts with period by period timeout * Full Undo and Redo capability * Complete post game editing - edit/add/remove events + subs post game * Data Sharing - copy teams and games between devices to share information with other scorekeepers * Email a unique "Game Report" that includes stats, shot charts, and Game Flow for the game in a beautiful PDF format * Twittercast - send game scores out as tweets * Ability to score with or without a Game Clock * Combination stats reports. * Track one or both teams. * Email all stat data in CSV, Excel, or HTML formats * Free Export to MaxPreps * Manual stat adjustment/creation - Season already started? Create a new game and use Adjust Mode to enter stats to date * Optional Team Websites provide a fully customizable website with easy updates IPAD SPECIFIC FEATURES: * Choice of Scoring Mode - Game, Coach, or Adjust. * On screen player photos in Coach Mode. * "Full Screen" vs "Split Screen" scoring. * Connect to External Monitor - allows fans to see scoreboard on a monitor connected to your iPad while scoring! * Optimized Portrait and Landscape views Perfect for youth basketball, high school, college, and even professional games. Elevate to the next level with iScore Basketball!

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iScore Basketball Scorekeeper app reviews

  • Happy with iScore products 5/5

    By Bob277v
    Love the basketball and baseball apps both very much!
  • How Did you do this 5/5

    By ❤️😗😁🙂😤😝☺️😜😤😁😛😁😑
    This app is amazing! Out of all the other apps track the this is🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉 number one
  • Great on iPad, not on phone 4/5

    By DRomulous
    This app needs to be used on iPad. The phone is far too difficult. Seems like they stopped updating it though. Baseball more advanced.
  • Extremely disappointed in change. 1/5

    By RoadMoyer
    Paid for the app back in the day so grandparents could webcast games. Now they give the app away free and people watching have to pay. I've had the app for years and they've spent very little time or money making any real improvements. Now we have to pay again to get what we paid for originally. I'm glad this is the last summer of bball for us. I would never use this again.
  • Very buggy and confusing 1/5

    By DitherDaring
    Coming from GC That has been discontinued I wanted to find an app for replacement. This is not the app. It’s very buggy and hard to navigate. Trying to use your phone for scoring is impossible. Sure this could work if I never used GC but it’s missing so much and very hard to use. Needs updating
  • Really? Free? 5/5

    By BWhoseUsernameIsAlreadyTaken
    At a tournament this weekend we needed something to serve as a backup to untrained teenage scorekeepers. This app was set up in less than 5 minutes and does amazing things. It is intuitive to use. Corrections were a challenge to figure out mid-quarter, but this app does all we need and more than we can use. We tried to buy it, and it seems the app itself is actually free! If we want the website next season, it’s there for purchase, but the app itself was perfct for the tournament. Thanks, iScore!
  • Good. Not perfect 4/5

    By bwark
    I have used this app for years and like it a lot. Pretty easy to use and modify to your liking. Problems - no shot chart for opponent when playing away and no shot chart for opponent sent with the stats when you send by email. Also don’t like the clock starting automatically after free throws.
  • Love the app but server is down 5/5

    By Need Server
    Please fix
  • Adjust display 3/5

    By gandldad
    Please adjust the display to fit with iPhone 7plus.
  • Not updated for 6/6S/7 Plus 3/5

    By methlp
    Have been a long time user since 2010 and my 3GS, but now on my 6S Plus, iScore still maintains the small score keeping dimensions from the smaller 4" iPhones. A few bugs in various team player add functions where entered data disappears going back and forth between controllers.
  • Works well for youth games 5/5

    By UDChris
    I have found iScore to be very useful. I've scored over 60 games at the youth level using this app. It has taken time to master the features, but I can now run a shot chart for the coach (all 1200 misses) so the coach can highlight areas for improvement as well as strengths in a visual way. Also - the coach doesn't have to interpret my handwriting in a paper book. One suggestion - add a court layout for High School in addition to the existing college/pro. The layups on the shot chart look like they are behind the basket.
  • Not worth the money or time 1/5

    By Amesbury01
    This app claims to be intuitive, but it is far from it. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure how to add stats/results for a single player. Very confusing. I read the online guide and the faqs. Surprisingly there was no help for such a basic use case. It might be powerful, but it is useless if you can't figure it out. I tried a different app for $2 and it was up and running in minutes.
  • Steal and deflection do not work 1/5

    By Laufbsubxks
    When I click on a player and then click on steal or deflection it asks me to select a player from the other team. Huh? Was this app tested?
  • App not working 1/5

    By djchis
    It's not working end of story
  • Great program 5/5

    By Plaumbach
    Have been using this app for the past 3 years and love it! Is it possible to make a change to turnovers though. Would be nice if we had a choice of what turnover was made--like the fouls option
  • Great for data lovers. 4/5

    By Lounge2fly
    The stats and format they do it in is worth the cost by itself. Great for taking stats after the game while watching the video but seems like you'd need a lot of practice before you would be able to do it live. I'm not sure exactly what constitutes a team turnover. Sometimes I feel like it misses some of the shot locations but that could just be overlap. If there was a way to see just made or just missed that would be nice. Keep the updates coming!
  • Season stats 5/5

    By Cody Schwartz
    Great app, but do have a question. How do I get or find the season stats?
  • Pretty Good 3/5

    By WeatherDude76
    Good for the most part. I use Game mode with a partner to keep stats. Used it for two seasons now and they refuse to add a "Jump Ball" button. Many instances in a game where you have no options for the play that just took place or you have to back track to add the correct stats. Otherwise, I like it.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Smurfffffffeeeeee
    It's the bast there is period.
  • Overall, it's pretty good 4/5

    By C...0166
    Once you get the swing of it, it's pretty simple to use. Broadcasting games can be iffy -- sometimes the stream stays stable; sometimes it doesn't. The app makers would probably blame that on the wireless connection at the event. I think the instability is pretty consistent, and I've used it for countless baseball and basketball games in many, many different venues and environments.
  • Worthless purchase 1/5

    By CPM Sports Media Services
    If you are into wasting money and want to lose and easy $10, buy this app. More worth the money are Stat Crew (PC) or CyberSports (PC & iPad). Save your money and headaches for better occasions.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Caitlin_Luvvs_RPTH
    I feel like I wasted my money on something I can't even use waste can I have my money back
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Kro bradley
    I thought I would be able to add live game stats for the price of $9 but you can't do anything with this app..then they try to get u to buy 19 per month for just 1 team..not good user interface and I felt like I was deceived by the pictures in the preview.. Very upset.
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By Johnberger
    This app is amazing!
  • Great Apps 5/5

    By Easygoer_1
    Easy to use. All the stats you want and more. Love it.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Heelatious
    I use this to score my son's high school basketball games. The stat detail is tremendous, and the shot chart that you can use while scoring the game is fantastic. I could not recommend this app any higher.
  • GREAT 5/5

    By Yolo the third
    Great app. Full package. Worth the 10 dollars
  • Too cumbersome for a fast basketball game 2/5

    By balldad22
    Too slow, clunky and limiting to keep up with the speed of a basketball game. Will be sticking with Game Changer which just updated their basketball version. It's much easier and intuitive.
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By 6packballer
    I am the commish of a rec league and I use this app to keep track of the weekly games and then email it out to all the players in PDF form. This will bring a tear to your eye
  • Great App 5/5

    By Martinez Ohana
    I am very happy with this app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Macdoobs
    Great app! Highly recommend it to everyone!
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Sports writer
    I used the baseball app earlier this year and liked it so much that I decided to give this one a try - glad I did. It's incredibly simple to use and doesn't take an advanced degree to figure out how to use it. In fact, I taught a 12-year old how to use it in a little more than an hour. The hardest part is getting the other team's lineup loaded. Well worth the money, especially if you go through at least one regular scorebook a year.
  • Best in class 5/5

    By 42coach
    I sampled a number of different basketball stat apps before choosing this one. There is a simple design that makes stat collection quick and easy (very important for a fast paced sport like basketball), and generating reports is as simple as tapping a button. The depth of analysis from these stats is amazing. Also the sync feature allows parents and grandparent the ability to follow the game without being there.
  • Review 4/5

    By '80s rule
    I like this app. Wish there was an instruction manual for it.
  • Outstanding B-Ball Scoring Ap 5/5

    By Indiana Iggy
    So looking forward to the season so I can finally try it out during my son's game.
  • I love it 5/5

    By DE33
    Use it every weekend. Have recommended it to many of my friends. My son loves to review the stats post game.
  • Love love love It.... 5/5

    By MrsHayden1207
    I used another app prior to the purchase of this one. This one crashed that one on day one. I especially love the average.
  • Best option available for scoring 5/5

    By Troy H 72
    Great app, and great support. My issues and suggestions have been responded to within minutes. A few minor enhancements and this will be awesome! True that it will take a few games to get used to it. Tough to keep up with player subs.
  • Very good app 4/5

    By Chaspav
    Very good but could use some minor enhancements
  • I Score 5/5

    By Tony Rossignol
    Great program. The company does a nice job updating.
  • Too hard 1/5

    By HLCnAZ
    This is just too complicated and not intuitive.
  • Really worth it! 5/5

    By Hoop league
    I love this app. We keep all the stats for our rec league and players are happy to see their accurate stats. Minor suggestions: If we could somehow see the team logo on the app (i found that you can upload one through the iscore server online but couldnt see it on the app) And also if you could add more stats to the team stats per game (not just limited to ppg, rpg, apg, spg, and bpg) like minutes per game, fg%, makes, attempts and also turnovers pg. Other than that, this is worth the purchase. Best investment ever for our rec league. Keep it up!
  • Iscore 5/5

    By PaladinDad5
    Great app, great support!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jeanette Priest
    Very good. Exactly what you need to score bball easily!
  • Iscore basketball 5/5

    By Earloo41
    Works great able to make quick adjustments on the fly makes game scoring easy while live
  • Love This APP! 5/5

    By MattWGallien
    Love everything about this app! It is great to have everything in your hand during the game. Also, not having to enter any stats into the computer after a game saves a lot of time. Highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to stat games!
  • I-score 5/5

    By Of fhduf
    I would recommend to anyone wanting to take very accurate stats and have it processed into instant usable info for coaches and fans a like. I coach and also keep stats for our AAU team and for our high school team.
  • Works perfectly! 5/5

    By Dropzone
    This is my 2nd year using this for church league ball, and it works great!
  • Stats 2/5

    By Barbara Dell'Aringa
    I keep losing data and the screen keeps going black or white. Had to delete the whole program once already!!!!!

iScore Basketball Scorekeeper app comments

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