iScore Football Scorekeeper

iScore Football Scorekeeper

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  • Current Version: 2.02
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  • Developer: Sports Illustrated Play LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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iScore Football Scorekeeper App

iScore Football Scorekeeper revolutionizes scorekeeping. Track every pass, rush, fumble and interception like never before with the most intuitive football scorekeeping interface ever designed. Score youth football, high school games, college games, and even professional games just like the pros. Track over 150 statistics for Offense, Defense, and all Special Teams players. Documentation available at: APP FEATURES: • Revolutionary Visual Scorekeeping -- Select the type of play (Run, Pass, Kick, etc) and then simply drag the players to the correct spot on the field. Player actions can be easily modified by tapping the player. • Quick Play -- handles a majority of situations that will occur on the field and helps minimize the number of taps required to complete a play • Partial play entry -- not sure who was involved in a play? Just enter what you see and you can fill in the rest later. • Game Photos -- Take photos during game from within the App and have them appear on the iScorecast - adds to the viewer experience. (Requires iPad 2 for a camera --- otherwise can select images from your photo library. Also requires internet connection. iScorecast will show last 3 images you have taken. Purchase of the optional Team Website will allow unlimited pictures per game both on the iScorecasts and on the Team Website itself) • Complete Post Game / Post Play editing -- Edit anything about a play after the fact. Did not get it right the first time? With the visual scorekeeping interface, it is very easy to edit any details of the play at any time. • Team Manager section -- Manage teams, team rosters and lineup at game time. • Quick Roster -- Generate teams with any number of players. • Quick Player Add on the Fly -- Start scoring with only partial rosters, and add the players as they do something worth scoring (saves a lot of time with large football rosters) • iScorecast - Watch games live (requires Internet while scoring, no Video), or a replay of the game later. Great for parents, family, or friends that can't make it to the game but want to keep up with the action. (additional charges apply for iScorecast viewing) • Built in TwitterCast -- Allow friends and family who are unable to attend the game keep up in real time by following you on Twitter • Multilevel Undo/Redo -- The simple editing makes Undo/Redo almost unnecessary, but it is still included as a standard feature • Data Sharing -- Transfer games / teams between devices to save time entering data or to share statistics with others on your team or in your league • Export to MaxPreps -- For High School teams, you can export data from iScore to MaxPreps Cumulative and game statistics are available and can be emailed in EXCEL, CSV, and HTML formats. Coaches will never again have to spend hours trying to extract data from paper records just to see how their players performed. QUESTIONS? We respond very quickly to direct emails at [email protected] as well as to our forums at

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iScore Football Scorekeeper app reviews

  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Iscore hockey
    Is there any chance you can make an iscore hockey? I have the other sports and I was just wondering.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Dewott21
    I love this app. Good system. Good stats. Good everything. I love using this to score football
  • Most Comprehensive, Most Flexible, Best Value Available 5/5

    By MarkRulesTheWorld
    iScore is by far the most comprehensive stat keeping app I have tried, offering some metrics I never even considered. The reports made available after the game are easy to read and easy to send to other coaches and media outlets. The interface is slick, easy-to use, and flexible. You only have to track what you want to (or are able to) track, but you have the option of tracking virtually everything. It is also very forgiving, allowing easy undo or editing of previous plays, or when all else fails, manual adjustment of down/distance/ball on/time remaining/score so you can get back on track. The live public online feed is excellent and a great value for a modest one-time purchase price. Most other apps that offer live web feeds require a paid subscription from either the app user or the web visitor. iScore's other apps for basketball and baseball/softball are equally impressive.
  • Iscore Football 5/5

    By Oldslowjim
    Very good application. Works well and the stats are just what folks want.
  • Ummm No 1/5

    By setuck
    Must say this was the worst app i have ever used to iput stats during a game. Not user friendly at all. What a waste of $$
  • Sports Editor 5/5

    By Teacher/Journalist
    Used program this past season. Was super. It met and exceeded expectations. The best part is at the end of the day you have a nice neat report that can be sent out in PDF format.
  • Drc 1/5

    By Mr coach RC
    Garbage!!!! Won't save teams, import teams, show games, or anything that it is supposed to. Thanks for nothing. You're welcome for the donation for crappy app.
  • Like this! 4/5

    By Pastor Flurry
    This is a very easy to use, functional stat application! Been broadcasting high school football for many years, and this is by far the easiest, most inexpensive stat tracking tool I have ever used! Highly recommend it!
  • 6 Stars for support 5/5

    By firedude066
    I love this app, I have used it a couple of seasons now and you can select the stats you want. I can give stats from a game immediately to the press or the head coach. It has had a few bumps in the past but the company is great about updates and after a little study time its easy to use in live situations! I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about stats!
  • Iscorecentral football 5/5

    By Jackieball
    I wish you could just hit a red button and it would leave a play untotaled and then you star another one real quick and at the end go back and be able to check what happened. Maybe even if you just get behind. Other than that, love it!
  • Jon 4/5

    By Jonschwab14
    I wish this was compatible with high school rules. Some of the penalty situations are tricky to figure but other than that its been great
  • Not bad....not great 3/5

    By UponfurtherreviewMN
    Overall, I like the layout. I have yet to get through a game without iScore locking up. With that said, I have not found anything with as good of an interface as iScore. I hope they continue to fix the bugs.
  • Best football scoring app 5/5

    By ESHS Bob B
    Best of all the IPad football scoring apps. The scorecast feature allows fans and family who can't make it to the game to see the team's progress real-time. Support emails back within 1day if you have any questions. Well worth the money.
  • Outstanding App 5/5

    By Fphspatriotsstats
    This app is great for high school football. There is a slight learning curve for some things that appear off screen but overall after 3 weeks of keeping stats for my team I think the app is wonderful as do the other coaches, especially the comprehensive play-by-play report available after the game.
  • Great App 5/5

    By ndorsey
    I use this for youth football and tracking my sons stats in high school. Fantastic App.
  • So easy!! 4/5

    By MDC1030
    I cover high school sports for a pretty large media outlet and this app has changed the game. The ease and simplicity of plugging in plays and keeping track of stats has made my whole job infinitely less stressful and much more efficient. Highly recommended for what I'm using it for, at least. Only issue is the camera button often shuts down the app. Fix a few little bugs and its perfect.
  • Stats 1/5

    By Jill.chace
    I wish they would make the stats easier to record without doing play by play. Like a spreadsheet with simple hashes to mark each stat in whichever area needed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By afjb1234
    This is a terrific app for keeping scores and stats of football games. It's very easy to use and learn and the stats they provide are more than enough. The best part is their customer service. They are quick to respond to a question or suggestion and are always helpful. I give it my highest recommendation. I only wish there would be an easy way to import rosters, even via a .csv or similar file. If and when they offer that, then it would be the perfect scoring app.
  • Not there yet. 2/5

    By PastorKris849
    I love iscore products. Used this one live during high school football tonight and it still needs some work. Really could use better clock and period change options. Too much drag movement for live action - let me simply click, enter a number or yard line and go. Love the interface but the postgame and season reports are bad. Needs to look more like a box score instead of a spreadsheet. Keep working. I love where it's headed and thank you for getting football.
  • HS Football Coach 1/5

    By Brownjeep74
    Not user friendly. Just wanted a program to take game stats. This is not the program.
  • Iscore football 5/5

    By Macmtrspts
    Great app! Easy to use for anyone!
  • Was working great until...... 3/5

    By QueensCoach
    It was great using this app until I recorded a kick off return for touchdown. The app froze up and wouldn't let me back into the game I was scoring. I get into very other game I've set up but the one I was scoring. I'd hate to lose the work I had done and have incomplete stats. Until this is fixed I can't use the app anymore. It's sad that I payed for this app and run into a situation like this. I really wish the creator would fix this. Disappointed
  • Crashes too often 2/5

    By CoachFootballSC
    I was looking for an app on my ipad to keep the stats for my high school team. I use iscore for my baseball team so I figured this one would be good for football. The program is great but I can't use it past the first quarter because it crashes. I am hoping they fix this because I would much rather use my ipad than my computer.
  • Needs a few bug fixes 4/5

    By Bham Herald
    Noticed a bug when trying to score a kickoff return for a touchdown. App locks up and crashes. Then you can't get back into the game to continue scoring. Hopefully iScore can get this bug fixed before the start of the football season, otherwise the app would be worthless in any game that a kick is returned for a TD. Also would be extremely helpful if the app would allow you to export html code for the gamecast option like the iScore Baseball app does. I didn't see where you could email the link to people before or during the game. Once these bugs are fixed, though, I'm excited to utilize this app. I fell in love with the capabilities of the baseball app this spring and am anxious to utilize the football app in the same ways this fall.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Heath.johnson80
    Having some issues with putting numbers in for the jersey's. But overall seems to be very involved. I will need to practice on how to take stats during the game...this seems complicated...but I have a feeling I just need practice or a tutorial maybe. I need to do more research and work it out. But so far and very early in the season, it took very little effort to set up the games and put my players in with pictures. I am anxious to get the opponents' info in here and complete it out.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Sven man #45
    This app is great there is only one thing keeping it away from four stars. There needs to be a system such as in iscore baseball where you can download rosters. I take score of college games and manually putting in rosters takes forever. I'd pay if I could download rosters.
  • Great App 4/5

    By GradyDog22
    The clock operation should be upgraded for ease of use and I still can't figure out how to post a fumble and a sack on the same play. But overall, it's a great app.
  • Awesome! But... 3/5

    By jason c dukes
    Started using this app a some months ago and it worked great! Let's you create rosters, teams, leagues, and games. Then, when I was playing a game (like 6 months after I downloaded it) it crashed after I recorded a kick return touchdown. I can go into every other game accept that one. Could you fix the bug? I will give five stars if there wasn't a bug.
  • Overly complex 2/5

    By EddyPGH
    Classic case of making something cool and neglecting function. I tried to use in a real game and it was just to complex to enter plays. Found myself getting behind a lot. With some teams that run a fast paced of fence it was impossible.
  • Fake Fieldgoal 4/5

    By Ruebusch
    I was doing a game yesterday and I just got the app so maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a fake Field goal option. Also, the clock seems to very touchy. Sometimes it just runs and runs. If you tap the clock to adjust then hit done it shouldn't run again until you say so. Also. Could you make it so if you drag the offensive player out of bounds the clock will stop. Time out buttons on screen would be nice too. One more option, if you click the players name in the roster during a game it would be sweet if a screen with his stats would open. Thanks so much. Love the apps. I produce high school sports for time Warner cable and this app does wonders for our broadcasts. Any ideas for volleyball app???
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By jjaarreeddvv
    Using it every Sunday for our 3 on 3 tackle football league and everyone loves it.
  • Keeps improving 4/5

    By belleazofia
    On my second season with i-score football for a radio broadcast. It can be easy to fall behind with all the clicking and selecting. Still trying to figure out the game clock and timeout tracking. Each new version gets a little bit better. Even with the faults, a super app. Please sort the player lists by # or name. Right now it is sorted by date time entered, which is nearly useless. Numerical would be easier during play entry.
  • Love the iScore 5/5

    By eyemitch
    Great application. Love the ease of entry of plays. Simple to import rosters and players. Highly recommend.
  • Great app 5/5

    By SaintsStatsGuy
    Just like baseball, a great app. Scoring football is much harder than scoring baseball in general because of pace of game but this is the best tool I have tried. Upgrades are very timely Customer service is definitely a 5 star with same day responses to questions. Local newspaper has my info immediately after game using this app.
  • Great for youth games 4/5

    I have used this app to keep stats on 5 games for my son's youth team. I like this app for the most part, but like other reviewers I have had at least one "freeze up" and crash each time I use it. I have also experienced blank rosters when assigning tacklers. It's also difficult to keep a accurate clock. I like the play by play and team comparison feature.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Cd1515
    Like almost everything about it, except 3-5 times a game it just freezes, locks up and shuts down.....usually my Info is all there when I reopen but it's a pain to have to keep doing that
  • Solid product 5/5

    By ScottShelton65
    This is the first year I've used iScore Football. I am very happy with it. I've only run into a few situations that weren't intuitive to figure out on the fly. The clock stop on first down is good, but it doesn't reflect the clock starting when the chains are set. Penalties can be tough. Offsetting didnt work like I expected. Overall, these are minor. It's a great product!!
  • iScore Football keeps getting better 5/5

    By HoopJD
    This product just keeps improving on what was already a very impressive football scoring app. It is extremely easy to use during the game and the stats produced are excellent. Using iScore Football has made scoring during the game so much easier and accurate. It has saved us a lot of time by not having to go back and watch game film to get accurate stats. They are accurate and complete the first time. The reports produced can be emailed directly to the media after the game saving us even more time. Parents and coaches also enjoy the customizable web site that can be created that has complete information about the season. !!! Update 10-Nov-2011 !!! Just as before, this product has continued it's improvement with the release of an iOS 5 compatible version which includes some bug fixes. This company really listens to its customers and responds. !!! 2-OCT-2012 !!! I can't say enough about how responsiveness of the iScore team. This app makes recording game stats super easy and it keeps getting better with every release!
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By cwdevils
    Best stats app that I have used for football on my iPad. Took some getting use to but used in my game tonight. Would recommend it to anyone that keeps stats.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Douglascen
    Use for HS games. After a little practice, it is the best football scoring program out there. Only problem is that it freezes up once in a while.
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By StatGuyCHS
    Moving from the digital disaster that was once digital scout on week 4 did not feel like something i wanted to tackle, but now that I have transferred the first 3 games over I wouldn't go back even to last years digital scout. Much better to deal with odd situations than ds. Penalties are easier to figure and safeties actually calculate correctly. Does close occasionally, but always saves up to that point. Great job overall!!!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By JorgeDude
    I am the statistician for a nationally ranked high school football team. I picked up this app as an emergency purchase after Digital Scout completely wrecked it's perfectly good stat program. I have recorded one game so far and, although there was a bit of a learning curve, was able to track the game in it's entirety. After the game, I was able to verify plays and add tackles from the game film with relative ease. The stat report was very comprehensive. The app did close out on me two or three times during the game and then a couple more times during editing but in those cases I did not lose any data and was able to get back to where I was fairly quickly. I will update this review after I have a few more games under my belt.
  • Great football stat app! 5/5

    Wow! Great app and impressive customer support. I am so glad I switched this year to iScore. I have been doing High School football stats for 20 years, including 5 with a different digital software, but iScore is far superior to anything else that I have used. Thank you for the constant improvements and fast email responses! You truly saved my season this year after Digital Scout imploded.
  • Score FB 1/5

    By JLC131313
    Used it twice, found it to be almost impossible to use. Won't use it for the remainder of the season. Waste of money.
  • IScore 5/5

    By TrojanFB
    Outstanding user friendly app. Highly recommended!
  • High school statistician 4/5

    By JK043
    This app is great. I have used the baseball and basketball apps and loved them so when it came time for football I searched this out. It is easy to use once you are comfortable and it generates professional level stats for use during live tv or radio broadcasts as well as media reporting and post game team reviews.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By toddkarrie
    Found this app after digitalscout "upgraded", which was a complete cluster-f. This app works great, and is much cheaper. Thanks!
  • Best yet 5/5

    By Jets#1
    I have been doing our high school football game stats for at least 15 seasons now. This app is the best computer tool compared to others I have used. So many capabilities and available stats. The support is second to none, always providing very quick responses for help or suggestions. Well worth the money and time involved in learning to use it.
  • Love it but needs some improvements 3/5

    By Smiley57
    This is a very good football app. I already used iScore Baseball and loved it so tried this one out. It does have a couple of times that it would freeze on me but overall it works good. I would like to see a couple other improvements. The baseball app allows 'merge' when two players listed are actually the same player. A game I scored made me add a player that should have already been listed. On the fly it was hard to correct and after the game I now show two players with the same name and number. Can't merge the two into one. Also it does not allow for editing the stats direct like baseball does or I could fix it that way. And if you add players on the fly during game using only uniform number if you don't know the name, it lists your players in the player list as 'blanks' so you can't tell who is who.

iScore Football Scorekeeper app comments

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