• Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 1.3.07
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Natural Synthetics Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Itsme­ App

Itsme lets you meet friends as your Avatar! ■ Take a quiz and meet friends picked just For You ■ Don't get judged by your face ■ Chat over Text, Voice, Drawing + More! The more you use Itsme, the better the friends you'll meet! Welcome to the future, have fun! \(• ◡ •)/ Questions? Suggestions? Email: [email protected] Tweet us! @TeamItsme

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Itsme­ app reviews

  • Horrible update! 1/5

    By kkyyrraaaa
    I am really disappointed of the the update y’all have been put up.The new avatars aren’t even that great.Perhaps you could have added new hairstyles or accessories to the regular avatars.Or you guys could have added to where you can go on voice chat with your friend and etc.I highly recommend that new features may be added to the app.
  • I need my original avatar😭 3/5

    By omarionjv
  • good overall 4/5

    By check my review ❤️❤️❤️
    itsme is a 10/10 but i’d go on it more if there was an option to where you can call people with a friend
  • Why 1/5

    By roblox bish
    It says 12+ yet in the app you have to be 13 why the app is a lie
  • Give a option to use the 1.0 avatars 4/5

    By manny839362
    I hate these dumb avatars
  • The new update is horrible. 1/5

    By skyzz123455669
    The avatars in the new update look so bad and it’s worse than the recent update that this app had.
  • Really fun app. 5/5

    By Ass128483010
    Really cool app
  • I love this app sm 5/5

    By sxz_9
    I found out about this app through tiktok and i wanted to try it since i have social anxiety and dont know how to open conversations i find it fun and interesting lol ok
  • Idk what happened 2/5

    By U1isa
    I got banned 👩🏼‍🦲

    By Ennarddd
  • Won’t let me get the app bck 1/5

    By fdgfhfhfddfhji
    Not working or let me get it back.

    By Fhdjdkdododu
  • Review 5/5

    By Aailyah H.
    The app is great I make new friends and laugh and talk but the app kick me off and then be glitches but over all that it’s a great app!!
  • Some suggestions 4/5

    I have some suggestions to make the app better, first of all, definitely take off the new update. Next can you please have like a friends list like seperate and everyone you talk to not automatically stay in your friends list like it would be cool if there was like a button noth of the chatters could press to become friends so they both can be put in a friends list, cause its annoying having bad experiences with people or just not talking to them anymore and baving to empty it out person by person and the people who want to chat with you pile up pretty quickly so i woulf change that to other then that i really like this app and it got me some nice short term friends
  • Hat problem 1/5

    By nyahhhh<3
    Hi so when I open it’s me I only have an option for everything else but a hat is my app broken or?
  • I think there needs to be a easier way to delete an account 1/5

    By noooacount
    I want to dete my account but there is no way to do that through the app and I’ve tried contacting the developers but i haven’t gotten an answer, so please fix that and delete my account.
  • Helpful to alot of you! 3/5

    By Kid vs challenGeS
    Hi there so this game isn't bad it just has alot of cons(annoying things) firstly if you select the category "boys" all of it declines, but if you pick both genders majority of them who answer is only girls. I hate that because if you want to make friends in both genders you cant because all the boys get declined and thats not right. When they do answer its always like: Me: hey them: wsg Me: how are you them: good hbu Me: fine them: thats straight and we never talk again and I feel like yall are purposely doing this idk why ..
  • Old avatars 1/5

    By ---Tanner---
  • my bad report on itsme 1/5

    By bad itsme bad
    so itsme decided to ban me for no reason and said ppl reported me i was literally doing nothing i was texting my friend and then a screen pops up and says that ppl reported me and i was mad bc i didn’t do anything so itsme is bad do not get it !!
  • creeps. 1/5

    By G0TH4BL00D
    Okay so I really love this app but there are creeps. Like say you make a friend and then in like hour they ask you for nudes smh.
  • How it doesn’t let iPhone 6 use this app 4/5

    By karenjj1
    I have been playing this game for 3 months now, don’t get me wrong I love this game but, I have a iPhone 6 and it doesn’t let me chat and talk to others! I feel like this app should allow other types of phone. Your probably thinking how do I use this app well I have to use my iPad and one thing I don’t really understand is it lets iPads use this app but not iPhone 6. Like what?
  • account not working2222 4/5

    By alyssassaaaaa
    i can’t get back into my account, it is on under review and i don’t know how to fix it i tried sending a message and nothing has changed please help.
  • the avatars 4/5

    By lizhzhdh
    the old avatars , to me looked way better than the new ones . the new ones look strange to me i honestly don’t like it . i think you guys should give a option about the avatars , either if you want the old one or new one .
  • Favorite app💝 3/5

    By niooche💗
    I seriously love this app like I play this ever day I met some new friends and I met my soulmate . I’m like 21 😙 soo this app is fun I got it on every device I have🤷🏾‍♂️😽
  • The new update 2/5

    By liannasaucedo
    I hate the new update, the avatar is really weird and you don’t have any accessories. Does anybody know how to change it back?
  • Take away the players card 4/5

    By toosweatynic
    Bring back the old faces
  • Slow 3/5

    By By:Brooklen
    I have tried downloading this app 3 times now! And it will not load! After I pick my character it loads and it doesn’t stop JUST LET ME INNNNN THE APP!!!
  • the new avatars is ehh 4/5

    so this app is really nice and cool to meet new people when you’re bored and it’s also really fun ! but the new update recently with the new avatars , i’m not really a big fan of . they adorable and remind me of characters from an animation movie BUT i can’t add hats or glasses like we could at first :( . we also can’t change our face shape and eye shape to where it looks like us ! my new character looks NOTHING like me and i really wish we had the option to change the details of our appearance (eye shape , jaw size , lip size , etc) those details again ! can you guys please please at least add the option to where we can change back to our old characters because some people don’t really like it ! (still keep the new characters because some people do like it) but can you add an option where we can have our old characters again please ? but other than that , you guys are doing good with this app , keep it up !
  • The new update 2/5

    By rainispretty
    The new update is horrible change it back
  • One star 1/5

    By jdjfjdjjs
    I gave it a one star because I hate the new card thing for you’re avatar please take it off because I want my old avatar back and it’s gone
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Maddie loves cheese
    I love this app I have made so many new friends some Of them I have met in person
  • It’s great but… 5/5

    By Jahzara Epps
    Ummmmmmmm so i actually did the new character/avatar, whatever you wanna call it, update today, and i hate it. I was down wit it until i noticed you can’t even customize them like you could the ones b4. Idk who it was, but right idea wrong app. Other than that to be honest it’s actually great lol. I actually like it. Dont get me wrong, you might meet the rude or h07ny people from time to time, but you also meet some good people on here lol. And also, whenever im creating my character, (well the one b4 the update 😕) they tend to fall asleep. I guess it’s ok. But i can’t keep my face in the camera AAAAAAND try to create/fix her at the same time.. but thats just me 💀. But other than that, i totally recommend the app. It’s great 😋
  • I think it’s amazing! 4/5

    By bellabean7512
    I love this app so much I meet sooooo many new friends tho i do think what this app is for 9+ cause nothing is really bad just skip other genders if u don’t want to talk to them like I skip boys I’m not trying to be mean, just skip bad people and I don’t love how it glitch’s
  • It’s a good app! But the updates are questionable... 3/5

    By Joe Mama Reviews
    I really like this app. I’d probably give it a 5 star rating if it weren’t for the recent update. I don’t care for how the avatars look now. I felt that the more realistic avatar setup was more authentic and welcoming. I liked to look at more realistic and personalized avatars while chatting with the opposing individual. This app’s systematics are on point. And the options of the chatting methods are original. It’s just the update. I hate how the avatars look now, it feels as if i’m talking to an inanimate object. I say you bring back the more personalized and authentic avatar look, and also keep the more cartoonic version. LET US CHOOSE, which one makes us feel more comfortable. Please. This app is so perfect, and this small fix could make it even better !
  • Get rid of this new update 1/5

    By livponton8333
    I love this app i really do but what in the world is the new update? why do all the avatars look whack and ugly please change them back to how they were before.
  • I hate the update 1/5

    By lay lay124
    I cannot fix my teeth I cannot change my face shape and they don’t even have the head bans like- the new update made the app trash😐
  • Avatars....... 1/5

    By All m l g 12 12
    Please give back the new avatars ASAP. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT DUDE........ the eyes are freaking me out, they look soooo generic and scary!!! Please remove the update 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔
  • Some hookers but it’s a good game 4/5

    By isk,smskkka,a,md. suhaba
    Someone asked me about my fricken sex life like what pls stop people like that ty overall really good
  • Why 2/5

    By anujyj wfhthnrwhbtj hrtjng
    Got banned multiple times and y’all haven’t replied idek why I’m getting banned Bc ppl can’t take a joke? I’m messing around sorry if asking ppl what their doing is against the guidelines
  • New avatars are TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Lav0c
    Don’t upgrade your avatar!!!
  • Avatars 1/5

    By TheAlexx197
    Bring back the old custom avatars
  • It’s great but 3/5

    By loigtg
    It is great but In the update I lost the option to change my face and shape it and change my facial features. Can y’all put the option back
  • horny boys😭 4/5

    By reallyytrulypolo
    i love this app but one thing i hate is all the guys want is nudes
  • I don’t like the new update 3/5

    By hehejejejejbdbcbbchd
    From unhappy person 🙁
  • trash update 1/5

    By unicorn ;)
    the new update is trash
  • Missing accessories? 3/5

    By ohsycho
    I love your app. Its so amazing but for some reason, i cant find hats.
  • Avatar 1/5

    By Yvng Jxy
    Please change the avatars back the new ones are ridiculous
  • Freezing problems 3/5

    By senpai.xxi
    I can’t even get past the “chose your face type” without it freezing and kicking me out..but I’m sure it’s a good app it looks fun
  • I don’t like the new update 3/5

    By ell.r
    I love the app so much, but i don’t like the new update where you are forced to change your avatar to a trading card. Other than that i like the app.

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