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Master skills on the go with IXL! Discover a world of learning with interactive questions in over 5,700 skills for math and English language arts. Take on exciting new challenges, explore personalized recommendations, and earn virtual awards. And, feel good about your screen time as you keep skills sharp anytime, anywhere, on the SIIA CODiE award-winning Best PK-12 Educational App for a Mobile Device (2017 and 2018). Now available on both iPhone and iPad! Math From skip-counting with pictures to graphing quadratic functions, IXL's interactive math questions put the joy of learning at students’ fingertips. Explore more than 3,800 skills that provide comprehensive coverage of pre-K through 12th grade math. Unlimited questions allow students to review and practice as much as they need to master each skill. And with a variety of fun question types, colorful graphics, and a handwriting recognition feature, IXL makes math learning an immersive experience. English Language Arts Build strong readers and writers with IXL’s English language arts program for pre-K through twelfth grade. We bring the fundamentals of writing to life through fun and witty questions that challenge students to learn new vocabulary, correct grammatical mistakes, read and analyze text, develop writing skills, and more. Over 1,900 skills prepare kids to become confident communicators in school and beyond. Highlights of IXL - Comprehensive standards-aligned curriculum - Wide variety of question types to engage students - Unlimited access to all grade levels - Insightful reports and weekly updates on your student’s progress - Continuous Diagnostic that reveals your current knowledge levels (iPad) - Over 50 billion questions answered by students worldwide See why people love IXL “Thanks to IXL, our students' performance has increased dramatically. Because they practice the skills daily, and because the site provides feedback, students are able to correct their mistakes and master the concepts easily.” - Waleska Batista, teacher, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A. “My favourite feature of IXL is that if you get a question wrong IXL will tell you how to solve it and what you did wrong. Another thing I really enjoy is that IXL provides awards and progress reports showing how you do over time. I think these two things are very effective because they make the student feel like they are actually studying and not wasting time.” - Student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada “This program takes the frustration out of math because it allows the student to practice at his/her own pace and stay focused. It's okay if you mark one wrong because another one will be waiting. This is a great tool to have.” - Parent of a 4th grader, California, U.S.A. “We like the rewards and certificates; our children work very hard to receive these! The reports are also brilliant in keeping us informed of the levels our children have reached and where they need extra help.” - Parent, Coolah, NSW, Australia “My students are improving by the day, and some even stay in for recess to work on IXL!” - Helm Jackson, 5th grade teacher, Redmond, Washington, U.S.A. IXL Membership Become an IXL member for $19.99 per month and you’ll get access to a fully personalized learning experience - complete with comprehensive curriculum and guidance, meaningful analytics, and fun awards and milestones! Pricing may vary by country. Your subscription will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is turned off beforehand. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings after purchase, but no refunds will be provided for the unused portion of the period. Terms of Service: https://www.ixl.com/termsofservice Privacy Policy: https://www.ixl.com/privacypolicy

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IXL app reviews

  • IXL is trash🤯🤬🤬🤯🤬🤬🤯🤬🤬🤯🤬🤯 1/5

    By #anonomus
    The app is inaccurate and IXL on the internet is even worse 🤬🤬🤯and it glitches 🤬 IXL in any way shape or form is terrible don’t use it🤬
  • I’ll 5/5

    By MrTwinkles12
    This is so much fun. I have to do this on my computer everyday and so I decided to get it on my phone. This is a great learning app and I highly recommend you get it to practice more on school stuff.
  • Very helpful and useful problems! 5/5

    By tttmax7
    Awesome website!
  • Point ratio 4/5

    By bellathorne lover
    This app is a very good utensil in teaching but the point ratio is beyond me they take away 8 points for 1 wrong question and give 2 points for 1 right question
  • It gives you information about math and I love that the person was creative 5/5

    By Zeez3214321
    Love it
  • Thank You 4/5

    By Kids4Gaming
    I learn lots of stuff when I got this. Thank you IXL. There are not bugs or anything. I would love a note pad. It’s a good learning app for kids.
  • This belongs in heck 1/5

    By PeashooterPlayz
    Your app is literal trash It makes me very angry and aggressive every time I have to do this and your “smart” score just makes me angrier by the low amounts of points and how tedious everything is! One thing wrong and you lose a crap ton of points and half time you cry because of it!
  • IXL is amazing 4/5

    By Snehashisghosh
    This program has a lot of fun but the prizes aren’t very good
  • It is very inaccurate 1/5

    By #nicknamesssss£
    It is not as great as it is on the ad, there are so many bug on it and sometimes you know the answer but you can’t answer it, like lagging and jumped back to home screen, then when you go back, you always get the answer wrong. When you answer a question, it said that you are wrong and shows the exact same answer you had wrote...
  • IXL is okay 5/5

    By Ixlisokay
    Hihihihihihij and tribalcarrot are friends stupid sore losers hashtag getalife
  • IXL 5/5

    By candyprincess3689
    This app is sooo useful!
  • Not bad not good 4/5

    By nyma101
    I don’t hate it I don’t love it I gave it a 4 star but I would have gave it a 5 star if my teachers didn’t torture me with it but honestly it have helped me learn so much and made my grades improve, if u get anything wrong it tells u what u got wrong and how to solve the problem ur stuck on
  • Don’t trust the reviews 1/5

    By Bashfulstatue59
    Don’t trust the good reviews there made by bots to make the app look good but it is a scam.
  • Student 1/5

    By Sudent-2019-hate
    Worst app ever.

    By mckynlispencer
    IXL is the worst learning app because at my school this app is used a lot and when we have it for homework, we have to get to at least 85% or sometimes even 100. And it is so hard because every time i get an answer wrong I go down to what it feels like 30%. PLUS, my teacher is going to get mad at ME because I “didn’t finish”. IT WASNT EVEN MY FAULT. It was YOU GUYS. And sometimes your answers don’t even make sense! If you get an answer wrong, and that same problem comes up again, and you choose the RIGHT ANSWER...IT TELLS YOU THAT YOUR WRONG. THIS APP IS THE WORSE APP YOU COULD EVER USE!!!!!
  • I love IXL 1/5

    By aaasdfjfjfjdjcjsjwidouytllby
    IXL is so much fun and it helps me learn.
  • No Thank You 1/5

    By SchoolGirl2025
    I am a 7th grade student and I can say that ixls are kinda just annoying. Like I have nothing against like a few a week, but my teacher assigns like 12-15 every day. It is just getting to the point that kids are using calcators and getting annoyed. If you get 1 question wrong it boots you back like 10 points and you have to work slowly again to get more points.
  • It helps but Don’t push so far back 1/5

    By not telling🐝
    It’s a good learning app but It pushes you way too far back when you get one wrong and if you have a lot of homework to do you don’t have time for it. I stay up till 12:00 am on school nights to do this stuff sometimes. Maybe if you just make us go two points down it wouldn’t be that bad. 😡
  • ✌️ 5/5

    By Saltykatt
    I have had a good experience with this app.... jk I RAGE on this app I want to die after getting a question wrong and I want to kill anyone and everyone who talks to me after I spend FOUR HOURS on ixl because ya can’t chillax and just put me down 3 no no no you have to put my down 10...WHY PLEASE STOP YOU MAKE ME WANT TO HIT MY ANKLE WITH A SCOOTER 🛴 I just don’t understand if you didn’t do that... this is the best app possible to use for a learning program if you get it wrong, they explain how youu I got it wrong and if you get it right they say encouraging things and I think if they WERE NOT SO MEAN they would be a very good choice for a teacher/student or a parent... thank you for your time PS: FIX THIS PLEASE MY TEACHER GIVES US 9 A WEEK CAUSE IM IN HONERS JUST I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO NOT HAVE TO SIT THER 4 EVER WASTING MY TIME........THANAKS
  • I like the app 5/5

    By i love ut so frueakin much
    My mom forces me to use it bc when I was in 3rd grade I didn’t pay attention in class and now I don’t know my x facts
  • IXL 5/5

    By Annie 081607
    IXL is by far the most effective way to study. It has multiple subjects and many different categories for each one. It is definitely worth subscribing.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By izyeboiKFC😎
    I’ve used this app for six years and nothing is new when you get a problem wrong you move some bars back and some of my friends struggle to get to 100 it should not be an app
  • Trash 1/5

    By Henry Bookman
  • I would rather walk my house 1/5

    By Matthias Ferris
    IXL has ruined lives of numerous people. The founder of IXL lives in a mansion and California and watches us suffer. Join my cause to raid his house and assinate him.
  • Tbh it’s not fun 4/5

    By Xtramathsux
    Here’s my spin on it make it like a video game but the way it’s being taught it feels kinda boring
  • Trash 1/5

    By ixl is boring
    Worst math app ever do not get it
  • Awful 1/5

    By morebrew2
    This app ruined my life because it takes your points away for example I was at 81 points and now I’m at 75 and if you accidentally tap the submit button it does not give you a second chance to make sure what you put in is your answer.
  • IKL 5/5

    By tuopgufjfhfhfgggg
    It is a great game to help you learn math, science, and social studies!
  • Bad 1/5

    By reenharry
    This site just causes more stress as it brings you down each time you get a question wrong and sometimes the answers are inaccurate.
  • This is ok 4/5

    By i dont even care anymoe
    The only problem I have with this is that it takes away like 12 or 13 points when you get something wrong. That’s time consuming and aggravating

    By itz_me_queenbee
    IXL IS THE WORST APP EVER CREATED. When you get answers wrong you go back like 20 points but when you get an answer right you go up like 1 point. And IXL has problems with their app anyways so shut it down. One of the problems is if you put in the CORRECT answer it says your wrong and puts the same exact answer that you put as the right answer. Another problem is that IXL acts like you already know the skill that your doing. They don’t really explain and they you the hardest questions ever!! IXL is the worst thing EVER!!! SHUT DOWN THIS APP ITS A NIGHTMARE FOR KIDS. THEY GET STRESSED AND THEY WILL BREAK THEIR LAPTOPS AND IPADS!! SHUT IXL DOWN!!! IT WILL BRING WORLD PEACE!!!!
  • Good but not useful to download if a teacher... 1/5

    By ~Kimmiey~
    Because it only shows the perspective of a student and will allow me as the teacher to answer questions. Therefore not useful to me as a teacher. I want to be able to see what my students are doing or have done - I.e. view the analytics in the app while I’m sitting in a doctor office or such. I know from the website I can do this...from the app would be so much easier. When the app is more conducive to my role as a teacher I will download it again. For now, it’s being deleted from my phone.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Joe T. Quinones
    This app is because it has of the full website
  • don’t download 1/5

    By bad super bad👎👎👎👎
  • Fun 5/5

    By LOL15307
    It is soooo FUNNNNNNNN
  • Beware 1/5

    By sparkle4)74954
    One it costs money Two it’s so stressing that I cry and try to fix my mistakes for hours Beware people it’s not worth it!😡😩😭
  • Learning 5/5

    By ijdojfroeisi
    I love this app so much that I do really good in my studies.
  • Incorrect answers 1/5

    By #queenbees
    Ixl has incorrect answers and grammar. This is not the site you want to use to help your children succeed
  • I love it 5/5

    By cough*
    You have to use Kahn academy to work with this because they don’t have videos but the learning is great as a student here it’s a bit on the easy side
  • Please fix this 3/5

    By Tea_Zen66
    The IXL app isn’t as bad as the other reviews say but I’d like these things to change: The writing mechanic is fun to use but the autocorrect is very off and I clicked the submit button too early without checking what it autocorrected to. I don’t like how you get to 100 to master a skill. IXL always kicks me out of the app and takes a long time to load. I know it’s not my WiFi because I just switched to a better deal. It doesn’t auto save. My peers say it automatically saves their progress but when I finish it doesn’t save my work. Please read this and fix these, my grade depends on IXL .
  • Amazing for my kid 5/5

    By daredavil66
    It was really good
  • Trash 1/5

    By QuickBoy69
    This app doesn’t help me get better at things, when there is a score and when I get things wrong it goes down. The explanation it tells you after is dumb and doesn’t help at all
  • Awesome job on creating this 5/5

    By gosnmhx
    Yay yay yay yay yay yay !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why! 3/5

    By 😄😂🤣😝😏😘😉❤️
    So when I go to school I go on IXL I love the app! But I tried sighing in with my school password and username but it didn’t work. I had my mom help me but still didn’t work. But when I’m on ixl I love it! But don’t get me wrong I like it but why didn’t it work with my school username and password?

    By 1232854
    My friend got this app to learn math for school, it worked fine for the first couple days there were a few glitches but for the most part it was good. After some days it started to tell her her answers were wrong when she got them right. That was not the only problem though.. it’s designed so that when you get questions right you go up in your score but when you get a question wrong you go down in your score but when you get a question right it tells you your wrong so your score goes down and you cannot finish your lesson also she’s a human so let’s say her finger slipped and she pressed the wrong answer her score will go all the way down. DO NOT I REPEAT DONT GET IXL it’s the worst math learning app in the world.
  • Wow 4/5

    By riyajagan
    Wow this app helped with my studies a lot. This is why l passed the staar exam. By this app Thank you

    By Mrmedrano
    Whenever I’m doing an Ixl and I get the question wrong it decreases my points. And it takes so long for me to complete one subject. It really makes me mad and agitated. Please change this!!!
  • Now I have something to do 5/5

    By Gacha Maicy
    Ok so my moms a teacher so after school I stay in her classroom and I have my phone but I am beginning to get bored of my games and it’s school so you know I just resulted to ixl and I never regretted it. And I go to sixth grade math cause most of my recommendations are sixth grade.
  • IXL is ok 4/5

    By chameleonlover1
    I’m on my iPad doing IXL and I’m on a really hard skill that my teacher assigned me to do and I’m at 87 then I get a question wrong it sends me back to 73😭.Then I go to a different skill that my teacher assigned us to do it was easy and in 7 questions if all the way to NINETY-NINE. I feel like ixl is just making my life difficult😂😂. Other then that IXL is ok.

IXL app comments

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