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IXL - Math, English, & More

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  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: IXL Learning
  • Compatibility: Android
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IXL - Math, English, & More App

IXL is personalized learning! Trusted by over 390,000 schools and 300,000 parents, IXL is proven to accelerate student achievement. And with the award-winning IXL app, students can master skills anytime, anywhere! See how IXL meets the unique needs of over 10 million learners (and counting!): SUPERIOR SKILL-BUILDING With IXL’s full curriculum of over 6,000 skills, students of all levels can learn the exact topics they need, whether they’re reviewing past concepts or exploring new territory. Immediate feedback and step-by-step answer explanations help students work through their mistakes and make lasting progress. Plus, question difficulty adapts to challenge students at just the right level and help them grow. MATH MASTERY With IXL’s preK-12 curriculum, every learner can excel in math! From skip-counting with pictures to graphing quadratic functions, students interact with dynamic problem types that bring each concept to life. And with unlimited questions to explore, students can practice as much as they need to master each skill, and never see the same problem twice. LANGUAGE ARTS LEARNING IXL’s preK-12 curriculum helps build strong readers and writers! From comprehension to composition, IXL breaks down each concept into highly targeted skills that help students grow from where they are. Fun and relevant questions engage students as they learn new vocabulary, correct grammar mistakes, analyze text, strengthen writing skills, and more. REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTIC Available on iPad, IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints each student’s current knowledge level in math and English language arts. As students answer questions, they’ll discover more about themselves, and reveal personalized recommendations on the best skills to learn next! IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Interactive features, from drag-and-drop questions to graphing tools, allow students to engage with the material in new ways. With handwriting recognition, students can easily write in math answers with their fingertips. On iPad, students can work through each problem by writing on their screen—no scrap paper needed! Plus, colorful awards highlight students’ accomplishments and make learning fun! PROVEN RESULTS Research has shown that IXL improves student outcomes more than any other product or method. IXL is trusted by over 540,000 teachers worldwide! ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS View reports on all progress at IXL.com! Tackle any trouble spots with specific insights and clear next steps. And celebrate reaching each new milestone with an official certificate! Practice 10 questions each day for free. To accelerate growth, become an IXL member! For $19.99 per month, you’ll get access to a fully personalized learning experience with comprehensive curriculum, meaningful guidance, progress tracking, fun awards, and more! Pricing may vary by country. Your subscription will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is turned off beforehand. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings after purchase, but no refunds will be provided for the unused portion of the period. Membership details: https://www.ixl.com/membership Terms of Service: https://www.ixl.com/termsofservice Privacy Policy: https://www.ixl.com/privacypolicy

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IXL - Math, English, & More app reviews

  • Bad 1/5

    By (donald trump)
    This is complete garbage
  • Ixl game 4/5

    By ixl game
    The IXL game is great for learning put the thing I hate is that when he brings you back when you get a question wrong that The only thing I hate about the game here’s why because can you get a question wrong it brings you back I really hate that because let’s say I’m on 89 and I get the question wrong and it brings me back to 79 I’m gonna be angry or sadSo if you can fix that that would be wonderful
  • I h8 this. 1/5

    By ILoveMyYorkie23
    First of all, I hate this app. I hate it so much, that I believe if Albert Einstein used this app, his IQ level will go from 230 to-230. This is how I feel. Get rid of this now before I shoot my iPad.
  • This is dumb 1/5

    By chickennuggetsnachersis
    I have worked my complete butt off trying to do ixls for years and I will get a question right and get 2 points up but as soon as a get a question wrong I go from 87 to 71 it’s so stupid it makes me cry
  • It’s garbage 1/5

    By Bebo labib
    so bad
  • I hate it just hate it 1/5

    By vmhvngv=)(*()*
    It’s awful just awful
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Terrible wouldnt use again
    Doesn’t work correctly ever. Wrong answers put in as correct ones. Takes away 12 points when you answer 1 question.and is a hassle to use.I would rather risk myself to covid 19 by going to school than use this.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sachelle💖💞💖
    This app is great for learning
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By #1 ratatouille
    I hate IXL so much when you get an answer wrong you get like 10 points taken away but when you get an answer correct it only gives you one, teachers give ixl because they are lazy. Do not recommend
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By DoubleHA60
    Your working hard your at 99 almost done and you hit a wrong button instant submission and you can’t go back suddenly your at 72

    By galaxy_lover1235
  • stupid and stressful 1/5

    By Shinercook
    this has done no good for me or my classmates. terrible.
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By SampsonRedAce
    This stupid app makes kids feel like they do everything wrong and it should be removed from every device it’s just bull crap
  • eh mostly bad though 2/5

    By the truth (app rater) #1
    the only ONLY reason i don’t like IXL is that i can go from an 83 to a 64 IT DROPS WAY TOO MUCH PLEASE FIX THAT. it is also extremely hard to get back their PLEASEEE
  • I hate ixl 1/5

    By Yonni2002
    First of all why take the point you could just tell us it was wrong move on no y’all take it and go second the “cHaLlAnGe ZoNe” nor like a trip to hell and hell is in the Bible so don’t come at me it take almost all of your point and it’s a your tire you never win and that’s why all the mean teachers do it and third or all the diognostic is so messed up you get 6 random things do do and must know it or get a low score I don’t recommend it at schools or any where unless it’s for punishment
  • The point system is broken. 2/5

    By youbigskeeb
    When you get a simple in just the 80s, you get a simple 2 points, while getting one wrong 5-10 points are taken off. This shows how this app is extremely sensitive on which you get one wrong or not. There needs to be a revamp to which kids might need 100 percent, but are unable to get it due to the high risk of getting one question wrong to bring you down 10 points. Kids might give up and get a bad grade due to how they can’t complete a lesson. This needs a massive rework on how the point system works, it’s unfair to those kids who might tap the wrong thing. Otherwise for the kids who just get 100 to get a pass, these needs to be fixed for how stupid it is for people.
  • HATE 😡 1/5

    By Cotton O///O
  • IXL 5/5

    By JJ hendo like's JoJo siwa
    Better than any games
  • GREAT! 🤩 5/5

    By Anna s poop
    YO THIS APP IS GREAT FOR 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th it goes up till there on my school.
  • I hate it 2/5

    By aiddsenrea
    It’s too harsh
  • Get this app off the App Store 1/5

    By Young Talan
  • Pretty good for homeschool 5/5

    By FunkyPanda223
    That’s all I can say
  • Stress 1/5

    By Abcod8
    This stresses me
  • Too many questions 1/5

    By Diet_Cheese
    When you have around 40 questions that you must answer to get 100%, and then if you get one wrong and it drops your score down 7%, it really can get annoying. I spent around four hours of my weekend dedicated to doing 3 IXL’s for homework. On top of all this, you have to pay for this. This really gets me mad. Hey, at least there are no ads in the app.
  • Doesn’t assist in learning 1/5

    By roll of paper towels
    The lessons do not effectively teach anything, and with its unnecessarily harsh point system it becomes easier to memorize correct answers instead of learning the concepts being taught.
  • Waaaaaaaa 1/5

    By jsnxbh))n*fg)j;
  • I LOVE IXL!!!!!!!😍😍😍 5/5

    By Kailey88
    IXL is awesome! I love doing math and science and language arts! It is my favorite! IL is a great example of learning!
  • It’s good, but very FRUSTRATING- 3/5

    By DeDe516
    Okay I literally went from 50, TO 20- It’s a good educator, just it’s frustrating

    By Ari_123OKHONEY
    This is by far the worst app ever and I’m not joking. When I have to do a lesson for my classes I’m always so stressed about it. For example if I’m on 97/100 it takes me ALLLLLLL the way back to 83 and when you hit the 91 mark if you get the slightest misstep....it’s game over for you. This is the WORST math app ever it’s too harsh on kids and I was gonna recommend this for my younger cousin whose starting kindergarten but that thought is horrible. I 100% recommend prodigy it’s a free and fun math game and it’s NOT HARSH so if you get a question wrong you get a second chance and it gives you help if you need it, I use prodigy and now I’m so much better at math, the app is amazingly awesome and it’s free unless you want membership. I re-co-mend it. :^)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By _-kit_kat-_
    I downloaded it to help me and it wouldn’t even let me sign in so I tried to continue as a guest and it still wouldn’t let me continue
  • Bad app 1/5

    By clCam_deb
    You need to make i more Easier on me I am a kid and when I get something wrong I cry make it easier get rid of it ABC 🤗 is a good app for kids not ixl🤮
  • Stressful 1/5

    By ignaughtus
    IXL is a good learning app. But is really stressful. I was on 99 and if I would get it wrong, I would go back to 82. Then would have to answer more questions! Once I include a zero at the end like it’s supposed to, I somehow get it wrong. Same with commas.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By xxGachapuppyxx
    Gives me BAD anxiety I almost fainted from it
  • Terrible system 1/5

    By eththekeith
    When you get an answer wrong it goes down 12 points this system is rigged 😡😡😡😡this is too hard and doesn’t help me like school i just hate it more the lint system needs a revamp
  • Not enough Credit 1/5

    By Biscuitslarue
    When you get one question right you gain like 4 points, but when you miss one you lose like 13 points. Also you have to do so many questions to get back to where you originally were.
  • Fun and helping!! 5/5

    By mobile strike is dumb
    A good app.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By LadyPwncess
    This game is fine but how it lowers you so far is quite harsh but besides that’s it is ok

    By turtleking636
    I am a 6th grader and I have to do this game I have currently answered 227 answers and for 1 hours do I'm still not done people back me up. Thank you I will send this to my English teacher in a email. Yes I love turtles.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By alexa the dq
    I used to like this appUntil I realized how it works so I let’s just say I am at 81 points and I get one question wrong they bring me down five (ive counted)Sometimes even seven! And then I get a couple more right and then I get one wrong just one single one wrong it brings me back down five or seven! And this is not even the challenge round!!!! Its unfair! It’s like saying you get four out of five questions right on a math test but you get one of them wrong you have an F now because you only got one wrong it’s not a very good grading system and I absolutely hate it!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Jennygoodvibes👩🏾💗💝💖
    I love this I’ve been using it from grade one up to now and I am now in going into grade 8 I am so sorry I forgot about this app after I finished primary school because this app helps so much and I’m totally re-downloading it so that I can keep on using it throughout my high school years
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By I smell like FARTS
    The person who created this am is the devil……………
  • This game is torture 1/5

    By Hannie05
    I am a responsible 12 year old and this game is awful. When you get a question wrong it makes you down 5 points at the least. When you get one right you go up 2-3 points. I would not recommend teachers to assign students this game. My class gets so stress and we don’t learn enough for the time on it. I would recommend to parents or teachers
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Mi shopper
    My child has been using it for a while now and she hit the wrong bitten and it took her down 19 points do not download this app
  • Terrible 1/5

    By spandexwife
    It’s not that I don’t hate IXL it’s just that it’s terrible, when I mess up 1 problem I GOT LIKE 6 STEPS BACK ITS NOT NICE! You guys need to fix that!!!!
  • Great, needs a lot of improvement 3/5

    By cute645
    IXL is a wonderful app for practicing on what you need to improve. The curriculum is great, and you can learn a lot. But IXL does have some major flaws that a bad effect on the app. The problem that affects the app the most and triggers most of the bad reviews for IXL is the score. To complete an IXL lesson, you need a total score of 100. For each question you answer correctly, you get 1-10 points. For each question you answer incorrectly, you lose 10-20 points. I think it should be the other way around, and I have a very good reason to support my opinion. And that is because, when you get a question wrong, and you lose points, IXL takes you back the number of questions worth the amount of the points you lost. And not everyone is perfect, so people are going to be getting questions wrong pretty often, that resulting in you having to do the lesson for sometimes hours on end. IXL is also not very kid-friendly. The prizes you earn when you complete a lesson have no use. And IXL is just plain boring, with nothing to motivate kids. To try and make IXL better, you could make kids earn more points when they answer questions correctly, maybe add a streak bonus and other power ups, lose less points when a question is answered incorrectly, make it more fun, and make kids get prizes that can be used, such as a power up, or maybe some fun music. But overall IXL is great, and if you’re going to download it, be prepared to face this issues, but also know that you will hopefully succeed by using this wonderful app. Thank you IXL, for your incredible practice app.
  • Why would you have to pay to learn?! 1/5

    By Fr0gArts
    Okay first of all,the drawing is SO GLITCHY. And what the hell is a 9 minute timer for you to learn?! It should be free. If y’all wanna earn money put adds. Having someone pay to learn is completely unacceptable!
  • Good 5/5

    By iSmartReview
    Back then I used to used this app and it has advanced so much still good and working
  • To the IXL manager 1/5

    By Sophiesunshine3
    When I do IXL and when I get the right answer it says I am wrong. Fix it! Or I will hate IXL
  • Bad🤬🤬!!!!! 1/5

    By gydfg cseyjngun
    I hate it so much 2+2=5 noooo

IXL - Math, English, & More app comments

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