Jack in the Box® Order App

Jack in the Box® Order App

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 5.0.14
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Jack in the Box, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Jack in the Box® Order App App

The Jack in the Box app provides a convenient ordering experience for pick-up or delivery. It’s just like having a Jack in the Box in your pocket, only it doesn’t weigh 350 tons and have people that work inside it. Then there’s the offers and deals you can’t find anywhere else. Like The Jack Pack. It’s like a secret VIP club of rewards. Only it’s not really secret. In fact, please don’t keep it a secret. Tell everyone. App Features: · Order food for pick-up or delivery through the app · Browse the all food, all day Jack in the Box menu · Find your nearest Jack location · Earn points, and redeem rewards with The Jack Pack loyalty program · Special mobile app-only Offers, Deals and App Exclusives · Enable push notifications and never miss a great deal · App will read your mind and tell you what you want – just kidding! Or are we…* *We are. For now.

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Jack in the Box® Order App app reviews

  • Do NOT use! 1/5

    By PoweredByAudio
    It will set you on an infinite loop of “Reset your Password” after you sign up. Remove permissions from this app before deleting!!
  • Stupid App 1/5

    By Iaintu
    I love how you choose a store to order from then decide to use the Re-Order feature and it re-orders from that store and doesn’t change the store back to the one you selected so now a store 20 miles away is making your food
  • Garbage app for garbage food without discounts. 1/5

    By thoughtcriminal
    5.59 for a Jumbo Jack? Really? And the app offers nothing better than the menu. That doesn’t stop them from demanding all of your info, including phone number, email, and to use the app they need your credit card. All of the others let you use Apple Pay, but no, this app is just a phishing expedition. A garbage app for garbage food.
  • Points 1/5

    By Bigboijupit3r
    Every time I want to submit my receipt on the app to receive my points I continue to get a error code, ever since y’all updated y’all app it’s been crap, please fix y’all app or go back to the original app y’all had before this new update…
  • They try to screw you over 1/5

    By Lololololololol J
    You accumulate points you can redeem for free food. However, they make you jump through so many hoops to actually redeem it. They try to make you pay for it without realizing it. Scummy.
  • Good customer service 4/5

    By J JY
    Sent an order for delivery, app says that the order will arrive in 30 mins and the money was charged to my card. But I never received an email or text for confirmation nor the order. When I tried to request for a refund on their website, their portal blocks submissions by rejecting the phone numbers field. Incredibly frustrating system, would not recommend. Edit: was contacted by guest relations.
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By Meatbag13
    When I first started using the app about a year ago, it was great. Every time I attempt to order for delivery, I am given an error message stating ordering for delivery isn’t available until 30 minutes later, regardless of the time. I have also attempted to place orders for pickup, and the order appears to go through, but when I get to the restaurant they have no record of the order. I have already deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times with no effect. I have been forced to use one of the other food delivery services, which don’t allow the customizations, or even the same food options. I love the look and feel of the app, but it needs some refinement it seems.
  • Lacking some very basic things that majorly effect usability 1/5

    By Rockin' Kat
    You want to fix your app? Stop requiring typing detection in the password. I just pulled the password in from Apple keychain but then I have to enter an extra keyress and then delete it to get the login button to turn red I can click it? That is just anti-password manager, anti-security. Just force your users to key in a weak password they can remember. That’s just so bad. On check out, it’s not obvious that the phone number is required. So you can just sit there wondering why the heck the checkout button isn’t working. Also, the fact that clicking the grayed button does a short animation and doesn’t give any meaningful clear indication that there’s a problem is total mystery meat. It leaves you thinking the app isn’t working. Small changes in these would make such a huge difference.
  • Broken 1/5

    By iwILl4kuup
    Just straight up does not work. Won’t accept my credit card info. Guess I’ll go to McDonald’s 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Had to drive a long way to get food 1/5

    By gabefillmore
    Had to drive a long way to get food because it didn’t update location after starting order
  • eh 3/5

    By iguess ill look somewhere else
    would be nice if we could redeem our points through the drive through.
  • Making it hard to cut the price 1/5

    By angry investor mom
    I downloaded the app in enough time for the wait much to my surprise, the 20% coupon was only available upon me ordering through the app. I had to hear my husband complain about the inconvenience and hype for nothing. It’s bad when you get debated down on competitiveness but he does have a point; bullying customers into using mobile order, with no options for in person usage is not ok.
  • Not useable 1/5

    By BreR1001
    Not once has this app ever let me redeem my rewards, it always just says “uh oh, something went wrong”. The workers in the store have no way of helping, and the points eventually expire. Useless rewards system if we can never redeem them.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By KPG055
    You are better off ordering in the store or drive through, if they mess up your order or give you the wrong food. All they will do is remake it, they tell you to go to the app for a refund
  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By WiseOldDuck
    All the confirmation buttons are permanently disabled with no explanations
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By wac718
    Garbage app you could literally be at the restaurant and this trash will pick some other location. Then the employees are completely ignorant about their app or how to fix anything. You just end up losing you money and food because of their terrible service. I will never buy food from you again.
  • Jack in the box has amazing food 5/5

    By mwproductions
    Great food so good with I had here in Jacksonville nc
  • No More Rewards 2/5

    By iPhoneJunkie77
    This update is terrible. I’m not sure what possessed them to do this other than they wanted to turn this into a data mining app. After spending 20 minutes answering questions, giving them all kinds of personal information that they don’t really need to process a food order, I was finally able to log in. And then the sucker punch, all of the rewards points I had accumulated are gone. Zero, zip, nada. I thought they might eventually show up but it’s been a couple of months now and the app still keeps telling me I have zero points and there is no order history. Sorry Jack, this app is a dealbreaker for me. There’s a number of other fast food restaurants within an 1/8th mile radius of my local Jack-in-the-Box. They are getting my business now.
  • App never works 1/5

    By Kizzy4464
    I pick my order choices and every time get the “something is wrong” app not working notification. The store will not honor the deals at the app has unless it’s only through the app the app never works which means I end up paying full price and wasted my time putting the order in on this app I’m sick of wasting my time, so I guess I’ll delete this app.
  • Don’t download save u the time and money 1/5

    By love food 123
    I tried ordering from the app and when I show up they say there milkshake machine isn’t working and that there’s no way to switch items to ask for a refund in the app. Go ahead try to get a refund for the app nope don’t waste ur time it’s not there. They make u take a surgery about ur experience and still waiting on my refund. Honestly there was no substitution button in the app like who developed this slow terrible app
  • Used to Be So Great 1/5

    By Faline15
    This app, and this company, used to be so so amazing. I have always been a big fan so when my last few experiences have been awful I kept coming back in the hopes that it was a rough patch. No such luck. When the app started changing it was a little More confusing when ordering from the correct store, so I ordered from the wrong one and just had to eat that charge bc there's no way to cancel an order due to the app changing and no longer having the "start my order" button. Customer service didn't even bother replying to my inquiry about that. The last two times I've ordered from my most frequented location they staff tells me they don't have my order. Order is submitted and paid and says in progress. Today the woman didn't even ask what my order was at the speaker, so 10 min later when I make it to the window behind two other cars she says "ok you're Uber?" No. Mobile order. She slams the window. Comes back. "I don't got it" and takes someone else's order. Comes back again and says I said I don't have it. I show her my order. She slams window and. 7 min later she comes back with my order. The company should be embarrassed. Truly. This is asinine. But maybe it's just this area is the country. Idk. But I have deleted the app and yes I did feel it necessary to leave a bad review. If service is going to be poor at least make the app great.
  • Great food - trash app 1/5

    By Maynard's Other Tool
    The old app was way better. This new app won’t let me redeem rewards, “invalid with this order.” Why?
  • Cancelation of orders 2/5

    By thank you somuch
    When it comes to trying to cancel an order it is awful, First i couldnt find the cancel option in app so i tried using the safari app and figuring out how to cancel orders only to find out you cant cancel it after you hit order so now my food cant even be picked up and its just gonna sit at that jack in the box!
  • Lacking Apple Pay 2/5

    By KronnHunter
    Lacks Apple Pay.
  • No internet everytime 1/5

    By issamewario
    Fix the app ever works
  • Damnit 1/5

    By JonH2O
    How to request a refund if half your order is missing?
  • App needs fixing 1/5

    By Mastermynd77
    The only way to log in is through Facebook?!? No Apple Pay for mobile orders? What’s the point of the app if I have to type in my credit card number every time? Fix the app or take it down. It’s not convenient anymore.
  • Beware of Ghost Transactions 1/5

    By Repotsbog
    I’ve ordered through the app numerous times because I finish work early in the morning. One time, I submitted an order and the app tells me, error - invalid token. Ok, so I end up going to McDonald’s instead. Turns out, Jack charged me for the order without confirmation and then refused to refund me for the food I didn’t even pick up. Customer service is nonexistent for this app. I will gladly take my business somewhere else from now on. Everyone else, hope you never come across this issue!
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By mukate kuro no ka
    Ever since this app updated it has been garbage and useless. Every time I try to place an order the message “your order cannot be available for delivery” appears, so this app is pretty much unusable now. I’m not the type to write reviews but this is straight up annoying and frustrating.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By francexoc
    The app is good and all but there’s a flaw to it. Every time I put the “receipt code” it’s an error. It’s happened more than 1 occasion so I had to uninstall it. I love getting points in order to get my free rewards/ coupons. Sad.
  • Need more options 3/5

    By Baylorguy921
    Need a way to say hey I want extra ice in my drink or someone might want no ice. Also crispy fry option would be good. The rest of the app was fine.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Katie Lawton
    My app hasn’t worked since I complained about closed stores. When items are added to the cart, you hit checkout button, but nothing happens
  • Not able to use reward points 1/5

    By Bball4ever1234
    Since the update I can’t even redeem awards or apply deals on my order. Please fix
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By wongfan
    App has been unusable for a few months. When opened it just presents a blank white screen. Sometimes after a flash of the jack in the box logo.
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By Mahlon5
    Can’t use the app if you can’t put your cc# in can’t make use of the online coupons if you can’t make a purchase. how can you actually give it a good rating. Makes it a useless piece of crap. I’ve altogether have quit going to Jacks because of this crappy app and Jack was about the only fast food place that I would go on a regular basis. Hate to think how much money I’ve saved by not going. You taught me that I really don’t need to eat there. Yes all because of your crappy app. Because I really liked the service and food at the restaurant. It’s made me eat more healthy.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By The Cheet
    Can’t use any discounts or rewards because you can’t even add a credit card and checkout. Whole app lags and is unusable as well. All recent reviews are 1 star. The 1 stars began over the summer of 2022. That’s when they “upgraded” the app. They’ve made it so bad. It’s now over 6 months later February 2023 I still can’t get app exclusives or rewards and can’t even add a credit card. I wonder why corporate isn’t confused why app traffic has fallen off a cliff lol…
  • Blank screen on iOS 14 1/5

    By aixjsidjwjs
    Blank screen on iOS 14
  • Horrible App! 1/5

    By Pastafarious
    Slow and unusable! I just can’t order.
  • Lost all my points, major bugs. 1/5

    By Lil' Mikey
    Once I updated the app, it forces me to log in again. Once I do that, using apple id, it shows 0 points and when I click on profile it asks ro login again. I’m already logged in. Yikes. Do not update if you can help it.
  • so broken 1/5

    By zhelai4
    insanely glitchy also applying rewards just breaks the entire thing
  • Concerning the app 1/5

    By Keepermusic
    This ISSUE IS RIDICULOUS, the fact that it’s not an isolated issue, and that this has been an ongoin issue for months now, at least. The issue I, along with many others, are continuously running into is that, we can’t use ANY card for mobile ordering, it says word for word “We are currently unable to take your order. Please check your payment information and try again.” As if I and others haven’t tried every single card they have. I thought that maybe this issue would’ve been resolved by now but it hasn’t. This all happened after they added their reward system up until that point I can’t remember having any issue. And what makes it worse is instead of trying to address this issue promptly, they tell US the consumer to go onto THEIR WEBSITE TO ADD AND UPDATE ANY PAYMENT INFORMATION LIKE CAN WE GET THIS ISSUE SOLVED INSTEAD PLEASE?
  • Update has made the app almost impossible to use! 1/5

    By Tippiestdrip
    The previous app always worked flawlessly and made ordering easy. Since the update I’ve been able to complete an order twice. The app is SLOW and extremely glitchy on my iPhone and Android devices. They need to add a “cup of water” option, also the “deals and coupons” aren’t as appealing as what they used to be. Ordering takes 10 mins when it should take under 5, which is inconvenient. Please fix!!
  • receips issues 1/5

    By kehauz1
    Constantly not able to add receipt codes for points I have to keep emailing guest services for assistance and lucky if I get a response. Just says having trouble finding receipt will noticy me and add points but I don't get any response. I personally can't wait for this issue to get fixed asap.
  • It’s okay. 3/5

    By PugLusinating
    You can still place a order it just feels slow and bad the UI.
  • New app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ct12499
    I’ve never ever had an issue ordering on the old app. Ever since the update it won’t let me order. Always says ‘unable to take your order at this time. Please update your payment information and try again’. But it doesn’t matter what card I use it never works. Please bring back the old app. I hate this and has honestly made me stop eating at JITB because of it. So frustrating
  • Please QA this app 2/5

    By Jboxer5
    Points reset on their own. Orders are missing items constantly. Waiting 2 weeks for a refund. Would be great if it worked. 😔
  • Add Apple Pay - and Google pay 4/5

    By AA2003SVT
    Please add Apple Pay and Google pay. Having a credit card on fast food join apps equals 100% fraud charges. Scammers hack the app and order hundreds of dollars worth of food for some reason
  • Unsusuable 1/5

    By tm10022
    App is broken. Can't place order. It's been several weeks now. What a mess.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Mydon
    This app has become utterly broken. First it wouldn’t remember I was logged in. That was fixed. Then I couldn’t check out - it would ask me to choose a utensil instead. Finally got past that (by pressing just below the checkout button), but now it won’t save my payment information. And because it won’t save my payment information, I can’t finalize my order. Btw I also had to log out and back in in order for the app to clear an offer redemption.