Jack in the Box® Order App

Jack in the Box® Order App

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 4.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Jack in the Box, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jack in the Box® Order App App

The Jack in the Box Mobile App provides a convenient ordering experience for pick-up or delivery. It’s just like having a Jack in the Box in your pocket, only it doesn’t weigh 350 tons and have people that work inside it. Then there’s the offers and deals you can’t find anywhere else. Like The Jack Pack. It’s like a secret VIP club of rewards. Only it’s not really secret. In fact, please don’t keep it a secret. Tell everyone. App Features:· Order food for pick-up or delivery through the app· Browse the all food, all day Jack in the Box menu· Find your nearest Jack location· Earn points, and redeem rewards with The Jack Pack loyalty program· Special mobile app-only Offers, Deals and App Exclusives· Enable push notifications and never miss a great deal· App will read your mind and tell you what you want – just kidding! Or are we…*We are. For now.

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Jack in the Box® Order App app reviews

  • Cannot add credit card information 1/5

    By JohnWoo12
    Always got a “Dang, we cannot process your payment” error!
  • Better deals like McDonald’s 4/5

    By Vagab•nd
    I would give a 5 but they need to add deals similar to the way McDonald’s does it.

    By Baby Kyee
    I delivery food and the app notified me that the drive was on their way and that they delivered it to my door but I never received my food because the driver stole my food and in this app there is no way to contact the driver, there is no way to request a refund, there is no way to contact the app and report the driver. Your basically screwed if the driver decides to steal your food, there’s nothing you can do about it and the driver gets no consequence at all SMH. Do not order from here if you want to receive your food, choose a delivery app that makes sure the driver has to show proof that they delivered it and that makes sure you can report and get a full refund! This app is very unsecured and needs to be taking off the App Store!
  • I’ve never rated an app I think 5/5

    By HeinzBeard
    This deserves it though, I use ALL food apps.. the design and smoothness for this jack app just blows my mind. I’m not sure anyone else has done as such a great job when creating their food app as well as Jack has. The app creation meeting must’ve been lit.. the buffering/loading design alone is just amazing. I eat at jacks maybe 6-10 times a year.. but that’s because I do go to other places and always have a million options to satisfy my cravings.. but this is one place that never fails to satisfy my cravings. Whether it’s for lunch.. or 3AM drunk as anyone could ever get… the tacos are IT…just IT.. the price is just a bonus, because I’d pay more .. those weird ingredients that I couldn’t careless to know what they are.. I love them 😂 oh and the poppers are the GOAT of poppers from fast food. They’re expensive but that’s why.. Quality is definitely a standard at jacks.. The fact they have some of the best egg rolls you’d ever eaten, says a lot.. this is a burger joint in Murica’ 🇺🇸 and does egg rolls better than any Chinese fast food.. which I also love Chinese food but it doesn’t compare. Congrats on getting my first review Jack, hope someone at HQ sees this and appreciates it the way I appreciate the service I’m always provided at Jacks. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm! 🤌🏾
  • STUPID APP!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By BigD1469
    We have three Jack in the box in my home town that are so close to where I live and one being less two miles away and yet this stupid app chose to order from the next city 30 minutes away!!!!!! No wonder my food is always cold when I get it. Mind as will order through door dash!!! Delete this app!!!!!
  • App won’t accept cards 1/5

    By TheGM619
    I had an account and tried to change my credit card info. It failed! It won’t take any card I try. Even the one I was using! I emailed JiB and got no response. I have points I can’t use stuck in the app that won’t let me add payment. I keep getting this stupid error message. Please fix your app! It’s useless.
  • Used to be better 2/5

    By j0sh550
    Used to be a great app they would have different deals and offers every week and every now and then would offer online exclusives. Now however they post deals that are pretty much menu price things and keep it months without other offers. It’s basically like ordering in the restaurant now and I don’t see a point of having the app.
  • App won’t let you sign up due to bad website 1/5

    By Hynivan
    To use the app to mobile order you have to sign in, however, you need to use the link they email you to do so. Only thing is that the link brings you to a 404 error landing page with no other way to sign up as a new customer.
  • What happened to the deals!? 1/5

    By DaBlakDrPhil
    This app used to consistently give you deals and coupons and now it’s been a very long time, every time you check for coupons you get a “more deals coming soon” and it’s probably been a year since JIB offered any decent deals Meanwhile McDonalds, Burger King, and others always have deals on their app
  • Infuriating to use, much better fast food apps available. 1/5

    By Noooodddddddd
    This app is extremely annoying to use, it runs slow, often has problems accepting payments, is very bad at showing what deals are available. My biggest issue is with the payments which seem to constantly give an error message, I end up going to other food places because the app won’t let me pay for the food after I’ve added everything to my cart.
  • Not good 2/5

    By RauhlMahone
    No offers or good deals like other fast food apps. Cant even log in half the time. Plus you cant even choose which sauces you’d like to add for your meal. And the customization where you “swipe left to remove, tap to add” is glitchy. Takes me several wipes for the item to actually be removed. Probably the worst fast food app out there.
  • Good food 5/5

    By Bea Dolls
    Jack in the Box has such a diverse menu. The egg rolls and sweet n sour are hands down the best I’ve eaten. The Globe, AZ store always gets my order right, unlike a lot of other fast food restaurants. They’re friendly, courteous and efficient.

    By One ok rock fan
    The app is broken. It won’t let me sign in with my account. Just errors out every time. Then I asked for a new password and it won’t take the app provided password. So I tried to create a new account. But it sent me a “confirmation” email that I needed to click the link. I clicked it. It took me to a 404 ERROR page. The website has a dead link. So basically the whole app is dead and broken. Cannot sign in or sign up. Totally useless.
  • Fix your payment please 3/5

    By Ninjagirl199
    You guy need to fix your payment
  • No deals or coupons only a Mobile order app 1/5

    By Nagghhssdh
    The app USED to give DECENT deals now there’s no offers, deals, coupons whatever you want to call it. For a company that makes millions a day they could do the same as Burger King McDonald’s etc. but yet they don’t care so I’m uninstalling the app since it’s been a full year without any deals or coupons besides just 10-20% off a purchase twice a year. Even when you do order with the mobile app the mess it up anyways.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By sara69429
    99c tacos… doesn’t get better than that.

    By thenamezangel
    Love y’all tho
  • Payment options 3/5

    By WardsWorld
    App needs to implement payment choices like ApplePay or other payment options other than 1 saved card. If you go inside the store you have those options. The other fast food apps I use all have payment choices like applepay in the app. Thank you.
  • Can’t verify email to access app! 1/5

    By xXx_69MLG420_xXx
    The app won’t let you use it unless you verify your email - and I get sent the email and I click “Verify” and I’m brought to a blank screen on the Jack in the Box website. And I try to log in again but the app still says I need to verify! I can’t use the app at all - terrible UI.
  • Why 3/5

    By isaiah2937
    If you are wanting to redeem your rewards in person, it does not let you with dollar, bills or coins. You have to do it through the app would be cool if y’all can add that feature if not, oh well. would be nice. If y’all had a QR code would’ve made this one star, but the burgers are decent still.
  • This app is horrible. 1/5

    By Jonathan pouchie
    I love jacks food but not the app. you can only redeem rewards by buying something. You have to rack up points by buying items. I ALWAYS have an issue with changing my card information. Keeps giving me an error and says “fingers crossed it works next time” MCDS app is so easy and you get FREE food with your points without having to buy more and because of that, I buy more.. Was going to jacks but I guess since I can’t use my card to buy more food so I can redeem the food I’ve already earned, I’ll be going across the street to MCDS.
  • No deals & glitchy app 1/5

    By kaylaaa.88.8
    There’s never any offers and the app is so glitchy it isn’t worth it. Unfortunately jack is the only food place open in my town after 10pm and I work overnight at my job so this is the only place to get food from and it would be nice if they had an app that I didn’t have to force close and try again every 5 seconds.
  • No point 1/5

    By G_Parsons
    App used to be good but has now had the same 3 terrible coupons active for a couple months.
  • I have never received a complete correct order through this app 1/5

    By CeeCeeLaid
    I’m not sure if maybe the driver stole the last order but the inaccuracy of my simple orders are unacceptable for the money I’m spending. I will delete this app as soon as I get my refunds.
  • No Deals 2/5

    By BigBallerz247
    App is useless—-no rewards or point system for purchase—no offers anymore, no more app exclusives….they have given up on mobile ordering
  • Stole my money and time 2/5

    By jfkwxn
    I got this app today to check out the deals and offers and wanted to have a nice meal with my whole family since we rarely eat at fast food restaurants. After selecting and customizing a bunch of items, I went to check out and used my 20% First Mobile Order coupon, which saved me quite a bit of money considering how large my order was. Sent the order in, went to the selected store, and after waiting over 40 minutes, the front staff told me that they still hadn't received my order and that they couldn't do anything about it. I showed them the receipt I received via email, and they thought it was weird too. I ended up having to re-order and pay for everything in-store except I no longer had the 20% off deal. Turns out one of the items I selected on the app (the Girl Scout Shake) hadn't been served in the store for months, and I suspect that's why my order couldn't get through. I'm a little disappointed because this has happened to me before with a different fast food restaurant and their respective app, but at least when I arrived at the store, they were still able to see my order and replace (or remove) that one item they didn't offer. All in all, the app itself is not bad for giving you great deals and the ability to customize, but be wary of items that your store doesn't offer or else you'd be risking losing your money. The app devs need to either remove that item so that other people don't fall victim to it like I did, or they should make it more clear that not all locations serve it. Whoever is in charge of the mobile app orders being sent also needs to figure out a way for at least the rest of the order to go through instead of disappearing with my money.
  • Payment Feature is Ridiculously Ancient 2/5

    By AgendusDisappointed
    Wow. Can’t believe you have to physically type in payment info. Just about all food service apps now have direct integration to your digital wallet so your not forced spending time typing crap in.
  • Jack on tharp rd yuba city, ca 5/5

    By klerbhangu
    quick and efficient way to order food! When i get to the restaurant, my food is ready and all packed up. Makes me happy 😃
  • No offer/deals 1/5

    By Seanhr2
    Used to be pretty good. But over the last few months the offers and deals have dried up. It's just a lie now.
  • RIP TO $6 munchie meals 2/5

    By foodguy503
    Good app but no coupons and the munchie meal is now $8 (RIP GOOD DEALS) This place is getting expensive Bring back 6 dolla munchie meals
  • Perfect App. Mid Food 5/5

    By Jxmmy1Sock
    The app is amazing and checks all the boxes for me. It’d be nice if ALL fast food apps were as nice as this.
  • Can’t pay 1/5

    By Sappherz
    It won’t let me update or even add a payment method. Completely useless until that’s fixed.
  • No deal 3/5

    By willgar213LA
    It’s the same price like the restaurant no deals
  • Honestly Super Easy 5/5

    By Mrz. Barry
    Probably the easiest app to order food form.
  • No refunds! 2/5

    By Abc99354
    Yet another app that seems to be written and controlled entirely by a 3rd party of some sort. The app has minimal options to customize food, incorrect items listed as compared to what’s on the actual menu, and the local employees have no power to issue a refund or correct offerings shown. Crappy design.
  • App is Ok but the restaurants are lacking 1/5

    By Aa3739
    They CONSTANTLY are unable to make a shake my handicapped sister can only have that from here but then cause you order thru the app they don’t want to refund in person saying you need to contact online support. Then when I do I have never once received a refund yet. Stop buying these junk over priced stupid machines.
  • I can’t jump high enough to eat here anymore 1/5

    By therroocceett
    I’ve worked nights for 15 years. Jack in the box has always been my go to for after work food. Breakfast at 4am? Yes please!! Recently the majority of the locations only accept mobile orders once it gets dark. This is absolutely trash for soooo many reasons. I’ve just been going elsewhere, but tonight I really wanted some tacos. I sat in the parking lot and downloaded the app, requested my order and put in my perfectly valid payment info. Of course it took a few minutes and in the meantime the store (open 24 hours) turned off their mobile ordering. So y’all are paying the entire store of employees to turn down all food orders… not sure how that’s a valid business plan but I’m going to start cooking at home. Thanks for the solid 15 years of filling my belly. RIP JACK
  • Great if the store is open 2/5

    By srooze
    I placed an order for the family at 10:45pm. Order went thru everything was great until I went to pick it up. Apparently they were short staffed so they decided to close the store. Neither of the two employees there knew how to refund my $30. Stores should be able to designate whether they are open or closed in the app to prevent this type of situation. Really unhappy at the moment and out $30
  • You’re losing the race 2/5

    By Ham7100000
    This is the only fast food app that does not have any offers or good deals. What happened to all the breakfast offers and like mix and match burgers. Never thought I’d say this but mc Donald’s has y’all beat
  • Decent App - Great Deals 2/5

    By defmoose
    Really disappointed I can’t pick which location to get food delivered from. Often it comes from a lower quality farther away store.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jamberls
    There hasn’t been any offers for a while, and adding a payment method is impossible.
  • Open all the time Jack 5/5

    By uyyuudududhdhdh
    Y’all must work really hard there because there is ALWAYS a line at this location!!! It’s gotta be good for that kind of people traffic! I’ve never had any disappointment with your food and y’all have lots of choices to choose from!! Thank you staff!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • App experience - start to finish 2/5

    By Tinman2621
    Finding what you want on the app is pretty easy. With the exception of sauces, things seem to be where they need to be; why can one bit request sauces in the app? Rubio’s and a bunch of other places with apps have been able to accomplish this, so it’s a bit disappointing to not have the option with JitB, but I digress. You may find some “app only” specials as you search around - another plus. BUT (and here is why it only gets 2 stars), the app experience isn’t over until food is in hand, and the last step is kind of tricky… time & time again, regardless of location, I’ve arrived to pick up an order placed on the app only to find a group of employees with a “deer in the headlights” look on their face. I feel like JitB dropped an app into the App Store and didn’t bother to tell (let alone, train) any of their employees about it. Seriously, if you like and end up using the app, just be prepared to get to the restaurant and have everyone stare at you because they know nothing about whatever order you’ve place - lol. End result: cool app, but pointless since the employees don’t know how to use it on their end.
  • More coupons and promos 1/5

    By ericscarn339
    We in a recession and other competitors are offering more do better Jack
  • Worst app to ever exist. 1/5

    By Jacks Assassinator
    I have tried AMEX, Visa, & MC, the atrocious app won’t save the payment, just says Whoops! Cross our fingers next time. I have full connection, all cards are active. Your server end is trash! Just like your company! The store here in Port Orchard WA on Mile Hill is complete garbage! It’s 24 hours but yet don’t take cash or card! They only take online orders! Please don’t waste your money on Jack in the crack, they were good in the 90s…. Now they deserve to go bankrupt and shut down.
  • Lazy 1/5

    By bigDPickle77
    I don’t know what it is if the app people in charge are lazy but there is never deal offers or app exclusives anymore at all like the guy in charge quit and left the app unattended I used to use this app so much so disappointed in jack in the box I used to use this app 6 to 8 times a week now I rarely even check the app someone is slacking just saying
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Lunadonna
    They no longer offer coupons, what’s the point of the app then?
  • Menu won’t open up 1/5

    By ddiggler421
    Menu won’t appear in app
  • 👍🤌🏻 5/5

    By hsbs hmmmm s mc
    A thousand times better than Burger Queen!! Jack is King..!