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  • Current Version: 2.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jack in the Box, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jack in the Box® App

The Jack in the Box® mobile app makes it easy to order and pay for your food before you arrive at the restaurant. It’s just like having a Jack in the Box in your pocket. Only it doesn’t weigh 350 tons. You can also receive offers, deals and app exclusives you can’t find anywhere else! It’s like a secret VIP club. Only it’s not really secret. In fact, please don’t keep it a secret. Tell everyone. App features: · Find your nearest mobile order enabled Jack in the Box · Browse the restaurant menu by category · Order and pay ahead with your saved payment (credit cards only) · Special mobile app-only offers, deals and app exclusives · Easily re-order from your past 5 orders · Save your favorite order for quick one-tap ordering · Enable push notifications and never miss a great deal App will read your mind and tell you what you want – just kidding! Or are we… *We are. For now.

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Jack in the Box® app reviews

  • Not the best 1/5

    By Fxktee
    I downloaded the app because I thought finding deals would be easy like the coupons they send in the mail. However their coupons are not available on the app. The offers they have are online exclusive which is okay but what if I don’t want to do a mobile order when I am dinning in. I love Jack In the Box but it’s competitors Mcds and even Burger King have better apps with more saving for their customers.
  • Super slow 1/5

    By David_Loves_Travel
    Very slow. By far the worst app of any fast food chain
  • Overly complex & Incorrect Pricing 3/5

    By Very Well Then
    Once you finally find what you want , the customization swiping is not smooth and the prices were nearly double the restaurant price. Los Angeles, CA area.
  • Best Fast Food App 5/5

    By StuckBronco
    All items shown, easily customizable and many deals. Some may say it asks for confirmation too many times, but in my opinion the 2 times it asks are perfect, additionally the app allows you to select when your food is prepared which makes it much easier to get my food hot.
  • Free stuff when purchase 5/5

    By Nate_408
    You can get free items when combine with purchase items
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Slewis in OC, Ca
    My app hasn’t allowed me to purchase an order for a month
  • Good App 4/5

    By Blood in-Blood out
    It’s good for what it’s worth if you’re coming online at lunchtime. The app is a bit slow maybe because of the heavy graphics. For some odd reason one I applied my offer order it says at the time of check out it says do you want to continue without your offer?
  • Redesign the UI!😁 4/5

    By 渔洋山人61
    I do think the UI’s a little bit old. Maybe you guys can try to modernize the UI.
  • Update needed 4/5

    By Iceicedh
    Needs option for dine in or take out for mobile orders.
  • The Jack App 4/5

    By CreateNickname135792468
    I think this app is almost as good as McDonalds. It’s absolutely better than Burger King. The biggest problem with this app is that it does not allow you to order a Bonus Jack.
  • Wish I could leave reviews for my orders 4/5

    By Amber. S
    I enjoy this app a lot, the deals are great, and it’s simple. But I wish I could give a review to the Jack in the Box that I ordered with, which is something you can do with a paper receipt.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By uncreativename42
    Hi, I can't use the app and make purchases because it tells me that I need to confirm my email despite clicking on the confirm email button in the email. I'm unable to login because it keeps telling me to confirm my email but your back end is too buggy or slow to recognize that I've already confirmed my email.
  • Specials 4/5

    By ReturningB
    Text coupons don’t show on app. Can they be connected some how? Otherwise I like the features & Taco prices.
  • Do not use app 1/5

    By itsmewritting
    It’s 3:40 am I go order on the app jack spicy and a jumbo jack I get there order isn’t on screen I wait 15 minutes order is still not on screen I ask to contact jack yeah it’s a machine you can’t talk to NO ONE!!! Cmon so you go and steal my money!!!! Wth jack sadly I used to be a general manager for you guys! Regret working for this company!
  • Says that there are no jack in the box 25 miles around 1/5

    By Dr. Shortcake
    I can’t use the app ordering even though the jack in the box I go to has signs to order with the app. Every time I try it just says there are no jitb’s in 25 miles. The one I go to is 3 blocks away.
  • Terrible customizing choices 1/5

    By Kelike2812
    They don’t have all of the sauces listed (like secret sauce) unless it already comes on the sandwich. I can’t remove anything. I can’t add anything unless it’s listed. It’s not listing the special meals available at the locations near me. It’s not all of the new things either. 👎
  • Good most the time. 3/5

    By steelerhater197
    I recently went to a Jacks and my order did not register. The people at Jacks treated me like I was lying about my order. The app gives a date of the order but not a time. If you run into this problem check your email address linked to your app. That has the date and time that the order was placed.
  • App is retarded 1/5

    By Jfkrkb
    Compared to other fast food apps, this one is retarded. None of the offers or deals ever apply to any given item you want to order, and ordering off the app with a deal feels like a 100 step process. You’re better off ordering at the drive thru, yes, despite the crappy customer service there.
  • Not worth it.. 1/5

    By BigGayNick
    Don’t waste your time. Coupon codes don’t populate when you get to the location/ need them. Also the app is very slow and won’t load 60% of the time. Not worth your time.
  • DEALS!!! 5/5

    By babygurl3628
    This app is everything! Deals and steals!
  • Need geek squad to improve online ordering platform 1/5

    By SB seller
    We tried in the morning most restaurants do not except online orders. Today took me 12 times for the order to be excepted because it kept saying system error system error I hate this app except sometimes they have good deals but you have to put a lot of patience Until the order gets processed then when you get to the Restaurant some stuff do not understand when you say online order sometimes they ask you to pay again for the order I have to show them it’s really been paid any more training for the staff more training for the staff
  • Make my day 5/5

    By LRN-apple tunes
    The best food and the new app gives great deals.
  • Never works 1/5

    By LaurenM19
    I have tried making several orders on this app, just for it to mess up at the end. Doesn’t work - at all.
  • Have to be careful 3/5

    By Steven L-S
    I love the app but have lost about $6.00 so far, once I got their to pickup and they said they were going to be closed for 20 minutes and could not make my food two weeks and still no refund, the second time they were out of what I ordered and paid for and said they would refund my card but still nothing, then theirs times I sent in to get food hot food was ready but they still had to make coffee they could have started making it 10 minutes earlier when I placed order they were talking not busy so mobile orders are not a priority at restaurant level so be careful.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jim Shory
    Once I got use to it, I love it!
  • Terrible App 2/5

    By Dulce CaraBella
    Trouble logging in is such a hassle, by the time you receive the password reset link you’ve decided to eat elsewhere.
  • Does what it’s supposed to do 4/5

    By Yaritzy.
    I mean it does what it’s supposed to do but when pressing the buttons it’s slow lol
  • I can’t even sign in 1/5

    By zane padilla
    I’ve been trying for days to sign after making an account for this app. I tried for 5 consecutive days and till this day it say “something went wrong check your email and password” so I even change my password and everything and still nothing. Thanks for wasting my time.
  • Has a big glitch, here’s the fix 3/5

    By ascetic
    I couldn’t get this app to work, it couldn’t find any locations, so nothing worked. I tried signing out and back in, and now it works! Finally I can get me some 2 for $6 Buttery Jacks...!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By None @ all
    This app doesn’t show store location, if I search them.
  • No Detailed Order History 4/5

    By EG2634
    It’s a great app and saves me a lot of time. However, when you order something and want to see back in your history, you can only see the date, order number and a button to “Reorder”. Tapping on the order doesn’t display anything and that was a problem for me when at a Jack In The Box, the staff members told me they didn’t have any order in their system and I couldn’t show proof of what I have ordered exactly. Fortunately they gave me my order, but that feature would be highly appreciated to avoid issues in the future.
  • Best food app But! 4/5

    By Its the Ghana Princess
    I love this app because it’s the only one to make my food when I want and have it ready when we get there other apps make the food when you get there but I rather not wait isn’t that the point... but anyways the locations don’t check where you are it automatically leaves you at the last place you ordered food and then you can’t change it you have to call jack in the box place a request wait for the response then call the number they give you in the response and wait on hold for 20 minutes so they can find your card and you wait 3-5 days to get it back. They should really have the locator to check the location every time. And you can’t pick your drink. Also you can only add on what they give you onthe side which is not always what your looking for... ( ex. Sourdough bun, Swiss cheese)
  • Never wait in the drive through line ever again!! 5/5

    By GeneralDisoray78
    This app makes ordering a breeze! Save your favorite orders for an even easier satisfying experience! The app specific deals are also excellent especially if you want your 2 tacos for 99 cents again!! Good job Jack!
  • I like it but 4/5

    By kthomas9119
    It’s a great app and love the exclusive iffy but I feel like they should have a reward system like Chick-fil-A where your purchase goes towards something
  • ....the balls ! 5/5

    By TsiZZleStangMob
    Jack rocks !
  • Does great 5/5

    By U need to do this
    My app works well and my order and pick up is always correct. Haven’t had a problem yet. Love the fact that I can order and not have to wait in line.
  • Coupons 5/5

    By Dide000152005
    Everyday they give different coupons thru the app.
  • Trying too hard 2/5

    By cbehd
    This app has flashy animations, pictures as backgrounds, etc. Except I was sitting in a Jack in the Box that accepted mobile orders and was told “Dang it! There’s no Jack in the Box within 25 miles that’s accepting mobile orders”. Try making it work before making it pretty.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Tigir1
    I love the app. Just wish it had a spot to redeem text message coupons
  • Good, but need some UI improvements 4/5

    By Athenova
    Everything is organized, simple, and easy to use. However: -deals could include an add to cart option so it’s simpler for the user if they forgot to add to cart because the app can be slow and going back to the main menu to then go add the item then go add the promo deal is a hassle -should add option to let users communicate with Jack employees regarding order. For example: if I want a soda ready with half sprite half orange Fanta, I should be able to tell them so it’ll be ready for pick up. Or say I want additional grilled onions on a burger that normally doesn’t have it, or some special sauce from another sandwich on my fries, etc. Also should be able to have multiple favorites (for past orders). :)
  • It works and the coupons are great. 5/5

    By Sh I'd sh bcc chk
    I really like. The random 15% off entire order is bomb
  • Need help with broken app 1/5

    By fjfjfigkbl
    I have tried to contact support and have only received an automated response, it’s been almost 2 weeks with nothing. This app doe not list any locations...anywhere, which makes it impossible to place an order through it. On top of that issue, the app doesn’t allow me to pull up menu item details without selecting a location. I love Jack in the Box, the locations near me are great, but the app itself is terrible and near useless without a fix. Please fix the app!
  • Sign out 1/5

    By dpradis
    The sign out option doesn’t work.
  • This app should have Employee discounts 5/5

    By jsalluce
    As a Team Leader I would like to see our Employee meal discounts on the app. It could be applied by store number. - JIB Team Leader, Jacob Salluce
  • No locations 1/5

    By Jelomars
    Location can’t find any stores nearby. Won’t let me order or tap on anything without adding a location first.
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By Sy140
    I have tried this app so many times to access the special free app offers. It's hit or miss, usually miss, on getting the app to add the item. It says I haven't added a purchased item which I have. It's very frustrating. Takes too much time trying to get it to add the app special with out success.
  • Waste of time - lies to you 1/5

    By Witchdr117
    The app offers you the ability to skip making an account. - Until you need to actually buy something...so this is pointless. Information doesn’t auto fill - more waste of time - confirm your email before use - all deals take 15 - 20 min before you get them on your device. So basically a 1 min transaction on my McDonald’s App takes 30 min with jack in the box. It took me longer to order than to write this review
  • Modification of drinks 4/5

    By ldynismo
    I don’t like that orange juice is not included in the option for drinks in the combo section. Other wise the app is pretty good
  • Bad UX - checkout broken & lousy store manager 1/5

    By myrvu
    Tried several times to order through the app and keep getting an error during checkout - saying that store is temporarily not able to accept orders. This wouldn’t be an issue if it would be just a temporary problem, but this is happening for the last several months. What makes the user experience even worse is the store manager that blames corporate for it and doesn’t honor their offers/deals.

Jack in the Box® app comments

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