Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots

Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots

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  • Current Version: 4.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: SpinX Games Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots App

Your favorite slots casino games are here! Jackpot Crush is a new casino games with bonus. We provide the premium slots with bonus games, and new slot machines are added regularly. Jackpot Crush gives you the chance to hit the JACKPOTS in your favorite slots. Download now and collect your huge welcome bonus to start spin and hit the 777 JACKPOT! 15,000,000 welcome bonus for a rich start You can win more free coins at any time. Hit the jackpots on free slots casino games with bonus, and collect bonus coins every 15 minutes. Jackpot Crush keep giving you bonus coins. Keep playing, keep winning, and keep having fun! Jackpot Crush special features: -Hourly Bonus! Daily Bonus! Weekly bonus! Free coins are everywhere and anytime! -Save extra coins to your money bank and you will get more when open it. -Play free Vegas slot games tournaments with your friends. -Bonus games in every casino slots games! Exclusive & VIP bonus Free VIP privileges can earn up to 10 times of bonus, and get even more with multiple revenues and exclusive benefits in this casino games app. Get the highest level of VIP and be the luckiest person! More free payments and gameplay waiting to be explored! Everything you dream of is in this unlimited Vegas casino games! Real Las Vegas Casino slots experience Play slot machines and slots with bonus right at Jackpot Crush. Win coins and accumulate huge prizes in popular slot machines. Super fun social play and competition, Jackpot Crush is your choice, where you can get the advanced slot machine experience! Get the great free slots online casino fun today! Download Jackpot Crush and become the luckiest player today! Don't forget to enter the game every day and collect your increasing rewards! Also, even if you lose all your coins, you can continue the game by collecting free coins. There are various ways to collect free coins, and you can keep spinning as long as you want. Jackpot Crush is intended for an adult audience FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Success at social casino gambling does NOT reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling. YOU CANNOT WIN REAL MONEY IN THIS GAME – But you will surely win endless hours of fun in this Vegas slots casino game.

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Jackpot Crush - Casino Slots app reviews

  • Slot fan 2/5

    By luck ran out
    As always cash frenzy people, leveling up is a joke and so are jackpots. Always predetermined as mini and for being a new player of the game my coins lasted about as long as I expected. See you later. It was fun while coins lasted. Too bad bc the few games that were available were fun. Delete!!!!!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By grammunoone
    I play this game all the time, but never when a jackpot higher than mini. How come?
  • Great game 5/5

    By Rigrat87
    This is the best slots game to pass time!
  • Confused 3/5

    By Janet Lawrey
    I love this game. Very addicting!! I would give 5 stars except there are too many flaws with some of the rooms. But what I don’t understand is the slot room “Cabin in the Woods” NEVER EVER lands on the ultra link. Very annoying!!!!! I have been trying to land the ultra link now for 6 months and all I get are the free spin bonuses. Is there something that needs to be fixed on this particular slot? Please look into it. I have the same issues in other rooms as well but the worst is the one I’ve listed above. Otherwise great slot.
  • Was loving this game 3/5

    By Weasel703
    I was really enjoying this game until now it wont download to let me play for last couple of days. Not sure how to fix it.
  • Catlover 1/5

    By cat kady
    Boring. Played and played. Liars. No jackpots. Very disappointed
  • Mehhh 1/5

    By Joambu
    Lose it all in less than 5min. I want a fun waste of time not quick & boring.
  • tr 1/5

    By s'ymmoT
    A 😭😭Whirlpool
  • Jackpot every 10mins…ha. 2/5

    By It's me Jessie
    I downloaded this game from an advertisement from another slot game I play and it said win a jackpot every 10mins. Now I know that is not true but it sure would be nice to get at least 1 maybe 2 periodically. When special challenges come up they require a max bet or to do something to get the extra coins like hit a bonus game to win, where are the bonus games or free spins? I truly believe these advertisements are for the ones willing to pay to play and those are the ones who win what is advertised. I will not pay for an app ever but where is the fun in it to even spin to win fake coins?
  • Worst rewards in the business 1/5

    By InsaneInfantryman
    Terrible rewards, if you happen to win a chance to try for a jackpot, guarantee it'll be the lowest one available. Download, play, when you lose delete. That’s all these games are worth. Most games have a bar that allows you to gain free coins when you fill it, this game demands the max or almost max bet just to be able to fill that bar, and as always there is no saying how many times you must add whatever requirements there are to win that prize. Don't bother wasting money on these, once you do, they’ll hammer you with offers to keep you spending.. 1 billion coins for $2 omg it’s a deal, then an hour later those are gone because minimum requirements have risen as well. Avoid these scam games
  • Sorry experience 1/5

    By Sillimoose
    Enjoyed it for a while until I was winning too much apparently as the game just shut down and I lost everything on a bonus spin. Luckily I’m in no position to actually spend money on this nonsense but still it’s a sorry experience.
  • Tighten winnings 1/5

    By Richard Whidbey Island
    I spend between 1/2 a trillion to a trillion dollars a day and can’t qualify for being in “winners lounge”. They took away a big part of the game that gave you lounge points. I have thus lowered my “money” input to this company and spend it elsewhere with better payouts and rewards! I rated this game a 4 not only 5 months ago, but now give them only 1 star.
  • Trash 2/5

    By Sunnyside0521
    If you buy something you might win some coins. Otherwise you are wasting your time. The developer suggested to another reviewer that they bet smaller amounts. I can bet small or large amounts and the results are the same it just depends do on how fast I want to lose a set amount. I should not have to buy something g to win. On the positive side, I do like getting free coins every morning, but unfortunately that is the only way to build up a bank.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By catmar3
    This game started out really fun but the higher level you get, the less you win. I would think it would be the opposite. The daily challenges are obviously set for those who are willing to spend money so the can bet higher. It is no longer fun. Plus your player support is really lacking and not helpful at all.
  • Kylebuschand 1/5

    By Me and them I think
    Obviously you must work or have a interest in this company. Everything you said about the game was positive. The rest of us find what you positively said about this company to be the opposite. You apparently detailed everything everyone is complaining about and putting a spin on it and saying that is why you like this company opposed to other game sites. For example, if you write and say you have been double billed, their response would be for you to send them a receipt, whereas, they are doing the billing. When you say that you bought a certain package and only received part of it, you are told that they will check into it and they will get back to you, and a couple days later will send you a notice for you to “screen snapshot it, hoping for you to just say “F. It “ and move on. So for you to say your company in comparison to other game company is the best is not being truthful. Next time have a real reviewer (s) do the review, not someone associated with the company.
  • Good 5/5

    By Timmmmmayyyyyy
  • Ridiculously tight 1/5

    By hgtyvds
    I have spun hundreds of times without a bonus game. Slots are even tighter than at a real casino. No fun. Uninstalled.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Dennied62
    How are you supposed to play when you can’t even get on the game I had no problems when I was giving money every day but when I cut way back now I can’t even get on the platform it just freezes up and won’t let me in if I could give it a lower rating I absolutely would
  • Daily missions 2/5

    By Iloveleroy
    I am curious as to how a person achieves $198,155,577,120 in one spin three times. I think it would take a bigger bank than I can muster. Is the goal just to have me spend gems?
  • A amazing game 5/5

    By 228loud
    I been playing this game for months and I love it only thing is they will not let me hit the grand
  • Awful 1/5

    By kimcdragon
    Fun game Terrible winnings You just want money!!!
  • Big Ripoff! 2/5

    By BlueGrassPoppy
    You’ll win a bit and once you get to a certain level you’ll lose all of your coins. It’s really a shame because this could be a nice game…they are cool and entertaining. But take it from someone who has spent a couple hundred here….you’ll lose it all very quickly once you hit a certain level
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By sandbox756
    Used to be great nowadays I lose coins so fast it’s not enjoyable at all.
  • Great games…but one glitch 5/5

    By JC Suites
    I do enjoy the games and have probably spent way too much, but in the end well worth it. Just now had a glitch with the repeat the win feature, after activating the feature, I won a huge jackpot “Sensational” was how it was labeled and for whatever reason, in did not reward me with the repeat feature??? I hope you guys will contact me to figure out why it did not give me the bonus earned.
  • Entertaining 3/5

    By Joyel210
    I like this game kind of took me away from Cash Frenzy Cansino. But I don’t like that I hit twice on a jackpot. One on a minor in a spin wheel. No jackpot was given. Then again today I hit the mega and no jackpot was given. Otherwise a fun game 3 stars.
  • Senseless Game 1/5

    By dizizjake
    Please all game players....you need to record and make sure you also screeshot every play. Especially when you hit the Grand, prize payouts Mega, and or Major payouts. Just in case you don't get the payouts that you won. Don't spend any single cents on this game...🤔
  • Bonus play 3/5

    By Nancyb3339
    I have been playing for days without a bonus in Anazing Womean. Even broke the piggy bank for$40, still no bonus. At this point cutting my loses and moving on to another game
  • Loose billions and billions 1/5

    By User5229
    This game is only good for the free bucks .. as soon as you are up the game turns ..Not one but all… consuming Billions and billions with no wins!
  • Wanna have fun 1/5

    By mini win
    Mini….mini….mini…jackpot..I should have listened to the other players.before playing this slot game…lol
  • Jackpot crush 5/5

    By shilococozoe
    Love it
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sturkyld
    Can’t win anything. I have purchased coin and you still can’t win. The extremely rare times you get a bonus you know you won’t get much from it. You have better chances is a real casino.
  • Awesome 5/5

    Like all slots the more coins you buy the quicker you lose all. Wow fantastic developers put the fun in dysfunctional 👍🇺🇸
  • Where’s the bonus round 1/5

    By Whistle britches 67
    Lots of games you would recognize from the casino but don’t be fooled. Very low payouts and never any bonus games awarded. There are tons of other free casino games to choose from
  • Total rip off 1/5

    By Scary Keri
    This game double charges you when you purchase packages. Customer support is no help. Will delete this game and never play it again.
  • Okay 5/5

    By Shannon2182
    Just started playing seems okay
  • Guest 1/5

    By Sanel2008
    I am very sad that this owners are so greedy, in 10 minutes lost 800 mil not one big hit. Sad
  • Assistance 5/5

    By dera1313
    Billie is great and very helpful -
  • To many glitches 2/5

    By JWMelon
    Several times during bonus spins, I’ll watch videos for additional spin which do no occur

    By swallowcock
    Why do I say this. Every time you purchase coins, gems etc. It tells you you could win this or that. You can win this many coins. It wil never happen. If you spend this amount you can win a certain amount. So I bought it. But it then tells you you need to spend double the amount. Then it gives you the lowest amount of coins possible. The games don’t pay if you bet high amounts. I have 700 spins on one game at 1Bil coins and have got the bonus yet. The stamps are a farce. They never give the jackpot or the slot of the day. Lol. It’s bad. I don’t mind spending the money. But let me play. I will have to try a new app soon.
  • Game keeps freezing 😔 4/5

    By giannabagnani
    Love this game but it keeps freezing and I cannot play. Can we get an update soon?
  • Pachinko & slot of the day 3/5

    By wrcljmc
    I hate these two games..chances of getting good wins is 1 in a billion. If the odds were better I’d be playing more & spending more. Other than that I love the other games. Thank you
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By DawnJ1966
    Built up coins spun 100 times at 200,000,000 and didn’t get anything no free spins, no bonus, not one of the side games going on…NOTHING!!! Just disappointed. Graphics and all that are good but way to much going on and not enough payouts to spend time in the game. I will NOT pay real money so if that is the ploy to win…there are a ton of other slot games that I can play…all about the same I guess.
  • Can’t add friends 4/5

    By cdm218
    So I have been playing this game for a nice minute. The only problem is not being able to add friends! I have even spent money on coins and still can’t find a way to add friends. You were able to have friends when I first started playing. What changed????
  • Great slot 5/5

    Best slot game I’ve found to play
  • Rigged 1/5

    By snaxss4
    At first I thought maybe I hit a bigger bet, did not notice for 5-6 spins, changed my bet back to my original bet. Then noticed it automatically changed from 2bil to 5bil during a pop-up. Will not be playing this anymore. Also amounts don’t stay the same ie; betting 1b changed to 2bil tried to go back to 1bil, not there!!! Adding to my review, although someone contacted me, saying nothing,I still won’t be playing this game
  • Crashed 1/5

    By bongcomay
    This game is keep crashing. I just downloaded and try to finishing the welcome bonuses but it’s not working unfortunately. I may delete
  • Tight slots 2/5

    By no chance for advancement
    Just started playing. Had close to 2 billion coins and this game took it all. I guess they want you to play max bet and buy coins. Save your money and time and go to an app that has loser slots so you can win and have fun. Played game with 1024 ways to win. Lost a lot of coins and not one free spin and almost no winning at all. Just ate the coins away.
  • It is supposed to be a fun game 1/5

    By jukkard
    You try so hard to win your coins. You get jackpots once in a while but when they decide that it is time for you to buy coins they get all your winnings and would not even let you win. It’s not a fun game.
  • Same Crap different Game! 1/5

    By kelsea0718
    This is the same as Cash Frenzy, just different characters and a little different game set up. This game is here to dangle a carrot in front of you to try to get you to chase the carrot, carrot equals money. I understand you’re in the business to make money, but there’s a thing called greed. I have spent my fair share of real money chasing the carrot on your games, i’ve been playing for quite some time never have I hit a grand jackpot, for gods sake it’s play money, your play machines are set up to be more tighter than machines in Vegas. It would be nice if you let the customer win once in a while, and not your little baby jackpots will delete this game and anything done by you I will let friends know on social media to stay away from your apps.
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