Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino

Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 13.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
194,408 Ratings
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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino App

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling. Do you love playing virtual slots? Are you looking for 100+ big win mobile virtual slot machine games that you can play anywhere? Download Jackpot Magic Slots to enjoy free social casino-style slot games, virtual 777 reel slots, exciting virtual SCATTER slots, virtual progressive JACKPOT slots and virtual slots TOURNAMENTS for FREE! With new games added every month and over 16 BILLION in virtual chips rewards daily, there’s something magical for everyone playing free social style casino-style games at Jackpot Magic Slots! ***ALL new players receive a welcome offer of 100,000 FREE BONUS VIRTUAL CHIPS in the Jackpot Magic Slots FREE social casino-style game*** Why Jackpot Magic Slots™? - Play the best mobile virtual slot games like Raging Reels, Big Fortune Valley, & Jackpot City - Enjoy virtual 777 reel slots, virtual scatter slots, virtual progressive jackpot slots and bonus games that give you more ways to win - Have fun playing free social casino-style slot games like Bison Blitz, Aztec Gold & Lightning Wheel - Love bonus games with your slots?? Each virtual slot machine comes with a BONUS GAME FEATURE – like Ultra coins, FREE SPINS, Hold and Spin and more - We add new slot-style games twice a month - Go VIP! Gain access to premium virtual slots and tournaments with VIP status. Win rewards and prizes! - Win one of 35,000 virtual jackpot rewards EVERY DAY! - Join a club to complete DAILY CHALLENGES. WIN MORE virtual chips and REWARDS, send virtual gifts, compete in club tournaments and chat with friends - Play LIVE mobile tournaments with and against your friends! Play daily FREE and VIP tournaments that offer bonus rewards to winners - Daily Spins – Spin the wheel every day to receive FREE VIRTUAL CHIPS - Bonus Games! Each mobile virtual slot machine comes with a BONUS GAME FEATURE – like Ultra virtual coins, FREE SPINS, Hold and Spin and more Daily Tournaments At Jackpot Magic Slots™, we’re ALL about social play! Join daily tournaments to play against friends or compete with rivals. Create virtual private tables to chat with your pals or join a public tourney to meet new friends. Create your very own custom AVATAR to make an even BIGGER impression. Join a Club! Clubs are a great way to play with friends, meet new ones, chat, share, and compete as a team. All Club members will earn extra virtual rewards each time your Club completes a Daily Challenge. Don’t just play alongside your friends…play WITH them! ***Welcome Offer*** New players receive 100,000 FREE BONUS VIRTUAL CHIPS to play with. Jackpot Magic Slots™ brings you exciting social casino-style games & virtual slot fun so you can take your mobile slots excitement with you! Enjoy lucky spins and big wins – it’s free virtual slot-style action at your fingertips! Download today to make a splash and enjoy the thrill and excitement of huge virtual REWARDS, and jackpots, FREE daily games, BONUS mobile slots and much, much more. For all the latest info on freebies, tournaments, new mobile virtual slots and more, follow our social pages: Facebook: facebook.com/jackpotmagicslots YouTube: youtube.com/jackpotmagicslots Twitter: twitter.com/jackpotmgcslots Instagram: instagram.com/jackpotmagicslots/ Questions? Suggestions? Contact us at http://www.bigfishgames.com/help/jackpotmagicslots By downloading and using this app, you agree to the Terms of Use at http://www.bigfishgames.com/company/terms.html and acknowledge the Privacy Policy at http://www.bigfishgames.com/company/privacy.html

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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino app reviews

  • Big Fish 5/5

    By Dorothy Lucille
    This is a great game need to try it you will really enjoy it.
  • SEX!! 1/5

    By Addict Love
    The amount of sex trafficking that goes on behind the scenes of this game is rampant. ANY sexual act or favor that you’re seeking, you can buy it on this app. The developers know, customer service knows. They all know what’s going on.
  • They just want your $ 1/5

    By PissedatRing
    Loose, loose, loose. They want you to buy more coins so you can loose more. DO NOT PURCHASE COINS!
  • Lied about what games are available 1/5

    By RuthLess0586
    I was looking for literally the first game they advertise and I downloaded it, looked through all the games and they don’t have it available. Not even unlocked ones. They need to take the “Crazy Money Deluxe” off their list because they don’t have it.
  • Not fair 1/5

    By LVN702
    I guess since I’m not a paying player they won’t let me win. Only the high tier paying players win big. Either way I’m still not paying to play this app. Just not worth it. 1 star
  • Scam scam scam 1/5

    By KG6120
    They should be removed from apps. They steal money from people. I have been reporting them.
  • Now Woke 1/5

    By mj6277
    App now is supporting BLM and Racist. Don’t download!!!! SUPER RIGGED!!!
  • Games 1/5

    By Hwyvoice
    Losing all the time wasting money.
  • Great game 5/5

    Fun game
  • The worst thieving app ever played this app will steal 1/5

    By bofathisnut
  • Junk 1/5

    By bigfishscam
    Don’t waste your time
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By RhondaFrederick
    Don’t waste your time or money all you do is buy they are not worried about fixing previous slots just add new ones and stupid goals that don’t pay out either! Was a great app at one time now they are just greedy
  • FYI the truth 1/5

    By FrancisDoyne
    Expensive fake chips & absolutely rigged!
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Othman.SF
    Scam be aware don’t purchase anything they will keep tracking your paly to make you keep buying
  • Not any fun 3/5

    By Sssstttttuuuuppppiiiidddd
    You can buy all you would like, your not going to win or enjoy playing.
  • Present day thieves!! 1/5

    By belairqueen
    If you want to feed the beast go right ahead. It’s fixed guys. They let you win some to reel you in. I have lost a lot trying to earn enough to play without buying. You can forget it. And like others say if you complain they give excuses. When I first started playing a few years back the winnings were good. Now your lucky to ever hit big. Stay away from this game unless you like losing your hard earn money. It is laughable. You purchase coins to win only coins. It would be different if you were playing for money.
  • Here to have fun 3/5

    By mnbvasdf
    For the last year or so Playing on this app just is Not fun… Every new game is set up as a trap to loose coins. The bet levels are too high min bet 375k next bet 1.5m then 6.25m that bet table is aim of 50mil lose every time. Before I play I have to except the fact that I will loose 100m just too try it. No Fun! The only reason I stay here on this app is because of my team. I get it if I win too much that’s worse than loosing no fun to win all the time but we should be able to play knowing that we have a 50/50 chance of just breaking even As it is now I spin every day 24 7 and in might have 1 day every 2weeks when it is fun. Please make a team room option available an lighten up on the censorship
  • Best game 5/5

    By bison/deac dad
    Baseball is the most fun of them all !!baseball game is best
  • Awsome 5/5

    💕💕💕it ty
  • Terrible APP!! Money racket!! 1/5

    By What a Joke App
    You will win a little and lose a lot!!! There are selected players that keep winning there are selected Teams that keep winning if you are not a favorite on this APP you are fish food!! They will drain you!! You can check out anytime you like but you will never leave!! That’s the hold they think they have on you!! DO NOT BUY ANY FAKE COINS FROM THIS APP!! FREE SHOULD BE FUN NOT HERE!!!!!!
  • All zeros 1/5

    By zeros R us
    No fun all zeros
  • First sign in 3,500. Didn’t get add. This is getting out f hand. Might have to find another game . 1/5

    By aunty cee
    This happened on my phone and now my IPad
  • MsMary57 1/5

    By Marylee55
    I was supposed to get 29 free spins but I didn’t and I paid almost 10 dollars for it. Greedy guys
  • Seems to me! 4/5

    By Curious not george
    Seems like chips bought through the piggy bank disappear quicker then normal play, I would like too think this is my imagination,,,,,, yet has me wondering if anyone else has the same feelings?
  • Impossible BF 1/5

    So unfair and rigged it’s disgusting, so obvious that they control it completely, no it’s not fun, and BF allows the leeches to use and abuse the people with no chips, so fed up with the crap algorithms they slap on people, it’s extortion in its most covert and hidden agenda to get your money for worthless chips! Shameful business practices, the nicer you are the more vicious Bf gets and their favorite players get. Do whatever you want to me it’s no loss from bank account!
  • Honest review please read 1/5

    By Feb92020
    I used Big fish for 3 years as they went thru law suits and change of owners . But I have to now delete this app . If you don’t buy chips and spend money - you. Will not win, it’s sad you can’t win just to spin but like any other app there goal is to have you spend money . There are so many free apps that are fun and you can spin and win and Big Fish app. Is not the one . I see all these fake reviews on here / I had don’t it for 3 years. I know players and they are leaving . Again remember you. Will not be able to win (fake money ). You will lose fast and be out of chips and then ??? They start pushing adds to you. Buy. Chips. Spend money . I’m leaving. It is no longer fun - they monitor your photos I put up one of me in my back yard and they blocked it /. They read your messages to other players / it’s pathetic. Just pathetic. . I hope you read this and if you join then you will agree and you will see . Good luck. But you don’t need luck you need money to win . The are not monitored and it’s set up for you to lose . I speak the truth. . You will remember this. And delete the app just as I have. . Namaste.
  • No fun anymore!!!!! 1/5

    By ✩𖧷✘
    Never win and when I do get a little you take it right back. Also when I buy bf takes. Need more wins and bring back the fun.
  • Bfc 2/5

    By jalwasydown
    Always hitting zeros not cool

    Steer clear this game developer is a racist company.
  • Continued issue 1/5

    By Blumarg
    You are happily playing along and then it kicks you out of the room and when you hit rejoin it brings you back to the table but ups your bet to the highest bet and you lose your coins. Total rip off
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By no fun app
    If you have money to waste and frustration everyday then this is the app
  • Rigged 1/5

    By mildmax63
    I brought the hook’s island package and I didn’t get the free spins I was supposed to get. I emailed them and I haven’t heard from them yet. All they want is your money.
  • Fun, but… 4/5

    By fhy t vyt yvvu
    I love these slots and they are a lot of fun, but the pays outs aren’t always the best and you go through your coins so fast without any decent wins. Most of the times, your wins are less than your bet.
  • A game where you can’t hit 1/5

    By Abe847
    This game is awful. I have had it for years and just decided to delete it. No more spending money on silly slot games that don’t even hit
  • Loyal high paying customers for 7 years 1/5

    By SHELLIE70
    This game is out of control with zeros! They go after high paying customers to Force down to buy more coins as soon as you buy you lose… The level of cheating BF does is out of control! 7 loyal high paying years never won a huge jp or Won a tournament or never won huge on REELS Rivals … They pick who wins it’s all controlled cheating … I would advise no one to buy coins ever learn from me … I loved this game until I started losing and never winning! I would be honest if I won and happy and not write a bad review ! Heartless humans running this casino site ripping off hard work people for their money …
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By BAD BFC
    I’ve playing this game for years and ever since COVID happened, you can’t win anything. You just watch Jackpot Magic Bots get all the wins. DONT BELIEVE ALL THE POSITIVE COMMENTS. They aren’t true. JPM put 26 bots in my club and maxed it out to capacity. They are big liars. You can’t get anything in the Reel Rivals game either. Waste of time. 55945338
  • Money hungry game 1/5

    By Deejaychrisk
    I’ve played this game for over a year and I can tell you I I’ve only once hit a jackpot and is was measly to say the least. And once you do get some big amount of money the algorithm kicks in and you’ll loose it all within minutes, even if you stop playing for a while, all your future plays will slowly eat away at your winnings do not play
  • If you like losing… 1/5

    By Wildbil26
    If you love losing WAY more than winning this game is all for you. The game itself plays smooth and the makers are fairly nice and give you little bits of coins here and there to keep you playing. Sorry but I dont find games fun that you are constantly losing all you money fun.
  • Good app but… 3/5

    By Sokenthea
    For the past year, everytime I close the app or quickly want to get out to it to look at something, my phone freezes for about 20-30 seconds. I used to be addictive to this app but this little glitch forces me to not want to open it unless I want to be annoyed with my phone freezing up.
  • Total RIP-OFF 1/5

    By obj99
    Horrible game.. all they want you to do is buy chips. Don’t waste your time
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By aneeterh
    Used to be a great game. Now the owners are greedy. These slots are tight and stingy. They are paying off a lawsuit at their player’s expense. Out of 10 spins you get 1 that if your lucky pays what you bet and 9 are zero. All they want is your money. No loyalty to anyone who buys. Just lose, lose, lose. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Angela 1/5

    By Ahall1130
    Absolutely the worst casino app ever!! The wins are very minimal and you have to spend a fortune to win anything. Huge ripoff. I deleted this app. Screw you big fish casino
  • New user 1/5

    By Sanel2008
    Greediest owners in game industry. I am traying to play those games for over 7 years and no luck. Everyone at the tables is hitting but nothing for me. 1000 to 1 hits. Why bf is clay hay adds are same for all. Advertising big bonus, hits, free spins and so far and so on. That is all leis. Very upset.
  • So many zeros! 2/5

    By WallyBob321
    Things getting tighter and tighter with both Big Fish Casino and Jackpot Magic. Major wins are much less frequent. Haven’t hit a Jackpot in months (and that’s after thousands of spins). And looks like they have significantly increased the number of zeros you hit. It’s now typical to get 2 or 3 wins for every 100 spins. Getting to be boring and frustrating.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By teanchin
    The game is really fun, especially when you have a fun club, but I am extremely frustrated and disappointed by the unfair winning to spending ratio. The events have goals that are impossible to beat without spending money. Even then, it’s rare to complete them unless you spend several hundred dollars, which I’m not willing to do. When you get close to ending a treasure chest event, they become few and far between during spinning and when you actually do get chests, you get items you don’t need. The game is fun until it becomes so frustrating you swear to never spend money on it again and honestly, consider deleting it entirely.
  • The game is a demo… 2/5

    By lebyrum
    The game is semi fun if you want to pay near real world type of Slots. Big Fish has a goal to give you daily coin and leveling just to near 42% chance if winning. The numbers are against you just like real world slots, thus the calling this a demo not a game. For a meat $99 US you can buy coin and flush it back into Big Fish’s pockets in a single spin or bid in very small amounts to watch it slowly go away. So for a demo, it is spot on. For being a fun game, well your entertainment can be a long/short term journey.
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Carol491972
    I was banned for complaining about losing in all the games after spending $500. I sent in a nice email asking why the slots were so tight and bam just like that i was banned just for pointing that out!! Do not buy coins they are thieves and don’t care who they steal from then when you complain they ban you without talking to you first. I will be contacting a lawyer. If you buy coins they charge you more than what the actual worth.
  • Unfair game play 1/5

    By ENT642435
    Pay to play app. You’ll go straight to zero except one day each month. You’ll get one large win if you’re lucky and they will take it right back. I don’t think half of the players are real on this app.
  • Used to be fun …. 1/5

    By 17cheers17
    Too many new games with little payouts
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