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Jamba App

It’s here…the new My Jamba Rewards – a refreshed rewards and app experience that’s easier to use, easier to earn, and easier to enjoy. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WHIRL’D - Order ahead + pay with your phone - Sign-up for My Jamba Rewards - Earn points quickly - Save your favorites - Exclusive insider fun HOW IT WORKS 1. Sign up for My Jamba Rewards (you’ll get $3 off your first order) 2. Select your preferred Jamba location 3. Browse the menu and create your order (or use a previous order) 4. When you’ve selected your items, choose a pickup time 5. Pay in advance and save payment info for your next order 6. Head straight to the regular pick up location in the store and Skip the Line®! For questions regarding your order, please call 1-866-4R-FRUIT. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Jamba app reviews

  • Forgets your card info. What’s the point. 1/5

    By Edoloman
    The whole purpose is to save time. Every time I order I have to type my card in again. I’d rather just go in and order. Fix the bug or put a camera feature to scan a card.
  • Order Mess Ups 1/5

    By angirle
    The location services is skewed on the app. It sends my orders to the wrong location and when the message is relayed to the right location the order is wrong. The UI to this app is lovely but it’s functionality is disappointing.
  • new update is not the move 1/5

    By drinkyourwater
    The app has been working for me when it came to my rewards but today I tried adding a coupon for a plant based smoothie and it says it cannot be applied. I tried numerous plant based smoothies to see if it was a glitch with certain smoothies but nope no luck. What is up Jamba?
  • Rewards a pain to redeem 1/5

    By toyota.tuff
    And if you don’t use rewards used right away they’re gone. Old system was way better . Hate the app
  • No Apple Pay 3/5

    By Bestbuy junkie
    It’s a simple app an as recently somewhat getting better. However the app needs Apple Pay Support!!!
  • Payment Doesn’t Save 2/5

    By QJSW
    The app finally works great after all these updates but now you can’t save your cc info for future purchases. Yes I checked the stupid box. It’s super annoying to type in credit card every time I order. Please fix ASAP!!!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By 11rev
    I don’t usually write reviews but this warrants one. And not a good one. What’s the point of using your app? You can’t even order the drinks you want unless your ordering the basics from your classic smoothie menu. And all the other horrible things about it have been mentioned already by all the other bad reviews, so I won’t repeat them here. But ditto to all of them.
  • Can't order more than one item? 2/5

    By jambaqueen
    Good perks only when u first Dl the app. But when I tried to order more than one drink at a time it wouldn't let me! Would like to see an update where you can order more than one drink at once.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kdubs24
    This app is horrible! Every time I try to order on the app there is an issue. Every time I try and look at my points, there’s an issue. I have yet been able to successfully place an order from the mobile app, this is going on month’s now.
  • Love jamba hate the app 1/5

    By rgardner9979
    The app is incredibly slow and doesn’t work correctly. When I give them my number and they print out a recipe of my rewards it says I have 48 points. But according to the app I only have 8 points. My rewards will literally disappear before the expiration date before I can even use them. 1/2 the time when I do attempt to use them the cashier claims that it won’t work/scan. Jamba needs to do some serious TLC on this app development.
  • Missing drinks & more 1/5

    By JambaTony
    The app doesn’t have the same drinks that you can order in store and you can’t customize how the drink is served (e.g large drink split in 2 kid cups). I did like that you can order as a guest and not create a login.

    By Xtc21
    Normally I wouldn’t want my stuff saved but talk about convenience and this is the sole reason forthis app... convenience!! Please fix this bug
  • Offers a $3 bonus for signing up.. conveniently does no show up in account 1/5

    By dokes!
    Even after receiving a email following signup that I had $3 to spend, it’s not even there. Yeah, they messed up this transition pretty hard.
  • Bad actor. 1/5

    By ex JJ fan
    Please test the app before rolling out. This newest app has never worked for me. I used to go to JJ every day and the non convenience of the app has cost you my business. I only stop in once in a while. This is hitting you in your bottom line.
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Edward
    It used to work. Now every time I waste my time placing an order. Once I hit submit. Some error will pop up and it just won’t go through. What a piece of work!
  • Poor System 1/5

    By DP3328
    JJ’s App is fine, it’s system for getting your purchase food to you is terrible. If you order on Starbuck’s App within 5-7 minutes of pickup, your purchase is virtually always ready. I typically order from JJ ten minutes in advance, and when I arrive, my purchase is never even started! Never! Often, the staff don’t even know my order has been placed. For $8 or more for a smoothie, I expect better service and am considering deleting the App and stopping my purchases.
  • No Apple Pay 1/5

    By Dfhbcxcbnn
    No Apple Pay and requires mother’s maiden name. Why are these apps so terrible with UX? Greedy. Update: still no Apple Pay and requires a bunch of info. Downloaded it again forgetting this fact so I could save time. Just ended up deleting it. What a shame.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By miamor0486
    Trying to order from the app is a pain, all that shows up are recent orders or the featured ones. I liked it better when it had the options for types of drinks, such as “smoothies”, “ juices”, “kids”. Better just call in your order.
  • Not saving credit cards 1/5

    By MarjyG
    Everything is fine except every time I placed an order this week, I had to put my CC number in. It has the option to save for later but when you check save, there's nothing saved in the payment options screen.
  • Can’t cancel the order after placing it 1/5

    By AnonymousSB93
    This is a huge issue, especially if you accidentally selected the wrong location
  • Passable 2/5

    By ImranZ
    Was hoping this would be as convenient as the Starbucks app. It almost is, but it never saves your CC and it doesn’t take Apple Pay, so I have to enter the CC number each time. Makes it annoying and slow. In addition, often the workers don’t notice your customizations and give you less than what you paid for. The app is almost a success but there are just business structure reasons why the app is almost a fail.
  • Apple Pay 3/5

    Your stores say you accept Apple Pay but you don’t It will be nice to have in the store and on the app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By PharestOfAll
    I used the old app all the time to order ahead and pick up at the store. Since the new app came out it says every Jamba Juice near me can’t do online ordering despite the fact I used to do online ordering with them regularly. I’ve stopped going to Jamba completely because of this. It is insane to me that in 2019 a large company can have an app that works this bad.
  • Not gift card friendly! 1/5

    By jsilvacuathervr
    So mad right now. I’ve scanned in 3 gift cards and used up some of the funds, but the app doesn’t let you combine your amounts to pay for an order if no ONE card has enough to cover it. The app also won’t even let you use the amount on one gift card and then apply the rest to a debit card. To reconcile this issue I went inside a jamba store to try to use my gift cards in store and there’s not even a bar code in the app they could scan to use my gift cards either. So basically my money is stuck in the app in limbo until the day corporate decides to fix this. Ugh!!!!
  • The worst app ever 1/5

    By Alan Whicker
    Says does not deliver 😳😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😭😡😭😭😡😡😭😭😭😭😡😭😭😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
  • Add new things 3/5

    By Alexander Sulb
    Let use use the app to order using gift-cards so its not a hassle!
  • App never works. 1/5

    By LRodddd
    The app NEVER works for me. I’m pretty sure I’m losing points too. Even when I first downloaded it. It never works and says connection was timed out. Very inconvenient.
  • Not user-friendly 1/5

    By eakoak
    Even the Jamba employees are having issues with it, and I don’t blame them at all. It seems like this app was released before any of the glitches and problems were solved. It is so much easier to just go into the store and order, especially if you want to customize your order.
  • App is useless since the refresh. 1/5

    By That guy... U know the one
    Congrats on losing my business. I hope you’re paid handsomely for your failure.
  • No rewards, no points! 1/5

    By ashley73189
    I scan my phone every time I pay and never get any points! I’ve had 29 points for the last 5 times I’ve visited and should have had a reward by now, I’ve earned much more than 35 points!! Very frustrating especially since the smoothies are so expensive! :(
  • Frustrated customer 2/5

    By Finlern
    I love love love Jamba Juice and have been a customer for years. I am not pleased with the new app at all. I have not received any rewards since it’s started. Every time I go in store, the app doesn’t load. When they enter my phone number, I’m not receiving the rewards. I’ve tried to order with it and can never get it to work. Not sure why they changed the process of us just entering our phone number at the register bcuz that seemed to work just perfect.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Trixie swagger
    This app is the worst! It doesn’t load, pre-ordering doesn’t work, won’t load in the store and to add to that Jamba Juice cannot look your account up by your phone number in stores. It’s 2019, there is zero excuse for an app that performs this terribly. Trying to use the app has made me skip even going to Jamba Juice. It’s disrespectful how little they value their customers by creating this trash app and then adding additional hurdles to earning rewards. Skip this mess and visit your local juicery. You’ll save money, frustration and Fuller calories.
  • Couldn’t redeem 1/5

    By Jayceemag
    Got offers for $3 off 1st order when I downloaded app and a free birthday reward when my birthday came around, but was told I they couldn’t honor it because I didn’t have anything in my rewards, even though I showed them my 2 email offers. Why bother!
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By Alyx31
    App never loads, was told to download it and you would have $3 off and I never got that. I’d much rather go back to just typing in my phone number at the register. I also had a reward before they switched but then lost it in the switch. Good job making it so much less convenient using a reward app.
  • help 1/5

    By lizzruizz
    Every time I scan my receipts it only lets me scan one. I scanned only one receipt 6 hours ago and I wanted to scan another receipt, but It tells me that i can only scan 2 receipts every hour, but I only scanned one receipt 6 hours ago.
  • Massive user, this app can be better- easily 2/5

    By fridgidwaddle
    1. You add an item to basket, a pop-up at the top of the app comes up and tells you one item added to basket. Brilliant - except it covers the back arrow you need to press to add another item. Do you NOT want me to order more than one item? 2. Thirsty Thursday. In store you order a medium smoothie on Thursday you get a large. Online you order a medium, by god you get a medium. You complain, they say well you ordered a medium. Can you give us a thirsty Thursday button... something? Otherwise you are punishing users for using app.... stop it. 3. These days you order, you drive to store, they don’t have your order. They then push a button on their terminal and stare “we just got your order so it will be a while”. Why am I using this app again?
  • WORST app EVER 1/5

    By calldownfire
    NEVER functions correctly. Absolute frustration every time. Just when you think they’ve got it right, something else doesn’t work. They’re lucky I’m addicted to smoothies and too busy to make my own.
  • pointless and aggravating 1/5

    By taylorspliff
    the whole point of an order ahead app is to not wait in line in store. but, in their great wisdom, these developers have made it so you can order, come to the store, watch people order through the line ahead of you (almost ten minutes after you order), and they STILL get their drinks before you. useful. also, you won’t actually be able use the $3 off you get for signing up. it’s a nice idea though. finally, the “banana points” you supposedly earn with each order don’t ever get credited to you. not a day after you order, not a week after. this app is a scam. sincerely disappointed in jamba juice. the idea is great in theory but maybe you should make sure ANY of the features work before releasing to the public. don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Please fix Belgian Waffle to have the option to select warmed in the app 4/5

    By JWash5
    App is ok as long as you are getting regular menu smoothies with no changes. Please fix the Belgian waffle to have option to select warmed within the app. Every time I go in the store they tell me I selected not warmed and I explain the app doesn’t let you choose. I tried putting it in the special instructions but the employees don’t see them. Thank you.
  • You have to enter credit card every single time 1/5

    By ReyReylc
    There is a “save for later” checkbox. I check it every time. It never works. I have to enter credit card every transaction. I never had this problem with the previous version of the app.
  • Fresh App 5/5

    By BerryBreeze1
    Enjoying the new, easy experience and fresh look.
  • Fix the card 3/5

    By Ladymerstar
    The point of getting the app was to save time. I wanted to easily order my usual and keep going. But the app never saves my card info so I’m always typing it in. I may as well go order in person and wait.
  • Much Improved 5/5

    By SF GDP
    The most recent update solved a lot of issues! Last order worked perfectly!
  • Poorly Done - Very Disappointed 1/5

    By arj.
    I don’t normally write reviews but I’m quite livid with the changes JJ has been making to both their stores/menus and now their rewards system. The app only has a handful of smoothies. No way to search for specialty smoothies, therefore I can’t order my drink with the app at all. Points no longer can be combined and they’re gone before you know it. Very irritated customer.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By Shazzy T
    This app has only worked twice since downloading. It will not upload rewards keeps erasing the rewards you have. Tried to download again and re-sign in it will not allow you to.
  • Would give 0 stars if possible 1/5

    By Kileygrz
    I haven’t touched this app in probably a year, so I opened it after making a purchase today to scan my receipt and the buttons are unresponsive. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app 3 times, AND restarted my phone. It won’t let me select log in or create an account to transfer the point the screen just freezes.
  • Scam 1/5

    By AntSF9er
    I was told by a Jamba Juice employee to download the app so I can get my banana points. They no longer put your phone number into there computer for you to receive points. I did as I was told to do and once the app downloaded my 27 banana points didn’t migrate onto the app. But I got an email saying my 27 points migrated to the app. How unfair!!!! I will be contacting Jamba Juice about this issue. Be careful with your points Jamba juicers!!!!
  • QR code always fails to be scanned 1/5

    By StarryYuki
    Despite setting screen to brightest on iphone 7 plus, QR code always fails to be scanned, tried on various stores, always revert back to providing the phone number instead; the old system was simply fool proof without the app.
  • Jamba Juice review 4/5

    By figure skater dolphin lover
    It works really good but but when you press the take order button it takes a while to load

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