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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jamba Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jamba App

The jamba app is an easy way to order ahead for pick up & delivery. Join My Jamba Rewards to earn points on every dollar spent & enjoy exclusive offers. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WHIRL’D - Save time: order pick up or delivery - Sign up to earn points & enjoy exclusive offers - Enjoy more menu choices to brighten your day - Customize your smoothie & add a free boost - Save favorites For questions regarding your order? Contact us at: https://www.jamba.com/contact-us Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Jamba app reviews

  • Buggy 2/5

    By luckyjade77
    Tried to submit my order 3 different times and every time went to purchase got my cart was cleared maybe due to expiration...frustrating
  • Terrible App Customer Experience 1/5

    By Original MacRat
    Start an order an the app defaults to Jamba you ordered from before. NO terrible developers, favorite should be set by the customer. Place an order for location A. Arrive at location A to find there is no available parking in a half mile. Tell app to change order to location B. Arrive at location B to find they have no record of your order. Open app to cancel order and start over. BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL THE ORDER! Later, the order expires and you lose the reward credit which was the only reason you were ordering in the first place. Terrible app.

    By Toti in Gilbert
    For two days I have tried to order an açai bowl. I have three rewards on my account and I cannot even use them. Not worth any more of my time even when I love Jamba
  • Useless App 1/5

    By SadFloppyPanda
    I can't checkout so what's the point of the app? It tells me Error validating cart. And it does it on the website too.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By DavidRich7
    This app is garbage. I’ve downloaded it and created an account to take part in a special offer today only. The app won’t even let me place an order, every time I try to proceed to checkout it gives me an error, error validating basket. I don’t know what else it could possibly want from me. My wife downloaded it and made an account as well. Same issue. I guess we’re just not going to bother with Jamba tonight.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By cstmr101
    Can’t order. Error validating basket. It seems totally broken. Have to set a time 10 min in advance which is when the start the order at the earliest. I always arrive before my drink is done. Terrible experience. Way too many bugs.
  • App not working 1/5

    By ilyssa evans
    “Basket not validated” error on both iOS and Android.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By djohnson2_
    Fix y’all dam app. It keeps crashing and won’t process my order or displays just won’t pop up
  • Service fee to use app 1/5

    By supapam
    They are charging thirty-five cents service charge to place an order through the app. Not cool.
  • Scanning rewards and instant app ordering don’t work 2/5

    By kennyT01
    I used to be able to scan my receipt to earn rewards for my purchases. That seems to be broken now. Also I used to be able to order for immediate pick up, but that’s no longer an option. Fix these two things and I’ll go back to five stars
  • Notifications 1/5

    By jendow
    How in the name of all that is holy do I clear the notification badges? I will delete this app if I have to keep look at the red number on my Home Screen. I’m not opted in to email or SMS notifications so I don’t know what else it could be.
  • Hidden App Fee 1/5

    By reviewer273692
    Sometime over the last couple of days the Jamba Juice app started adding a hidden fee for using it, it appears to be 8% of the purchase price and they include the fee in a line for sales tax. There is no where it clearly defined how much sales tax is and how much the fee is, I’ve never seen an app do this and it seems totally unethical
  • The least intuitive app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By griffin694200000
    Tap to edit card and it just clears the entire card, I clicked save for later then you have to change the time and it removes your card. Spent ten minutes typing in my card and just decided to go home because it wouldn’t even let me complete and order
  • Me Luv Jamba 5/5

    By Sinatra Life
    Inexpensive and healthy ✅

    By Zheng Ching
    1. Costs more to use the app (added service fee you don’t need to pay in store). 2. Glitches constantly 3. Fails to add reward points on certain transactions 4. Incorrectly charges/ double charges your card on file. Borderline fraudulent app... I just moved so my card on file has a new billing address. The app said gave me an error (because of my new billing zip) that said I needed to update my card info. BUT THE PAYMENT WENT THROUGH and the order didn’t. Hopefully jamba can make this right for me and everyone else by fixing their god awful app.
  • Always so good 5/5

    By Aralexander1319
    I’ve never had a problem with jumba juice, I love the points that can be earned for $3 off, I love the free smoothie for my birthday, and as I am currently 6Months pregnant I just can’t get enough!
  • questions from a jamba MIC 3/5

    By lavish-angel
    hi, i’m writing not as a customer but as someone who has worked at jamba for about two years now, and then i’ve been a lead for a couple months and because of this i don’t ever use the app, i have no need to since we already get our employee discount and i usually only get jamba when i’m at work already, but we have had a couple frequent questions and concerns for customers that i, and my team, don’t know how to respond to. 1) one that i can think of is the special instructions. there is an option to type out special instructions in the app and we can see those instructions if we click on and open the order on toast to read it but they don’t come out on our automatic tickets so the only way to see special instructions (which most orders don’t have) is to open up the order on toast which is often not done if we’re in a rush, but if the special instructions could come out on the automatic tickets then it would be put right in front of us so we can’t miss them. 2) i’ve also read some reviews on here and read about customers coming to pick up their order and hasn’t been started yet, and i know that is because it doesn’t get sent in to us until it’s close to the pickup time given to the customer but maybe it would be more convenient if it was sent right away? i know that’s probably in place so the orders are freshly prepared when guests come to pick them up but i’ve hardly ever experienced guests coming much later than the time their order is ready, but there have been plenty of times (atleast once a day at my store) when customers come in to get their online order before it has been sent to us and then they have to wait for us to prepare it, which is the same wait time as if they had just ordered in the store to begin with. 3) this is isn’t a complaint i’ve gotten moreso just a question but is there a way to upload jamba gift cards into the app so they can be used to pay for online orders? that’s all i can think of right now but i just wanted to ask some questions, not as a jamba customer but as an employee/ manager since we get a lot of questions or complaints regarding the app and there are a lot that i don’t know how to answer or resolve for them
  • App not loading bowl options. 3/5

    By Doctor_Strange
    I tried ordering an açaí bowl. It doesn’t show the option to order one on the main menu.
  • Not all items avail 3/5

    By Tannamerie
    For some reason the app won’t let me checkout whenever I try to add oatmeal to the order. Also, some of the menu items avail in store are not avail on the app such as the vanilla blue sky. Maybe I’ll try the website instead.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By rilyn1
    Great business always
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By toothootboot
    Whenever a promo is involved the app kicks me off and won’t let me sign in. Ridiculous and a waste of time. Why hand out promos when you’re just gonna kick everyone off the app and not allow them to use it?
  • Great unless you want to customize 3/5

    By JoKin85
    Only reason I don’t use it to order my drinks ahead of time is because I can’t customize the drink I get to what I want. In the store I can. I get a Peanut Butter Moo’d. No banana, sub frozen yogurt. And almond milk instead of soy milk. On the app the only options I have for subbing the banana with is other fruit. I am allergic to fruit so that is not an option for me.
  • App Makes Ordering Harder 2/5

    By momtoFIVE
    I love Jamba Juice but the latest update has me switching to Starbucks for my morning boost. It’s so inconvenient. First, if you count macros and want more protein, you can’t get what you want because multiples of each item are limited. So - trying to balance cheat day sugar with 24g soy protein? Not gonna happen unless you order in person. Second, they recently updated the app so every single order has to be scheduled at least ten to fifteen minutes in advance... this has led to me showing up and the store says they don’t have my order and yet I have a receipt. For example if you order at 8:42 am, the earliest pickup time you can choose is 9am, which means even if your store is dead you will both sit there waiting as they only deliver digital orders to the store on the ten minute mark and then you wait an additional ten minutes. Third, trying to upsell, they make you endure a pop up screen every single order to sell you a waffle or myriad of other items I will never try. I even tested this, ordering one of the items they offer and still got hit with this screen... If my local Jamba crew wasn’t awesome, and they didn’t know my smoothie by heart when I walked in the door, I’d have ditched Jamba for Starbucks a long time ago. The Starbucks app knows my favorite order. They don’t interrupt my purchase process with an irrelevant offer, and I never have to “schedule” my order. Sure I may have to wait a few minutes when I show up, but that’s part of the experience. I’m patient because I love what jamba does, but this app just gets worse trying to make some marketing executive happy they’re “up selling” yet while “selling” they’ve completely depersonalized the experience and are cutting into customer time and experience in a way that will discourage digital engagement.
  • App crash 1/5

    By pstar007
    Updated to latest edition version then the app crash al the time. Install the app in my old phone and it still crashes. What’s the point of updating then?
  • BOGO card 1/5

    By JamesCo42
    The app is absolutely worthless when trying to use the BOGO fundraiser card. We used to use the BOGO cards in person for our family of 8 and it worked great. Now with the app I could only figure out how use it for 1 BOGO so I’m stuck paying $25 more than I wanted to. So dumb.
  • Account login is the worst 1/5

    By Bobbydigital01
    Every time the app logs me out I can never log back in my account. It never recognizes my email and password even though it’s saved in both LastPass and within apple keychain. When I go to reset my password sometimes I get an email and most times I don’t. If I try to login with my Apple ID it says my number is already in use. If I try to check out as a guest I can’t use Apple Pay as an option. All in all it’s usually impossible to use.
  • Horrible Update 1/5

    By Jeanette Leona
    Ever since the update Jamba Juice made it so much hard to go and order. Previously it would go and put the time as ASAP and you guys should of left it at that. The new update goes and put it as 15-20 min pick up time and it is annoying. Even the workers here get annoyed of it because I show up and they said they have not received anything until a couple min later so basically it is the same wait time as you ordering yourself. What is the point of ordering ahead. You guys need to bring that ASAP option back. It is really agitating.
  • Online ordering no gift card 3/5

    By Ekwforce
    So I recently got the Jamba Juice app. I love the idea of it, and I love how they make it possible for special orders. But they only have one type of payment, credit or debit. In the online ordering, there’s no space to put in a gift card. Like what??? They only receive gift cards in person. That’s the big downside to this app.
  • Good (when it’s working), not Great 2/5

    By SaraLee3
    The order screen is consistently covered by the promotional banner for the new Croods movie. it’s been happening for a solid week now, I would think someone would notice that orders have decreased because people literally can’t place orders. The only menu option I can see is “juices” at the bottom. I started to fill out the support form but it’s so ridiculously long (and requires an order number) so I bounced. It would also be nice if users could view and browse the menus without having to start an order. I love Jamba Juice, but the app needs a lot of work.
  • Bad experience 2/5

    By GalaxyNoodles_1008
    It was fine before they added such a behind pick up time. Mobile ordering is supposed to be faster, but yet you still have to wait for at least 15 minutes until the order comes out of the machine. Before they would be done with it when you get there. Now it is no different then waiting in line. The only good thing I see is that it is contactless (of course it is) and perfect for these scary times.
  • Jamba Juice Rating 5/5

    By Brooke Gallivan
    I absolutely LOVE Jamba Juice it is AMAZING. Every time I get it I always feel so happy and energized. They also have super nice workers there at the location near me and when I go to oak brook. They got rid of my favorite smoothie bowl but they still make it for me if I ask them too and it is so nice!! :)
  • App 5/5

    By Jumpman23 AJ
    The police isnesy to use
  • Great drinks 5/5

    By Jamielologo
    I love this place , the guy who makes my drinks slays dies a great job!!
  • Great customizations to a point! 3/5

    By lotrnewsgirl
    This app is great with letting you customize your protein and milk. But it does not let you delete your sweetener. I can’t have added sugar so when going to delete the honey it just lets you chose between honey or agave. It won’t let you chose neither. Also the nutrition numbers do not change with customizations, which would be nice. The app is great with letting me know if something may correspond with an allergy.
  • Good app, but card won’t save 3/5

    By JLParent
    The card never saves for future payments, and there’s no Apple Pay, PayPal, stripe, or anything as a quicker way to pay. I end up skipping the app most of the time because of this.
  • Easy if you want nothing changed 2/5

    By shane.mckee
    If you just order straight off the menu with no customization, you’re good. I can’t get my girlfriend to go to Jamba because she hates that she can’t just just remove a topping/ingredient in the app. I’m annoyed too because I typically remove honey from the PB Banana protein or sub cinnamon. It looks like they have the substitution concept working, but only if you want agave instead. Take note from the Starbucks app, people!
  • Still Needs Work 3/5

    By Molove06
    It continues to show that my location doesn’t have pumpkin seed but they do. It won’t let me do milk substitution for certain drinks that it should and it crashes all the time. Each time I open this app it becomes more of a headache then a convenience!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Niquey C
    The staff at the slauson and western location are amazing!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By vmorf1
    This app was working fine know I can’t even log in. So how do I use the rewards?!?! I loved this app but now I can even log in, please fix it ASAP!!
  • Beware: The tipping default changed after updating 1/5

    By The-Disco-Ninja
    After updating the app, I placed a smoothie order for pickup. When I came home and checked my order confirmation email, I noticed there was a 15% tip added for the “driver”. Since I placed a pickup order, I was the driver. I have since changed the setting to no tip since I always drive to pickup my smoothie, but this was a shady update by the folks at Jamba Juice.

    By QWKNU
    The last APP update is horrible. Having to choose a pickup time that can be 10 to 19 minutes later is ridiculous, especially if you’re sitting out in the parking lot, store isn’t busy, you go in and they don’t even have the APP order you placed yet. This has happened to me and several other people in the store all just standing around. What’s the point of ordering ahead if it’s quicker to just go in and order? I use the APP for efficiency and to not have to exchange cash or use the credit card machine keeping contact down to a zero on that end is crucial right now. PLEASE fix this, get rid the “pick a time” option and let the order go through immediately when paid for.
  • Search by location does not work 1/5

    By SquanchQueen
    I put the zip code of the city I am in, with a jamba across gm the street from me, and the first 20 locations listed are in another state. Useless.
  • Recent Update 1/5

    By Smizzman
    Your most recent update added a ‘choose pickup time option’ whilst great for Corporate Stores that have set close times; Franchise stores have the ability to choose their own hours. I experienced this on 10/30/20 where I was trying to place an order for 6:10 (earliest time) and the app said the store would be closed. Either make the feature dynamic (i.e. Set for ranges of varying hours) or remove the feature altogether. Thanks!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Taylor_Look
    This app doesn’t work. Keeps timing out and will not sign in. Please fix.
  • 45 mins wasted he told me he was working on it and then after 1hr nothing 1/5

    By angry bird 3482
    When I arrived to pick up my order, the goon told me they are working on it. After waiting 45 I asked them if the forgot about me. They said they tried calling me but there was no answer. I was furious. I wanted to kill him. I felt like he was lying to me. He told me they did not have the ingredients to make my order. Ruined my day.
  • Slower response with update 3/5

    By Jeremyrs89
    With the update the option for the smoothie to be ready ASAP went away. Now you have to wait 15 minutes. I put in an order and arrived at the store 5 minutes later. The store did not receive my order for another 3 minutes after I arrived.
  • frustrated customer 2/5

    By maddy hosino
    i cant figure out how to access my rewards and personally the chick-fil-a app is better and they should base it off of that
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By JZuniga13
    The app doesn’t even work. It stays loading on every tab I press, I am never able to place an order or even check my points. This app has just went down hill. I just use the website online, a lot more faster and I can actually place an order.
  • Copying from Clipboard 1/5

    By milly0123
    Every time you enter the app, the message “Jamba copied from xxxxx” pops up, meaning they are copying whatever is on your clipboard whenever you enter the app. Deleting!

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