• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.35
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Savoir-faire Linux
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Jami App

Jami (a GNU package) is a universal and distributed communication platform that respects the freedoms and privacy of users. It is 100% Free software. Available on all platforms. • Communicate freely with Jami: - send text messages - make audio calls - make video calls - share pictures and files • Reach your peers directly in peer to peer! • Use your Jami account on multiple devices! Build with Jami on your IoT project: re-use the universal communications technology of Jami with its portable library on your system of choice. There are plenty of ways to help us, check out: https://jami.net/contribute, Contact us on Twitter: @Jami_social , or Mastodon: @Jami For more information, visit https://jami.net Jami is published under the GPL license, version 3 or higher. Copyright © Savoir-faire Linux

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Jami app reviews

  • Still Hit or Miss 3/5

    By areviewerontheappstore
    I periodically revisit Jami from time to time with a couple friends and here are my latest findings. 1) Messaging only seems to work if the client is online. Eg: only way my friend knows to check Jami is if I tell them to via some other method 2) Audio works over the internet but video is no go 3) Sending pictures does not seem to work and fails 4) Battery usage could be better 5) Going to the home screen pauses the call instead of it continuing in the background While the quality of the audio call was good, we could not get video working. Though previously, video quality was on par with other apps. Hope the developers keep working on this
  • Can’t Video Call 3/5

    By Bigmeany92
    I love using the app however I can’t video call anyone! I don’t understand why.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Crossssssssssss
    It works great! Could use individual user volumes though!
  • Thanks for fixing the battery usage 4/5

    By Raw Dawg222
    I use the app a lot. Only issues I have are 1. Photos won't send. 2. U can't swipe on a msg so U can quick reply to that msg, then it shows the other person which msg u were responding too (like signal) 3. In China sometimes msg won't send on one phone but do for another. One person can get the spinning wheel that msg won't send and other person is fine. Idk if it's a China issue or an app issue.
  • How to set up a group chat? 4/5

    By Zaklye
    It’s great app for one-one, but how can I create a group chat on my iPhone? Thanks!
  • Awesome app for secure messaging 4/5

    By bobdkngler
    I will rate 5 stars when a biometric and pincode account access for extra security.
  • So far so good, devs are very active 5/5

    By Gabe Itches 43
    Has a ton of potential, active devs, and great features.
  • Most of Features Do Not Work 1/5

    By dnd9691
    Text message works for me , but not my fiancée. Phone call and video call works for neither of us. Have no trouble using other similar apps such as Telegram or Signal for texts, phone calls, or video calls. This app needs a lot of improvement.
  • Decentralization secure messaging and VOIP app 5/5

    By Funfaire
    I like decentralized architecture, non reliance in phone number or email address (anonymous). Push. Notification is there but doesn’t work at times.
  • Great hope on it! 5/5

    By yh840228
    Good innovation and idea,but not a complete app yet. Bugs needs to be fixed. Stability and security should be improved. I‘ll keep focus on it and test it. Wish it'll be better and better!
  • New version 5/5

    By anytone
    Dark mode have a white background?
  • iOS app is buggy 1/5

    By Thomo Star
    I recently started using this app but I have experienced some issues. 1) Texts take a really long time to be delivered. 2) Uploads of files, videos and pictures have failed. 3) Calls are dropped. I am a fan of your project but these issues urgently need attention.
  • High hopes, audio glitches are a show stopper 2/5

    By Joe65134
    I wanted to use this for group chat with some friends. It works well enough for text, but it keeps putting our phone’s into mono mode, like it’s on a call. It does that in text chat mode, and also in the background while the app isn’t opened. Had to uninstall almost immediately.
  • Potential to improve! 4/5

    By 不同政见者
    Connection is not yet stable. Hope group chat and night mode will come sooner!
  • Fix the audio bug 1/5

    By Alexisdrinkall
    When you watch videos the sound stops playing out the speaker and instead plays through the part you use when you’re on a phone call.
  • App has potential 3/5

    By Bearish Bear
    Still very buggy yet has the potential to match and even beat Skype, ICQ and other defunct apps that are no longer supported.
  • Some what functional but lacking 2/5

    By XcdkX
    Bugs I ran into the last stable version of Ring Gnu before the change into Jami: - Glitchy voice chatter when making calls out. - Unable to zoom into photos sent or received. - Constant crashing when trying to select contacts. Other than these issues, it’s a nice app and will continue to use it and give it a shot for the sake of privacy.
  • no instructions on how to use 1/5

    By congauden
    link another device.....what password to use? not ready for prime time....back to drawing board. Don’t no why Apple allow this app on the App Store?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By AliFatehi97
    It doesn’t work. App Setting is a disaster. Couldn’t find anyone even my father whom I created an account for.
  • New project with a great start 3/5

    By vinhsynd
    It works. I sent texts, made a voice and video call without issue. This client is not as fleshed out as the android version. However this client is only a couple of months old and is making steady progress. Thanks for a secure decentralized communications application!

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