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JBL Connect

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Harman International Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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JBL Connect App

The JBL Connect app works with JBL Flip 4, Flip 3, Charge 4, Charge 3, Pulse 3, Pulse 2, Xtreme 2, Xtreme and Boombox. Use the JBL Connect app for speaker configuration and software upgrade. iPhone 5 or newer is required for compatibility with JBL Pulse 3 and Pulse 2.

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JBL Connect app reviews

  • I wanted to rename my clip but... 1/5

    By Awesomecherrypie
    I wanted to rename my clip so I looked up how, and it said I had to do it on this very app. So I downloaded this and I can’t even get past the discovering screen. So I don’t know what to do now besides give it 1 star because I know my speaker is on and connected through Bluetooth because I’m currently playing music off it from my phone. I know I’m not doing anything wrong because I carefully read on how to connect it to the app, and it JUST WONT WORK. I’m very disappointed and it’s 1:25 am and I have school tomorrow at 7:45, I stayed up late just to be disappointed smh🤦🏼‍♀️😕
  • My Boombox won’t connect 1/5

    By Birdie F Ifopo
    Simple, my boombox won’t connect to this app while it’s already connected to my iphone. Deleted the app and disconnected my phone to the boombox and re-connected them but still no fix.
  • Feh 3/5

    By JonnyADCD
    Good app. Though speaker, very often disconnects and that’s very VERY annoying!!!😩😩😩
  • Will not control any of their sound bars. 1/5

    By KCo11ey
    It’s works great with my Horizon and my Authentic L8 but will not work on my JBL 3.1 or my 2.1... was contemplating buying a 5.1 but not now.
  • Won't connect 1/5

    By Anonymous is the way to go
    Been trying to connect my boombox since about Christmas and it won't connect.
  • Unstable and requires constant management. 1/5

    By Sedonabear
    For my purposes, when my pair of JBL Flip 4’s are connected and playing in stereo I could not be happier. But, I have to constantly be involved in maintaining the connection between the app and my speakers. If you let your music play while going about your business the stereo connection will inevitably fail, and rather quickly. If your screen goes to sleep the app shuts down and the stereo connection will fail because it seems incapable of running in the background. Often the whole connection between speakers will fail and won’t even revert to party mode. You’ll just have one speaker playing. The whole point of music is to relax, enjoy, and enhance one’s life, not constantly having to fuss with re-starting an app and reconnecting stereo mode. JBL needs to step up and deliver a quality user experience, which is what we customers pay a premium for.
  • Will not connect 1/5

    By MVH111
    I have an IPhone 8+ and this app will not connect to my Pulse 3 or Flip 3. It seems like it would be cool app if it actually worked.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By softstroke2000
    Won't pick up any of my JBL speakers
  • No EQ! 1/5

    By soundwizard7
    How is there no eq or anything to adjust the sound or response. If you have one speaker this app is useless
  • Temporary App 2/5

    By Jeepinok
    App worked great the first couple of uses. Now, it will not connect to my speaker. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, still nothing! Disconnected and forgot BT connection, and still nothing! Now, I see why this app has such a terrible rating!
  • Never connects 1/5

    By Okie4001
    Terrible App! Never connects to any of my JBL speakers.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By GetSchwiftyZeph
    Love the speakers BUT I can’t pair them together like JBL claims you can and this app doesn’t help whatsoever
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kettlekorn92
    6 times out of 10 my speakers can’t connect to each other and you can’t set L/R speakers if you have more than 2 connected. All I want to do is set my flip 4s to L&R so I can have my charge 4 in the center but nooooooooo
  • Good app, crashes a lot 2/5

    By Tanner Nicodemus
    I don’t know what the issue is. However every time I open up the app when it is connected to my Pulse 2 it happens to just crash. I still enjoy the app and have fun toying with it and using the features I’m just getting sick of the constant crashing
  • not connected 1/5

    By Jo-Faz
    device connected, up and running but the app can't find it from the comments below I see I'm not alone here Sorry guys but one * :/
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Tommysaysclutch
    I normally don’t write reviews but I am very upset that I can not connect my flip 3 and flip 4 together wth JBL I’m not the type of person to return things either but this will be my Last purchase of the so called “firmware updates” don’t even fix it. Get it together JBL come on! -upset customer.
  • Happy at the same time disappointed 1/5

    By Jesus5474
    I like this app because I have a Jbl Pulse 3 so I can just change the colors and theme by a click of a button. Also u can see how much battery life there’s left on the speaker l. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that u can connect two speakers but for me it won’t let me connect my pulse to my cousins jbl extreme. Does this happen to other people or is my speaker or my cousins speaker messed up or damaged.😕
  • JBL Speaker 5/5

    By L4puggles
    I am very happy with the speaker my problem is that in this app I spelt a word wrong but didn’t notice it until the next time I used it, but I can not change the name I disconnect from it like it says but it never changes.
  • Charge 3 1/5

    By papoli
    do not want to connect charge 3 to this app. they failed
  • No EQ 2/5

    By LuckeFrans
    I feel like an EQ is one of the most important things a speaker app should have, and this doesn’t.....I’d love to be able to adjust the EQ with the different genres of music I listen to but I guess JBL felt it didn’t need to include a proper app for the people who pay $400 for their Boombox
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By shartypants
    I can’t possibly rate it any higher since it won’t even connect. I can see why it has such bad ratings
  • Terrible Compatibility! 1/5

    By PB-Panda
    I want to use the speaker from my computer, but I can only customize the lights from my phone via the app. However, you cannot have two devices paired to it simultaneously and co tell the lights; the app doesn’t see the speaker, or it kicks the computer off. The fold at JBL really should have thought ahead for this! I cannot believe I spent so much money on a speaker with such a simple feature incorrectly implemented!
  • Bought 3 new JBL charge 3 will not connect to app 1/5

    By dctwas
    I bought 3 charge 3 for my kids and not a single speaker will connect to the app. The speakers sound good but the sub par app really limits the capabilities. Please fix
  • JBL Charge 4 & JBL Charge 3 5/5

    By MargeJB
    I got a JBL Charge 4 speaker for Christmas! I wanted to pair my charge 4 with my charge 3. In order to do that I used this app to update my charge 3. I was nervous to update after reading multiple posts about the update lowering sound quality. Eventually I updated and was able to pair them. The sound quality is great! I can have each speaker in a different room and it still sounds great.
  • App Cannot discover my device 1/5

    By J.A.S!
    I open up the app and it won’t discover my device even though my device is connected
  • Great speaker but this app... 2/5

    By osiris99999111
    I was hoping to disable the obnoxious startup/shutdown sounds on the Flip 4. But you can’t - not even with this app. This app is for setting up multiple Flips or using the speech options (at least on this model) I’d like to see more options in the future, but one thing for sure this speaker sounds great!
  • To busy pushing Siri to help 1/5

    By Casper on Space Bass
    Tried the app and they only want you to use Siri and it did Not work for pairing at all.
  • Useless app. 1/5

    By Yamilmi
    I would like to equalize the speaker with the app and you CAN’T. You just can change the speaker nick name and that’s it. Useless.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Trenthorne
    Pretty much the only reason to have this app is to update the software. After downloading the app and having it discover my JBL Xtreme speaker, I got the exclamation that it was needing a software update for Siri compatibility. However, when I tapped the update, the “ok” is grayed out, saying I need to plug the speaker into a power source. It already was plugged into a power source, so I unplugged it, plugged it back in, fired it up, reconnected my phone via Bluetooth and... same thing. I even deleted and reinstalled the app and tried the whole process on a different phone. Still doesn’t work. Not sure if the multi speaker sync works, but unless you need that, don’t wasted your time on this app.
  • Flaky app 1/5

    By G. Guil Stevenson
    Laughable crap. Comes up with error messages to hold the phone closer to the speakers just to sense them while I try to connect in stereo. I can’t put the phone any closer. Have to close the app repeatedly, before I get lucky and it finally connects. The only good thing, is it let me mute those extremely loud and annoying start up/power off/syncing tones from the speakers. Get it together, JBL.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Flyers_Rule
    Why bother!
  • More options 2/5

    By Jordan737900
    It would be a great feature to add a solid color option to the pulse 3. Also maybe add an EQ setting
  • Not even worth downloading. 1/5

    By Gergally
    Really the worst app I ever used. Doesn’t do much and does a crappy job at what it does. Whoever designed this is really being overpaid! Hopefully someone will see this at JBL and fix it.
  • What a disappointing app. 2/5

    By Once a Geek
    Kinda works some of the time. Doesn’t even reliably recognize JBL Flip 4 speakers that are already working and connected. When the app does work, there’s no volume, no balance control, no EQ, nothing even like bass or treble controls. Unfortunately, you must use this app when connecting up multiple speakers. This app reflects poorly on the fine JBL name. Android version is even worse. Ugh. No excuse.
  • Can’t get app to work 1/5

    By raybanman13
    Phone is paired and working with phone, app trying to discover for half hour. Disappointed.
  • Music running fastest when I connect 2 pulse 3 1/5

    By Vj Vidyuth
    Hello developer, I decided to go with compact speakers for my TV and purchased four JBL speakers to use JBL connect feature, but when I play YouTube videos the musics are skipping and running fastly for every 30 sec and makes irritating. It is happening only when I connect more than one speaker. I still love the speakers, but if you could not able to resolve the issue I have to return the speakers and go for 5.1 speakers..
  • Works well 5/5

    By Snoopdc123
    Great speaker. Useful app.
  • App features 4/5

    By jmeierholtz
    This is a great app. I only have one complaint. You can not turn your speaker on and off with the app. I use mine mostly as a home entertainment speaker. So if I could leave it somewhere in my house. Go on the app. Power it on. Then go to my media player. That would be great
  • Beware: App intentionally breaks connection between JBL flip 3 and charge 3 1/5

    By Adrian Birdman
    If you update the software on the Charge 3, it makes it impossible to synchronize and use it with the flip 3, one of the buying points given by JBL to buy the charge 3 in the first place. It’s obviously done to make you buy a flip 4 to keep using your stuff. This should be illegal.
  • Mediocre 4/5

    By andador de frontera
    Great app, doesn’t always launch right
  • The pulse needs a firm ware update 1/5

    By tman_14
    I’ve been having a problem with this speaker for the last couple of months. It’s the newest one and ever since the last update it constantly has problems keeping a Bluetooth connection. It sounds like a cd with scratches on it. And that’s even when I make sure it’s only connected to one device.
  • Overall, unnecessary.. 1/5

    By monkeyman1342
    I have a JBl Charge 3, excellent sound quality, absolutely no complaints. But the app is just utterly underwhelming. It’s sole purpose is to display the battery life, and then also rename my speaker if I wish. Why don’t they let apple use the battery widget setting like with other headphones and speakers?? Why are there no sound options? Sure it helps you figure out party mode and pair mode, but so does the packaging.
  • Good app but is there anyway it could be made compatible for a JBL Pulse 1? 4/5

    By Debouye21
    If there is anyway you could make it compatible with Pulse 1 or if anyone can tell me how that would be great thx!
  • Overall a great app 5/5

    By Bombasticomb
    I have a charge 3 and I installed the firmware update and I followed the instructions. I noticed a big improvement on the sound quality, the bass is the same, but the treble isn’t muffled anymore, I highly recommend installing the firmware
  • Startup sound 2/5

    By Wtfman!
    Need a firmware update to turn off startup sound on flip 4. While I love the stereo option, app is limited. It should have options to tune the speakers. Need to be able to save my speakers as stereo mode, L+R. I have to set it up every time.
  • App won’t find my speaker 1/5

    By Shimokita
    The Charge 3 speaker connects perfectly well with my iPhone. This app, however, refuses to find my iPhone so I can’t use the app and all of my speaker’s features. Hey this fixed please.
  • Jbl go 3/5

    By abb11116
    I wanted to change the name of my JBL GO, so I searched on YouTube how to do that. It said that I had to download this app, but I saw it doesn’t work with JBL go. Maybe that can be changed.
  • Unable to pair 2x flip 3's 1/5

    By KuroTea
    Unable to pair my two flip 3's on iOS 12.1 into stereo mode. Please update the app to fix this.
  • Didn't do much of anything 1/5

    By Pvta commuter
    Installed the app, paired with my Charge 3, saw the option to upgrade the version, and nothing else but an image of the speaker that made a tone on the speaker when I tapped it. I wanted to disable the power on and off sounds. Maybe you're supposed to upgrade first. Blah.

JBL Connect app comments

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