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JBL OnBeat

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 2.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Harman International Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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JBL OnBeat App

JBL OnBeat App can browse and play music from your iPod, iPad or iPhone, and offers alarm clock functionality.

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JBL OnBeat app reviews

  • Worked before no update for IOS 1/5

    By Crash report 2
    Please update so it will work with IOS 11. Now I have a paperweight JBL wifi speaker.
  • Not compatible with iOS 11 1/5

    By DevuPro
    This app is not compatible with iOS 11 because it’s still 32-bit. I find that pretty disappointing because it’s the only way I can configure my AirPlay speaker to connect to the network.
  • Update? 1/5

    By Star ghost
    Are you going to update the app?
  • .147 Lexington st 1/5

    By jcpalos72
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Davidswelt3845890
    Fails to work for setup with newer iOS. Poorly designed to begin with, and then you can't select a wifi network. Just use a computer and go to in the browser after connecting to the special network.
  • Cannot use the app in iPhone6 1/5

    By aprilch
    Just moved home and changed wifi, the app cannot be used in the new iOS on iPhone 6 Plus. In the drop down Manu try to choose my new wifi, click it, no response. No way to connect to wifi again.
  • Lame app to the core 1/5

    By Just an ABCDEFG person
    I downloaded the app to find s way to connect my JPL Soundfly Air to my phone. The instructions were absolutely lame to say it nice. So I had to follow the manual to connect to it. The manual is going through the steps properly. However, the software portal does not allow the user to type the wireless SSID manually (I have my network SSID hidden). You can only select from the listed networks. I don't want to make my wireless network ID visible. The bottom line: avoid JBL product (hardware and App) all together.
  • negative stars 1/5

    By alexaaahhhh
    the worst app I've ever used. dreaded using it when I got my new phone!
  • Too bad 1/5

    By Luke1001
    Who made this? I don't think he ever tried to use it.
  • How about sleep and alarm functions? 2/5

    By Srndpt
    sleep and alarm functions would give app at least 2 more stars.
  • forget Airplay 1/5

    By Ramdfaccs
    no way, no how. unable to obtian airplay viamanual orWi Fi entries. Worthless Paperweight !
  • upgrade... 2/5

    By محقق پور
    hi jbl This program needs to upgrade for ios 7,because my onbeat xtreme dosent work very well in ios 7 interface is very poor this app have many bugs plz fix it
  • Useless 1/5

    By o.j.d.
    Since I tried to (unsuccessfully) update my OnBeat Air firmware this app simply dies every time I try to start it. Even when the OnBeat is not in the network. So I don't think the two things are related. Multiple remove and reinstall attempts did not solve the issue and JBL support is not helping either. Too bad I can't give no stars.
  • A wast 1/5

    By Pupucachoo
    Provides no added functionality compared to iTunes, except for providing a shortcut to JBL's online store.
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By Veronica904
    I have enjoyed using this devise but lately since my update I keep sling the connection. Could use and update please.
  • Frustrated 😤 1/5

    By Lolololololol no
    The speakers that you buy are good but this app is a waste of time and does not work to its full potential I often found myself waiting on the setup page to load, which never did. I don't even bother with the wireless feature do to how poor this app is (buy a different dock)
  • useless app 2/5

    By Rafabragan
    I've always held JBL to a higher standards. This app is just terrible. the setup to connect to the wifi network doesn't work. the screen appears when you touch the setup button. I can only use it while connected to the base. support is nonexistent. better buy Sony if you want the wireless feature.
  • So poorly designed it's hard to imagine 1/5

    By rymacguy
    I recently got a JBL Soundfly Air, and for the sake of comparison I'm an IT professional and also own Sony SAN-NS airplay speakers and their companion app too. In the end, I got it set up, but I just want to lay out a few things here with the hopes that JBL/Harman ever reads these. 1. Why try to replicate the iOS music player functionality by layering your own garbage over it? This app should do stuff not already built into the phone. 2. The pairing setup is a joke, you most hold your iPhone in landscape mode to read it, and it forces you to use a re-formatted browser page within its own app instead of something simpler and quicker built into a real app. 3. I can adjust some make believe setting called "3D music" from the app, though I cannot do something simple like EQ settings. 4. The app/setup webpage have no built in way to query for a firmware update for the device (and the link on the web is dead). 5. One of the four tabs of the app is a link to a (not even easy to navigate) listing of other JBL products. . .try worrying about the one I already bought before trying to sell me more. 6. Cannot check/adjust settings of the speaker (with the exception of "3D effect") from the app. Useless garbage for a device that is mediocre at best on its own.
  • No thank you 1/5

    By Bloukit
    Waste of money. Adds no value, and building a product manual into an app is not adding value.
  • No OnBeat Support 3/5

    By daodaodao
  • Nice 5/5

    By Ajaxxwilson
    I say it's great an in plus jbl is my favorite wrestler
  • Easy setup 5/5

    By cantinacatarina
    Worked flawlessly with my new JBL Soundfly Air
  • Fair at best 3/5

    By Pet my Monkey Coffee
    Wow! What a pain to set up all my devices. All other reviews are correct, there web page is a pain in the butt to get to when your allowed. This app needs reworked to be a little more user friendly. The dock itself has a good sound and it's a great idea JBL has come out with using the air play technology. But there app needs some help. I'm very glad I got this on Woot for $80.00. I would already be back at the store if I had to pay full price.
  • Speaker sleep mode 1/5

    By Stacy&Gary1668
    Like other people I purchased the dock so I can use my iPad or iPhone as an alarm as well as watch movies or listen to music. Pointless when the speakers switch off but also override your devices sound too. Note on your website none of your "commonly" asked FAQs mention this utterly ridiculous dilemma. Please address, other than this the sound is so good it is such a shame.
  • Glaring flaw... 1/5

    By foshdawg
    Advertised as an alarm clock for the jbl onbeat system.... however, if you dont have audio playing at least every 10 minutes the jbl onbeat system goes to sleep and will not wake up when the alarm goes off.... so yea great alarm clock if you plan on waking up every 10 minutes throughout the night....
  • Don’t get Beat On this one! 1/5

    By zigname
    Someone must have been asleep! And it was me!!!!!! Because I overslept twice thinking I missed my alarm, when it was plugged into my brand new JBL OnBeat recharging and speaker system. None of my alarm clock music apps work because of the JBL OnBeat’s auto off which turns off all music feeds after 10 minutes of none use, like when I’m asleep, duh!!. Can you say Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!!! I cannot call this a design flaw, because it is obviously a throw together before the holiday rush for sales!!!! Corporate dummies at the highest level of incompetence and greed!!!! This app and the products which bear its name are both disasters and should not be purchased or used even if it is free!!! I bought the system to be a night stand musical alarm clock, but not one musical alarm clock app works when plugged in, including this app by Harlan JBL. It’s for the birds, like the ones you cannot hear once this app goes off and it’s plugged into an OnBeat recharging because of their auto-off. Did I say the auto shut off even kills this JBL app’s bird twitting alarm when it is plugged in to the OnBeat recharger. Can you say what a waste of money, time and effort? This app and the systems it is intended for must be a Joke! Joke! Joke!!! Stay away until they post an official apology and change the firmware for all past products. I work hard to earn my money and obviously, they didn’t bother to work on this product before release. Don’t get Beat up On this app or the products carrying its name. I believe they used the same name to confuse people and make the product sound like something it cannot deliver, intelligent cooperates. Yah you Beat me up On this one. I won't of even give this 1 star, but I had to enter something.
  • JBL OnBeat Overrides iOS Autolock Settings :( 1/5

    By chazview
    Someone was asleep-at-the-wheel when they went over the features for the OnBeat speaker dock. It has it's own auto-lock feature and it overrides that which is set in your iOS device. I'm surprised Apple let this product display the 'approved for iPhone' badge. Many, if not most, would use a speaker dock primarily as a charging station and alarm clock -- but the JBL OnBeat overrides any autolock settings in place on the device and puts it to sleep after 10 minutes. To make matter worse, system events like alarm sounds don't wake up the speakers. The JBL OnBeat is fairly useless, and again, how could Apple let a product like this bear it's stamp-of-approval...?!?! :(
  • I need to wake up 2/5

    By Sound Event DJs
    I'm a DJ that needs a loud alarm clock and was hoping to use the on beat with iPad to get me up....please jbl allow the speakers to wake up to wake me up.
  • Wake speaker 3/5

    By Artisanx
    I bought the onbeat to replace my clock radio for my IPad. Unfortunately, none of the nightstand/alarm clock apps (including this one) has the ability to wake the speakers from sleep mode, which the on beat automatically goes into. This prevents from the alarm being loud enough and waking me up. So please, JBL, fix this so that it will wake your speakers with the alarm! and I will be glad to give it the full 5 stars
  • nice app 5/5

    By Hb.xw
    nice ui
  • App 3/5

    By BQapp
    Nice app. Although it does do anything more than iTunes has to offer. It's hard to organize your playlist/music. I do not recommend it.

JBL OnBeat app comments

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