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Jeep Badge of Honor

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Jeep Badge of Honor App

As the official companion app to the online community of the same name, Jeep® Badge of Honor puts the off-road experience in your hand — so you can join in ‘celebrating off-road enthusiasts who've chosen the road less travelled’ — anywhere and everywhere you go. Off-roading fans can now sign in, sign up and check in to legendary off-road trails across the U.S.A. earmarked by Jeep® Badge of Honor, plus: ▪Discover specially featured off-road trails and maps, ▪Get trail locations and directions, information, trail highlights and trail difficulty ratings ▪Earn Trail Points and ranks within the Jeep Badge of Honor community, plus special Hard Badges to put on your Jeep vehicle ▪Upload and share photos from your adventures with other fans in the Jeep Badge of Honor community ▪Enter Off-Roading 101 for off-roading basics, important safety reminders, the history of off-roading, information on dealing with different types of off-road terrain and to learn about Jeep Trail Ratings Download it today to take the Jeep® off-road experience with you everywhere you go. Then get out and hit the trails! Plus, don't forget to visit the online Jeep® Badge of Honor experience at to connect with the Jeep Badge of Honor community, check out other off-roaders’ photos, enjoy and upload videos, track your progress and check out what’s new in the off-road community before planning your next adventure!

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Jeep Badge of Honor app reviews

  • Betta App at best!! 1/5

    By Miner6685
    I downloaded this app 3 times hoping it would take but no such luck! This thing just crashes every times it’s opened within about 2 minutes. The idea behind it’s cool but was certainly very poorly designed!!!
  • Great concept, needs more. 3/5

    By merrymortician
    I live in South Dakota in the Black Hills. I would love to see more trail options. I want to participate but don’t want to have to drive forever. I can appreciate the app is free and it really does look awesome. I guess I’ll have to drive down to Colorado to use it sometime.
  • Information sharing 1/5

    By EvoDanny
    Why does this app need to share my information when I use it? And surely there are more trails than what is displayed on this app. Who determines which ones make the cut?
  • Northeast??? 2/5

    Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have some incredible wilderness. How does Jeep not recognize this?! There needs to be way more eligible trails to get badges.
  • Washington State? 3/5

    By JDriab
    I feel like people in Washington State are getting the shaft. Lots of awesome trails here with zero recognition on the app. Don’t have any reason to keep the app at this point. It’s a great idea and I was looking forward to getting some badges from local trails. Hopefully in the future more trails will work their way in.
  • Upset. 2/5

    By jake01847474
    I tried to check in at the trail head on 404 and it told me I already checked in. Later that day the app said I had 0 check in’s. I had to guide my group and I was the only one who didn’t get a 404 badge.
  • Dark mode 2/5

    By Tjsean
    Dark mode is broken , but the app does open and seems to function now.
  • Fast and responsive 5/5

    By MeauxJeaux
    My experience couldn’t have been better. My questions were answered within hours and my badge arrived a few weeks after completing the trail!
  • Cannot open app now 1/5

    By wecrist
    Not sure why but I cannot open the app now.
  • Newest version crashes 1/5

    By MojitoMamba
    Latest update crashes on iPhone
  • 4.0.7 revision is broken 4/5

    By MV2167
    This revision opens briefly and then closes. Although the process is still running as it show up in the list when you double tap the home button. iOS 12.4.1. iPad (6th Generation).
  • Not a very good app 2/5

    By displaced psu fan
    Tried multiple times at SMORR (as well as others trying) to log into both trails last weekend but the app kept saying I could complete the process when I was connected to a network. Was connected all weekend and up until Thursday, I haven’t been able to complete the process. Thinking I needed to delete and reinstall the app but now I can’t remember my password. Tried the forgot my password link twice and still haven’t received the link to reset my password as of this morning (Saturday). The only good thing about it was my wife was able to complete the process last Saturday and we got our badges yesterday (Friday).
  • Not bad, not great 3/5

    By Jake250k
    Seems to work ok but a little buggy. Kind of annoyed that trail comments after 2017 don’t show up because I really was hoping to see the open/closed status when I went to Colorado this summer. Other than that, can’t complain. It’s a free program and Jeep has no obligation to do it.
  • All info missing 1/5

    By GoatheadLance
    All of my badge info and pics are gone.
  • Dropped my info 1/5

    By T dub G
    Prior to the latest update I really liked this app (4-5 stars for sure). I’ve had my first Jeep for about 5 months and in that time I’ve completed 3 BoH trails. Now all my data is gone. My profile shows that I have uploaded 7 photos, 3 check-ins, 3 badges earned but there are no photos under the photos section and no badges under the badges section. I get that it’s a free app but if you’re going to do it as an official Jeep product then do it right. Also, my first two hard badges came quickly but my third never arrived.
  • Cool idea- just doesn't work 2/5

    By nma_2014
    TLDR; don't bother - it doesn't work. Just get out and enjoy the back country. I wanted to gather some badges on this weekends trip to MOAB. For each of the trails I tried I just get the message "SORRY". I tried at the trail heads and several points along the trail itself. Oh well, still have great pictures from along the way. And of course the best badge of honor- my memories with the family.
  • Broke a working app 1/5

    By FormerUserNoMore
    The recent update broke the entire app, the more recent update fixed nothing. Prior badges are not showing. Checkins don’t work. Basically nothing works.
  • No connection 1/5

    By Rhniles
    Since upgrading , the app tells me I must be connected to the internet. I can’t get on.
  • Latest 4.0.2 locks up 3/5

    By vanno91
    The 4.0.2 update gets stuck at login screen and can’t get past it. iPhone 7+ Was a great app until this update.
  • Could not login -waste of time 1/5

    By Xjgregj
    Got the email on the new version. Dowloaded the app. Registered. Got confirmation email and verified. Now it won’t let me login. App support link is no help. Waste of 20 minutes of my time
  • Log in 1/5

    By video-lash
    You need to fix the app so it uses the social media app to sign.
  • New version on recent version of iOS didn’t log in 2/5

    By gamer 127$2938
    Attempted to use and the main page just flashed between loading and screen to select log in or continue as guest
  • Login Error 3/5

    By Mil-specs
    Just updated and after the app starts the login screen just flashes using iPhone X. Unable to use the application.
  • App is Glitchy 1/5

    By Moxie Mae
    The app used to work fine. Slow but fine. With the new update, you can’t get past the login. The screen just blinks repeatedly. Even if you delete & reinstall. Kinda disappointed.
  • Nice app. Great Program 5/5

    By Jason & Melissa
    The app is simple and clear while the trails are nothing short of spectacular. Great program Jeep. PLEASE continue adding more trails. Texas trails at Gilmer & Bridgeport for example.
  • Map 2/5

    By bgert72
    With the new update I zoom in on the map and click on a trail then it zooms out then I have to zoom in again. Frustrating
  • Great App 5/5

    By Bullock1979
    I did my first trail and got the badge in less than a week! This is great marketing when done well. Very cool badges.
  • Great if I got service at the trailheads 1/5

    By MLToutdoors
    Well we just got back from Moab and ran a few trails. One of which was Top Of the world, but service wasn’t good enough to check in. So that means they didn’t count my trail run. After 4 emails sent I have yet to get any response. So 1 star until it get fixed and I get my badge.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Former user 123466
    This is a great example of a great idea and program run by complete idiots. You will NOT get your badge in 8-12 weeks. You will NOT get your emails answered. You will NEVER get to speak to a live person about all the delays of the first two mentioned problems. I just called Jeep HQ to let them know about the program and it’s LACK of customer service and LACK of following through with what they offer.....and they knew the program sucked. In their words “it is outdated” although they keep the website up and still have people downloading this app which promises 8-12 wait time on badges. DONT FALL FOR want get badges and won’t get answers when they don’t come.
  • 5 months and counting 1/5

    By Vitaldead
    I completed three trails in October and still haven’t received any badges. They have emailed me multiple times assuring me that the badges were going out by the end of 2018. Then they emailed me in January saying they were going out by the end of January. It’s now February and no badges. It’s a joke. I’m completely surprised jeep continues to associate with them!
  • Aside from waiting, this is great 5/5

    By elijahrlb
    I love that this has easy-to-navigate maps and accurate trail descriptions. The badges are neat too. I love seeing other photos and interesting points. Three improvements that should be made: 1. Downloadable maps that work with UConnect/Apple CarPlay. I’d love to have Jeep GPS in the car through this app. 2. Get badges out quicker. Takes over two months right now. These should be easy and it helps breed enthusiasm. 3. More trails. You don’t even have to make a badge, just get some more trails on here.
  • Would love to have some badges on the Jeep 2/5

    By rbis2345
    I don’t know why this app takes so long to deliver! The app is good in theory and worked ok when we were out there,but submitted a couple badges weeks ago and it still just says submitted. Not sure what’s going on
  • My kids will graduate high school before I receive my badges 1/5

    By Jones928
    Still waiting......... why have and develop a app if you are not going to have any sort of customer service? Also 1 trail in Arizona? Really? Sedona is a Jeep Town full of well known trails. Keep up the crappy work.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Hondaciv
    The app lets you continue without logging in and check into a trail. Once finished you dont get a badge because you didnt log in. Either let me register and login with my own email address or dont let people check into trails without logging in. Going on 2 months now trying to get my badge. Have only received 1 email so far from Jeep to help fix this.
  • New user. 2/5

    By Shawn Walton
    How is the signal strength at the trailheads? I have Verizon. I’ll put in a good review after my trip to Colorado and Moab next month if this app works the way they say.
  • Where are all the trails?? 2/5

    By jaySOF09
    This I a cool looking app, as long as you don’t live in the southeast!! There are great trails in lower Alabama and all over Florida, but the closest trail on the app is in Huntsville or hot springs Arkansas! They need more trails in the southeast!!
  • Vague app support, not many trails. Jeep doesn’t care. 1/5

    By Perfect Drifter
    It seems that Jeep doesn’t care about this app. When you try to go to app support it just brings you to the jeep website. No links to any special email addresses or developers or anything. Out of the hundreds of great trails across the United States, this app only recognizes like 30 trails. There’s two official trails in my state of North Carolina that i know of - the Pisgah Forest Brown Mountain OHV and Uwharrie Forest....There’s no way to send these locations to jeep within the app to have them added to the Jeep Trails lists. Poor. Pretty app, but poorly managed.
  • Badges from Moab 5/5

    By The Butthole Balls
    After this update I initially lost all my data. I emailed Jeep badge of honor and got it all back! Thank you app developers. Also, got all but one badge in three months.
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By Hardgrave71
    Whoever maintains this app is extremely incompetent and lazy. They could care less about the users. You’ll be lucky to get any badges and if you do I doubt they’ll be the right ones. This app blows!!!!! Don’t waste your time.
  • Lost all my data!!! 1/5

    By MSonger
    So with this new update I lost all my badges and post and points!!! So upset Badge of Honor are you going to be able to fix this?
  • Lost all points 1/5

    By RenoEckebrecht
    I downloaded this app months ago despite the negative reviews. I open the app on a daily basis to get my login points toward the first badge. I was about 70 days away from reaching the first one. After the last update with the Facebook login issue I have now been reset to 110 points. This is garbage. Their app support is the Jeep website.
  • Facebook login doesn’t work 1/5

    After logging in to 3 trails the Facebook login doesn’t work... :(
  • Facebook authentication is broken again 1/5

    By orange mini
    Facebook authentication is broken again. I don’t know why this is so difficult to keep working. Facebook error message says the BoH app is in development mode and I need to be a registered test user to use it. Maybe the program is being shut down?
  • Don’t waste your time ... 1/5

    I downloaded the app 3 years ago did 2yrails in a weekend and got the check in notifications and requested badges and did another trail 6 months later and went through the same process and then did another trail 5months ago and have only received the badge yesterday from my most recent trail not the ones from the past .. I’ve emailed to try and sort it out and was told stuff was not working and was promised badges from my previous trails and nothing ever came of it . And I installed it on my new phone and now I can’t even log in to continue hoping it gets better
  • Love the idea, hate the practice 1/5

    By khigh0117
    I'd love to get some badge of honor hard badges, but I will NEVER associate any third party app to a social networking system. They need their own login system.
  • No local trails 1/5

    By ESwale
    I should have looked at the reviews first. Disappointed all around. Deleted within 10 minutes.
  • Interesting 4/5

    By mosesjeep
    So far seems to work I'll know for sure if I receive my badge with in 12weeks. I did notice it's been 3 weeks and non of pictures or comments have shown up yet
  • Bad update 1/5

    By BillyChildress
    Unable to log in
  • Still doesn't work 1/5

    By Cedarraider
    Google log in was not fixed the update today.

Jeep Badge of Honor app comments

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