JetBlue - Book & manage trips

JetBlue - Book & manage trips

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  • Current Version: 6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: JetBlue Airways
  • Compatibility: Android
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JetBlue - Book & manage trips App

Take JetBlue everywhere you go! Download our award-winning app to book, manage and check in for your trips, access boarding passes and more. Day of travel – Your day of travel is a breeze with key info, including your boarding pass, right on the home screen. Manage trips – Update your seat selection, add extras or make changes to your itinerary with just a few taps. Boarding pass – Check in and get to your gate quickly without the hassle of printing a boarding pass – one less thing to carry on! My trips – Add your upcoming and past itineraries to access everything you need to know. Book flights – Search and book your next trip with ease. Chat with us – Get your questions answered quickly and connect with a JetBlue crewmember through live chat. Travel Tools – Add hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals and extras with Paisly or schedule a shuttle to the airport. Inflight experience – View all of our snacks, drinks and entertainment options. My TrueBlue – Enroll or sign in to TrueBlue to keep track of your TrueBlue points, view your Travel Bank balance (if you have one), request points for past trips and enjoy a more personalized experience. & More – Access our flight tracker, airport maps and other content.

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JetBlue - Book & manage trips app reviews

  • Manage Reservations Broken 1/5

    By Reserve online
    This feature has been broken for months. It works fine for reservations that JetBlue has not rescheduled. It does not work after JetBlue changes flight information. This is extremely annoying as previously JetBlue had a very user friendly app and website. Customer service both on the phone and via chat have not been helpful.
  • Delay 1/5

    By Poy D.
    Delay delay and more delays.
  • “Manage Trips” doesn’t work 1/5

    By ILikeToFrat
    The website and iOS app have been broken for months. Is Jetblue every going to fix it?
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tetley2005
    This app is useless. Just trying to get notifications on 2 flights arriving today. JetBlue site says flight updates (for flights one isn’t taking) are only available by downloading the app. INCONVENIENT but OK. I’ve done that and enabled notifications which I only do sparingly. STILL whenever I try to set up notifications for the flights I want to track, I’m prompted with ‘flight notifications are turned off in settings.’ So, this APP IS USELESS. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Just keep switching tasks to keep checking JetBlue’s site for the latest ETA until the flight lands. How tone deaf can a company and app developer be???
  • App built for local travel 1/5

    By Karna Shah
    JetBlue’s app is not built for international travel. Surprisingly the app only provides check-in for US nationals and green card holders. JetBlue developers seem unaware that there are people who travel to the US with visas, and if you are one of these travelers, good luck! They will subject you to painful lines at international airports with general passport checks lasting north of 20 min. One thing JetBlue is good about, is being consistent. Consistent with their general incompetence. Case in point, they send COVID vaccine forms that we are “required” to be completed prior to check-in and once you have completed them, they will require you to fill paper forms again as the online form is “out-of-date”. I’m a 1K member on United and travel over atleast 10-20 sectors a year on international airlines and haven’t seen such poorly designed airline app + lack of understanding about the different traveler types in a while.
  • Manage My Trips doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cam&BrentsDad
    Been trying to do documents and ktn’s for a couple weeks and manage my trips either never loads thru the app to on the website fails to load due to too many reconnects. Have to wait for a chat for two hours to update information. FIX THE “Manage My Trips”!!!!
  • Great experience overall 5/5

    By AKewl
    I thought I had lost something but later found out someone else had it. Anyways, great experience with this airline and the app. Only thing is for some reason boarding passes are not digital in the DR. Strange.
  • Update needed 1/5

    By use2luvthisap
    Neither the App, nor website, lets you manage flights. At all!
  • Horrible services 1/5

    By tortuguita&
    You are horrible. Every fly from the Dominican Republic is delayed. My 14 years old is stuck in the airport since 11 am because of your horrible service.
  • Great App 5/5

    By WWW Big E
    This app has a lot of information and always informs me of any changes in my flights. Big E
  • Nothing loads 1/5

    By -2:
    Impossible to make changes the new app will not load to Manage a flight. Sometimes it does after five Mi utes but usually it never does. I have reinstalled the app updated my operating system nothing helps and there is no tech support
  • Never been happier 5/5

    By Best app ever!!!715
    JetBlue is beyond amazing! I love earning points while I travel around the world with the best airline ever!
  • Update app and website. 1/5

    By aherre212
    Don’t know why the app runs through the website. The website constantly crashes. Can’t assign a seat without getting an error. Come on jet blue, I know you can do better.
  • App is very slow 3/5

    By Mabrookeloveyou
    I love jet blue but it’s very hard to work with the app everything takes forever to load
  • Doesn’t work after last update 1/5

    By MissDeemi
    iPad, iPhone or web—-unable to manage trips!!! Please fix
  • Advertisements as notifications 1/5

    By fddsfgmj
    Just received an advertisement via notification from the JetBlue app. 1-star.
  • So bad 1/5

    By Codycoltrane
    It’s not even an app. It just redirects you to their slow as molasses website. It’s so bad it shouldn’t even exist. Clearly the money they charge is not reinvested to customer service.
  • Bugs hinder or prevent booking 2/5

    By egillskallagrimsson
    I have yet to use this app without a glitch that gets in the way of booking. Last time eventually I had to call. This time it won’t open the keyboard for the name portion of required traveler details despite working for the rest of the requirements. Can’t book without a name, and I’m again wasting time because of these issues.
  • Dup 5/5

    By Bdup88
    Always friendly and smiling
  • Such a clunky, crappy app. 1/5

    By mctoast
    The keep putting out “updates” which are really “downgrades” and they keep dragging the app lower and lower. Interface is slow (because instead of the app using a native interface, it’s just a link to the crappy website), non-intuitive, sometimes confusing, the seat maps are too small, the seat maps don’t show up (this is during the flight select phase), no information about type of aircraft displayed that I can see (or at lease, find, during the select flight phase of the process). And why can’t I select a fare type before selecting a flight? You used to be able to do that. Now, it just defaults to “basic” (really? who chooses that crappy option?) and, if you’re not careful, you may book that by accident. Once upon a time, a long time ago, the JetBlue app was so easy to use. More intuitive, faster, and more responsive. Then somebody came in and, probably in the name of cheapness, decided to make the app just a shell for the website. Well, it stinks.
  • The Spirit Airlines of apps 1/5

    By LoNo8
    Love JetBlue. I’m a loyal Mosaic. But this app. AWFUL. Every time there’s an update, it gets even worse. Constant crashing and the infinite loading circle of purgatory. Are you trying to make people re-live the ghost of dial-up past? JetBlue, we trust you with our lives to fly airplanes. Your app technology offers little faith. Call Amazon or something - there are ways to create quick, seamless searches and purchases. And, for the love of God, please stop making us select nonstop flight, etc, every time. Give us a default preference option puh-lease. I started booking a flight an hour ago, and just finished.
  • Takes time to load and tricks you to pay extra fees a long the way 1/5

    By aakahhaleh
    Literally booking a simple flight needs almost half an hour
  • Why is always a issue 1/5

    By Cuco300
    Why there’s always an issue with most of your flights, we waited on the plane because the front lavatory, was not working right , a 3 hour flight
  • I would give you no stars if I could… 1/5

    By jetblue app is junk
    Why can I still not manage my trip electronically? I don’t want to talk to someone on the phone or in a chat. I just want your app and website to let me update my seats and possibly my flight time without getting kicked out or timed out. I’m not even flying until the fall. I feel terrible for the people currently flying. Do better JetBlue with your app and website. It’s 2022.
  • Continued app issues 1/5

    By Lt2828$
    Updated to latest version, but still can’t book a new ticket. After you select the flight, the trip summary comes up blank and never loads. Makes you wonder who is maintaining this app and whether they read this feedback from users.
  • Glitches 3/5

    By ghsjsns
    There are too many glitches but we still must use the app.
  • No reservation access with schedule change 1/5

    By nicknamedb
    This app is the worst. JetBlue had a schedule change, out of my control, but now I have no access to my reservation online nor on the app. In this day and age all other airlines seem capable of handling that, except for JetBlue. This is totally unacceptable and majorly inconvenient to have to either call or wait an hour to chat with someone to pay for luggage, change my seat, upgrade, etc.
  • Ap doesn’t work 1/5

    By can't use ap.
    This “new” doesn’t allow access to your account any more than the old ap. Unable to use this to access Jet Blue service.
  • Best airline worst app 1/5

    By alibabaandtheseven
    The best airline but the app is slow and tedious.
  • Rip off design 1/5

    By achoo1473
    This app is designed to push costly telephone calls billed at $25. per person. I could not make a day of change without calling because it did not tell me that I had to cancel my check-in first. Instead it told me that I was not eligible for a change, which was wrong. So I had to call telephone support and get charged. Rip-off. And it doesn’t make clear how to change a reservation once you have checked in either. Thumbs down!!!!!
  • Only Received 1 of 2 Wallet app boarding passes 1/5

    By zaneenders
    Checked into my flight and only received one of two boarding passes to use in the wallet app. Had to dig for the 2nd one. Not very discoverable and rendering the app useless IMO
  • Unreliable app for unreliable airline 1/5

    By Abcbcd
    Much like the airline itself, the app consistently misleads you about when your flight will depart, wastes your time with long loading times to get to basic information, and fails at the most basic tasks like checking in to view a boarding pass. Avoid the airline, avoid the app.
  • Manage trip not working 3/5

    By Stowme
    Normally it’s a great app, it the mange trip icon has not been working for two weeks.
  • Doesn’t work properly 2/5

    By jhk4444
    Shows flight information but when clicking on “manage trip”, nothing happens-won’t load.
  • First try: fail 1/5

    By pl32mk78
    Just downloaded to book a flight, it repeatedly bugged and froze on the seats then on the payment page, and although I am logged in and have had an email confirmation the app claims I have no upcoming trips. Worst airline app so far. I also regret creating an account as jetBlue will probably sell off my data, as the app made the purchase less and not more convenient.
  • Fed up with glitchiness 2/5

    By Bunny snowbird
    I have been a loyal JetBlue flyer for years but I am so tired of the endless glitches with this app. Glitches signing on, glitches processing payments, glitches getting ticket confirmations, “back end read errors” … no other app that I use on a regular basis causes me so much frustration. There is a disconnect between the historically reliable and very good flight experience I have had on JetBlue and the decidedly subpar user interface on this app.
  • Months without working 1/5

    By yari24yari
    App do not work!! Difficult to log in and even search for your flight. Do not work at all!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By cheechy7
    I wanna say thank you to Sharmaine. She took me in wheelchair coming in to CA and now today going back I got same lady. Very helpful and polite. Thank you… the staff that help me on chat was very nice too…thanks…
  • Buggy and Misleading 1/5

    By SemperFries
    This app needs SERIOUS work. While trying to purchase a single ticket, it crashed several times, couldn’t edit selections without the app freezing or coming up with empty/blank prompt pop-ups/command pop-ups, and I had to shut down the app and start over several times before I was finally able to purchase the ticket. When the payment processed and was accepted, I got a confirmation code….and then the app crashed AGAIN before I could even copy or memorize the code. There is no email confirmation or itinerary, and no way to search for the flight in the app. Additionally (this is more of a marketing and integrity thing) when showing results for airfare, the taxes and fees aren’t included in the ticket prices. So while it’s exciting to see a flight listed for $180, watching the price go up to $330 a second later (WITHOUT any check or carry-on included) is extremely frustrating. Frankly, it’s misleading and makes me want to avoid using this airline altogether (and the astronomical fees are absolute robbery, but that has nothing to do with the app).
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Dominator 4
    Many delays and glitches when booking or navigating app.
  • No 5/5

    By Herb from Broooklyn
  • No longer need to juggle my belongings at the airport. 5/5

    By kodieshmodie
    I tend to have too much stuff in my purse, so I always end up losing my paper tickets in the void. The app means no more of that! Everything I need is just on my phone! I especially love how quick the flight change updates are. It’s VERY useful for someone like me who has trouble hearing PA announcements, now I can just read them at my leisure! 😌
  • Cant book a flight 2/5

    By jetblue pb
    Tried to book a flight today and after several attempts I quit. I continuously received error messages. Great airline. This app continuously disappoints!!!
  • Most crashed app 1/5

    By endelpr75
    I’ m trying to select seats and add baggage and the app keeps crashing and crashing. Been trying for about two hours and have not been able to. Useless…
  • JB App 5/5

    By TC/DC
    Using the Jet Blue App has made traveling so much easier-Thanks
  • App experience is broken 1/5

    By David948
    It pretty much just has a built in browser that you access your trip details through. It’s slow and clunky. Often the buttons and links just error out. I hope they take notes on how other airlines developed their apps and modernize the experience.
  • Flights 5/5

    By da shti
    They may not always help when something goes wrong but they got comfortable seating

    By SpectralSquire
    Generally have to go through the booking process 4-5 times before I can check out just because it’s literally the worst app in existence. Also - don’t like what this airline has become since the merger… annoying
  • the app and airline are terrible 1/5

    By jk1212
    to be fair so is every other airline. when will they admit their staff vaccine policies are causing this mess??? first one to clean it up gets my next business. customer service and rebooking are also terrible