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JetSmarter | Book Private Jets App

Skip the airport crowds, long lines, and stress of commercial flying. Take the leap to private air travel.  Search and book private flights worldwide – without expensive brokers, phone calls, or complicated paperwork. It’s all made possible by connecting our community to idle jets and unused seats in planes all around the world. Whether you’re looking to book private jets for business or pleasure, we bring you luxury air travel at a fraction of the price of a traditional private jet charter.  APP FEATURES • Browse and book seats on existing shared flights worldwide. • Create on-demand shared and private flights. • Share and crowdsource flights with friends, families, colleagues, and more. • Contact our Concierge and tech team through the in-app message center 24/7.  HOW IT WORKS • Find seats on existing flights for about the same price as commercial. • Create shared flights for a fraction of the cost of traditional charters. • Create private flights worldwide backed by our low-price guarantee. BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP INCLUDE: • DISCOUNTS ON FLIGHTS – Receive member discounts on in-app flight purchases • LUXURY PARTNER BENEFITS – Access a variety of exclusive discounts at five-star resorts, priority reservations at world-renown restaurants, and much more.   • 24/7 CONCIERGE – Call on our Concierge Services to book reservations at the finest hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. No request is too big or too small. • VIP EVENTS – Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences both in the sky and on the ground. Get access to exclusive events, gallery openings, celebrity meet-and-greets, and more.

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JetSmarter | Book Private Jets app reviews

  • Easiest place to find cheap flights 5/5

    By Badgirlbae
    I heard about this app and had my first flight with them, now I’m loyal member! I travel occasionally and plane expenses itself are expensive. I always have to stay up all night and takes me few days to get in luck of finding cheap flights. I tried this app and saved me tons of time and money getting the cheapest flight. It’s super easy to use! You can find all flights you want and book in seconds. Now it’ll be so hard to go back and fly commercial! My flight with them was fantastic and the staff were so welcoming. I couldn’t believe I could afford flying private until this app. Would totally recommend this.
  • Affordable and convenient 5/5

    By reinyp
    I love to fly with Jetsmarter they gave me excellent service! The aircraft is modern and well appointed they made me feel welcome and happy! The service and attention was amazing! It’s going to be very hard for me to go back to flying commercial since a found Jetsmarter I won’t look somewhere else the prices are affordable plus there so many destinations to go. Highly recommend!
  • The greatest 5/5

    By ed yawitz
    I absolutely love the service and understand the need for the surcharge on fuel it is the greatest service I’ve ever had in can’t believe people complain about a few dollars for The unbelievable experience, my rep Jim is the best, and I will continue using till the day they close hopefully they make it sincerely ‘Ed Yawitz
  • Can’t go back to flying commercial! 5/5

    By beach babee
    I never thought I would be able to fly private and always thought there would be a catch whenever I heard about JetSmarter but after a friend flew using JetSmarter, I knew I had to give it a try! Not only was the flight great, but all of the staff were professional and attentive to every detail and need of ours, the aircraft was modern and luxurious, and finding a flight was extremely easy. There are so many flights flying in and out of my area and to areas that I regularly fly to or would fly to for future trips and the prices are extremely affordable. I hate when it is hard to find flights online and this app makes it so easy to search for flights and the prices are displayed right on the app- no need to submit pricing requests or call a company phone number. Two flights flown through JetSmarter and already booking my third for next week!
  • DO NOT SIGN UP!!!! 1/5

    By HandsomeGeorge1124
    This company is a scam, and if you read the news they’re getting sued constantly for taking people $ and running!
  • Awesome service! 5/5

    By kristenval2000
    Didn’t think I could afford flying private until this app. Amazing experience on my first flight and taking my second next week. When I first heard about JetSmarter I thought there had to be a catch. After my first flight I discovered there isn’t. Now I’m a member! It will be hard going back to flying commercial! Flight was great, private suite at FBO was convenient and the staff was welcoming, I would 10/10 recommend.
  • Company needs better communication 3/5

    By Tallngrateful
    The company needs to be more transparent in their communications and changes. I enjoyed their service however their pricing changed as right after I signed up and their availability dropped on shuttle flights. The company did a terrible job of communicating their price change. They sold one product/service and left out the fact that pricing could change during the sales presentation. I’ve flown twice and liked the service but I no longer trust them. They destroyed their brand equity unfortunately.
  • THE BEST! Highly recommend it! 5/5

    By KatKNott
    Love this app! The way to travel!
  • The experience is worth it 5/5

    By sveta__28
    JetSmarter makes it so affordable to fly private! It is such a luxury, welcoming & convenient service! We all need to treat our selves (and our family) sometimes with such experience! The service & attention to details is 10/10. They offer so many locations to visit & all prices + available seats are available on their app, which is really ease to use. Love that
  • Luxury is bless 5/5

    By Neofang
    Flying private seemed like something reserved for celebrities. Not anymore! I became a member after my first flight. I had an amazing experience - private suite, great staff, and so enjoyable that I’m already thinking about scheduling my next trip. It was definitely a luxurious experience and it was easy to find cheap flights.
  • Must Have App! 5/5

    By carlalynn92
    I had no idea that you could fly privately for such an inexpensive price! The app is very easy to use and there are so many destinations to fly in and out of! I highly recommend using JetSmarter!
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By 1star and delete
    Changes to the system has left people who purchased packages unable to fly out of anywhere without reserving the entire plane which is something you don’t need this app to do . Your other option is hoping and waiting another user reserved an entire plane and is willing to sell some seats , again something you don’t need this app for . Crowdfunding a flight is a joke also . The 20 grand they want to upgrade or join just to use the app and service is laughable . It was a good service a year or two ago but no longer :(
  • Ability to rent an entire jet! 5/5

    By jfkfkrmdmdb ndnfnf
    I was surprised to see that you are able to book an entire jet for a very reasonable price. It will be nice to have everyone together for the trip I’m planning. The app is very easy to use and every is lined out. I’ve found routes with the major airports making flying out easy. Great service and easy to book!
  • Amazing attention to detail 5/5

    By JJWalker462
    I’m a CEO of a growing company and I always thought flying private would be out of my budget. Turns out that it’s much less than I thought and booking a last minute flight couldn’t be easier. Staff was great and the plane was very well appointed. Buying my membership this week!
  • Convenience at your fingertips 5/5

    By Wonder1128
    I love the ease of booking a flight and the engaging staff. Communicating every detail along the way. Simply JetSmarter
  • Amazing experience 5/5

    By Refuge beehives
    Lot’s of negative reviews on here, but I don’t understand why. I’ve had an amazing experience with JetSmarter, can’t stop raving about it, I probably wouldn’t even really be flying private if I didn’t love their service and deals.
  • Terribly fraudulent company positive reviews are fake 1/5

    By Jacob miami
    This company forces their employees to write the positive fake reviews they promise the employees and customers the world then change things the next day and don’t offer a refund, they have their employees trying to figure out who writes the bad yet truthful reviews because in their contract it states that a member who says anything negative they have the right to cancel without a refund. Stay away they are on their way out of business trying to get customers to pay multiple years in advance
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Trey Scudder
    Great app and service
  • Bait and switch, then a scam 1/5

    By Meaculpaz
    Terrible business practices, make promises then change their pricing model - so far this year I’ve counted and they’ve changed pricing and routes EIGHT times in a major and noticeable way. Consistently dishonest business practices. I’ve flown with them for two years primarily in north America and it’s getting worse and worse to the point where I’m not renewing and will likely contest the existing charges. Not expecting to win in a court battle, but I’ll be making sure their garbage business practices are made very public.
  • Stuck in a loop 1/5

    By parlayaddict
    Downloaded the app, signed up and then the app gets stuck in a loading screen and stays there. Have to exit the app and sign up all over again just for it to happen again.
  • Dishonest company 1/5

    By daoud shinwari
    This is a review of the service and not the app. I subscribed for 1 year, and I was interested in one particular flight leg due to the nature of my business, and this was the dubai-riyadh leg. The service was great when it worked, but half the way into the contract, the company changed the deal and started to charge extra (charter basis) and dumped me and the likes of me without offering us a refund. We were offered a meaningless solution which we refused. I have been robbed, and I would advise people not to join this dishonest company service.
  • Just Wants Your Info 1/5

    By jayjtea
    Makes you input multiple pieces of info, including your phone number, before you can look at flights. I am expecting to start getting spam calls and emails anytime now. Also, their flights are incredibly expensive compared to other like services like blackbird.
  • Impossible with which to deal 1/5

    By 25840884
    We have been members for 2 years and it started out great but has gone down hill very rapidly in the past 6 months 1) late planes 2) inconsistency 3) poor aircraft 4) prices gone up over 1000% yes more than 10 times 5) poor telephone service 6) misleading To name a few problems
  • Need for many more shuttles out of the Atlanta, and Southeastern states!! 3/5

    By CityBlue1
    This is a great jet shuttle service, and very nice jets compared to other private jet services. The biggest problem I've come to find, are the limited areas of daily shuttles for people living in the Southeastern states, and cities such as Atlanta. How can Atlanta be the the busiest airport in the country, yet Jet Smarter doesn't put near the amount of attention for those living in that area? So there's 2 shuttles out of Atlanta, one to New York, and one to Ft Lauderdale. The southeast has had such a commercial boom in the past 10 years, bringing the largest corporations to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama! With Boeing, Honda, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Polaris, Honda ATV, and Shutterstock!! It's very frustrating to try to put a flight together, but must fly to New York first, one of the flights from Atlanta that Jet Smarter has as a shuttle. Now your left with getting from Charleston to Atlanta, and on the return leg, getting to your home airport from Atlanta?? I also believe there should be more round trip fares, rather than selling one way at fares a time. We'll have to see if they grow, and begin to accommodate those of us living in the southeast? Once in the air, and in the small airports, things run very smoothly! I'm just hoping that they realize the need for members flying out of Atlanta, to many designations? Member
  • Misleading 1/5

    By ZMPhysique
    ”private flights starting at $75” - $2000 to sign up for a membership and the cheapest flights I found on the app were $4500 Change your ads if you want to avoid 1-star reviews.
  • Total rip-off 1/5

    By EricRos
    Be ready for the business model to change every few months, and not in favor of existing members.
  • Necessary Changes 5/5

    By p4life92
    As a member I was always baffled by how they operated. I was a proud member and to be honest I still am. Of course flying for free was unbelievable, however I’m still paying way below what a charter would cost. Anyone who flies private still understands the value and anyone who has any affiliation with business understands a pivot is necessary. I don’t want to pay full price for a charter and I defiantly do not want to fly commercial. I WOULD RATHER PAY A COUPLE THOUSAND FOR A JETSMARTER SEAT THAN HAVE NO JETSMARTER AT ALL.

    By SnisterDiva
    Was able to fly private for the first time ever with this app. For only a couple hundred dollars!!
  • First time flying private 5/5

    By Oxnam.
    App occasionally glitches but had a 5-star experience on flight. Easy to book!
  • Fantastic app! 5/5

    By Laity.1
    Great service and the app was easy to use. I don’t understand why the bad reviews.
  • Flight was great, app has some glitches 5/5

    By Drillingcourt.
    Company could do a better job at communicating changes but the service has been phenomenal. Booked my flight with no problem. App could use some improvement.
  • New member 5/5

    By Hanselbiddle
    When I first heard about JetSmarter I thought there had to be a catch. After my first flight I discovered there isn’t. Just became a member!
  • Why the bad reviews? 5/5

    By MacSkeaghan.1
    Didn’t think I could afford flying private until this app. Amazing experience on my first flight and already booked taking my second a few weeks from now
  • I love this app! And the empty legs 5/5

    By Fittall.
    Booked an empty leg deal to Chicago for me and wife. Unbelievable price, terrific service, will definitely book again soon
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    Current member. App is a joke. You get calls from 25 different people for one flight. I chartered a whole jet in Vegas and they bumped me because I was 4 minutes late. Last time I checked... I fly private to avoid that hassle. Awful customer service. I still haven’t flown one flight with them yet! Download Blade and save yourself $7,500
  • 5 STARS!! 5/5

    By Ludlow.
    It will be hard going back to flying commercial! Flight was great, private suite at FBO was convenient and the staff was welcoming, I would 10/10 recommend.
  • Really enjoyed flight to Miami 3/5

    By Leffek.
    Wish app was easier to navigate. Still was able to book and flew the NY to FL this week. Flight was good no complaints.
  • Fun while it lasted 1/5

    By HenMel
    Changed everything on a “grandfathered in member” when I was about to renew (thank god I didn’t). What makes me think if I renew that they won’t change the entire template again? Obviously they’re not honoring what people initially signed up for. Get your money JetSmarter but there are loyal ways of doing it.
  • Unreal experience 5/5

    By danny gster
    For the entrepreneurs this app is a must! You’re paying less than first class to fly private. The networking/motivation it provides alone is worth its weight in gold!

    By TopZoeGod
    Great app! I don’t understand the bad reviews ?! This is a great app for vacationing to a major city with family and friends or even by yourself lol! If you can’t save the $5,000-$13,000 for the charter then you can do a shuttle from any major city to another major city from anywhere between $500 to $3,000 ( about the same as first class except you get to your destination QUICKER and in Luxury just with like 2 or 3 people ) or you can even do a empty leg for like $60 you just have to get to the city that’s doing the empty leg! Great app
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Gkroegman
    What a rip off. Most flights are from ONLY major cities like New York, Miami and LA... for like thousands of dollars a seat. Just fly commercial
  • JetSmarter is Screwing its Best Customers 1/5

    By Lou Piano
    Our shuttle tokens (free flights under annual membership) are gone. Membership prices have tumbled - so that’s good for new members - but, the benefits we “sophisticated members” bought are gone without any explanation or attempt to offset our losses. It’s an absolute travesty! Management needs to be held accountable.
  • Can’t trust them 1/5

    By hustle for day and days
    They make promises they don’t keep. I was a member for two years. The contract is a big lie.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Onpoint2578
    I’m taken back by the lack of communication from company as a Memeber for almost three years they cancelled the smart plan and I got a call few days before my renew date and cold shoulder. They told us we where grandfathered in at rare and plan all lies. If you read an article from air stream jets on google about jet smarter it’s dead on !!! I do feel bad for all the investors that paid for our flights for years. Thanks for good times. I miss it :)
  • What the heck is happening to JetSmarter?? 1/5

    By Looods
    This company needs to communicate better with its customers. They've been so many changes and significant enough to totally change the original path the company was formed on. I have no idea what’s going on. Where is “Find a Flight” option?
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Yukondenali01
    Started with a 15k one time fee then a yearly fee and now they offer the same services to anyone. What a waste of 15k. Fly net jets or anyone but these guys. All they are is high price brokers that offer old planes

    By JasonCMaxwell
    I bought two $15,000 (each) memberships so that I could use the free shuttles back and forth to FL. Then a few weeks ago they changed all the rules and now if I want one of the free flights I was promised. It costs me almost $4k and that is one way. JetSmarter members need to start a class action lawsuit against this company for stealing our money. The owner needs to go to prison.
  • The best service has gone down hill fast 1/5

    By flyboy nyc
    This company is changing everything they promised after they got myself and 10 people I know to sign up to sophisticated. Their highest and most expensive program. Over 6 figures later of money spent I am feeling very unsatisfied. # refund needed. From unlimited flying, helicopter service, free meals, ability to hold flights, everything we loved. Now they are trying to charge for everything. Saying flights have a limited about of token use then people have to pay for seats every-time. It’s sad they think they can just make changes with no recourse. You don’t sell someone a product and then change everything as a company.
  • Application Crash 1/5

    By mawis.anis
    Application is crashing upon signing up into the application.

JetSmarter | Book Private Jets app comments

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