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JOANN - Shopping & Crafts

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JOANN - Shopping & Crafts App

JOANN - Shopping & Crafts Browse, Shop & Get Inspired Shop in the app, join our rewards program, shop the weekly ad, get coupons and personalized deals, or browse thousands of projects for inspiration. Express your creativity & share your own DIY projects.
 FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE SHOP WITH EASE * Browse and search thousands of products * Get product details * Scan product barcodes * Ship to your home or pick up in store GET REWARDS CRAFTED JUST FOR YOU * Enjoy our free JOANN Smiles program and we'll send you personalized rewards, coupons and offers. * Present and scan your JOANN Smiles Reward code barcode at checkout to track your purchases and earn more rewards. * Take advantage of bonus discount days, birthday rewards, and other special surprises along the way. SAVE MONEY * Receive exclusive, app only coupons to use in-store or online * Browse and shop weekly ads. Now, view weekly ads with pinch and zoom. FIND AND SHARE INSPIRATION * Browse projects or create your own how-to project to share with the #handmadewithjoann community. * Share your Story with the Joann community. Explain how and why you live a handmade life. * Create your own shopping list and begin your next project Browse our class catalog to learn something new JOANN is the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer with a great product selection, knowledgeable customer service, and class offerings for all ages. Download the latest JOANN app and be part of a community of people who love to make things with their hands, hearts and minds.

 This app uses background location to deliver exclusive coupons and sales for your favorite store. Continued use of background location may decrease battery life.

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JOANN - Shopping & Crafts app reviews

  • Frustrating 1/5

    By CosmicClimax
    I really want to be able to use the app because crafts are my kryptonite. But the app is horrible. It doesn’t load pictures, it bugs out when I want to add things to my cart. And it’s sooooo slow to load anything at all. It makes it really frustrating to navigate.
  • App stinks 1/5

    By hazmar7
    I have had to delete and reload this app several times trying to get it to work. If I try to change the number of one item the whole cart will be wiped out and I would have to start over. Because I wind up just having to go to the website I have lost a good $1,000 worth the rewards. Worst app I have ever used.
  • Good 4/5

    By UnluckyLlama
    But i wish i could save items for later.
  • Keeps emptying my cart 1/5

    By vhb75
    So tedious, I finally gave up.
  • Reno store 5/5

    By SSilvaroli
    I always preferred shopping at an actual quilt shop until new management took over the Reno JoAnn’s. Store is clean and well organized, employees friendly and helpful.
  • Not Really Compatible w\Ipad. 4/5

    By Zediva58
    I’m doing a lot of my shopping on my iPad this year. My grandson sent me items he wanted for his crafts, so I was like sure. I visited the website and was having problems so I decided to use the app. Things were going fairly smoothly until I wanted to choose a specific color and view my cart. The app abruptly closed on me several times. In full disclosure I was able to use my iPhone app but not really compatible with my iPad.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Disappointedreviewer
    The worst…. If you leave the app and then return, all items in your cart have been moved to save for later, but never shows items ‘saved for later’. App just spins and spins. Also frustrating…. Filters don’t work and Inventory is not correct. Drive all the way to store just to discover the items you purchased are not in stock.

    By JustCrusinOnBy
    Honestly, it’s a miracle if I can get this app to work without it crashing. It likes to clear out the cart at random times and then update to shipping for no reason. Also randomly likes to say that any and ALL items are out of stock. It makes placing orders and wanting to shop such a pain.
  • What in the world 1/5

    By GariSims
    My cart keeps emptying out, go to check out and it’s all gone, this has happened multiple times, so frustrating when planning projects, if I use this app again I’ll have to screenshot my cart before checking out. Hope this bug gets fixed.
  • Checkout showed my gift card applied. Total showed it was not! 1/5

    By Reviewer515"
    I paid nearly $20 more than my checkout indicated. It shows gift card applied. Total amount charged does not reflect that….darn!
  • Can’t even use the app because it can’t “find my store” 1/5

    By Mileygirl08
    Got the app and turned on my location services. The app won’t let me buy anything because it can’t “find my store” whether I type in the state, City and state, zip code, or nothing at all, the app can’t find a store near me. It won’t even present me with a map so I can find my store myself. Tried to update the app just in case there was a glitch but there’s no update available.
  • Bar code scanner in app doesn’t work 1/5

    By VINA25
    I have two stores in my area. One has convenient price scanners in the store & the other store doesn’t so I’ve relied on the bar code scanner on this app to do price checks. It recently stopped working. Everything I scan shows unable to find item. I have an iPhone 13. You’re losing sales when customers can’t scan for a price. I’m not waiting in line just for a price check so I usually leave without making a purchase. Either place scanner machines in every store or fix the scanner on your app.
  • Why show items that aren’t in stock? 3/5

    By BartieGal
    When looking at sale items, I am always shown a bunch of fabrics that aren’t in stock. I don’t want to scroll through a bunch of stuff I can’t buy. The other annoying thing is that I can’t filter to see only items available to order online. The nearest store is over an hour away, so I have no plans to drive there.
  • Shopping 5/5

    By Goldengrl
    A great place to shop for any project you may have.
  • Love Joann Fabrics—HATE this app 1/5

    By Amber KY
    The algorithms used for searching for items online and in-store are basically useless on this app. There is no way to truly exclude online only items from some searches, no way to search for all items at specific locations, no way to truly refine your search because the search either comes up with nothing from a keyword or basically the entire store. The search function is useless and I’ve tried this app a dozen times. Loading coupons, etc, is fairly easy. Other than that, this app is just awful.
  • Continuing Issues 2/5

    By MomSTC
    I have iPhone 10. The last two visits to store my app stops working and will not show coupons. Instead I receive an, “Oops. We’re having some difficulties.” I’ve asked a staff member if they had issues and they stated no. I have deleted the app both times and reinstalled hoping that was the issue. My iOS is up to date as well as the app.
  • Must create account for coupons :( 1/5

    By inspect6
    Must create account for coupons :(
  • Good Customer Service! 5/5

    By MsBeads
    I am happy that Joann Fabrics is located close to my neighborhood! Every time I go visit the store and make my purchases the cashiers at front are very helpful! Through out the store I encounter employees always asking if I need any assistant or found what I need! Thank you Ladies! I mainly go for beads so! Thank you again! You ALL deserve a good bonus😊🌸🌼🌸💰Ms Beads👋🏾
  • Pretty Good App but There’s a Glitch in the FAQ 4/5

    By Susie shopper
    There’s a glitch in the FAQ that prevents iPhone users from selecting & reading the results thereby making FAQ search unusable.
  • Clerks 5/5

    By woo woo all all
    The salespeople at this store are so helpful, knowledgeable and happy!
  • Alice 5/5

    By Danacrsn
    had a pleasant disposition and so helpful.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By sew biz
    Easy to find items that I wanted👍.Sandro
  • It keeps crashing 1/5

    By elp8635
    It closes and I have to go back to the same place. It closes again. Frustrating!
  • online orders don’t work 1/5

    By jake gs761
    i’ve tried about 10 times now to place an online order with 3 different cards. Each time it said unable to process your transaction then another it said incorrect email address when it doesn’t even ask for an email?! clearly the app is a waste of time.
  • This stupid app NEVER works! 1/5

    By MHB Snyder
    I have never gotten this darn app to work. I either get the “Oops, we have an issue” screen, or the store clerk gives me runaround about not having a good signal inside the store. But, when I go outside the store, I can’t get the darn thing to work either!
  • Crashes constantly, can’t access saved for later items 2/5

    By Greenvino
    This app is moderately useful but it’s too crashy and I can’t access items that are saved for later. Also images won’t load sometimes until you click the “load more button” at the bottom of each page of search results. This app really needs an overhaul to get rid of all the bugs which are impediments to using it.
  • Desperate need of an update. 2/5

    By Someone Insignificant 21776
    Seriously. Constantly crashes during searches, scanning barcodes will search one number and bring up every item in the catalog that starts with that number, refuses to load while the phone is connected to generic public wifi (aka, Joann’s public wifi), and the Joann Smiles won’t sync up to the new system in some stores.
  • Love finding everything 5/5

    By daddysgirl2005661
    Easy to navigate and to shop.
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By Queen-Bih
    I’ve been having issues everything from not in stock to my orders not being processed correctly. Won’t let me order online or via app. Sad to say love Joanne’s not. Fan of the app
  • Shopping cart issue 4/5

    By chaosfivek
    I love the app, but the shopping cart Lately has not worked properly. It has changed numbers several times and when you go to add or delete something the cart basket either doesn’t delete or changes the entire cart to different items or portions of what was originally in there.
  • Such a great help! 5/5

    By Shagio
    Rita in fabric was such a great help. I had a client throw a project at me to sew pole pockets on a large American flag. Btw I do not sew for a living lol. I just goof around at home. Rita gave me some great ideas and helped me measure and I am immensely grateful! S.
  • Great app with a couple of flaws 4/5

    By HopeD95
    Overall this app is very good. I have done curbside pickup multiple times and had a good experience every time. I have two complaints about this app- 1. You cannot narrow a search to see only items that are in stock at your store, and 2. If you use the search bar in the app, but then leave the search and go back, you cannot resume the search, but you have to start over. If these issues were resolved, this app would by 5 stars for sure!
  • App issues 1/5

    By Stella19!
    My app can never determine my location. Most of the time it crashes or won’t load items.
  • Love it!!! The staff is helpful always smiling!!! 5/5

    By Positivesense
    My go to for every thing creative.
  • Shipping Guru 5/5

    By GidgetBoBo
    The people in the order fulfillment and shipping department for Joann’s rock! I love the great on line sales and discounts. The photos, colors, and descriptions are excellent. I love the emails and texts they send to keep me updated on my orders. AND I love the fast shipping. These people know what they’re doing and I love that! Kudos to them.
  • Useful 4/5

    By british flower
    Nice for shopping from home and having coupons and offers easy to find but I don’t like that I can’t see my total or if a coupon has been applied when I’m making an order.
  • Coupons 5/5

    By little birdie 84
    Love, love the coupons. They are different from text msgs and it’s a way to save more money
  • Pictures of items don’t load 2/5

    By Crafty Campbell
    I used to love the app. In the past year every time I go to look at the products on the app, the pictures of items for sale don’t load or take a very long time to load. Sometimes the thumbnail of the picture loads if I scroll on the picture but who wants to do that for all the items. It takes forever. I’m not shopping on line like I used to and with the pandemic, I don’t shop in store as much either.I have deleted the app on my iPad and reinstalled it. My iPad is updated as well.
  • Great but where is the PayPal 4/5

    By kimer52
    I use this app all the time and wanted to give y’all a heads up on some things that would help improve my shopping experience. Well one I would really like to use my PayPal. I know y’all are working on it but I get annoyed logging in again on safari or my computer just to checkout since I use PayPal credit when I need to. Another thing is that it would be helpful to show the colors of the fabrics that are out of stock all together. I run a small business making pillows and had sent a photo of a list of fabric that I buy to a customer and found out that the fabric color she wanted was out of stock and nearly the entire set was out of stock. So then I had to find another similar fabric and similar colors. So maybe add color match program. Hope everything works out. Thank y’all for such a wonderful store!
  • Why so unstable? 1/5

    By Pfewy
    Why is your app so unstable? I'm running an updated iOS with the most updated version of the app and every two clicks has the app crashing and closing. So what's the point of having an app that you can't use? And how can I be the only person having a problem if everything's updated? Over it sincerely.
  • Something wrong with the last update 4/5

    By So.Cal Grandma
    I use this app regularly, and haven’t had problems until today. When scrolling through color options for Kona cotton, the app just quits. (Tried about 8 times so far). The app was just updated on my phone 2 days ago, so I’m guessing a problem snuck in. Or maybe it has to do with the number of options available for that product? The problem didn’t happen for symphony broadcloth, but that’s not the fabric I was looking for.
  • Hardly works 2/5

    By CChitti
    Every time I go into the store my app un-links from my store. Plus the coupons never come up or the weekly ad. I’ve have had to delete the app several times from my iPhone 12 and reinstall it in order to get it to work. This last time, when I tried to get it to work, it wouldn’t take at all. As a matter of fact it keeps telling me that I don’t have an account. But if I go onto the website and put in my username and password, it works perfectly fine. I go to Joann’s all the time and I am not getting my discounts because the app never works for me.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Girl of the North
    I found this app to be totally useless. It crashed every time I tried to explore on it. I deleted within a few days of getting it.
  • Won’t take my order! 1/5

    By Ld09776
    What is wrong on the app? I’m trying to place an order for curbside pickup and it’s rejecting it telling me to add my email address! My email address is already there. Then tells me to update shipping and mailing address! I’ve done that and it keeps telling me the same thing over and over. I’ve NEVER HAD A PROBLEM with it until now.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Aewgliriel
    Keeps telling me my login info is incorrect. Won’t let me change my password. I was logged in last week with no problem!
  • Easy to navigate 4/5

    By hhhhy6
    The Joann app is easy to use. The app design is very user friendly. The only downside is when things load like fabric, the picture has to be slide left to see.
  • Can not log in 1/5

    By disneyrunner415
    When I go to log in I receive “time to reset password”. I enter email and then receive an email to tap on link. I go to link and enter new password. Password is reset and then sent to enter email and password, I then get notification that I need to create an account. When I go through the process of creating an account I receive “email is already registered”. When I tap already have an account I then get sent back to “time to reset password”. It’s a constant loop and so frustrating. I have mentioned this to the sales associate and they say that other people have no problem with the the app.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By rosipko
    Never let’s you sign in when you need the coupons! Will not allow you reset the password. Gives you a costumer help number to a person who does not speak English.
  • Bad performance 1/5

    By Niknik56789
    I use this app because I am a Jo shopper but the performance is lame. Slow. Glitchy. Graphics failing to load. Ugh.